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Photos hot boy nude sexy and italian nude gay sex photos Krys Perez
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It's been a week since Heather was assigned to be Ian's guardian and already her life has been destroyed.


After the first night in Ian's house, she had been drugged and raped. She turned into a sex toy for Ian and was now addicted to his cock. During the day, she worked to find a way to get Ian emancipated from the court and state. But every night she would undress and let Ian have his was with her.

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She was defeated and had no free will. Ian was getting inpatient with Heather and he would get violent on some nights. But Ian was smart enough to know where to hit her.

Her breast were red and swollen, as was her pussy. If Ian was not fucking her, he was punishing her by hitting her with towels on those areas knowing she would never show those spots to anyone but him. After another week of work, Heather found something she could use.

The judge was a customer of one of his parents "business partners". He was getting drugs from overseas and smuggling it through the warehouse. With this information, Heather, under the instructions of Ian was able to blackmail the judge into getting everything he wanted. On his 15th birthday, Ian had his last court date. The judge gave Ian full emancipation from state and federal agencies, full control of his parents estate and holdings, and was able to collect the $5 million dollar insurance claim.

The judge ordered Heather to make all arrangements and with a bang of his gavel, Ian was free. As part of the deal with the judge, he kept his secret hobby quite and agreed to leave the state. 2 days later the house was sold for $3 million dollars and the shipping company for $18 million. Bought by the smuggler's his parents worked with. He had Heather buy a house for him in another state and transferred all the money into a new bank.

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With her work done, it was time to pay Heather for her time. The night before he was to leave he meet Heather at a small cabin on far back of his parents estate. No one ever knew about, as it served as a type of panic room for the family.


It was cold that night as Heather arrived dress in a business suit and low heels and trench coat. Her hair was trimmed back. She entered the cabin and Ian told her to lay on the table in the center of the room. She did so and Ian was soon standing over her looking into her eyes.

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He rubbed his hand against her cheek and stroked her hair gently. He moved to the end of the table and began to remove her shoes.

Ian stood motionless for a moment and then kissed her on the forehead, and then he began to remove her cloths. Her shirt was unbuttoned exposing a simple red bra. He lifted her up and pulled the shirt and coat off and threw them on the cabin floor. Heather's nipples stood erect as Ian slid his hands down from her neck, past her breast and down to her stomach.

She started to breath deeply as Ian undid her pants button and zipper. He pulled them down and off, reviling matching red panties that were already wet with her juices.

He squatted down on his knees and licked the silky cloth between her legs. Pushing his tongue deep into her pussy. Heather arched her back and moaned deeply to the penetration from his tongue. Despite it being cold, Heather began sweat heavily, her body shinning in the cabins dim lighting.

Ian moved back from the table and removed his shirt and pants with just his underwear and a huge bugle in front. He kiss Heather's neck and slide down her bra straps pulling her bra all the way down to her stomach reviling her breast and nipples. Ian sucked on her left breast with his tongue licking her nipple with the occasional gentle bite. Heather gasped for breath as she felt her body get hotter and could feel her pussy's juices flowing uncontrollably. She was in heat and loving the sensation.

Ian slide his right hand down under her panties and slide his fingers in her pussy slowly moving them back and forth making Heather moan and twist.

Ian moved up to Heather's ear and told her "it's time". Heather smiled with a almost begging look in her eyes. This is what she wanted, his large cock in her body. He pulled off her panties, pulled out his dick and slide it into her. Heather jumped from the motion and let out a deep moan. With sweat dripping off her body, Ian began to slide it in and out of her moist pussy.

Ian was also taking deep breaths as he started to get more forceful with his thrusting.

Heather moaned louder and louder as the thrusting became more intense. He put his hand on her breast squeezing it with great strength.

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Heather called out " I'm going to cum!" Ian called out "let's cum together!". And with one last hard thrust, Ian cum-ed deep inside of her making her scream and Ian yell out.

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He lowered himself on to her chest with his head laying on her breast. The warmth and softness of them made him relax and regret what was to come to come next. After several minutes, he raised up to she Heather still taking deep breaths recovering from the injection of his seed. He got up, pulled his dick out of her and got dresses. Heather, finally was able to gather enough strength to raise up, meet Ian's eyes and they both knew that they had conceived his child.

Heather smiled at him and laid back down to rest. She could hear Ian walk up to her. The sound of his shoes moving closer to her and then stop. Ian kissed her on the lips and said a sad "good bye". But before she could say anything, she felt a cold metal object move across her neck, and then nothing. Ian had slit her throat. He then wrapped her up in some old blankets and carried her limp body outside into the woods.

After about a mile, he came to a small old well that had been covered by overgrowth. He dropped her body into the well and waited several seconds till he heard a faint splash. With that, the last lose end was cut and he could now move on to bigger, better things.