Teen in hypnotic state makes doctor cum

Teen in hypnotic state makes doctor cum
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Hello I'm Mike from NY. I'm Puerto Rican and Black and I have lots of stories to share. I already wrote one of my stories entitled Ms Rosen and I. All my stories are True. I may not be the best looking guy in the world, but I am one of the luckiest.

I rather be lucky than having no sex at all. This one is about my first time and it was with my mom's friend and my babysitter. Well back when I was 12 years old I started to notice and change in me. I would have a hard on in the morning but I didn't no why. Also I could see that when I saw a pretty girl it would get up a little. I heard of this but I really didn't pay attention to it.

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One day my mom's friend came over to visit. Her name was Lucy. She was Puerto Rican but she looked like a white girl. She had dirty blonde hair that was down to her ass. Nice big tits and bright green eyes. Slim waist and a nice around ass.

Her legs were nicely toned. When she got there she was wearing a pair of short shorts and a halter-top. Now looking at her my dick started to rise and I was just standing there with a raging hard on. My heart was pounding I couldn't believe how hot she was. I mean I always thought she was pretty but I guess once I hit puberty my mind change from pretty to she is hot.

Well I was just standing when I heard my mom say go put some pants on. I couldn't believe Lucy and my mom saw that I had a hard on. Lucy giggled at the site. I was so embrassed my face had to turn about 3 shades of red.

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I went to my room and stood there until Lucy had left. A week later my mom had to got out to my aunts house to stay the night cause she had to help with something. She was leaving in early afternoon. I thought she was going to get my grandmother to baby sit or something.

I heard a knock on the door and it was Lucy. My called me over and said "Listen Lucy is going to be staying with your little sister and you so behave and help her out if she needs anything." I said ok and went back to my room to play Nintendo. About any hour later I heard Lucy call out to me "Mike can you come here for a second" She was holding my sister in her arms " Can you get the baby powder from the bathroom and the wipes." I went there and got what she needed.

When I got back I froze in my tracks she was wearing just a white t-shirt that was a little to short. How I missed it the first time I don't know. She was bent over the crib and I could she her red panties. Her ass checks looked like they were too big for the panties. I looked for another second and my dick grew. I want to her and handed her the stuff. She said "Thank You" I said your welcome and my voice cracked. I was ashamed that I couldn't speak right.

I went back to my room my dick hard from what I saw. It was almost midnight and I was coming in and out the room to get looks at Lucy but she was lying down and under a blanket. I mean I seen tits ass and pussy before but only on porn videos.


So I went to bed when she told me to. I woke up and was thirsty. So I started going to the living room. I saw the TV on and what was on the TV shocked me.

It was porn and Lucy was watching it. Then I was more shocked by what I saw next Lucy had her legs spread but I couldn't see what see was doing. I heard her moan a little. My dick started to grow again as I looked closer to see that Lucy had her tits out. I could see now that she had her hands between her legs. I went to turn around but I hit the couch with me hand.

She jumped up and looked at me. She put on shirt I went to my room. I thought I was in trouble for watching her. Then my light turned on. I looked and Lucy was standing her face red. She came over to me and she said, " How long was you standing there?" I answered not long I wanted some water I was really thirsty. I'm sorry I didn't mean to watch.

"It's ok I should have not put that on knowing you was here. Please don't tell your mom." I won't I said. Then she gave me a little kiss on the check. Lucy I said what was you doing? "It nothing and we shouldn't be talking about this." She says.

I want to know please Lucy I really liked it for some reason. Then she looked at me and her face was red again. "Well I guess I can tell you but you have to promise that you will never tell anyone." I promise. "I was playing with myself I wanted to feel good." I asked her how it makes her feel good.

" When you are horny and have no one to have sex with some girls do that to feel good. Guys do it too. Have you ever jerked off before?" I shook me head no. " I know that your penis gets hard already." Now I was blushing I could feel my face heat up.

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"It's ok that what happens when a guy likes a girl. They get turned on. That's what happened to you. That's happens to us also." I asked her what that means your vagina gets hard? She laughed " No silly" she said. Well what happens to you guys please I want to know. "Well we get wet in our vagina." Can I see Lucy? "No Mike you are too young." Please Lucy I won't say anything.

She said, "Ok don't tell anyone." She put her finger in her pussy, she moaned while doing it. She pulled it out.

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Her finger was wet she said, "See Mike like you we have things that happen to our body when we get horny." My dick was standing at full attention. I asked her how do I jerk off. I want to feel good too.

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She looked at me like she couldn't believe it. Then she finally answered. "Well you have to take your hand and put it down there and pull it back and forth." Then she said, "Listen maybe you should just go to be we really shouldn't be talking about it you're only 12." I looked at her and said. You know when I look at you it gets hard does that mean I like you? "What you have is a crush and I'm too old for you.

We can't like each other Mike." Lucy can you show me how to jerk off? She said, "No Mike just please just go to bed." Please I really want to feel good. My penis is always hard and I can't deal with it.

"Is it hard now" she asked. I nodded yes. She came over to me. "Ok pull down your shorts." I did this fast now. She looked at it. "Mike put your hand on it. Now pull back slowly." I did this and it felt pretty good.

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Then I said could you do it once just to show me? She got closer and did it she was slowly doing it and it felt good. Then the unthinkable happen, she opened her mouth and licked it. Then she put my dick in her mouth. She stopped, " Now promise me you wont tell what happens and I will keep going." I said I promise.

Then she started to suck a little faster and stroking it a little faster.

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She was licking the head and the shaft of my dick. I seen this on porn movies but I didn't know it felt this good. Then I started to moan and I felt it just explode I felt something shoot out my dick and she pulled it out. It hit her face and dripped down on her chin and shirt. I'm sorry Lucy I didn't mean to do that. She said "Ok Mike I wanted that to happen." My knees were weak and I felt all tingly inside.

That felt awesome. She asked, "Did that feel good?" I said yes. "Good that what happens when you feel really good and what you did was just cum." I sat on the bed and Lucy went to the bathroom. She came back with a rag and wiped me off. Then she dropped the rag. She put her hand on my dick again and started to stroke it again and in the matter of minutes my dick was hard again. "Now I want you to make me feel good." She laid down and pulled off her panties. Then she opened her legs.

She had a bald pussy I couldn't believe that I was seeing a real pussy. "Get between my legs." I seen this in the porn movies I knew what was next. She then pulled off her shirt. I saw those nice big tits. I was between her legs now. She grabbed my dick put it at her pussy and told me " Take you dick and put it in me slowly." I slowly put it in her and she moaned.

It felt so warm and wet. I loved the way it felt inside her. So I just did what I saw in the movies. I started to go in and out of her pussy.

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She said " You don't have to take it all the way out." I was nervous so I was shaking. She said, " Relax Mike its ok no reason to be so nervous this is what you wanted so just do it." I put it back in her and she moaned again as I entered her pussy.

I start to just started thrust her and with every thrust she moaned. Then she started to talk again. " Go fast fuck my pussy Mike. Fuck me hard." I did it as hard as I can. I was still in shock at what was happen. I just kept doing it for about it seems like 5 minutes I started to get the feeling again. My dick was throbbing. The she let out a scream " I'm cumin don't stop oh my god." Then I felt my dick get really wet.

Her legs were shaking. Then I felt my dick getting ready to explode. I told her I was cumin she grabbed me ass and pushed me deeper in her and I came into her pussy. It felt amazing I was shaking now.

I felt my dick getting softer. I got off of her and asked her what happen why did you pussy get so wet. "I had an orgasm because it felt so good. We both did. That's what happens when you feel really good when having sex." I couldn't believe that I just had sex with Lucy. She got up and got dressed. She looked at me and said " Remember don't tell anybody what happen.

We can get in trouble." I went to bed and woke up and Lucy was already gone.


I only saw Lucy a few more times but we were never alone again. Then a few months later she moved to California. I will always remember her. My first time with a girl erase that a Woman.