Romi folds kristen over the kitchen counter and licks her ass

Romi folds kristen over the kitchen counter and licks her ass
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Romi Rain In The Flasher

PART ONE JAMIE VENN LOTT Me, Olive, and Jessica became closer, we are hanging out more. "can I barrow your lap top?" Olive asked. "yup yup" I respond. She logged into her yahoo account. "click" olive said out of no where. "wow I look hot in this. So do you Jamie" she said with a smile. I was wondering what she was talking about.


So I looked. "what the hell!?" I scream, "gimmie that" I said while taking the lap top from her. "we were on a spy cam on a porn websites! This link was sent to the whole school!" I yelled.

Jessica walked over and watched. "what a bitch!" Jessica yelled. "we need to put this bitch in her place" I said angrily. "Kay" Olive said all cheerfully, "damn right" Jessica said.

So we talked for a bit and we decided that we were going to find her weakness and enforce it on her, and get her most precious item she requires. Her dignity. We just got done with math so we headed out to lunch, we got a table and then came Oscar. "can I sit with you guys?" he asked.

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"that seat is taken" I said nicely. "doesn't look like it" he respond, I looked at him "well Fin Netera is going to be sitting here" I said with a frighten tone. He cocked one eyebrow, "I heard he was in the hospital." he replied, "I'm trying to enjoy this fucken apple! Now the woman don't want no murderess bastard sitting with three amazingly hot girls! Kay?" Olive set it straight. "you might as well get one of those flesh lights and fuck it!

Cause you sure ain't getting any of these pussys! now go fuck that easy bitch. What's her name?" asked Olive, "Veronica Shepherd" Jessica answered, "VERONICA SHEPHERD!" Olive finished. "well that "bitch" is my sister" he said.

Olive started choking on her apple bite, "bastard" she said and threw the apple at him which hit some fat girl.

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"don't eat me" Olive said kinda scared and serious. The fat girl started chasing her. "I DOnt taste like olivesssssssssssss" she yelled. Later on. Olive met up with me. I laughed and looked at Olive. "are you ok?" I asked, "yah after all she just wanted my pussy and after that said it kinda tasted like Olives which I don't get if its a compliment or a insult." she respond while we both laughed. We saw Oscar walking down the hallway. "hey what's up? Im sorry for intruding." he said, Olive just walked away.

"it's okay! No problem nor worries!" I smiled while saying that. "may I have the honor to walk you to your room?" he asked, I thought about it and I said "sure".

We walked and talked for a bit. Then when it got awkward is when we approached my door. "well see you later." I looked at him vanishing away.


Something told me to ask him to stay so I did as I wanted. "will you stay? With me. For a. Um. Bit?" I asked. He looked at me said yes.

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he walked in and sat on a chair and I sat on my bed. To break the ice I asked, "so why are you here?". "do you want the truth? And if so you can't say anything." I looked at him and looked down thinking then responded with a yes. "I'm here cause my parents want me to look after Veronica. She's not in her right mind so I had to be framed and put in this placement.

I love her and everything about her, she's my world and if anything happens to her I would die." he said. I reached over to kiss him, then our lips meant -no meaningless sex, it's time I get a boyfriend- I said to myself. He went on top of me kissing my neck. He slipped his hand in my pants. I wasn't sure I wanted this but at the same time. I did! I kissed him more, he started to take off his shirt but then he paused.

"do you want this?" he asked, catching my breath, "yes" I responded. He started to play with my pussy, which got me wet. Then the left hand playing with my tits. My nipples got hard, I loved it! He took off my shirt and then started to lick my nipples in a circular motion. Then he spit all over my tits and started to suck on my nipples, I moaned.

"do you want my cock inside your pussy bitch?!" he asked, "yes" I said weakly. "too bad" he said and started to take my shorts off. He started to eat me out. "omg" I yelled. He forced his tongue in there, making me even more hornier. "it feels so good" I said weakly! He put two fingers in to start with and made me even more wet!

I started to play with my tits; while moaning. Wow I need him in me so bad. But then.


He hit my G-Spot. "HOLY SHIT!" I yelled and then I started to cum, everywhere. It feels so good! I love it. But he won't stop. It's making me feel, sexy. He just kept on going. But finally he stopped and then took out his cock.

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It was beautiful, lots of pubes, about 8 or 9 inch. HUGE! I want it! I grabbed the bottom of it and started to suck on his cock, I could only fit three inches but I kept on deep throating it, making it all wet, so of his pre-cum came out, DAMN that's a lot but I loved the taste of it, so rich. So Oscar.