Sleeping Cousin Gets Naughty Rimjob

Sleeping Cousin Gets Naughty Rimjob
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January 16th, 2008 1:22pm "EEEEEEEEE!!!" Katie shrieked. Baby, Flower and I all sprang to life, looking around in confusion. Eventually, I focused my blurry eyes on Katie. She was sitting on the edge of the couch, looking down at her naked crotch, her t-shirt sliced open in the front, hanging by the intact sleeves.

"What. happened?!" she asked loudly, the second word much higher pitched than the first. She apparently hadn't noticed the loose-fitting collar around her neck yet, or the light chain hanging down her back. Baby and Flower looked around, confused and disoriented. "What is it, Katie?" Baby asked, rubbing her eyes with both hands.

"I. who." Katie stammered. She looked at me, sitting on the floor, bare chested, the blanket covering me below the waist. "Him!" she shouted angrily, nodding her head toward me, pulling her shirt together and closing her legs.

"What?" Baby asked, "Him what?" "He. he raped me!" Katie accused. "That's. that's crazy!" Baby proclaimed. "Look at me!" Katie screeched, "He raped me!" "Now wait just a minute." I began, deciding to play this out a little, "Don't you remember?" "Remember what? I would *never*.", Katie trailed off, then pointed at me and continued, "He. he *raped* me!" "C'mon, Katie," Flower interjected, "We were all pretty high." "Look at my shirt!" She exclaimed, flapping it open a few times so they could see it had been cut.

I caught a quick glimpse of her tits. "Do you remember anything at all, Katie?" Baby asked. ". Not. not really." she admitted. "Then we don't really know what happened." Baby continued, "Let's not start accusing people before we." "He RAPED me!" Katie interrupted, beginning to tear up. "I would *never*. not with.

not with. someone like *him*!" OK, now I was feeling a bit insulted. I decided it was time to end this. I stood up, allowing the blanket to fall to the floor, revealing that I was completely naked. "Oh, God!" Katie cried, turning her head away from me.

She put her hand up to her mouth and sobbed several times, then stood up and walked quickly toward the bathroom. "I want you to take me AAAACCKKK!", her demand was cut off mid-sentence as the chain tightened, snapping her head back and abruptly ending her angry march to the john.

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She twisted as she fell, landing on her right hip, facing away from us. It took her a few seconds to shake off the pain before she began to lift herself up. As she felt the pull of the collar, she realized for the first time that she was chained. "What is this!" she screamed, grabbing the collar and trying to pull it off. Baby suddenly walked away very quickly, grabbed the keys and went down to the basement.

"Katie!" Flower shouted to get her attention, then lowered her voice to a normal volume. "Just settled down, and we'll explain everything to you." "Let me out of this!" Katie screamed. She grabbed the chain with both hands and jerked on it several times, causing the end table to scoot about a foot along the carpet with each pull.

The lamp fell to the floor with the first pull, the other small items on the table violently shifted around. I couldn't help but think about how sexy she looked. Naked except for her sliced-open shirt, the strips of cloth separating just enough for a tantalizing view of her cleavage, exaggerated by her arms pressing in against her breasts.

Her legs were offset, one in front of the other, her dark brown bush mostly visible. The muscles of her inner thighs tightening as she pulled on the chain, struggling against her bonds. I wished I had my camera ready. It could have made for a very artistic photo. I made a mental note that one thing Flower could do to be useful is shoot photos and video of our training sessions.

Wayne had mentioned once that some guys that couldn't afford and/or safely keep a slave would pay good money to see things like that.

Baby coming back through the basement door snapped my clouded mind back to reality. She was carrying various items we'd need to subdue Katie, who had by now moved the table about half way to the front door. "Katie!" I yelled, grabbing her chain and yanking.

It brought her stumbling toward me, falling to the ground at my feet. She looked up at me, my naked penis hanging about a foot above her. Her face crinkled with fear and turned red as she began to beg. "Please! Don't hurt me! PLEEAASSSEE!" she squealed. "Katie." I said calmly, "Settle down." "Please!" she begged. "Katie." I continued, "Do exactly as you are told and this will be easier for you." "Please don't kill me!" she pleaded. "Put your hands behind your back." I ordered.

"PLEEEASSSEE! Don't kill me!" she implored. "Katie. I promise, we are not going to kill you." "Please!" "I'm not going to kill you!" I said, slightly annoyed, "Now, put your hands behind your back." She looked back up at me, her bright red face soaked with tears, bottom lip quivering, and slowly put her hands behind her back.

She was clearly terrified. Baby walked up behind her and bound her hands with handcuffs.

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"Katie, listen carefully." I began, "Calm down. We are not going to kill you. Do you understand me?" ". Yes." she replied. "But I need you to do exactly as you are told." I continued, "Can you do that for me?" ". Yes." she said, sniffing and calming down a bit. "Get up on your knees." I directed. "Oh, God!" she cried, looking up at my cock and shrinking away in fear.

"Katie. You said you'd do as you were told, remember?" I reminded her. She looked at me, then back at my cock, then at Baby and Flower, then finally, slowly made her way up to her knees.

"Katie, you are correct." I affirmed, "I did rape you last night." She sobbed deeply and closed her eyes tightly, squeezing out even more tears. "Why am I chained up?" What do you want from me?" she cried. "Right now, I want you to stand up." I replied, "Baby, unhook the chain from the table please." Katie stood up. I rolled the chain up and turned Katie in place to face the basement door.

"We're going down to Flower's room." I informed her. "Who. who's Flower?" she asked. "That's me!" Flower said, raising her hand. "But I thought." she trailed off. "It's Flower now." she replied. "This way!" I ordered, lightly pushing her toward the door. When we got to the basement door and she looked down the stairs, she started crying hysterically and walking backward away from it, bumping in to me. "Nooo! Please!" Katie begged, "I don't want to go down there!

Pleeeasssseee!" I jerked the chain on her collar, straightening her back up. "Katie, I promised you that we would not kill you, and I meant it." I assured, "This is Flower's bedroom." Katie calmed down a bit, looked down the stairs again and took her first, cautious step down the stairs.

We made our way down, me prodding her in the back as she took each step very slowly and cautiously. She seemed to be afraid of basements, or maybe she is claustrophobic. Or maybe she just senses the truth; that she is walking in to a dungeon.

We finally arrived at the bottom of the stairs and Katie seemed to relax a bit, seeing that it did indeed look like a bedroom. Baby and Flower were right behind us. I steered Katie to the far side of the room, then turned her around to face the door that led back upstairs. "Stand here." I ordered, "Do not move." "I.

I have to pee." Katie said. "Baby!" I sighed, handing her Katie's chain, "Take her to pee." I waited patiently until Baby led Katie back out of the restroom.

"Stand here." I ordered again, pointing to a spot on the ground, "Do not move." I grabbed her chain, stood up on the step stool, and ran it up through a ring in the ceiling. "What. why are you." she trailed off, beginning to sob again. I pulled the chain snug.

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I left her enough slack to stand flat-footed, by very little extra. She couldn't move more than about a foot in any direction without chocking herself. "Please!" she begged, "I don't want to. please! Let me go!" "Baby, gag her." I ordered. "No! No! Please, I'll be quiet!" she pleaded as Baby slipped the ball gag over her mouth. I headed to the restroom to piss, then walked in to the punishment room.

As I entered the punishment room, Catherine spun her head around to look at me. "Listen. um," she began, "I'm sorry, I actually can't remember what you said your name was." "You may call me 'Master'." I replied.

O. K! 'Master'." she said, sarcastically. I cannot imagine how Kevin put up with her for so long. "Anyway, listen," she continued, "I see what's going on here." "Oh? What *is* going on here?" I asked, sarcastically. "I heard that scared girl crying out there." she informed me. "And?" "And, I want in." "In?" "Yes." I said nothing. "I can help you." "I don't need any more help." "I know a lot of girls." "I don't need any more help." She paused for a few moments of thought as I put a collar around her neck.

"Did Kevin ever mention how we met?" "No." "It figures." "It does?" "Yes." "And why is that?" "Because. I was an escort." "I. well. that would explain a lot." I replied, then started regretting having her stick her tongue up my ass. "Right. The sex was good before we married because he paid me for it. The dumb fucker fell in love with me and wanted to 'save me' from my profession." Apparently, her high-class veneer was peeling away, the curse words effortlessly rolling off her tongue.

"So, you were a cheap hooker that got lucky." "I was *NOT* a cheap hooker!" she snapped. I apparently hit a nerve.

"I was a high-class escort, with high-class clients. They paid me $1,000 a night!" "Ah, so you were an expensive hooker that got lucky." "Fuck you." she said calmly. "Sorry, I can't afford you." I quipped, "And I'd like to remain disease free." "Go to hell, asshole." she cursed, "I never fucked any of these guys without a condom. I'm cleaner than you are." I have to say that I was relieved to hear that, but I didn't respond.

"So, listen," she continued, her repeated use of the word 'listen' grating on my nerves, "I know a lot of girls. Many of them would not be missed. I'm talking about clean, high-class girls." I have to admit, it was beginning to sound tempting. "I don't trust you." I replied. "Listen, I don't give a damn about these girls." "That doesn't surprise me." "Right, and you only have their best interest at heart?" I said nothing.

"I also still have my client list. rich men. lots of them." "Hedging your bets?" I responded, attaching the chain to her collar. "We could make. millions!" "Probably. And then at the first opportunity, you'd stab me in the back." "I would never do that!" she insisted. "As long as I was still useful to you." I retorted, releasing her foot from the handcuffs. She didn't reply. I uncuffed her left hand from the headboard and turned on her over. She was not resisting me at all, apparently confident in her ability to manipulate me and get out of this.

"So, what do you say?" she asked, as I uncuffed her right hand from the headboard and cuffed her hands together behind her back, "We'd make a great team!" "Let me think about it." I replied, pulling her to her feet. "I have to potty." "OK," I sighed, leading her out to the main room, then to the restroom. Katie looked up at Catherine in shock, then started to cry again. Catherine stopped in her tracks, looking at each of the three girls.

I prodded her along toward the restroom. I followed her in to the restroom myself and plopped her down on the toilet. "Those girls." she began, "Are they the best you've got?" I didn't reply.

The sound of her pissing was very loud; she really had to go. "Listen," she said, yet again, "They are cute and all, but they are kind of 'trailer-park-cute' if you know what I mean." I didn't respond.

"The girls I know. I'm not talking trailer trash here." "One of them is my lover." "Um, well. listen," she squirmed, "I said they were, but I mean, my girls are well beyond 'cute'." "Hmmm. I don't know." She finished her business and looked up at me. "I can't wipe." she said, wiggling her cuffed hands. I reached down with a sigh, grabbed a wad of paper and wiped her. "I still need to think about it more." I said. "OK, but I'm telling you, we could make a killing!" I grabbed her by the handcuffs and pulled her off the toilet, leading her in to the main room.

"Hi, girls! I'm Catherine." She announced, "Your master and I might be working together." Flower and Baby looked at me in shock. "I said I needed to think about it some more, Catherine." Baby continued to look at me, mouth wide open, as I ran Catherine's chain through another ring in the ceiling.

Catherine and Katie now both faced the stairs, about 4 feet apart. Baby and Flower were sitting on the futon. I grabbed another ball gag and put it around Catherine's head, slipping the ball down to her throat. "So." Catherine said nervously, "Do. do we have a deal?" "Let me think, Catherine." I said, pretending to be in deep thought for a few seconds.

"No." I replied, slipping the gag over her mouth and walking over to the recliner. "Mmmmm mmmm MMMMM?" she asked. I have no idea what she said, but it sounded like a question.

I sat there and studied both girls. Both were naked except for tattered shirts covering their arms, both hanging by neck collars, both with their hands cuffed behind their backs. "MMMMM MMM MMMMM?" she repeated, with more urgency this time.

"Flower, come here." I ordered.

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"Yes, Master." she replied, moving to stand in front of me. "Are you ready to show that you can be useful around here?" "I. Yes, Master, I am." she replied, gaining some small bit of confidence. "Good." I said, handing her the dowel rod, "Take this." "I.

I. " Flower stammered, then regained her composure, "What would you like me to do, Master?" I paused for a few seconds, appraising my two new acquisitions. "Let's start with Catherine." I said thoughtfully, "Please beat her back to reality." "NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!" Catherine screamed through her ball gag as Flower turned to face her.

Flower circled around behind Catherine, twisting the rod in her hands, clearly nervous. Catherine spun herself around to face Flower. "Catherine, I would suggest you keep your back to her." I offered.

"Gggrrrrrgggg!" Catherine growled through her ball gag. After many long seconds of trying to work up her courage, Flower brought the rod back over her shoulder, bringing it down across the front of Catherine's thighs, and.

Nothing. I looked at Flower with a look of "Are you kidding me?". Flower fidgeted with the rod in her hands, looked at me, then back at Catherine, who was still facing her. Flower again reared back, pausing briefly, then bringing the rod down across Catherine's thighs. "Nnkk!" Catherine yelped, weakly. "Flower," I said, "If you are not able to do this, please hand me the rod." "I. I can do this, Master." she assured me.

Flower pulled the rod back over her shoulder again, her face flush and lightly sweating from nervousness, her expression hardening. I have no idea what was going on in her head, but it worked. "Aaaaaagggggggg!!!" Catherine screamed, as the rod lashed the front of her thighs. "I told you to face away from her." "Uhhh.

uhhh. uhhh." Catherine gasped. Flower looked at me. I nodded once. "Aaaaaaaaggggg!!!!!!" Catherine screamed, spinning around trying to avoid the second stroke. Writhing in pain, Catherine lifted her legs off the ground, immediately choking as she put all her weight on the collar around her neck.

"And I'd keep my feet on the floor if I were you." I suggested. I held my hand up to Flower, signaling her to wait. "You see how it works here?" I asked Catherine, spinning her back around to face me, and holding her in place, "There are no negotiations, no deal-making and no way for you to come out ahead." I signaled Flower with my index finger. She lashed the rod across both cheeks of Catherin's ass.

Catherine screamed in agony, flailing around and slipping from my grasp, slobber dripping from her ball gag. I spun her back around and grabbed her by the throat. I wasn't strangling her, but holding her in place. "There is only. obedience. or punishment." I said, signaling Flower. As Catherine was grimacing and screaming from the lash of the rod across the back of her thighs, I looked over and noticed that Katie appeared to be hyper-ventilating.

"Baby, take care of Katie." I ordered. "As of this moment, you are a sex slave." I continued, "You are here to be trained, and then sold at auction to the highest bidder." I signaled to Flower and the rod landed across Catherine's lower back.

Her muffled screams barely registered with me as I looked over at Katie. She seemed to be doing better. Baby had removed her gag and she was breathing normally. "Your old life is over. You will never return to it, your family or your friends." Catherine braced for another lash of the rod, but I continued. "Your new life is very simple; You will please your master, fulfilling his every whim, instantly and without complaint." I signaled to Flower.

She lashed the rod across Catherine's shoulders. Catherine thrust her chest toward me, letting out a long, deep, throaty moan. "Now." I began, "You will only have one chance at this. I'm going to lower your gag and I want you to say, 'You are my Master and I am your obedient slave. I will fulfill your every whim.'" I gave Catherine a few moments to calm down, then reached up and grabbed her ball gag, pausing long enough to get in her face.

"And please. say 'Master' with that condescending, sarcastic tone you used earlier, so I will have an excuse for Flower to beat you senseless. I lowered the gag. Catherine swallowed and looked up at me, tears streaming down her bright red face. "Please. <pant> <pant> Listen." she started. "Wrong answer!" I yelled, putting the gag back over her mouth.

I looked at Flower and held up ten fingers, then went over to check on Katie.


Catherine's screams turned to background noise as I asked Baby if Katie was OK. Baby confirmed that she was, so I put the gag back in Katie's mouth.

"Pay attention, Katie, and this will go easier for you." I suggested. She started sobbing, but nodded her head frantically. I felt a bit sorry for her. She was terrified. It took me a few seconds to realize that Catherine had stopped screaming. "I think she passed out!" Flower said. "Baby, help Flower hold her up to take the pressure off her neck.

Give her a minute. How many were you up to?" I asked. "Seven, Master." Flower answered. "OK, when she wakes up, make sure she is fully awake, then give her the other three. I'm going to get some clothes on." I went upstairs, put jeans and a t-shirt on, took a piss and grabbed a glass of orange juice. As I was drinking it, I heard Catherine's muffled screams again. I went back downstairs, downed the rest of my orange juice and set the glass down.

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Walking up to Catherine, I lifter her head up and looked in to her eyes. "So, Are you going to say it this time, or are you up for another ten?" I asked. "And if you fucking use the word 'listen' again, it'll be twenty!" I added. "Remember, it's 'You are my Master and I am your obedient slave.

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I will fulfill your every whim.' I reminded her as I lowered the gag. "You.<sob> you are my.<sob> Master and I.<sob> I am your.<sob> obedient slave. I will.<sob> I will fulfill your.<sob> every whim.'.

I was surprised that she managed to get it right. "Nice! I'm glad you are seeing it my way." She did not reply. "What's my name?" I asked Catherine, looking at Flower, giving her a nod. "I don't remem." she was interrupted by Flower lashing the rod across her ass.

"Master!!!" she screamed, "You are Master! Pleassseee!" "Good. And what are you?" "I. I am your obedient slave." "And what do you do?" "I.

I." she started, unsure of the answer I was looking for, "I fulfill your every whim?" "Good. I think you've got it!" I praised, "Remember this night well, because any disobedience, or even hesitation to carry out an order, will get you ten lashes of the rod." She didn't respond. "Now, we won't have any more of your scheming will we?" ".No." she replied, weakly.

Flower brought the rod down across her lower back. Catherine's whole body jerked and tightened as she howled in pain. I gave her a second to stop thrashing. "No, WHAT?!" I yelled. "No, MASTER!" she cried, "No, Master!" "Better." I praised, patting her on the head and walking over to Katie. "OK," I began, "Let's see how little Katie is doing." Katie started to cry, as Flower moved behind her.

She rubbed her legs together, almost dancing as she alternated lifting each leg, rubbing it against the other. I walked up to Katie and caressed her cheek with the back of my right hand. "You heard everything I said to Catherine, right?" She nodded her head frantically.


"And you understand why you are here, right?" She nodded again. "And you know what I need you to say?" Again, she nodded.

"I'm going to take your gag off now. You have one chance to get this right." The gag wasn't even fully off of her mouth when she shouted out. "You are my Master and I am your obedient slave! I will fulfill your every whim!' "My, you are an anxious little thing, aren't you?" I put the gag back on her and took a step back. "You did very well," I said, "And I can tell that you are eager to please your Master, but, unfortunately, it is a standard rule here that every new slave must be introduced to punishment." She began to sob deeply, and dance around, rubbing her legs together again.

"I'm sorry, but every slave must know what punishment is like." I said regretfully, "But we will make it quick, and this never has to happen again if you always do exactly as you are told." She continued to squirm and sob. "Please keep your back to Flower." I added, "It will be less painful. She turned her head, trying to see Flower without turning her body. I looked at Flower and made a 'down' motion with my hand, signaling her to ease up on the force of the strokes.

"Look at me, Katie." I prompted, "Look in to my eyes and it'll be over before you know it." I took her chin in my hand and held her head in place, just inches from my face.

"Five, Flower. Make it quick." Katie's eyes opened wide and her face looked as if she were being murdered as the first lash whipped across her backside. Her high-pitched scream of agony pierced my head like an arrow.


As ordered, Flower delivered all five lashes quickly. "It's over now." I said, putting my right hand on her cheek, "You never have to be punished again." She calmed down knowing it was over, but continued to cry and sob.