Naked gay boys with socks on especially when his own beautiful

Naked gay boys with socks on especially when his own beautiful
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THE MADNESS OF PASTOR PETER: I am sitting in a new town on a metal bench at a park that has been recommended to me by the local Visitor's Bureau. It is lovely and cool because of being on the bay, and mostly well shaded. The people here seem to be very calm and collected. Many smiles and few frowns. And I get nice responses to my smiles in return, even from people of other racial backgrounds, which is very refreshing after the tensions in so many other places these days.

I am not going out on any marches for anything, but deplore like a lot of other persons the whole idea of racial disparity and hatred. I am in my mid-seventies, relatively spry for my age and still interested in life.

I was a minister for more than forty years and loved serving my flock. I was neither poor as a church mouse, nor rich as some were, just a middling income, while I served the Lord with a clean and responsive heart.

Unfortunately that all came to a halt several years ago, when a long-lived and presumed to be happy marriage crashed and suffered meltdown over issues that were mostly beyond either of us dealing with, nor had particularly caused.

A painful separation and then hurtful divorce resulted leaving two people lonely and unhappy. I then moved to this pleasant town, Big City, to escape minute by minute reminders of more happy times and to pleasantly live out my remaining days. With my social security and pension, I am secure in my support and have a very modest condo, to reside in. It is a very pleasant and comfy existence, especially since I was advised of so many either free or very cheap recreational opportunities available in this very friendly town.

I am amused that there seems to be more bike shops, latte stands and micro neighborhoods in this town than taverns. And the college in town supplies the environment with a generous dosage of young beauty and enthusiasm. So, I am sitting on the metal bench on a lovely Wednesday afternoon and watching all of the flow of human life pass before me in its very cool manner, when a young lady approaches me and asks if she had met me before.

I told her that I am new in town and so that it was unlikely, but that we should undo that shortcoming right then. She smiled and took a seat next to me and proceeded to cozy up to me. She asked my name, while offering hers as Teena. I replied, Peter Amberstead, a retired minister and appreciator of my fellow humans. She then took my hand and asked if I would like to walk with her for a bit, and I responded that I would be delighted to do so, with such a fine looking and friendly late-teen young lady.

So, we set out on a short walking loop going north, opposite to a much longer one going south along the shoreline's walkway.

When we got back to the original point of demarcation, with my breath still under control and my sense of masculinity in peak condition, she suggested us getting lattes at the on-site stand, if I could cover the cost, as she was a poor college student. I said, 'No Problem!' However, when we got to the stand, she in low tones mentioned that she needed to use the public restroom, and since nobody was around to observe anything, she asked me to accompany her, to not lose the closeness that we had already generated.

So, I innocently moved into the bathroom with her. As I gazed about the room, she lowered her pants and panties and availed herself of the facilities with no show of shyness at all. And then she moved up to the sink to refresh her groin area with the wet towels available there.

I standing agape with a full view of these 'goings-ons,' was stunned when she then turned around from the sink and moved to be fully cuddled up into my arms. She then proceeded to initiate some serious kissing and after I was pretty much out of my mind in lust, she took her jacket and laid it on the floor before me and then knelt to lower my pants. With a warm wet paper towel, she quickly cleansed my member and then began orally ministering to it.

Luckily she had started this with me backed up and with my arms braced up to the baby changing station or I might have simply crumpled and melted right into the floor right there and then under this sensual arousal of hers. When I was fully elevated, she stood up, grabbed my belt buckle and guided me up to her now bent over frame anchored to the sink.

She opened up her legs behind her and then with soft words encouraged me to avail myself of her welcoming love port. I was mesmerized by all of this totally unexpected sexual encounter and so obediently moved forward to use my totally rigid member to enter her welcoming pussy. With me having moved up totally into her, I thought that I was in heaven. Not the one that I had been taught of, but the one that I was feeling now. She murmured low toned encouragements to move me along as we didn't want to create too much attentions to our lustful activities in here.

So, I roused myself up and used up what sensual energy that I had left and properly fucked her into both of our climaxes. She had to turn quickly to ease me back again to lean on the baby changing station to keep me from collapsing onto the concrete floor. And while I was coming back to my senses, she again lowered herself to give my dick a final loving cleansing.

When we were done, she advised me to sneak out first, while she finished refreshing herself and that she would meet me back at the bench where we had met so many wonderful minutes ago. While I was pondering the magnum privilege that I had just enjoyed with a girl that I wouldn't even have considered myself having a chance with in my best of days, she returned to sit up next to me and gently whisper into my ear, "Well done, my gracious gentleman!

I would like to explain all of this to you at another time, could we perhaps meet somewhere private to discuss this all and to get to know each other even better?" "When would you like to do that?" "How about Friday, so that you can recharge your batteries and give this eighteen year old hoyden a good fucking again?

And we can meet somewhere neutral until you gain a measure of comfort and a feeling of security with me." "Good idea.

Please put your message number into my cell and I will let you know when and where we will meet. I will try to make it close to this area." And she then did so. After that she reminded me of the latte that I had promised, so we wandered arm in arm to the stand to enjoy them together.

After we had enjoyed our lattes, I decided to leave for the day, while then watching her wander off with another gal of her type arm in arm along the beach.

On Friday morning, I booked a motel not far from the park and let her know on her cell. She responded right away that she could be there by noon, and I messaged her back that that would be great. She showed up at the door in a 'teeny' outfit. It was a short skirt, very loose blouse with the top three buttons undone, thigh high white hose, Mary Jane shoes, her hair done up in two side braids and with enough make up for three starring roles in Batman. She also had a megawatt smile on her face as she patted my hand and swished herself by me into the room.

Then with her still standing and then facing him, "You know, Peter, that I don't usually dress like this. Only for my favorite older lovers. And I only keep one of them at a time. My last one, Henry, was a dear soul and I learned a lot about what makes you mature guys tick from him. Did I get it right???" I nodded my stunned acceptance of that statement. "He is now happy with a mature lady who is taking very good care of him. I get to see him very rarely now and miss him a lot.

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You see I am a college student in my second year and want to take care of my intimate needs with kindly older men like you, so that I can concentrate on my studies. When I finish them, and whatever preliminary steps I need to then take to get my career on track, I will then be open to a guy of my own age group to establish a permanent relationship with children.

Are you okay with that?" "Yes, I must say that it seems rare to find such practical wisdom in a young stunning young lady like yourself." "Much of it was generated in me by Henry. I will always be grateful to him for his guidance as well as the tremendously satisfying sexual relationship that we had." "Gratitude, when deserved, is truly a great emotion indeed." "Now to our fun…&hellip." And she then gathered me up into a feverish hugging and kissing session with both of us on our feet and with our hands investigating each other's loving areas.

Mine immediately as we kissed, found their way to her titties as they peeked out from the top of her blouse. They were very firm and welcoming to my attentions. They seemed to swell from my attentions to them. I know that something a great deal lower on me was also doing so due to her returned efforts. After a few glorious minutes of this, she guided me back to the double bed and after throwing off the comforter, she laid back the blanket and upper sheet to take my aroused body for her further attentions.

Since, she didn't want me to get all of the fun, she assumed the upper '69' position above me and as she lowered the boom on my dick, she also lowered her pussy to my mouth and tongue. I had not had that much experience with this kind of thing, but my instincts were sound and so we moved on with low moans and titters in stimulating and preparing our-selves for the main events.

She knew, evidently from her experience with Henry, that she needed to move things along before I ran out of energy, so she cued me to move aside while she moved over on to her back, with her legs spread to reveal her sexual toy store. I availed myself briefly of the playing with them and then under her encouragement proceeded of all things to put my dick right up into her apparent storage area for it.

At this point, I completely lost it and went into overdrive with my probing's and she with wild eyes and moaning lips came first with me closely following with a very generous planting of my seed into her accepting chamber.

We then laid back in each other's arms for a short nap. When we woke up, she informed me that she was in no hurry to leave, but was very hungry. So, I ordered pizza and pop delivered to our door, and cuddled in awaiting of it. When it arrived, she insisted on paying it for us with the bills that I gave her.

The pizza guy, just about fainted on the steps outside our door, but recovered enough to accept the brief kiss to his cheek and the bills in payment. With that we curled up on the bed, not wanting to leave it ever and enjoyed our repast while fiddling around with each other's interesting parts. Hmmm, have you ever tried to eat pizza while you have one finger up a gorgeous girl's ass?

Well, it was a very new experience for me, too! And she spent much of our lunch time with one of her fingers up mine, too. It gave finger fucking a brand new manner, as far as I knew. After finishing up our lunch, we settled down to a long session of side by side '69' with us facing each other with bodies reversed from head to toe. And with each of us having our heads braced up with a pillow to relieve stress, and each of our upper legs braced up, we settled into a protracted licking and sucking session.

I and she knew that I wouldn't probably cum again, but because of her age and enthusiasms, she had no such limitations on herself. So, along with delicious sensations felt from her attentions to my cock, she got at least two more cums from my attentions to her.

As it finally got late in the evening, she mentioned that she could use a ride home. I was more than glad to offer to drop her off at least a block from her home. I got a generous kiss from her and a request for us to have regular times together. We could discuss this on the next Wednesday that we met at the park. So, after dropping the dear girl off, I settled in to return to my condo, very happy to have my retirement from sex so pleasantly undone. On Sunday with no teams that I was interested in playing college basketball on T.V.

I moseyed over to the park to fill in a little time working on my crossword puzzles. I wasn't expecting any action, because at this time I only knew Teena and had seen Jilly at a distance. As I was sipping on my MUG root beer and minding my own business in the area near the children's play zone, I would look up once in a while and noticed that I was getting attention from some of the young mothers and older sisters of the children playing there.

Several of them looked like they were just waiting for me to motion them over to me. As I have never been a 'pussy' magnet, the very thought didn't even cross my mind. And why this attention was coming my way, I had no idea. Finally a girl whose curiosity had evidently over powered her mother installed reticence approached and inquired, "Are you Peter?" I looked up and repeated, "Am I Peter?" and then, "Who is askingplease?" "I am Teena's younger sister, and another one of us is watching our younger sister on the play zone.

" As I looked at her more closely, I could see the resemblance in the both of them. And I then answered, "Yes, I am. Nice to meet you." She mentioned that their names were Felicity and Fiona. The youngest, Lila was playing on the children's play fort.

She then in low tones inquired as to whether she could sit with me for a while. I said sure, and she moved to the side of me away from the view of the children and moved her body to cause mine to slide over so that she could sit right next to me. Curious, I thought. Then she noticing my crossword puzzles, asked me to explain them and how I found the answers.

So, I started with a general discussion about them and then started to work a puzzle while she looked on. Pretty soon, while we were working the puzzle together, I could feel her hands massaging my nether regions.

I at first just accounted that as her trying to find a comfortable position to take while working the puzzle together with me. But, pretty soon, I could tell that she had something else in mind. And I was very nervous about that. I had never sexually engaged a minor before, even when I had been one, and it was only recently with her sister that I had ever been in a sexual relationship with someone that wasn't my wife. I was feeling my moral center drifting off from midrange towards much more risky and exciting realms.

And this young girl of about sixteen was in the driver's seat. I whispered to her that if she continued with her activity, that she would have to do something to relieve the pressure that it was causing me, and that I didn't know of anywhere that that could be achieved where we were at. She said that she would like to show me the family's van in the parking lot, and she motioned to her sister to keep an eye on my bag on the table. So, she ran on ahead and opened up the back door and entered.

I followed her in, in a state of sexual mental slavery and as soon as the door closed and locked, she doffed her pants and panties and laid over the table with her hinny aimed at me. She said over her shoulder, "Please make this as fast as you can, since I need to get my sisters home soon.

And up the ass, please, since I am not on the pill yet." So, stunned by this whole strange sexual encounter, I reached for the butter dish and lubed up my cock and her ass. I easily worked myself into her and we tried to not rock the van too much as I plowed up inside of her from the back as she pushed back to me on my inward thrusts.

With the energizing view of her cute bottom, the sight of my cock disappearing up her backside and the sound of her moans, we both came rather rapidly and then she reversed herself and licked me clean.

I just collapsed back onto a chair and with my head in my hands wondered at how this all was happening. When I got my breath back, she excused me so that she could gather the rest of her family together and indicated that she would like to do this again, only with more time to have additional fun.

I just nodded, without knowing what to say about this. When Teena met up with me the next Wednesday, it was pouring down raining, not an unusual occurrence in Big City in the Spring, Fall, Winter and parts of the Summer. So, we moved to my large taxi retired sedan with tinted windows.

I put up the windshield sun shield and she and I began to enjoy our private time together. As we went about playing with each other's sensitive and intimate sites, she remarked that her sister, Fiona had mentioned meeting me and enjoying it very much. I, a bit concerned about this becoming open knowledge, remarked never the less that she was a very appealing young girl. "More so than me," Teena inquired? "Not by a mile I answered." So, she then settled in to do my member a big favor, while I prattled on about the mystery as how this was all coming about.

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I just wasn't used to females coming on to me so determinately. She sat back for a moment, while her hands were busy on my member and offered that it could be a spillover effect from whatever had given the older friend of hers, Henry, this same condition and which had seemed to spill over to the girls of her family and even their own mother, to have caused them to have more than the usual influence with and over the males in their lives.

I looked over to her with squinted eyes from the sensations she was causing me in my nether regions and asked, "Spill over from what?" "I don't know Peter, and Henry has never explained it. But, it is real whatever the cause by its observed effects, which were mutually passed on to us girls and then now evidently to some degree in you, too." "Oh, joy! I now have a power over women, and have no idea of its source or limits. Could Henry perhaps be asked to explain some of this to me, so that I don't cause any harm with it?" "I will ask him about that," she offered as after my spill I moved in to give her hers.

"But, in my case, he never had to exercise any power over me, I was thrilled to have such a fine mature lover, just as you are now!" MADNESS 2 Teena sent me an email several days later with information for me from Henry. Evidently he wasn't comfortable with meeting me yet, but he was okay with sharing some information about 'the ability." He told Teena that he wasn't going to share the source of it. And the origin of it was of the nature that it wasn't going to be widely spread about.

Evidently the girls got their muted share of it through their intimacies with him or from contact with their mother who had it also, and Peter was getting it in weakened form from intimacies with them. It would strengthen or weaken for him based on how often he had relations with them. And that it worked with the influenceable in more than sex. The limits seemed to be of females in their fecund age group, from about twelve to fifty or so.

But, that he personally never had used it towards minors. Oh, and that it will have a very strong influence on a woman's resistance to any desired sexual activity, but would not overcome anything that she would never do. At least usually. I emailed her back and thanked her for the information which would help me a lot to cope with this, and asked her to thank Henry for this very helpful information. I stayed in for the rest of the week only going grocery shopping. I skipped going to the park at all, since I wanted to talk a bit further with Teena before this all got more out of hand than it already was.

When I returned to the park on Wednesday again in the early afternoon, Teena was nowhere in sight. But, a somewhat older woman who startlingly looked like Teena approached me and identified herself as Sally, the mother of Teena. 'Oh Drat, I thought. The monkey is out of the bag already." But, she didn't seem to be upset with me at all. In fact she invited me to follow her home and we could converse and whatever else in a lot more comfort than on a steel bench in a public park.

It was very hard to counter that bit of logic, so I did as requested. And I arrived at her home in very short order. She welcomed me in and guided me to sit on the couch with the T.V. on. She then moved to the kitchen, evidently to provide us with some goodies to enjoy while we loosened each other up. While she delayed for a bit, here comes Felicity and Fiona, two mid-teenagers, bounding into the living room and each taking up places on either side of me.

They were all giggly and when Sally came back in she remarked, "Oh you girls have found our Mr. Peter, haven't you? Why don't you show him about the house including your bedroom." That caught my attention. But, seemingly just as mesmerized myself as the two girls were, I followed them upstairs directly to their sleeping chamber.

It had a single bed on one side and bunkbeds on the other, with a very long narrow table in between. They guided me to sit on the very sturdy table and then peeled off their clothing down to their panties right in front of me. Soon after, they had me on my back with my dick out and them playing with it with intermittent expressions of the oral kind. With one of them lowered down on to my mouth with her uncovered pussy and the other impaled on my love stick in cowgirl position their dear mother wandered in.

I felt that my life was over with her seeing me in intimacies with her minor daughters, but instead she said with a little smarm, "Oh, I see you girls are playing with Mr. Peter. Please come down to dinner as soon as the three of you complete this game." Soon after that, the two girls climaxed.

I didn't'. I was too traumatized to even consider it. So, the girls each took one of my hands and led me down to the couch again to partake of the dinner provide by mom. With us all on the couch waiting for mom, they blurted out as soon as she appeared, "I am sorry, Mommy.

Peter didn't get to cum. But, we did Mommy. We each came very well with a lot of cum, too!" "Oh good, girls. I am so proud of you. Now to help Mr. Peter." So, in putting dinner on the small table in front of the couch for the girls to start on, and with the girls changing stations to a cartoon show, that I actually liked, Mom moved over to me, raised her summer dress and began to rub her bare pussy right down on to my supine pecker.

It didn't stay laid down for very long, and as soon as it had risen to its peak, she moved her pussy over to plunge down on it. I then lost any sense of fatigue that I might have felt, and with the two girls noticing what was going on and then joining in by Felicity licking around her mother's pussy and my cock from the rear and Fiona sucking on her mother's titties, soon this jolly congregation brought me to my finish, with a bonus quantity of cum up into their receptive mother.

After a bit, I regained first my composure and then my strength. And then joined with them to finish off the dinner that their mom had prepared. When it became time for them to go to bed and for me to leave, the two girls each climbed up on my lap and briefly engaged my member with their pussy and then with their kisses ringing in my heart, the shouted out, "Good night, Mr. Peter" and rushed off to bed.

Evidently the eleven year old girl, Lila, was with her paternal grandparents, the reason that she wasn't there too. Thank goodness for that! When I moved to get ready to leave, Sally stepped forward and as Teena came through the door, Sally said, "Oh no you don't!

Your mine for the night." Teena smiled at us both and went to her bed leaving me at the tender mercies of this sexually lit up and frantic woman. Evidently, because of our mutual normal attraction, pumped up by our shared "abilities" and reinforced by our desires, we were totally committed to each other for the night.

I 'limped' home in the morning to recover over a few days. I stayed at home for the next week, until the following Wednesday. Teena showed up and we repaired to my car to share a little private time. We were situated between two trucks with cargo boxes that would block any ability for someone to see in, so we made good use of that along with the Sun Shield.

We traded oral fun with each other and then she with the seat moved back as far as it could go, sat facing forward between me and the steering wheel and rode me to our mutual climaxes. Then when we were calmed down, she mentioned that Sally usually appreciated an honorarium of a hundred dollars each time she shared the girls and herself to help pay the bills.

So, I just happened to have five twenties and so I consigned them to Teena to pass on to her mom, and made a promise to myself to be very careful about leaving myself open to that again.

I again went to the park that Sunday to enjoy some sun and refreshing breezes with my walks. After I finished, I went to the coffee stand and got a hot roll and a Raspberry Italian Soda.

I sat at one of the empty tables, just out of view of the children's play area this time and began to work on my crosswords again. When I looked up I could see just a bit away a young twenties appearing woman doing yoga under the trees. She was wearing yoga pants and some kind of floppy shirt. The pants covered everything, but so snuggly, that everything was visible, even her clit and pussy slit. I was temporarily stunned by that and then returned to doing my puzzles.

I had finished two of the tall stack of puzzles that I had saved from various sources, when the shadow of someone approached me. It was the Yoga girl and she seemed upset.

So, I looked up to try to calm down whatever emotional storm was nearing me. "I saw you looking at me while I peacefully did my exercises!" "Yes, I noticed you when I looked up to keep my bearings of what was happening around me." "But, you were staring at my body!" "Miss, I first noticed your form in your Yoga, and then your bodily form, too. Both were very lovely. Now if you are determined to be rude, please find another target for your venom. I am very busy with my puzzles and would hate to lose any quality time with them with some unpleasantness with such a lovely lady." With that she rocked back on her heels, with all of her prepared matters of contention handled and dismissed.

So, instead she sat down across from me and pondered me for a few minutes. When I looked up and saw her again, I arched my eyebrows as if to inquire what this was about.

And then I saw the reported confusion in the eyes and she moved to sit right by me, pondering over my cross-word puzzles with me. She pointed out one of the solutions to me, one involving a German Renaissance Painter.

I thanked her for that, as I am not that much into German or even any other painters for that matter. I try to work around them by filling in the spaces from other rows or columns to solve those clues in an alternative way. She then leaned up against me, evidently the 'ability' taking hold of her. I was beginning to feel that this gift was very much a curse at times. So, I looked her in to the eyes and asked if she would like to fuck me. After her eyes quit blinking in shock, she asserted that 'Yes," she would.

So, I asked if she had a room nearby, and she said, "No," it was across the city. So, I remarked, "Pity,' and let her off from any requirement to sacrifice her body to me.

When I finally returned to the car, Fiona jumped into the passenger seat and slurred that I needed to get out of the parking lot as soon as possible, since her mother was looking for her there.

She was supposed to be at home doing her homework, but it was actually done for the next day, though her mother didn't think so.

When I got to the top of the hill she motioned for me to turn north on the main street outside of the park, going North. And then motioned for me to turn up the hill full of mansions and directed me to the top, where there was a forest.

After a couple of blocks she requested that I turn down a narrow lane that led into an abandoned home, of dissipated stately stature. Damn, if I ever won the lottery, I would like to have it myself. We had pulled over to a parking space that hid us from any outside view and she had me get out and follow her around to the back. She evidently had absconded with a hidden key to the door and she produced it and opened the door for our entry.

The house was not as bad looking inside as outside. And we went up the central staircase to the bedroom area on the second floor. She took my hand and led me to the master bedroom and swirled herself around in the room in the wonder of its majesty.

The bed was even made up with very proper bedding to fit the majesty of the room. The sixteen year old now stopped and removed her clothing down to the skin and laid herself upon the coverlet awaiting me joining her there.

I told myself, "What the hell!" And joined her there in only my boxers. With that she rose up and gathered me into her arms and began very enthusiastic kissing. I had a bit of a challenge keeping up with her energy. But, when she began reaching deep into my mouth and welcoming me deeply into hers all worries about energy dis-appeared. She then stood up on the bed and began to rub her pussy into my face. I welcomed that with my lips and tongue, which encouraged her to even more fun, like having me lay on my back and playing her small titties over my lips and over my nipples.

She then asked me to play inside of her anus with my wetted fingers, and she shimmied and bucked under that attention. When she was ready, she laid on her back with a pillow underneath her butt and invited me to probe up in to her anus in the missionary position with her legs up-reached. It turned out to be a lot easier than I anticipated and I could tell that she was really grooving on this. So, I prolonged the process with her cumming twice before I totally emptied up into her.

With us both climaxed she rolled over to be on top of me reclining on my chest and stomach, with my member still entered up her ass. We laid in that manner through a brief nap and then gathered ourselves up and locked and left the premises. As I drove her to her neighborhood, she informed me that both her and Felicity wanted to see me repeatedly, and I didn't have to pay their mother for it, either.

It would be their secret. I dropped her off a couple of streets away from her home, and she ran into the woods to hide where she was coming from. It looked to me just like a fawn running into the woods to escape uncaring motorists.

When I got home, I got a phone call from Sally, the mother of Teena, Felicity and Fiona. She wanted to know if I knew where they were. I asserted to her that I didn't and before she could ask questions that I would have to lie to, I informed her that my dinner was on the stove and I would like to eat it unburned. With that, I turned my attention to the cooking ramen to stir it to completion. In the back of my mind, I wondered how many of the Ten Commandments that I had broken this day.

My mind and heart were now entering a phase of arguing with each other and beating me up in the middle. While I loved my new sexual freedom and the exciting experiences that I was having, I was having great difficulty in factoring the tremendous change from a mode of conduct and standards that went back into my youth as long as I could remember.

This exorbitant sexual freedom and the exercise thereof, was doing terrible things to my psyche, right along with a serious mangling of my conscience.

Although there is no injunction from older men loving younger women in the Bible, the way I am proceeding with this, violates every conviction about fair play that I know of. I began to feel that I was losing or had already lost my soul. My inner convictions and active practicing of what was right and wrong.

So, I decided to hole up in my condo for a while to sort things out and get a breath of the fresh air of sexual continence. By avoiding sex for a time, I hoped to get a handle again over my life and sort through what I would allow myself to do in to the future that remained to me.

But, for that to work, others have to cooperate. And with a bevy of sex mad females in my life, several of which knew where I lived, this was going to be a challenge. I have a very difficult time rejecting the appearance of a desirable female at my door. And in my current mode of thinking, I am struggling with myself to keep from accepting their favors and even using my unexpected powers to influence new ones to join me in bed.

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During this time of reflection, a young woman poll worker moving through the neighborhood to encourage homeowners to follow through on their right to vote, came to my door to address me on this topic. As soon as she looked into my eyes, she took my hands and moved into my arms to kiss me. With this, I moved her inside of my apartment and she led me to my bed.

I kissed her lips and reached my hands up to her breasts through her blouse. She sighed with this and reached herself down to my member to awaken it. We fell on to the bed both engaged in stimulating the other. Soon our lower clothing fell open with our handsie searches and our bodies moved into mating mode. She spread her legs and I hovered over her with my hardened member moving down to its target, her pussy. She couldn't seem to wait and reached up to force me down on to and in to her body's secret chamber.

With my entry into the lustful zone, I began to thrust in and out of her and she responded by holding me tightly and thrusting back at me to deliver me to my deepest penetrations. Sweat began to appear on her mouth's upper lip, her eyes were wandering wildly, and her pussy was sopping wet with her and my precum. She then reached around to place her hands on my butt cheeks to force me down into the deepest regions of her body and then I unloaded a gigantic load of my cum into her upper regions of her vagina.

She moaned and sighed with this and then came to herself with her cum leaking out of her pussy around my dick that was firmly planted in her. After her release, she reached for the box of wipes and cleaned herself and me off. Then with a shocked expression on her face she informed me that she needed to continue with her door by door encouraging calls until her husband and children drove by to pick her up. She did mention in low tones, that she would return when she could to give me further encouragement.

And then she left.


I laid in bed contemplating with horror, the scene that I had just been part of. And part of was the proper term, it seemed to have a life of its own, besides any inclination of the two of us. I knew then that I needed help and soon. So, I made an appointment with my G.P. doctor and waited the usual five days for it to come to fruition. When I arrived at the new offices that they had opened, I was welcomed to them by his lovely younger Asian wife, Chen.

She is very pretty, smart and gracious in her manner. She has a cute little Yorkie-Poo dog, named Jack also, who is very friendly and livens up things in the office. Doctor John is in his late sixties and is a no nonsense type physician. He tends to be very practical about determining what is wrong and what to do about it with the minimum of fuss and trauma to the patient as he goes on. So, after her taking down some of my info, because she has gained the status as a nurse/practitioner, he inquired of me as to what the situation was.

He had seen me for several years before I had moved into town and knew me as a reasonable and quite healthy man for my age. So, I laid it out to him that I was encountering way too much success in the sexual efforts of my latest life and a lot of it with little or no effort on my part.

I suspected that he had a rather expansive sensual relationship with his young wife, since I once had come to the office and was delayed in seeing him with her absent from the desk under suspicious circumstances. He was now probably wondering what the problem was with this new situation. And maybe more than a little suspicious that I was overstating it, too.

So, I offered to show him the 'ability' in action with his young wife, if he allowed it. He, being very confident of her devotion to him, accepted the challenge for her.

So, as I sat on the chair in the examination room, he called for her on the intercom to lock the front door and to come to the examination room for a consultation. He then moved back in the room to allow me to do my 'thing' whatever it was.

And when she came in and found me facing her as she came through the door, she noticed her husband back in the corner of the room and looked to me in confusion.

At that, I asked if she would like to have sex with me right there and then? With that came the confused manner, the blinking and wandering eyes, an evident increase in heart-beat and the answer, "Sure!" She removed her medical pants, panties and lifted herself up on to the examination table.

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She mounted her legs in the stirrups there and looked expectantly back at me. I looked to my doctor and he nodded his approval, so I moved in and after using some of the proctology lube sitting in handy reach on my dick and her vagina, I entered her and proceeded to thrust and pull in and out of her woman port.

The doctor moved up to allow her to turn her head and take his member into her mouth as I worked on the other end. It didn't take long and I emptied up into her as he did into her mouth. With this she rose up, wiped us all three all clean and left to return to her front desk duties with no comment at all. With a dumbfounded expression on his face, he said, "Yes, I see what you mean. But, I doubt that I can do anything for that, since anything that I do would probably do more harm than good.

By the way are you fertile?" "Yes, I think so, doctor." "Would you be willing to help my wife and me to get her pregnant? I am very able to carry out my sexual duties to my wife, but am infertile and she wants babies very badly. And she is a wonderfully inventive lover when given the chance to warm up to the idea." "I am open to that idea, if she is, but not here.

We can talk about this at your home or some other place, when I am not going to be charged for the service to you." "Good, I will get back to you on that." So, I left in pretty much the same condition as I had come in.

And when I returned home, I rested and then found Fiona waiting for me at my door on Sunday morning. MADNESS 3 Since it seems to be all on me after all; I let Fiona, Sally's 16 year old daughter, inside to join me. When she entered, she turned as I closed the door and bellied up to me reaching over my shoulders to anchor my body to hers for a humongous kiss and hug.

Then she went to the fridge and brought out two root beers and made P and J sandwiches which she brought to us on the couch. This time she seemed to be in no hurry as she turned on the T.V. and found a basketball game that we actually cared about. Gonzaga was playing and handling quite well a highly regarded east coast team. She curled up to me with her head on my shoulder as she drank her root beer and ate her sandwich.

I was busy with mine too. And both of our hands were thus uninvolved in each other's privates for the moment. During a very exciting sequence in the game, a Gonzaga player made a stupendous dunk over three defenders and drew the foul, too. Fiona got so excited that she blurted out a 'gawfah' that resulted in a mouth full R.B and P and J flying across the room.

She braced herself for the scolding that came, but instead, I just got up and cleaned it up myself. When I reseated myself she reached around my back and across my chest and gave me an enthusiastic girlish hug. With the game now in 'garbage time' and her done with her meal, she briefly went to the bathroom to freshen up, which evidently by the sounds coming from there included a pee, and then came back to lay on the couch with her legs over the arm of the sofa, her back down on the surface and her head in my lap.

Her short skirt had ridden up in this position, so I could plainly see the gusset of her bright blue panties. She had opened the top three buttons of her blouse, evidently in the bathroom, so the top half of her breasts were in open view, too. Also, her head was moving in a motion that massaged my sleeping dick. Not for long though. She smiled up to me as I looked down and about her lovely mid-teenish body.

So, to catch up, I began using my hands on her, first caressing her arms and chest and then moving to cup her breasts and twiddle her nipples. She giggled at this. Then I reached to her skirt and pulled it up farther, to allow my fingers to move under the panty fabric to her now heating up pussy area.

By the time that they reached her slit, it was already very wet and lubricated. So with a brief time of my fingers slipping up and down the girlish valley, I then moved to penetrating her pussy hole with the two of them. After a brief few minutes of that, she rose up and took my hand to lead me to the bedroom.

In there she only removed her panties and with her butt up on a pillow, begged me to forget undressing, just lower my pants and take her right away. I then at her request skipped all of the remaining preliminaries and moved right up into her love vault.

She cooed at that and with her hands encouraged me to proceed right to the plowing. So, I began the age old process of thrusting in a woman very shallowly and slowly at first. Under her guidance, it quickly progressed to powerful, deep and high frequency pumping up into her. With her begging shouts, "Cum into me Peter, Fill me up, Make it hurt Papi, Give it to me hard&hellip. I did the best that I could and quickly enough we both rode over the top and dumped each other's cum load.

With that I rolled over on to my back, pulling her over with me and we laid with softening breathing with her laying on my belly and my member still entered into her teenager's private place. We napped in this position for just a few minutes. And then she rose up, arranged her clothing and hugged and kissed me on the way out the door, thanking me, "Thank You, Papi&hellip.that was great!" A week after my doctor's visit, I got a call from his wife that they would like me to come to dinner that night.

I refused of course. Actually, not in your life, I accepted and really looked forward to it, after all I was going to get to see Jack the Yorkie-Poo again, you know. It was explained to me before departure that the delay was due to the timing of our little fun to be right at the start of her most fertile three days, and that I should bring a bag with a couple of nights worth of clothing, since they expected me to be 'penis in availability' for that three day time period.

When I arrived, she was dressed in a very sexy Chinese influenced webby based body suit. Nothing more. Absolutely everything was open to view, including a very uprisen clit. We sat down to a very pleasant dinner for three and it was explained to me that Doctor might be observing, but play no active part for the three days. It was going to be all up to me, and no anal would be available this time, nor would oral, except to get me hard.

It was going to be semen in the impregnating zone repeatedly for the next three days, which they had taken as a vacation from their practice. After dinner, he waved us two off and he took care of the cleaning up of the kitchen and dining room. She led me to the bedroom to begin our quest. She helped me out of my clothing and opened the bottom of her fish net body suit and laid back on the bed with her bottom up on a pillow to receive her first dose of my baby making cum. As she had me move right up into her vagina, she whispered to me, "My dear Peter, this is just for a baby.

Fun times will come to you in the future, I will guarantee that." I nodded and proceeded to try to empty as quickly as possible to conserve my strength for repeated efforts.

She kissed and sucked on my ear while plying my ass with her long finger nails and that combination, with the total sexy view of her and the feelings of being in this vibrant woman, caused me to empty into her very quickly. She showed no disappointment at not getting a cli-max herself, after all that was not the purpose of this. When we moved to the living room to rejoin with the Doctor, we found him watching something of no interest to me on T.V.

and busy playing with Jack, the dog. I took the comfy chair and she moved over to cuddle with her beloved husband who inquired, "How did round one go?" She responded with her Chinese lilt to her speech, "He did just fine, first effort brought first success." They then smiled and cuddled together.

After a few minutes she rose up and got us all drinks, mine a special Henry Weinhart's root beer. We then just sat resting in our seats for a couple of hours. Doctor went off to the master bedroom with Jack and his lady led me to a spare bedroom to further spend the night. She doffed her sexy suit and joined me in bed to share the night. She also instructed me to take her again, awake or asleep every time that I felt up to it.

I took her twice more that night and over the next two days, six more times. By then I was wasted, and so she took a long nap with me before I was to leave cuddling and whispering sweet things in to my ear. When I left, Doctor shook my hands in gratitude. Two weeks later, I received notice that we had succeeded and that they wanted three more children from me in the future.

Also in respect for what I was doing for them, she would come over once a month and share some really sexy play overnight. I told her that I would look forward to that. I laid low for a week to replenish my energy. Those three days had really taken it out of me, heheheheh.

But, on the next Monday past that week, as I was editing some of my manuscripts, I heard another knock at my door. I almost always want to ignore them, because it is so often bad news, or at least an irritating visit. But, when I opened it was Sally standing there.

I just stared at her and she asked to come in to respectfully discuss something. As she saw my frown she said, "No, Peter, this is not any kind of guilt trip for you. I just want to be with you for a bit!" So, I guided her in and backed her up to the wall next to the door. I body slammed up to her, pushing my mouth up to her lips and mashing them with mine. She quickly caught on and started to power sex me, too. I reached down to raise her dress as she opened my zipper. With my hands down to her pussy and hers massaging my dick, I forced her panties down as I caressed her precious pussy.

She moved me forward enough for me to move her panties down and off of her as she undid my belt to let my pants drop to the floor, too. Then she opened her legs and I reared up to push my dick up into her and I rushed to pound up into her for a quick finish. I got mine, she didn't and then I took her by the hand and led her to the couch where I used my lips and tongue on her pussy to bring her, too. After we had calmed down a bit and sat cuddled up on the couch, she remarked, "Well, that was something, wasn't it?

And just what I wanted from you, a power fuck once in a while to calm the nerves and psyche. You can save the gentle and kinky stuff for the girls, I know that you are fucking all of them but the little one, no problem. And as for the contribution, we can forget that.

If you have a little change around at the end of each month I can use it, but this sensual release is much more important to me. Can I count on Mondays usually?" I nodded 'yes.' And she hung out with me for some time in addition and then left to go home to care for her girls, after giving me a firm hug and kiss on the way out.

The next day I decided to live dangerously and so returned to the park to again observe the scene, do my exercise walking and work on my crosswords. Hopefully also in bringing as little attention to myself as possible.

Luck with that, huh!

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After my walk and purchase of a Raspberry Italian Soda, I settled in to involve my mind on my stack of crosswords, which seemed to grow faster than I can work them. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that Yoga Girl was busy with her gorgeous body in exercises, but I determined to not look that way lest a flood of womanly fury should wash up in my direction.

Then while trying to remember what the clue "expectorations' referred to, I felt not heard the approach of someone into my close sphere of personal space and then heard, "Well, you are back again! Did you enjoy my show this time?" I glanced up and responded, "I tried very hard to ignore your fantastic displays to honor your sense of privacy." "I see. Do you always talk that way?" "Uh, you mean above a retarded fifth grade level?" "Yes, indeed that." "It is the product of a well enjoyed education, many books read and the desire to accurately pass on my thoughts to those who might appreciate them." "Well said, sir.

I saw you doing your walking, obviously a form an exercise for you. Have you thought of raising the ante on that program?" "No, I haven't. I have very quirky hips and lower back. Also I was in a motorcycle wreck in my early twenties damaging my knees, so I try to keep everything flexible and low impact, for my body to be not stressed. I take the observation of Einstein seriously, 'The body is useful for carrying the head around.'" "Well, I take it somewhat beyond that in my efforts." "Yes you do, and you show very positive bodily refinements because of it.

Couldn't hurt your self-esteem, either." "My self-esteem is fine. By the way, I remember an offer that you made last time we met. And a rather abrupt termination of it. Is that offer still open?" "You mean that you would really like to fuck an old, tired and out of shape guy like me?" "You are far from being wasted, sir.

I only made the comment to continue a discussion with you. And yes, with your fine mind and quick wit, you would probably be a lot of fun to play with. How about it?" "Do you need a ride, I think that you insinuated that your home is a bit away across the city." "Yes, and I usually walk here, because my place is only fourteen blocks away.

I use the across the city ploy to resist unwanted advances." "Good strategy, Miss. Okay I am done with puzzles for now, at least printed ones. If you follow me, you can join me in my ancient but very serviceable sedan." So, she ran over to gather her things up and met me at my car as I arrived at it.

I didn't bother to ask how she knew my car, I had come to the decision that she was very resourceful. I then opened up the backseat for her supplies and sat her in the passenger seat making sure that her seatbelt was hooked up and then rounded to take my place driving.

She remarked, "My, you are the careful one, aren't you?" "Yes, Miss, I take safety very seriously!" She was silent the rest of the way to her place as she directed me with flamboyant hand gestures. When we arrived she took my hand and guided me up the steps of a very large mansion and into the facial recognition door opening.

She advised me that she lived only with an aged maiden aunt, who rarely came out of her rooms on the third floor. Alicia, as she introduced herself had her rooms on the second floor, of which her aunt never visited. When we got to her rooms, she sat me down on a chair and then offered to share a shower with me.

I thought that that was a grand idea and so doffed my clothing and met her in the shower with her hair already washed and rinsed. We only lightly played in the shower and then made a big show of toweling each other off. Our discussion then offered that she was in her early thirties (I would have guessed mid twenties.) and that I was in my mid-seventies, she generously advised that I could be in my late forties. With us both toweled off she guided me to her bedroom and backed me up to her high bureau with a blanket hanging down in back of me to cushion what was to come.

As I observed her body as she prepared, I didn't know what for us, I then noticed that she had a slim and toned body, not necessarily what many men would consider sexy, but extremely healthy. And that the sparseness was accompanied by a modest Brazilian rear carriage, which was pronounced but very toned also. So, with me leaning back on the bureau, she knelt down to enliven my member and after that was accomplished, she turned and bent over backward to continue my excitement in her mouth with her face upward and her head bent backward.

I had never even dreamed of such a thing, but she did this and avoided any tooth damage which must have been a real challenge to her. The slobbery attentions continued for several minutes and then she moved away and turned to face me. She did a hand stand and then rotated over to bring her pussy up to my member with her butt pointing down. She wrapped her legs around my middle and then encouraged me to move my dick up into her pussy vault. This took some doing but felt terrific when accomplished.

She then sang out with, "Fuck me Peter, as hard as you can." So, I did and she climaxed and then I did with a pronounced emptying in to her pussy. When all of the bodily vibrations discontinued, she disengaged and assumed a regular stance and gathered me up into her arms to rest together for a bit on her bed. I fell into a light slumber, still fully aware of this magnificent body next to me. When we awoke, she shared one of her bathrobes and we moved downstairs to enjoy good company and something to eat.

Auntie was already there and showed no little appreciation for our obvious happiness with each other. Since she was about my age, she might have wanted some for herself, too. After dinner, as the leavings were left for the maid coming in in the morning, she took my hand and led me back up to her bedroom to spend the night. We played around several times in the night, not serious about climaxes, but we each got another one anyway.

In the morning, she sped me on my way with appreciative remarks and requests for returns in the future, I promised her that it would be so. I texted to my lovers that I would be taking the rest of the week off, and with a bit of disappointment, each one returned their acknowledgement. I hung a sign outside on my door with the message, "Householder taking very necessary Rest!" But, I did make an exception for the doctor's wife, and she shared the night with me in very gentle love play and cooing words in a totally soothing manner.

She did say that she recognized the 'ability' as it was working on her and didn't mind. But, she was wondering if there would be a spill-over effect on to her and maybe the doctor? I remarked that the spill-over effect evidently was proportional to the amount of skin to skin intimate time and not on any amount of kinkiness nor energy output. She was happy to know that, since it meant that we could have very pleasant times together without a lot of kink or excessive energy output.

And she let me know that she wanted to spend as much time with me as my schedule would allow. I told her that I would get back to her on that. On the next Sunday, Teena, Jilly, Sally, Felicity and Fiona decided to combine efforts to make up for my absence for a week and to enjoy with me a triple header of college playoff games at my place.

I bought the supplies for the goodies to be made and Sally and the older girls rotated in the preparations of them and serving, too. When the pizza guy came with five pizzas and was stunned at all of the females in undress, he was too paralyzed to even speak.

Felicity and Fiona pulled him into the foyer and while putting the price plus tip into his shirt pocket also fluffed him up a bit, kissed him and sent him on his way. He knew that nobody would ever believe the scene that he had seen at this place. While the games were going on, Peter took command of the central seat of the couch and the other females rotated as to sitting next to him and on his lap.

All of the females were in panties only mode, and he was in a light shirt and athletic shorts. They each took turns spaced out in time of getting their pussy maintenance. All of them got at least one shot of glory for the day. They had arrived at ten in the morning and stayed overnight.

The girls slept with him that night in an overcrowded double bed with his cock implanted in one pussy or another throughout the night. In the morning they took turns in twos taking showers, with Peter and Fiona having the last one. She wanting to make a last statement for this party, gave him a rousing B.J. in the shower to finish off their time together.

It took three days for him to have any bone in his legs from this. Thursday afternoon Chen, the doctor's wife, called me about coming by for a fluff up by her. She told me that the pregnancy was proceeding very well and she was up to some higher level sexual fun for me that day. So, since the Doctor was out playing golf with his buddies, I made my way over there and she greeted me at the door in a short baby doll nightie, showing a slightly swelled body, that I was responsible for.

She was into what I call 'gracious sex.' Not a lot of kink, but very warm hearted, gentle, arousing and satisfying. Her body was perfect for this. And today she was going to introduce one of the kinky things that she did do, for the reason of amplifying the pussy to genital contact with the idea of trying to cause the secondary-effect of the 'ability' to come to reside in her.

When she in such a welcoming manner led me to the bedroom, I was intrigued by the two anchored posts, one on each side of the bed. And a steel tube spread between them. From the center of the tube hung a very strong cord with what looked very much like a swing set seat, with a soft pad, mounted on it. The seat hung at about eighteen inches from the surface of the bed. And on the right hand side of the bed was located one of the sturdy coffee tables with a stack of pillow bringing its upper surface to be even with the bed.

I was more than a little anxious of what this might be about. But, Chen told me to relax, it would be fine and she knew that I would enjoy it. I replied," 'Okay,' I will just ride with the flow of events." We mounted up on the bed and she made a great show of bringing my level of clothing down to hers. She then shed her panties and invited me to dine at her pussy. We assumed the side by side '69' position and very energetically worked over each other's sex zones.

Finally with both of our zones totally engorged and ready for further action, she moved us down to the suspended seat. She mounted her bottom on a very firm pillow right below it and then maneuvered me to have me at a ninety degree position to her lower body with my cock twisted ninety degrees from normal angle of penetration, and my upper leg suspended in the swing at my knee over her pregnant belly and my head on the pillows over the coffee table.

After a brief period to let all of our bones and muscles adapt to this unusual position, she called for me to begin a very shallow and gentle mode of fucking her. So, I started as she described and very quickly could feel our combined cums saturating our sex zones and the skin to skin contact between our sex organs expanding over an area more than twice the usual.

Then the wisdom of what she had arranged became evident. And she was in no hurry to climax at all. She told a few stories common in her native country, and I told a few of mine that I used to tell in picnics.

And we stretched out the contact and the pleasure for a very long and pleasant time. It was so long, that the Doctor arrived home and found us in this position on his bed.

After letting the shock wear off he commented, "My, oh my, that sure looks like fun. Chen can we repeat this later?" She replied to her dear husband, "But, of course my loving master, as you wish." And then he came over to kiss her as I was still shallowly plowing up into her and with this, she and I came very profusely. She was very pleased with both of us men. I dressed and hugged her and shook his hand.

I have to admit that I was beginning to feel somewhat of a reflective attraction to her, too. MADNESS 4 On Saturday, while I was doing my weekly shopping, I got a text from Alicia the Yoga Girl. It asked, "Are you up to some more gymnastic fun?" My answer was, "When?" "A.S.A.P.

you know where." "See you at four." And then while I was at it, I texted Sally and the girls that I was somewhat under the weather and was going to pass on their delightful visiting for this Sunday.

Would see them the following Sunday, if I felt okay by then. Damn, I was getting really good at lying. I delivered my groceries to my condo and changed to go and meet with Alicia. When I got there, Auntie answered the door, looked like she wanted to hijack me, but pointed up the stairs to the second floor and Alicia's abode.

When I got up to her bedroom, she was engaged in doing her yoga exercises and motioned for me to take a chair and observe. Evidently I was now welcome to do that, since I was now in her good graces, I guessed. And it was truly inspirational, too. When she was done, she asked if I would like to shower with her, and I replied that I couldn't think of anything else that I would like to better to do at this moment.

She had her exercise outfit off in a flash and then helped me off with my outfit. We moved and in hand to the shower to enjoy the hot water and her hot body.

As I marveled at her musculature, I suggested that it might be fun to follow our shower with a bubble bath. She thought that that was a great idea and closed the drain to not waste any of the water that was flowing over our now extremely clean bodies. She also dumped in some bubble bath into the water to suds up till we were ready to drop down into it.

When the water got up to the proper height, we settled down into the water with my back up against the end the farthest from the shower head and her cuddled with her back to me in my arms. It was one of those moments as I caressed her frontage where the thought comes to you, 'What in the hell could be any better than this?' After a half hour or so of soaking, she reared up and began to stimulate my penis for further duty.

And when it moved up to launch position, she lowered her silo to accept its entry and explosion. With tidal waves of water sloshing in the tub and over the sides, we finally achieved liftoff and orbital injection. I am ex U.S.A.F. after all, you know. She then helped my tired body up and we toweled each other off, one of my many favorite things to do with a playful female.

And I let her know that I was probably done for the night as far as takeoffs were concerned. She smiled and said that that was no problem and guided me to lay naked under the top sheet on her bed.

Alicia then went downstairs and I could hear echoes of her conversation with Auntie, a few minutes later she showed up with a tray of cheese wedges, salami wedges and Ritz crackers with a small jar of horseradish. She also brought me one of my favorite root beers and her chai tea. We then fluffed up the pillows and settled in to watch a Keanu Reeves movie about him dusting off a lot of bad men, must have been John Wick one or two, but I didn't care.

I had a wonderful gal next to me, cheese and salami on Ritz canapes, with my favorite root beer. There was little that could improve on that! After eating, I fell asleep with my head on her chest with my mouth up to her breast.

I slept wonderfully. The next morning she asked if I could just stay the day in and we could just loll our way through it in snacking, fucking and telling dirty stories. With a brief pretended thoughtful process, I acquiesced easily. We had a very pleasant day together and she let it be low impact with me only cumming once and her twice for the whole day.

As the evening drew near, while we were laying in each other's arms and just talking she broached the idea of me moving in with her and her aunt. After all it was a very large house that they lived in and there was plenty of room for me. I thought that that was very odd to suggest, since we had only known each other for a short while. And I kindly let her down by saying that we would have to have a longer association before I could consider that.

The next morning when I woke up, I checked out the many text messages and emails that I had to read. I noticed that they had become somewhat strident and demanding of me and my time. Even with a bit of sexual hysteria evident in them. I answered all of them that I would not be available for that week,…… except for Teena, who was the most respectful to me and evidently the least influenced by my still low wattage 'ability.' Influence. I suggested that she join me at my condo if she felt like it.

And I was very concerned about Chen, the doctor's wife. She was becoming very demanding of additional times with me, to increase the influence of the 'ability' I surmised.


I was becoming concerned about why she was so obsessed by this and what she might be planning for its use. She was offering me basically to do anything that I wanted to increase the possibility of gaining this for herself, even faint hints of her being willing to leave her husband to live as a virtual love slave of mine.


I really enjoyed our time together, but the concern about what she was planning about this, was causing me to reconsider my whole situation locally. There was also Alicia and her Aunt. Alicia was being very considerate of my age, but her Auntie seemed rather strange to me. And an invitation to move in on such a short relationship was alarming.

Especially since Alicia's first interest in me was 'ability' generated. Or at least substantially so. And Sally and her girls were desirous of me filling up more of their time. There just wasn't any doubt that I enjoyed them on several different levels, but the backdrop of desired monetary contributions still hung over that relationship, too. The mortgage that I had on my condo required that I live in it as my primary residence for at least three years.

And I had only been in town for about a year by now. So, that limited my options of living with any of the available ladies in my life. And there was the growing concern about where my life was going and how it was effecting my person. I was actively violating just about every standard of conduct that I had ever believed in. From a lifelong held belief system and pattern of conduct. The lying particularly worried me, since that is the main attribute of Satan, and a poison in every mode of our lives.

It just so happened that I that week won a modest amount of money in the state lottery. Enough to finance a move to another area and to allow my financial separation to that locality. And I had just this Monday put out a call to see if I could find a low impact position to finance and fill up my remaining days of my life away from this sexual prison that I felt that I was in.

Within three days I got a response from a small college back east that was looking for a retired cleric to serve as its chaplain. I immediately sent back my interest in the position and my qualifications. They sent an application by email for me to fill out and encouraged me to return it promptly. Which I did on the day that I received it. That day I also met with a real estate agent of good reputation to put my condo up for sale.

And notified my condo association of my interest in selling as directed by their bylaws. They notified me of their receipt of this notice and informed me of their disappointment at losing me as a resident owner. On Friday I felt that things were proceeding very quickly with an emailed letter of acceptance of my appointment as chaplain upon my appearance at the college, and the real estate agents assurance that things would be managed for me as my condo was being offered for sale. Apparently, there was a severe shortage of clerics willing to take on the Chapel duties at its rather low rate of pay.

So, I texted Teena to meet me at a local restaurant that afternoon for a consultation. She showed up all concerned about what was happening. So, I informed her that I had received an appointment to a new position appropriate to my background and that if she was interested she could accompany me to where I was going and I would give her modest help with her college expenses, while she lived with me. She informed me that she would consider it, but that the current quarter wouldn't conclude for her to transfer for a month and a half.

I told her that that would be fine. It would give me time to settle in on my new job. She only had to send her college credits record and then fill out a transfer request to the new college that I would be serving as the Chaplain of. If she came to be with me, she would be listed as the live-in housekeeper for me, and receive a modest stipend towards her education from the college for that. But, that I would hire with my own money a maid to actually do the work freeing her to concentrate on her studies and me, of course.

We would be actually living in college supplied quarters appropriate to my status there as a senior member of the staff. But, I emphasized that she needed to keep this all under her hat, since I was going to escape under the cover of night, as it were. This was to build and achieve a more respectful and acceptable mode of living for me.

My only continued variance from my norm would be my relationship with her, if she came to be with me, and we would have to also keep that secret at the new institution. She said that she understood my concerns and requests and would move on them as quickly as possible without spilling the beans to anyone, especially her sisters and mother.

I thanked her for that. I then arranged for some movers, made up of college kids, to help me close up my condo over the weekend. I put out the furniture on the sidewalk with 'free' signs on them. Had my other belongings that I wasn't going to take with me boxed up and donated to a local charity.

I actually only planned on taking with me one copy each of the books that I had written, my kitchenware, my computers and peripherals, my personal records and clothing.

They were all packed to be shipped by Greyhound except for a light travel bag that would contain two days changes of clothing and a memory backup with all of my important computer records recorded on it. So, with things under control locally, and my belongings in transit, I flew to my new city, hoping to bring much needed order to my life and heart.

When I arrived I was greeted by a group of young men from the on campus chapel and was very kindly escorted to my new digs. It was a very suitable and recently refurbished two bedroom apartment of over twelve hundred square feet and included additional space for my rectory office. When my belongings arrived by bus two days later, the same young men made themselves available to transport these things to my apartment. On Tuesday I met with the Provost and Dean to connect with them on my duties here.

And they were very helpful and appreciative of my acceptance of the position and impressed with my qualifications. They provided me a pamphlet with the college rules of conduct and a description of my duties on campus.

I was given two weeks to get myself adjusted to my new appointment and residence. I quickly found a maid from among the coeds to help me keep my new digs up to snuff. I could tell that she was also being influenced by my 'ability' but I totally ignored that and was very respectful in my manner around her.

But, she had my things stowed away very efficiently and I was ready to meet my duties on schedule. As I was arranging things in my new home, I changed my email and cell numbers to cut off contact with my previous ladies, except with Teena. I left brief 'bullshit' messages of explanations of why I would no longer be available to them.

I didn't read any of the return messages that they sent me. And since my new address was through the college, I had it registered under an assumed name to prevent any of them from tracing me to here. When I explained, with a manufactured excuse, the necessity of this the college post office was very considerate of my desires in this regard. I also made an appointment with the campus security office and explained to them that I had left off several undesirable relationships in my previous locality and therefore wanted any persons who attempted to contact me or show up at my apartment to be vetted by me before any allowance of them to appear at my door.

The only exception was a former student that I had tutored and might be transferring to this institution. And I gave her name as Teena Moncrief. They said that they would closely monitor my locations at the chapel and rectory/ apartment for the time being and I thanked them for that.

A week later, Teena emailed me to tell me that she was unsure if she would be joining me in my new location. And she informed me of the explosion of unruly emotions that resulted from my abrupt disappearance from the city. Henry had shared with her, that he knew exactly how I felt and that he had accomplished the same thing by isolating himself with Stacy and her family.

And he wished me well in my new locale, and advised me to be very careful of my 'ability' which would ease off very slowly. And he said that he could help me to continue it at a low ebb, if I later became interested, one old fart helping another old fart, he had advised Teena through laughingly tear-filled eyes. I advised her that I would leave the position and place in my heart available to her for the next few months at least.

She replied that she very much appreciated that and would consider it. A few days before I was to assume my duties at the rectory, I was informed that an oriental lady, possibly Chinese in origin, was looking for me on campus.

I informed them that she was a fine lady, but that I wanted no corroboration that I was even on this campus to her and certainly for her to be kept away from me. They said that they would handle it. And they did with a minimum of fuss, but with firmness of assertion and the lady in question withdrew and never returned. But, Teena showed up at my doorstep a couple of weeks later.

She told me that the tipping factor was that all of her sisters and mother had become really bitchy with my fleeing of the town.

And that she had gotten tired of their negativity. So the college back home had allowed her to take the finals early for her transfer and Henry had lent her the money to come over to here to be with me.

I waited until we were private to show her how much I appreciated her being with me. An after a brief flurry of passion, she told me how excited she was to be here, too. I emailed Henry and told him how much I appreciated his help with Teena, and that I would send a repayment back to him by Western union, if he would give me the needed information. He replied to forget it he was glad to help, especially a young woman that he was so fond of himself.

And repeated that he would help me with the 'ability' any time that I desired it. I thanked him back and told him that I was available to help him any time he needed it too. 'We old farts have to stick together,' was how I put it.

I got a triple smiley face back in return. We got Teena installed in her new bedroom, and a walk through the campus by a school student escort to get her admittance and schedule arranged. Teena and I had decided to present her as a distant niece to the authorities, one that was using her uncle to advance her educational opportunities. They swallowed that with very little discomfort at all. After all, they each had their own student lovers, too.

Teena got into her studies and was soon plowing ahead in her studies with good effect. Meanwhile, she seemed to be determined that I not branch out to any other females for 'fluffing' so was very active with me in my bed.

I didn't advise her that I was not interested at the time with any other female, because I enjoyed the determined attentions that she gave me, the old perv that I am.

But, we both pulled out all stops with what we had learned about sex and used every bit of it on each other, very regularly. After the next year, she graduated early, with sparkling grades and was accepted into Harvard in their Master's Degree program.

It hurt very badly to lose her association, but I was very happy for her advancement in life and her education. On the last night together, after a very sweet time together in bed, she regaled me with all of the appreciation for what I had done and shared with her. And that she would always have my back for the rest of my life, if I ever needed her. I in tears told her that I felt the same.

The next day she left for her future.

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In the meantime, Henry began sending me plastic bottles of a soup preparation that he cooked up that he promised would continue the 'ability' at a modest level that I would easily be able to manage.

He said that he not only appreciated the help that I had afforded Teena, but found a great deal of satisfaction and humor in helping a fellow oldster hold his own in the world that we shared.

I told him that I didn't know how to thank him, he answer was, "Be busy with your dick, my friend!" He got the three smiley faces this time. I was doing fine with the chapel, and the college administration was generous in advising me of this. The students reported that though I was very serious about my and their faiths, that I offered very practical and knowing counsel to them and that they appreciated it very much.

I was however keeping a low profile sexually for the present, coming to an accommodation with losing Teena from my life. Then a young girl of only nineteen came into my life.

This was through her attendance at the on campus chapel. She was actually Buddhist in beliefs and Thai in origin, but she felt so comfortable in association with the Christians on campus that she requested a lay serving position with me. She was heart breakingly gorgeous, but uninterested in the boys for the present. She was satisfied with her studies and her service at the chapel in association with me. After a bit, she requested to know if I would be interested in tutoring her in some of the subjects that she was struggling in, and I agreed to do that.

It was to occur at my apartment in the early afternoons between classes. Before the first date, Kannika made an appointment at my chapel office for some spiritual guidance counseling.

She showed up in an unusual attire for spiritual engagement, and closed and locked the door upon arriving at my office. I wasn't sure if this was 'ability' produced, but she didn't show the wandering eyes evidence. But, she in low tones advised me on how much she enjoyed our working together in the church and then moved over to take her seat in my lap.

Any resistance that I might have thrown up disappeared before it even generated. She opened her blouse to reveal her smallish but perky breasts underneath and then leaned in to me to engage me in very inflaming kissing, with tongues and all. As my hands moved up to engage with her breasts, she began to moan and shimmy around on my lap.

This of course awoke my member to her presence, as she undoubtedly desired. And then one of my hands moved down to engage with her nether regions under her skirt. Very purposefully they moved to be inside of her panties and then things moved forward very quickly. She raised up and unzippered me, fetched my member out of its hiding place and then after rubbing it up and down in her slit, installed it up into her young female body to her delight and mine.

With her lips kissing mine and my hands massaging her breasts, she pumped up and down on my member until, first she came with a little shriek and moaning and then I came up into her love vault.

When this was finished and we were both calmed down, she took the available tissues and cleaned us both up. Then with a fervent kiss, she excused herself from further counseling for the day, as she stated while exiting the chapel office, for others to hear. When she showed up at my apartment for her first tutoring session, I found out what kind of tutoring that she had in mind. After opening her books and briefly gaining suggestions on approaches to a couple of subjects, she asked to look about my digs, and took a lot of interest in the now abandoned second bedroom.

She raised her skirt and laid down on the bed still left unused there after Teena's leaving and then inquired if I would entertain a request for her to fill that vacancy from then on?

To emphasize how she would show appreciation, she rose and maneuvered me over to the bed with incessant kisses and hugs and then causing me to lay back on the small bed, she removed my shoes and pants. With that she moved to lay over me and snuggled down on to me, with her nether regions active against mine through each of our inner garments.

As she continued to gently and affectionately kiss me, my hands began to return the caresses, first on her back through her blouse. She moaned at that and moved her body for those caresses to move to her butt cheeks.

This resulted in even more pronounced moans by her. She then turned over to get the caresses on her frontal area. And I complied by reaching into her blouse to engage with her smallish breasts. The nipples were already elongated and arisen, but aroused even further to my touches and twiddling of her nips.

She then whispered, "Lower!" and my hands moved down to reach under her panties. Her slit was already very well wetted and her pussy door was wide open to my finger's probing. With continued attentions to it, her pussy became very leaky with its own womanly flow and she reversed herself to allow it to empty into my mouth, while her mouth engaged with my member.

We continued in this position for some time, each of us receiving a generous amount of stimulation and precious cum to savor. We together then raised her up to plant her pussy over my cock in the cowgirl position with her providing the thrusting and flexing motions. She could tell that I was getting mightily aroused and so rolled over to her back and cued me to let her lay in the center of the bed with a couple of pillows under her butt. With her still dressed except for a bare pussy, I moved down to apply my mouth and tongue to her very tender parts to her continued enjoyment.

Eventually, I took her in the missionary position with her legs together and mine outside of hers to further stimulate her clit as I thrust up into her vagina.

Evidently this was new to her, since she now began to get wild eyed, her nose turned red, her mouth gaped open and her body went on automatic in responding to my thrusts. She came first with loud moans and little shrieks and I followed right after with a pronounced emptying up into her internal body. I then slumped down on to her slight but sturdy body and she wrapped her arms around me in response to my loving attentions to her.

She wrestled me to be aside of her and we slept for a bit in that position. I the next day put in the request for her to live with me as a live-in student housekeeper from then on. No one was either surprised nor fooled by that and the request was summarily approved without comment.

She moved in from student housing that evening and blessed my bed at least twice a week for the next nine years as she progressed all the way up to her PHD. She never got pregnant from me and as I found out later, she never used any anti-pregnancy methods either. I guess my sperm count was rather low. And I could have impregnated her, but it would have taken a lot of effort and detailed planning to occur. She didn't seem to care one way or the other.

The night before she left for good, she served up her booty to me with protracted deep anal for several hours and then let me sleep with me still entered into her until awakening in the morning.

After her shower and the rolling of her trunks out to the taxi by the driver, she backed around the corner of the door and hugged me whispering to me how much she had enjoyed our years together and how much she owed me for all that I had done for her.

I whispered with tears in my eyes, "Imaginary accounts paid in full," and patted her behind as she turned to leave my life and meet her future.

I was now alone for the first time in years at age eighty seven and reflective on my many happy years with young lovers. The campus medical tech informed me that I was in great shape for a fifty year old at my age of eighty seven and hoped that he would do as well. He asserted that this was undoubtedly because I was still engaged with life through young students in my ministry, my Spartan mode of life and regular 'fluffing' by appreciative young girls.

His final summation was, "Way to go!!!" A couple of months later, a new to the campus Yoga instructor/advanced studies student named Alicia came back into my life. She informed me that she had sold the mansion several years ago because it was just too big for her after her Auntie had passed on.

With that money, she had used a private detective at the Mount Baker Detective Agency to find me and then passed the years with other interests until my time was over with my beloved Kannika. But, that she was now available at her age of forty-three to bless the rest of my life with her care. She moved in the next weekend and looked after me for the next thirteen years until I passed away at the age of one hundred. POSTSCRIPT: A number of years after the deaths of Henry and Peter, a data search by the Bene Gesserit branch of the UNIT among the written records of unusual abilities, brought the experiences of these two men and the women that they had been sexually active with to their attentions.

No the B.G. branch was definitely not interested in bringing forth a Kwisatz Haderach, a human with god-like powers of prescience and mind manipulation. Humans already had the very real Creator and his adjuncts to deal with. That was more than enough. But, this very secretive sub-section as a part of the UNIT, the super secretive organization for gathering all forms of information useful to government agencies, had as one of its purposes, like its name sake, the gathering together of 'sport,' mutant or natural occurring special abilities of humans that could be developed for the government's usage.

And as they read the accounts of Henry and Peter along with other accounts recorded by a very famous author on a Sex Story site, they felt that they might just have identified one. As they studied the records and civilian reports as to the known effects of this ability, that is to mesmerize fellow humans to strongly induce obedient be-havior, in Henry's and Peter's case obedience to sexual overtures especially in young women, they found that the active agent in this case, of all things was tainted N.

Korean ramen, which only worked on minds of certain humans, with a muted spillover effect to the first and second generation of subservient objects of this power. Also, that once it was activated in a person, it couldn't be turned off, but it could be lessened by reducing the ramen intake. The 'ability' was shown to have suggestive power in other areas than sexuality and this is what primarily continued the B.G.

branch's interest. The question was, how besides inducing submissive sexual activities, could this work out on demand? And how could it be turned on and off at will? Only two lineal descendants of Henry and Peter were found to have received this power, Henry's son by Stacy an active waitress and Peter's by a nurse adept of Chinese heritage that happened to be married to his G.P.

Doctor. While Chen, the doctor's wife reportedly tried to further her power grab by using this power, she evidently never got sufficient abilities in it to much succeed in that. She just continued to deeply please her aged husband whom she dearly loved. And their son, by Peter, never showed any active ability in this matter. He married a fellow Chinese heritage young woman and produced a family of very successful children. As to Henry's and Stacy's son, he seemed to be just a normal guy, who lived a working man's normal life, with a lifelong partner who was only mildly disruptive in his life.

They also had a lively and successful family of children who showed no special ability in this matter. Interestingly, the B.G. department through its security forces was able to locate a remaining case of the subject ramen, accidently left and fallen behind a stack of stored ice in a freezer plant in Big City. When it was analyzed with the very advanced chemical and physical processes available then, they identified the active agent in the ramen and were able to reproduce it.

The B.G. department then set out on a DNA lineage quest and identified three viable descendants in each line. Relatively young men, with military backgrounds who were not super intelligent, but were skilled workers in their fields and all around pleasant guys who were at this point unattached. So, they were all recruited to service at the UNIT, which was justified by the needs of their regular talents anyway.

They were each very happy to comply. Because by then the UNIT was generally known about and highly respected, though the extent of their works were not understood by the general public.

Then the 'fun' began. They were each cloned without their knowledge and each set of clones had a control with no ingredient in their diet, one member with a minimum of the ingredient and one with the full measure that Henry originally got. The results were very closely monitored in the UNIT's site with its ever pre-sent assembly of cameras and other modes of observation. The results were as they were suspected to be.

The negative subjects were just normally successful in procuring sexual partners. The minimally endowed were just a bit more successful, but the fully endowed ones were on a wildly successful rampage through the female population of the site, irregardless (irrespective or regardless for language Nazis) of the submissive female's partnership standing, even some of the B.G.

females who were informed of this operation fell victim to the guys' advances. Upon further study and field trials it was determined that the only uses for it at that time were for secret spy interrogations, which turned out to be a lot less abusive than water-boarding; and for sexual adepts serving on space ships.

The former had to be contained between missions and the later were the beneficiary of a temporary dosage for use with less than appealing clients. But, the information was stored for the possibility of future usage or as sometimes happens future misusage.