Laura gets cum in Erie motel

Laura gets cum in Erie motel
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Harold stumbled down the hall at 3 in the morning with sleep consuming his mind. His wife had gone to bed early with him that night, both falling asleep quickly after a long day's hard work. For hours, he had tossed and turned until he, finally, woke up in a sweat. For months he had been having horrible dreams about him doing naughty-- even evil-- things to his daughter, causing his marriage to suffer and his physical well-being to deteriorate.

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He had not told the woman who he had been married to for over 25 years, since he had been 20, that he was having such dreams. How would he have the guts to tell her that he favored his daughter over her? As he zigzagged down the hall, Harold found himself at the door of his daughter's room. His daughter, Lauryn, had left the door ajar so a sliver of light fell into her room. Harold's throat closed and dried as he found himself debating on whether to open her door and watch her sleep or to go back to his bed with his failing marriage.

Gulping down his fear, Harold lost his inhibitions and push the door open slowly. Light fell upon Lauryn's back, her shoulders bare from the thin tank top that she wore to bed every night. Her brown hair flowered out onto her white pillowcase, the strands fanning out around her neck and shoulders.

The soft pink sheets and throw blanket fell softly over her petite frame, complimenting her full hips. The blinds had been drawn shut earlier that evening to their second story home. Staring at the luscious curve of his daughter's sixteen-year-old hips, Harold felt himself getting aroused. He had had a number of dreams the past months that had started out in this way and his body was beginning to react to the familiarity of the situation.

As an instinct, his feet carried him to his Lauryn's bedside. His roving eyes looked past his hairy chest and bloated belly to the young, vivacious body that laid before him, Harold felt his cock growing harder. Careful not to make her wake up, Harold released his cock and began to pump his fist up and down the thick length, his breath turning sporadic as he watched his daughter sleep.

Lauryn slept softly as her father jacked off to her sleeping form, his mind replaying the dreams of her bouncing on top of him with his dick inside her hot pussy after he had eaten her sweet pussy out. Harold sighed in pleasure as he fisted his cock faster. His eyes rolled to the back of his head while his eyelids fluttered closed as he imagined himself violating his daughter.

After a few minutes Harold slowed to a stop, letting his boxers fall to the beige carpet under his feet. He stepped closer to the bed and saw the curve of his daughter's breast. Not being able to stop himself, his right hand reached out to play with the slightly darkened circle that he figured to be Lauryn's nipple.

Harold's pink tongue wetted his lips as he thought about moving her shirt so that he could circle her nipple while he sucked and bit the other one to illicit moans from her young mouth.


His left hand idly stroked his throbbing dick as he gently began to pinch and circle his daughter's nipple. When he saw that his playing had brought her nipple to make a visibly small tent under her shirt, he moaned lightly and went back to circling the hard bud with more vigor. In her sleep, Lauryn had begun to move, her body telling her that something was making her little pussy feel wet and horny: that the rest of her body needed to respond.

A soft moan escaped from her lips as she rustled beneath the sheets. Her movements caused her father to cast his eyes down her side to the lovely ass that he had been staring at earlier. Flashes of him pounding into her butt as he smacked her cheeks raw while he slid the covers down with his left hand.

His eyes latched onto the skimpy shorts his daughter had worn to bed that night, the shape of her pubic hair standing out against the white fabric stretching around her pussy.

At the sight of her shorts, Harold had squeezed Lauryn's tit and caused her to wake.


"Dad?! What are you--" she began, but her father cut her off by slapping a hand across her mouth. Lauryn looked up at her father in fright: a fear of what he might do to her and a fear of what he had been doing to her.

"Shh, little princess," he chimed quietly so his sleeping wife down the hall wouldn't be awakened. With his left hand taped to his daughter's mouth, Harold took his right hand and continued to massage her breasts, occasionally teasing and squeezing her hardening nipples. Although juices began to collect in her pussy, Lauryn started to panic. Her breaths were short and gasped as let tears well in her eyes. "Don't worry baby," Harold said, his hands roughly pulling down her shirt, "your daddy won't hurt you." Suddenly, Harold look around the room.

He found a scarf on his daughter's writing desk and smiled. Reaching for the cloth without letting freeing his daughter's mouth, Harold grabbed it with urgency. Once in hand, her father proceeded to tie it around Lauryn's mouth.

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Now there was no way that she would be making any noise to wake his sleeping wife. Tears started pouring from Lauryn's eyes as she realized what her father wanted to do with her. She feared the pain she knew was about to come. That fear increased as her father picked a belt from her closet and whipped her across the face and stomach with it. After a few whips of the belt, Harold tied her hands together above her head and to the bedpost bars.

Lauryn kicked her feet nervously as a last ditch attempt--she felt frightened beyond belief, tears flowing like rivers down the sides of her face. This earned her a hard slap across both cheeks. "You stop fucking moving you little bitch," he swore to her menacingly. When he saw that her legs were still wriggling around, Harold went and duct taped her feet to the other end of the bed.

Bending over his daughter, he went back to fondling his daughter freely. Without hesitation, Harold took his daughter's nipple into his mouth and suckled like a baby would to its mother.

Flicking and circling his tongue around his daughter's hardening nipples brought Harold's cock back to his attention.

The pain forced him to stop feasting on her delicious nipples and stuff his throbbing member between her tits. Moving his hips back and forth, Harold titty-fucked his daughter. "Mmm baby," he moaned happily.

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Soon, he moved away from her chest and down between his daughter's legs. Lauryn started to cry harder-- now was the moment she had been dreading. Her body had betrayed her and she had grown hard nipples from her daddy sucking on them and her pussy had gathered a considerable amount of moisture from it as well. Though it was no where near enough to make it a comfortable slip in for her father, she knew that it wouldn't stop him.

Her tears dried up. She had no more in her to cry, her body had stopped producing them. Meanwhile her father gazed at his daughter's tight, young pussy. He moaned at the glisten he saw within her folds and kept stroking his dick absentmindedly. Harold knew that Lauryn had been turned on, but not enough for him not to hurt her.

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If he hadn't wanted to taste that delicious looking pussy, he would have just said "fuck it" and proceeded to plunge his cock into his baby girl. His fingers separated Lauryn's pussy lips; he felt his dick throb when he saw the small hole he was set on entering. Keeping her lips opened to his gaze, Harold knelt down and stroked his tongue around the hole before dipping inside.

The sweet taste of such a young pussy caused him to moan into her cunt and tongue her hole with anticipation. As he buried his tongue in his daughter, one of his fingers stretched up enough to rub her clit slowly.

Gradually, her father sped up his fingers. Despite Lauryn's disgust, she couldn't stop her pussy from enjoying the treatment. Her vaginal began to stir around her father's searching tongue.

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The longer his tongue played inside her as his fingers rubbed her clit, the wetter she became. She tried to force herself not to have an orgasm for her father, but not five minutes of trying did she have a painful moan muffled by her scarf. Harold, pleased with having his face covered in his daughter's cum, sat back on his legs with a smirk on his face. He licked his lips with his slithering tongue gathering up the juices. Wasting no more time, Harold told hold of his hard, throbbing cock and guided it into his baby girl's pussy.

All he could do was pump away as he moaned in complete ecstasy. Even though she had had an orgasm, Lauryn felt so violated and distraught that her pussy juices and dried up.


The lack of natural lubrication made her pussy burn, causing a new wave of tears to roll down her face. This went unnoticed by her father as he ravaged her pussy. Harold kept pounding in and out of her as she cried helplessly. Her father felt his balls boil with a hot load and instinctively grabbed underneath her to get to her ass cheeks. He took a cheek in each hand as he jack-hammered his massive cock into her tiny, abused pussy. Without giving a warning or attempting to loosen her hole, Harold shoved his finger into Lauryn's ass and kept it in time with his hammering.

He began to pant and gasp his daughter's name with his eyes closed, listening to the sound of his balls slapping against her bare ass. The slapping noises helped him push deeper inside her ass and he knew he was there. "Oooooooooooooooh," Harold cried out as his cock exploded with spurt after spurt of hot cum inside his teenage daughter. Lauryn felt nothing as her body had forced her to black out. After Harold had finished coming inside his daughter, he pulled out and pulled his boxers back on.

Being dressed, the caring father looked at his tied up daughter and smiled. He had single-handedly made his daughter come hard, in his mind, more than once. He took his time untieing her from the bed and gently kissed the bruises that they had caused.

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One last time, he looked at his daughter's tear-stricken face and smiled with happiness. Harold made his way back to his room with a spring in his step and got back into bed with his wife knowing that he would not have any more dreams about his daughter. And if he did.well, he knew where she lived.