Slippery bawdy cleft is screwed

Slippery bawdy cleft is screwed
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Barry was partners with Warren in a bar and pool parlor in the lower east side of London. Their business was successful in many ways, but most importantly it made money and it attracted girls. Warren didn't care much about girls, he liked very young men. But Barry was married to Sonja, and coincidentally, they were both attracted to girls.

It was a good life, they lived well and they had fun. What was more important? "We'll finish up here, Warren," Barry said with a wink. He sat against the pool table with an arm around Sonja. A dark haired woman stood nearby nervously biting her nails. She gave Warren an embrassed look and spit her nail onto the floor. Warren gave an exaggerated sigh and shook his head sadly.

"The way you're going, you are going to wear that thing out," he said, tossing his bar rag into the sink. "What, Sonja or my willy?" "Both," Warren laughed. He waved at the dark haired woman in the corner and walked out into the humid London night. It was 3:00 AM and the city was just waking up.

There was a low roar from traffic in the background, coming from the highways nearby. He could smell the aroma of fish, chips, and doughnuts from the 24 hour coffee shop down Westhorne Avenue. He would stop for a biteof breakfast, before heading home. He surveyed the street before he turned and locked the door with his key. He didn't mind Barry meeting women at their bar, it kept them out of his home.

But there had better not be any stains on the pool table, he mentally threatened his partner. Barry was paying no attention. He was motioning Alley forward. He stood with one arm around Alley, and one around his wife. "You know what's so great about making love in a bar?" he asked in a low voice. "No what?" she asked, looking from him to his wife. "The mirrors," Barry nodded toward the bar. They stood reflected in the huge mirror. He smiled at her reflection and she smiled back.

Sonja came around Barry and faced Alley. She looked at her for a moment, then pulled her into a kiss. Barry kissed Alley's ear, while Sonja and Alley explored each other's mouth. Their breath came faster, Sonja and Alley began to moan and kiss frantically. Barry ran a hand into Alley's coat and found a small firm breast inside.

He fondled it for a moment, then Sonja broke the kiss. She turned and kissed her husband quickly, then sank to her knees. She pulled Alley down with her. Barry looked down at the two women kneeling before him. He waited breathlessly until two pairs of hands reached for his zipper. He found himself shaking slightly. His mouth was dry.

He licked his lips nervously. No matter how many times they found a new girl it was always exciting. Like opening a new present under the Christmas tree. Alley threw open her coat and tossed it aside. She wore a white undershirt and white lacey underwear. She reached out and pulled Sonja's shirt down, revealing her small, perfect breasts.

Sonja was licking Barry's cock. With an alluring look, Alley joined her. Barry hissed in pleasure. He watched the girls licking his cock, or occasionally each other.

He visually compared their breasts while they licked him. Sonja had small perfect breasts with small, almost invisible pink nipples. Alley had larger breasts which were equally as perfect. Her nipples were dark and pointed. Very alluring. Barry could tell that Sonja was fascinated by them as well. Her hands constantly explored Alley's breasts, while they shared the duty of licking Barry into extreme hardness. "How do you want to do us?" Sonja asked, pulling away from his cock and licking her lips.

"I want to fuck the hell out of you, while you eat Alley's pussy," Barry said enthusiastically. Sonja looked at Alley, and Alley nodded. Barry and Sonja quickly undressed. Barry rubbed his hardened cock up and down in the crack of his wife's pussy. In a moment he was well lubricated, but he continued to rub it. It felt good to Barry and it helped get Sonja juicy. In no time at all she was moaning and pushing back against him. Barry looked at Alley. She was giving him a sexy smile while bunching her underwear in her hand, to give him a look at her pussy.

She didn't mind waiting until Sonja was hot. Some women were more bi that others. Sonja was one of these people. She had to be really turned on to go down on another woman. Thankfully, she already horny. Barry slid his throbbing cock up into his wife's steamy pussy.

She moaned and rocked to the gentle rhythm of his pumping cock. She turned and captured Alley's nipple in her mouth and sucked gently. Alley enjoyed the fire filling her breast. She closed her eyes, panting loudly and wispering encouragement. Occasionally she'd glance up at the mirror.


It was somehow sexier watching in the mirror. Probably because it lent a voyeuristic aspect to the scene. Also, she could watch Barry's cock filling Sonja's pussy from that angle. It was very exciting. Alley was bi, but had never made love to two people at once before. She had heard about Barry and Sonja from friends. She would have rather gotten them each alone, but since they only swung together, she accepted their proposal.

She was glad she had, Barry was a good looking guy, and Sonja was a fox. She couldn't wait to feel those sexy lips on her hot pussy. Then, as if reading her mind, Sonja suddenly searched out her pussy and flicked her tongue back and forth over it's wet lips.

The tingles from her tongue were like a fiery snake crawling into her pussy and up her ass. She hissed and leaned closer, feeding her pussy to Sonja's talented mouth. Sonja sucked for a moment, with her tongue fully inserted into Alley, then she pulled out and began flicking her tongue over Alley's clit.

Alley gasped, pushing her wet cunt forward into Sonja's eager mouth. "That shit looks good enough to eat," Barry joked as he slapped his hips against Sonja's ass. The force of his strokes mashed her face into Alley's wet mound. Alley didn't mind, it added more stimulation.

"It is," Sonja laughed, licking her lips, then diving back into Alley's mound. Alley cried out and closed her eyes. She knew that the way Barry was pumping away in his wife's pussy, she would not have an orgasm before they did.

She was afraid they would leave her hanging. Barry was only concerned with the growing fire in his balls. He was getting close now. Even though they had been married for several years, Sonja was one of the best fucks around.

Add the stimulation of watching her eat Alley, and his balls were about to explode. From the way that Sonja was juicing up and panting, she wasn't far off either.

He increased his tempo. He could feel his balls swinging up into her pussy. It was hot and wet against his ball sack. Barry groaned and clutched his wife's ass spasmodically. She turned and looked back at him. She mashed her ass against his cock, further stimulating her own pussy. They both moaned louder until Barry cried out. Sonja turned and intensified her attack on Alley's pussy, but it was too late.

She was coming as well and Alley was far from an orgasm. In a few more minutes it was all over. Barry collapsed on the floor in exhaustion.

Sonja collapsed against Alley's unfulfilled pussy. Alley stroked Sonja's blonde hair, waiting for her to recover.

Barry climbed up on the pool table and lay flat on his back.

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Sonja pushed Alley down so she was straddling Barry's legs, while she straddle his chest. They both concentrated on making Barry hard again, while exchanging several passionate kisses.

Barry had a perfect view of his wife's enticing ass, but he could do nothing until he was hard and horny again.

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No man could eat a pussy right after he came. It was psychologically impossible. He needed the hormones associated with a hard cock, to find a wet pussy appetizing.


He closed his eyes, running his hands over his wife's body, while they licked and stroked him to hardness. "Your turn," Sonja said to Alley. But let's move to the bed in the back room," she pointed toward the doorway. They hurried into the back room and collapsed on the flowered blanket. Barry slid up close to Alley's ass. He wet the head of his cock in her pussy, then found the puckered ring of her asshole.

He pushed with a slow, steady pressure until he entered her anus. It didn't hurt Alley, she was used to it. She had a girlfriend who liked to shove huge dildos up her ass. Alley gave a shivering gasp and pushed back against Barry until he filled her ass with his huge meat.

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Sonja moved closer and began fingering Alley's pussy. She briefly licked her fingers, then slid them around and around in Alley's quivering mound. Alley gave a shuddering sigh and humped her ass against Barry. He pounded away at her shapely ass, suddenly hard and horny again. The heat from her dark hole was intense. The hot glow enfolded is cock and sent tendrils of fire through his balls and ass. This is fucking great," Barry panted from behind her head.

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She agreed. The heat of his cock was almost enough to make her cum alone, but Sonja's skillful fingers were also wonderful. She alternated between pushing her ass toward Barry, or thrusting her pussy against Sonja's fingers. She started to cry louder as her orgasm neared. Sonja and Alley kissed, fencing with their tongues and sucking on each other's mouth. Alley's moans became louder.

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She gave Sonja a desperate look. Sonja swirled her fingers inside of Alley's hot pussy, but she suddenly sensed it was not enough.

She broke the kiss and swiveled until her mouth was feasting on Alley's sweetmeats. Alley gave a loud moaning scream. She ran her hand over Sonja's soft back, while Sonja gave her pussy a good eating. Alley panted louder and louder until she screamed long and loud. She stiffened, clutching Sonja's prone body in a desperate grasp. Sonja continued to eat Alley's pussy, bringing her on to a second orgasm.

Barry tried to cum in Alley's ass, but she cried out and slapped him away. He pulled out reluctantly, his hard cock still throbbing and aching. Barry rolled over on his back and moaned in disappointment. Sonja crawled closer to him and began licking his aromatic cock. His eyes bulged out in wonder. He had not expected this. Then, to his utter amazement, Alley joined Sonja.

They both licked and teased his throbbing cock until he spurted thick cum all over their faces, and his own abdomen. He shuddered and moaned for several minutes until their sweet mouths were just too much to take.

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Sonja slid her mouth completely over Barry's wilting cock and held it there without sucking. It felt good to Barry. He relaxed and nearly fell asleep that way. Suddenly his cock was cold when Sonja pulled her mouth off and leaned forward to lick the cum off Alley's face. Alley responded eagerly by turning her face one way, and then the other. When Sonja finished Alley began cleaning the cum from Sonja's face.

In a moment they were withering in each other's arms. Their hands explored each other's bodies. Their fingers went to the other's wet pussy. "Oh God," Barry said in disgust. He rolled over and fell asleep. They ignored him. This time it was all for them.

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