Herrin In Ficksklaven Latex Catsuit

Herrin In Ficksklaven Latex Catsuit
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Im a married woman who gets uncontrollably horny when I've had a bit to drink.

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This is a short version of a day at work that my husband will only know about if he finds this story online. Remember how exciting fire drills at school were when you were a kid?

You got away from your boring math class and got to go outside and check out all the hotties and if you were lucky maybe sneak away for a couple of hours with your friends.

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Well fire drills can be exciting as a grown up too… Serval years ago I worked on a team where I was the only woman and was able to enjoy lots of attention from my co workers. Especially on those days when it is hot as hell outside but the AC is cranking inside.

This was one of those days. The boss called an impromptu meeting that morning. I had forgotten the sweater I normally keep in my office that day and the conference room was very cold. My nipples stood out under my thin top and bra. The guys tried not to look but I could tell they were a bit distracted and more interested in my hard nipples then the topic of the meeting.


One the guys on the teamMatt was a good friend and he kept giving me the eye and trying to make sure I knew what everyone was so interested in. I had to try hard not to smile and laugh at his antics and the way the rest of they guys tried so hard not to stare at my breasts. About halfway into the meeting the fire alarm sounded and the entire staff had to to leave the building and wait for the Fire Dept.

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to come and check it out. Mat and another guy on the team named Kevin who I was pretty friendly with walked out of the building into the scorching heat together.

After several minutes standing in the hot sun Matt suggested that we jump into his car and go to lunch as it was about that time anyway.


Not to far away was a pub that served good food and beer. We ordered lunch and chatted about work for a awhile but soon the conversation turned to sex as it always seemed to whenever Matt and I were together. Kevin was a bit more reserved then Mat and I knew but he soon got comfortable with the banter and offered some interesting stories of his own.

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After food and an few beverages I was starting to feel a little horny and Matt picked up on it. After a cursory drive back by the office where the Fire Dept. was still checking out the building he suggested that we head over to his place not far away and hang out for a bit since it looked like no work was going to be accomplish that afternoon anyway.

Matt lived in this awesome house overlooking a lake with a great pool in the back yard. I couldn't resist the temptation to strip off my clothes and jump in the cool water. Matt who was never one to pass up an opportunity soon joined me and we splashed around for a while trying to convince Kevin that the water was great and he should join us but he was a bit shy and sat down on the edge of the pool to watch Matt and I try to drunk each other.

It wasn't too long before the splashing turned to something more and I found Matt standing behind me with his arms wrapped around me and his nice hard cock pressing against my bottom. "Humm" I said to him "You really do want to play don't you?". "I always want to play with you" he whispered into my ear sending shivers down my spine and making my nipples stand out even more if that were possible.

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I looked up at Kevin who still on the side of the pool watching us and gave him a sly smile. "Care to join us now?" I asked. He answered "No I think I will just watch".

"Ok" Matt said as he moved me closer to the side of the pool directly in from of Kevin so that he would have a better view of the action. Matt caressed my breasts and pinched my nipplesnuzzling and biting my neck until I was moaning and begging him to shove his hard cock into me.

He then grabbed me by the hips and rammed his hard on into my pussy.

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I had to hold on to the wall in front of Kevin so he was fucking me so hard. I looked up at Kevin who by now had a nice hard on of his own in his pants and told him to take it out so that I could see it.

To my surprise he did so eagerly. It was quite large and I couldn't help but want to swallow it. I told Mat to move us closer to the edge and he moved me in between Kevin's knees so that I could stoke that growing hard on while Matt continued to fuck me.


Soon I had that lovely cock in my mouth sucking it down as far as I could while Kevin moaned with pleasure. I love having a cock in my mouth and pussy at the same time and I was soon cumming. Matt came so hard I could feel the gushes of each blast flooding my pussy. When his throbbing stopped he continued to hold my hips from behind so that I could keep sucking Kevin.

It didn't take long for Kevin to shoot his load in my mouth and I swallowed it down with a big smile on my face. I thanked the guys for the great afternoon, we got dressed and reluctantly headed back to the office to wrap up the day.

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I wonder if the rest of the staff ever wondered why I aways had a naughty smile on my face every time we had meeting after that day. Thanks Mike and Dan, Becky