Adultmemberzone this sexy babe just loves to climax for the camera brunette

Adultmemberzone this sexy babe just loves to climax for the camera brunette
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The Preacher's Daughter: The Wedding After dating Sarah for over two years, I asked her to marry me and she said yes. I couldnt be happier with anyone else. Im just your average guy. I'm 5'10" and around 200 pounds with brown eyes and hair.

I'm a web master of a very profitable company. Sarah is a very beautiful woman. She is 5'7" with long red hair that fell half way down her back and had the most sexiest blue eyes I have ever seen. She had nice firm 36 c breast and nice curvy hips. Sarah is a lawyer at the biggest firm in town. She was been second chair to a couple cases, which they won, but hasnt lead on a case herself yet.

In public we are a nice normal couple. We go to church almost ever sunday, mostly because her dad is the preacher. We go to parties with friends and family. We go grocery shopping together. But behind closed doors we are totally different people. This is the story about our wedding and honeymoon. We decided to have a big dinner for our closets friends and family. We rented a private room at the local golden corral so that everyone could have a choice of what they wanted to eat since some of family are vegans.

All together we had twenty-two people in our party. We had the dinner on thursday night so we can have one more night tonight before our wedding. We both agreed that we wouldnt see each other after friday afternoon until our wedding on sunday. We all arrived around six and went in. When we all figured out where we going to sit, I stopped everyone for a toast before we all went our separate ways on the hunt for food.

"I would like to thank everyone for being here tonight. It means a lot to Sarah and me that all of yall are here tonight. We couldnt have asked for any better friends or family than the ones here at these tables tonight.

We love each and every one of yall. Here's to family.'' We all raised our glasses. "To family." Said all. "Now lets get some food because we all know, we are hungry." I said and we all laughed and went to get our food. As everyone left, Sarah grabbed me by the arm and pulled me off to the side. "That was really sweet baby." I smiled at her and kissed her softly. "I love you baby girl." She smiled and then looked around to make sure no one could here us and softly whispered, "This thing is going to drive me crazy.

I cant believe I let you talk me into this." I laughed to myself a little. "Trust me baby girl, you will love it. Just remember to step on my foot when its almost more than you can take. Ok baby girl?" She blushed and nodded.

"Trust me, I wont forget. But you cant get mad if I just happened to stomp your foot." We both laughed. She then slapped my arm, "Come on handsome, lets go get some food." I smiled and we went and got our food. After we all got our food and sat back down, everyone started eating and having different conversations across the tables. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone and sat it on my lap under the table.

We no one was looking, I pulled up an app on my phone and smiled to myself. I pressed a button on the screen and Sarah jumped a little in her chair. No one seemed to notice but us two. Sarah looked over at me and gave me her, "You naughty boy," look and smiled. A couple minutes later I hit another button on the screen and Sarah seemed to wiggle a little more in chair, but not enough to catch anyones attention.

About two minutes later, Sarah softly stepped on my foot. I smiled at her and hit another button on the screen and she seemed to relax a little.

After a few minutes, I hit the button again and waited for her to step on my foot to let me know to hit the other button. This went on for the rest of the dinner. No one noticed what was going on between us, or if they did, they didnt say anything. We all sat around and ate. Different people would tell different stories as the night rolled on.

It was a great night. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, probably not as much as me and Sarah were. It was about 9:15 when we all started to leave. Each one had different plans for the night.

As for me and Sarah, we had plans to catch an old movie at the theater at 9:45 tonight. We all said our good byes and went our separate ways. I opened the door to my truck and helped Sarah in then walked around and got in. When I sat down, Sarah moved over beside me and kissed me softly on the cheek.

"Can I please take this thing off now baby. I'm soaking wet and you almost killed me in there with it." I laughed a little. "Show me." Sarah looked around to make sure no one was around before she lifted up the bottom of her dress to reveal her black lace panties she was wearing along with the vibrator that was inside of her.

I smiled and reached down to feel her panties. "Damn baby girl, you wasnt joking were you?" "No baby I wasnt. You almost made me cum a few times in there. A couple times, I thought you were going to make me cum." I just smiled and kissed her passionately. She returned the kiss just as passionately and let out a soft moan as I bumped the bottom of the vibrator causing it to slide a little deeper inside of her. She broke the kissed and looked into my eyes filled with love and lust.

"I cant believe you just made me do that baby.

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I was so embarrassed but yet I was also turned on so much at the same time. Do you have any idea what my father would say, if he knew that I had this thing in me and you were controlling it on your phone in front of everyone like that. Let alone my mother." I couldnt help but laugh. "He would probably condemn us to hell for it. And your mother would probably die of a heart attack." She punched me in the arm with a smile on her face.

"Your probably right." She just smiled and laid her head on my shoulder as I started up the truck. "Ready for the movie baby girl." She just closed her eyes and nodded. We got to the theater around 9:40 and went in. I only got us a couple drinks since we just got done eating. We went into the theater room and found a spot in the back row. This theater happened to play movies that have been out for a while.

Tonight's movie was "As good as it gets" with Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt. There was one other couple there that sat about three rows up on the second section. We sat down about midway down the row. I lifted the arm of the chair pulled Sarah close to me. I enjoy having her in my arms as much as possible without being to clingy. Sarah just rested her head on my shoulder and put her hand on my chest as the movie started.

About 20 minutes into the movie, the usher came in and done his round. After usher left, Sarah raised her head up a little and whispered in my ear. "Baby. There is something I have always wanted to do but was always to scared to do.

But I feel safe with you and want to try it tonight if your up for it." I turned and looked at her. "We can do anything you want to do tonight baby girl. What is it that you wanna do?" She smiled and slowly slid her hand down my body to my crotch and started to rub me.

"I have always wanted to suck a guy off in a public place. What better place then here tonight. The only other people around is that couple way down there and they wont be able to hear us, unless we get to loud.


And plus you got me so horny from dinner, I want to feel you inside of me." I started to hard listening to her. I looked around and nodded to her. "If you really want to baby girl. You know me, I wont stop you or deny you of anything that makes you happy." She kissed me softly and gave me her sex little devilish grin.

"Oh this will make us both very happy. Just consider it an early wedding present." Sarah slowly unzipped my pants and pull out my hard cock. She then laid her head back on my shoulder as she slowly started rubbing me to full strength.

After a few minutes, she leaned down and started to slowly lick up and down my shaft. I just sat back and just watched her enjoy herself. She then took me inside her mouth and I had to fight hard not to let out a loud moan. She slowly started to bob up and down while stroking me.

I just ran my hand through her beautiful red hair and just held the back of her head. Feeling more comfortable, Sarah started to bob a little faster and deeper. All I could think was, "God this woman is a goddess with her mouth." Sarah stopped and looked up at me. "How does that feel baby?" I smiled back down at her.

"Baby girl, you are a goddess. Please dont stop." She smiled up at me. "Just pull my hair back a little when you are about to cum, so I can swallow it all without choking." She winked at me and went back to sucking me like the goddess she is.

I reached down and started to play with her breast a little. She slapped my hand away and looked up at me. "No baby. This is about you getting off and when we get home then you can play with my breasts and get me off too.

But until we get home, hands off my naughty places." I just nodded and watched her face disappear into my lap again. I was really enjoying her attention and no paying any attention to the movie. She was sucking me nice and hard while softly playing with my balls the way she knows I like it.

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This went on for about 10 minutes until I started to feel my balls tightening up. I ran my hand through her beautiful red hair again and started to pull on it a little to let her know I was getting very close. At that point, she stopped and sat up straight and leaned her back into me. She then took my arm and wrapped it around her mid-section with her fingers interlocked with mine. I looked at her a little puzzled at what just happened. "Why did you stop baby girl?" She let out a little laugh and softly whispered, "Now you know how it feels to be on the brink of cuming and then having the sensation stop and leaving you wanting more." I just smiled at her.

"Oh, you are a very mean woman. You know that?" She just laughed and kissed my hand. "Yeah I know I am but you still love me." I just softly kissed her on top of the head. "Yeah I do love you baby girl." We finished watching the movie. From time to time, Sarah would reach over and start rubbing my shaft to make sure it stayed nice and hard. I tell you what, having a beautiful woman teasing you like that in a dark movie theater is pure torture.

After the movie was over, I zipped my pants back up and started to follow Sarah out of the theater. Sarah would stop suddenly in front of me, causing me to bump into her. Every time I did she would grind her ass against my crotch for a second to tease me and drive me crazy. After we got home there was a trail of clothes leading from the living room to our bedroom. We jumped in bed and started to make love to each other for the next two hours. Just the nice slow sex with lots of kissing and teasing between to people in love.

Nothing was really said between us during the love session other than a few "I love you"s. We fell asleep in each other's arms holding each other close. The alarm clock woke us up at ten o'clock the next morning. I reached over and turned it off. I looked down at Sarah with her eyes closed laying on my chest. I knew she was awake but just didnt want to open her eyes. I kissed her softly on the top of the head and started to softly rub her back.

"Good morning beautiful." She smiled and said "Good morning handsome" without opening her eyes. "What time is it?" She asked as she softly started to rub my chest. "Its ten baby girl." "Shit. My sister will be here in an hour to pick me up. I need to get up and take a shower and get ready. But I dont want to get up. I want to stay here in bed with you all day baby." I kissed her on the top of the head. "Well baby girl, all the doors are locked. We could always just act like we dont hear her when she knocks and just lay here in each other's arms all day." She just smiled.

"That sounds amazing baby. But we both know she will just stand there and pound on the door until we get up and let her in. Or she will just use the key under the planter to get in. I really dont want her to come in and catch us naked together baby." I laughed.

"Yeah your right she would. And would it really be that bad if she came in and caught us naked in bed together? Maybe she would get naked and join us." I said with a smile on my face. She just laughed and slapped my chest. "You perv." I grabbed her hand and softly squeezed it. "Yeah but you still love me baby girl." "Yeah I do baby." Sarah got up and jumped in the shower while I went and picked up our clothes from last night and made a pot of coffee for Sarah and her sister.

I pour a glass of orange juice and walked back into the bedroom to get dressed. As I walked into the bedroom, I noticed the bathroom door was wide open and Sarah was wrapping her hair up in a towel. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her gorgeous body and kissed her softly on the neck. "Mmmm you are so gorgeous baby girl. Do you know that?" She wrapped her arms around mine and let out a soft moan. "No I dont know that baby.

But when I'm in your arms like this you make me feel gorgeous." I kissed her neck again. "Well baby girl, you are very gorgeous and if your up for it we can jump in the shower and I will show you how gorgeous you are to me." She turned around and kissed me deeply.

She opened her mouth to say something when we heard a loud knock on the door. "Fuck" Sarah said. "My sister is the biggest cock blocker of all times." We both laughed. "Get dressed gorgeous and I will go get the door." She smiled and kissed me then nodded. She turned around as I started to walk away and I reached over and playfully slapped her ass.

"Hey mister. Dont start something we know we cant finished." I laughed and went to get the door. I opened the door and told Becky that her sister was in the bathroom getting dress and she went in there with Sarah. I grabbed my glass of orange juice and sat down on the couch. I was flipping through the channels when the girls came out with Sarah's bags.

Sarah put her bags by the front door and went into the kitchen to pour her and Becky some coffee. I got up and went in the kitchen to talk to them. As I walked in, I heard both of them giggling together. "Whats so funny?" I asked with a puzzled look on my face. Sarah just smiled at me. "You dont need to know right now." And they both laughed again. "Ok you two crazy girls just keep your secrets to yourselves then." They gave each other a smile and laughed again and both said "Deal" at the same time.

"Well we better get going so we can get everything ready sis." said Becky. Sarah gave her a small nod than looked at me.

I could see the hurt in her eyes.

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She really didnt want to go. I walked up to her and gave her a big kiss and rested my forehead on hers. "Its ok baby girl.

Just think the next time you see me, you will be coming down that aisle to be my wife." She smiled and kissed me deeply. "You always know what to say to make me feel better baby." "Oh my god. You two act like one of you guys is dying or never going to see each other ever again. Its only going to be two days." Becky said as she rolled her eyes at us. We both looked at her and laughed. "One day you will understand baby sister." I took Sarah's bags out and put them in the back of Becky's car. Becky said bye and walked around to get into the car.

I held Sarah close to me and gave her one more good bye kiss. "Remember baby girl, I'm just a text or call away if you need me." "I know you are baby but I'm just going to miss you so much." Sarah had a tear in her eyes as she said it.

I rub her cheek and smiled. "Now go before I grab you and run away with you." She just laughed and kissed me before she got into her sister's car.

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We all said bye and they drove off. For the rest of the day I just sat around the house. Travis came by that night and we hung out until almost midnight. Saturday flew by like a dream. All I remember from saturday was going to the church that night to make sure everything was set for the wedding. Me and Sarah talked on the phone both nights until we fell asleep. Sunday morning I arrived at the church around ten. I opened the church and done the final walk through.

Around elven everyone started showing up. I greeted everyone and was kinda trying to keep busy so I wouldnt get to nervous. I got a text saying that Sarah would be there in about 10 min. So I went into one of the sunday class rooms so I wouldnt see her. Everything seemed to be going the way it should. At last it was time for the wedding to begin. My brother got everyone to find their seats so we can start the wedding. Once everyone was seated my brother grabbed ahold of the mic.

"Ok ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the Don and Sarah wedding. For the ones that dont know me I'm Don's brother Scott. Everyone knows that Don and Sarah dont usually do whats normal. They always do things their way. Well, why should their wedding be any different.

Instead of them walking down the aisle they have came up with something a little different." He then holds out his hand down the aisle. Some music starts to play and the doors open up. The bridesmaids and groomsmen start to walk out. Everyone turns and looks at them. Then all of a sudden they break out into a dance.

As they are doing their dance, I walk out between them and join in the dance up and down the aisle until I reach my spot.

Then the bridesmaids and groomsmen run off to the side and back to the backdoor again. The DJ started a different song and they broke out into another dance. Sarah comes out of the hallway and joins them in her dance.

She does her dance up and down the aisle until she gets up by myside. (For example see As the music stops the bridesmaids and groomsmen get into their places.

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I smile over at Sarah. "Nervous?" She laughs and shakes her head.

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"No that was fun." We dont the rest of the wedding and we all met out back for the reception. We all ate and dance. It was a great time. Me and Sarah said our good byes and got into the limo and headed towards the airport. When we got in to the limo we changed out of our wedding garments and put on our normal clothes. We spent the rest of the time with Sarah on my lap making out and drinking some wine.

When we got to the airport, we checked our bags and went to the waiting area. We sat there and talked about how good the wedding went and how happy we were.

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We boarded the plan and was headed towards Venice. It was an eighteen hour flight. A couple of hours into the flight, I must have dozed off. Sarah shook my arm to wake me up. I looked around trying to figure out where I was at first. "Whats wrong baby girl?" I asked. Sarah smiled. "Nothing is wrong baby.

I just have to go to the bathroom. Will you go with me?" I smiled. "Yeah I will go with you baby girl." I got up and lead her to the back of the plane to the bathrooms. As we were walking to the back, I noticed that over 90% of the people were asleep.

The ones who wasnt was either watching the movie was on their laptops. Sarah opened the door and went in. I stood outside and kept watched. I heard the door open and turned around. Sarah shook her head out and looked around. "Anyone there with you baby?" "No baby girl. Im the only one back here." She smiled than grabbed my hand and pulled me in to the stall with her.

I looked over at her with a puzzled look on my face. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. "So you remember friday when me and Becky were laughing in the kitchen and I told you that you didnt need to know right then?" I still looked at her puzzled.


"Yeah?" She laughed. "We were talking about how if we get a chance we should join the mile high club." Then she gave me that devilish grin she always gives me when she is horny.

At that point my brain woke up and I smiled. "Thats a great idea baby girl." Sarah sat down and lifted up her skirt up over her hips to reveal that she wasnt wearing any panties.

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I smiled down at her. "What happened to your panties baby girl? I know you had them on in the limo." She laughed. "I just took them off and put them in my purse right before I pulled you in here with me." I laughed. "I love you baby girl." Sarah spread open her legs and smiled up at me. "I love you too baby. Now get over here and fuck me." I unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard cock. Sarah just smiled up at me as she started to tease herself.

I moved down a little and ran my cock up and down her slit teasing her a little. She then pushed me back. "Hand me my panties." I looked at her a little confused. "You cant tease me like that baby girl." She laughed. "Im not teasing you.

I want you to put my panties in my mouth so I dont moan to loud and get us caught." I got one of the biggest smiles on my face that I have ever had as I grabbed her panties and stuck them in her mouth. She looked up at me and nodded at me, telling me she was ready. So I started to tease her slit again. She wrapped her legs around my waist and was trying to pull me inside of her.

I smiled down at her and slowly slid all the way inside of her. She moaned so loud that Im sure the pilot could have heard her if she didnt have her panties in her mouth.


I started to slowly move in and out of her wet pussy. Sarah grabbed ahold of the safety bar and started squeezing it as I was moving in and out of her. I was slowly picking up speed when I lifted up her dress over her breasts to reveal that she wasnt wearing a bra either. I reached down and started to pull and twist on her harden nipples.

Sarah let out another muffled moan and I saw her eyes roll in the back of her head. I knew that with me moving in and out of her at this speed along with having her nipples played with and not having sex for two days made her really horny. I kept up the speed on her wet pussy and the pressure on her harden nipple and soon she was cumming hard on my cock. After she came she pushed me back a little. "Baby girl Im not done yet." She smiled and pulled the panties out of her mouth.

"I know your not baby. But I was you to cum in my mouth. If I let you cum inside my pussy then I know I would be leaking it out on the seat. And I dont want to have to pay for ruining a chair on an air plane." I laughed. "Ok baby girl. I see your point." "I knew you would baby." And at that point she just leaned forward and swallowed my shaft whole.

I was leaning against the wall as she was sucking me like she was possessed by some kind of horny succubus. I reached down and grabbed ahold of her hair and started to fuck her mouth faster and harder. She was moaning around my shaft as it was being pumped in and out of her mouth like a race car piston. I knew I wasnt going to last to much longer. I let out a low moan as I shot rope after rope of my hot cum down her throat. Sarah looked up at with her beautiful blue eyes as she swallowed every last drop I could give her.

"Mmmm we taste good baby" said Sarah as she stood up and wipeing her mouth off with her panties. I put my cock back and my pants then zipped them up. As I was doing that, Sarah put her panties back into her purse and was fixing her dress. "Im going stick my head out and make sure the coast is clear before you come out.'' Sarah just nodded.

I stepped out and looked around. There was no one around so I knocked on the door to let her no the coast was clear. I stepped back and was leaning up against the wall when the stewardess walked in.

I smiled at her and she smiled back. Sarah opened the door and walked out. We walked back to our seats and sat down. Sarah leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. "I guess we can cross that off my bucket list."