Banana Smash Lee licking her titty

Banana Smash Lee licking her titty
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I had been lying in my bed for an hour now thinking about way had happen today. I never thought that I was gay in any way, but after having what happen to me happen, I knew that I was some what gay, maybe bi.

I still like women, looking over to my wall and seeing all the girls hanging on my wall in bikinis, and I was just spying on my twin sister Cindy yesterday as she changed after work. So I think im bi, but never really being with a girl, I knew that I try and get with one soon.

As I was lying there thinking of all that. It craving hit my lips, a need to have more hot cum in my mouth. Even being surrounded by all these beautiful girls, I need some man cum. But what can I do, Jen said to came back tomorrow, and I didn't even know what was going to happen over there anyway.

Maybe she was just going to have her way with me by herself. Not that was a bad thing, but what if Dave was not going to be there or any other guy for that reason. I didn't think I could wait that long if that was the case to see what tomorrow would bring. I need some now. "Billy…Cindy…Is anybody home", yelled Dad. "Yeah dad I'm up here in my room", I yelled back.

Maybe this was the answer. It was just me and dad home, Cindy was at work till late and mom was… Well, mom was, I don't now exactly. Mom was properly out fucking the mailman or the milkman or maybe the bum down the street.

I didn't really know, she and dad didn't really get along. He would bust his ass at work and she just fucked any guy that looked her way. I don't know why dad was still with her. I know that mom would not survive without him and for him he could do a lot better. But I guess he is in love with her being that she was his high school sweetheart and all.

What I did know is that he wasn't getting anything, well at lese in their bedroom, being that my room is next to theirs and I never any bed shaking or rumbling through the walls. Well here I go; I walked to the bathroom door. Open it as softly as I could, peaked inside to see if he was in the shower already. He was; being that my father needed to his glasses to see clearly, I knew that I could get in the shower and start before he could tell it was me.

I undress myself and hopped into. I went right to work, not giving time for this to go wrong. I grab his flaccid dick and started to stroke it, it wasn't as big as Dave's but I knew the end result was what I was looking for. "Ha, ha who's that", asked dad? Dads jumped a little and try to look down but with his glasses out on the self I knew he couldn't see me. He braced himself using the walls of the shower, and I started to hear some moans come from him. "Oh! Yes, honey that's it, I thought that you didn't want anything to do with me", he said.

"But if this is what you want then keep going; it's too good to stop." His two time wife no, but what I want yes. I put my lips around the head of his cock and I was in heaven. With the water raining down on me, I worked like a pro on his cock. Engulfing the whole dick into my mouth, I worked the balls with my left hand as I reached around and lightly squeezed his ass cheek.

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He was really moaning know, almost yelling out for me to finish him off. I could feel his cock started to grow even a little more, and I knew that this was it. My mouth was going to be filled with his hot juicy cum. I pulled back my lips to the head of the dick and sucked as hard as I could as I jerked hard on the shafted. Few more seconds passed and he started to cum and filled my mouth.

There was a little taste difference between my dad's and Dave's cum, but it was still good. Filling my mouth I swallow as much as I could, there was a whole lot more cum then when Dave early, a lot more.

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I milked all the cum I could from his cock, and as it was starting to go soft in my mouth. He turned off the water and grabbed his glasses.

He started to look down as the fog disappeared from the shower. As his eyes made out the short wet hair of mine, he realized that this wasn't his wife at all. It was his seventeen year old son that just gave him the best blowjob of his live. "What the fuck are you doing son", he said to me with a look of shock on his face. "What you didn't enjoy it father", I said back. "No, that isn't the point here, the point is that you did this and you are a guy and that you did this to your father." "I know that you are my father", still playing with his soft cock, "but I couldn't help myself".

"I needed some more cum and you were here to give me some. I thought maybe you would enjoy it since mom doesn't give you anything anymore", I explained.

"I'm sorry son, but this is wrong." "Is it wrong to want to help out your father when his needs are not being met", I asked? "No, son but in this way there are laws stating that this is still wrong; I know that you just wanted to help your old man out, but this can't continue on." "By the way, does this mean that you're gay son?" "No, father I'm more bi", I replied.

"So what is the reason behind this", he asked. "I can't tell you at this moment, but know that I'm ok, and this is who I am". "Don't worry son, I won't tell anyone, because myself too have been with both guys and girls through my years." "Now do you want me to help you with that hard cock of yours down there, son?" "No, father I have other plans for that." "Ok, son maybe in the future if you need something from me just come and asked, I'll always be here for you." "You just can't be letting other people know what we did, because the cops could get involve and be trouble for the both of us." I got up, dried myself out, and walked out of the bathroom grabbing my clothes on the way, but not putting them back on.

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I just continue to my room, licking my lips of the remaining cum from my father. I was truly different from the guy I was yesterday. I now knew that this new me was a better me, and I liked it. The next morning I awoke to still a hard-on. I didn't want to jerk off it, because I knew that my new master would have something in mind for this. I got dress and ran out the door and down the street to Ms.

Turner's house. It was the last one on the left, not as big as the rest of the homes on the street, but enough for two. I knocked on the door, and Ms.

Turner opened it and let me in. As soon as I enter she pushed me to my knees. "No need to on your feet in my house slave", she said as she looked down at me. "And make sure you remove all of your clothing also." "When you enter in the future you will be ready in last then a minute, on your knees with no cloths or there will be hell to pay", understand slave. "Yes, master" I replied. Next she pulled out a XXL condom and opened it. She told me not to think twice about the size.

That she knew what size it was and how average my cock was; then she told me that is was so if I would cum any time during her training that it would be caught for when she needed it.

With that she put in on my hard dick with a rubber band to hold it on. She then placed a dog collar around my neck attached to a leash and led me to the living room.

I tried to look around to see if Dave was here again, but I did not see him. She led me to the sofa turned around and lifted her nightly as she sat down. "Now show your master how well you can eat pussy" As I crawled in close to her, I could smell her juices in the air. She leaned back against the sofa and used her fingers to pull back the lips of her shaved plump pussy.

I started with my tongue licking her clitoris. Not every licking a girl's pussy before, I guess that I was doing it good; because she was starting to moan as I continue to twirl my tongue around. "Yes, that's it slave, you're doing well, keep going", master stated.

"You keep this up and you will have a great surprise later" I moved a little down to the opening of her pussy, and flicked my tongue inside of it.

I could taste her love juice and it was great. Maybe even better than cum. I bought my finger up and put it inside to scoop out the juice and… Slap!! "What are you doing bitch", she asked? "Did I say that you could use that?" " "Turn around", she ordered in a mean tone. As I was turning I saw from the corner of my eye, that she was removing a crop.

I didn't know what she was thinking, but I soon found out. SLAP!! The crop came down across my ass, and SLAP!!


another, and another; and then upward it went slapping my balls. Now that was more painful than the ass, and she hit them again. Tears started to run from my eyes. "Now do we know how to listen to your master?" she asked.

"Ye, Ye, Yes master", was all I could get out. During the events of yesterday when she would squeeze or hit my balls; it felt a little painful, but good. Now this was brutally painful, I felt like my balls fell off or that they were gushing blood.

I peaked down to see without her noticing for the fear of being hit again. They were still there and no blood, I turned round and waited for master to tell me what to do.

When I turned she was rubbing her pussy very hard. "Open mouth" I did and with that she started to squirt her pussy juice in my mouth and all over my face. It tasted so good; I didn't think I could get enough of it.

"Come suck up the rest slave" "And make sure that you get it all, don't want any to go the waste" I crawled over and licked the remaining juice from her pussy.

She then stood up and patted me on the head and told me to wait there. She walked out of the room and returned with cleaner and paper towels. "Now clean this mess as I go and get supplies for the next part of you training." She left again and I cleaned the mess; she was gone for as lease five minutes before she returned carrying a black bag that was fill with stuff. I could not tell what was in the bag, but knowing my master it was something good. "Now I see that you are a growing boy, but we have to clean you up some", she stated.

"This may hurt a little, but it is for the best" With my back to her, I hear her walk out of the room and come back quickly, and next I felt hot liquid in my ass crack.

Next she patted it with a cloth of some sort. "Ready, on three…THREE!!" Wow what the fuck was that.


My ass was on fire, the pain maybe was more then the balls being hit. Once again I felt the hot liquid on my ass. "THREE!!" "STOP!" "I can't take anymore", I begged. "You speak when not told to" "I'm sorry master, truly master, please forgive me", I replied. "You are lucky that I have a kind heart, or you would have been punished for the out busted", she said. "Now I'm done with this, and we can more on to the next step" She got up and left.

As I remained there on my hands and knees with my ass still burning from the waxing master had gave me was thought of what was going to happen next. "Ah" I jumped when something cold touch my ass, and with that I felt a cold tongue start to lick my asshole. "Mmmm" this was a good relief to the burning. I turned my head to see what was pleasing my sore asshole so well, and there it was the biggest dog I had ever seen. This big white and tan Great Dane was going to town licking away at my asshole.

"I see you met Captain Jack", I heard from behind this massive beast. "Sit boy", she told Jack. "Now show your thanks to Jack slave", and with that she lead me around to the back side of Jack and had Jack stand up. There it was, the biggest cock I had every seen; hanging down from the beast. See looked me in the eyes and I know what my duties where. I reached up with my one hand and grabbed a hold of his huge member.

It was not like a man's dick, with a big mushroom head, but a pick pointed cock. I started to stroke the cock back and fore. Jack was enjoying this with the smile on his face. I couldn't help myself as I went in and put his cock in my mouth. I was sucking on it for a bit and it seem to be still growing in my mouth.

"Turn around slave", Jen told me. I did and with that Jack jumped up and mounted me from behind. I could feel his dick poke around at my asshole. I didn't know how this was going to feel, not have anything but master's fingers in my hole before. Jen grabbed Jack's dick and putted some jell on my asshole and lined up his dick with the hole. "This may hurt, but it with feel great in the long run".

She explained.

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"Ready" and with that said she let go of his dick and Jack rammed it into my asshole. Wow that was painful as he didn't take anytime for my hole to adjust to the size of his dick. I could feel the drool from Jack hitting the back of my neck as he continued to fuck the shit out of me. "Dose my little slave like his surprise I had for?" Jen asked me.

"Ooooh, ah, ye, ye, yessss, master", I tried to replied as Jack was giving me the most brutal fuck of my life. Then all of a sudden I could feel, what seem like a baseball in Jack's cock, start to push against my asshole as he was fucking me. With a POP!

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he pushed his big knot into my ass. Boy did that hurt a lot, but he didn't stop, he continued to fuck as hard as he could away at my asshole. The pain was going away and the feel of joy was filling in with each time he pushed his dick into me. "Come on Jack, FUCK ME!!, I yelled out. "Fuck me harder, give it to me, treat me like your bitch." As he would go forward I was pushing back towards his huge cock. "Good boy, fuck him good and hard", Jen told Jack. I could tell that Jack was coming to the end and was going to blow his doggy load in my ass; and with one finally trusted Jack unloaded his cum deep in my ass.

His cum load was too much for my ass and it started to run out and down my legs. After I felt his last pump, I tried to move forward to turn and suck up any cum that run to the floor. I moved forward and Jack came to. I looked back and his dick was still in my asshole. His knot was too big for him to pull out, but that wasn't stopping him from trying. It was starting to get painful as he wanted his dick out of my ass.

"Jack wait", Jen told him. He stopped moving that eased the pain. Next I heard a POP and his dick came out, he turned and laid down in the corner of the room and cleaned his dick of his doggy cum. "I see someone like that a lot", looking down at my dick. I looked down also to see that my dick was still hard, but that I fill the condom some with my own cum. "Make sure that you don't leave any cum behind", she instructed ac she pulled me by the lease over to the cum on the floor.

I licked all the cum up and looked up at my master to see if I did a good job.


"Well done" "Lets see what else we can have fun with" "I need some time to rest from all of this", and with that she sat back down on the sofa and had me lay my head in her lap like a dog as she stroked my hair. I most of fell asleep, because next thing I saw when I opened my eyes was a big hairless cock hanging in my face.

"I know you know what to do with this" I heard a man with a very deep voice tell me…