Gay comics sex with brother Brand new model Cody Starr finds his way

Gay comics sex with brother Brand new model Cody Starr finds his way
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"This isn't taken is it?" Stephanie said to the woman laying to her right. "Oh no," was the reply. Stephanie Van Deven put her towel out in the chaise lounge and then laid down on it. She was working on her tan the natural way. She looked great, tan but not too dark, her snow white bikini with light blue dots showing off two beautiful tits.

She was proud of her forty year old body that she had worked hard to maintain, her willowy curvy legs just looked just as good in a bathing suit as they did in a short skirt.

Her very light brown hair had some blond high light in it that she had added. She was checking out the pool in mid spring.

"By the way, my name's Kate Shade," the women next to her said. "Stephanie Van Deven." "Just move in?" Kate asked. "No, I been here for a couple of months, but it was too cold for the pool." "Well you've got quite a bit of a tan," Kate said. "Oh that's the tanning bed!" Stephanie replied. The two women resembled each other to a fair degree, well built, sexy with nice hair and pretty out going faces.

They looked really good, especially to be in their forties, which is what they were. "Want a beer?" Kate asked. "Yeah, thanks," Stephanie said. Kate opened a cooler and handed her a can of Budweiser. They sat for awhile taking in sun, not saying anything. "Hey Kate look at this," Stephanie heard a voice say. She looked up, there was kid on the diving board backwards about to go in. He made his dive, which Stephanie didn't watch, then did something else she didn't see. "That's good Evan," Stephanie heard Kate say.

"Can I have one of the beers," Stephanie heard the kid say. "Sure." Stephanie opened her eyes and looked at him, wow, he was older than she had thought!

High school she guessed, or maybe out, baby faced and handsome. Wow! Stephanie looked at the young kid with new interest. "I'm gonna go get my phone," he said and walked off.

"Okay" Kate replied. Stephanie watched the hunky kid saunter off with undisguised interest. Kate noticed her watching. Stephanie blew air out of mouth. "Whew," she said. He was barely out of earshot when Stephanie said, "God who's that!" "That is Evan Lombardo," Kate said. "My God is he your boyfriend?" Stephanie asked.

"Yes," Kate replied. A hot pang of jealousy ripped through Stephanie's body. Kate got to have that? That beautiful young kid. "Aren't you a little older than he is?" Stephanie asked as diplomatically as possible under the circumstances.

"I'm twenty five years older," Kate replied non nonchalantly, "He's eighteen, and I'm forty three." "Jesus Christ!" Stephanie replied undiplomatically. "The last three or four years I have really developed a thing for young guys, really young, like eighteen," Stephanie said somewhat sheepishly.

"I have this fantasy of being a femme fa tale, you know robbing the cradle, corrupting the young," Stephanie said again with an embarrassed look. Why was she telling this? She wasn't very drunk. "Sometimes it's almost all I can think about," Stephanie said, again with more than a hint of embarrassment. "But I feel uncomfortable with it." Kate laughed, Stephanie noticed it and felt worse.

"I know exactly how you feel, do I ever!" Kate exclaimed. "Sonavfucking bitch!" Kate said and laughed. "About the time I turned 36 or 37 I started really noticing all these cute young boys, I mean I'd always noticed them, but it was just driving me nuts, I'm like I'd see a hot kid in the street and I would just stand there staring, and my heart would race," Kate said.

Stephanie said, "Oh wow." "I first noticed this around 2004 or 2005," Kate said, "one of my friends asked to me to go to this school function, her son was getting some kind of award for something, I forget what, it was the last month of school, right before graduation." "Yeah?" Stephanie said.

"So I met this kid and he was incredible, my tongue was hanging out!" Kate said and laughed. "I tell you I was so turned on, I waited until his mom was in the toilet and I just told him that I thought that he was totally hot and I would like to see him." "Cool, I worry about not having the nerve," Stephanie replied. "We made out in the parking lot!" Kate said and laughed again. Stephanie laughed and said, "You're kidding!" "No, he told me he liked me too, and he met me after his mom and him went home, we made out in his car in the school parking lot, it was totally cool!" Kate said.

"Then, I asked him over to my house that night and got him over here two days later," Kate said, then she laughed, "Jesus, was I ever ready for that fuck!" "He was my first cougar type conquest." Kate opened another beer, "that was just the beginning, I've robbed the cradle quite a few times since, I've started a whole new career!" They sat there for awhile with nobody saying anything.

"I could introduce you to someone," Kate said with a somewhat evil look. "Who?" Stephanie said with excitement she couldn't hide. "Troy Staat, he lives about three buildings over," Kate said. "Turned eighteen last week, he's only been going to school a half a day, has a part time job or something, I don't know where, but he likes to draw and I've been faking an interest in art as an excuse to go over there in the afternoon, when Mummy, who works days isn't home," Kate said. "What she doesn't know won't hurt her." Stephanie said, "Cool." "You could go with me and I could introduce you," Kate said.

"He is a real hottie!" Kate exclaimed. "Great!" Stephanie exclaimed. "I tell you what, lets change clothes, get out of our bathing suits, and I'll meet you at my place, it's the one on the corner, in about a half an hour okay?" Kate asked. "Sure." Stephanie went back to her own condo and put on cut off shorts and a cut off t shirt that showed off her attractive torso, and flip flops.

Then she went over to Kate condo. The two women left Kate's condo and walked over to the other side. "What if we knock on the door and his Mom answer's then what?" Stephanie asked.

"I usually just try to brazen it through, I'm interested in art, he's just a kid and I was being nice to him, no big deal" Kate said. Kate laughed, she said, "Most of these mothers see their boys as little kids irregardless of how grown up and attractive they are to women like us." Kate stood in front of the door and knocked. "Troy, hello," she said. "Hey it's Kate Shade," she said.

Then the door opened, and Stephanie got a look at what she hoped would be her first conquest. Kate beamed at the kid as soon as the door opened, "Hey!" she said. "Hi Kate," he exclaimed.

Stephanie did a small double take, he was just as handsome as she had hoped he be, blond and tall, with green eyes and a boyish smooth face. "I thought I would like at some of your drawings if you have new ones," Kate said. "By the way this is my friend Stephanie Van Deven," Kate said looking at Troy. "Hi Stephanie," Troy said pleasantly. "Hel lo!" she replied. The kid quickly asked them to sit, left the room briefly and came back with three drawing pads. Stephanie looked at the drawings, they were things around the area and then once in awhile a flying saucer, but she was having a hard time concentrating on the drawings, the kid had blond curls on parts of his head, she found them adorable.

She noticed Kate didn't pay any attention to the drawings at all instead was staring at Troy. She leered at the kid and said, "Hottie Stottie." Both women laughed. Then Stephanie said, "I'll say!" Not to be outdone, the kid looked at Kate and said, "Sexy Kate." Then he said to Stephanie, "You're little Miss Hot Stuff." Her jaw dropped and she shook her head back and forth, you're gonna get paid back for that remark cutie, Stephanie thought to herself.

Troy was sitting in a chair to her right with some of his drawing pads. Stephanie got up and stood beside him. She waited a few seconds and then said, "You need to learn some manners cutie." "Well you were calling me hotsie," Troy replied. "That's different, we're grown up women," Stephanie replied. Kate said, "Yeah, you're just a kid." Stephanie leered down at the hot kid, "I'll kick your ass, sweetie." "This is my place," Troy said defensively.

Kate stood up, "Yeah, kick his ass." The two women grinned at each other, Troy couldn't figure out what they were up to. Kate said, "I've got an idea, lets tie him up." "Great!" Stephanie replied.

"He could be milked," Stephanie said and burst out laughing. "My mom is coming home pretty soon," Troy said dryly.

"Oh bullshit, she never gets here before six and it's four now," Kate replied. Kate said, "We've got plenty of time to tie him up and milk him before his mother gets back." Troy stared at the two of them. Finally Kate said, "We better go, Mommy my actually be on the way." "I thought you were going to to tie me up," Troy said.

Stephanie went over to where he was standing, she said, "We were kidding, baby, I wouldn't tie you up, not unless you wanted me to." Then she laughed. "Well it was really nice to meet you Miss Hotstuff," Troy said to Stephanie, smiling at her.

Stephanie leered back at him, "Don't start in with me." "Sexy Kate," he said to Kate Shade. Kate walked out the door, then "We'll be back gorgeous." "Yeah we'll be back gorgeous," Stephanie said.

"Should I tell my mother you were here?" Troy asked. "Go to hell," Kate said over her shoulder. The women walked back to the pool area. Kate said, "So, go for it. "I'm afraid I might not have the nerve," Stephanie said.

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"Look honey, If you don't do it, I will," Kate replied. "Really?" "I can guarantee it, if you don't ask him, I will." Kate smiled as she talked.

"I've been watching him for about the last year, he's a little hunk, and I'm going to make my move, but I will defer to you, for while," Kate said.

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"Don't you like him," Kate asked. "Like him, my heart was racing I was so excited," Stephanie replied, "I wanted to get a kiss." "Oh he'll kiss you, don't worry," Kate said. "Look I gotta go, I've got some errands to run, let me know what happens," Kate said. "Sure." 2. Stephanie hoped that Troy went to the jacuzzi so that she could run into him accidentally on purpose and began hanging around it.

Alas this didn't happen. She was just getting ready to steel herself to going over to his condo when she ran into him in the parking lot.

She felt her pulse quicken again, there he was! She had on an almost titty outfit, revealing but not completely obvious, tight blue skirt and orange top.

Troy would get a good look at what he didn't necessarily have to go on missing out on. And this was a lot because Steph was a looker, pretty, sexy and amply endowed. She quickly went into her I am a sophisticated woman routine. "Troy hi, it's great to see you again," she said. The kid was wearing white shorts and white tennis shoes and a St Louis Cardinals T shirt, he had the makings of a very good tan. He was not heavy but strong looking, he was handsome and young looking with great eyes.

Stephanie noticed a vanilla smell, God was he wearing the spray, that people used to ward off gnats in the Spring, she loved to smell vanilla spray. Christ this is going to be hard enough without him wearing vanilla spray too!

"Hi Ms Van Deven" he said as though he was really glad to see her. "Call me Steph, my friends call me Steph," she said. "I'd like to be your friend," he said smiling at her. "I was going to ask you if you'd done any more drawing, the ones I saw were good," Stephanie said. "Wow I really like your outfit," Troy said. "Well thanks." He was so cute that Stephanie found it hard not to stare at his face.

"Maybe I could call you Miss Hot Stuff," Troy said. She stamped her foot, "Look junior, you're just a kid so settle down." He looked chastened. She reached out and touched his arm, "Look honey, I might like you if you stop being a smart alec." "Okay Steph," he said. Then she said, "You wanna come over?" "Oh yeah," he said, "I'd love to see your place." "Good answer," she said smiling at him and nodding her head up and down.

"How about a kiss?" he asked smiling at her. She pointed a finger at him, "You see that's just what I mean, you're just kid, you're not entitled to a kiss." Stephanie scolded him even though she had been disappointed that he had not tried to kiss her before when she had been at his place with Kate.

"When do you want me to come over?" Troy asked. "Oh I don't know, how about Tuesday evening?" Stephanie said. "Yeah, that's be great," Troy replied. "So I'll see you Thursday," Stephanie said. "I thought you said Tuesday," Troy said somewhat confused.

"I just said Thursday evening," Stephanie said staring at the hunky kid. "But I know you said Tuesday somewhere," Troy said. "Shut up," Stephanie said smiling at her would be conquest, "look honey do you want to get asked out?" "Yes of course," Troy said smiling faintly. "Then shut up," she said. "Here's the thing," Stephanie said, "if I say why don't you come over Thursday evening, that's what that means, when a girl starts an affair with a dude, lots of times spends the night after the fuck, he doesn't say, "I gotta go home my Mom doesn't want me out late, or if my friends and I go bar hopping, it might by until five in the morning, do you see what I'm saying?" "Yeah," he replied.

"Kate thinks you have talent and so do I, and I might make a few allowances but for the most part I'm looking for a man, not a little kid," Steph said. "I understand," he said, "I'm not a virgin." Steph laughed, "I didn't think you were." She giggled again, "Look sweetie, if I didn't like you, I wouldn't be standing here, I wouldn't waste my time." Stephanie was very pretty and Troy was getting a real good look up close.

Then she smiled at him again, this one must have been her grade A grin because it made his heart jump. Troy grabbed her and kissed her twice. "Mmmmm!" she exclaimed. She pulled away, "I didn't say you could kiss me." "I should kick your ass," she said.

She smiled at him again, she wasn't mad, he could tell. "You are gonna have to be careful," she said pointing a finger. "I know, I'm really sorry." "Bullshit, you're not sorry," Steph said and rolled her eyes. She had to go, she was really excited and knew if she didn't get out of there he'd get another kiss, and another and another.

"Why don't you send me a text message, Kate has my number and I can get back in touch with you that way," she said. "Okay." "Okay, I'll see you later," she said. And with she sauntered off, got in her car and took off. 3. Troy looked admiringly at Stephanie as she walked off, she was a great MILF, one of the best, she had everything, hair, nice clothes, pretty, great ass, and those tits, wow! Plus that bitchiness that she just showed, what a turn on! As if another was needed!

Stephanie was quite pleased with the way her seduction had gone, here this total hot guy was coming over to her condo, but she had shown him who was boss!

In a little bit he would be wrapped completely around her little finger, he would come and do whatever she wanted. Then when she got done bragging about her eighteen year old boyfriend, she would add another young stud to the mix.

She drove into down town St. Louis just to have somewhere to go. A few hours later she had got a text from Troy, saying that he would really like to go out with her and she was a great kisser! She wrote back saying that she had something for you Troy, to make sure she was safe the next time, a pair of handcuffs! Ha ha. Then she sent him a photo of herself. Wait till he gets a load of this! She thought lewdly. The photo showed Stephanie leaning over a table wearing a dark small hat, mini mini skirt, spike heels and a yellow blouse pulled up to show her awesome tits.

Her present boyfriend, Bernie the lawyer had taken it in 2010, and it was very suggestive. Sonavabitch, if I can get him, I'd like to do sex tape with the little dude, she thought even more lewdly, I'll put it up on XNXX, or one of those other cool porn sites.

I'll call it Cougar Conquest, or Cougar and her Boy Toy! 4. It was Monday afternoon, Stephanie had gotten back from the health club and was thinking about how to contact Troy, she wanted to tell him to come over in a text message but in keeping with her determination to be an assertive 'cougar' decided to go over to his condo instead to tell him.

She knocked on the door and waited, "Yes, can I help you?" A female voice said. Stephanie quickly looked at the side of the door to see if she had the right number, yes whew. This must be Troy's mother! "Yes, is Troy here?" she said. "Yes, who should I say is here?" "Stephanie Van Deven." "Does he know you?" the mother asked skeptically.

"Yes, will you go ask please?" Stephanie replied testily. Stephanie tossed her head back, at first she was embarrassed, very briefly, but then thought, well this was what I wanted, to be a cradle robber, a vamp, corrupting the young, so, staring down interfering mothers goes with the territory. Acting as the mother was the one being unreasonable she stood there haughtily.

"Hey Stephanie," Troy said loudly, "what's up?" "Hey sweetie," she replied. "Do you want to come in?" Troy asked. "No, could we talk out in the yard," Stephanie replied glaring at the older woman.

"Sure." They walked out of earshot of the door and stood in front of flowerbed. "What's on your mind?" Troy asked. "I want you to come over tomorrow evening baby," Steph said.

"Great," he said, "of course." "I'd like to smoke some pot," she said, "you know how to smoke?" "No." She didn't say anything for a minute and then,"Is this gonna be a problem?" "No," he said pointedly.

"Are you sure?" "Stephanie, I intend to go over to your condo and stay as long as you want me to be there, and I also intend to pretty much do whatever it is you'd like to do," Troy said confidently. He stared at her, leer was a better word. "So, don't worry," he said. She looked at him and then nodded her head up and down. "Good answer," she said. Stephanie leaned into the hot kid and kissed him four times.

When she stopped she stared around defiantly at Troy's stupid mother or anyone else standing in the way of her predatory desire. 5. She had turned most of the lights off and had placed candles around the living room in strategic places.

She wanted to set up and atmosphere for getting stoned. And she had put on a dark outfit to go along with the mood, she wanted to be femme fatal like. Troy walked in and Stephanie was impressed immediately, he was wearing a show white shirt, dark tie, good dress trousers and shoes that looked new. I've got a good eye, she thought. Nothing turned her off faster than a guy who showed up for a date wearing old sneakers and a dirty t shirt, this was just the opposite.

She came over put her hand on his arm, "You look great honey, wow!" "Well thanks," Troy said and noticed the older woman ogling him. "You're all hot in your outfit," Troy said, "you got your dark clothes and you're all like slinking around in here, and it's half dark with these candles, and you're darting around looking all evil and stuff." "Well thanks," she said.

"I meant that as a compliment," Troy said, "I love those high heels and that black leather skirt, ooo la la!" He rolled his eyes. She giggled, "I know you meant that as a compliment babe and I took it as a motherfucking compliment too!" "Besides you weren't going to come in here and insult me, it would wreck your chance, wouldn't it?" she asked pointedly.

"Right," he replied in a non comital voice. "You wanted to come up here so bad!" she said teasing him.


"I did manage to live without it," Troy said. She laughed again, "You fucking liar, just barely!" Troy thought the same thing about Stephanie, but he didn't think he should say it to the hot MILF, so he didn't, especially now that they were together anyway.

She quickly came over to him put her arms around his neck and kissed him, her hot tongue dancing around in his mouth.

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"Kiss number 6" she said. "Ya couldn't have lasted much longer," Stephanie said. She began to walk away from him, he grabbed her arm and pulled her back, she looked confused for only the briefest of a second, then tilted her head sideways waiting for the kiss she knew was coming.

It was very erotic and he let her have it. After three or four kisses she said, "That's the way it's done, your boyfriend doesn't ask for a kiss, he takes a kiss." Then she smiled at him, "And, he doesn't ask for a fuck, he takes a fuck." The she paused, "I don't mean you rape somebody, but you know what I mean." "I know what you mean," he said, "she has to like you." "Exactly," Stephanie replied.

"It's like the more I'm pushed the more I want it," Stephanie said, "does that make sense?" Her fingers played with the blond curls on his head. "Not especially," Troy replied. "That's the great thing about male female relationships," she replied. She put her lips down next to his right ear and began kissing it. After she broke the kiss, she said, "How about some smoke?" "Sure," he said, "what's that round thing hanging down over the couch?" Stephanie said, "I call that my pot ring, I hang it when I get baked, I get all blasted and sit on the couch and try to blow smoke through it, it's a game I play with myself." Troy said, "Cool." Stephanie got one of joints that was sitting on the table in front of the couchlit it and expertly took a deep inhale of the smoke, she held it and then blew it out towards Troy.

"Here try it," she said and handed it to Troy. He inhaled pretty well for not having smoked before. Then she took it back and took another inhale. After a bit she lit a cigar filled with grass, after it was going well she got up, stood in front of him, took a big inhale from the blunt and blew it right at Troy's head.

"Hey!" he said as the blast of smoke hit him. Stephanie said, "My pot, I bought it, my rules, you weren't inhaling fast enough." "Okay," Troy said. "I'll blow smoke wherever the hell I want," she said, then took another big toke and blew it at him.

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She laughed at him as the big puff of smoke hit hit him in the head. She waited a bit, and then giggling did it again, another blast of pot smoke hit Troy in the face.

Troy got up and grabbed her wrist, the one with the cigar in it. "Let me go," she said trying to pull free. "Stop blowing smoke at me," Troy said. "I'll do whatever the fuck I want," she replied, trying to get her hand free.

"It's place, my pot, I'm the boss," she said with an odd look. "Okay, you're the boss and you've got some good pot," Troy replied and let her go. "Good answer," she said. Then she took another good toke and blew it at his head.


Then she started laughing again. Troy sat back down on the couch. She stood in front of him and blew another puff of smoke at him, then put the cigar in the ashtray. "Shit, I'm getting stoned," she said. She stood in front of him about ten seconds and then sat down on his lap! She put her left arm around his neck and put his head on his shoulder. She said, "Kate told me I should get a boy toy." "Yeah?" Troy replied.

"Yeah, and after I saw her with one, I was impressed," she said. "That's when we started talking about coming over here," Stephanie said. Troy ran his hand through her pretty hair. "She was interested in you, you know that don't you?" Stephanie asked. "Yeah," Troy said. "How about it?" Stephanie said. Troy replied,"What would I have to do?" "I don't know, I never had a boy toy before," she said and looked sideways at him.


"Are you turning me down?" Stephanie asked. "Hell no, it's just uncharted territory for me," Troy replied.

"Yeah, I know," she said, "I'm sure we can come up with something." Troy kissed the back of her neck and left ear. They sat not saying anything for a little bit, with Troy kissing her, then she said, "You've got something hard in your pocket don't you?" "No," he said. "You've got a knife in there, don't you?" she said.

"Fuck no, I don't have a weapon on me," he said. She stood up suddenly and said, "Prove it." "Whip it out," she said. He stood up and glared at her. She said," Imagine it's a bachelorette party, there's a bunch of horny women sitting there, they're all drunk, and you're going to entertain them." Stephanie laughed at him.

He dropped his pants quickly and pulled and nice big hard on out of his shorts. "Alright baby," she said and started applauding. She came over to where he was and knelled in front of him, "You'd like to shoot a nice load of cum on my tits, wouldn't you?" "Oh wow!" he exclaimed. Suddenly she took his hard on in her hands and kissed the tip, then she put her mouth over the whole shaft and gave a quick suck.

This brought appreciative sighs that turned her on even more. There was a throbbing between her legs. Stephanie leered up at the young kid, "Would you like to have a roll through the hay?" "Would I!" "The bedroom is this way," she said, wrapping her body around his. She stood next to the bed and pulled him next to her.

Stephanie immediately leaned over for a kiss and he kissed her hard back. A hot blast of desire pounded through Stephanie's body, she looked up at the ceiling, her fantasy of seducing a young kid was happening, and it was turning out well.

He grabbed at one of her tits and she pulled away from him. Stephanie stared at him and said, "Come on rip 'em off, I know what you want." She turned around and stuck her ass out and began twisting it around and around suggestively.

Troy's heart stuck in his throat, the sexual desire was overwhelming him. He grabbed her blouse and tried to rip it open, she laughed as the buttons fell off, then he got it off, tearing the fabric. She giggled some more as he pulled it off over her head.

"Way to go baby, that's how you do it," Stephanie said. She rolled her eyes, "Now for the shoes and the skirt." He threw her on the bed and grabbed the skirt and began pulling it off that way. "Oh shit," she said as she hit the top of her bed.

Troy heard her laugh some more when the skirt pulled off the shapely hips. He was being a little rough with her, good! She thought. Then he got his underwear all the way off, his cock was sticking all the way up. The stared down at the dreamy ass that was waiting. "Come on," she commanded. He got on top of the MILF and let her guide him in. Her hot snatch felt like a velvet glove going around him.

"Ohhhh!" he said. Troy quickly established a fuck rhythm. She began giving hot satisfying kisses on neck and face, encouraging their fuck. "Come on baby, I'm not gonna break," she said in a loud voice. Her strong hands grind into his back pulling him on, to thrust harder.

"Come on baby," she said loudly, "I know this is what you wanted and now you're getting your chance." And he did thrust harder, sticking his hard dick deeper still into that hot dreamy snatch. She pulled on him and with each fucking thrust put out another grateful moan. "Come on honey, come on!" she said loudly. Stephanie was very happy with her cute barely of age kid, he had turned her on and now was satisfying every bit of all that Goddamn lust, and as a result she was wrapped around him as though she would never let go.

Each thrust brought her closer to an emotional explosion of pleasure. She stared over his shoulder at the ceiling of her condo, spaced out, waiting for that deep satisfying orgasm to be begin. Each thrust seemed to be deeper and harder, and each one was bringing pants and moans.

Then Stephanie felt a spasm, Troy was almost ready to shoot, great, that incredible cock that had given her so much pleasure was no going to finish off their fuck and start her own orgasmic high. She opened her mouth in an ecstatic expression, then the hot cum shot into her waiting pussy, "Oohhhhhhhhhh!" she yelled gratefully.

Her fingers ground into his back even harder trying to get him to penetrate even more than he had. Hot sticky waves of pleasure radiated went all over her whole body. Troy panted, Stephanie was a great piece of ass and he had really wanted to let her have it, and now he had! His own orgasm had let him speechless. It was really satisfying.

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Stephanie was spaced out, she felt like she was floating on the ceiling. "Oh Wow!" she said. 6. Six months later: The sun was coming in the bedroom window, Stephanie reached across the bed and tapped Troy on shoulder, "Hey sleepy head." "Hi," he said. "Hey baby," Stephanie said kissed his cheek.