Ganbang in the soil for a misshapen guy

Ganbang in the soil for a misshapen guy
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Power Pussy 4 One day Audrey came over early she had a bag full of clothes. I was sitting around in my shorts only. "It'll be a little different today. My friend wants you to dress up like a girl." Audrey dumps out the clothes on the sofa.

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"I'm going to change your hair too." Audrey states. I look at the clothes. It's a pair of white knee socks, a short gray plaid skirt, a pink training bra and thong, and a white button up short sleeve shirt. "What underwear do I wear? I ask.

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"This thong of course." Audrey responses. We both strip naked. Being naked around each other had become our natural state. I sit on the end of the coffee table and Audrey sits behind me. Her legs are straddling the coffee table and her boobs are pressed in my back. She braids my shoulder length blonde hair into pigtails.

She ties little pink ribbons on the ends. I put on the pink thong and the matching bra. "Why the bra?" I ask. "My friend wants you to look like a little school girl." She said. "This will be a new beginning for you.

If you go along with this there will be a special reward for you. I will let you fuck me in the ass." "Really? I would do anything for that." I reply eagerly. "And so you shall." She responds. I put on the knee socks then the gray plaid skirt and the white shirt.

I go stand in the full length mirror in the bedroom. I can not believe my eyes. I look just like a little schoolgirl. I can't contain my excitement and start jumping all up and down.

I look so hot and I'll get to eat the pussy and ass of whoever comes over today. Plus I get to fuck Audrey in the ass. I have a vision of me with my hard seven inch dick impaled in her ass as I shoot my cum deep inside her.

It must be someone special I think. Maybe the dean of the college or maybe some VIP that Audrey knows. My dick is so hard that I slip it out of my thong. It sticks straight out lifting up my skirt. Audrey is still naked as we wait on our visitor. Instead on kneeling by the door as usual Audrey has me stand there with my head down and my arms hanging down crossed in front of me.

"Put your dick back into your thong." Audrey tells me. "Oh yeah for this one your name will be Missy." I do as I am told and just as I do there is a knock on the door.

Audrey opens the door and it's a man! He is about forty years old, lean, six feet tall, with slightly gray brown hair. He is wearing a very nice expensive looking gray suit. Audrey closes the door behind him "This is Mr Jones." she said as she looks at me. I recognize him from the drama department he is the dean.

Audrey holds the arm of Mr Jones her naked boobs pressed against him. "And this is Missy. She will do anything you want her to do." "Mr Jones looks at me and smiles.

"Anything?" I speak demurely like a girl "I'm a bad girl and I'll do whatever you want me to." Audrey looks at Mr Jones and smiles. Mr Jones hands Audrey an envelope as they walk over to the sofa. Audrey claps her hands at me "Undress him." I take off his suit jacket and unbutton his shirt.

He has thick brown chest hair. I run my hands through it. It excites me. I take his shirt off.


I look over at Audrey she has sat down on the sofa and was not joining in. She has one hand squeezing her tits and the other on her pussy. I kneel before Mr Jones and unbuckle his pants and let them drop. He steps out of them He is wearing black boxer briefs. His hard-on clearly showing through. I marvel at the size of the budge of it. I slowly pull down his boxer briefs exposing the thick shaft of his dick, it has to be at least eight inches long.

He dick is completely hairless, so far the only hair on his body besides his head is on his chest. I keep slowly pulling his underwear until only the very tip is hidden. With one last pull I free his dick it springs upward. I catch it with my mouth and start sucking on the tip.


I run my tongue all over the tip. He starts pumping my mouth. The tip would go all the way in until it hit the back of my mouth so I swallowed the tip down my throat and then he would pull it out so that it was just on my lips.

I pressed my tongue up along the underside of it as it went back and forth in my mouth. Mr Jones fucked my mouth slowly at first then faster and faster. His large balls are swinging back and forth hitting my chin. I gently grab his balls pulling on them.

"Oh Yeah." Mr Jones moans. After about fifteen minutes I feel Mr Jones tense up. "Oh god." he gasps and starts shooting his hot cum into my mouth. It floods my mouth and drools out the corners of my mouth. I swallowed some but pulled off his dick so that he would shoot on my face. He kept cumming so my face was soon covered.

It was dribbling down my face onto my shirt and skirt. Mr Jones steps back in a daze. "Oh my God. That was good." Mr Jones pulls me up to standing.

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"Its my turn now." Mr Jones kisses me on my cum covered lips, his tongue probing my mouth. No one else had bothered to kiss me before so the sensation was very erotic.

Mr Jones starts to slowly unbutton my shirt.

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As he exposed my bare flesh he would kiss every square inch of it. I was loving it. He took off my shirt and bra and kissed all around my body. When he sucked my nipples it sent shots of electricity thru me. Mr Jones then knelt before me. I was giddy with anticipation. He unzipped my gray plaid schoolgirl skirt and let it fall to my feet. I stepped out of it. I was standing only inches in front Mr Jones on his knees. My hard-on was standing straight out in my tiny thong.

Mr Jones turned me around and rubbed his face all over my ass. He turned me back around and took off my thong. My hard seven inch dick was free. Mr Jones wastes no time and starts sucking me off. My dick was deep in his mouth. Despite only being less than a minute I felt an orgasm building up.

Audrey seeing that I was close to cumming jumped off the sofa and smacked me on the side of my head. "No not yet." I soften up a little but didn't miss a stroke of Mr Jones mouth.


Audrey sat back down on the sofa and spread her legs wide. She was working a small vibrator over her slit as she watched me and Mr Jones. Mr Jones expertly sucks my dick bringing me to the edge then backing off.

Soon after several minutes it was time. "Ms Audrey may I cum?" I gasp. Audrey looks at me "Yes fill his mouth with cum." I let loose with a big shot of cum into his mouth. He pulls back so that my cum shoots onto his tongue. I shoot several spurts of cum into his mouth. Spent I step back. Mr Jones has a big hard-on. He is on his knees with a glazed look on his face. Audrey steps in front of me and rubs her tits across my face. She has juices flowing down her thigh. "Go get on the bed on your hands and knees." she commands.

I turned and head into the bedroom. On the bed my feet hang over the edge and my butt is high in the air. Mr Jones moves up behind me and starts tonguing my asshole.

Oh God did I love it. He tongue goes deep in my ass. He kisses my ass cheeks. Then he stops.

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I look back and he is putting lotion on his hard 8 inch dick. Once it's lubed up I watch him step up to my ass. I feel the tip on my asshole. My little brown star starts puckering up in anticipation. Mr Jones plays with me by rubbing the tip around my asshole and just barely putting the tip in. Finally I can't stand it anymore and push back onto his dick when he has the tip just barely in. His dick goes halfway in. I push back some more and now he's buried completely in my ass.

His thighs are against my thighs. His balls are touching mine. His dick feels so hot. Before now I had had only dildos up my ass and they were always a little cool or cold at first. But not his big eight inch dick, it was hot in my ass. Once he was all the way in he slowly pulled back out. Then back in again. We fuck for quite awhile in several different positions until finally when I am on my back with my legs up in the air he pulls me hard down onto his dick.

I feel him tense up as he cums hard in my ass. The first man to do so. I can feel the spurts in my ass.

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I can feel the wetness in my ass. Mr Jones slowly pulls out of my ass and lays back on the bed. My dick is so hard I can't stand it. Without Audrey's permission I hop on-top of Mr Jones straddling his lean belly.

I start jacking off as fast as I can and after only a few seconds I shoot off into his beautiful chest hair. I smear my cum all into his chest hair. I lay over on my side satisfied.

Audrey said nothing. Mr Jones is also satisfied. After about fifteen minutes of just laying around Mr Jones dresses and leaves.

I look at Audrey "Well?" "You did good sweetie" she states. "You will get your reward." Audrey comes to me and kneels in front of me. She engulfs my seven inch semi-hard dick in her red lipsticked lips. It gets hard real quick. After a few minutes of sucking Audrey stands up and climbs on the bed. She is up on her knees, her ass high perked up in the air, her head on the mattress. She is looking at me. I grab the lube and cover my dick with it. I climb on the bed behind her and I tongue her asshole.

Knowing how much I like it I know the pleasure she is enjoying. After several minutes her asshole is covered with my saliva. I start rubbing her asshole with the tip of my dick. Playing with her like Mr Jones did with me I would stick the tip just barely in then pull it out. Finally Audrey, just like me pushed her ass back on my dick impaling herself all the way down.

Audrey gasped " Now fuck me hard." And I did. After already cumming twice in the previous hour I didn't have to worry about cumming too soon. I lost all track of time as I just plain out wore her ass out. I was fucking her ass so hard that her tits were swinging about wildly. Her ass cheeks were pressed against me then would spring free before I did it again. I pushed her down flat on the bed as I kept fucking her ass. I pulled her out of the bed and pushed her over the arm of the sofa and fucked her even more.

Her feet were off the floor as I finally started shooting my cum deep into her asshole. I let out a deep moan, as did Audrey because she was orgasming as well. As I pulled out of her gaping asshole I watched as my cum oozed out of her onto her thighs. I felt something on my leg and looked down and saw Mr Jone's cum had oozed out of asshole onto my thigh as well. Audrey stood up and kissed me.

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"That was awesome." For the next three years Audrey and me serviced her many friends. Mostly women but quite a few guys as well. Audrey never did anything with the guys. The guys were always into me. The women we both did. We had many regulars like Ms Brown. Mr Jones came by a lot too. Several time the star quarterback of the football team came by. He always wore a hat so that no one would recognize him. He loved to suck my dick. My dick was bigger than his and we did a lot of 69ing.

Sometimes on the days when Audrey didn't come over I would visit some of these guys and the gals too. I was so naive that I didn't realize for the longest time that she was pimping me out.

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But I really didn't care because I was having the time of my life and making money to boot. Audrey was doing the guys on the days that she wasn't here, but I never saw it.