Office hunk loves to bang tight ass

Office hunk loves to bang tight ass
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.after my kinky hallway orgasm, I immediately left for work. I was in such a rush I left without eating.

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I think Bailey fell asleep after her solo playtime, she definitely didn't know I was home. I couldn't help but smile when driving. I was briefly absorbed in daydream… **My pussy was dripping wet as Bailey kept tonguing my lips and asshole.

It felt so wrong… ** I was imagining my wet pussy thrusting into Bailey's wanting teenage face, but I was suddenly pulled back to reality as I came up to a red light. I thought, Holy shit. I was just in the hallway with my wet panties on the ground and my fingers deep inside my pussy as I joined my naughty fifteen-year-old daughter in orgasm! I was so surprised, I could not stop thinking about what had just happened.

I was basically in psychological shock! I was unable to shake the feeling that I deeply enjoyed watching my young daughter, as wrong as I knew it was. I vividly remembered her pussy, which had some hair; it looked like she probably never shaved it.

I continued to remember my daughter's naked body, she had perfectly erect nipples, small pink areolas, and perky little breasts. The light shining through the window glistened on her wet nipples. Just imagining her chest in detail was arousing, she was so beautiful, and it felt especially kinky for me to feel horny about my own daughter!! I had never felt that way before. As I said previously, I was not aroused when overhearing my daughters' prior masturbations. When she was 13, my husband and I first heard her orgasm.

I remember it well, my husband and I spoke about it right after. It was cute, quiet, and sort of humorous; we both chuckled. We admired her, and didn't think much about it. Soon after that first orgasm, she became more vocal. My husband and I honestly were not concerned, we both were sexually curious at that same age so it was not a big deal. In fact, I started masturbating when I was much younger, probably seven.

But I can explain my sexual youth another time, first let me finish this story. ~~~~~ I arrived at work and went straight to the bathroom, which was empty. I went into a stall to urinate. While feeling the pleasant and relaxing sensation of release, I lost myself in fantasy; I was having more ideas!

I was not able to resist my lustfulness and I couldn't help being sexually creative. My name is Kara, I am 35 and a mommy to one beautiful daughter, Bailey. I re-discovered my joy for incestuous voyeurism that memorable summer day because I overheard Bailey dirty talking, and her dirty talk was not innocent. She was imagining getting fucked by her own father, my loving and handsome husband, Andrew. Andrew and I have been married since we were 20, when I got pregnant with Bailey.

Today, I overheard Bailey orgasm to her daddy fantasy, and I couldn't stop myself from joining her in orgasm. I guess I'm not too surprised my daughter is so kinky and naughty, I had my own daddy fantasy when I was around her age. My husband doesn't actually know about my daddy fantasy, he just knows I enjoy role-playing as a teenage girl with older men.

In fact, even Andrew enjoys his 'teen schoolgirl' fantasy, but I guess I still feel too ashamed to tell him everything. I don't know how he would react if he knew, and I have never had the courage to tell him. All afternoon I could not stop thinking about what had transpired during lunch. It seemed like time slowed down at the clinic. Finally work ended and I was headed home; I couldn't wait to release my sexual tension.

I was already imagining where I was going to masturbate, completely naked. When I came home I was half expecting my daughter to be out with her best friend Victoria. ~~~~~ "Hi mom! How was work," my daughter appeared out of nowhere and greeted me to my surprise.

"Oh… um hey sweetie. Work was ahh… it was good." Shifting the focus to her, "I thought you would be out with Victoria by now." "I was going to hang out with Vicky, but I'm going to the movies with dad instead." "OH!" I said by accident. I felt angry and jealous but I played it off like I was interested. ".cool, what are you going to see?" I was trying to remain calm. "Green Lantern, I can't wait.

Ryan Reynolds is so hot!" I moved across the kitchen to the dining room. "I didn't know you had a new crush," I teased her.

My curiosity urged me to investigate further. I lusted to know more about her sexual fantasies. "Come to think of it… he kinda reminds me of your father." Bailey laughed, "Haha wow, I never thought of that. I guess he kind of does," she said sweetly.

There was a good 30 second pause in the conversation. I didn't know what to say next. Bailey looked away shyly, then glanced back, we made brief eye contact as I put things away; we both smiled. She looked away again before finally breaking the silence. Looking down at the ground she asked slowly, "Is it weird that I think Ryan is hot, even though he looks like dad?" I moved to put my bag down as I hesitated for how I wanted to approach this topic with her.

Buying time to gather my thoughts, I started saying, "Welll…" and thought, I don't want to encourage unhealthy ideas. but I don't want to shame her either. After a brief moment I realized what I felt deep down and responded.

"&hellip.not at all honey. It is totally natural to feel that way." She looked at me sweetly and smiled then looked away. I had a feeling she was thinking about her father right then, and how she wanted him to punish her naughty pussy. My pussy started to tingle as I decided to take the discussion a bit further. "In fact honey, if I were you I would have a crush on daddy!" Bailey's eyes lit up and she couldn't prevent a smile from appearing.

"You would!? Even if you were my age and he was your daddy?" "Well I'm not sure, but I know I wouldn't be able to stop myself from admiring him, he is a handsome man.


I did marry him after all." "Yeah, I guess." She said cooly, trying to make herself seem disinterested. "Plus, we've all showered together and I've seen how you look at him in the shower." "That was 6 years ago mom. I was curious." "It's okay honey! Besides, I also noticed how you looked at him when we all went to the beach last weekend." Bailey looked at me with a flushed face and scared expression. She slowly spoke, "are you mad?" "No, it is perfectly normal to be curious." Hesitantly she asked, "well is it normal to be curious about daddy?" "Well.

it is normal to be curious about the male body, and he is around a lot so it is understandable that you might be curious about him." She continued, "Well I am very curious about daddy!" "I'm sure your curiosity for daddy will pass when you get older and realize that you are more interested in other men. Until then, don't go hoggin' him," I teased her. "Save some for me," I said and nudged her on the shoulder.

"I'll share mommy I promise." She smiled and ran upstairs to her bedroom, I assumed to masturbate. ~~~~~ I had a lot on my mind and things to do, so I suddenly got busy with tasks.

After taking care of a few things, making dinner, and eating with Andrew and Bailey, I went to my bed to relax. My daughter and husband were getting ready for their movie night and I fell into a light sleep.

Not long after I awoke to my husband's lovely voice. "We're headed to the movies now sweetie. Bye." In a tired voice I responded, "Byee." When I heard them drive away, I got out of bed and went straight to my daughters room. ~~~~~ I needed to know more about her daddy fantasy! I slowly entered her room which is right next to ours, we share a wall. I suddenly realized that she must have overheard several occasions of loud sex between her father and myself. Admittedly I am a vocal lover, I really get off through dirty talk, which is one reason my husband married me.

Regrettably, when I'm in the moment I tend not to notice how loud I am being. I guess overhearing us might have something to do with how sexual Bailey has been acting lately. Upon entering her room I went directly to her underwear drawer, thinking she might keep a journal or a sex toy there; at least that's what I did at her age.

Although I thought she might hide something there, I didn't actually think I would find anything. I was shocked by what I discovered. In her panty drawer, behind her dozens of cute panties, I found a pair of my husband's boxers, my vibrator, which she stole, and a butt plug that I had never seen before.

I tried to think about why I was only just now discovering this. I contemplated a moment. .my daughter did her own laundry since she was 13, we wanted her to have more responsibility.

I guess I hadn't put her panties away or even looked in her drawer since she was 12. Bailey was growing up fast, it was surprising. I was suddenly feeling like a bad mommy because my pussy was getting wet thinking about my daughter's dirty side. I knew I wouldn't resist playing with myself, but before I got completely naked and played with my daughter's butt plug, I wanted to explore some more. What else might I discover? I looked around her room. It was a typical teenagers room.

Messy, eclectic, posters on the wall, and some items reminiscent of a younger time in her life. She had several circular and square mirrors placed decoratively on the wall that is shared with us.

I noticed one of the square mirrors was slightly tilted.

I normally wouldn't have thought anything about it, but something drew me to it. I straightened the mirror and as I did I noticed an peculiar spec of light on it. I looked behind the mirror and could not believe what I found. A fucking hole in the wall!? What the fuck?

There was no way my daughter would have done this, she doesn't know the first thing about tools. "Andrew! W, fucking, TF are you thinking!?" I said out loud as I hurried to our bedroom to see the other side of the wall.

My heart was racing, adrenaline was pumping through my body. On our wall was a big mirror, it was very heavy and I had never lifted it before today. I struggled to take it down, it must have been 20 pounds. I was not surprised to see the hole looking into Bailey's room. It took me a few seconds before I realized that Bailey's mirror was a two-way mirror. My husband has been voyeuring Bailey!

Just as Bailey has to us, and just as I did to Bailey earlier today! I glanced at our mirror and thought about the effort needed to replace Bailey's mirror with a perfectly sized two-way mirror, let alone drill a hole in the wall, all without me knowing. As I looked at the heavy mirror leaning against our bed, I was astonished to discover it was a two-way mirror as well!

What was my husband up to? He made the peephole work both ways!!? Were my husband and daughter watching each other? I wasn't sure if I should be angry, jealous, or happy. This was a lot to take in! I had a couple hours before they came home so I decided let things settle in my mind and went to the kitchen for a big glass of red wine.

~~~~~ Back on the second floor, I was sitting on the bed with my glass of wine, the mirrors were off the wall. As I looked up, there was the peephole, clearly visible. I wondered if there was a glory hole somewhere, feeling furious, but I found nothing else. Suddenly I had another idea.


I put my glass down and went directly to my husband's underwear drawer. This time I was not surprised to find a pair of Bailey's panties, they were still moist, probably from semen.

They smelt musty, and a little perfumed, like my daughter's sweet body smell. I couldn't believe that I was so unaware for so long! Now it was my turn to keep a secret from them. I felt an urge deep inside. ~~~~~ I immediately stripped down to my delicates.

I took Bailey's panties and went into her room. I could see the peephole, and it excited me to know my husband must have watched her before, just as I did earlier that day. I was feeling so naughty, almost completely naked in my daughter's bed with her panties to my face, which my husband had soiled.

I smelled them deeply, and was so aroused. I forced them into my mouth, like I had no choice.

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I was being punished. I loved having Bailey's soiled panties forced in my mouth. It felt so wrong. I proceeded to rub them on my pussy, moving my panties aside so that I could gently rub them on my clit. I reached for Bailey's butt plug. I continued to rub Bailey's moist panties on my pussy lips while I kissed her butt plug.

My tongue slowly licked the metal tip. Thinking about how naughty I was being turned me on so much. I felt extra dirty licking her butt plug. I imagined licking her asshole, and I knew I was going to cum so hard.

I remembered earlier, how naughty Bailey was being on the same bed I was currently on, with her hairy pussy open for daddy, and her dirty fantasy spoken out loud!!

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After licking her butt plug for a minute, I stuck it into my pussy, pushing part of her panties in a little too. I teased my pussy with her butt plug for a few more minutes, moaning as loud as I wanted. "Oh Bailey, watch me fuck myself with your toy," I spoke aloud as I played with her butt plug. "Oh yes, lube my asshole like a good little girl!

Spit on my ass, lick it for mommy." My dirty talk was getting me so fucking horny. Her butt plug was dripping with my pussy juice, and I decided to slide it into my ass slowly. I placed it up against my anus. Slowly it went in and I teased my rim, taking it almost out and then going back in again. It felt so good, my breath was deepening. "Oh Bailey, tease my asshole with your tongue. Yes, stick in my ass." I grabbed my vibrator and started playing with my clit while Bailey's butt plug was teasing my rim, imagining it was her tongue.

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I thought about how dirty my husband has been, watching his girl play with herself. I wanted to know more. Did my husband buy the butt plug which was in my ass? Has he seen her do anal play? Do they play together? It was exciting and overwhelming.

I needed to cum. I took my bra off, played with my nipples, and fucked my pussy deep with my dildo. I was getting really wet, I couldn't believe how fucking horny I was. It felt like a brand new high, I was so fucking turned on.

I took the dildo out of my wet pussy and started sucking on it, thinking about sucking my husband while he watched Bailey.

"Oh yeah, you wish my mouth was Bailey's pussy, fuck my mouth while you look at her!" I said as I gagged on my dildo, wishing I helped Andrew orgasm to our daughter. "Oh god yes, keep fucking my mouth while you watch our daughter play with herself! Oh fuck! Yes force it in, oh god." I was gagging on my dildo, my saliva was dripping down my chin.

I took it out and put it to my lips to continue my dirty talk. "Yes cum deep in my throat and moan for our daughter's pussy!" I couldn't believe what I was saying out loud! Suddenly I felt a little ashamed, but it was only a fantasy after all.

I decided to let go of my judgements and enter into it fully. I took my panties off and put on my daughters panties. It felt so wrong and weird to do but I was curious. None of my judgmental thoughts were going to stop me now. "Oh daddy, watch me play with myself." I was getting really close to orgasm. As I entered into Bailey's daddy fantasy, I started remembering my own fantasy. Like Bailey, I was also an only child, and I also wanted my father when I was her age, so it was easy for me to get into the role-play.

"Oh yes daddy, I love watching you fuck mommy's mouth while I play with my teenage pussy. Make mommy choke on it, force it into her mouth while I watch daddy! I want to please you too daddy.

Do whatever you want, make me your good little girl daddy!" By the time I was orgasming, my daughter's butt plug was back in my mouth, my dildo was deep in my pussy, and I was screaming for daddy to keep fucking me like a good little girl. "Take me, make me cum daddy, use my pussy, oh yess, daddy my pussy juices are cumming on your cock!!" I fucked myself to orgasm!

It was amazingly kinky to orgasm in Bailey's bed. I had moments thinking about how nice it would feel to lick her young pussy. I imagined spitting on her asshole, licking it up, and letting Andrew watch. I wanted this fantasy to be true, but it was only a fantasy. ~~~~~ I laid in ecstasy for a few minutes, not aware of myself or what I had fantasized about.

Then I came back to reality. I was lying naked in my daughter's bed. I slowly began waking up, and immediately started having more ideas. I wanted to fuck my husband that same night, and I wanted Bailey to watch through the peephole. I got up from my daughter's bed, put my panties and t-shirt on, placed the mirrors back exactly as I found them, returned Bailey's toys and panties, and headed for the shower. With the water pouring over the top of my head, I contemplated how I would make sure Bailey would be voyeuring us.

How could I be certain? I eventually accepted that I would never truly know if she was watching us. Still, it got me really excited knowing there was a good possibility she would in fact be watching with pleasure.

Maybe she would also be naked and toying herself? I was smiling thinking about it. I finished my shower, and had a plan in place. Now all I needed to do was wait for them to return and seducing my husband could begin. After they came home, Bailey stayed up with us as we cleaned the kitchen and picked up around the house. We all got ready for bed together. The normal routine; teeth brushed, faces washed, PJs on, and finally bed. As Andrew prepared for sleep, brushing his teeth in the bathroom, I went to say goodnight to Bailey.

"Time for bed Bailey," I said in a soft voice as I entered her room. She was jumping into bed just then. "Night mom," she whispered as I moved toward her to kiss her goodnight. I kissed her softly and somewhat seductively on the forehead.

"Sleep tight," I whispered back as I turned off her lights. I closed her door and started thinking. If Bailey is going to voyeur us tonight, Andrew and I will need to get at it before she falls asleep, and we will have to be loud enough for her to even be curious.

I quickly put on a sexy and short black skirt, cute white panties, white socks, and a white button down short-sleeve t-shirt. I was not wearing a bra, my nipples were poking through. I wanted my handsome husband to enjoy his young schoolgirl fantasy! I snuck up behind him. "I have a surprise for you," I said and grabbed his cock over his boxers as he brushed his teeth. "Oh, what kind of surprise?" he said, gazing at me through the mirror. "Come to the bed to find out!" I smiled and ran out of the bathroom and jumped onto the bed.

I felt like a little girl again. He followed, only in boxers, with a noticeable girth. I was excited just to know Bailey could already be watching us. My panties were wet. I couldn't wait to get fucked by Andrew. I laid out on the bed, and stretched my legs wide open, I was feeling extra naughty. My black skirt was raised up to show my white panties, I seductively pulled them aside to reveal my moist lips.

My husband grabbed my ankles and positioned me at the edge of the bed so that he could lick my wet pussy. He spit on my pussy and licked my lips up and down, over and over until it was dripping. God it felt so good to have my pussy tongued. When he finally stopped licking me, he forcibly re-positioned me and I was certain he made sure Bailey would have a nice view of my pussy with his saliva dripping down to my asshole.

It turned me on so fucking much to know he was displaying my naughty pussy for his and Bailey's pleasure. He continued licking me. They were using me and I hoped they would never find out I knew. I wanted them to continue to use me.

I was so excited knowing they were both paying attention to me for their own secret pleasure. I couldn't wait for Andrew's cock to fuck me. I was feeling so naughty, imagining my daughter masturbating just a few feet away. Just as I was when I was voyeuring her earlier that day! Maybe her panties were already down around her ankle like mine were? I kept imagining her pussy and anus, I wanted to lick her so badly.

A few minutes after Andrew re-positioned me for Bailey, I decided to change positions; I crawled to him and pulled his boxers down just enough to take his cock out.

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I made sure Bailey would have a nice view. I grabbed his cock and put the tip to my face and placed it on my lips. I looked up at him sweetly and spoke loud enough for Bailey to hear, "choke me with your cock mister." I cutely smiled at him and let it into my mouth deep and slow. I took it as deep as I could and gagged on it.

I love gagging on Andrew's cock because I make so much saliva that way. I spit my saliva on his cock and he forced it in again. "Oh mister, your cock is so big, I like when you make me gag on it." "Yeah, make my cock nice and wet with your throat you naughty girl." Soon his cock was dripping with my saliva. I could feel my pussy getting more wet.

After gagging on his cock a few more times I quickly turned back around and presented my white panties to him and my daughter. My legs were spread wide open. It felt wrong but I was so horny and ready for my husband to fuck me, even if our daughter was voyeuring us.

Andrew took off his boxers as I positioned myself so Bailey could see her father's wet cock enter my dripping pussy. I think he was extra hard knowing we were in such a good position for her. If she was even watching. Sadly, I would never know. I looked him in the eyes with a cute smile and said, "please be gentle mister," and then bit my finger shyly. He forcibly pulled my panties off to reveal my entire pussy and ass.

He put his hard cock up against my pussy lips and said, "I'll make sure it feels really good, but it might hurt a little because your pussy is so young!" "Yes sir it is!" I decided to give him total dominance, "My tight teenage pussy is all yours. You can make me do whatever you want sir." "Have you been naughty at school today?" "I got a detention sir, for not wearing a bra, and my nipples were visible through my white top." He teased my pussy lips up and down with the tip of his dripping hard cock while we continued to talk dirty.

I looked at the mirror, imagining Bailey completely naked just behind it. It was nice being able to see Andrew in the mirror as he teased my pussy with his cock. I was certain that if Bailey was watching, she would clearly see us fucking. "I'm going to teach you a lesson young girl. You'll never forget to wear your bra after I teach you the way a naughty girl needs to be taught." He grabbed one of my ankles forcefully, and with his other hand slipped his cock into my wet pussy.

Then, with his cock deep inside me, he grabbed my hips and we started fucking fast. "Oh fuck me mister, please fuck me." "Good little girl. Take my cock!" "Yes, I want to be a good girl. I need you to teach me with that cock. Oh fuck my good little girl pussy." Andrew forced my ankles down to my thighs and butt, then made me spread my thighs open. I knew he was giving Bailey a show. I started unbuttoning my shirt. "Please punish me mister, force your cock in me." I started playing with my nipples as soon as enough buttons were undone.

He grabbed for my breast and forced me deeper into the bed. With his other hand he forced my leg closest to the mirror down into the bed and force fucked me hard for a moment. He quickly stopped and reached for the hair behind my head. He grabbed a handful and forced a kiss. "Stick your tongue out," he demanded.

I obeyed. "Good girl." He licked my tongue and proceeded to spit on it and lick it back off. "You like being forced don't you? You want that pussy to be punished?" In a louder voice I responded, "Oh god yes, force me to do whatever you want mister, punish me!" He then backed away and commanded I fuck him. I took off my top and got into doggystyle. "Yeah, ride that cock! Move your hips into me like a good little girl. Show me your anus." I spread my ass cheeks so he could finger my asshole.

I imagined Bailey looking at my anus. I was only wearing socks and my black skirt. I was so horny my pussy was dripping. I started fucking his cock as he stood still. "Oh my god yes sir, tease my butt hole while I take your cock!" I fucked him really fast for a good minute as his finger rimmed my asshole.

It felt so fucking good! Then, when we started to slow down from an overwhelming amount of pleasure, I demanded Andrew lie down on the bed so that I could get on top of him and ride his hard cock. I was wondering if our daughter was enjoying the show. If she was watching, I made sure she would have a great view of my asshole as I rode my husbands cock.

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I took off my skirt and socks and put Andrew's big cock into my slutty schoolgirl pussy and started fucking it. We were completely naked. "I'm a bad student," I moaned out loud while his cock was deep inside my pussy. As we continued to fuck I spread my ass cheeks so my butt hole was more visible for Bailey.

I imagined Bailey eating my ass while my husband fucked my pussy. I seriously wanted her to join us. I was so horny. I put a finger in my ass and practically yelled, "I hope no one catches us mister, this is so wrong." "Ohh fuck," he moaned in a deep voice, "you know you want it you dirty girl, keep fucking my cock while you finger your dirty teenage asshole!" We were both so absorbed in the moment that neither of us seemed to care how loud we were being.

"Yes I love getting fucked mister, but this is so wrong, we might get caught." "You know you like it, the possibility of getting caught turns you on doesn't it?" "Oh yess, you're right.

I love how naughty and wrong this is, we could get caught at any moment. I hope someone catches us just as I orgasm." "Oh god you are a naughty girl aren't you?" "Yes make me orgasm like a naughty girl," I said as I continued to ride his cock with my finger deep in my ass.

We were fucking each other so fast. We quickly kissed each other in a very dirty way. I was so turned on by everything. "I love fucking your dirty teenage pussy," he moaned.

"Yes, I want you to cum in my nasty teenage pussy you dirty pervert. Keep fucking me, I love being a slutty little whore for you. I need to be fucked by your big cock mister." "Oh my god I'm going to cum in your teenage pussy you sexy little slut." "Do it, fucking treat me like a teenage slut, yes mister, make me your dirty little whore!!

Use me!! Yessss! Keep using my pussy while I finger my asshole. Hurry before someone catches us! Ohhhhhhhh… oh fuck I'm cumming on your cock." "Oh god yes I'm cumming in your slutty schoolgirl pussy." He grabbed my hips and forced his cock deep inside me as we both started orgasming at the same time.

"Yes mister, do what you want to me," I moaned as we continued to orgasm. The orgasm was amazing. We came so hard together, Andrew forced his sperm into me. I imagined Bailey watching us. We were completely naked, maybe she was too? I collapsed on the bed and almost immediately fell asleep. I was in such ecstasy. ~~~~~ The next morning I awoke, slowly got out of bed, and went downstairs to prepare breakfast for everyone.

I ate my breakfast and then prepared for work as Andrew and Bailey ate. It was my turn to drive Bailey to Victoria's house before work.

I vividly remember her walking away from the car that morning; I will never forget it. I watched her walk all the way to Victoria's front door. She was walking in such a cute and happy way. She had a skip to her step.

I was thinking about how cute she looked in her white button-down t-shirt, black skirt, and white socks. Her sexy skirt was blowing in the wind, I noticed she didn't have any underwear on. What was she up to? My heart skipped. I could not wait to pick her up that evening. (Author's note: This is part 2 of a 6-part series, please be patient.

I appreciate positive feedback).