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this story has nothing to do with my user name, lol, so dont think like i am really a slut ^.~ damn horny people(note there is ALOT of time at the begining with no sex atall, sorry, i was trying to build it up in my head, first time ya know) Fanna looked herself up and down in her mirror, " Why must sis always look perfect and i look so.underdeveloped." She whispered to herself as she looked down at her B cup breasts, sighing as she slipped the white tank top on tightly.

She looked up again and saw her clean shaven pussy, " now thats something sis never got right.she can't shave for her life" She had a short giggle to herself as she pulled her black thong up and then her small skirt, walking to her vanity, stopping to grab a brush to comb her long auburn hair. ~~~15 Minuets later~~~ " Fanna!!" screamed a short, blond girl. " Alice!!" Fanna equally screamed back as Alice tackled her to the frozen ground.

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"Its been a long winter break, I've missed you sooooooooooo much" Alice squealed, cuddleing up to Fanna in delight. "I know! I've been wanting to call, but i lost my little black book." Fanna sighed at her own loss, Alice just giggled, the other kids looked at the two and afew whispers of "lesbians" were said. Fanna heard one of those whispers and leaned to Alice's ear, telling her softly of a little joke they could pull. Alice giggled and nodded, crushing Fanna's mouth in a hard kiss, catching the crowds attention instantly, most of which shifted uneasily, trying to hide their growing excitement, and then she pulled away, giggling at Fanna's blank stare.


" Oh Fanna you little lover you" Alice said as the bus arrived and we all shuffled in. On the bus there were rumors already spreading to the last bus stop's pick up. Rumors of lesbians and Fanna being a dominant mistress and Alice her slave, this made the two girls giggle, getting many stares and unbelieving gazes. "Think we over did it?" Alice asked. "I think YOU over did it" Fanna retorted with a raised brow.

This making Alice giggle and playfully slap Fanna's arm. "Well, you suggested it" Alice replied while sticking her tounge out like a kid.


She really looked like a kid, her long golden hair flowing down to her lower back and her tiny features adding to the look alike. "Your such a little kid" Fanna laughed as she patted Alice's head, which she knew made her mad. ~~~A short bus ride to school~~~ "All students, a reminder, the bell will ring in five minuets." The loudspeaker announced "God as if we don't know!" glared Alice as She and Fanna walked around the commons looking for faces of friends.

"Well they don't want the freshman to be late" Fanna said as she spotted someone she knew but blushed as he turned away, Alice was on her shoulder in a flash.

"Ooooooo whos that Fanna? Your secret boyfriend." Alice teased, making Fanna blush more. "hes.just.a friend.yeah, a friend." she stuttered out, " See I'll go prove it!" she yelled back as she rushed through the crowd with a burst of confidence, catching up to him quickly. "Ummm.Hi there." she whispered in an almost squeek of a voice, her face redder then a cherry. "Oh, hi there Fanna, how was your break?" He asked, turning from his still moving friends.

"Oh.it was great" she rushed out in embarrassmenther face becoming very red, making him laugh. "A little shy are we?" He asked and reached his hand up to her cheek, lifting her head so their eyes could meet " have a little crush hmmmm?" he winked.


She blushed so bright she felt like a star in the night, the bell rang out loudly. "C'ya in gym today Fanna, bye!" He yelled back. She was too emberassed to make any sense of his words, she had just approced her biggest crush, her wildest fantasy, her major masterbation point, and got flirted with!

Why hadn't she done it before! "why!" she whisper-yelled at herself, "Why hadn't i tried it before! so simple, so fucking simple!" she blushed, recalling the feel of his hand on her cheek. " So.warm.I must ask him today." she walked silently to her class and sat there thinking it over for a long time. ~~~Hour and a half later (90 minuets)~~~ Fanna walked out of class, still deep in thought of how to impress him to her worth, she actually walked right past Alice, she was just that intent upon this.

"Fanna!!!" Alice Screamed next to her, turning some heads but finally getting Fanna's attention. "Yes my little kid-like friend?" Fanna asked with a smile. "I told you back in middle school, never call me that." Alice glared " so, what are you thinking about?" she asked.

"Its a Secret" Fanna replied, " Can you maybe disappear for an hour or so?

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keep the teachers busy so they don't see me gone?" she asked Alice. "Awww ditching without me." Alice sniffled sadly, " .yes.i suppose i can.for you only" "Thank you my little honey" Fanna said and hugged her friend hard, running off to find her crush.

~~~Meanwhile in the halls (Josh's point of view((Fanna's crush)))~~~ Josh sat on the cylinder like benches in between each set of lockers, pushing a hand through his black hair.

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"What a drag" He sighed. Looking up and down the now empty hall. "great late again, Mr.

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Geddis is going to murder me." He pushed himself up and started off down the hall to the stairs. ~~~ Running in the halls~~~ "Where is that sexy piece of man!!" Fanna thought, blushing at the name she'd given him in her mind only a few seconds earlier.

Knowing he was in this hall, and knowing his second period tardy list, she knew she could find him if she looked.


She turned a conner and eeked, ducking back and blushing, she hadn't really expected to find him! She slowly looked around the conner and watched him, he was just lounge walking, without a care in the world. She knew this was her only chance to get him alone, so she gathered her courage and ran forward.

" Hey!

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Wait please!" she called after him, making him turn his head back and smile " A stalker now are we?" He joked, laughing. she blushed. "I.I came to ask you something." She studdered. Blushing and moving slowly to his side."I wanted to ask you to.be my boyfriend." she blurted and blushed a deep pink.

He stared at her, mouth open and shocked " You want me to be your boyfriend huh?" he asked, coming back to his senses and eyeing her up and down, she wasn't too bad looking, she might be nice on the eyes and he liked her enough, on his search his eye caught something pick and bright sticking out of her mini skirt, his mind quickly moved to "the dark side" as his friends and his so often joked.

"Ummm." He said, his mind still on the strap of her pink thong sticking out. She Squirmed under his gaze, feeling his eye looking at her and getting a little turned off by it " Will you.please?

I'll do anything to help you decide" She quickly thought f what a guy his age would want, and gulped, she had just thrown herself into a hole of perverted actions and other things a guy could want.

She stared at him, waiting for the inevitable answer. "Anything?" he asked, his mind thinking of tugging that little pink strap out and spanking her little ass as she moaned out. Slowly his crotch began to rise at his perverted fantasy. She shivered, feeling as though she was naked now " yes.anything" She whispered, secretly getting wet of her own thoughts of him.

"How about.we.go to the unused locker rooms?" he suggested, unable to tear his gaze from her exposed thong. She sighed, finally following his gaze to her exposed strap " Oh my god!" she said and tried to hide it as her face reddened. Only then did he look at her and see how much he now wanted her. " Well, are we going or not?" he asked, holding his hand out. She took it, a little wanting now. "Yes lets go, but, only if you say yes to my first question" She said, thinking " might aswell get something out of this" He grinned " that all depends if you keep your end of the deal, you said you'd do anything" he said, making her blush.

"Ok.lets go then" She said, silently loving his answer, time to make him love her. ~~~In the locker rooms~~ "So what do you want me to do?" Fanna asked Josh. "First, I'd like to see whats under that cute little skirt that I had seen earlier" He said, smiling and leaning against the wall. She blushed and turned around "from.what side.?" she asked slowly, finally giving in to her inner pleasure of finally getting his attention. "Hmmm, turn in a circle slowly as you show me" He said slyly, watching her hands go to the back of her skirt.

"Ok Josh" She said, slowly lifting her skirt up and showing her ass, her thong ridding its crack, she slowly turned for him, showing her whole bottom half to him, blushing as she got to the front and the drenched thong front. "Well well what were we thinking about?" He smiled and motioned her over " Do you wanna see it?" he asked when she got near.

Her eyes lit up at the thought registered in her mind, she nodded quickly.

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"Then get it out" He grinned at her and leaned back, her fiery eyes faded abit. "you want me.to.reach in and get it.out?" she studdered and slowly let her hand crawl under her skirt " and what am i to do then?" she asked. "i want you to suck on it after that, and then maybe more" he smiled " don"t worry, i wont hurt you, my little bunny, it is alright if i call you that?" She giggled and nodded, giving a soft moan from her hand in her skirt, her other hand reached up, stroking the bulge in his pants and looking up cutely before reaching to the zipper and sliding it down, her hand snaking its way in and gripping on his rock hard boner " its so.hard.thinking about me are you?" she asked, making him smile.

"kinda hard to not get this way with you dripping wet infront of me" he replied, making her blush and moan again from her hand. She slowly began to stroke it in his pants, making him lean back and push to her hand abit. And then she finally pulled it out, stroking its full length slowly and looking at it with fantasy after fantasy going through her head, making her hand play with her clit faster "mmmm." she moaned and licked up the length of his cock, going all the way to the head, she purred at the taste " ohhh thats wonderful!" she squealed and took half of him into her mouth while her hand stroked the other half "mmmm." she groaned and bobbed her head slowly, making him moan a little.

"ohh Fanna!" he groaned as she sped up, his hand reaching ut and holding her head as her mouth pleased him, she was so good at it, she nearly made him cum at the first lick but he held it back, savoring her pleasuring mouth. "Keep going baby, keep going, theres a nice treat at the end of this" He smiled and softly pushed on her head.

Her hand quickly mover her thongs front and began to finger herself quickly, moaning on his cock and sucking faster and faster, making him moan even more " Mmmm damn girl your great" he groaned, a litt;e precum finding its was out and on tasting it, driving her mad for it. Sucking and bobbing her head faster and faster, her fingers working inside her to the beat her sucking was giving off, his moan became louder and louder until he fialy groaned out " I'm cumming!" his hands grabbing her head as his cock pumped load after load of milky fluid into her mouth.

"ohhh Fanna.that was fucking great" he whispered, leaning back as she looked at him, gulping down his cum and licking the head clean. "Mmmmm sooo goood!" she moaned as her hips started bucking on her hand as she came. "Oooo thats hott" he smiled and patted the seat next to him. She willingly sat on it and his hand because he didn't move it, she felt it grab her ass and giggled " so boyfriend or not?" she asked.

He smiled " boyfriend" he replied. To be continued? YOU DECIDE!!!! if i get 70/100 (adding all ur ratings out of 1/10 being shit 10/10 being orgasmic (9so thats 10people with atleast a 7/10 rating for another story)) will comment myself when goal reached.