PERU Cousins and his friend

PERU Cousins and his friend
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PART ONE: WRESTLING WITH LOVE GOD Anna and I sat in the lavish theatre room of my hotel in hell. Freshly buttered popcorn slickened our fingers and lips and crunched loudly between our teeth. The large projection screen displayed the dinner date between Lucy and Rachel in crystal clarity. It was shown to us as an actual movie, with differing camera angles and clear sound production.

The two lead actresses of this production sat across from each other at the table, their postures leaning forward as their eyes locked. Rachel had permanently succumbed to her corruption, and had taken the hermaphrodite form she so coveted.

And why wouldn't she? She was the most stunning thing I'd ever seen. White hair contrasted tan skin, which in turn contrasted the brilliance of her blue irises. Her high cheekbones, oval eyes, pointed nose, and (almost impossibly full) lips structured her perfect complexion.

Her elegant, thin neck, narrow shoulders and perfectly proportioned bust and backside curved her outline in precise beauty. The white dress she wore clung to her audacious curves, highlighting the cleavage of her large breasts, and the cute crease between her perfect, thick glutes. Across from her, Lucy looked every bit the queen of hell. Her face was also adorned with high cheek bones, but her jaw was strong and her chin pronounced.

Her brow angled slightly inward, giving her the look of perpetual mischievousness, which her golden irises reflected. Her lips were as full as Rachel's, though Rachel's lips creased in a straight line, giving her the expression of stoic beauty, while Lucy's seamed to curl at the corners in an expression that complimented the mischievous angle of her brow, and the gleam of her eyes.

A black sheen of lipstick covered those lips, and contrasted the deep crimson of her flesh. Two, red horns curved from beneath her waving mane of black hair, and two golden hooped earrings hung from her pointed, red ears.

Lucy's body was every bit as voluptuous as Rachel's, though Rachel's curves would be best described as "elegant," while Lucy's would be best described as "vulgar." Her bust and backside weren't exaggerated in proportion, but did veer from gracefulness to lasciviousness, as though her body were constantly teasing the viewer.

While Rachel wore a tasteful dress (though it did highlight her assets), Lucy wore a black dress that showed the tops of her areolas, and if she didn't watch it, the bottom half of her ass. The white vs black, grace vs lust contrast of the two women's attire was interesting, as both women were complete sexual deviants.

While Lucy wanted the whole world to know, Rachel was happy with putting on a charade of propriety, before revealing her true nature. In truth, Rachel was a power-hungry sadist with a penchant for psychological games, and Lucy was very much the same. The two women hashed out their feelings for each other, and the conundrum of Rachel's position while Anna and I watched with rapt anticipation, our eyes glued to the screen.

"God," Anna whispered in my ear, "this is boring." "Shut the fuck up." I whispered back. "When are they gonna fuck?" Anna asked, ignoring my command (ignoring God's command). "Just watch," I hissed, "the dialogue is as important as the action; this isn't a porno." "Can't we fast forward?" Anna groaned.

"This is live!" "You're God, God; you can do anything." Anna shot back.

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"You would be shocked at the things I can't do." I replied. "Like make this more interesting." Anna pouted. "If I finger you," I hissed, "will you shut the fuck up?" "Maybe," Anna smiled, and then walked her fingers, forefinger to middle finger up my thigh, "do you want me to reciprocate?" "Yeah," I sighed, spreading my legs and pulling up my skirt, "yeah, I do." "You really are a helpless slut, God." Anna whisper-giggled in my ear, her teeth pulling playfully at my lobe.

"I know," I smirked, and pushed my hand roughly between her legs, prompting a delighted yelp from Anna's lips, "but so are you." Anna's expression of shocked delight morphed to one of mischievousness.

She slinked her slim body across the armrest, pushed her thong to the side, and planted her ass in my lap. My hands caressed her inner thighs as they made their way to her depths, and she leaned forward and dipped her fingers between both our legs.

We entered each other simultaneously, fingers pushing between petals, thumbs pressing against clits, pinkies invading the tight rims of our assholes. Our legs spread wider on top of each other, and whimpers and gasps began to escape our lips.

Our fingers grew wet with one another's juices as we placated our lust. On the silver screen, Rachel and Lucy's eyes locked, and their lips met. Anna managed a single word from her gasping mouth. "Finally." LUCIFER I didn't want my lips to leave Rachel's. Her kiss radiated warmth and promise into my body, without a hint of carnality.

It was a kiss of companionship, and for an eternal moment, I was lost in it. A touch of Rachel's tongue flicked across my lips, and her own formed in a malevolent smile against mine. The romance of the moment faded, and the lust began to take hold. An entire day of pent-up sexual tension began to build past its critical point, and then burst. The kiss turned sloppy; my reptilian tongue snaking from my mouth and entwining about her.

Our lips ceased their gentle pressing, and began to suck hungrily upon each other's faces. Our hands left their positions at the backs of our heads, and began to move south. Needful moans and giggles slipped from our passionate embrace as our eyes opened and stared. Rachel's gaze was full of challenge, and so was mine. She knew the test meant nothing, but she was still determined to pass it. I wouldn't have it any other way. "You ready?" she panted as we broke, spit bridging out mouths. "Are you?" I smirked back, staring levelly into her eyes.

"The final test," Rachel whispered, "Lucy, I'm going to fucking-" I didn't let her finish that thought. I wasn't going to play fair, and neither was Rachel. This was going to get dirty. We disappeared from the restaurant in a puff of black smoke, and reappeared in my bedroom.

A passionate red color radiated from the gothic chandelier that hung from the high ceiling. The walls curved and sloped to a point where the massive light source dangled, and paintings of my most prominent lustful escapades decorated the cavernous abode. The bed was enormous and circular, and adorning the walls, were all the sadistic toys a girl could want.

Rachel was still holding me, though both of us were now on our knees atop the bedding. She took a moment to examine the room I spent most of my nights in, and then returned her eyes to me. "So," I smiled, my breath breathing her breath, "now that we're-" Rachel pressed her palm against my face and pushed me backward on to the bed. The monologue I had practiced in front of the mirror earlier today was cut off in my mouth as my head drove into the bedding.

My ankles locked beneath my knees, forcing my legs to spread wide and hike my tiny dress past my hips. Rachel's blue eyes smirked with mirthful malevolence into my own, her mouth curved at the corner in a confident, mischievous smile. Her tongue slowly wetted her lips, and the thin smile she bore grew to a display of brilliant, white, teeth. With a final assessment of my vulnerability, she pouted her luscious lips and blew me a teasing kiss, before moving down.

Her lips met my neck, and then trailed greedily down to my breasts. Her fingers stripped the bodice of my dress with a violent swipe, and my bust was sent jiggling free. She sucked upon each nipple, moans leaking from her mouth as mine began to form in my throat.

Her hands caressed the lines of my abdomen, tracing tingles of fire along my flesh. Her mouth left my nipple with a final smack of lips, and then followed her teasing fingers lower and lower, gradually nearing the part of me now leaking with anticipation. Her finger tips caressed the lines of my pelvis, and then traced their way through my frothing lips. I shuttered at the gentleness of her touch, and Rachel smirked at the tremor.

"I bet you had a whole monologue just for me," Rachel giggled with her chin resting on my pelvis, "did I throw a wrench in it?" "Just a setback," I gasped as her fingers pushed inside me, "I'm (AAAH!) very adaptable." "We'll see." Rachel's mouth smiled defiantly as her lips lowered. Her fingers curled inside my pussy, pressing against the sensitive spot on my ceiling. My head tilted back and a soft cry escaped my mouth.

I felt Rachel's breath hot and heavy against my womanhood. Her lips pressed against my moist slit, and her tongue joined her invading fingers.

My own tongue snaked from my mouth and licked my lips delectably as I savored the feeling of her tasting my insides. Her other hand massaged the space between my holes; her fingertips gliding back and forth against my taint, lowering to just above my asshole, and then rising to just below my pussy. Her relentless teasing sent my mind into a frantic state of unfulfilled need. Moans coursed from my mouth, and finally, I yelled: "Just put it in my ass!" And she did.

One finger, and then the next, and then the next, and then the next. Curling at the knuckle, gripping me from the inside, moving in and out as she stretched the tight sphincter she was violating. Searing pleasure tingled up my taint, and the crown of my head dug desperately into the bedding. A strained cry left my lips and my thick, fishnet-wrapped thighs locked tightly around her head. Rachel reacted to her lustful imprisonment with a lecherous kiss; her lips wrapping around my clit, drawing it into her mouth, and sucking gently.

I covered my face with my palms and screamed in delight, and a familiar voice came sneering into my mind. Oh, Lucy, God chuckled, Are you too in love with Rachel to fight back?

Are you just going to lie there and take it like a bitch? I'm disappointed in you. God's teasing brought me back to reality, and in control of myself. My locked legs tightened around Rachel's head, my abdomen coiled to the side, and I spun us over.

Rachel was forced on her back with me straddling atop her face, but her fingers and mouth still worked diligently inside me, not missing a beat. I unclenched my thighs with great effort (part of me wanting desperately to keep her trapped there), and then pivoted my pelvis on her face.

I twirled around, yelping in delight as her fingers twisted inside me, and then levelled my gaze at the prize between her legs. Her cock was standing tall and pitching a tent in her white dress.

I licked my lips with lustful hunger and slid my body downward, my back arching in a smooth curve as I neared my target. My elegant fingers traced the lines of her thighs, before curling about the hem of her skirt and pulling back to reveal what was beneath.

Rachel's perfect cock stood rigid and throbbing above a set of hairless balls, and a leaking, tight slit. She pushed her fingers deeper and sucked harder than ever on my clit, trying to keep me from taking her where she was vulnerable.

Though I moaned like a whore, and grinded my hips harder against her face, I was not deterred. My black lips pursed together and planted a kiss on her throbbing tip. Rachel hummed a pleading moan beneath me. I lowered my head, and my mouth began to open around her. Slowly, deliberately, I descended her; my lips sucking her girth, my tongue wrapping three times about her length.

I stroked her with my reptilian member as I took her deeper and deeper inside me, past my mouth, past the resistance of my throat, and into my esophagus. I reveled in my consumption; her delicious taste permeating into my mouth, her heat radiating into my neck, her girth stretching me with throbbing, pulsing rigidity. My lips met her base, and then rotated slowly, a groan of lechery seeping from my lathering embrace.

Rachel squirmed beneath me, her mouth loosening its lustful hold on my pussy to yield a muffled cry. I smiled internally at her responsiveness, and slid my fingers between her legs. One hand gently cupped and massaged the hermaphrodite's balls, while the other moved lower, and split in a four-fingered-V. Two fingers slid into her tight, hairless slit, while the other two slowly expanded her constricting rim.

Deeper and deeper I went, relishing the feeling of her soft inner flesh tightening with delighted spasms about me. My lips rotated mercilessly about her cock; my nose pressing into the soft flesh of her sack, my chin digging gently into the flat muscle of her pelvis.

And then I moved up, keeping my lips sealed, wetting her beautiful cock with a sheen of my spit. Rachel's cries grew more desperate, and we both knew I was winning. Her fingers laid static in my holes, and her mouth had ceased it's lecherous feeding.

She became helpless and limp in the face of my prowess, and I smugly notched a line in the "Lucy Column." Maybe this wouldn't be too hard after all. I should've known better. RACHEL Lucy sucked me in a way that left me helpless to do anything but enjoy it. She ran her juicy lips slowly and gradually, never speeding up, always forcing me to savor every little inch she consumed. Her tongue stroked me up and down inside her mouth, wrapping thrice about my shaft and hugging it in a wet embrace.

Her throat closed around me, her soft, wet, flesh swallowing as she sucked, drawing me deeper, willing the cum that was boiling in my balls to release. My lips left her beautiful pussy in strings of parting saliva. My head fell uselessly back against the bedding and my fingers stopped their exploring invasion.

That's it… Lucy sang softly, comfortingly, in my mind, as though I was a child she were putting to bed, Just lie back and relax, Rachel. There's no need to fight me. I can do this to you forever.

I can be on my knees for you where I belong, pleasing you like this, worshipping this thing like it deserves to be worshipped. Her words leaked their warmth into my brain, seeping into the tendrils of the defiant thoughts that kept me focused. Her mouth moved so slowly, so deeply. Her lips puffed and gave way to my girth as she descended, soft gagging noises slipping from between them the deeper she went.

Her tongue clung tightly about me and massaged every tense inch of my throbbing cock. Her fingers pushed tenderly into my ass and pussy, breaking my defenses with their gentle invasion. My thighs opened wider, and my back arched from the bed. My head fell back, and Lucy pressed her hips with me, pushing my face deeper into the fat of her ass. She teased me with the holes I was too weak to placate, and I cried a pathetic tone of surrender. Just come, Lucy's seductive mental voice whispered, come for me, Rachel.

Come for me…my love. Lucy's arrogance tickled the power-hungry depths of my corrupted soul. No, I would not give in to her that easily. I raised my quivering mouth upward, my head feeling so heavy atop my neck.

My lips pressed around the rim of her pink asshole, and sucked. I felt Lucy lurch forward just a hint, and the control she had over me began to wane. My tongue poked between my sucking lips and pushed the spokes of her sphincter inward, until I broke through.

Lucy's abdomen pressed hard against my own as her back arched in pleasure. Her tongue remained entwined about my cock, but her black lips opened to yield a moan. I gathered the strength back in my hands, and gripped the fat of her red ass. I spread her wide open, and planted my lips firmly onto her rim, sucking relentlessly as my tongue squirmed into her tender depths.

I savored the taste of her and drove deeper and deeper; pressing along the ceiling of her rectum and stimulating her pussy from the other side. Lucy's tongue unwrapped about my cock and a hoarse cry rose from her chest.

Her fingers pushed deeper inside me in a last-ditch attempt to reassert her control. I battled through the scream that stuck in my throat, and overcame the feeling with all my might. Lucy collapsed atop me, her head falling in my lap, her mouth panting euphorically against my throbbing cock.

I dragged myself out from beneath her until I was in a sitting position. Lucy compliantly raised her ass with me, her legs bending at the knees until her calves pressed to her thighs. My mouth placated the devil with expert lustfulness, and she began to indulge me despite herself. Her hands reached back behind her and held her glutes open for me. Her face lay pathetically on one cheek against the bed, her mouth crying out into the sheets. My tongue worked deeper and deeper until her insides were spasming in a chorus of convulsions.

Her sphincter suddenly tightened around my tongue, and I felt Lucy desperately holding back the orgasm that was coming over her. I smirked inwardly and showed no mercy. I sucked harder and harder, until a layer of pink flesh protruded from her rim. My tongue worked feverishly into the tight channel of her sinful hole, and the spasms only rose in intensity.

Lucy thrashed and wrenched violently, her mouth now screaming in pleasure, her hands still obediently holding herself open. At the last second, Lucy arched her back in a ferocious curve, planted her palms on the back of my head, and threw her weight backward.

I was sprawled on the bed with Lucy's ass still pressed against my face, but she had the moment she needed.

She grabbed my cock with both hands, and dove on to it. Her blowjob wasn't the smooth, impossibly seductive consumption it had been; it was a desperate, violent feeding of flailing black hair and pained gurgles. The veracity of her sucking sent my head back into a scream of delight, and Lucy pulled herself back from the brink. "You bitch!" I gasped between my moans. You almost had me, Lucy giggled in my mind, My asshole always was my weakness.

"Is that so?" I asked through a delighted cry. What? Lucy telepathically laughed while her mouth sucked me, Do you want to do anal?

You think your dick can handle what I got back there? I got your cock all nice and wet if you think you're ready. "You really think you're that good?" I exhaled through a scream. You're already screaming like a whore from just the blowjob, Lucy chuckled telepathically, and my ass is even better. It's so nice, and tight, and hot. It's the wrong hole, Rachel; it's the one you fuck when you own someone.

Do you want to own me? I can be yours. "I'll have you begging me for it!" I groaned as I thrust my hips to Lucy's face. "I don't think so, Honey," Lucy said, this time with her real mouth, "I think you'll be the one." Lucy stared back at me with a smile etched at the corners of her lips. My precum hung in strands from her mouth, and she twirled the strings with a long finger, and then sucked it with a lecherous hum, her golden irises smiling at me. "…begging." She whispered.

LUCIFER I twisted around until I was straddled across Rachel's hips. Her tan complexion was glistening with sweat, and her face was flushed, but she was far from gone. She gave me an expression full of combativeness; her juicy lips curved in a cornered smile, her nose crinkled, her blue eyes staring their defiance.

Goddamn, I wanted this woman. Truth be told, I wasn't sure if I was right about anal. Yeah, my asshole was great, but I'd never had Rachel's new cock inside me, and from what I saw her do to God, Kaitlyn and Anna, she certainly knew how to use it. I'd have to be careful and in control the entire time, or she'd push me over the edge. "What are you waiting for?" Rachel smirked as her hands slid up my thighs. "Your complete surrender," I smirked back, "and profession of your undying love." "You're stalling," Rachel laughed, "you're afraid that I'm too much for you to handle." "Oh, Rachel," I laughed as I shifted myself upward and placed her tip against my asshole, "you have no idea." I squatted for a moment, locking my eyes with Rachel as her tip pressed harder and harder against my sphincter.

I felt my spokes flatten, and my rim widen. I took a moment to appreciate this anticipation, and then began to lower myself. Slowly, gradually, I took her in. I smiled lustfully into her eyes for the first few inches, but the pressure in my rectum started to grow, and my smile began to fade.

A moan rose from my chest and escaped my lips in almost a whisper. Rachel groaned and pressed her head harder against the bedding, her shoulders pinching back and her bronze breasts jutting forward. Deeper and deeper she went, and louder and louder my sustained moan grew.

My ass met her pelvis, and her balls squished against my tailbone. My moan stopped in my throat, and a slight whimper brushed past my lips. Rachel's face knotted in concentration; her eyes closed tightly enough to grow lines on her pristine face, her mouth fixed in a lip-biting grimace.

We stayed static for a moment; me savoring her bulging heat stretching me, her savoring my sinful hole constricting her. Her pulse beat from the throbbing length of her cock, which was so hard it was curving backward, stabbing beautifully into my sensitive reaches.

A satisfied exhale blew past my lips, and the blissful moment passed. A malevolent smile creased my mouth, and my golden irises leveled on Rachel in a threatening stare. I leaned forward, placed my palms flat against her breasts, and squeezed hard. Her concentration broke, and she cried out with wide eyes.

"I'm not your god, Rachel," I whispered, "I won't just lie there and take it in the ass. You're not fucking me, I'm fucking you." I wrenched my hips back in a violent grind. Rachel's cock bulged against the membrane that divided my two holes, and I let out a delighted cry.

My paramour tried to conceal her pleasure, but it tore from her mouth in a lecherous moan. I giggled at her loosened equanimity and bit my lower lip as I rode her. Harder and harder I went; my diaphragm heaving, my abs flexing, my pussy dripping all over her pelvis. Rachel gripped the fat of my ass with both hands, her knuckles whitening as the pleasure began to take her. My fingers sunk deeper into the delectable flesh of her breasts, her erect nipples protruding from between my digging digits.

Rachel cried out and spread my cheeks wide, deepening the penetration for both of us. I backed my hips hard on to her; my spine straightening as a shooting bout of pain and pleasure ripped through me. My head flung to the ceiling, and a covetous laugh erupted from my chest. Rachel screamed as her body seized to control herself, but I was the one in control now.

Back and forth I rode her, relishing the feeling of her stirring up my tight hole, moaning with each advance and crying out with each retreat. My abs straightened and tensed as I grinded forward, my back arching and my head tilting up. They flexed as I moved backward, my shoulders hunching and my spine curving convexly. Rachel moaned louder and louder, the tendons on her neck standing up, her breaths growing faster and more frantic.

She spread me open so wide it hurt, and I rewarded her with a deep clenching of my anal muscles. Rachel's face contorted in one of fervent lust. Her eyes widened and quivered in her sockets, and her beautiful lips parted in an "O." Her body stayed static and helpless as I rode her, as my ass gripped her with increasing tightness, squeezing her from base to tip, willing her to release inside me.

I hoped she'd do it soon, because every second that passed, I lost more and more control to my own lust. "Just come, Rachel," I whispered into her ear as my fingers pinched her nipples, "it's Ok, Baby, you can come for me." "Lucy…" she moaned hoarsely. "What, Babe?" I asked with a knowing smile, my fingers twisting her nipples softly.

"I'm not your god, Lucy," Rachel smiled meekly, "I won't just lie here and take it." Rachel's hands shot from my ass and gripped my shoulders. She threw me backward and rose with me until I was on my back and she was on her knees in front of me. I cried out in delighted shock at her sudden controlling nature, but my glee soon turned to dismay. "You're not fucking me," Rachel sneered as she gripped my thighs and pushed my legs over my face, "I'm fucking you." Rachel rammed her cock into my ass with enough force to send me lurching backward.

I screamed out and clawed at the sheets as the feeling ripped up my spine. Rachel retreated all the way to the head, and then drove in again, just as hard as before. Her cock burrowed into my constricting depths and brutally separated me.

It sent a shock of pain and pleasure deep into my nethers, and my head dug into the bed as my chin rose and my back arched. Rachel forced my legs forward until my knees were driven next to my face, and my ass was spread wide in the air. Her gaze leveled with mine as she got the better of me; her elegant features painted in a mosaic of pleasure, and power. I returned her smug expression with one of lewd determination.

My teeth set on edge and gritted in a combative snarl. My eyes narrowed and my brow furrowed. My arms spread out on either side of me and flexed in strain as I clenched the sheets in a desperate grasp. Her satisfied moans and pants were met with my animalistic growls and feminine grunts.

I pushed back against her as best I could; wrenching my spine into a curve and clenching my glutes about her advancing pelvis. My asshole began to turn inside out with each ferocious pull of Rachel's hips; a thin layer of pink flesh sheathing her girth, sending my rectum into a frenzy of delighted pings. I screamed out and frantically tore at the sheets as I began to lose control. My teeth returned to their grinding snarl, but my chest heaved with exasperated pants. Rachel's eyes maintained their covetous glare, but her mouth lost its smugness.

Her beautiful lips parted and cries of pleasure flowed from them. I saw the crack in her defenses, and seized my opportunity as an orgasm began to rise within me. My thighs flexed and squeezed against her restraining hands. Her strength gave out, and I clamped my legs together about her pounding hips, securing her deep inside me with my crossing ankles.

We both let out a mutual cry of delight, but I recovered faster. I twisted my body to the left, planted my palms flat against the bedding, and spun her on her back, with me straddling, back in control.

Before I could revel in my victory with a smug smile, Rachel retaliated by gripping my flailing hair in both hands, and ripping my head back. My spine shot into an arc of concavity and my face was forced to the ceiling. I growled in approval as the brutal combativeness mixed with carnal lust.

My thick, red thighs clenched about Rachel's waist, and I jackhammered my ass up and down along her length, squeezing her with my anal muscles and smashing the delectable fat of my ass into her pelvis. Rachel groaned and pulled my hair until the roots were singing out in delighted stings. My eyes watered as pain accentuated pleasure, and I grinded harder than ever; my hips driving and my abs flexing in waves of straining muscles.

Our tones of lust were a chorus of growls, pants and exasperated cries. Our movements were fluid in motion, but jerking and violent in rhythm. I stared at her from the bottoms of my eyes, and she looked at me from the tops of hers. We were both feeling it, both rising past the point of no return. Rachel shot upward and pressed her breasts to mine.

Our skin was hot and slick with the exhaustive strain of our love, and our busts squished and deformed in a delectable pressing of nipple on nipple, and flesh on flesh. Her mouth leveled with my own, and I reached back and entangled two hands with white hair. Our lips met, sucking and consuming. Our tongues battled within our mouths as our bodies rose in long, desperate heaves.

We screeched the ascension of our orgasms into each other's mouths; our eyes fixed in a wide, panicked stare, our thighs flexing and lifting, our chests beating against our pressing busts. The tremors ripped through me in a torrent of felicitous spasms, and I felt Rachel pulsing with uncontrollable urgency inside me. Our desperate tones screamed from mouth to mouth, our bodies locked in a final, paralytic stasis, and then the feeling burst inside both of us.

Her cum rushed into my desecrated rectum, burning it's delicious viscosity into my tender reaches. My pussy and ass convulsed with sporadic spasms as I declined, my shrill scream subsiding in Rachel's mouth until it was a whimper. Our frantic heartbeats steadied in cadence until they were a thumping rhythm pounding against each other's chests.

Our mouths worked softly against each other's lips, no longer devouring with carnal hedonism. "That's a fucking tie." Rachel gasped as she parted from the kiss.

"Well, we can't have that, can we?" I laughed through my heavy breaths, "This ain't fucking soccer." "So…round two?" Rachel asked, growing hard in my ass. "I need a smoke," I smiled, "and a chance to tempt you with more than my body." "Ooooo," Rachel mused with sarcastic excitement, "is this the temptation you and God have been concocting? The great, mind-blowing offer that will leave me begging for your love on my knees?" "Yes," I smiled as I dismounted Rachel, moaning slightly as my ass prolapsed about her cock, "and I miss the innocent little Rachel who wasn't a sarcastic cunt." "Bend over and let me eat that flower." Rachel smirked, "Oh, and Sweetie; if you could clean your ass off my cock, that would be great." "Is this how a relationship with you is gonna be?" I sneered as I leaned back and pushed my rose-budded anus into Rachel's face, "Passive-aggressive nagging?" "I'm sort of the man in this relationship," Rachel smiled, "so you'll be the nagger.

I'll grow a beer gut and yell at football games, while you make me a sandwich and rethink every decision that led to your situation." "Oh you're the man in the relationship?" I laughed as my finger ran along Rachel's cum-covered cock, "you know I can grow a penis, right? Hell, I can grow as many as I want." "I think one's enough for you," Rachel said as her lips smacked against my tender, protruding inner skin, "well…two might be nice." Rachel sucked the bulging, pink flesh of my prolapse as my lips closed around her glistening cock.

I swallowed the delicious frosting of her loins and savored the tangy filth of my ass on my tongue. We moaned in mutual pleasure as our mouths gently cleaned each other's sullied parts.

Her tongue pushed the bud of my anus back inside me, and my tongue wrapped about her girth and slid the rest of her seed into my mouth. Rachel's cock suddenly seized up, throbbed, and then burst another stream of cum into my mouth. In my shock, I startled up, and was immediately showered with her hot seed. Rachel screamed in delight and thrust weakly into the air as her viscous nectar drenched my hair, face and tits.

When she was done, she gave my asshole a parting kiss, and smiled wryly at me. "That doesn't count," she giggled, "it's halftime." PART TWO: HALFTIME GOD "Come on, God, you can take more than that!" Anna yelled encouragingly as my belly swelled from the enema.

She held the clear tube in my ass with one hand, and the bag high in the air with the other. "Look," I growled through pleasurable strain, "I don't usually do these; my colon is always clean." "Oh, look at God over here with the pristine, holy, asshole," Anna mocked, "and it's not about cleaning you out, it's about absorbing as much of the aphrodisiac into your bloodstream as possible." "Did you read this in one of your bullshit grocery-store checkout magazines?" I asked as I struggled to keep my muscles loose, "Look, it feels good, Anna, but I don't think it's doing…any…thing…" "Oh?" Anna laughed as my eyelids drooped in a pleasant stupor, "not doing anything?" "So," I smiled mellowly, "how long do I hold it in for?' "Around twenty minutes, and then you can just let it out-" Need you, God.

Lucy spoke in my mind. I looked up at the projection screen and saw Rachel and Lucy stepping out onto her balcony for cigarettes. Now was the critical moment. "Anna," I addressed Rachel's slave, "do you still have that plug in your ass? I'm gonna need it." RACHEL I glanced over the splendid vista Lucy's bedroom balcony presided over. Brimstone formations dotted the landscape, while the massive underworld city stretched between them, the lights gleaming in the night sky.

I inhaled the sweet burn of tobacco and followed it with a sip of my mojito. I had taken off my dress, and was now slouched in the couch in all my naked glory.

Lucy sat beside me, naked save for the fishnet stockings that never seemed to leave her legs. Her eyes unabashedly lingered on my dangling cock, and then gazed longingly at my ass and tits. I would have scolded her with a "my face is up here" comment, but my eyes were too occupied with her own assets to say anything.

We just sat there, smoking and eye-fucking each other between sips of our tropical beverages. Goddamn, she was good in bed. Better than Kaitlyn, and much better than God. The best I ever had. "Lucy," I asked, "what are the rules to this test anyway? Whoever comes first, loses?" "Well, that's certainly how we played it," Lucy laughed, "but there are no rules. You can come as many times as you want." "So, I was holding back for nothing?" I asked. "Didn't it make it better?" Lucy smiled slyly, "Holding off for as long as you can, until you just don't have the strength anymore, and you burst from the inside?

It felt great for me." "Then how do I win?" I asked. "By rejecting me." Lucy said with a slight frown, "After I offer you all my body and love have to give, you can say 'no,' and win…if winning is that important to you." "Oh," I smirked with a faux-pouty face, "is Lucy guilt-tripping me? Should I have sympathy for the devil?" "Great song." Lucy said.

"What?" I asked. "Fucking millennials." Lucy grumbled. God appeared before us in a burst of golden light. She was her usual beautiful self; her face a portrait of motherly beauty, her golden hair draped over her tan shoulders, her body sculpted with perfect curves, her belly distended from her abdomen in a…wait, was she pregnant?

"No," God smiled, answering my mental question and holding the belly that bulged from her dress, "Anna and I are experimenting with enemas. We got so hot and heavy watching you two going at it, we wanted to heighten our own butt stuff for later. By the way, Lucy; that asshole is fucking ruined." "Yeah," Lucy said, glancing down at the gaping hole between her legs, "there's a draft in there." "You just gonna leave it like that?" God asked. "I like it like this," Lucy smiled, the cherry of her smoke brightening as she inhaled, "I'll tighten it later if Rachel wants another shot at it." "I hear your going to tempt me with some great offer," I said to God as I placed the cigarette between my lips, "some kind of deal that's predicated on my feelings for Lucy." "A wedding present," God smiled, "if you'll have it." "Sounds like bribery," I smirked, "how would you know if I actually loved Lucy, or if I was just faking it to get what I want?" "Bitch, I'm God." God laughed, "I can read every thought in your mind.

Purple, one-thousand ninety-two, Tom Brady, John Travolta, and yes, Area Fifty-One has aliens, and Elvis is in cryo there. C'mon Rachel, don't fuck with me." "That's rich coming from you." I laughed.

"Oh, I paid my debts," God smiled, recalling our ordeal at The Chapel, "you don't get to hold that over me any longer." "You enjoyed it too much." I replied. "So did you." God chuckled. "Ok," I said, leaning back and crossing my legs, "what's your offer?" "I want to make you a goddess." God said in a very matter-of-fact way. "Wut." I responded, not quite processing what she just said.

"If you and Lucy love each other," God smiled, entwining her fingers nervously in front of herself, "I want to make you her true equal." The cigarette hung loosely from my lips, and then fell embers-first onto my lap.

God extinguished the flame before it could singe my skin, but I didn't react either way. A goddess; God wanted to make me a goddess. All the power I could ever want, second only to the almighty herself. The power to create, and the power to destroy. The power to shape entire civilizations in my image, the power to summon matter from nothing, the power to… "Yeah," God laughed as she read the tendrils of my mind, "I thought you'd like it.

You'd come with me and Lucy into the next cycle after this one ends, and all the cycles that follow it. But Rachel," God levelled her gaze on me, "you know the condition." "As much as you may want to love me," Lucy said, pushing out her cigarette, "we can't give you this gift unless you truly do." "And I can tell you're still not quite sure either way," God said, searching my eyes, "I wonder if it was unwise to tell you our offer; I wonder if its knowledge may cloud your ability to see love when it's in front of you." "She's heard what you have to say," Lucy said to God, "and I'm sure Anna's getting very bored in the theatre room by herself." God raised a single eyebrow at Lucy, and then vanished in a flash of golden light.

I lit another cigarette and inhaled as I processed what just happened. Lucy eyed me for a second, and then scooched over and laid her head on my shoulder. I wrapped an arm around her and lazily played with her hair as I thought things over. "It's a lot to take in, isn't it?" she whispered. "Yeah…" I trailed off.

My mind was a battleground of conflicting desires and cautions. Ever present in this conflict, was the elephant in the room: my feelings for Lucy. What did they mean, were they real, and more importantly, what was happening to me? "Hmmm," Lucy laughed in a slight vocal fry, "you are adorable when you're thinking." "Oh yeah?" I smiled down at her. "Your brow does this little thing," Lucy smiled, pushing the skin of her brow down, "and your lips kind of pinch together." "There are a lot of adjectives I could use to describe you," I chuckled, "and 'adorable' is not one of them.

You could be dressed in a one-piece footie-pajamas with a stuffed bunny in your arms, and you'd still look like you wanted to eat my ass." "Even when I'm looking up at you with my big, golden eyes," Lucy whispered, her lips pouting in her best cute-face, "and your cock in my mouth?" "You just look hungry," I smiled, and pulled her closer, "and I look like a meal." "Mmmm," Lucy hummed, her forked tongue flicking across her black, juicy, lips, "and you are delicious." "We're compatible, aren't we?" I asked, looking into those big, golden eyes, "I don't know about you, but when we were together, it felt…right." "You make it sound like we're bachelorettes in our forties," Lucy chuckled, "looking to just settle.

But yes, we are very compatible in bed." "I'm going to give you a hypothetical question," I said, losing myself in those golden irises, "and I know you'll answer it truthfully, because you've always been honest with me." "I hate hypotheticals, but go ahead." "Let's say I fall for you, and we live out this cycle.

Billions of years pass, the universe ends, and God brings us back for the next cycle, and the next, and the next on forever. How long do you think love can really last?" "Forever," Lucy said, almost instantly, "actual love lasts forever." "How do you know?" I asked, "How could you possibly-" We were transported in a puff of black smoke, and appeared in a very old looking part of hell.

The street was bustling with familiar night life, but the architecture, languages and people all looked so foreign to me. I was naked, and caught the eyes of every person who could see me, but I was not at all anxious or ashamed; those days had passed. "Where are we?" I asked Lucy. "This is hell from…two billion cycles ago," Lucy said, her irises topping the whites of her eyes as she thought of it, "before God ends a universe, she just shoves all the afterlives we've created into storage, and then adds them to the new universe.

We're here, because I want you to see the couples. Look at those two: Ranok and Frendia; been together for two billion cycles. Or those two: D'jikit and Glondia; ten billion cycles. I could go on and on. Sure, they break up, they see other people, sometimes they shoot each other in the street, but they always come back together, because they aren't whole without one another. It's sad, in a way, that these souls have become so dependent on each other that they can't exist apart, but I suppose it's beautiful too." "Why would you ever want that for yourself?" I asked Lucy, "A woman like you; so strong, so independent, so-" "…so weak, and empty and lonely." Lucy smiled sadly, "I don't want to throw myself a pity-party, Rachel, but it's true.

God and I love each other, we've done everything with and to each other, but we're not lovers, we're sisters. God has a maternal disposition that makes her immune to the want for real love, but I don't have that in me; I have the human condition. I've suppressed it for eternity, but it always comes up. A drunken rage that ends the universe, a hostile takeover of earth, killing or tempting God's favorite children; I could go on.

And why do I sometimes have a genocidal tantrum?

Because I don't have anyone to share my joy, hate, pain or love with, not in the way that these people do." I stared at Lucy for a long time. There weren't tears in her eyes, but I could see the pain behind them. I wanted to take that pain away and make it my own, or at least share it with her, and lighten the load.

I reached out to her, and brought her head against my breast. She stiffened for a moment, and then relaxed.

I kissed the top of her head and rested my lips there while she held me, and I held her. In the street, souls that had lived together for trillions and trillions of years held hands in a companionship I was beginning to understand. "Rachel," Lucy whispered, "you are rock hard right now." "Shhhh," I whispered back, "don't ruin the moment." "I think you're ready for more," Lucy giggled, her forked-tongue flicking my ear lobe, "halftime's over, Sweetie." PART THREE: YOU GOTTA LOSE, TO WIN RACHEL When the black smoke cleared from my vision, I wasn't where I expected to be.

The red, passionate glow of Lucy's bedroom was gone, and had been replaced with a phosphorescent pink that lit the length of a massive hall. Vulgar statues of women in various states of lust lined the red carpet of this hall, which seemed to stretch forever before converging at a throne with two sets of chairs. My elegant, white, dress was back on my body, now clean and without a tear or tatter.

My wrists were bound with golden cuffs, reminiscent of the jewelry I'd seen Arab princesses wearing in old movies. A similar garment was clasped about my neck, and though it was rigid and cold, it was not uncomfortable. Adorning my head was a golden tiara, bejeweled with rubies and engraved with the golden, voluptuous figures of demonesses. "It's all a bit opulent," Lucy's voice yelled from the throne she sat upon, "but it fits my taste." "I like it," I said, looking at a statue of a woman being double-penetrated, "it's very…you." "You can add you own touch to the place," Lucy yelled, "if you were so inclined to.

Come have a seat, see how you like it." "I know you're the queen of hell," I smiled and turned to the demonic monarch, "but I didn't think you'd have an actual palace." Lucy was in a black gown that was unusually conservative for her. Her cleavage still showed in all its red glory, but beneath that, everything was concealed in a satin sheath. Her dress trailed behind her and draped loosely on the plush carpeting, and I pondered for a moment if she was showing me her wedding gown.

Her wavy black hair was now bouncing with curls, with an obsidian crown atop it, and her ears were adorned with hanging, diamond-encrusted rubies. "Why wouldn't I?" Lucy laughed, her features becoming clearer as I approached her, "Excess and greed are all things I hold very dear; things you certainly enjoy as well." "And I suppose that throne you're sitting on only had one seat just a minute ago," I smirked, "I think mine should be higher than yours." "Careful, bitch," Lucy laughed, "you're standing on a trap door right now, and I don't think you'd like where it goes." "If you truly loved me, you'd give me everything I want," I said, now strutting in a hip-jutting gate to Lucy, "even your title as queen." "Power, power, power," Lucy smiled, her white teeth flashing brilliantly in the pink light, "so easy to want, so hard to gain, and oh-so hard to share." "Sharing is fucking boring," I laughed, climbing the steps to the throne, "I want everything for myself." "So do I, Honey," Lucy said as she stood, our eyes now staring levelly, "and I want you, all to myself." "I told you, I'm not monogamous," I whispered through a smile, my hands leaving my sides and bringing Lucy to me by the hips, "I'm going to cheat on you every fucking day." "I'm willing to share," Lucy smiled, her lips brushing against mine, "but you have to be too." "You know that goes against my nature," I grinned at her, "you know any love we have will be an endless competition." "It makes for great sex." Lucy whispered, her big, golden eyes staring longingly into mine, "But Rachel; you'll always lose." "And why's that?" I whispered back, my hands traveling from her waist and gripping the juicy cheeks behind them.

"Because I'm better than you." Lucy said with a breathy gasp, and the game was back on. Lucy spun us around until my back was to the throne. Before the realization struck me, her ankle slipped behind my knee, and she pushed forward. I fell back into the chair, and the claps around my wrists and neck fused to it, forcing me in an upright sitting position. "This is cheating," I laughed, and pushed my heel against Lucy's breasts before she could pounce on me, "that's not conducive to a healthy relationship." "Oh, Sweetie," Lucy chuckled and pushed my foot away, "if we ever have a relationship, it will be far from healthy.

The safe word is 'banana;' don't be a pussy and say it…right away." Lucy placed her hands against my knees and guided them to spread. I didn't stop her. My eyes were fixed on the massive bulge that protruded from the satin cloth between her legs. It didn't move quite right, it shifted in two directions, almost as if… "I believe you said 'two might be nice,'" Lucy smirked, her golden eyes filling my vision, her breasts falling from her bodice as she leaned forward, "I know how to catch a hint, Rachel.

Looks like I'm the man of the house now." "You gonna take care of me, Baby?" I asked, biting my lower lip in anticipation and shifting my gaze to the tent I was pitching in my own dress. "Ooooh," Lucy cooed as her hands slid my dress passed my thighs, and exposed all my parts to her, "does somebody have needs to be fulfilled? You look so tense down here, Rachel; do you want me to loosen you up?" I nodded my head eagerly and watched as Lucy pushed her dress off.

It slipped from her bust and fell along her vulgar curves in a flutter, but stopped just short of her pelvis. The dress draped atop the rigid, throbbing things between her legs, and my mouth watered at the size of them. Lucy looked at me from the tops of her eyes, a naughty smile strewn across her black mouth. She slowly, delicately removed the cloth that hung from her, and revealed the prize she had waiting for me. Two, thick, red, bulging cocks stood on top of one another between her legs.

Her balls hung pristinely between them, and below that, the wet lips of her pussy were barely visible. She bent forward, nearing her face to mine as her hands traced up my thighs, tickled the lines of my pelvis, and then clasped gently about my cock. A gasp slipped from my lips, and a coy smile formed across hers. She stroked me with slow, gradual movements, lubricating the lustful grasp with my precum.

All the while, her hips moved ever closer, nearing my two holes, ratcheting up the anticipation that was beating in my chest.

"Remember, Rachel," Lucy smiled, "the safe word is 'banana.'" She penetrated me. Two cocks, pushing against my tight orifices. I cried out and pressed my head hard against the wood of the chair. She entered me slowly, moaning as I embraced her from the inside. The cock in my pussy slid in and stretched my tightness perfectly, while the one in my ass forced me open with a painful push, and then expanded my rim to a thin, pink circle. Lucy's brow furrowed, her eyes focusing in concentration as I squeezed both of her members with my erogenous muscles.

Deeper and deeper she went; her two cocks pressing together against the membrane that separated them, pushing through the tightest reaches of my depths, touching every nerve inside me. Our pelvises met, and our voices rang out in a duet of carnality. "Oh, fuck, Rachel," Lucy breathed, "you are so fucking tight." "Am I too much for you?" I laughed through my gasps, "The safe word is bana-" Lucy sent my taunts into a screech with a vicious thrust of her hips.

She tore through my insides with wanton abandon, forcing deep rushes of aching pleasure to burst into my nethers. Her grip on my cock tightened, and she jerked me with a possessiveness I'd never felt before. Her moans filled my ears; a melody to the fervent beat of her rhythm. My thighs spread wider and wider for her, my mouth hung open to yield scream after scream. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" I screeched, my dress darkening with the strain of my lust, my tan complexion gleaming beneath it.

Lucy's red breasts jiggled teasingly in my face, but I was too warped in my own pleasure to feed upon them. My own bust rippled beneath my bodice, and Lucy greedily tore my dress down the middle with a rip of her hand. My chest was freed, my tits flailing in violent bounces as my body was lurched back and forth to the whim of Satan's brutal drives. God, it was good. My pride began to wane in the face of the growing pleasure.

The temptation to give in, to falter and say 'you win, now fuck my brains out,' was ever present. But she was doing just that; fucking my brains out. My mind became a cluttered mess of screeching pleasure interrupting transient thought. Every drive of her hips, every stroke of her hand, every breath she blew heavily on my neck, her smell, her body, her warmth on top of me…inside me&hellip.

forcing me open…beating me into submission…her power…her…power… A single, lucid thought scorched into my mind. During the fourth trial, I had resigned myself to the fate of being a slave to the demons. But I hadn't done it quite like that.

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No, I had ambitions. I was going to be the mistress of my captors, the eventual alpha female of a band of rapists. That's what I could do here. Use her power over me, against her. And how do I do that? By giving in to her, by accepting my position, making her lower her defenses&hellip. My legs spread wider around Lucy's driving hips.

The last of my defenses fell, and I became her slut. Pathetic tones permeated from my gaping lips. My eyes writhed in chaotic fervency in my sockets, their irises baring an expression of complete surrender.

My abdomen no longer flexed to grip her, but loosened, and let her drive inside me without resistance, without trying to make her come before I did. I was immediately taken hold of by her lust.

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It overpowered me, drove into me, sank its fangs into the jugular of my soul. "Did you just give up on me?" Lucy panted, her mouth grinning. "Don't stop!" I screamed. "You're a shameless little whore, you know that?" Lucy sneered, her freed hand gripping my chin.

"Yes!" I screeched, my hands tensing in ridges of tendons as the orgasm began to build. "You were so defiant," Lucy laughed, reveling in her supposed victory, "so fucking proud. Now look at you. What are you, Rachel?" "Oh fuck!" I squealed as I felt my pelvic floor jutting from my pelvis with each pull of her hips, "GAAAAH, I'm just your little slut!" The words flowed naturally from my mouth, because they were speaking the truth of my soul.

In this moment, I was her little slut. She could beat me, berate me, torture me, and I'd love it all. But beneath the pathetic layer of my surrendered self, lurked the woman waiting to the spring the trap.

I just needed Lucy to give me a chance. Just. One. Chance. LUCIFER Rachel had melted in the heat of my sexuality. Her body bent and twisted in her restraints to the whim of my movements.

Her mouth screamed her surrender into my ears; the tone of her voice bearing not a hint of falsehood. Were this her final test, she would have just failed, but this was not just a test. I'd beat her down a little more, give her the best sex of her life, demean and berate her, and then I'd put the pieces back together and finally have a woman who loved me as much as I loved her. At least, that's what I hoped would happen.

For now, all I really wanted to do was take control of this bitch. There's nothing quite like rubbing your opponent's face in the dirt in terms of cathartic satisfaction, and in this case, sexual gratification. I set Rachel free from her binds, and her surrendered body acted as submissively as I hoped it would.

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Her hands gripped the bottoms of her tan, jiggling thighs, and she spread herself wider for me. Her head dropped, her chin resting on her chest, and her back sliding down the chair. I continued to smash my two cocks deep inside her, and she simply reacted to me with whorish enthusiasm. Her back twisted and wrenched with each drive, but didn't anchor and pivot to defy me.

Her face bore an expression of lustful awe; her mouth hanging open and crying out pathetically, her eyes staring at me with devout compliance. I could do whatever I wanted to her in this state.

So, I did. I gripped Rachel's face until her cheeks pushed forward and her lips squished open. I spit in her mouth, and she submissively accepted it, her eyes thanking me for my degradation. "Jerk yourself off." I ordered, and she did. Her hands moved from her thighs and stroked her cock in a desperate, jerking embrace.

"Am I doing it how you like?" she asked, her eyes full of hope, full of the desire to please me. I slapped her hard across the face, and she yelped in excitement and pain.

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"You don't speak!" I yelled at her, and she recoiled, her face a mosaic of fear, and unbelievable pleasure. I sent a backhand across her other cheek, and her head whipped to the side. A whimper brushed passed her lips, and she returned her gaze to me, her eyes begging for more. So, I gave her another, and then another, and then another. Every strike was met with a yelp that contained more and more arousal, until it was a moaning cry.

Tears welled in her eyes, and what little makeup she wore smeared across her elegant face, whose cheeks were now flushed with red handprints. Her white hair was a disheveled mess, and hung in tangled strands across her defiled expression.

Her blue irises bore the begging submissiveness of a loyal pup; staring yearningly from the tops of her whites. Her lower lip quivered, while her upper lip formed a hopeful smile.

She wanted more, and I wanted to give it to her. It didn't cross my mind that I was falling into a trap. In the heat of my lust-fueled power trip, rational thought was fleeting, and I let my guard down.

I forgot who I was dealing with. My hand came down, but my palm never met the tear-wetted soft flesh of Rachel's left cheek. It was stopped abruptly in the air by a strong grip wrapped about my wrist.

My hips stopped their thrusts; a shocked gasp tore from my lips. Rachel's submissive portrait was gone, and replaced with a wide grin of sparkling teeth. Oh, fuck. RACHEL I barely held back on an orgasm that would have ruined me. The quaking in my nethers was churning to chaotic levels, but I managed enough will to quell the feeling before it took over my mind.

Through my euphoric haze of uncharacteristic masochism, I had a moment of clarity, and seized upon it. My binds were gone, and my hands were free.

I saw Lucy's arm reel back for another strike across my face, and I fought an internal battle during the milliseconds her hand arced through the air. Most of me wanted the blow to land, to deliver the painful stinging that accentuated the pleasure so much.

But the prideful part of me, the part that would not yield to any man, woman or god, prevailed. My hand shot forward from its gripping position on my left thigh, and stopped Lucy's blow in the air. Her body jutted to a stop, and that was all I needed. My knees locked against Lucy's hips. She drove into me, and I cried out with glee, but I kept going. I twisted her hand behind her back, and caught the other one with my right, before doing the same.

I pressed my body to hers; tan flesh on red, squishing busts smearing glistening sweat. Our nipples inverted against one another; our pelvises met and our penetration deepened. Lucy's mouth flung open to yield an involuntary moan, and I silenced it with a kiss. Her normally dominant tongue was left static and limp in her mouth, and I wrapped my lips around it and drew it in.

I sucked her forked member as I placated it with my tongue, and I watched with satisfaction as her wide eyes closed into half-mast bliss. I couldn't beat Lucy in a game of rough sex, but I had a chance with sensuality.

Gentleness was something Lucy dished out with expert seduction, but it wasn't something she experienced for herself. People didn't want to make love to the devil, they wanted to fuck her. Well, I could make love to her. I could make love to the devil, because maybe…just, maybe… I invited Lucy's tongue to play with me.

Teasing, tender flicks of my soft, wet member that didn't bear combativeness, but a message of requited affection. Her tongue tentatively flicked across mine, and then joined in; not entwining in a dominating grasp, but playfully following my lead. My lips traveled to her mouth, and pressed gently against her own. I felt her body relax against me, and I dared to loosen my grip on her wrists. She didn't grab me and throw me back against the chair, but softly caressed the line of my spine.

My hands traveled delicately up her back, flowing along the creases of her muscles, and then rested in a finger-locked hold on the back of her neck.

I drew her closer to me, and she came forward. Her hips began to gently thrust, and mine began to push back against her. Our face pivoted on the axis of our loving kiss, nose brushing nose, chin brushing chin. We came apart, and then drew together in long, deep grinds.

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Moans escaped our mouths and seeped into each other's throats, but our kiss didn't cease; the passion only grew. A black flash of smoke later, and we were doused with the red glow of Lucy's bedroom. I guided her to rotate on the bed until I was on top. I didn't pin her shoulders and ride her like an animal, but cupped the curve of her cheeks and guided our kiss into greater ardency. Her hips thrust gently against me, and I grinded slowly against her.

The member in my womanhood slid through my slick, tight depths with gradual, deep thrusts. It sent an ever-increasing swell of beautiful pressure into my nethers. The other shaft filled my anus with its rigid heat; pushing through my tension with stinging affection.

I hummed a tone of pure devotion into her mouth, and flexed my inner muscles for her. She returned my moan with one of her own, and pushed deeply, breaking through my resistances with a tender invasion.


Her hands slinked up my spine and entangled their digits in my white hair. She pushed my face closer; her lips feeding on mine with a consumption that wasn't greed, but unending desire. I gave her my own desire in turn, and we trapped ourselves in each other's love. Because that's what it was…love. I knew it in that moment; I knew it with all my heart.

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And then it came. It came in a rising tempest that churned within me. My hips jutted forward, and Lucy's rigid love pierced me deeper than ever. She rose from the bed; her back arching, her thighs flexing, her pelvis bringing me upward in a final bout of uncontrollable lust. I pressed myself harder against her and screamed out, and my voice harmonized with her own and echoed against the curved walls of her room. The feeling didn't stop, but built higher and higher. Lucy's legs quivered and gave out, and we bounced from the bedding in a graceful crash.

She screamed a hoarse, pained cry, and embraced me about the shoulders; hugging me closer to her, wanting me to feel the sweet love she was feeling. And I felt it. I felt the tremoring pulse of her twin members warping inside me. I felt the heat rising from their thin skin, and the bulging veins engorging for the eminent eruption. But above all else, I felt the toe-curling, back-wrenching ecstasy that was escalating inside me. It was mind-numbing, but through it all, I could feel the presence of her, of the woman who giving me this, who was sharing this with me.

I felt her heart thumping against my chest; thumping faster and faster in cadence with her own rising euphoria. My voice gave out, and I simply mouthed my glory with a face convulsed in the highest reaches of my climax.

Building, rising, trembling, and then…crashing. A wave, a flood that burst from the dams of my deepest confines, and scorched the infernal heat of its release through every vein and nerve in my body. Lucy choked a breathless gasp, and tensed in a rigid convexity of jutted pelvis and arching back.

She trembled once, and then erupted inside me, filling my holes with her nectar of her love. It rushed through me in congruence with the torrent of my lust, and came together in melding of our bodies and souls. My hips shot forward, and I simultaneously squirted the fluid of my womanhood and manhood all over the both of us. Its heat mingled on our slickened skin, and lubricated the grinding motions of our bodies. The feeling subsided in sporadic aftershocks that kept us on edge, but eventually, the calmness took over our bodies, and our mouths met in a embrace as loving and promising as the one we had just shared.

I parted from the kiss, and stared into Lucy's eyes. They remained closed for a second, savoring the kiss that still lingered hot on her lips. Her face was so calm, so blissful in this moment. A single, long exhale escaped her, and her eyes opened to slits. Her golden irises were welled with a sheen of tears, but her lips curved in a loving smile. I smiled back at her, feeling my own eyes begin to wet and sting.

"Rachel," she whispered in croaked voice, "I love you." "Lucy," I whispered back… LUCIFER Just fucking say it! my mind screamed in desperation, Just say it, Rachel; those three words. I knew this was it. This was the moment it had all led to. There she was, her blue eyes glistening, her mouth forming consonants and vowels.

Just say it. Those lips pursed for a second, stopping the words that were trapped against the backs of her teeth. Just say it. Her gaze burned into me, saw right through it all, through the bare nakedness of my soul. Just say it. Searching irises, smiling with affection, with desire, with need, but not love.

She didn't love me. She wasn't go to say it. She wasn't going to- "I love you." My breath stopped in my chest. A moment past. Staring eyes, staring love. Deep love, true love. Silence, not a breath, not a gasp. Paralysis, but not of the body. Of the soul. And then it comes to me in a wave.

It crashes down on me, and erupts from the reaches of my being. Tears streak down my face, and droplets of hot salinity splash with them. She's crying too; crying, but smiling.

I'm smiling; I'm grinning so hard it hurts. A giggle passes her lips, and it infects me. I laugh with her, and I can't stop it from coming. Hysteria floods my mind, and melody of jubilant euphoria flows from my mouth. A torrent of laughter comes from me, accompanied by a wave of relief, and then a tsunami of ecstasy.

We laugh with near-insanity, but the joy is just too much to conceal. Finally, our composure came over us, and the manic euphoria gave way to the enduring warmth. Rachel bowed her head in a final fit of laughter, and then looked up at me, those beautiful, blue eyes sparkling, and planted a kiss on my nose.

It crinkled in response, and a genuine laugh of love flowed from her lips. "There," she smiled, "that was adorable." "I have my moments," I smiled, "Rachel, you-" My thought was cut short in my mouth.

Rachel began to change. RACHEL I became extremely aware of everything around me.


It wasn't just a sexually-induced hyper sensitivity, but a…connection. I could feel the air on my skin, but I could also touch the air, control it, move it.

I reached out a single finger to the void, and felt the atoms sending their electric signals through me. Dipole moments conjured fields of energy that blanketed the fabric of what I thought was just empty space. The point of my finger pressed through the cloth of space and time, and emerged from the other side, translucent, real, but forming curves and lines that were both so familiar, yet so foreign. I pulled my finger back, and watched the plane ripple from the point of contact, as though I had just disturbed some gelatinous membrane.

It was all there, and I understood it all. The tiny things that make up the larger things, that in turn, make the tiny things again. The walls were thick, hard and real, but also so delicate and thin that I could see through them. I advanced by consciousness further, and simultaneously was in bed with Lucy, and outside her balcony. Then I was outside her palace, and her city, and hell itself. My breath didn't draw air from the space between dimensions, but my lungs didn't beg for it.

I was lost in a void, but knew exactly where I was going. Pluto passed by me, then Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Jupitar, Mars, and then…Earth, home. No, not home; not any longer. The lush, blue orb in the black sky was as much my home as heaven was my paradise. It was so small, so fragile; a sapphire dot surrounded in a sea of ebony, an insignificant spec on an endless horizon. I closed one eye, and placed my thumb and forefinger in front of me, until earth appeared to be stuck between my pinching digits.

And I knew, I knew with all my heart, that if I were so inclined, I could press my thumb and finger together, and that planet would burst into dust. If I were so inclined, I could drift onto that tiny blue rock, and give the world I once called home the paradise it always yearned for. Just a brush of my hand, a wiggle of my toes, and world peace would be ours. No, not ours; theirs. I wasn't one of them any longer.

I wasn't part of the great journey of humanity, but simply a spectator. Were I to reveal myself, were I to rape my existence into their story, it wouldn't be their story any longer. It should remain untouched. They should remain unknowing. God was right all along: life was too precious to remove the prospect of death. I felt the heartbeat of another against my chest. I felt the pull of some great thing tugging gently on my soul.

Come back to me. It called, and I wanted to; I wanted to with all my heart. So, I did. I turned from earth and the last light of God, and I walked the path to the woman who called for me. My equal, my partner, my love.

I'm coming back to you, Lucy, and I always will. EPILOGUE ONE: KAITLYN KAITLYN I grazed my red fingers over the pink petals of a rose. The hermaphrodite garden was in full bloom, and with the opening of the flowers, came the seasonal surge in my libido. I leaked constantly from my female slit, and throbbed with insatiable desire from my male shaft. I walked the hedged maze of the garden, my body slinking in a lustful gate, my hips sliding from side to side, my breasts bouncing with a jiggle from each step.

I moaned and ran a hand through my pink hair, feeling the buzzed side of my head and then entangling my fingers in the soft strands on top. My other hand trialed with needful grace down the golden piercings that lined my ample breasts, torso and cock. Every part of my body sang out with desire, and I acted upon it when the need grew too great. Visitors of my garden were treated with all I had, and I sated my appetite with their bodies, leaving them shaking and limping away with blissful smiles.

I often called upon the other hermaphrodites to feed from me, as they were experiencing the same need. We'd writhe together in a beautiful, moaning mass of red flesh at the center of the maze; the green grass slickening with the clear nectar that leaked from our fertile holes. But I hadn't yet sated my appetite on this day, and as I brushed my fingers through the petal of the rose, the longing in my nethers grew. I looked around for one of my sisters, but all were gone.

I sighed; maybe I'd have to take care of myself. I got on my knees, spread my legs, and bent over. My hand slinked back behind me, but stopped just short of penetration. There she was; Rachel. She had taken the hermaphrodite form, and was as beautiful a thing as I'd ever seen. "Kaitlyn," she cooed softly as she strutted to me, "why would a woman like you settle for your own hand?" "It's the change of seasons," I smiled over my shoulder, "sometimes, the need is too great.

It's good to see you again, Rachel; I'm sorry you couldn't pass your tests." "Oh, I passed them," Rachel laughed, "I passed the last one early this morning." "And yet, here you are," I smiled, "not the messiah, but a hermaphrodite." "A goddess," Rachel smiled, "and soon to be married." "A goddess, hmm?" I mused, "I thought the urgency in which Lucy tried to tempt you was unusual, even for her.

It makes sense now. Congratulations, my queen." "Don't call me that," Rachel giggled, "not you." "Ok, Rachel," I chuckled, "why have you come to my garden?" "I need a place to hold the wedding," Rachel said, "and The Chapel isn't going to do." "The amphitheater will suffice," I said, "when will the wedding take place?" "Right now," Rachel laughed, "and I need a maid of honor." "Me?" I asked coolly, raising an eyebrow, "What about God?

Or Anna?" "God is the minister, of course," Rachel smiled, and stepped right behind me, "and Anna is the household pet. You, Kaitlyn, are the one who showed me who I could be. You should be at my side." "I'd love to," I said with uncharacteristic glee, "but I won't be any use to you in my current state." "Well," Rachel smirked, and unhooked the clasp of her dress, "we'll have to do something about that, won't we?" The dress fell in graceful arc from her curved body, and revealed a welcome surprise between her legs.

Two shafts grew rigid on top of one another, until they each curved upward with throbbing need. She truly was a goddess. Ten minutes later, I was on my knees and screaming.

My head was tilted back, and resting on Rachel's right shoulder. My neck striated with standing tendons, my mouth hung agape, and my eyes were wide in shocked pleasure. Rachel's fingers pinched my nipples and gently stretched my breasts to conical points from my chest, her bust squished against my arching back, her hips drove into my pelvis, and her cocks burrowed beautifully into my ass and leaking pussy.

She screamed out with me, and we quaked in unison as a toe-curling orgasm rocked through us. We thrusted against one another with declining ardency, and then embraced in a lustful kiss, seeped with satisfaction. "Mmm, Rachel," I cooed with a vocal fry as we parted, "you must visit me from time to time." "Of course," Rachel smiled, "Lucy and I would love to walk in your garden." "Well, Rachel," I moaned as I pulled from her, savoring her hot spunk leaking from my holes, "let's get you hitched." EPILOGUE TWO: ANNA ANNA "Look, Anna, it's not like I don't appreciate you, it's just…you've got to go back, you know?

You can't just be my pet for eternity; you have a life to live." I stared with tear-filmed eyes at my master. I had been her loyal bitch for three months now, but ever since she'd gotten married, she required my services less and less, until whole days passed where I wasn't on my knees for her. I knew it was only a matter of time, but part of me had hoped in vain I could be the family dog of her new household.

"Master, I-" "Rachel," Master smiled warmly, "call me Rachel, Anna." "I-I-I," I stammered, "I can't!" I bawled, falling to my knees in front of her, clutching at the hem of her white gown, "please keep me, Master!

PLEASE!" Master dropped to her knees and touched my chin with a delicate finger. She raised my gaze up to hers, and I lost myself in those beautiful, blue eyes. She smiled warmly, and I couldn't help but smile back with the woeful love of a loyal pup.

"You just need to live out your days on earth," Master smiled, "and when you're done up there, if you still want to be my bitch, you can come back to me." "It's so long," I cried, "a lifetime." "A blink of an eye," Master laughed, "it will be over before you know it." "I can't leave you, Master." "Rachel," Master sighed, "call me by my name, Anna; that's an order from your master." "No…" I whispered, "I can't." "Alright, God!" Master yelled up to the sky, "I'm no good at this benevolent shit; get that holy ass down here and help me out." A flash of golden light, a chorus of heavenly angels, and God's beautiful outline appeared next to Master's.

God smiled down at me with the warmth of a loving mother, and knelt beside Master until our eyes were level.

"Anna," she smiled, "come with me, Honey; I've got something special for you in mind." God reached out her hand, and I gave Master an apprehensive look. Master nodded for me to take the almighty's grasp, so reluctantly, I did, and saw the last of glimpse Rachel Johnson until my death. I disappeared in a blast of golden light, and I saw heaven for the first time.

My breath caught in my throat when my eyes bared witness to its glory. Pristine mountains shone a blue hue in on the horizon, while lofty trees dotted the rolling landscape. Between the ferns and pines of the cresting hills, towered majestic buildings larger than any I'd seen before. They were ten miles tall and five miles wide, supported my marble pillars that stretched from the ground, through the clouds, and ended at the stone cross beams that structured their peaks.

"This is the city of heaven," God smiled at my gawking expression, "my home." "It's beautiful." I gasped. "It has its charm," God smiled, and sat down on the plush cloud we hovered over, "sit with me, Anna." I sat cross-legged on the cloud, noting for the first time that my clothing had changed.

The leather straps that normally bound me had been replaced with an ASU tank top and a pair of jeans. I reached for my brow, and the familiar blue horns that had marked my servitude to Rachel were no longer there. Had I a mirror, I would no doubt see that my silver eyes were now there normal, blue hue.

I wasn't hers any longer, and even the glorious landscape of heaven couldn't lift my spirits. "You're sending me back, aren't you?" I asked God. "Yes," God said, and scooted closer to me, "but you won't be going back to school." "I don't want to go back," I said, feeling the tears welling once again, "I want to stay here with you and Mas…Rachel." God put and arm around me, and drew my face to her bosom.

I rested my cheek on the soft flesh I had violated so many times, and let my tears fall between her cleavage. She pet my head lovingly, cooing tender words into my ear. "Anna," she whispered, "I've been thinking about something. I never really wanted a new messiah, as they always fuck things up, but I think I could make a small change in procedure and send a new ambassador to earth." "Me?" I laughed bitterly, "I could never pass Lucy's tests. I'd fail the very first one." "Lucy and I aren't doing the tests," God chuckled, "at least, not for a couple thousand years.

No, I think a change of pace is in order. Jesus preached the gospel of fellowship and compassion, and it's probably netted more good than evil, despite the catholic church and the Holy Roman Empire. Now, I need someone to preach the gospel of life and celebration; an ambassador of heaven to tell the people of earth to chill the fuck out.

Can you do that for me, Anna? Can you be my messiah?" "Who will listen to me?" I asked, "How will they know?" "They won't," God smiled, "they'll think you're some liberal nut-job trying to start a new-wave version of Christianity, but that doesn't matter. Some will follow you, as some followed Christ when everyone thought he was crazy. After you pass, your followers will tell their children, and they in turn, will tell their children. Social media will spread it further, and every rotation of the sun will bring the people closer to true understanding." "So, you want me to…" "…party like an animal and fuck like a whore," God said, crinkling her nose, "and tell everyone who will listen that it's what God wants." "Will you be with me?" I asked, "How will I know if I'm doing what you ask of me?" "Yeah, I'll be with you," God said, touching a finger to my forehead and burning a connection between our minds, "just don't tell anyone God is talking to you, or they'll think you're fucking crazy.

I'll visit you from time to time, coming in this form or another, and we'll party together with the mortals." "God?" I whispered. "Yes?" she asked. "Before I go, do you wanna fuck?" "I thought you'd never ask." EPILOGUE THREE: JAKE JAKE Self-driving cars are for pussies.

Three years ago, when President Dwayne Johnson finally signed into law that all newly manufactured cars must be autonomous, purists like myself made a big enough ruckus to have him grandfather clause the beautiful, smelly, roaring fire of the retro combustion engine.

Even after gas stations started closing, and electric charging centers popped up, I still drove my Impala with all the gusto a twenty-nine-year-old bachelor could muster. It wasn't until I was faced with the screaming horn of an oncoming semi that I regretted that decision, but my regret was short lived. My head cracked the windshield, the whisky in the passenger seat blasted all over me, and my spine snapped just below my skull. "Well, that was a hell of a way to go." A familiar voice laughed in my ear.

I coughed a lung full of blood onto the brimstone plateau I was lying on, and looked up. A beautiful woman stood before me. Her features were elegant; her high cheekbones, blue eyes, white hair and tan complexion yielded a face of heavenly exquisiteness, and her curves and proportions outlined a figure more striking than I'd ever seen before.

"G-G-God?" I stuttered, looking around the cavernous cave that could in no way be heaven, but this woman was not the devil. "Infidelity, assault, rampant drug use, cheating, lying, whoring, stealing, and last of all, drunk driving," the woman said, ticking off my sins, "You're not seeing God anytime soon, Sugar." "So, is this hell?" I asked. "Yup," the woman smiled, displaying a set of brilliant white teeth, "but you'll just call it 'home' from now on." "Did Rachel make it?" I asked, "My sister; she went missing seven years ago, and we never found her or the body.

Is she in heaven? Tell me she's in heaven; she worked her whole life to get there." "Rachel Johnson?" the woman laughed, "That evil bitch is ten times the sinner you are, Jake.

She's down here where she belongs." "What the fuck are you talking about?!" I screamed, "Rachel was a Jesus-freak through and through! She never touched a drink, never talked to boys, she never even watched rated-R movies!" "Rachel Johnson is a whore who takes it from any swinging dick that walks her way." The woman laughed, "Just last night she was getting gangbanged by all the extras from her new movie; which is a porno, by the way, and not the vanilla kind you find on pornhub." "You lie!" I growled, "You're the devil, and you lie!" "Actually," the woman giggled, "she's the devil." I turned around and almost screamed at what I saw.

Seven years ago, a woman dressed in satanic cosplay had given me the best sex of my life, and here she was before me, in all her red glory, wearing the exact same secretary outfit she had on before.

"It's a therapist outfit!" Satan growled, "I was always kind of pissed you didn't get that. Wasn't the clipboard a good enough clue?" "YOU!" I shouted, scrambling away on my hands and knees before darting to my feet, "You! You're the devil?! The real, fucking, devil?!

I fucked you!" "I am, and you did," she smiled, "and I bet you're wondering who she is." "Your whore," I snarled, "your bottom-bitch, your slave; I don't give a shit! Where the fuck is Rachel?!" "Well, I don't think she'd want to talk to you after you called her such mean things." Satan laughed. I whipped my head around and stared in shock at the woman to my left.

The curve of her cheeks, the jut of her chin, the angle of her brow; I don't know how I hadn't seen it before. But the white hair, the blue eyes, the tan skin…and the body&hellip.there was no way this could be Rachel. Not with the way she dressed, in an elegant white gown that would make the queen of England blush, or the way she talked, with language that would fit right in at a shipyard.

This couldn't be Rachel, it- The woman touched a single finger to my temple, and memories that had been trapped in my subconscious flooded my mind. The devil had come to my apartment, and her name was Lucy. She had brought me to hell, where Rachel was waiting for me.

Naked gay boys with socks on especially when his own beautiful

I had to do something…I had to fuck my sister?! And I did it?! "And you enjoyed it quite a bit," Rachel laughed, "but don't feel bad, Jake; Lucy corrupted you, and it was my fantasy to begin with." "R-R-Rachel," I stammered for the second time, "how did you…what are…what the fuck is going on?!" "You know that test Lucy sent you down here for?" Rachel said, magically conjuring a bench and patting the seat next to her, "That little memory you just got back?" "Yeah?" I gawked, marveling at the miracle my sister had just nonchalantly performed.

"Well I technically passed them all," Rachel said, guiding me to sit next to her, "but, I decided (through a series of extremely bizarre circumstances), that I'd rather become a goddess and chill with the devil than become the messiah." "She isn't just 'chilling' with me," Lucy smirked as she sat down beside me, and put a seductive hand on my thigh, "she's my wife-" "What?!" I screamed, whipping my head around and staring at Rachel.

She just smiled and held up her left hand, and displayed the ruby-encrusted obsidian ring on her finger. "…which makes you my brother-in-law." Lucy finished, laughing at my shock, "So, you down for an incestual threesome?" "WHAT?!" "Jake," Rachel whispered in my ear, her voice seeping with desire, "Lucy and I want you to fuck us." I couldn't help myself. I grew hard as a rock in my pants, and both the women at my sides glared at the bulge that was morphing beneath my fly.

I blushed at their unflinching regard, and placed my hands tentatively in my lap. No, I was not ready to fuck my sister (again), even if she wanted it, and even if she was the hottest piece of ass I'd ever seen. "I think…" I gulped, "I think I'll pass on that; thank you." "You'll come around," Lucy said with a devilish wink, "but you did just disappoint your sister." "I had five nights of BDSM riding on you saying 'yes,'" Rachel pouted next to me, "now I have to be the sub.

Thanks a lot, big brother." "And she sent a semi-truck right into your lane because she had so much faith in you," Lucy chuckled, "how sad it is." "You fucking killed me?!" I whispered sharply at Rachel, my eyes widening in disbelief. "You were taking too long!" Rachel laughed, "You didn't have a wife, you didn't have any kids (well, none that you knew about), and you spent most of your days high and all of your nights drunk!

Trust me, Jake; I did you a favor." "I had goals!" I yelled, "I had ambitions!" "Spending fifteen dollars on road-side blowjobs isn't a goal," Rachel laughed, "and being a porn star might've been a suitable ambition before you ruined this dick God gave you with herpes and whiskey." "It's all better now, though," Lucy smirked, her forked tongue flicked across my cheek, and her hand sliding along the crease of my thigh "and it looks like it works just fine." "My answer's still no." I said with a shaky voice, thinking this must all be a coke-induced nightmare.

"I don't think Jake's in a position to decide anything for himself," Rachel giggled at Lucy over my shoulder, "I think we'll have to lead him until the training wheels come off." "Oooooo," Lucy cooed in my ear, "are we going to rape him?" "I like to think of it as firm guidance," Rachel laughed as she lowered her head to my lap, "we'll see how he feels about it in a second." "No," I said firmly, placing my hand on the top of my sister's head, "No, Rachel, we did this before, and we are not doing it again." "Oh, Jake," Rachel smiled up at me, a forked tongue flicking from between her luscious lips, "you keep acting like you have a choice." I opened my mouth to protest, but it was filled with Lucy's tongue.

It wrapped around my own and stroked gently, and the electric touch of her lips blurred all thought from my mind. My hand still rested on Rachel's head, but it didn't try to push her away. She unzipped my fly, wrapped a cool hand about my throbbing shaft, and then…wet warmth seeped all around me. Any apprehension I had left was gone, and my stopping hand just pet the head of my sister as she gave me the best blow job I ever had. EPILOGUE FOUR: TWINS RACHEL "Yeah," God said as she looked us over, "you're both knocked up, and you're both the father.

So…congratulations?" "I thought you'd be happier than this." I frowned, and proudly held the small swell of my belly. "I am happy for both of you," God smiled warmly, "it's just…" "…you didn't make them," Lucy laughed, "and the last few times I got knocked up…" "…he took over the universe, and I had to reset." God finished, motioning a gun to her head with her thumb and forefinger and pulling an imaginary trigger, "So, Rachel, you see why I have my reservations.

I usually just let genetics roll the dice when humans procreate, but when goddesses do, things get messy." "You want us to abort them?!" I growled. "No! No! No!" God yelled, holding up her hands defensively, "I want you to abandon them." "Adoption, she means," Lucy said, putting a hand on my shoulder before I lunged at God, "she means send them earth-side and let them live out mortal lives." "B-b-but," I stammered, feeling the tears welling in my eyes, "she's mine!" "And she'll still be yours in ninety or so years when she dies," God smiled, "a blink of an eye.

But Rachel; if you try to raise that baby down here, I know exactly what will happen. She'll get uppity, think she's the boss, try to take over hell, use your motherly affection against you to do it, and then she'll come gunning for me. It's the end-of-the-universe shit that happens every time Lucy feels like popping one out." "It's true," Lucy sighed, "every, fucking, time. Little bastards just don't know when enough is enough." "So, we just…send them to earth?" I asked, "Drop them in some other mother's womb, and let her raise my baby?!" "I mean, if you read the bible, which I know you did, you would have certainly heard of Mary and Jo-" "The bible is bullshit!" I screamed, "You said it yourself!" "Look," God said, using a firm tone now, "you pick the location, the time, and the mother.

You get to decide what kind of life she leads, but you will not be a part of it. You get to keep her forever after she dies, and she'll get the gift of living a human life, so what's the big deal? Think of it as dropping your kid off at daycare, and picking her up after work. Children need to be properly socialized in order to become well-adjusted adults, and deities need to be properly humanized in order to become well-adjusted gods." I sighed and gazed at the small swell of my belly with melancholy affection.

God was no doubt right, but it still felt like I was leaving my little girl alone in a cruel world. Lucy put a hand on my shoulder, and I rested my head on hers. "C'mon," she whispered, "let's go find a place for our babies to live." I sent my wife and I from heaven in a blast of silver smoke, and we appeared in the Earth Observation Room.

It looked like the command center for the Pentagon, as that was what it was based off, and was decorated with all the holographic maps and high-tech quantum computers a spy novelist would jizz over. It was all unnecessary, of course, but I had adopted Lucy's penchant for theatrics over the five-hundred years we'd been married. I palmed the projection of earth, and glanced at the serene society that dwelt there. Anna Peterson had done her work well, and earth was a bustling community of hippies that lived out their days fucking like rabbits and exploring the meaning of meaninglessness.

Goddamn, it was boring. A.I. had long since taken over, but the artificial intelligence took one look at the docile creators it was born from, and decided they weren't much of a threat at all. Disgusting. I was hoping for nuclear ash and a Mad-Max style post-apocalyptic society of brutal Darwinists, but all I got was a neutered conglomeration of pacified philosophers.

My daughter and her brother would not live here, no fucking way. "My thoughts exactly," Lucy smiled next to me, "let's go back to a more interesting time." "Oooo," I purred as I stopped in the late sixteen-hundreds, in a little town called Salem, Massachusetts, "this could be something." "You want our daughter to be tried and executed as a witch?" Lucy laughed incredulously, "What kind of a mother are you?!" "No," I smiled, "I want whatever surrogate we put our children in to be falsely tried and executed." "You vindictive cunt." Lucy laughed, and planted a kiss on my lips, "you know little Justine will never forgive you when she learns the truth in death." "Oh, we'll leave little hints for her in life," I smirked, "and for Alex as well." "What's going through that twisted, little head of yours?" Lucy asked, her golden eyes searching my blue ones.

"I don't give a shit what God says; our children are not living boring, mortal lives." I smiled, "I thought of a little story for our precious babies. I call it: 'The Incubus and The Succubus.'" "Interesting…" Lucy mused, "it's been a while since I sent a demon to earth.

Incubus, you say? Alex is going to be pulling pussy left and right." "And Justine is going to be taking every dick she wants," I chuckled, "but the only ones they'll really want…" "…are the ones they can't have," Lucy finished, grinning from ear to ear, "you're setting our children up for an incestual romance!" "Mmmm, not a romance," I smiled, "more like an abusive relationship.

Way hotter." "Succubi and incubi our biologically immortal," Lucy mused, "they'll die violently." "Maybe by each other's hands," I said, "we'll just roll the dice, and see how it plays out." EPILOGUE FIVE: AN NEW END GOD The universe almost never ends with just a boring entropy heat death.

No, Lucy and I almost always fuck it up beyond repair, and I find myself in this exact same position: the barrel of a gun pressed to my temple, with my finger on the trigger. Well, at least this one wasn't my fault, not directly. Rachel and her kids had gone fucking nuts, and whole galaxies were colliding in a PCP-induced rage.

I told them angel dust wasn't as innocent as it sounded but noooooo, they just had to snort a literal mountain of it. "Look, I said I was sorry," Rachel laughed as Lucy sat with her arms crossed next to her, "I don't know what else I can say." "I forgive you," I sighed, "it's your first cycle as a goddess, and you lasted ten billion years before you went off the hinges.

That's a lot longer than I expected." "Can…" Rachel stopped, "Can I kill you? Killing God would be the ultimate power trip for me. If you just give me the gun-" "Only I can kill me," I said, "otherwise I'd have Lucy do it every time. Believe me, it's not a fun experience." "You ready for non-existence?" Lucy smiled sadly at Rachel and grasped her hand, "We'll be out of it for a few billion years." "What's it like?" Rachel asked.

"Nothing," Lucy said, "One minute you're at the end of this universe, the next, you're alive in the new one. Time doesn't exist for those who don't experience it." "True death," I said blissfully, "sometimes I wish it could happen to me. You guys ready?" A deafening boom shook the bunker we were hunkered in, and the single lightbulb that hung from the ceiling flickered on and off.

"That was Justine," Rachel said proudly, "she just launched a full silo of thermonuclear missiles right into heaven." "They grow up so fast." Lucy sighed with sad fondness, "Alex recently finished his black hole project in the milky way, and sent Andromeda crashing right into it." "I fucking told you guys to make them human," I growled, "I thought I made it pretty fucking clear." "Uh-uh," Lucy smiled, "You just wanted them to be 'humanized,' you never said anything about them being actual humans.

God, could you make sure they're in hell before you pull the trigger? I don't think you'll want to recreate those two from scratch." "I should send them into another dimension by themselves," I muttered, "until they learn to grow up." "They'll oversee hell while we're gone," Rachel smiled encouragingly, "they'll figure it out." "They better." I grumbled, "Ok, so what did we learn this cycle?

Rachel? You have any lessons to share with the group?" "Don't do PCP with your kids," Rachel recited reluctantly, "and don't cause early childhood trauma to deities by killing their surrogate mother." "And you, Lucy?" I asked. "True love shouldn't be a game of enabling your loved one," Lucy sighed, "and bad habits should not be encouraged." "That's right." I said firmly, "Now, let's start over." Lucy and Rachel held me close, and rested their heads on breasts.

They mouthed 'I love you' to each other, and linked hands between my legs. I smiled, my heart bursting with joy in witness to their love, and I pulled the trigger.

EPILOGUE SIX: AN OLD BEGINNING LUCIFER &hellip.And I'm back. God stares at me for a second, her head shaved at the side and dyed black in her grunge-era style, her preteen face baring an expression of perpetual boredom.

The universe is young, but she's already started creating life again. I look over my shoulder, and see the blue sapphire that is earth. She made dinosaurs again, that stupid bitch. "I told you, no fucking dino-" "I insisted." Rachel's voice says from behind me. I turn around, and see the young face of my love smirking back at me. No, not my love, not yet. I'm still too young to think of her as any more than a friend, but she's my best friend. God is my sister, and Rachel is best my friend.

And my stupid best friend wanted to make fucking dinosaurs. "They're stupid," I frown, "they don't do anything but eat each other until I finally throw an asteroid at them and God gets her shit together." "Dude," Rachel says, "they eat each other alive. That's metal as fuck." "That's what I always tell her!" God insists, "Finally, someone who understands! It's all just matter eating matter in a futile attempt to make more matter! Nothing fucking matters!

It's all hopeless!" "She stays like this for a while," I whisper to Rachel as God has a breakdown, "but she grows out of it after a billion years." "Should we…help her?" Rachel asks.

"No," I smile, "she has to get over it by herself; growing pains, you know?" "Oh," Rachel says, "Hey, do you wanna make a galaxy filled with nothing but poop? Just…poop everywhere." "You're mature." I laugh. "Sentient poop," Rachel giggles, "Queen Poop and King Poop, overlords of Cluster Centurion Excrement Nine." "Endlessly battling the evil softening forces of Emperor Fiber and his horde of Kale." I laugh.

"And they make allies with the benevolent holy figure Pope Constipation the Second," Rachel hacks through a fit of laughter, "who shows them the true path of stool-hardening righteousness. C'mon; let's do it!" Rachel holds out her hand, and I take it in mine. We walk the endless void of a new universe, two souls entwined together, forever. AUTHOR'S NOTE Thanks for reading the story of Lucy, Rachel and God.

It was a joy to write, even after the popularity fell off. If you've ever read any of my Queen Yavara chapters (a full-length novel of almost 260,000 words that I still haven't finished), you'll know that I strive to write lengthy stories with complex characters.

Sex is merely the tool I use to push further character interaction, and I think that is the defining trait that separates erotica from other forms of sexual entertainment. The circumstances, emotions and power-dynamic of those involved are what ultimately, make sex more than just the smashing of parts. I try to paint a graphic picture of the scenarios running through my mind, but I also want to highlight the emotional aspects of the act. I hope I translated my intents well on to your screen, and I hope that you enjoyed reading the God is a Slut series as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Between one-off short stories, I'll be starting a new series (title pending) about the incubus and succubus, that are Rachel's and Lucy's children. It will be a stand-alone piece, but there will be callbacks to this series, including cameos of the starring cast.

Despite some of the heavier parts of the God is a Slut series, I tried to keep most of it lighthearted; I will be taking the exact opposite approach with the story of the incubus and the succubus. I'll try to publish the chapters every two weeks, and I'll try to keep it at or below five chapters total. Once again, thank you all for reading, and for the few comments of positive and negative feedback I've received.

I encourage readers to leave their thoughts below my stories, whether they be good or bad. Special shout out to Sean-007, who's read every chapter, and left encouraging words after most of them. White Walls.