Dandole por el culo a mi esposa

Dandole por el culo a mi esposa
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Hello, my name is Nathan,I live in Chicago & this is my fantasy.

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. I was riding the Blue Line Train heading home & I was about 10 stops away from home when a hot blond enterd the train & sat across from me. She had blond hair to the middle of her back,blue eyes & sexy milky white skin.

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She was wearing a half shirt showing her sexy stomach with a little ring in her navel. She had a short pink skirt on & she had the sexiest legs that lead down to the sexiest feet I have ever seen her nails were painted pink to mach her dress.

I could not keep my eyes off her. I could see up her skirt and see a faint pink color of her panties. My eyes would go from her legs to her sexy feet not noticing she was waching me.

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I looked up at her and she was smiling & said do you like what you see? I said I am sorry I know thats rude but you are gorgeous she smiled & said thank you. I introduced myself & she did the same, she said my name is Sarah where are you headed? I said I am headed home & you ? I am doing the same. She only lives five blocks fom where I live.

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I asked her if she was single & she said yes I just went through a divorce I am 30 & have been married to him for 12 yrs. We got a divorce last month. I got my own place for the first time in 12 yrs & I am loving it. I said what are your plans for tonight? She said well I'll probably go home & check on my cat then go out for a drink & dinner what are you going to do?Well I have no plans & I an single can I join you for dinner?

Sure I dont see why not. So Sarah said I'll meet you at Red Lobster in an hour. See you there I said.

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I went home & took a shower I could not get sarah out of my head all I could think about was them sexy legs& feet.I could not take it any more so I grabed the soap and latherd my cock up & went to town thinking about her sexy body after a couple minutes cum was flying everywhere. I quickly got dressed & off I went. I got there fifteen minutes early so I got us a table. A few minutes later Sarah walked in & sat down I was so glad to see she was wearing the same thing. We orderd us a couple drinks & dinner.

We sat & talked for about an hour and a half eating & drinking. We hit it off great & had alot in common. When we were done I said lets go to the lake & take a boat ride, she quickly said ok that sounds great so we went to the lake & jumped on a boat & off we went. There was not very many people on the boat that just made it all better. We orderd us some drinks & sat at the back of the boat facing each other.

We talked & drank for a while, while we were talking I caughy myself starring at her feet & so did she. Sarah said why do you keep starring at my feet?

I said you have the sexiest feet I have ever seen,she smiled & said thank you thats the first time anyone has told me that. I said when was the last time you had a foot massage? She said years. Would you like one? She said sure I have been walking all day that would feel great. So she slid her shoes off & put her right foot in my lap I grabed her foot & started rubbing it her foot was so soft & smooth the more I rubbed it the harder my dick got.

I was rubbing both feet in no time she was leaning back in the chair loving every minute of it every once in a while she would let out a small moan. I said Sarah have you ever had anyone kiss on your feet? She said no my ex wasnt in to that. By then the boat was reaching it's end. Sarah said Nate that felt so good I dont want you to stop, I said we can go back to my place & I can finish it so off we went.

We went back to my place & I said make your sellf at home I'll get us something to drink so she sat on the couch & I went & made us a couple drink & returned to the living room, she was sitting on the couch she already had her shoes off & up on the autimin. She said would you mind finishing what you started? I said I would love to so I sat on the autimin in front of her & continued her foot massage then I said Sarah remember when I asked you about if anyone kissed on your feet?

Yes is that what you want to do? I said yes if ypu dont mind? She said do what you want as long as it feels good I dont mind at all.

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So I pulled her foot up to my nose getting a good smell of the bottom of her foot, it smelled so good then while I was smelling I slowly stuck my tongue out &started licking & kissing from the heel to the tip of her toes I could taste the salt from the sweat on her feet. When I got to the toes I shoved them in my mouth and sucked on them running my tongue between every toe she was moaning saying O my God that feels so fucking good that is turning me on so much.

Would you mind if I played with my nipples while you do that? I said please do whatever makes you feel good. So she unbuttoned her half shirt & opened it & pulled her bra down under her tits.


She had the sexiest tits they were 36 C with pink nipples that were hard as a rock. She took both hands and rubbed both nipples twisting them between her fingers & thunbs she was moaning like crazy opening her legs while I continued to suckle on each toe. I couldnt take anymore I said Sarah can I fuck your feet? Yes !

So I pulled off my pants & said pull your skirt off so she did there she was lying back on the couch with them pink panties on, I kicked the autimin out of the way& pulled her feet up to my rock hard cock I put my cock between her feet & started fucking it felt so good sliding my cock between her soft,smooth souls of her feet. After a while I said I am going to cum, She said oh no you dont you better save that so I quickly stopped & she pulled the rest of her cloths off & spread her legs & said eat my pussy Nateso I got down between her legs spreaded them wide & went to town sucking on her clit & slowly slid my tongue down into her hole then kept going & sucked on her asshole probing my tongue in & out she was going crazy.

Fuck me Nate she screamed so I took her to my bedI said get in the doggie style position I want to see your sexy ass so she did she stuck her ass in the air & layed her chest on the bed I licked her ass from the top of her crack yo the bottom of her cunt, I stuck my finger in her sopping wet cunt & got it lubed & stuck my middle finger in her asshole & fucked her slowly sliding my finger in& out, she stuck her hand up to her cunt & shoved a couple fingers inside herself.

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After a while she turned over & layed on her back & spreaded her legs & said come hereso I layed between her legs & passionatly kissed her all over her neck slowly going lower & lower until I reached her nipples I slowly licked back&forth across them. Then I lifted up & slid my hard cock in her pussy slowly thrusting in & out gradually getting faster.


She was caressing her nipples & it was driving me crazy so I took both her feet & placed both her big toes on each of my nipples & slowly rubbed them. Then I took one of her feet & shoved it in my mouth while still caressing my nipple with the other one. After a while I could not hold it no longer, I said O' baby I am going to cum, so she quickly sat up & said cum in my mouthshe opened wide I put the head of my cock on her tongue, gave it a few hard jerks then exploded the cum just kept shooting flooding the back of her throat then she swallowed all of it.


We get together all the time & repeat this.