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YouPorn Casual sex with no questions asked
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My Hubby and I go camping for the weekend and meet four guys. Then things get a little carried away. Garry and I decided to go camping for a long weekend. We wanted to go to a secluded park a couple hours away.

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It is right where a small lake and a stream come together where we can swim if it is warm and there is a good fishing as well. We walked for about two hours and decided to take a break near a small secluded part of the Lake.

I peeled off my clothes and jumped into the cold water. Gary got the camera out and took some pictures of me showing of my pussy and Ass. After about 1/5 hour I got out of the water and went over to him and gave him a big hug.

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I have the greatest hubby in the world and i said i'm so horny let's go back to camp and fuck like hell. We got dressed and headed out on the last part of the walk. When we got to the camp site, we were disappointed to see a group of guys were already there. The four guys saw us walk up and We started talking with them and found out this was their last night and they planned to head out in the morning.

They told us we were welcome to join them if we wanted. They had caught some fish and were just getting ready to fry them up for dinner.

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They had come in with plenty of provisions so they had a lot more supplies than us. The guys told us that this was a getaway for Jason who was getting married the following week. They were really nice guys so I offered to make dinner for everyone so the guys sat around a make shift table and played cards and had a few beers with Garry.

After dinner we were all sitting around the camp fire having some more beers. I was enjoying being the centre of attention and was keeping up with the guys drinking. I was more than a little tipsy but I was having a good time. One of the guys was looking at Garry's camera and found the pictures of me, all the guys started looking at them.

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There was no doubt they were turned on by the pictures and I noticed the hard on's in their pants, I looked over at Garry with a smile on my face, he knew I was horny as hell, so I walked over to him and said these guys are getting horny looking at my photos so how about if they get to see the real thing, and how about a little gang bang fun, he said sounds like fun to me.

I asked the guys if they liked why they saw in the photos and if they were interested in Gang banging me, I would be more than happy to offer them my body for some fun, of course they said yes, who wouldn't.

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One of the guys got a sleeping bag and set it out on the ground. I then walked over to Jason and told him since he is the guest of honour he could go first and he could do to me anything he wanted.

Jason had me get on all fours and he scooted up and slid into me from behind. He grabbed me hips and started fucking me hard and fast like he was a dog or something, There was no foreplay at all but I was horny just from the excitement of being used as a sex object. I liked it this way and doing it in front of Garry and the other guys was really turning me on, I love guys watching me and waiting for their turn, soon I was starting to scream as I was reaching my first Orgasim! Jason was also getting close and he said he wanted to cum in my mouth.

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which was ashame because I love my pussy full of guys cum, He pulled out and I flipped around and took him in my mouth and sucked and stroked him until he unloaded. I swallowed it down, thanked him and said the best man could go next.

Scott came over to me and had me lie down on my back and he fucked me in the missionary position and he came in my pussy.

John was next and he fucked me in missionary also. Mike was next and got me back on all fours and with cum dripping out of my pussy he rammed his cock in me so hard, and just started fucking me. He stuck a finger in my sloppy pussy along side his dick and lubed it up then stuck it in my ass.

He dropped a nice large load into my pussy, it felt so nice I had three guys cum in me now and my pussy was just dribbling with cum. Last time my pussy was that full was when I let the miniature horse fuck me at the farm.

Jason was hard again and I asked if he wanted to fuck me in the ass, something I do enjoy. He put a finger in my pussy and used the mixed juices to lube up my back door. He then placed his cock at the entrance to my Ass and pushed hard as he could and just buried his cock into me. Once he was all the way in, he started pumping it in and out and he lasted a little longer this time but still was pretty quick and then he buried it as deep as he could one last time and he came deep into me.

I let Scott, John, and Mike fuck my pussy one more time and then finished the night by giving Jason a blow job swallowing down another one of his loads before we headed back to our camper. In the morning I woke up and walked out side to see the boys and they were just sitting around the campfire when they asked if they could all get one last fuck before they head out, So I said to the guys you can fuck any hole you want, Jason's cock was up so he got to go first, he went for my pussy.Mike was up next he went for my pussy as well.

Scott came out of the tent with his own tent pole in his shorts he wanted a head job so I knelt down in front of him and sucked him off letting him cum in my mouth.

This time rather than swallow, I walked over to to my hubby Garry and sucked his cock with all of Scotts cum in my mouth. John then came out and he too had a hard on.


I went over to him and he wanted to fuck my ass. John said his wife always refused and he was dying to try it. I said ok and got down on all fours, he lubed his cock and my ass and then rubbed his hard cock up and down my Ass Cheek, John started fucking me with long hard thrust's the fantasy of the anal sex was too much for him and he unloaded quickly into my Ass.


The guys all got packed up and left we did get their contact numbers and all agreed to catch up for some fun down the track'''