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Gay sex positions for good pleasure photos and free gay fat guy nude
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Franks Wife part 3, Sue helps out her friend, Cindy. Story by: SindyxSin AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a continuing sexual story. It may have some rough sex and should not be read by people not into that type of sex. It's not for everyone, pain, humiliation and other sex acts used to degrade a person it not for everyone. If this turns you on I'm happy but please don't try any of this on unwilling partners.

Story that precede this are, Franks wife and Franks sex toy. subtitled: Paul's gets a new sex Toy, his own wife. Paul arrived home feeling a little guilty after just having sex with Sue his best friend's wife. Little did he realize the whole thing had been planned by his wife, Cindy.

Sue had done her part giving Paul something to think about when he had sex with her. Now it was up to me to convince him I could be as much fun as Sue. She was wild and always ready for sex something both her and her husband, Frank enjoyed doing and talking about. Paul was always more uptight than Frank but I knew a little more convincing could change that and make him more like Frank. Paul was pleasantly surprised when he walked in the door, Cindy was waiting for him wearing one of her sexy nightie's.

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As he stood there admiring her thoughts of Sue popped into his mind. His wife Cindy was young like Sue a bit skinnier but she still had a nice body. She had nice firm tits with Rosebud nipples, a nice thin waist and underneath her curly blonde hair a pretty pink pussy. Thinking about how much he enjoyed fucking his wife he wished he could get his cock up so he could fuck her.

Sue had worn him out and he knew he needed rest before he could possibly do that with his wife. His heart skipped a beat as told him she was horny and wanted to have sex. "That would be nice and if I wasn't so tired I would love to take you to the bedroom and have sex but I am really am tired, "he mumbled. She strolled over to him and started to rub his crotch, "I thought we could do it right here in the living room," she softly told him. He repeated he wanted to but he was too tired.

Backing up she gave him a funny look, "Too tired? I thought all you did was watch the game at Frank's how could that make you too tired? Oh let me guess, you were so busy staring at Sue and thinking about her that you got hard and came. Now you can't get hard again right? Maybe I'm going to have to be a little more like her so you would be more interested in me again," she pouted and went to bed. He didn't have a good night's sleep all he could do was think about sex.

Cindy was wild about sex, she was fun but nothing like Sue. His thoughts about Sue and how she loved being her husbands sex toy did make him think what that would be like if Cindy was his sex toy. In the morning he woke up and glanced at Cindy laying there looking sexy as hell, his cock got hard.

He reached over and started rubbing her belly and as his hand moved down she woke up. "What are you doing," she asked as he tried to slip a finger into her wet pussy. "Think about fucking you," he told her. As she pulled away from him and got up she said, "Good keep thinking about it, did you forget we have to be at Frank and Susan in few minutes? You better get dressed so we can go." "It doesn't matter if were late it's just a barbecue," he complained. Giving him a stern look she said, "I don't want to be late besides it will give you more time to stare at Sue," she laughed.

He mumbled about wasting a perfectly good hard on her response was he should have had it last night. They had a good time at the barbecue and Cindy was right he did enjoy staring at Sue. Thinking about how much fun it was the night before with her. After everybody ate the girls said they were going to use the man cave and didn't want the guys bothering them. All three girls disappeared leaving the guys alone on the patio, where of course the talk was about the girls.

Frank let them know he knew all about last night and asked if they all had fun with Sue. When none of the guys said anything Frank laughed and said, "Don't worry I told you guys how Sue loved sex and enjoying being my sex toy. We both agreed to let you guys see just once how much fun it was having a sex toy. So what did you think?" He asked again. This time the guys told him how great it was and how it had convinced them he had never lied about Sue.

They all had good things to say and realized it was a one time deal. Frank said, he was glad they enjoyed it and went on to say how much he enjoyed having a open marriage with Sue.

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His one remark about the most important part got Paul's attention, when he said the biggest thing was not keeping secrets. That he and Sue always knew what the other one was up to or wanted which made the whole thing work a whole lot better. Paul felt foolish and bad knowing he had a secret he hadn't told Cindy, she thought he had just spent time staring at Sue. Friday night he did more than that and he didn't tell her if she found out the truth before he told her it would be a big problem.

It never crossed his mind not only did Cindy know but right at the moment she was in the man cave watching him screw Sue. The girls were watching the tapes from Friday night and talking about getting their plan to finally work. Sue let them know that Frank was busy trying to get the guys on board with what the girls wanted. Tom left the barbecue to go get something and Jim went with him this gave Paul the chance to ask Harry his burning question.

"You and Sue seemed so happy with your arrangement I was just wondering if you thought Cindy and I could be a lot more like you too?" To his relief Frank took that as a compliment and actually had a suggestion, one that would really change Paul's sex life.

Frank disappeared for a few minutes and returned with two small jars handing them to Paul he told him that's what he needed. Paul looked at the two jars neither one was labeled, the only difference was one was red the other was green. Opening one, Paul thought it looked like hand cream and was about to stick his finger in it when Frank stopped him. "Paul, let me explain what that is I just gave you.

You know how much Sue enjoys sex especially like the party you had last night. She doesn't really need either of those but we use them and here's why. When Sue or I rub a little of the cream from the red jar on her clit and pussy and makes her super horny. Much more than normal, it's hard to explain but that cream will make her pussy warm and then she really needs a cock inside her.

She says it causes some kind of itching feeling inside her, she says it feels good. But to ease the itch she needs a nice cock fucking her. Put some cream on her nipples and it makes them more sensitive, which is nice, keeps them nice and hard. She'll keep feeling that way for a few hours if I don't stop her and use a little cream from the green jar.


The cream actually has one side effect which I really enjoy and so does Sue no matter how many guys fuck her she won't have an orgasm, somehow it blocks her from having one.

After Sue or I are done screwing around I rub a little from the green jar on the head of my cock and fuck her. It counteracts the first one completely, she says her pussy feels like normal and she can even climax once more. It even intensifies her climax giving her what she calls fantastic and wonderful orgasms.

Don't ask me how they work but trust me they work great, Jeff a good friend of ours is a chemist and he developed these and I have used them with absolutely no other side effects. There's only two other things you need Frank told him.

He handed Paul a tube that looked like a tube of toothpaste. This is the best, once you get hard rub a little on head of your dick and you will stay hard for hours. The best part is it has no side effects at all.

It has no odor or taste and wouldn't take away any sensitivity to you or the girl even if she sucks you after you put it on your dick. It will last for hours, Hell I even get to shot multiple loads during our love making thanks to that gel. Now the last thing I have to give you and the most important one, my advice.

Don't expect Cindy to have sex with other guys just because of the stuff I gave you. You both have to look at sex as being different than love. You love each other, so your sex with her is special and different than plan sex. If you want her to be like Sue that's fine but you can't be jealous when she has sex with other people.

Think about it can you do that? Paul understood had lots to think about but promised to tell him how well the creams and gel worked after he tried them. Tom and Jim got back just as the girls came out to join the guys. The girls were giggling as they came over to them, and looked a little different to Paul. He did notice Sue's nipples were pushing hard against her light blouse as she walked over to Frank.

Glancing at Cindy he knew her nipples looked just as good but were hidden under her bra, once more he wished she would be more like Sue. Sue rejoined the girls and once more they started to giggle at something Sue said. The party started to break up and when Cindy walked over Paul he thought she was blushing as she grabbed his hand and squeezed it.

Paul could hardly wait to try the cream and see if it really worked like Frank said it did. It made for a long evening waiting for the right time to try it. He waited till late that night until Cindy fell asleep then using just a little of the red jars cream on his finger he rubbed it on Cindy's clit and pussy.

He barely got to slide his finger inside her before she rolled over away from him. So interested in what he was doing he didn't wonder why tonight she hadn't worn panties like normal. Nothing happened so he sat up in bed and wondered if Frank was playing a joke on him. Before he could decide he noticed Cindy was softly moaning is her sleep, something she normally didn't do.

He loved how she moaned when they had sex and it almost sounded that way now. He decided to wait an hour before waking her up and suggesting they make love. Long before that, Cindy rolled over reached out and wrapped her delicate fingers around his cock. She started stroking it and mumbled she wanted it inside her.

He was more than thrilled when Cindy climbed on top of him and inserted his hard cock into her pussy. She started moving up and down on his cock in her slow methodical style.

He was pleasantly surprised when her style changed and she began moving up and down faster as she tried to reach an orgasm. Being denied achieving her orgasm was causing her to really fuck him, riding his cock like a wild woman the way she used too.

He simply lay there enjoying this nice sensation of having his sexy wife back. He held back coming as long as he could which wasn't that long with the way she was riding him.

He shot his load but that didn't slow her down she continued to bounce wildly on him in desperate need of a climax. He let her go for quite a while before he decided he better give her a climax so he could get some rest. He rolled them over and as he pulled his cock out of her she begged him not to she wanted him to keep fucking her. Ignoring her pleas he went into the bathroom and grabbed the green jar put some of the cream on a washrag and returned to the bedroom.

Cindy was laying there legs open waiting for him to continue fucking her. Unfortunately he hadn't used the stuff Frank had given him to stay hard and his cock was now semi-limp.

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Doubting he would be able to get his cock into her tight pussy even as wet as it was seemed to be a dilemma. She was begging for more and he knew he had to get his cock into her so she would climax he suddenly had a brilliant idea. Something he really enjoyed but Cindy hadn't done in awhile, standing at the foot of the bed he pointed towards his cock, "I'd love to fuck you some more but as you can see I need a little help getting hard again." He didn't need to say anymore as Cindy quickly turned and crawled over to him.

One hand massaged his balls the other held his cock while her tongue licked its head. She continued to lick it for a few minutes before slipping it into her mouth.

Feeling her moist lips wrapped around his cock as she sucked on it cause it to spring back to life. Removing it from her mouth she told him he was hard enough to fuck her now. He told her to turn around so he could fuck her from behind she quickly complied, turned and raised her ass up so he could fuck her. He slid his cock into her waiting pussy and pumped it in and out a few times, causing her to let out soft moans each time he slid into her.

He pulled his cock out repositioned it up against her ass hole. Even though she enjoyed being fucked in the ass she begged him to put it back in her pussy. He reached down between her legs and began to finger her clit. With his fingers rubbing her clit she wiggled her ass and told him to go ahead and fuck her ass if that's what he wanted to do. As he forced the head of his cock into her tight ass he slipped a finger into her pussy. She began wiggling and squirming and pushing her ass back towards him burying his cock completely in her.

He loved how tight her ass felt and began pounding his cock in and out of her as hard as he could. Her moans turn to cries of delight as he rammed his cock in and out of her and fingered her pussy. He shot a second load into her ass before he pulled his cock out of her, she still hadn't climaxed. Telling her if she wanted him to keep fucking her he would but he wanted his cock nice and clean before he put it back in her.

She turned on the bed gave him a look that plainly showed her desire to suck his cock again. Without a word she moved and began licking his cock.

Running her tongue all around his cock and balls she cleaned all of his spent cum and her juices off of him. Once he was satisfied with the job she had done he told her to lie on the bed and spread her legs. While she was busy getting in position he picked up the washcloth and rub the cream on the head of his cock. Staring down at her pussy he commented how nice her pussy would look if it was hairless. She didn't reply to his comment but only begged him to fuck her once more.

Getting between her legs holding his cock he rubbed it up and down her pussy teasing her a little before he slid his cock deep into her pussy. He began to slowly move in and out of her enjoying the fact she was acting like she did when they were on their honeymoon. He continued to slide in and out of her for a few more minutes before he noticed her reaction changing.

Instead of just lying there letting him do all the work each time he slid in she pushed her hips up to meet his thrusts. She pleaded with him to fuck her harder, he automatically started moving faster and ramming his cock harder into her giving her what she wanted a good hard fucking. He was pulling nearly out of her each time he drew back and then slamming his cock as hard as he could into her. With her body twitching and shaking she reached up grabbed his shoulders and let out a loud cry.

She screamed she was coming; her nails racked his back as she exploded with a massive climax. Paul continued to thrust hard into her and it seemed each time he did her body shook from another orgasm. He was exhausted by the time he finished and his sweet young wife was completely satisfied as she hugged him and whispered how great it had been before falling asleep. It felt like he was back on his honeymoon and he had his sexy bride back.

Cindy was in a great mood when they got up if it weren't for work he would've stayed home and enjoyed the day with her. All day at work all he could think about was what an enjoyable night he had thanks to two little jars of cream. He thought tonight he would take her out to dinner and have a few drinks and then spend the evening making love. Walking in the door it was obvious Cindy had other plans as she greeted him wearing her long black silk robe and handed him a glass of wine.

He couldn't help but smile thinking tonight would be another great night. He followed her into the family room; Cindy had the lights turned down low, soft music playing and some candles burning giving it a very romantic atmosphere.

Sitting down he sipped his wine as Cindy sat across from him smiling. "I have a little surprise for you I know you're going to like it," Cindy shyly told him. Smiling back he assured her if it had anything to do with what she was wearing he would. She actually blushed like a schoolgirl when she told him it wasn't what she was wearing but rather something she didn't have. He was a little confused but told her he would like to see it. Cindy stood up and started swaying to the soft music, grabbing the sash on her robe she pulled on it causing her robe to open.

Exposing her sexy white baby doll she was wearing under it. It was very sheer and totally see-through giving him a perfect view of her hard pink nipples that pushed out against the thin fabric. Even though the nightie stopped below her pussy, being so sheer he could see her now clean-shaven pussy with no problem.

She reached down pulled the nightie up enough to completely expose her pussy, "I hope you like it this way, enough to go down on it after you finish fucking it," She giggled. He didn't just like it, he loved how nice it looked and couldn't wait to touch it, fuck it and eat it, he told her. He reached out but she pulled back, "Why don't you get into something more comfortable first," she sweetly told him. He quickly headed for the bedroom removed his cloths, stopping in the bathroom he put a little of the cream on his finger.

He thought about using the stuff to keep him hard but decided it could wait till later. Returning to the family room Cindy was still swaying to the music as he walked over to her and felt her pussy. Of course feeling it wasn't all he was doing he made sure to rub some of that cream on her clit before inserting that finger into her pussy.

She responded by softly moaning as his finger moved in and out of her for a few minutes. As bad as he wanted to fuck her he decided to wait till the cream started to work. Grabbing her they danced slowly enjoying the moment and the music. When that song ended she told him to sit down so she could give him a dance.

She did a very seductive dance something she learned from a friend of hers who was a nude dancer.

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He went to get up when that song ended but she told him to stay put as she planned to give him a lap dance. Her first dance had been seductive but her lap dance was downright sexy. She was dancing over his lap and rubbing her pussy on his hard cock driving him crazy. As soon as that song ended he grabbed his cock held it up so she could sit on it.

Instead of sitting on it she backed away and asked if he had used the gel Frank had given him. His mouth dropped open he was speechless, shocked that she knew about the gel. She gave him her little girlish look and giggled, "Did you forget Sue is a very good friend she told me all about those two little bottles of cream Frank gave you and the gel.

My pussy is getting warm so I know you used the cream now be nice and go use that gel so we can fuck all night." He didn't hesitate going to the bathroom and applying some of that gel to his hard cock. Returning to the family room Cindy had him sit back down so she could as she put it finished her lap dance. Once again moving over his lap she rubbed her pussy against his cock a few times before she grabbed it so she could sit on it.

Sliding down on his cock she began to grind her hips against him rubbing her clit on his hard stomach. She put her hands and his shoulders and began to move up and down, he grabbed her waist helping her increase the speed of her up and down movement. She continued to ride him fast and hard as he shot his first load into her.

They moved from the couch to the floor first with her on the bottom then eventually with her on top. Her body was responding to the cream, her pussy felt like it was on fire and needed to be fucked and wanted a climax.

She knew she wouldn't and that was fine with her, she was enjoying all the other feelings that came along with being fucked. Their incredible evening continued until late at night with the same level of excitement and lust it started with until both of them agreed it was time for Cindy to get her well deserved climax. Applying a little of the other cream to his still hard cock it only took a few minutes for her to explode with a massive climax. That didn't stop him from continuing to fuck her, he kept going ramming his cock in and out of her till her body had exploded with four more massive orgasms, at that point he was exhausted and she was totally satisfied.

He didn't use the creams or gel the rest of the week. The sex was good but didn't last as long, which was OK with him, as he needed some energy for work. Thursday he always met Jim and Tom for lunch, Tom had been acting a little different since that night with Sue and didn't show up.

Paul was a great mood and couldn't wait to tell Jim that he was having as much fun with Cindy his wife as Frank did with Sue. Jim looked depressed and quickly mentioned that he and Frank were very lucky guys. Paul started laughing and told Jim luck had nothing to do with it and told Jim if he wanted to improve his sex life he would need to talk to Frank.

When Paul wrapped up his work that day he couldn't wait to get home he was taking Friday off so tonight would be another great sex night and it was thanks to a little cream and some gel. He woke up in the morning to find Cindy sucking his cock, a very pleasant way to start his day; he found that it was her way of saying thank you for the wonderful sex the last night.

When she was finished she lay next to him giving him the opportunity to kiss and caress her tits. He was softly rubbing her nipples and kissing them she confessed she had talked to Sue about helping improve their sex life.

It turned out he wasn't the only one disappointed in how their sex life had changed. Explaining that the first six months had been wonderful but for some reason after that whenever they made love as soon as she climaxed she felt too tired to continue. That irritated her as much as it had him. She had talked with a Doctor, which was no help that's when she turned to Sue for help. Sue had suggested trying those creams but they both agreed it would be better if Frank gave them to him.

He thought about her explanation and realized that listening to Frank talk so much about his sexy wife had prompted him to ask him for help. Hugging her and kissing her deeply he mumbled how happy it made him that they had such good friends.

Kissing her again he added that their sex life was going to be great from now on. Then kissing her neck he moved down her body kissing her as he went until his head was between her legs. Here he proved how much he liked her hairless pussy. He enjoyed the smell and the taste of her sweet pussy as his tongue licked it and he nibbled on her clit.

He didn't stop using his tongue as her first climax rocked her body but continued licking, sucking and nibbling on her pussy and clit until her legs locked his head in place and she screamed out as she exploded with a massive climax. Her legs held him in place for a few minutes; finally her body relaxed enough and released his head. He moved back up and after a long passionate kiss told her how much he liked her shaved pussy.

Cindy snuggled closer and whispered in his ear, "Do you think it's as pretty as Sue's?" "I'm sure yours is much prettier I know I really enjoy kissing it and fucking it," he whispered back. Reaching around she put her hand on his cock, "So does that mean you prefer fucking and licking my pussy more than hers?" His first thought was to deny fucking Sue, but quickly realized there was no point in lying.

Sue had told her about the creams and gel party and would probably tell her about the party if she didn't already. His best response was to let her know she was the only one he wanted to fuck. Hugging her tightly he told her she was the only one he wanted to fuck.


To his surprise Cindy started laughing, "I hope not it might be fun watching you fucking some other girls." "What do you mean you watching me fuck some other girls?" Paul asked.

"The better question is do you want me to be a sex toy like Sue?" She frankly asked. He wanted to tell her no but thinking about Sue his cock started getting hard which he couldn't hide because Cindy's hand was holding it.

His first response was telling her he wasn't sure he wanted a slutty wife. "You think Sue is a slut because she likes sex so much?

If I remember correctly you enjoyed my telling you about men fucking me when we made love." His cock got stiff at the thought of that, when they were first married he really enjoyed hearing about her other boyfriends. Cindy squeezed his hard cock, "It feels like that thought still turns you on.

I don't think Sue is a slut I think she just enjoys a very nice open marriage. So tell me truthfully would you like me to be more like sue and be your sex toy?" He couldn't lie, "To have you act more like Sue would be nice, but" he managed to confessed before Cindy playfully squeezed his cock hard and giggled.

"I hope your not about to say that your not good with sharing your toys. I think it would be fun and we could both enjoy it if you're willing to share that pussy your finger is in and your cock is hard enough to fuck." The thought of sharing Cindy was kind of thrilling and he did owe her one for fucking Sue.

"Maybe it would be fun actually seeing you getting fucked rather than just hearing about it." Cindy squeezed his cock again, "Being your fuck toy does come with a few rules. We will use that cream but you have to be the only one that makes me climax, I don't want to climax for strangers. I won't let any of our friends fuck me with the exception of Frank.

You have to promise, I can always refuse to have sex with the guy or girl by using a safe word, do you agree?" With a big smile he told her, "Why don't you climb on my cock while I think about it." This time without any cream to aid them Cindy's first climax exploded within minutes but unlike before that didn't stop her from continuing to ride his cock. He gave her two more climaxes before they were both tired and decided to take a break.

Lying on top of him she asked if he agreed to her terms. "Yes, yes I always wanted a sex toy like Frank." Cindy had one other request, at first it sounded strange but he understood her reasoning and completely agreed with her. She wanted her first encounter to be with a guy who didn't turn her on.

She wanted him to pick a guy who he thought she would never have sex with just to see if they could handle it. She wanted to see if it bothered him to watch her have sex with a stranger and more importantly to see if she could handle being fucked by someone she didn't like.

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If it didn't bother him watching and she didn't mind being used by a stranger she would be his sex toy just like Sue was Frank's. They planned their first outing she didn't dress up real sexy but showed enough leg to make men notice her. Sue had suggested they go with her and Frank to the sex club but Cindy decided to save that for some other time. They didn't have any special place in mind but wanted to make sure it wasn't a place where they would meet any friends.

Before leaving the house her husband applied some of the cream to make her hot. They left the green bottle at home thinking they would finished her evening with sex at home. They picked a bar down near the Navy base and obviously some ship had come in because the place was pretty crowded, they managed to get two seats at the bar.

Sipping her wine she could feel the cream starting to affect her pussy, it was getting warm and she felt the need to have a cock inside her. Even sitting next to her husband a few guys tried hitting on her, some were cute and she wouldn't have minded having sex with them. She turned all of them down and waited for her husband to make a selection.

She noticed there was a big guy sitting next to her husband talking to him. She got a pretty good look at him, he was an older guy probably in his late forties.

She didn't pay any more attention to him and just sipped her wine. Her husband tapped her on the shoulder and she turned towards him.

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"I'd like you to meet my new friend, Jack," her husband told her. Giving him a polite smile she said hello and looked him over. Not only was he much older then her he was little drunk, unshaven and his hands were filthy like those of mechanic. Leaning close to her husband she whispered in his ear, "you've got to be kidding." Her husband didn't reply to her remark but turned to Jack, "So what do you think?" Jack gave him a big grin and said, "Sure there's a place around back that would work just fine." Her husband told her to finish her drink, in one quick swallow she finished her drink and followed both men out of the bar.

Having sex with a guy she didn't like would really be something different for her all the men before had been boyfriends. Now tonight it would be a complete stranger and as she requested a guy who didn't turn her on.

Following Jack's lead they walked around to the back of the bar and down the dark alley. Halfway down the alley Jack stopped turned and said this place was as good as any. Panic gripped her, not only did this guy expect to fuck her he wanted to do it out in public. She was still frozen in place when Jack stepped towards her holding his stiff cock in his hand.

She stared at it, alarmed at the sight of the man's cock, it looked huge. "Well go on suck it, he said you like sucking cocks before they fuck you so suck it," Jack said. By this time her pussy felt like it was on fire and she really wanted to be fucked. Rather than get on her knees and ruin her stockings she simply bent over and started by licking his cock head.

As she parted her lips and lowered her mouth over his cock she realized it wasn't that big like it first looked. She was busy sucking on his cock Jack or maybe her husband reached behind her and unzipped her dress.

Moving her arms she let her dress fall free no longer worrying about being in public. She continued to suck his cock until he told her he was ready to fuck her.

Standing up the dress fell to her ankles revealing her lace bra, garter belt and panties. Jack took a moment to study her body then commented she didn't need her panties if she wanted to be fucked. She slowly removed them dropping them on her dress and throwing both to the side out of the way.

She swallowed hard, parted her legs and asked if he wanted to touch her pussy. It felt strange as his rough hand moved over her silky smooth flesh touching her were no stranger ever had.

Her heart was pounding, letting a stranger feel her pussy was a new experience and she was enjoying it. She hoped it wouldn't be long before his cock replaced his hand. She didn't want him to waste any time with foreplay she just wanted to be fucked.

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It was almost as if she could read her mind as he grabbed her arms and pushed her back against the building. With her back firmly pressed against the building he stepped between her legs and guided his cock directly into her pussy. She had only been fucked standing up once before and hadn't really enjoyed that time. This time being fucked by a stranger and in public definitely added to the excitement of being fucked. She had never had sex like this before and it really was fun.

She understood why Sue enjoyed letting a complete stranger fuck her it was exciting. For an older guy Jack could really fuck as he continued banging away at her pussy. The zipper on his pants was biting into her pussy lips as he rammed his cock into her adding to her excitement. It seemed like he went on for a long time before he really rammed his cock hard into her and shot his load.

Pushing that hard against her the zipper really bit into her pussy lips causing her to let out a cry. To both men it sounded more like a cry of pleasure rather than one of pain. Even with that hard fucking and the excitement she didn't climax. When Jack was done and pulled his cock out she forgot about her stockings and dropped to her knees, quickly engulfing his cock in her mouth.

Licking and sucking his cock she could taste not only his Cum and her juices but the strawberry flavoring from her douche. She did a great job sucking his cock until he pulled back removing it from her mouth satisfied with her. Standing up she leaned against the wall and politely asked him if he had enjoyed her. He assured her he had really enjoyed it and would love to see her again sometime. Jack zipped up his pants thanked her husband and headed back to the bar.

Her husband quickly came over to her and asked if she had enjoyed the evening. Smiling she said that fucking a stranger in public and in front of him was wonderful and asked if he enjoyed watching her being fucked. He did and from the looks of his pants she really didn't need to ask, the large bulge in his pants told the whole story. Still catching her breath she told him the best part of his night was still to come.

Meaning when they got home and he fucked her and gave her a climax; little did they realize two other men had been watching her. She was still leaning against the wall semi nude when both men walked over catching her and her husband by surprise. Both men assumed she was a local whore and that her husband was her pimp.

When they asked what the going rate was before her husband could respond she asked them if they were sailors. Both looked taken back and said, "Hell no, where Marines." She giggled at them and said, "Marines are free which one wants to fuck me first or do you both wanted to fuck me at the same time." Both men quickly stepped forward and without any concern for being in public dropped their pants.

She studied their cocks for a minute both were hard, she was glad to see that she didn't have to waste anytime sucking them. Suggesting one get on the ground so she could ride his cock and the other could fuck her ass. There was no argument between the guys one of them quickly got on the ground. She didn't waste any time getting over him and quickly sat on his cock.


Sliding all the way down on his cock she buried it deep in her pussy and quickly rose up withdrawing all but the tip before she slammed back down on it. She was fucking him so hard her tits popped out of her bra. The Marine quickly grabbed them and pulled her down stopping her bouncing for a minute. The other guy stepped behind her, spread her ass open and thrust his hips forwards, she let out a loud moan as his aim was good and his cock pushed deep inside her.

The Marine released her tits and let her start rocking back and forth on both cocks. She was moving back and forth rather fast burying both cocks as deep in her she could. Although they were young Marines they didn't have the stamina of Jack. Both began shooting their loads almost simultaneously inside her. She continued to rock back and forth until the cock in her ass was to limp to stay there, as it slid out of her she got off the other Marine, moved a little out-of-the-way and told them she would suck their cocks.

She spent a lot of time licking and cleaning their cocks and balls before she was done. Both guys were thrilled especially since it was free and as they said one hell of a great fuck.

She stayed on her knees while the Marines wandered off, secretly hoping someone else had been watching and wanted to fuck her. Her pussy was super hot and she wouldn't mind more cocks before her husband finished off her night at home. She waited a while before it was obvious no one else was in the alley, then getting up she slipped her dress on and asked if her husband was ready to take her home. His response surprised her, he unzipped his pants and pull his hard cock out.

"Fuck, watching you gave me blue balls. How would you like to suck this before we leave?" He asked. He had his answer when she dropped back on her knees and motioned for him to come over. Not only did he get his cock sucked she insisted he fuck her there in the alley before they headed home. Things worked out as they hoped when they got home, she played with his cock getting him hard again then rubbed some of that gel on it to keep it hard.

She wanted to be fucked a lot more before she let him use the cream so she could climax. Her climax that night was the biggest and best she had ever had, that is up until that point, many more great ones would follow as she truly became a his sex toy.

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