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Sex massage service available in nagpur
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Little Lisa (…in a world that isn't but ought to be…) Chapter Two Lisa ran the last 3 blocks to school. She hadn't taken the time to put on her panties and her little prick bounced up and down beneath her skirt the whole way.

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She'd hoped some park perv would've sucked her off but the fat old man didn't seem to have much interest in her tiny uncut prick. She tried to remember how many times she'd jerked it up hard listening to her mommy getting ass-fucked last night but it was all a blur… she hadn't shot her load then and she hadn't shot it since and her little cherry balls felt like water-balloons.

A carload of High School boys passed yelling obscenities and gesturing out the window but she paid them no mind. Mr. Dexter was out watering his flowers like usual with his fly open and his prick poking out like a dog's wet nose but she just smiled and waved and kept running. The school bell rang before she got there.

she dashed up the steps and burst into the first floor girls lavatory. A bio-girl named Nanci was leaning against the sink puffing on a cigarette. She took one look at Lisa and chuckled. "Who'd you blow?" Lisa looked in the mirror. A flaky crust of dried cum streaked her jaw and forehead and her hair hung in thick stiff strands… the old man had wiped the last of the cum out of his pubes with it.

"Hold it." Nanci said reaching over plucking a long grey pube off Lisa's cheek. "What's this?

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A souvenir? And look at your hair girl.

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ugh! It smells like some guy's dirty butt." Lisa grabbed a handful of hair and smelled it. she started to cry. Nanci quietly put down her cigarette, wet a paper towel and sponged it through Lisa's hair and told her to clean her face. Lisa was mortified but touched at the attention. Nanci was a grade older and Lisa didn't know her that well. She blushed and washed her face. "A-ah needed lunch money." "I guess you did. Where'd you go, the park?" "Un-huh." "Were there many pervs?" "Just one, a fat old man." she started but Nanci finished her sentence ".'with long grey pubes who stuck his short fat dick in your mouth and pumped his cumload all over your pretty face and hair'.

Ever notice how much cum pervs pump out?. why their cumloads are always so big?. it's 'cause they've been jerking on their cocks for hours, maybe days without unloading before they find some sweet little nasty slut to spurt it on.

Nothing like bathing in a 5-day load of perv jizz to overwhelm a gurl." She giggled and took a last drag on her cigarette and tossed it into the toilet of an open stall.

"C'mere." She dried Lisa's face and ran a brush through her hair and helped her with her makeup, even loaning her eyelash brush.

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Lisa was thankful for the kindness… she was already 10 minutes late to her first class. Nanci was a Puerto Rican/Greek mix bio who'd started puberty early. She had creamy brown skin, yummy pear-shaped tits she liked to show-off at the slightest provocation and thick black wavy hair that hung to her shoulders and jounced when she walked. The only thing marring her young exotic beauty was a big Greek nose that jutted out of the middle of her face like a beak. "Papa says for my 16th birthday he'll pay for a nose job," she'd say.

"I don't know whether to believe him or not. he likes shooting his cum up my nostrils too much." and she'd open her eyes big and snort and pretend to gag then buckle over with laughter. She had an unruly tangle of thick curly black pubes that she complained about all the time, saying how she had to shave it every day because her Papa and brother hated lapping their tongues on stubble. She'd lift her skirt and pull her panties to the side showing all the girls gathered in the lavatory her swollen stubbly light-brown cunt.


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Can you believe I shaved it just before bed last night? What a hassle." she'd groan. Lisa liked her. Most bio-girls were so two-faced about their sexual experiences, and they were all a little snotty about tranny gurls, sensing a strange competition they had no control over.

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But not Nanci. She didn't have any qualms about sharing every detail about her sex life, and age and grade didn't matter to her a bit, she never pulled rank on any girl no matter how old or how experienced she was or what she had between her legs. She understood what was expected of a young slut and happily delivered the goods without a fuss. That's why she was a favorite with her teachers and always got good grades whether she studied or not.

If she needed an 'A' on a test she'd go to her teacher's office after class and earn her 'A' on her knees or bent over a chair. "There! You look almost presentable." she giggled.


"Your first period teacher is Mr. Richards, isn't it? What are you gonna tell him?" "I don't know! He's sure to make a scene about it," Lisa fretted. "Where do you sit?" "Front row, a couple of seats to the side of his desk." "You're one of his bridesmaids!

No sweat girl, he'll make some rude lewd comments, he always does, it gets his dick hot and puffy… keep your panties in your purse and flash your pretty clitty at him every chance you get, don't worry, he'll quiet up quick. I had Mr.

Richards year before last… he's a major panty-pervert and basically harmless, likes staring at all the girls crotches and beating off into a pair of dirty undies after class… his top drawer is full of them, all stiff with his cum!

I gave him a pair of my panties right off… I wore 'em for like two weeks solid so they'd be nice and smelly and caked with pussy ooze, he likes that a lot.

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He sat me in the front row too and I gave him split beaver shots every single day. Unless he's gotten more depraved and daring that's all he really wants. I sailed through his class with an 'A' and didn't have to suck him off or anything, not once! 'Course, sitting there everyday with my hairless pussy pie open to the breeze wasn't exactly fun in winter.

my cunt 'bout froze!" Nanci seemed so worldly, so wise. The two of them had never spoken more than a few words to each other and Nanci wasn't really a member of Lisa's group of friends. She was a loner, kind of a free agent. Sometimes she'd hang with those in the bleachers for a day or two then float into the orbit of one or another of the main bio-girl groups. But she didn't seem to fit in with them much either… most of the bio-girls were phonies and back-biting liars and Nanci didn't mince words and she didn't suffer fools.

So she floated from group to group and stayed by herself a lot, which seemed to suit her just fine. "Say gurlfriend, are you wearing padding or are you budding real boobies?" Lisa looked down at her blouse.

The top button was undone giving Nanci a clear shot of her loose trainer and tiny breasts. "My mom's been giving me estrogen. My boobs just started growing a few months ago." "Nice! How's your 'package'?" "My what?" "Your cock and balls, hon. how's your sausage and meatballs?" "Okay, I guess. It tingles and gets hard all the time." "You spurting yet?" "Un-huh.

lots!" "Oh yummy! Show me!" Lisa hiked her skirt up to her belly-button. She was all a-twitter hoping Nanci might want to wrap her voluptuous Latin lips around her stiff little prick and suck it… it'd only take a pull or two for Lisa to start spraying cum like a firehose.

Nanci squatted in front of her and peered intently at her tiny dangling piece of pink meat… she didn't say a word, she just stared at it this way and that. Lisa flushed red and and her cock started to tingle and swell. no girl had ever made her stand at attention while they stared at her clitty like that. She laughed nervously and Nanci looked up. "What??" she asked. "I just realized it's easier showing my clitty to some pervert I've never even seen before than you." Nancy smiled and stroked her fingers along Lisa's swollen shaft tip to balls.

She rubbed her little cherry balls and peeled back the foreskin and tongued her piss-slit deep, then swallowed Lisa's cock whole and drew off it slowly with her lips clamped tight.

Lisa groaned and shivered and her legs started to wobble… she grabbed the sink counter with both hands to keep from crumpling to the floor. Nanci's hands danced warm up the back of Lisa's tender thighs and clutched her plump round cheeks and opened them wide.


"Umm… such a nice soft ass." she cooed rubbing her hand up and down in Lisa's moist crack. "Can you see in the mirror?" Lisa turned enough to see the light brown up her deep crack turn to hot pink around her bulging hole and it was puckering in and out and she realized she was hyper-ventilating. Lisa thought her knees would buckle as blood rushed hot to her cock. "Umm… such a responsive young gurl… with such a nice plush ass." Nanci cooed.

She kneaded Lisa's butt cheeks slow and cat-like before giving them a burning slap. She flicked her tongue at Lisa's balls then glanced up at her impishly with her mouth poised open. Lisa's little dicklet quivered and sweat broke out on her forehead as Nanci circled her tongue round and round the tip. Lisa was sure she had a quart-load of cum to spray strait down Nanci's throat. "Works just like it should." Nanci said with a grin and rose to her feet.

"Tastes good too, your precum is yummy." She looked into Lisa's eyes for what seemed like an eternity gripping her tiny stiff prick. "Bet you thought I was gonna suck you off, didn't you?" Lisa blushed and stammered a response.

"Ah… I was k-kinda hoping." "It's verrry tempting hon, but I already swallowed my Daddy's load before school and I'm due to swallow Mr. Jenkins load in 15 minutes, and that's before lunch!

No wonder I'm putting on weight! Maybe we can work out a trade.


I just love having my ass eaten real deep." she said with a wicked grin, then added "You're going to be very popular with the boys AND the girls Lisa." Lisa beamed. Nanci gave her pulsating cock one last squeeze and let it go, then bent over the sink and checked her makeup in the mirror. Lisa's head was swimming.

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She knew she was in the lavatory but she wasn't sure why. When she came to her senses and glanced in the mirror she was still holding up her skirt with her little prick sticking strait out. She was sure she'd never make it through Mr. Richard's class without it spurting hot cum like a volcano.

She dropped her skirt but her prick still pushed out the fabric. She lifted it again and smiled hoping Nancy would take pity on her and pull her into a stall and suck on it a little more.

But Nanci wasn't interested, she just stared in the mirror arranging her hair and practicing coy young girl glances. She covered her lips with bright red lipstick, rolled them together and pooched them out.

"Time for me to earn an 'A' for this afternoon's math quiz. I'm on 'pay-forward' with Mr. Jenkins." she giggled. "Don't forget to clean your knees." she said and sashayed out the door with her skirt swaying.

Lisa heard the click-click-click of her half-heels receding down the empty hallway outside.