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Bajo falda de culona calzon balnco
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"Thank you for the advice and support from everyone to help make this day happen." Colette, the 32 years old woman with short black hair in the smart white chef uniform who had just been promoted to be the sous chef said thanking and smiling to her colleagues in the full-functional kitchen of the 5-stars bistro where she worked, all of them respond by joyful cheer and raised their wine glasses in their hands to her.

Everyone sipped their wine after the cheering except Colette as she was for waiting someone, someone that was so important to her in her entire culinary career, then in a few seconds the person she is waiting on walked through the back door after finished talking on his cell phone. "And thanks you very much sir, Chef Gusteau, thanks for accepting me as an apprentice and the opportunities you have given to me over the last 4 years ago until today, thanks you Sir." Colette said.

That person who was in his late 50's, a fat man with black-grey hair and dressed in a well-tailored white chef outfit. He picked up his glass of wine on the counter and raised it to congratulate her, not saying a thing but only smiled. The smile made her feel surprised and shocked as well as the other kitchen staffs including the one who was recording the video of the whole celebrating via his smartphone.

The celebration lasted a few hours. Although now Colette was the sous chef it didn't make her too snobbish as in helping other kitchen staff in clearing the kitchen before go back to her apartment, that's why everyone liked her and thought she deserved for this promotion.

"Goodnight Chef Gusteau, see you tomorrow sir." Colette said to her boss after she put two large garbage bags in the dumpster behind the bistro, in the same area of the staff's parking spaces. "You too Mrs.

Lorenz, and again, I'm so glad to have a person who has the talent and cuisine skill like you in our kitchen, see you tomorrow." He replied back with a quite stern face as same as normal, before popping in the driver compartment of his black Renault 25 and drove off the parking space on to the road.

"You are so amazing, Colette." Albert, the slight-chubby middle age man with trim moustache who was the saucier said to her after popping out from the back door with Bonnie, a young girl who was another colleague is the desserts and cold dishes chef. "For taking the large garbage bags to the dumpster and helping everyone clearing the kitchen, Mr.

Anderson?" She replies teasingly in friendly tone. "No no, we mean…you can make him smile." Bonnie explained. "I also feel as same as you, this is the first time I have seen him smile since I worked here." Colette said. "Longer than that lass, this is the first time we have seen him smile in the workplace or may be whole of his time since I worked under his command." What Albert said made her feel more surprised as he had worked here longest of all the recent staff that meant their boss had never smiled for nearly decade.

"Anybody know why?" Colette asked. "He never said and as long as that's not affecting our work. It may be to private for him to share, we don't want to bring it to a head." Bonnie explained. "Hmm.Thanks for letting me known that, ok I will go now, see you tomorrow." Colette said sayiny goodbye to her colleagues and walked to her red Geo Storm that was parked nearby.

Knowing about the smiling of her master make her feel so proud, and worthy for herself, Colette never feel so good and happy like this since she graduated from the culinary school, may be since she was born as the orphan girl. Colette found out she liked cooking and anything about culinary service. One day when she volunteered to work in the mess hall of the orphan house that was her roof since she could remember until she was a teenager.

Colette's diligence and industrious nature was awarded with a scholarship from once of the famous boarding culinary school where she graduated with the quite outstanding grades within 4 years. Then Colette's world started to fail her again, since her graduation as she didn't have any restaurants (although non 5-stars) accept her requirement for apprenticeship or respond to her resumes.

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Colette had a prep-cook position and then for 2 years she worked as the fast food chain scullion after she graduated. Colette's dream and hopes to become a chef for cooking on the real food was dying slowly. Until the day when she received the formal letter from Gusteau's that she was accepted to the apprenticeship that she had applied for after sending the requirements and resume few months earlier.

Colette was to work under Chef Francis Gusteau command directly and works on the real food in his award-winning restaurant. That made her feels like someone had pulled her out from the dark cave to meet the sunlight again. She had seen him in some previous culinary art magazines, but when she see him at Gusteau's, the aura of strength and respectability that the fat head chef radiated to her.

He was quite strict and had an almost unreadable face all the time when he was on duties and every time she had seen him, but she felt secure and warm every time he was nearby, He was more like a father than master to her (and whole staff), advised, supported, taught, guided everything that's necessary for her to progress in this career as she wished and wanted.

From the feeling of loyalty and respecting Colette become enamored and attracted to her master, the fat head chef who never smiled and was so strict but made her and everyone who worked under his command feel good and secure, his rotund stomach and 350 pound wide body under the chef uniform look so appealing in her eyesight, his pudgy face and double chin look so touchy, his movement on the kitchen duties looked so active and powerful like a sumo wrestler in the ring, his voice was soft but firm, everything in this fat older man make her adore him so much.

That's was only Colette thinking, doing anything that over the line of "boss-employee / apprentice-mentor zone" can turn everything upside down ruin her career, make her idol look at her as the slut who would climb up the chef rank by using boobs and pussy, Or perhaps make him think Colette would see him as the perverted old man who promoted her because he wanted to fuck her. She's not sure if she had proved herself in his kitchen to a degree to have special attention from him, especially something that's more than a working and apprenticeship-thing.

A Month later, the routine in Gusteau's was going on as normal; becoming the sous chef didn't affect Colette's relationship with her colleagues. She didn't mind to help them in working, still hanging out with them in lunch break and sometimes after work, and still working hard and dedicated as in the past.

Everyone loved her and was glad to have her as the 2nd in command. The night was Saturday and the service just closed, Colette and the whole staff were clearing the kitchen and preparing themselves for go back to their homes or hang out late that night because tomorrow was Sunday.

Chef Gusteau was still in his office, sitting in the comfy leather chair behind the large oak desk, looking at documents in his meaty hand and was interrupted by the soft knocking on the door.

"Come in." He said to the person who walked through the door was Colette with the folder in her hand. "The accounts and everything is here Chef Gusteau, today we were given more tips, more than expected." Colette said the fat head of the chef nodded while eying her documents.

Colette was eyeing at something while waiting for her master words, as same as other times in the past when she was in his office, ever since the first day she was here, the picture of the man in chief's uniform who was young well-built like super model in the wooden frame sitting on the desk aside the black old fashionable push-button telephone.

The picture may be over 3 decades old from the color- tone quality, Colette only wondered but never asked him, other colleagues also don't know about that. They only predicted that's may be Chef Gusteau in the past or his relative.

"I know you wondering who that handsome man, Mrs. Lorenz?" Chef Gusteau noticed and asked, snapping her back from the wondering. ".Yes sir," she admitted.

"Er.Please take a seat, Mrs. Lorenz." He invited her to sit like the pupil in the headmaster's office, her master putting down all documents and sighed.

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"Exclude Rajit, the previous sous-chef, I have never talked about this pic&hellip.that's me when I was 28." Chef Gusteau explained, The answer make the young sous chef eyes open wide and her jaw drop.

"That's the day I worked as the saucier in Grand Deliant Hotel, I also as same as you, I was fond of good foods and culinary arts since a youth. I grew up with only my mom and she's the only one who supported the life and the dream I chose and I promised to her she would see me as the head chef and have my own restaurant in one day, but she never saw it, a car accident took her life only few days after this photo was taken." The back ground life of her master made Colette feel so stunned and so sad.

"I have become the last Gusteau who's still alive and feel like the whole world has collapsed. I thought more dedication and hard work would whip me out that sad memory, but no, my mom on the mortuary's steel bed and funeral stuck in my mind, and then I found out not only cooking that made me forgot that and feel happy again, but more eating…" Gusteau paused to sip the water in the glass near bye.

"I eat like the glutton pig when I have the opportunities, not only snacks but both from my cooking and any places I can go, every time I bite the food, chew it and swallow it. This is the only time the tired and sadness wiped out from my mind. For nearly five years I did it to relieve my stress and when I felt sad.


My weight rose from 170 pounds to 440 pounds and that nearly ruined my life and my entire career. I fainted once day while working and doctor said I should stop eating like I had been if I wanted to see my 50th birthday and in that time I also lost the opportunities to get the promotion for a sous chef position too." Chef Gusteau said, his apprentice still listening but astonished.

"I knuckled down and got back line again as I should have, ate normally but still too much when compared to others.

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I worked hard with dedication as I should have done until I was promoted to be the head chief and now have the Gusteau's as you see today." "I'm so glad you have past that worst period quite well." Collette returned in a shaking voice. "Sorry if some part so bothers you Mrs. Lorenz, I decide to tell you this because since I observed you while working and seen on your resume, some of your background, you're quite foodie and I hope you don't do as same as I done when I was young as you." He paused for another water sip before continuing.

"It's not wrong to have the pleasure with food more than basic need, but not let it take over yourself and ruin your life." Gusteau said in the soft but firmly tone. "Thanks for the concern and the valuable lesson sir, chef Gusteau." Colette said. "You're welcome, Mrs. Lorenz, Ok, all documents are fine and don't have anything for today yet, If you need any help or advise that I can help with don't hesitates to see me in the office or call to my cellphone." Gusteau said.

"Yes Sir Chief Gusteau, Errr&hellip.are you busy on tomorrow?" Colette asked, surprising Gusteau a little. "No, Mrs.

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Lorenz, why?" Guesteau asked "I see a newly opened bakery café named Bombur at the corner of Laurel Street and lf you don't mind I would like to invite you to have a coffee with me and consult about the new dealing with the meat supplier." At least Colette had the nerve to ask her master to hang out with her, thanks for the excuse of business dealing things that's made this invitation look so credible.

Chef Francis Gusteau feel silent a few seconds before accepting her invitation. "Business chatting with coffee and pastry is sound good Mrs.

Lorenz, How about on 10 AM?" "Yes sir chef Gusteau, anything else?" she asked. "Nothing Mrs. Lorenz, see you tomorrow." He replied saying good bye to her; she nodded and left his office, walking to her car with smiles on her face. The business chatting between Colette and her master went as well as she hoped on the next day, the cafe's atmospheres look so peaceful, Chief Gusteau in light blue shirt and black suspender look so relaxed, more than ever.

This was the first time Colette had seen him in an outfit other than his formal chief uniform. Colette decided to show him the note about a recipe she wished to create and that made him smile after he read it. "It's bold and interesting. I think I'll arrange some schedule for you and we'll see how it plates out." He's said quite proudly handing the note back to her.

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"So glad and thank you, Chief Gusto." Colette said, her master responded by smiling and then back to sip his latte, Colette giggling a little bit while watching Chief Gusteau sipping his drink. "What's matter?" the fat chef asked after noticed her giggling.

"Oh sorry Chief Gusteau, I have not seen you smile since I worked here and it's make me feel good and relieved more than ever when I see your smile." With Colette revealing her feelings her master put down the cup on the table with an almost unreadable face. "I'm not surprised about your wondering with that and I think you may be asking about that from the crew as well." Chief Gusteau said and took another sip of his coffee. "Yes sir, Chief Gusteau." Colette said calmly. "It's quite hard for me to smile and I have not been the amusing person since I was young.

I surprised myself when I watched the clip of the day you was promoted, and saw myself smiling." Gusteau said and paused to sip his drink again. "But I'm also glad that my smiling made you feel relieved and anything that's gives my crew relief and feels good also make me feel the same too." Gusteau said, That made the young sous-chef smile.

They spent the whole afternoon in the café chatting about working and everything in their life. It closed with Chief Gusteau volunteering to take Colette back to her apartment by his car; it looked like the ice between them was broken almost completely. Next Sunday evening when Gusteau's was closed for customers and the dining room silent except the kitchen, The day was Colette's new recipe's arrangement for Chief Gusteau to comment and mentor. Colette had only prepared the third dish of her new recipe and hoped her master would approve the taste of it.

The preparing was finished and the fat chief picked up the fork and dug into the food from the dish putting it in his mouth and chewing slowly with an unreadable face, showing no emotion, after a few seconds he put down the fork.


Colette watched, a little bit nervous but her face still claim. "Perfect…the whole all are in balance now…congratulations Mrs. Lorenz, I think at the crews meeting tomorrow morning is the best time to introduce your recipe and to put it officially on the Gusteau's menu." He said gladly, making the young sous-chef relieved and smiling while she noted in her old-fashionable small notebook. "What's in that bag, Mrs. Lorenz? I though that was special ingredients for your recipe in the first place." Chief Gusteau asked.

The white glossy shopping bag that lay on the nearby counter with Colette's handbag. "OH, that's the gift I brought to you sir, Chief Gusteau, I hope you don't mind it." Colette answered and giving that bag to him, the fat chef received and opened it with curiously. He was stunned and surprised; it was a bottle of ten year old premium brand red wine that was contained in fine wooden case.

It was one of Chief Gusteau's favorite brands of wine that he loved to drink. "Thanks you so much, Mrs. Lorenz, but what's it for? My birthday is still three months away and the Gusteau's anniversary also past yet." Chief Gusteau said surprisingly. "For everything you have given to me since I was here until now sir, Chief Gusteau.

If it was not for you I would still be working with frying the frozen instant french-fries and scrubbing the frying pan at McDonald's or Burger King with the dream to become a cook in the real restaurant dying slowly." Colette said, though not looking at Chief Gusteau's eyes, but he could see the tear of sadness slipping out of her eye.

"Mrs'Lorenz!" He said in the concerning tone and holding her hands as she looked back at his gentle face "I don't know why another places rejected your request but that's the past, please don't let it bother your mind and when I saw your resume and knew your background about cooking I felt you were born to be a chief, you have worked hard and proved yourself to this point, that honor and success you have deserved." Colette looked into his eyes before saying. "Yes, Chef Gusteau, I'm so glad to be here and proud to be one of your team." "I also proud that I could help you fulfill your dream, Mrs.

Lorenz." Chef Gusteau said with a smile. Then Colette assaulted him by hugging and making the fat chef stunned and giggling a little bit. "Thanks you so much again sir, Chef Gusteau, for everything." Colette said, still hugging him and her face still stuck on his giant belly as if she wanted to absorb the scent of him. "You're welcome, Mrs. Lorenz." Chef Gusteau said in the quite stunning tone.

It had been so long, decades since he had ever touched a woman so closely like this, and now, she's so young as to be his daughter. It made him feel so strange but also good in the same time. She looked up in to his face that was so close to hers, his big brown eyes look so fascinating and soulful.

Some impulse in their minds made them move their faces closer and their lips met together. They were kissing deeply and with passion now the line between junior and senior was melted, he hugged her back and cradling her hair with his pudgy hand, they making out like they had been lovers before.

They kissed passionately and their hands roamed each other's body, especially her hand brushing fascinatedly over his swollen girth and flabby chest, the fat chef broke the kissing suddenly when his young sous-chef's delicate hand touching his crotch firmly. "That's so big, Chef Gusteau." Colette said and shot him a naughty smile.

"Err…I want you to know…I don't have much experience with woman." He said a little bit nervously. "Don't worry…I will guide you." she said and unfastened his beltpulling down his neatly black trousers and silken boxer shorts to his ankles, his thick 10 inch cock sprung hardened in front of her face, she stroked it slowly while licking the precum, make the fat chef wail with the feeling he never had for many years.

Suddenly Colette swallowed the full length of his old meat, lavished it with her tongue and cavity like it's was a delicious premium sausage, his man scent from grey pubic hair making her more aroused while sucking slowly but firmly.

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Colette's free hand unbuttoned her uniform and played with her hard nipples. The soft groaning from Chef Gusteau let her know that her oral skill gave pleasure to her master.

Colette then felt those two meaty hands holding her head in a tight grip while she sucked his cock in the perfect rhythm. She was stopped from sucking his cock and pulled to her feet, he giving her another deep kiss before taking off her trousers and putting her on the edge of the large oak preparing counter.

Then taking her soaked panties off and spreading her legs he looked at her already wet pussy with the sparkling eyes. He has pulled his chef uniform up over his belly whilst his white hairy large stomach bulged proudly, look so warm and touchy in her mind.

He guided his old cock to his young sous-chef's pussy putting the first half of his cock into her stretching cunt, pulling back a little bit and then putting it back slowly into the full length. Colette wailed and moaned in joyful bliss while Chef Gusteau rammed her birth canal with his thick sausage. Colette wrapping her legs to his as if she didn't want to lose this pleasure.

From slowness to become faster and harder she began to moan louder after the tip of the fat chef's cock rubbed her in the right spot, his hand playing with her breasts like needing dough.

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He was towering over on her tiny frame and the overweight body of the fat chef almost crushing her down into the warm oak surface while he still fucked her. The master chef filled the kitchen with the sound of the pounding between his large fat hips and her small pelvis.

Sometime Colette had dreamed about fucking with Chef Gusteau but never thinking his fucking would be so great. He was old enough to be her father and said he didn't have much experience. Never did she think that she would get fucked by him in the kitchen where they work for years, on the preparing counter she had been using for years and while he's still in his iconic chef uniform and feel his large sweating hairy girth on her flat smooth belly while his enormous cock still penetrated her weeping cunt.

To see his sweaty red beat face while he's fucking her, that's the dream she never thought would never come true and make her fall into the ecstasy of lust and pleasure. From the tone of his grunting he was signaling the molten cum from his balls was ready to erupt, the fat old chef made a feral roar while he spurted his thick creamy cum in her cunt, filled her womb with load after load of the white potent seed that stored in his old sacks for years.

Both panting like they just finished a marathon running.


"Are you alright, Mrs. Lorenz? I have not crushed you? can you can't breathe?" Chef Gusteau asked in the concerning voice while helping her up, his cock still impaled in her cunt. "No Chef Gusteau, that's so good. Your sex is also 5-star as same as your dishes." She teasing, making the fat chef smile and giggle. "The compliment is accepted, my sous-chef." He said happily and gave her another deep and passionate kiss. The few months later, Chef Francis Gusteau announced the proposal between him and the sous-chef, Colette Lorenz in front of all of his crew at Gateau's.

Everyone so glad and approved to the love and relationship of them, some of the crew said the first time they had seen Colette here, they felt she would be the perfect soul-mate for their lonely head chef. Their wedding was organized at Gusteau's, although they are groom and bridge but they also volunteered to prepare the large 100 pounds wedding cake for the wedding feast.

Another crew of Gusteau's did the catering provider to their master and vice-master in this event. The fondness of food bonded the two people whom meet and filled some of the missing parts in their life.