Sex with naughty awesome hottie hardcore blowjob

Sex with naughty awesome hottie hardcore blowjob
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My neighbor was good looking girl about 5'6" and weighed about 120-130lbs. She had dark hair, almost black with hazel eyes.

I didn't really notice her a whole lot, I had 3 jobs and was constantly on the move. It wasn't until she knocked my door one day that's when I noticed her fully.

I woke up that day and was still drinking my coffee and in my shorts, I turned on my computer. I was avid gamer in my off time and kind of a nerd. But still I worked out and worked 3 jobs. I logged onto my steam account and began chatting with my friends.

About 5 minutes in, I heard a knock at the door.

I told my friends I would be right back, I got up and walked to the front door. My neighbor Kelly was standing there.

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She was looking out onto the road and quickly spun around when I opened the door. "Good morning, sorry to bother you. My name is Kelly." she quickly stated smiling "Hello Kelley, my name is Zane, how can I help you?" I replied smiling back "Hey I kinda have a weird question to ask you, I know I dont really know you and this is my first time talking to you.

But could you please help me with some yard work? I can pay you." I sat there and honestly debated it for a second. I hated yard work but she was good a looking girl. Who most likely had a boyfriend. Well I decided to take the risk of making a few bucks and hopefully meet a nice girl.

"Yes I would gladly help you out, I just need to clean out my coffee cup and brush my teeth and I will be right over." "Great, thank you so much. Just come around to my back yard and knock on the back door." I nodded and smiled. She smiled back and she walked down my driveway. I shut my door, bolted to my computer and quickly logged off.

Brushed my teeth, threw my mug in the sink. Tied my shoes and I dashed out the door. I walked around to the back of her house. She was sitting on her porch, she smiled and again thanked me. I smiled and assured her it was my pleasure. She gave me the quick list of the basics, lawn, bushes, trees, and garden. I got started pretty early and worked from hardest to easiest.

I started with the garden, after that was the trees. Then I pushed on to the bushes and finished with the lawn. I did a few extra things here and there. Just to make things look better. As I was finishing the lawn, I pushed lawn mower past one of her windows. I looked up just to get a peek inside.There she was, she had changed from her jeans and button up shirt earlier this morning. She was now wearing a tight white shirt with tight spandex black shorts.

She was vacuuming her bedroom. I noticed I had stopped mowing and was now just staring. I noticed her head startto look up. I quickly shoved myself out of the window view and quickly finished. I was kind of wishing she would answer the door just wearing that stuff. When I finished, I realized I was covered in sweat and my shirt looked pretty bad.

I quickly aired it out and hoped it wasn't too bad. I knocked on her back door, sure enough she came up to it wearing that white shirt and black shorts. She smiled and opened the door. "Well Kelly, I finished your yard work." I said hoping to impress her. She stepped outside and walked to the edge of her porch.

I was standing behind her, I looked down and saw her ass. It was perfect, in the sun her lightly tanned skin shimmered, she looked amazing. She looked around and smiled. "Good job Zane, this looks amazing." she said shielding her eyes from the sun. "How much do I owe you?" "Nothing, consider it a neighborly gift." I responded in hopes of getting somewhere.

"Please you wasted all morning working for me, the least I could do is pay you." "Nope, Im just happy to help out a neighbor." "How about I make you lunch?" "Sure, Ill take you up on that offer" I was starving and I was more then willing to partake in lunch with her. We walked inside and she offered me a seat. We talked the small talk while she made me sandwich. I offered to help and she kept declining saying I had done enough already.

We talked about each others interest's and what each other did. As we wrapped up lunch, I started to ask more recent questions. "So is all this for spring cleaning?" I piped up "No, I have a dinner party tonight here.

And I wanted it to look perfect. Again thank you so much for the effort you put in. I will be sure to mention your name." she replied "Always glad to help someone.", I raised my glass.

"It looks like you put in a lot of work inside the house, you must have been up really early." "Yes, very early, I want it to be perfect. You want to see the rest of the house?" "Ummm, sure." We got up, we placed our plates in the sink. She then took me around the house, she took me through the rooms. She had done a really good job throughout her house. The tour ended in her bedroom.


"So, that's about it. Sorry, I really like to show off my work." She stated "You did a good job, you deserve to show it off." I replied, she laughed. "So is this a formal party or just some get together?" "Why? You interested?" "Well, I am curious if your putting this much work into it." "Its semi formal, my boss is coming over from work.

So I am trying to show that I have organization outside of work as well." "Ahhhh, makes sense. Well if I were your boss I would congratulate you on effort alone." "Awww thank you. You want to see what I picked out to wear?" "Sure" She smiled and went into her walk in closet and shut the door.

I was kinda disappointing that I wouldn't be able to see her in her shorts anymore. But was happy that I could at least still keep a conversation going for long past its original end time, and still keep the other person interested. She quickly came out, she was wearing black business pants that make her legs and ass look amazing.

She kept the same white shirt on with a black vest, she smiled at my staring. "Well what do you think?" She laughed and said "I think it looks amazing on you!" I stated laughing "Thank you, wait here Ill be right back, I don't want to get them dirty." She went back into the walk in closet, she shut the door again. I figured I was expecting to much. I soon realized that the blinds on the closet weren't fully closed this time.

I looked through them and saw that she was changing, in the mirror near the door. I could see her fully, she took off her vest. Then arched her self as she took off her pants. She wasn't wearing any thing underneath them.

She stood there looking in the mirror. I was trying to get a better view with out making noise. Then I realized she was looking at me. I freaked and froze, I figured it was all over now. But instead of her getting mad or even a glare. She smiled and cocked her eyebrow. I didn't know how to react, I wasn't exactly a ladies man.She walked over picked her shorts up off the mirror and looked out the blinds at me. I tried to look away. But I knew there was no point. She smiled again and walked to the back.

She slid on her shorts, giving me a great look of her ass. She started to walk back to the door. I froze and didn't know what to do or say.

She came out and smiled and me and winked. "So I could tell you liked what I was and wasn't wearing." She said slyly I just froze and smile.

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"Oh come on Zane, I caught you looking at me, did you enjoy it?" "Yea" I said trying to laugh it off "So Zane, do you have a girlfriend?" "No, I haven't had one in a while." "Really? You seem like the committed man." "Nope, there isn't a woman alive the can keep up with me." She walked around the bed and smiled and laid down on it. "Well I should get going. It was a pleasure to help you out Kelly." I felt like I ruined moment. "So that's it?" She said smiling.

"So I didn't ruin the moment?" "Noooooo, the moment is just getting started." I turned around to see her smiling and starting to stand up. I walked up to her and she wrapped her arms around me. She pulled me onto her bed, she kissed me passionately. She started running her hands up and down my back.

We made out for a while just grinding and kissing. She stopped for a breather, catching her breath she stared into my eyes. I smiled and tried to lighten my eyes. She smiled back and was breathing heavy, we rolled over so she was on top. She stood up and smiled, I had my hand on her hips.

"Its getting stuffy in here, mind helping me take some of this stuff off?" She smiled and said She slid her hands down to start taking off her shirt. I lifted it up and off of her. She then took off her bra. Her breasts were perfect C's, a perfect handful. I started to suck on her nipples, she gasped and ran her hand through my hair.

I played with them with my tongue. I pulled her down on me. She reached down and grabbed my cock, she gasped and looked at me in the eye.

I smiled and she shrugged and started stroking me.

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She lifted my head with her other hand and kissed me hard on the lips. I held the kiss until she started to lift my shirt. She started to pulled it up, she sat up and pulled my shirt off. She ran her hands my hands across my chest and down my abs. She then started stroking me again.

I grabbed her ass and squeezed it. She gasped looking back at my hands. She looked at me in the eye, with her mouth open still gasping. As if she was building up the anticipation. "I want you, I want you so bad!" she gasped I have only been with one woman, she wasn't much of a first time. It was quick and done, Kelly I could tell was gonna be fun.

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I quickly started to slide her shorts off, she stood up again and stepped out of them. I quickly took off my shorts and boxers. She climbed back on top of me. I grabbed her ass again, as I squeezed again, I teased her lips with my fingers.


She moaned and arched her back. I rolled us and took top again. She smiled as I went on got my knees. I took her legs and put them over my shoulders. She sat up as I smiled up at her. "Please be gentle, in all honesty. I have never really been with a guy, just foreplay. They never went down on my or even penetrated me." She said worriedly "Don't worry, Ill start out gentle. But it will get more fun when we get rough." I said smiling She smiled and waited, I started teasing her lips with my tongue.

She moaned and gasped, I started to penetrate her with my tongue.


She ran her hand through my hair and was breathing heavily. I started to blow on her lips up and down, each time getting closer to her clit.

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She started to moan louder, finally I reached her clit. She gasped as I enclosed my lips on it and sucked. I fingered her slowly and building up speed as I sucked her clit. She started to moan and wrapped her legs around my head. She was grinding my face, I started swirling my tongue around her clit and she stopped. She grabbed my head and screamed. I felt her body tighten up, she lifted her head and I blew on her clit. I pulled my fingers out slowly.

She sat there, her pussy was soaking wet. She laid down on the bed and smiled. She curled up and laughed, I laid next to her and spooned her. She grabbed my hand and pulled it across her stomach. "That was amazing." She said under her breath. "That's just the start." I said laughing "Ohhh really, is this where it gets rough?" "You'll see" She rolled over and looked at me and the eyes and smiled. Then she looked down, she gasped and looked back at me.

My cock was about 10 inches with about a 5 inch girth. It wasn't huge but it was bigger then average. She just looked at me and gave me a worried look. "Oh my god, that thing is huge!" I just laughed and stood up, I offered her a hand up. She looked at me with caution and took it. I lifted her and put her in between me and a wall. I placed her hand on the wall and came in from behind. Then I put one hand on hers and guided my cock in her lips, teasing them at first.

She put her hand on her hip and looked behind her. I leaned in close. "Lets see if it fits" I quickly shoved most of it in, she moaned and froze. I inched it in slowly. Finally after the last inch she moaned and I stared to move in and out.

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I wrapped my hand around her stomach and she place her other hand on the wall. I pumped in and out each time she seemed to get weaker and weaker. I could tell she was almost a climax after just 10 minutes. I decided to make things easier. I pulled out and spun her around. I lifted her on the wall, she put one hand on my back and dug her nails in.

She wrapped the other around my neck and kissed me passionately. After I got tired of that, I pulled her over to the bed.

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She was almost at her climax. I laid her down on her side in front of me. I lifted her leg and again came in from behind. I pumped again, I wrapped my hand around her stomach. She placed her hand on mine and brought her head up to mine and kissed her. She was moaning and I finally knew she was going to climax, I pumped faster and harder.

I felt her pussy tighten, I pushed deep inside her and kissed her hard. Her hand dug into mine, while her other grabbed my neck. We sat there frozen in time.

It lasted a few minutes, I lowered her leg. And she smiled, playing with my hair and holding my hand. "That was the greatest thing ever!" She said under her breath "I'm glad you enjoyed it." I said laughing. "Did you even cum?" "No, do you want me to?" "Yes, I feel like I didn't do my part if you didn't" "Is it alright if I get a little rough?" "I don't think it can get much more rough." I smiled and put my hand on her neck and pushed her into her bed.I started teasing her ass with my other hand.

She turned her head around she looked at me worried. I smiled and started by sticking in my finger and slowly worked it, then two, and finally three.

She moaned and grabbed her ass. I lowered my cock into position, I looked at her worried face. I slowly pushed myself in, she grit her teeth and moaned. I pushed in a little bit faster. I finally got fully in and gave a sigh, her pussy was great. This was amazing, I looked at her face.

She was breathing faster and grit her teeth. "Fuck me with your big cock!" She screamed I started pumping in and out, slowly then faster and faster. She spread her legs and moaned.

I was quickly reaching my climax and was pushing harder and harder. Finally I sighed and pushed in deep, unleashing my load. She moaned and screamed. I pulled out and laid back on the bed.

She rolled over and laid beside me. "I dont know what to say, that was the best pain ever. It was so pleasurable." she moaned I smiled and looked at the clock, it was already 3:30 PM.

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I decided a few hours of fucking was good. I leaned back to look at her, she was already passed out smiling. I decided she had an alarm for the dinner. So I decided to sleep too, I fell asleep sprawled naked on my neighbors bed. With her, naked, next to me, best out come ever. I woke up with some sheets covering me, I quickly looked around and couldnt find any of my clothing. I couldn't find Kelly either, I walked up to the door and was about to open it. When I heard voices outside, I froze.