So much funxparty hot orgy pussy juice in your face can you handle it

So much funxparty hot orgy pussy juice in your face can you handle it
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She stands before me with longing in her eyes. I can see her lower lip tremble as I lean closer for the kiss, but before our lips touch, I pull away so that she just experiences my breath on her lips. She strains against the leather straps holding her to the a-frame erected in our room. Her body yearning to be free. She looks at me with that look again… my hands gently floating over her skin millimetres away from touching her. As my hands glide over her shoulders, her torso raises as if she is willing me to touch her breasts, but I shy away, keeping, just far enough away to tease her further.

My lips move closer to her neck, my hot breath on her skin, a gentle touch of lips on skin, to let her know I am here. Her body straining to be free of the restraints keeping her from me.

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I move in behind her, my hands barely touching her skin and move to the strap of her bikini top. I do not fumble. I do not struggle, I gently, slowly pull the string and let it fall.

Slowly I walk around to the front, where I slowly, making sure not to touch her skin, lift the small piece of cloth away from her swollen areolas. I gently bow down in supplication before her beauty. My breath hot on her skin.

She arches her back again. Willing her nipple into my mouth, but my worship is not yet complete. I move away and take a step back, admiring her form. "If you move, I will stop and leave you here," I say as I look at her sternly.


Her body surrenders as she realises the truth in my statement. "Now behave or you will not get any relief." To emphasize my point I gently pat her on her mound with a cupped hand.

I can already feel the dampness from her excitement spreading throughout the cloth of her bikini bottom.

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She moans audibly as she feels my hand lingering over her pubic mound. I smile my most evil, lustful smile as I remove the bikini top from around her neck. I step away from her and admire her almost naked form.

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Her dark hair framing her beautiful Grecian face, her blue eyes like two drowning pools beckoning one to dive in and get lost in their mysteries. I gently lay her bikini top next to her clothes.

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Making sure not to wrinkle anything. I turn back to the goddess on the a-frame. Her beautiful 34 C breasts, blue eyes and dark hair… I kneel in front of her. Taking the opportunity to worship at her feet. I know who my goddess is… it is this woman who is tied up in my bedroom. Slowly, I reach up toward her. My hands hesitating over the hem of her bikini line. I stand up look her in the eye and kiss her.

Full. Passionately. I can taste her lust in her kiss. I can smell it on her breath. I know she wants the release that only a screaming orgasm can give. As I kiss her, I let my hands wander over her body, up her arms, making sure the straps are tight, but not too tight.

I allow my fingers to brush over her skin, slightly, gently touching her shoulders, chest, breasts. I break our kiss and gasp for air. I know my own lust will not let me hold out much longer, but I have to. I have to make the goddess understand how I feel. How I lust after her. I kiss her neck, over her collar bone, I kiss down over her shoulder, down, on the side of her breast, to the other side, over her swollen, erect nipple, letting my tongue flick it ever so gently.

Down in between her ample breasts, over her belly, down to the hem of her bikini bottom. I kneel down in front of her, allowing her aroma to drift up toward me, her wetness overwhelming me. I slowly grip the side of her bikini bottoms, and kiss her belly once more as I look up into those expectant eyes. I start pulling at her bikini bottoms, helping them over her butt cheeks, kissing the exposed, clean-shaven flesh.

She gasps as I let the bikini bottom separate from her labia with a slight squish as her juices fight to keep their grip on the cloth. Her full scent now assaults my nose and my senses as I can see her lust dripping from between her labia lips. I slowly nuzzle my nose and lips in between her labia and stick out my tongue to flick it at her clitoris.

She gasps with joy as I envelop her vagina with a full mouth, kissing it, tasting, letting my tongue scoop up her nectar. "Hmmmm…" is all I hear from her, as she starts to build up. I have only just begun. I allow my hands and fingers to probe her recesses.


My fingers feeling their way around her butt, onto her brown cherry, down, over the perineum and with a playfulness, into her open, wet vagina.

My mouth and fingers explore every inch of her womanhood, her breathing becoming more shallow with each prod, rub, kiss and lick.

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I stand again, my fingers in her, my arm supporting her, and we kiss, a long lingering kiss, where I share her essence with her. "I am not going to last much longer if you keep this up," she says breathlessly when we break our kiss. "I know", I smile at her. Kiss her again, and then bend down to suck on a nipple. Her breathing becomes more rapid as I kneel again, my mouth enveloping her labia as I kiss her, my tongue probing deep into her vagina, tasting every possible drop.

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She starts moaning. "Yes, oh yes, oh yes&hellip. Please don't stop&hellip. I'm gonna cum&hellip. Yes&hellip. yes… yes!" She starts gushing over my face as she cums, screaming like a banshee at Halloween. I stay between her legs, drinking her sweet nectar until she stops writing on my face and begs me to stop. I stand, gently making sure that her feet are untied first, then I reach up and untie her hands.

I do not look at her. I know this goddess will have to leave soon, and I cannot bear to think of that… I let her last hand fall from their restraint and am surprised by two arms falling around my neck. Her kisses raining over my face as she holds on to me. "Alex… that was amazing!" She gasps out of breath, kissing my face, cheeks, lips. "Alex…" she stops.

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"I cannot call you Alex. I have to use your real name… Alexandra." I feel my face flushing. This beauty is looking at me with something other than lust… "Come on…" I remove her arms from around my neck.

I guide her to the bed where her clothes are laid out… neatly. "Come on… my husband will be home soon."