His dick is not quite to big for her narrow teen pussy

His dick is not quite to big for her narrow teen pussy
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Kim's adventure. Kim is a fairly normal nineteen year old girl. She goes to college, has friends and likes to go out. Currently she doesn't have a boyfriend but that's fine with her, she likes being single.

Well she might change her mind if things go how she hopes they will. When she's not at school she works as a dancer at divine decadence, a lingerie modeling place.

So really she's a stripper. Which is also fine by her, she loves being ogled. The one thing that sets her apart from most girls is her fantasy. While most girls dream of falling in love hers is significantly more taboo. Since Kim was sexually aware, the thought of being paid to have sex as driven her wild. Yes, she gets propositioned every day while she dances for men, but the rooms all have cameras. Also, stripper sex doesn't seem to be quite the same to her.

Today though, today is the day she decided. Today Kim is going to fulfill her dream, today Kim is going to become a prostitute. She had thought of this day for a long time. Knowing the potential dangers involved with selling herself, she decided that her first customer should be a guy that she knows.

Someone who wouldn't make fun of her or try to change her mind or try to fix her. He had to be a guy she knew who would want her and also be willing to pay for for the chance to sleep with her. Oh yes, she thought as she looked at herself in the mirror, he has to pay or it won't be real.

This is going to happen. The guy she chose is a friend of hers named Nate. He's cool guy, trustable and open minded enough that she wasn't too afraid of being rejected. And she had a hunch was secretly pretty perverted himself.

Normally Kim dresses fairly plainly around Nate. T-shirts and regular jeans mostly. Today, though she was going to up her game. Standing in the mirror nude she took stock in what she saw. Five foot six, b cups, light brown hair, pretty but not painfully so. She wanted to dress so she put forth her best, sexy, image. She built up her outfit in her mind like building a house. She decided on the skimpiest pair of panties she owned. A pair of y-strings that had no patch in the front, they simply came to a point as the string slid between her smooth hairless lips.

With the panties on and feeling even sexier she next put on a pair of super low rise jeans. The jeans so low and tight it was guaranteed that the panties would ride up.

She wanted them to. She was definitely going for slutty. The last item was a off white baby doll t. She decided against wearing a bra and she could make out the color of her nipples slightly through the thin fabric.

Finally she stepped into her four inch heels and grabbed,her keys. The walk would be short, he was her downstairs neighbor. Standing in front of Nate's door she stopped and checked herself before knocking.

Yep the panties were showing enough to be noticed but not so high to be on purpose. She knocked. Kim heard him say "just a second" and waited for him to open the door. It did and he poked his head out. "Oh, hey Kim, what's up." "Oh, not much Nate, what are you up to?" "Not much really, just playing WoW." "Cool, can I watch." she said as she noticed him check her out, his eyes lingering on her hips. She smiled. "Sure, come on in." She followed him into the apartment and he lead the way to his room.

As usual the place smelled of guys. Not that it bothered her, actually she kinda liked it. Upon entering the room he sat in front of the computer and she sat on his bed.

After a bit of watching him play, she decided it was the moment of truth. She had thought long and hard on how she was going to bring up the fact she want to be paid to have sex with him. Her heart was beating fast in her chest and she could feel her nipples harden. She was also sure there was a wet spot on his comforter. "Hey Nate, mind if I ask you a personal question?" she stammered.

"Sure Kim, anything." "Well," sounding a bit unsure, "have you ever paid for it." "Paid for what." he replied still playing. Clearing her throat, "You know, 'it', sex." "Can't say that I have." "Would you ever?" "Well, maybe if she was pretty enough." "How pretty would that be?" "You know.pretty." "Am I that pretty?" "Yes Kim, your that pretty." After a few moments to let her heart and breathing settle down.

"What do you think of girls who choose to sell themselves." "Well I think what a girl does with her own body is of course her choice.

I just hope that she'd be careful." "Would you be friends with a girl like that." "Sure." still staring at the screen. "Would you date a girl like that?" "I don't know." "What if you had a friend who told you that's what she does or wants to do?" "She'd still be my friend of course." "What if a friend of yours asked you to help her sell herself?" "Well I'm not sure what I could do to help but I'd be there for her." In a soft low voice full of fear and apprehension.

"Would you help me?" For the first time since the questions started do Nate stop looking at the screen. He turned in his chair and looked at her. She sat there looking at him with pleading eyes. Her hands in her lap.

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"Whoa, what?" "Nate, I'm asking you to help me become a prostitute." "Why?" "Why do I want to sell myself or why do I want you to help me?" "Both." "Ok, well the thought of being a prostitute and having men pay me has been a fantasy of mine for a long time. It's part of the reason I became a stripper. Why you? Its because I trust you and we have never fooled around." "Why does that matter?" "Well it's because I want this to be real.

As real as possible for my first time and since we've never had sex it won't feel like roll playing." "Um, what exactly do you need me to do?" "I want you to pick me up and pay me to have sex with you. I want you to make me a prostitute!" she placed a strong emphasis on you. With a dumbfounded look on his face he thought. After what to her seemed like a eternity he gave her answer. "I know this is crazy but ok, I'll be your first customer." Suddenly she she was off his bed and had wrapped her arms around his neck hugging him.

"Oh thank you Nate! Seriously you have no idea how happy this makes me. I was so worried you were going to turn me down." "Ok then, how's this going to go down?" She smirked at the jest, "Ok you know that bus stop behind the mall?" "Yeah sure." "Ok, go hit an ATM and I'll be over there in an hour and you drive up pick yourself up a hooker, also, I want you to treat me like you would any girl you would proposition for sex.

Remember you won't know me, I'm just another streetwalker." She stood up and smoothed her shirt over her breasts. "You sure you really want to do this?" he asked. "More sure then ever in my life," "How much do I need to bring?" "As much as you think it's worth to fuck me." she replied with a smile as she left the room.

She was very pleased with how it was all falling into place. Kim vaulted up the stairs. She knew she told him an hour but she wanted to be there first. Her heart was racing at the thought that this was actually going to happen. Nate was going to giver her money to sleep with her, it's like a dream come true she thought to herself. She quickly pulled her jeans off but left the panties on. They felt so damn hot on her, she wanted them to be with her for this. She grabbed a pleated black micro mini skirt and stepped into them.

Pulling them up she snapped them closed and zipped up the side. This would be the shortest skirt she had ever worn in public. Next she pulled off her shirt and was glad she forgo a bra. She pulled on a really tight and thin spaghetti strap shirt. She checked in the mirror and saw her perky firm breasts sag just a little to look really slutty. She liked looking slutty, especially today.

She stepped into a pair of clear heels especially bought to be her hooker heels and grabbed her purse. She picked up a condom off the table but changed her mind and grabbed five. Hey you never know what might happen, she thought and felt herself get wetter. Kim walked to her car, conscious of the eyes she knew that would be on her. Wondering how many of them wanted her and how many of them would she be servicing soon.

While driving, she decided to park a ways away from the bus stop. She wanted to walk there and back as a hooker.

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It was dusk out as she parked her car and got out. She made sure she had her purse with the condoms and her keys and left her ID in the car.

After locking the door she began to walk. It felt like a long walk to her destination but she knew it wasn't very far. The cool night air felt good on her long bare legs and she took her time. It pleased her that there were a few honks and shouts from guys passing by but she wanted Nate first. If she got picked up after, well that's just icing on the cake.

She really hoped that she would be picked up after. Perhaps a few times. Kim hadn't been at her spot to long when she saw his car drive by. She watched him make a u turn and drive slowly up to her. When he stopped in front of her she walked out into the street and bent over at the hip to talk to him. Advertising to anyone watching she was a working girl, and gave anyone behind her a nice view to boot.

"Hey baby, looking for some fun?" she asked. Her eyes screaming come fuck me. Smiling, he replied "That depends on how much." "Well baby how I know your not a cop?" "How do I know your not?" "Well baby, show me yours and I'll show you mine." she said with a wink. At that he pulled down his shorts and pulled out his already hardening cock. Smiling and rather pleased at the sight, she had never see Nate's cock before, she pulled her top down and let her tits flop out.

"Alright then how much?" Opening the door and stepping in Kim sat down in his car, purposely leaving her legs open. "Well, it's fifty for me to suck you off. Seventy-five for you to fuck me and one hundred for me to go down on you then you finish by fucking me." He thought for a second before pulling five twenties out and saying "Well then I want it all." She took the money from him and smiled.

Pointing over to a dark secluded area she said "Why don't you pull over there and let me take take care of you." As he pulled the car into the lot, she leaned over and began to stroke him with her right hand. It took him a second, to both find a spot and to get fully hard. "Why don't you ease your seat back and get comfy baby." he obeyed leaning the seat all the way back. Reaching in her purse with her free hand, never stopping her stroking, she pulled out a condom and with her teeth tore open the package.

Kim took the condom out and placed it in her mouth, glad she learned this helpful little skill and using her teeth she rolled it down his cock. It was mint.

Once her mouth passed his his head and his shaft was between her lips she almost came. The feeling of finally going down on a man for money was electric. She placed her right hand on his balls, cupping them, squeezing lightly and put her left hand on his belly. She started out slowly, her head bobbing up and down on him, his hands gently stroking her hair. Her left hand slid up his chest into his hair and he grabbed it and squeezed. Pleased with herself she took him deeper into her mouth and used her tongue to rub the bottom of his shaft as she pulled back up.

He moaned. Feeling adventurous she relaxed her throat as she prepared to take him fully in to her. When he saw her nose hit his bush he gasped and said a hoarse voice, "that's worth the hundred right there!" Pausing, she took him out of her mouth still stroking him long enough to say "baby, you me paid for the works, how long before you want to fuck?" As soon as the words where spoken, she dove back on him, impaling her throat with his cock rapidly moving her head up and down.

"Now!" he gasped "I want to fuck you now!" Kim leaned back, smiling. Very pleased with herself. Leaning back onto the passenger seat she spread her legs and hiked up her skirt. Pulling her panties down and off on to one leg, she looked over at him and said "Well baby, come here and take me." Not wasting a second, Nate moved over between her legs and lined up his cock to her pussy. With a grunt he slammed himself all the way in her. This shocked her, feeling herself filled up so rapidly, violently.

He obviously was very horny and she knew her would take no time to quench his lust in her. Just like she wanted it, he showed no interest in her pleasure.

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Taking her legs, Kim put them around his waist while he began to pound her earnestly. Kim started to feel herself getting close to climaxing which surprised her, it normally takes more then this to get to where she's at.

He leaned close to her and kissed on her neck, breathing heavily. She felt his lust as she felt him grow larger inside her and with one last grunt he let go and flooded the condom inside of her. "Feel better baby?" He answered with a grunt and pushed himself off her, his soft cock popping out of her very wet pussy.

Taking a tissue, she wiped her mound dry and put her panties back on. She opened the door and stepped out. He turned the car on and she turned and said "Well baby, come see me again." and walked back to her spot by the bus stop.

She never looked back as he drove away. Standing back again at her spot Kim was filled with a sense of elation. She finally was a prostitute. She felt different, better. Someone has paid her for sex and now she was ready to do it again for another guy. Any guy. And her being lucky she didn't have to wait very long. About twenty minutes later another car drove by her and she raised the front of her skirt to him. The driver quickly turned around and drove over to her. Walking over to the car she could see the driver had his cock in his hand and was stoking it.

"Well baby, got something on your mind?" she said as she bent over in the window the wind feeling cool on her bare ass cheeks.

"let's see the tits." he replied gruffly She obliged, smiling sweetly at him. "Ok, so your not a cop, how much?" Taking his cue "Fifty for head, seventy-five for sex and one hundred for both." "that's fair," and pulled out a fifty as she opened the door. "head it is." Kim took the fifty from him as she sat down and closed the door.

As before she left her legs wide open, inviting. She gestured over to the same dark spot as before while pulling a fresh condom out of her purse. "Do you really need to use that?" he asked gesturing at the shiny foil packet. "Well baby, I don't know you but maybe some day you will be pumping you cum down my throat." she replied while taking a hold of his hard cock and giving it a squeeze. Wow, men are really easy to placate when your about to go down on them, she thought to herself as he moved the car, her hand softly stoking him.

This time she used her hands to roll the condom down his shaft, taking the time to get a good look at it. It was thick and meaty with a large head and pronounced veins. Just the kind of cock she would normally fuck bareback, luxuriating in the feeling of his hot cum spraying deep into her. But not now, she's a professional and anyway she had her sights on a boyfriend who can handle her career choice. He leaned his seat back to give her room to work. She noted his consideration with a sweet smile as she looked into his eyes and leaned forward to take him into her mouth.

She wasted no time working him up to a fevered pitch. Head bobbing up and down, going deep into her mouth. Kim squeezed his balls and felt them contract. She knew he was close and pushed her tongue hard on to the bottom of his shaft. Sucking hard as she felt the first spasm of his cock, she buried her nose into his slightly musty pubes, giving him the feeling of unloading into her throat.

When the spasms stopped, she slowly pulled her mouth off his sensitive cock. Using his shirt she wiped her mouth off and sat up. She graced him with one last smile and said to him "You know where to find me." and got out and started to walk back to her car.

While she was walking she was thinking to herself that this had worked out nicely. She serviced two guys in less then an hour and was truly a prostitute. Kim was feeling quite pleased with herself she hear a guy call out to her.

"Hey baby what's cooking?" "Hey you," she replied, "looking for a good time." "Well that depends on how much a pretty little lady like you charges." "Well that depends, let's see your badge." "Ain't got one but I got this," and he pulled out his cock. "Well then," and she told him the same prices as before.

"Cool," and counted out seventy-five and handed it to her, "ever fuck in an alleyway?" "Sure, what ever works for you baby, I'm yours." With that he led her to a spot behind the edge of the building and let his pants fall to the ground.

Kim pulled her shirt down to expose her breasts and pulled another condom out of her purse which she rolled onto his very hard cock. Reaching down under her skirt, she pulled her panties off, turned around and bent over giving him unfettered access to her.

The guy wasted no time plunging into her now very wet pussy. The speed and strength of the invasion pushed her forward and she had to brace herself with a hand on the wall. He never slowed his pace, fucking her like like a man possessed. Reaching forward he began to grope her breast, using the grip to help pound into her harder. Kim started to moan quietly and he leaned back and came. With no regard for her he pulled out, slipped the condom off and walked away. Kim stood up, looked at the spent, cum filled condom on the ground and chuckled to herself.

She laughed at the guy who thought he used her when it was she using him. Too easy she thought as she slipped her wet panties back on to her very wet pussy.

Now to the finale, she thought as she finally made it to her car. When she got home and parked she walked to Nate's car and felt the hood, still warm. Cheeky bastard she thought as she smiled. He must have been looking out for me. Kim made up her mind as she walked to his door and knocked. It opened almost instantly. He must of been waiting by the door. "Oh, hey how did it go?" She walked by him, entering before he could ask her in.

"Pretty good, but you already knew that." He looked crestfallen but she quickly added, "I'm glad you stayed." "Well the thought of any one hurting you scared me." "That's really sweet Nate. So can you handle this?" "Having a friend that now sells her body to guys? Sure, I told you that." "No silly, having a prostitute for a girlfriend." and before he could respond she rushed forward and kissed him full on the lips.

It took him a second to realize what was happening but then he started to kiss her back. Kim knew his answer when he wrapped his arms around her and began to kiss her needfully.

It was Kim who broke that first passionate kiss off. Leaning back, his arms still wrapped around her she asked, "so I take that as a yes?" "Yes, its a yes, I can handle you being a prostitute and my girlfriend." "You know Nate there are some advantages in having a girl such as I." "Really now like what?" he replied with a sly grin.

Grabbing his hand as she walked to the room. She pulled him close to her and she whispered in to his ear "well other then the skills, your the only guy who gets to cum in me." Kim walked away from him to stand in front of him by the foot of his bed. She turned to face him and was suddenly quite conscious of what she had just done.

There she was standing in Nate's bedroom, the smell of him and two other guys lingered on her skin. She felt no shame but a heightened sense of awareness. She waited as he looked at her, took her in with his eyes.

He smiled. He walked up to her and lifted her chin with his hand. He kissed her softly and she kissed him back. She liked the kiss but was still hot and needed relief. Her hands quickly undid the clasp to his pants which promptly felt to the floor releasing his hardening erection.


"You know Kim, we don't have to do this." "I know." was all she replied as she dropped to her knees. She stroked him until he grew hard in her hand. She leaned in to him and could still smell her scent mixed with the scent of his cum and the condom.

This turned her on even more. She would make this last. Kim started with her tongue. Licking the tip, tasting his pre-cum. Running circles around the head the kissing it. She loved kissing the head! She continued to place kisses down his shaft until she got to the base. She then, using her hand lifted his cock up and took his balls into her mouth, softly sucking on them.

After a few seconds of loving on his balls she proceeded to kiss and love up the other side of his now very hard cock. When she made it back to the head she took it into her mouth. Kim knew he would take longer this time but she also knew she was good at giving head.

Taking him fully into her mouth, she looked up at his face and saw him smiling down at her. "Enjoying yourself?" he asked. With his shaft still firmly between her lips she coo'd contentedly and went back to pleasuring him. After a few moments of taking him into her throat she thought it best to move on, she wanted him in her too.

Sucking strongly as she pulled back, his head popped out of her lips with an audible sound. Smiling, she stood up to face him and before she could utter a single word he mashed his lips onto hers. He kissed her intently and when her mouth finally opened to grant his tongue access, it darted it and wrestled with her own.

While they kissed Kim could feel Nate's hands wander and found the clasp to her skirt. After a second or two the skirt was by her ankles and his hands where on her ass. Still kissing, she pushed her breasts into his chest and felt his hardness pushing into her belly.

Breaking the kiss but still restrained by his hands on her ass, she leaned back and striped her shirt off, giving him full access to her chest. Naked except for her skimpy y-string, Nate leaned down and took a nipple into his mouth, suckling on it while kneeling her ass with both hands. She contended herself by leaning back and letting him ravage her. She would give him anything he wanted, he could have her anyway he desired.

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His attack on her breast and ass continued for a minute more before suddenly stopping. He caught her off guard by letting her fall back onto the bed.

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She giggled as she lay there, opening her legs and playfully biting her lower lips, showing him the string between her lips. The string being the only thing in his way. The panties did not stay on for long. Once Kim's panties where off he dove down and tasted her. Relishing in her musk he ran his tongue over her outer lips. It didn't bother Nate that less then thirty minutes before, a guy was fucking this very pussy with his hard, condom clad cock.

Truth be told he liked the idea of Kim being taken by random men for money. He wondered how she would taste if he didn't have that condom on, if he came deep inside of her, his cum leaking out.

Kissing and nibbling as he went. She was already fully ready and her pussy showed it. Not wanting to prolong her suffering he attacked her clit and her inner lips simultaneously causing her to gasp and and clamp her legs on his head.

It did not take him long to bring her to her first orgasm of the night. She was quite aroused and needed very little stimulation to get her there. Once there though her juices flowed and bathed his face. This only served to make him eat her more aggressively. "Ok, ok," she panted. "Thats enough, just come up here and put it in, I need you in me Nate." She could feel him crawl up onto the bed, moving up over her, his body pushing her down onto the mattress.

He began kissing her as he lined up his hard cock at the entrance to her soft folds. She knew it was that time, she no longer had a choice, he was going to fuck her. Not that she would say no anyway, she liked feeling obligated. This was her lot in life, to be taken, to be a receptacle for mens lust.

The thought made her happy. He broke off them kiss to ask her if this is what she wants. All she could do was nod yes and pull him closer to her. He started slowly easing his cock into her and she wrapped her long legs, still wearing her hooker heels, around his waist. How fitting she thought, her first time being taken by her boyfriend and still wearing the shoes she wore as she prostituted herself not an hour ago.

Kim could feel the differences in his cock, now bareback, as he thrust into her for the first time. The smooth hard heat of him, the large head and the veins all added to the experience. She hated condoms but she would use them for his sake. If not for him, she would have had the last guys cum dripping down her leg as she hunted for another to add into her. She was insatiable. She needed it, it completed her. He quickly got into a rhythm which Kim quickly matched, feeling him go deeper and deeper inside her body.


She imagined that he was long enough to hit her belly button from the inside. That made her smile as he forced another deep kiss on her.

More, she willed him in her mind. She wanted all that he would give her and nothing less. After a few minutes of straight missionary sex, Kim could feel him grow a little impatient. Suddenly he pulled out of her and she was shocked at the sudden emptiness she felt but that was short lived. Rapidly he flipped her over grabbed her hips and shoved his thick cock into her from behind. He never gave her a chance to comment, he just grabbed her round hips and began to fuck her hard.

She was in heaven, he was going deep and fast, his strong hands squeezing her waist tightly. It hurt a little but the best sex always did. Kim knew he was releasing pent up aggression.

She didn't mind, her pussy could take it. She was worried though at his pace and in this position would be spent soon and this is not how she wanted to receive his gift. Kim turned around a looked over her shoulder at him fucking her and wished someone was filming this. Quickly snapping out of the little daydream she said, "Ok Nate, I want on top." He was quick to oblige her. He pulled out and laid next to her, his cock coated in her, shined in the light.

She moved over to straddle him, reached between her legs and while kissing him, impaled herself on his length. She could feel the building tension in him as she rode him, her breasts resting on his chest.

Wanting to put him over the edge she leaned up and whispered to him softy "I want you to cum inside of me." having heard that Nate grabbed her waist and began thrusting into her.


He only lasted a few more pumps before releasing into her. Kim coo'd softly as she felt his warm seed enter her. She often wondered if other girls could feel a man coming inside them but she sure did. Once his throbbing stopped she laid her head on his chest and made no effort to move. When she felt him shift slightly she said, "don't move, I want to sleep with you in me." and he sat still.

After a few minutes he said to her, "Kim are you awake." "Yes." "listen, I was thinking, if you don't want to use condoms you don't have to." Kim lifted her head bad with sleepy eyes looked at him "Well what Im getting at is, if your comfortable being taken by a guy bareback, I don't want you to feel you have to use one just on my account." "do you like the idea of guys having their way with me and filling me with their hot seed Nate?" "well actually I kinda do, I just don't want you to get pregnant." "I guess I'll have to do that tomorrow, oh and I don't plan on getting knocked up any time soon." she rested her head back on his chest and thought to herself how nice it sounded when he said it.

.taken by a guy bareback. and fell asleep.