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Horny lady with big ass fucked really hard
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Author's Note: Thank you everyone who voted and sent me such nice pm's and comments I appreciate the positive and constructive feedback. To answer some questions yes I will be including other paranormal and sci-fi being into the series in later posts. Also yes I will try to add in some requested scenarios as long as I can mesh them into my storyline. I have a basic direction I'm already going for this but suggestions and request will help me fill the blank spaces without having to sit staring at my screen thinking them up.

Also I will probably go past the eight or nine chapters I've originally planned. Well onto Liz's chapter I hope you like it. WARNING: This chapter contains incest and lesbianism (if that is a word ???) so if you were too stupid to read the tags and got here by accident and don't enjoy reading about such things leave now!

Also sorry for the long wait for this chapter but i have a really short attention span and this ended up being longer then i had originally planned for it to be. Solomon's Daughters: Liz's Chapter Liz walked from the bus stop towards her and her brother's house happy about how her sleep over had gone and regretting that she hadn't been able to convince her brother to go with her.

She thought back to that party and the only night she had ever been the target of his anger. She knew he didn't go over there anymore since the party where Cassie had thrown herself at him, and then her boyfriend had come over to surprise her and caught her in the middle of trying to get his pants unzipped.

Anthony being as smart as he was realized what had happened immediately had push her hand from him and left. "Sorry, didn't know she had a boyfriend," he said as he passed on his way to the door. Cassie's boyfriend had looked at her with sadness and disgust plain on his face and she began to cry.

Dropped the bouquet of roses he was holding on the floor turned and left her there sobbing on the floor. "She doesn't," was the boy's reply as he walked away. Liz had walked in from Cassie's pool fifteen minutes later and she was sitting there on the floor against the bed with knees pulled up to her chin and her armed wrapped around them crying in heaving sob. Liz got her calmed down and into bed and sat there till she fell asleep and seethed with anger. She'd only managed to get the part where her brother had rejected Cassie from the weeping girl not the why.She had gone home and confronted her brother trying to keep her anger hidden under a calm face.

"Hi Ant," she greeted him. "Hi little one, did you have fun at the party?" "Yeah up until you left Cassie crying sitting on her bedroom floor," her calm façade cracked and her anger pour out. "Why would you reject her and then leave her crying like that without at least coming to get me to comfort her." With each word his back stiffen in indignation, at her accusation and the rebuke in her voice, anger flashed in his eyes.

He stalked forward towards her and she backed away from him. She knew he wouldn't hurt her but her instincts backed her away from the anger she could read in his eyes and the tenseness of his body.

When her back hit the wall he stopped in front of her raised his hands to the wall on either side of her pinning her in place, He leaned in so his face was directly in front of her and glared at her. "I didn't reject her and leave her there," he hissed in fury. "She had my zipper half way down and her boyfriend walked in. I didn't know she had a boyfriend, but you knew Liz. I walked out and came home.

Then you come and start accusing me of… What exactly Liz? Am I a bad person because I would not help her act like a slut? Or maybe I'm a bad person because I didn't stay there and yell at her and insult her for being a slut, is that it little sister," he hissed at her.

She flinched at each of his questions as her anger drained from her. "She's not a slut's," she shot back weakly. "Why is it ok for a guy who sleeps with multiple women, but not for a girl to have multiple guys?" "You know full well the argument won't apply here little sister, unless he was screwing around on her as well.

I saw his face, Liz, he was crushed he wasn't cheating I know that. She isn't a slut for wanting multiple guys. If she slept with every man in the western hemisphere she wouldn't be a slut.

Hell if her boyfriend knew about what she was doing and was ok with it would have been ok with me. But he didn't know she betrayed him," he said his voice rising with the last statement. He leaned in even closer and allowed his anger to twist his face. "She betrayed him and she tried to use me to do it, would have used me to do it if he hadn't walked in right then," he growled.

"And you my loving little sister," he mocked then pain flashed across his face as tears rose to her eyes. He backed away from her toward the hall to his room and his voice dropped to a normal decibel and went flat as his face when utterly blank.

"And you, after your friend tries to use me, you come home and accuse me of insensitivity. And you are angry at me because I didn't help your friend that I didn't cooperate in her betrayal of someone for all I know has never done anything to deserve such a humiliation." While he talked he backed away from her like you would back away from a rattle snake about to strike.

When she raised a hand to stall his retreat he spun and took the five long strides to his room and slammed the door. She snapped back to the present as her hand touched the knob of her front door and she dug in her purse for her keys, she knew her brother would be sleeping, trusting her to be back when she said she would.

That night long ago she learned never to accuse anyone without having the whole story first. The day after that fight she had apologized and he had kissed her forehead forgiven her and never mentioned it again, but he barely been to Cassie's house in three years since that night, even though Cassie had apologized and he'd forgiven her he was always stiff and withdrawn around her.

Liz pushed open her front door and walked in closing and locking it behind her. She kicked off her shoes and made her way through the house only lit by the glow of the stove light, which Ant always left on at night in case someone needed to get up and get something from the kitchen. She came to Ant's door first and cracked it.

There being no moon outside and his computer screen off it was pitch black inside but she heard the rustle of his flannel sheets and his soft snoring. With a small smile she resisted the urged to go and lay down with him, to touch his skin and hold him close to her. She closed his door softly so as not to wake him and went to her room changed into her pajamas, a pair of flannel pants that would look like something a pirate would wear if they weren't pin striped and a t-shirt. Both she a gotten one day when she had to clean out Ant's closet because she lost a bet.

She also had a pair of his boxers she wore when it was to hot for the pants. She drifted off to sleep thinking of her big brother and how much she loved him. Sar-Rah watched as Liz looked into the room but knew she couldn't see them on this moonless night. She watched the longing, love, and lust crawl across Liz's beautiful face. Sar-Rah realized that Liz's face showed her emotions as much as Anthony's did. She looked into the girl's mind to make she was correct and was swamped with the girls obsessive love of her brother.

The girls feelings of lust for her brother matched his perfectly the only thing holding her back from running to the bed, waking him, and begging him to take her was her love for him, and not wanting him to reject and hate her. Liz's sighed softly, and with a small smile on her face shut the door. Sar-Rah sat in the dark stroking Anthony's muscled chest and listen to his sister move around in her room.

Sar-Rah thought of the love the two siblings had for each other and grinned thinking that though her powers were only of the servant aspect and couldn't help maybe a little scheming would be able to fulfill one of Anthony's wishes. With that thought she laid back and snuggled into his warm body and drifted softly into oblivion thinking of ways to get the two siblings to give in to their desires.

Anthony woke slowly from his exhausted sleep feeling well rested and with the most amazing feeling on his cock while something weighted his hips to the bed. He was close when his eyes open and saw her he came taking her over the edge with him. She screamed in pleasure while biting her lips to keep the sound in he barely heard the sound but he could feel it through her whole body. She was straddling his hips impaled to the base of his cock pinning him to the bed, while the tip of his cock touched her deepest part and he unloaded directly into her womb.

She was panting above him and with each spurt into her she let out a soft moan and shook like a leaf in the wind. When he was done she slowly came back from orgasm she collapsed on top of him. "Well that was most pleasant wake-up call I have ever gotten," he told her as he ran his hand all over her body. "I know I woke ten minutes ago and you were already doing me," she replied. "I was surprised to find you asleep and you just kept going." "I was dreaming out you," he said with a blush and she smiled lovingly down at him.

Just then pounding on his door brought his head jerking around so fast he almost gave himself whiplash as panic flooded his body. "Big brother, wakey wakey eggs and baky," Liz called in a singsong voice.

"I'm up," he called back to her. "Well you had better take care of that before you come out for breakfast, I'm making waffles." "Make me four and for the love of all that is holy use the toaster so you don't immolate yourself." "Don't worry love, I'll take care of it for you," Sar-Rah whispered into his lips as she squeezed his cock with her pussy. He moaned into her open mouth has she kissed him. He grabbed her ass, causing her the moan, and lifted her off him while she tried to push down with her hips.

"Sorry Sar-Rah but we have to take a shower then go eat breakfast and explain you to my sister, then we go to school." "What's a shower? I can't wait to see what you tell your sister, that should be entertaining. You're taking me with you, outside?" "Are you reading my thoughts?" "No, it takes too much energy so unless I'm looking for something specific or I'm concentrating on it I can't." "That's good to know. Anyway a shower is like small water fall you can stand and wash under except it is made from pipes and you can control how hot and cold it is.

Your enjoying my discomfort at what to tell my sister a little too much. Of course I'm taking you with me, I wouldn't leave you alone in an empty house all day with nothing to do." "Most people keep their genies locked up so no one else sees them," she replied softly to the indignation in his statement. "Well I'm not most people I'm weird," he said with false pride and puffed up his chest.

She giggled at his silliness. "Plus, it's not like you have blue skin the only thing that people are going to see is some hot babe on my arm," he told her as he led her to the bathroom and turned on the water. She watched in fascination as the water warmed and steam started to rise. He stepped under the spray and pulled her to him kissing her at the same time. She shivered and goose bumps pebbled her smooth skin as she made the transition from the cooler air to the steam filled shower.

He grabbed the shampoo and began to massage it in to her scalp as she lean back against him pressing her body to his. Once he was finished with her hair and had all the soap washed out he began on her body.

She washed his hair copying his earlier actions as he cleaned from her neck to her feet. Then he slid his hand and the wash cloth back up her inner thigh to her pussy and rubbed her gently with the cloth cleaning away their combined fluids as they leaked from her. She moaned and gripped his hair in her fists and tried to grind down against his hand.

His hand rose and he smacked her on the ass, with a squeak she jumped and her face flushed. "Stop that I'm trying to washed you here," he said but couldn't keep the smug grin off his face.

"You're going to pay for this," she said mock glaring down at him. He ignored her and kept cleaning her when he got all of his juice that was going to come out she was soaked. He looked up at her and waited till she looked down into his eyes. When their eyes connected he slowly slid two fingers all the way into her. She moan but didn't break eye contact. He withdrew his fingers and then pumped them into her a few more times then drove them deep into her and curled them up into a hook so he could rub the inside of her tunnel and he slowly dragged them back out.

With this she closed her eyes closed and she tensed closed to her orgasm he did it a few more times going slow enough not to push her over but fast enough to keep her right on the edged. Then with his fingers buried as deep in her as they would go, he paused waiting for her eyes to meet his again. When she looked down at him with open pleading on her face he grinned evilly back up her.

He hooked his fingers again and he jerked them out dragging them across her sensitive tunnel and entrance. With that swift burst of pleasure her orgasm that he had purposely been suppressing exploded inside her and her mouth opened in a silent scream and with her eyes still locked on his he raised his hand and sucked the two fingers he was using to pleasure her with into his mouth.

She exploded in orgasm again before the other could even subside and it drove her higher. Her vision blackened and she started to list to one side. "Well that was fun but we have to hurry," he said as he sat her on to the tiled floor of the shower out of the spray and quickly washed himself. He turned off the water and turned to find her slumped there against the wall.

He grinned as he bent and picked her up grabbing a towel on his way out of the bath room he laid her on the bed. He dragged her hair up above her head and dried her back, ass, and legs then flipped her on to her back. When he finished drying her he then dried himself and did a quick dry of her hair it would be damp for hours probably but it wouldn't leak.

As he was getting dressed she stirred and then rose till she was watching him leaning back on her elbows. "What happened?" "You passed out," he replied with a satisfied grin spinning to look at her as he pulled a shirt that was way too big for him on.

"I'll need new clothes," he said looking down at himself. Sar-Rah laughed the site was comical him standing there in clothes that were about to fall off. He looked like a little kid trying to wear his father's cloths. She waved her hand at him and his cloths fitted themselves perfectly to his body. He looked down smiled at her and kissed her quickly on the lips. "Hurry breakfast should be done by now she usually burns the first batch that's why she isn't in here screaming about me being late yet." "Don't you want to plan for what you're going to say to her about me," she asked.

"Nope, plans are for the battlefield, world domination, and people who worry about things far too much. That's too stressful so I live my life by the motto "If you can't do anything to fix it then don't worry about it." "That is a pretty laid back way of life." "You'd think so wouldn't you but people focus on the said part to much and missed the unsaid half the motto." She thought about it for a second but she didn't get it.

"What's the unsaid part?" "If you can't fix it means you've already considered every action available to you and couldn't come up with a solution to fix it so let it go and don't worry about it.

Now I'm going to say something I'd never have believed I would have said to a beautiful naked woman. Hurry up and put your clothes on." She pouted at him and began to dress.

"Okay I'll go in and try to explain to her you wait in the hall until I call you. Got it?" At her nod he leaned down kissed her again and walked out toward the kitchen, with her right behind him. She stopped in the hall and listened. "Hey little one," Anthony said as he leaned down and kissed the top of Liz's head. Her back was to him with her head down concentrating on her food and he walked over to the cabinet and grabbed an extra plate and fork and went back to the table and shifted two of the four waffles his sister had made for him onto a third plate.

At the click of the third plate on the table Liz started to raise her head. "Ant I already got you a pla…" her voice cut off suddenly as her eyes found her brother.

She could tell it was him but it wasn't. He wasn't skinny exactly but he wasn't fat anymore and her lust for him rose up to a new height and it was all she could do just to sit there and not throw him on the floor and rip his clothes off. The clatter of her fork and knife against the table as they slipped from her shock numbed fingers brought his head up from putting butter and syrup on the two plates of waffles.

Seeing here staring at him as if he grew a third head he looked down at himself to make sure he had remembered to put pants on, he had. Then he realized it was that body modification that shocked her. "Sorry I completely forget about that," he told her, hearing a strangled laugh come from around the corner but Liz in her shock didn't hear it. "Look Liz I have some things to tell you." She just nodded at him still unable to fight her desire and speak to him without begging her to take her right there on the table.

"Well you remember that bottle you got me Saturday?" At her nod he continued. "Well there was a genie inside." "A genie?" "Yes, well to be completely truthful there were seven genies in the bottle but only one came out so far." Slowly as they stared at one another his words began to sink in and her fear for his sanity began to push its way between her mind and her libido allowing her to think.

"Um okay that's nice Ant, can we go see Dr. Wallace?" "I am not going to a shrink Liz I'm not crazy." "You just told me there was a genie in that bottle and you believe what you're saying, so how aren't you crazy," she snapped back worry and fear for him etching her pretty features.

"Liz look at me, really look at me you saw me less than two days ago and I am a completely different than when you left. By the way how did your party go? Did you have fun?" "Yeah it was great," she said with a blush looking at him and just thinking.

"Alright where is this genie that came out of the bottle?" "She's standing in the hall waiting for me to call her. Sar-Rah you can come in now." "She," Liz asked as she turned in her chair to see the hall to see a beautiful girl walk around the corner. Liz looked at Sar-Rah for a few seconds without speaking, stunned at the other girl's beauty.

Then she noticed that Sar-Rah's hair was wet and her eyes flicked back to her brothers wet hair and jealousy and suspicion crept into her mind.

"It's good to meet you, Liz," Sar-Rah said. "It's Elizabeth only people I like call me Liz," she coldly replied. "So you are the genie, huh? So what now, you going to pull a rabbit out of a hat? Do you perform card tricks too," Liz sneered.

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"Liz! What has gotten into you, that's extremely rude," Anthony exclaimed at hearing such venom filled words come from his sister. "Be quite you jerk," Liz shot back at him as tears filled her eyes. With a small sob she whirled and ran to her room and slammed the door.

When he started to follow Sar-Rah laid her hand on his arm to stop him. He halted and looked at her with eyebrows raised in question. "Let's eat and give her time to cool off. After, you go to college and don't worry I'll make sure she gets to school. I'll go with her and I'll talk to her I know what's wrong." "Are you sure," he asked after a few moments of hesitation his eyes lingering on Liz's door. "Yes, I got this." "Okay well let's eat than I've got to go." After they ate at her insistence he left the dishes in the sink for her wash, gave her a kiss and head out to catch the bus for school.

With a sigh as the door closed behind him she turned back and started the dishes. Just as she was putting the last of the dishes away, having picked up from Anthony's mind where they went, she heard the rustle of cloth and footsteps in the hall. "You're not going to go away, are you," Liz asked. "Seeing as how Anthony and I and my sisters are getting married, no," Sar-Rah replied with a sympathetic wince.

"M-m-married? You and your sisters? As in plural how many are there?" "Well if you include me there are seven of us." At her statement Liz stood the staring at her silently mouthing the word seven to herself.

"You need to go get dressed for school, Liz. I'll be going with you today so we can talk and so I can register myself for class." Liz turned in a daze and went to her room. Before she knew it she was standing on front porch locking the door behind her. She looked over at the genie standing next to her and gasped in awe jerked from her daze by the small girl's beauty and what she had dressed herself in.

"Where did you get those clothes," Liz asked feeling plain in her t-shirt and jeans. "Don't they look good? I picked up the image from Anthony's mind." Her black leather pants riding low on her hips and a tight black shirt with vampire bunnies stretched across her chest showed off her figure. The blood red tip hair, black lipstick, and black nail polish accentuated her pretty face and delicate hands.

"I didn't realize my brother had such good taste in women's cloth or that he liked that gothic look. You look gorgeous," Liz replied truthfully before it came back to her that she wasn't supposed to like this girl and a frown formed on her face.

Sar-Rah smiled ate the girls slip. Her smile deepened when the frown appear knowing Liz had realized she had forgotten her anger if only for a second. Sar-Rah, feeling mischievous reached out and touched Liz's arm. The warm feel spread from where Sar-Rah had touched her clothes shifted and became an exact duplicate to Sar-Rah's.

She pulled a compact mirror out of her purse and looked into it and realized her makeup was gone except for her lipstick which was black along with her nail polish. The only difference between herself and Sar-Rah was her hair tips were still blond. "Turn it back," Liz said sourly, even though she liked the look. "Why don't you try it out for a while, it looks good on you and Anthony will love it when he sees it," Sar-Rah replied. At the mention of her brother liking it she looked at the genie suspiciously and saw Sar-Rah staring back intently with a knowing grin on her face.

Liz's shoulders slumped as her anger flowed out of her and was replaced by despair. "You know then, how do you know?" "I know more than you think, I can read your mind if I concentrate," Sar-Rah said with a grin. "For instance I know what you were doing this weekend at your friend's house with those two other girls and Cassie and her mother who all seem to be in love with Anthony. Bad girl," she said as her grin took a wicked cast.

"What do you want to keep quiet," she asked quickly looking around to be sure no one heard as panic surged in her. "I don't want anything. Don't worry I won't tell anyone I was just telling you I understand why you are acting the way you are.

I am not going to take him away from you. As a matter of fact I may be able to bring you closer," she said as her eyes ran lustfully down Liz's body. Liz felt a shiver run up here spine at Sar-Rah's hungry appraisal. They reached the corner were the bus stopped and saw it a stop or two down. Liz flicked the dyed tips of her hair. "Why didn't you turn my hair red tipped like yours?" "Cause Anthony thinks yours looks better with blonde tips and I agree.

It sets off the lighter brown strands in your hair making it look like you've got gold strands tied in it." The bus stopped in front of them and they got on and Liz ran her pass through the reader. Sar-Rah just ignored it and followed her. No one seemed to notice her until they were both sitting down. See Liz's look Sar-Rah leaned close to her ear. "I can go unnoticed if I chose, after all servants aren't supposed to be seen if they're not summoned." "So why are you enrolling in school, by the way how old are you exactly?" "I am 15 but I'm going to enroll in the same grade as you.

I picked most of the knowledge from this level of schooling from Anthony's mind but I might as well get it from someone else who may know things about each subject that he missed." "Does Anthony know he slept with a 15 year old?" "No I don't think my age came up at all," Sar-Rah said with a grin. "But it is all ok I've got a birth certificate, social security card, state id, and court papers legally declaring me emancipated. I also have my transcripts stating that I've jumped ahead two grades so I can be a senior with you." "What can't you do with your powers?" "Oh there is a lot I can't do I can only do these things outside my aspect because they fall into the category of self-defense." "Self-defense?" "Yes, Anthony said not to tell anyone else or let them discover what I am because they would try to take me from him and dissect me or lock me in a lab and do experiments to harness my abilities." "I see, what is an aspect?" As Sar-Rah finished explaining what aspects were the bus came to their stop and they and the other teens on the bus got off.

Sar-Rah head swiveled back and forth her pretty black eyes opened so huge to would have been comical to Liz if the awestruck look on her face didn't make her even more innocent looking, like a little kid who saw Santa Claus. Liz looked around and tried to imagine what it would have looked like here three thousand years ago.

As she realized that this place would have been wilderness or some dinky village she admired the way Sar-Rah seem to be accepting the changes of the world around her.

"Kind of different then your time, huh," Liz asked. "Yes, very different. I picked up some of the difference from Anthony's mind but to know that your high school is 3 stories high and to see it is a different thing entirely.

Also before going into the bottle the biggest building I had ever seen had been my father's castle and the temple. This high school is nearly the same size and it's not even an important building." "Just you wait until you see the empire state building, it is 102 stories high," Liz said with a chuckle.

When Sar-Rah looked at her in disbelief, she smiled and swore it was the truth. "I need you to show me where the administrative office is," Sar-Rah said looking around furtively.

Following the line of the genie's eyes and saw that there were a lot of guys staring at them and talking to each other. While Liz was pretty, and got her fair share of attention from men she rarely dresses in anything overly sexy.

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She realized the Sar-Rah was twitching nervously alongside her waiting for her to lead the way to the office. "Don't be so nervous. They are only looking because we look hot dressed like this." "I've never been around this many people and they are all staring at us." "Don't worry about it just ignore everyone around you unless they talk to you specifically and they are staring at you because your hot." "Hot?" "Sexy," Liz replied to her questioning tone.

"So what did you mean you can bring me and my brother closer," Liz ask trying not to let hope overwhelm her. Ignoring the blush the rose in Sar-Rah's face at her backhanded compliment she grabbed her hand and began leading her into the building towards the office. "Well actually I meant you and all those girls at your party you went to. But you specifically could have had him anytime you wanted him he's been lusting after you for years and you already know he loves you.

But since your too timid to seduce him I'm going to get him really hot and tie him to his bed then you're going to come in and do him." "You think that will work?" "Yep, he already wants you. He's only been holding back taking you because he thinks it would be a betrayal of trust to seduce you when he is the only support and family you have. Plus he said I could have female lovers if I wanted as long as he could also." Liz looked at Sar-Rah sideways form the corner of her eye.

"What does you having other lovers have to do with me," she asked cautiously. Sar-Rah stopped abruptly gripping Liz's hand tightly jerking her to a halt right next to her. She stepped in front of her and reached her hand up to the back of Liz's neck and pulled the taller girl down until they're faces were so close they could almost kiss.

Sar-Rah moved her head so she could whisper into Liz's ear. "After you've had your brother inside you," she breathed into Liz's ear causing her whole body to tremble. Sar-Rah started to gently stoke her neck with the fingertips of the hand wrapped around the back of her neck. "After he has been inside you, and filled you to over flowing, I'm going to crawl between your beautiful thighs and eat you till you beg me to stop. Once you do I'll have you return the favor." As Sar-Rah pulled back and smiled at Liz her trembling continued and her knees became watery as she imagined the upcoming fun with her brother and his new fiancée.

The cat call behind her pulled her back to the here and now. Her trembling stilled as she recognized the sound and realized who it must be. A sneer lifted her lip as she once again grabbed Sar-Rah's hand and started leading her toward the office. Sar-Rah seeing the distaste flash across her face looked over her shoulder at the large boy hurrying after them to try and catch up to them. "Who is that," Sar-Rah asked. "He and all his friends are assholes.

Stay away from them and their girlfriends. You'll find in the school most of the football players aren't dating the popular girls. They are dating the slutty ones. The girls who'd spread their legs for anyone. They're not good people to hang around." "What did he do to you," Sar-Rah asked her again looking over her shoulder at the boy who was seconds behind them as they hurried toward the door clearly label administrative office.

"Not me personally. Those girls who were ah…, at that party I went to this weekend," she said as embarrassment made her blush. "Well Cassie was throwing a party, she loves parties, well about three and a half years ago before they were banned from all her parties and everyone started to shun them.

The football and soccer teams showed up they brought alcohol with them. Well needless to say they all got wasted. They grabbed Cassie, Sasha, and Nina. They started groping and trying to get them to take their clothes off when the girls refused they started to get pushy.

Everyone else was just ignoring what they were doing afraid to speak up. Well Anthony came to pick me up to take me home, he wouldn't let me ride the bus by myself back then, well he saw what was happening and he spoke up." "What happened," Sar-Rah asked feeling dislike for the teen rushing to catch them up. "He told them to let them go and to get out.

They laughed at him and started to turn back to the girls. He grabbed a full plastic cup of beer and dumped it on John Sloan's head. He's the leader of those assholes and he would also be the loser following us. Well anyway they all jumped Anthony he manage to give John and a couple of others black eyes and a few split lips but it was one on eight they beat him up bad he was bleeding a lot.

They broke his left arm and when I rushed to him to see if he was alright John grabbed me. I was struggling trying to reach Ant and I kicked John in the shin. He punched me and made me cry. I've only seen my brother in that kind of rage once before." "The night that your father struck you." "He told you about that," Liz asked.

"Yes." "Well anyway he stood up and punched John square in the face broke his nose with one shot. John stumbles back and trips screaming with the pain from his nose.

Anthony followed him down driving the breath from his lungs and then just kept pounding his fist into John's face until he stopped moving. When he stood up and turned to face the rest of them they backed away from his anger.

He told them to take their loser leader and get the fuck out and they weren't allowed near this house again or he'd come find them when they were alone. They picked up John and ran like the devil was chasing them. Ant spent two days in the hospital after that, and weeks healing the arm. We had to eat takeout the entire time his arm was in a cast since I can't cook." "I see so, that's why you girls are in love with him, what about Cassie's mother?" "He took his bat to the guy she was dating when he found out the guy was molesting Cassie." "I see." Liz looked over at Sar-Rah and saw her face twisted with hate as she looked over her shoulder at John and her eyes were starting to take on an eerie purple luminescence.

"Uh Sar-Rah you need to calm down your eyes are starting to glow." "Oops," she said putting her head down and started taking deep calming breaths. John stepped in front of them not ten feet from the office doors. "Hello, Liz and her pretty friend. How are you doing today?" "We were doing well then I saw your face and it started to suck. But don't worry as soon as you leave it's sure to take a turn for the better." He gave her a nasty look and turned his attention to Sar-Rah.

He ran his eyes over her his desire for her growing her each inch of her he took in. "And who is your friend Liz," John asked. "None of your business and its Elizabeth to you fuck face." When Sar-Rah looked up having got her anger under control so her eyes wouldn't glow she looked up into his eyes keeping her face completely blank and expressionless. "My name is Sar-Rah," she said flatly her voice devoid of emotion. "My name is John," he replied. "I know." "Interested in getting to know me better?" "No, will you please step aside so we can go into the office" came her reply still flat.

"Why aren't you interested, you a lesbian?" "How did you get your nose broken John," Sar-Rah asked. He blinked in surprise at her unexpected response having expected her to get defensive or to admit to liking girls. The people around them were taking notice of what seemed to be a verbal fight taking place between a jock and a new girl dressed in all black. "I got it in a fight," he hedged. "Who were you fighting John? Why were you fighting him?" "I was fighting her brother," he replied gesturing to Liz, who was now standing a couple inches behind Sar-Rah watching the exchange in amusement.

He tried to completely ignore the second question. "I asked why you fighting him John," Sar-Rah asked in that flat, cold voice. "He was interfering in our fun," John said his eyes flicking to the people around them. He was beginning to regret approaching them surrounded by so many people intending to humiliate Liz. "So you find it fun to sexually assault woman John," she asked and mutters went through the crowd as more than just Sar-Rah waited for his answers. "We weren't assaulting them, we were just playing around." "They weren't having fun John, only you were.

If her brother hadn't been there how far would your "fun" have gone John? Are you a rapist at heart John?" John's face blanched at her question and mutters where constantly running through the crowd now. He saw disgust on the faces of most of the guys and fear and revulsion on some of the girls. "I am not a rapist you stupid bitch," he hissed his reply at her. "You "fought" her brother eight on one for interfering in the sexual harassment of three teenage age girls and you still got your nose broken and your face pounded in till you fell unconscious didn't you John?

Had to have your buddies carry you away cause a boy with a broken arm kicked the shit out of you, didn't you John?" "Stop saying my name like that bitch, it was not assault," he spit his reply as he saw the crowd nearest to him putting space between him and them not wanting to be accidently associated with him. "Sure it was John. They said no, but you didn't listen and you touched them in a sexual manner after it was obvious they didn't want your filthy hand on them didn't you John?

So taking into account your actions and your hideous visage I have to say, no I do not wish to get to know you better. I think I know you quite well enough and it saddens me that a human being like you walks the earth and breathes the same air as me.

So scurry back to whatever hole that spawned your foul existence and let us pass." Her words enraged him and he reached for her. His reach for her stopped however when someone cleared their throat behind him.

He lowered his hand and slowly turned to face the principal. "Is there a problem here Mr. Sloan," Ms. Yearling the principal asked. She looked down her nose at the boy, face pleasantly blank but you could tell from her voice she disliked the boy.

At six feet tall long blonde hair, a toned gymnast's body, her breasts no more than a handful and the blue ice chips that were her eyes she made a very intimidating sight.

She looked like some ancient amazon warrior woman dressed in dress pants and a silk blouse staring down at the boy as if trying to push him from existence by the force of her will. As John turned to her he raised his hands in the universal sign of surrender and put an innocent expression on his face.

"No Ms. Yearling no problem at all I was just welcoming the new student and saying hello to my friend Elizabeth." "That is a lie," Sar-Rah said as she refuted his words immediately.

"He came over here to try and publically humiliate Liz with his less than stunning wit and to hit on me," she fumbled at the slang but picked up her speech at Liz's nod that she got it right. "Also this foul creature is no friend of Liz's and I have twice asked him to move from out of the way of the door so we could get to the office. The first time more politely then the second and both times was ignored." His face darkening in embarrassment and anger as her harangue came to end he lowered his raised hands.

As he opened his mouth to deny the accusations the principal cut him off. "Mr. Sloan, do not bother to deny it. I was close enough to the door to hear the whole altercation, you have detention after school today now get to class or it will be all week." He gave Sar-Rah and Liz and murderous look and then stomped off down the hall without looking back.

With a sigh, her face softening slightly, the principal turned the two girls after watching till he disappeared around a corner. "Liz, aren't you supposed to be in Calculus in two minutes," she said looking down at her watch. "Yes, ma'am I was just bringing Sar-Rah to the office to register for classes she is transferring in.

Now that you're here I'll leave it to you and get to class. See you later Sar-Rah," she said and ran off to class trying to get there before the bell. "Well Sar-Rah, let's see about getting you set up," Ms.

Yearling turned around and taking three long strides Sar-Rah had to practically run to keep up with she pulled open the office door and ushered her in.

"This is Ms. White, Jen this is Sar-Rah she is apparently a new transfer student." "Nice to meet you Ms. White," Sar-Rah stuck out her hand to shake with the elderly woman across the counter. True to her name her hair was all white, she had on a friendly smile and it was obvious this was her natural expression from the deep laugh lines around her eyes.

The woman took Sar-Rah hand in a firm two handed grasp with her bright smile. "It's my pleasure dear, but call me Jen everyone does," Jen said. "Well then, it's nice to meet you Jen," Sarah replied returning her smile. "Alright Sar-Rah where are your parents so they can fill out your paper work," Jen asked. "No parents, here you go Jen," Sar-Rah said handing the elderly receptionist her birth certificate, transcripts, and court papers legally declaring her an adult.

With a slight frown Ms. Yearling moved around the counter to read the papers over Jen's shoulder. Jen read for a few minutes with the principal looking over her shoulder reading along then shuffled through the papers making sure she had everything she would need to put Sar-Rah into the system. "That's good dear with all of these I can fill out the paper work for you I just need to know the address of where you are staying and I have you in class in half an hour." "Sure, my current address is 13 Witching St.," Sar-Rah told her still smiling.

"13 Witching St. that is where Liz Caine and Anthony Caine live isn't it," Jen asked as she input Sar-Rah's info into the computer his fingers flying across the keyboard. "Yes." "Are you related to them," Jen asked just keeping up small talk while she typed from habit. "Sort of." "How can you be sort of related to someone," she asked only half paying attention while the principal was watching what she did also only half listening to the girls reply.

"Well I'm sort of related to Liz cause her big brother Anthony is my fiancée." Jens hands froze as both hers and the principal's heads snapped to look at Sar-Rah in surprise and shock.

You could have heard a pin hit the carpet it was so silent for a second. "F-fiancee, dear your only…," she started while looking through the papers for Sar-Rah certificate.

"I am fifteen years old." "You can't get married at fifteen years old," Ms. Yearling stated has if her statement of the fact made it law. "Well, actually if I remember the laws correctly at fifteen, I can with a parent or guardians consent and since I am my own keeper I give myself consent to get married." "When exactly are you getting married dear," Jen asked as Ms.

Yearling stood her mouth opening and closing, in a way very much like a fish, while she tried to come up with something to say. "We haven't set a date yet he only asked me two days ago." "That's nice dear," Jen replied and went back to inputting the girl's info. She had seen the amusement on the girls face at their reaction to her statement. She suppressed her own desire to giggle at the small strangling noises coming from the woman behind her.

She had never seen Patricia Yearling so thrown off balance since the woman had taken the place of the last principal; it was actually quite amusing that the fifteen year old girl across the table with a mischievous grin on her face was more composed than both of them.

"Here you go dear," Jen said handing the papers and everything back to Sar-Rah for her to slip into her bag. "Well, Sar-Rah aside from Calculus and English IV I don't see any class you actually need to take. What would you like your electives to be?" "Um I don't know," Sar-Rah said sheepishly. It was the first sign of uncertainty to enter the girls face since she walked into the office and Jen was sympathetic.

"What is the most advanced computer or electronics class," Sar-Rah asked. "We have a computer programming class that can get you college credits. But Sar-Rah you've never taken a computer class before don't you think you should start off in a beginners class?" "No, Jen I'll be fine with the advanced class I've never had less than an A and won't start now.

Also do you have an advanced physics class? "Yes we do. So Adv. Computer Programming and Adv. Physics what else?" "I have no idea. I heard one the girls we were walking past say you had a pool. If I left one of the classes open could I use it?" "No, students are not allowed to use the pool by themselves it against school policy." "Oh, okay well I've got no idea what to take then." "Well sixth period the senior swim team uses the pool.

Since we are only a week into the year, I could talk to the couch and get her to let you join not to compete if you don't want to but just to do laps or whatever off out of the way. She's a friend of mine and if I ask I'm sure she'll let you if only to boost the teams numbers." "Thanks that would be really nice of you," Sar-Rah gushed at Jen and smiled wide with happiness and gratitude.

Jen flush with pleasure at the girls obvious joy but was a little suspicious because Sar-Rah seemed too happy. "How about you take a foreign language," Ms. Yearling asked finally regaining her composure. "Thanks but no need I'm fluent," she replied. "Which are you fluent in? We have German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French, Swedish, and Polish." "I'm fluent in them all," Sar-Rah said still beaming. Jen lowered her head to hide her smile and tried to disguise the amused snort at the girl's subtle playful needling the principal as a sneeze.

"Bless you," Sar-Rah said to Jen still beaming although with more of a trickster's grin then a happy one now. "You wouldn't have a robotics class would you," Sar-Rah asked innocently her face changing to look like an angel's. "No dear, we don't," not asking what the girl who has never taken a computer class would need in a robotics class and not trusting the sudden innocent look the girl was putting on.

Patricia though didn't catch the signs though. "What do you want to take a robotic class for you have never even taken a computer class," the principal asked curiously. "I don't want to say it is kind of embarrassing," Sar-Rah replied lowering her head to hide her sudden mischievous grin from the women, though from her lower vantage Jen caught it and wondered what was coming.

"It is okay Sar-Rah, it only the three of us here and no one will laugh at you." "Well," she said as her head raised back us her innocent façade firmly back in place.

"I want to make a life like robot as a sex toy for my fiancée as a wedding present," she said innocently looking the principal dead in the eye. Jen looked over her should at Patricia's face, she looked like she had swallowed her own tongue, and burst into laughter so hard tears started running down here face.

"You said you wouldn't laugh at me," Sar-Rah said trying to put a hurt look on her face but it was plain that she was trying not to laugh as well. Getting over the shock of her words and her being the butt of the joke even Patricia gave a slight smile.

"I know," Sar-Rah said, "Is there a study hall or something where I can just sit in the library and read for the whole time?" "Well we could just leave your fifth and sixth periods free and you could do whatever you want for the fifth but if I pull strings and get you a filler spot on the team so you can use the pool sixth period I expect you to be there every day they are unless you have a good reason for missing." "Of course Jen," Sar-Rah said her expression going somber.

"Good, well here is your class schedule and a school map. You have Calculus now then English IV then Adv.

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Computer Programming then lunch and finally Adv. Physics. After that you have your free period and then the swim team meeting at the pool after that. I'll find you at lunch and tell you what the coach says. You'll be happy to know that your two classes and your fourth will be together with you future sister-in-law." "Awesome." "Well you have a good day and I'll see you at lunch with the coach's reply.

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Oh do you have a swim suit with you?" "Yes I've got one I was planning on going over to the college if I ended up with too many free periods to talk Anthony into skipping class and going to use their pool with me, I have to corrupt him a little he to goody-goody," Sar-Rah said with a wicked grin and with one last wave walked out of the office head for her first class and Liz.

"I have a feeling that Anthony may be in over his head with that one," Patricia said to herself absent mindedly. "No it's a good match it's the quiet ones who turn the world on its head. They don't really bother till you motivate them but once they get going you can't stop them. Anthony was like that you remember the day John came back to school after that party they were talking about?

His own mother wouldn't have recognized him with all that swelling not to mention the concussion. I think him and that girl make a good match she'll loosen him up a bit and he'll keep her out of trouble, the boy always did radiate a sense of protection, that's why so many girls hung around him," Jen rambled. "Yeah well you had better get ahold of Cynthea you told her you'd ask about joining the team." "Oh I know what Coach Shell will say, she needs one more for a complete team so they can compete this year.

They only get to have six place but they have to have nine members to compete it doesn't make any sense to me." "You witch you pretended like you were doing her a favor." "Well you never know when someone owing you a favor will be helpful plus I'm almost certain she was onto me she was a little too overjoyed that I could help her. I think she was laying it on that thick there at the end so I would know she caught it but would go with it," Jen mused.

"Well she is a smart girl I hope she does ok in that advanced computer class having never been in one of the beginner ones. I'm going to my office to get my paper work caught up hopefully." "Alright see you later Patricia and I think that girl would ace the class even if she never saw a computer before.

She was serious about being fluent in every language even though she was taunting you," turning back to her computer and pulling up her own work. Following the map which was confusing the hell out of her, till she realized she was holding it sideways, Sar-Rah finally made it to class and looked in the window.

There was a young teacher stand in front of the class his back to the door and her. She could see Liz sitting in the back seat of the class looking bored with her chin in her hand listening to the guy talk. Liz opened the door and walked in. The teacher missed the sound of the door opening and closing but he did notice when his entire class stopped paying attention to him and looked over his shoulder at her.

"Hi," Sar-Rah said smiling up at him. "Hello, and you are," he asked turning to face her. "I'm Sar-Rah Solomon, a new transfer student," she replied handing him her schedule. He read it for a second then handed it back and she slipped it into her backpack. "Well Sar-Rah I'm Mr. Shawl this is Calculus why don't you tell the class a little bit about yourself," he phrased it as a request but Sar-Rah got the feeling it wasn't.

"What would you like to know about me?" "Just tell the class whatever you feel comfortable revealing about yourself," he replied. Immediately after he said that a wicked grin crossed her face and died instantly.

It was replaced with an innocent wide eyed expression as she turned back to the class. She bounced on the balls of her feet for a second then just as he was about to tell her she didn't have to if she didn't want to she began to speak. "Well first thing is my name I'm Sar-Rah Solomon, I'm fifteen but I'm emancipated. I like reading, swimming, pizza, and sex doggy style." At that there was a thud behind her as Mr.

Shawls chair tipped over with him in it. As giggles and whistles erupted around the class Sar-Rah still holding her innocent expression looked questioningly at Mr. Shawl over her shoulder but kept up telling the class about herself. "I'm joining the swim team, I'm fluent in every spoken language and almost every written one I'm staying with Liz Caine and her brother who happens to be my fiancée and my six sisters will be his moving in and will be his wives also.

Although do to this countries laws they wont be married in the eyes of the laws but honestly who cares what the government thinks about our personal lives. Is that enough," she directed the last question to Mr. Shawl. At his nod she pointed to the empty seat next to Liz and he nodded.

As she turned backed to the class she let the innocent face drop and let her wicked grin spread across her face. The class saw and snickered at the teacher as Mr. Shawl tried to get his thoughts back in order. The class commenced after Sar-Rah took her seat. After class as Liz and her walked to their next class Liz asked what classes she had Sar-Rah handed Liz her schedule. "So we have first, second, and fourth period together and then you get the day off." Liz said.

"Not exactly, I get fifth period off but sixth is when I've got swim team practice. I'm only a filler so I can use the pool but I suspect they are only letting me do it because they don't have enough people to compete even though I won't be competing." "Having a period off must be nice though," Liz asked.


"Not really that's when I'll do all the learning for the day as soon as I meet each teacher I just absorb their knowledge on the subject they are teaching and then the classes are useless except for the entertainment value and the actual experience of going to school." "I wish I could do that it would sure help with my grades." "I'm sure it would make Anthony happy if your grades improved so," Sar-Rah's hand shot out and firmly gripped her arm and pulled Liz's face down to hers and gave her a quick kiss right on the lips being careful not to smear their lipstick.

As quick as that all the knowledge the teacher had about Calculus was transferred and she understood the problems she had been struggling with. "Wow." "Yeah, you taste really good," Sar-Rah replied.

"That's not what I meant." "I know but I'll get to do that for every class we have." "You could just wait to the end of the day and do it then," Liz pointed out as she started to walk so they wouldn't be late for English. "True I could but it would cut down on my reward for helping you now wouldn't it," she asked smirking up at Liz through her thick lashes. Liz just shook her head and pulled open the door to their English class.

The day passed and Sar-Rah absorbed the knowledge from the English teacher along with the computer teacher and headed to lunch. Coming into the big cafeteria she stopped a little daunted to see all the people in the trying to talk over one another. Looking around and trying to decide where to sit and saw some of the kids from her classes trying to wave her over, until she spotted Liz. She was sitting at a table dead center of the room with what looked to be all the beautiful kids in the room.

Sar-Rah began wending her way to Liz, feeling Sar-Rah's eyes on her looked up and saw her and smiled. She jabbed the guy sitting next to her in the ribs with her elbow and made him scoot down so Sar-Rah could squeeze in on the end. There was no food in front of Liz. "Are you not eating Liz," Sar-Rah asked with a disapproving frown. "The cafeteria food sucks and I was so distracted this morning I forgot to make lunch." "Well, I may have the solution for that food falls into the servant's aspect.

What is your favorite sub," she asked flicking looks around to make sure no one was listening to their conversation. "Meatball with mozzarella cheese and mushrooms," Liz replied looking hopefully at her. "Enjoy," Liz exclaimed and reached into her backpack and pulled two of the subs out and placed one in front of Liz.

She also reached in and pulled out a bag of ranch Doritos and two bottles of ice cold Pepsi. "I love you," Liz giving her a quick hug and then tearing into her sub barely waiting until she removed the waxed paper from around it. Sar-Rah unwrapped her own sub and tentatively took a bite and gave a little moan of pleasure at the taste and began devouring hers as swiftly as Liz was.

Sar-Rah and Liz finished their subs at exactly the same moment and both reached for their sodas and cracked the seals and took a drink in unison. They paused looked at each other and reach for the bag of chips. Before their hands could reach the bag another hand shot down and grabbed the bag and snatched it away.

Sar-Rah turned to see John Sloan standing there hold their bag of chips. She stood up and faced him the people around them slowly started to quiet down curious as to what was about to happen. "Hello Sar-Rah," he said with a nasty smile on his face. When she said nothing and just stared at him with hate in her eyes he began to fidget. "What nothing to say cat got your tongue. Or maybe your lesbian lover Liz bit if off," he sneered already having heard the rumors she was engaged to Liz's brother.

With a smile Sar-Rah turned around to Liz who was still seated, straddling the bench ready to stand if she was need. Sar-Rah stepped to Liz and threw her leg over the surprised girls lap and sat down facing her. She sensuously ran her hands into Liz's hair and gripped her head. Grinning wickedly up into Liz's eyes she pulled her down and brought Liz's lips to her own. This time as the information from all Sar-Rah's classes filled Liz's mind it wasn't just a peck on the lips.

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Sar- Rah's tongue licked along Liz's lips until she opened her mouth then it dove in exploring and tasting her. Suddenly Liz's arms wrapped around Sar-Rah's back crushing the girl to her and she returned the kiss with equal passion. They held the kiss until they both needed air and they broke apart panting forehead pressed together. After a few moments of regaining her breath Sar-Rah stood disentangling herself from Liz and turn back to John, who was standing there with his mouth agape and lust fogging his brain.

Sar-Rah's hand shot out and before he could stop her snatched the bag of opened chips from his hand. She took one step over to the trash can that was in the middle of the isle and up ended the bag pouring the chips into the garbage.

"As if I would put something someone so filthy touched into my mouth," she sneered at John, snapping him out of his daze with the venom in her voice. "See you are a dike I knew it, that's why you don't want me," he shot back. "I don't want you because you're an idiotic filthy pig, and a disgrace to your entire gender. You're childish and petty, taking our chips as if that's going to make us believe you a better person then us.

That makes you a thief, and a bully, along with a prick who sexually assault teenage girls," she refuted, turning back to face the cafeteria.

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"Did everyone like the show," she asked and was answered with a roar of approval and whistles, along with some scattered clapping. "Well, giving a round of applause for my future sister-in-law, Elizabeth Caine. Come on Liz stand up and take a bow." Her face flaming Liz shook her head but she waved at the few people close enough to see her clearly as they clapped.

Sar-Rah slipped back into her seat reached into her backpack and pulled out an identical bag of chips opened them and began sharing them with Liz and the two girls across the table while they talked about nothing in particular until lunch ended. Nobody even noticed John as he slunk off unable to do or say anything without looking even more foolish. Before the end of lunch Jen came up and told Sar-Rah to go to the coach's office before sixth period.

After lunch, while Liz headed off for the rest of her classes, Sar-Rah head to the library, on her way there as she was passing an open door she looked in and stopped.

There sat a beautiful girl her back to the door, painting. The picture she was painting was of a wolf but it was so lifelike Sar-Rah half believed it would jump right off the canvas. "Is someone there," the girl asked in a small breathy voice. "Yes. Hi, my name to Sar-Rah." "I'm Linda Everett, Linda or Ms. Everett, you can call me either one. I am afraid you're in the wrong room though since my last class isn't till sixth period," the girl said as she continued to paint. "Wait a sec, you're a teacher?

How old are you," Sar-Rah asked in shock. "I am twenty-eight, and yes I am the art teacher," Linda replied stopping her brush and turning to face Sar- Rah. Her elfish features were what caught the eye first her small face all angled and pointy her pale green where next then her pale complexion. Sar-Rah focused on the woman and tried to read her mind but was rebuffed. "You're an elf," Sar-Rah stated. "Don't be silly elves don't exist," the woman said her features pleasant.

"Your features are all elfish, your eyes are pale, as theirs were, and you heard me stop in the door even though I made no sound that a human would have heard.

And most damning is this," Sar-Rah hand flashed out and pushed the woman's hair from her ears, having felt the magical glamour to hide them as soon as the woman looked at her, she dispelled it with a thought. With a small pop of displace air the tips of the woman's ear showed itself to be pointy. Linda backed away in fear reaching her hand up to her ear and replacing the glamour with a thought.

"What are you? What do you want from me?" "I am a Lesser Djinn, don't the elves remember the Djinn at all? And I don't want anything from you specifically.

I saw you painting and wanted the knowledge of how to create such a beautiful thing so I was going to absorb your knowledge of how." "We are told your kind was evil, mischievous, and cruel.

You were going to steal my ability to paint from me? You are evil," the woman said as she backed farther from Sar-Rah who made no move to pursue her. "I was not born Djinn, my sisters and I were turned into Djinn by the last high Djinn in hopes to continue his race in this modern period.

The Djinn are not good or evil any more then any other race is. There are some good and some bad but the mischievous is quite true," she grinned at Linda, "I was not going to steal your knowledge of how to paint I was going to absorb it. It is more like reading a book. If you read a book and learn to cook from it, the book still retains the knowledge of how to cook only now so do you, you understand?" "Yes I understand what you're saying but why should I believe you?

You are Djinn." "It doesn't matter if you believe me. Since I can't get the knowledge of painting from you, I'm leaving, have a nice day Linda," Sar-Rah turned and walked from the room. "Wait," Linda called from inside the room but without a backward glance Sar-Rah walked quickly in the direction of the library. Sar-Rah spent the rest period reading books; reading so fast having to turn the pages was slowing her down.

With ten minutes left of her fifth period she put all the books aback in their proper places and waved to the librarian who had helped her find the books she wanted and headed off to find the coach's office.

Liz's sixth period was art. She walked in and took her seat at her easel and waited for the topic of the day. They were to paint a wild animal focusing on how to make to as lifelike as possible. Ms. Everett even placed and example painting in front of the class, it was a wolf. The kids around the room were still talking about Sar- Rah and Liz's show at lunch, casting sidelong glances at Liz.

She wasn't paying attention at all painting a lion lounging on its side surrounded indistinctly by its pride (FYI a pride is a group of lions like a pack of wolves). Her painting was coming out well she was talented, it wasn't quite as good as Ms.


Everett's but it was close. "Very good, Liz," Linda said from directly behind Liz's back startling her and nearly causing her to smear the line she was painting. "Thank you Ms. Everett." "I've heard rumors that a girl named Sar-Rah is staying with you and your brother." "Yes, she is. She is engaged to my brother," Liz offered.

A sharp intake of breath behind her caused her to turn her head and look at the woman behind her. "I don't think she is suited for your brother, Liz, you may want to try and talk him out of marrying her." "You know Sar-Rah?" "We met last period she noticed me painting as she walked by and stopped and came in to see if she could gain the knowledge on how to do it too." "So you don't really know Sar-Rah at all if you met her last period for only a few minutes and I know you don't know my brother.

So the question is why would you say something like that?" "I just got the feeling that she wasn't a good person to associate with," Linda said feeling slightly ashamed though not knowing why. "I do know Sar-Rah and my brother and they will make a perfect couple. However I do thank you for your concern I'll be sure to tell Sar-Rah your worried about her," Liz said her annoyance clearly heard in her voice she turned back to her painting and continued it. Linda feeling hurt that her warning was dismissed so lightly and feeling foolish for not thinking up a better argument to enlist Liz's cooperation, returned to her desk.

Sar-Rah managed to find the coaches office, stepping through the door just as the bell for sixth period to begin rang.

She looked around the office immediately noting all the trophies and awards around the room. Letting her eyes drift over them she focused on the woman behind the desk, who was looking down reading something and didn't appear to know she was there. "Coach Shell," Sar-Rah asked.

The woman looked up and shock jolt through Sar-Rah. The woman had on an eye patch. The woman seeing her startled expression reached up and touched the patch and Sar-Rah lower her eyes not wanting to embarrass or offend the woman.

The silence grew stain when neither said anything. "I lost the eye in a car accident its why I couldn't go to the Olympics. It is also why I'm a coach for a swim team. Your Sarah?" "Sar-Rah Solomon, Jen said to come and talk to you." "Yes, please sit down. Jen said we had a new transfer student who wanted to use the pool and since it's against school policy to let students use the pool alone, and since I need one more person on my team to compete in regionals she asked if I could let you join." "She said I wouldn't have to compete as long as I showed up every day that I could just be a spot filler on the team so I could use the pool," Sar-Rah said.

"You brought you own bathing suit?" "Yes," Sar-Rah replied pulling out the purple and silver one piece bathing suit. "Good go down the hall to just before the double doors. Then entrances to both changing rooms are there. Get changed and follow the girls out to the pool. Stay out of the way of their practice and don't drown, other than that your free to do as you wish.

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If on some days you want to join in on their practice just ask me and we'll see." "Thank you Coach Shell," Sar-Rah said as she turned and left the office following the coach's directions to the locker room and going inside. Inside the locker room she could hear girls talking and laughing and the slamming of locker doors.

She saw two girls walking out a doorway on the far side of the locker room and figured that was the entrance that led to the pool. Finding a locker without a lock on it she pulled out a combination lock from her backpack set it on the bench and began to strip. There was a girl, she was plain looking. Short brown curly hair, brown eyes, what really caught the attention was her chest.

They were maybe twice the size of Sar-Rah's but on the girls four foot ten inch tall frame they looked massive. At first she didn't notice Sar-Rah. Turning the girl saw her and froze then she dashed around the corner of the lockers in only her pink panties. Sar-Rah put on her bathing suit and stuffed all her stuff into the locker and put the lock on it. She then went out the door she had seen the other girls in bathing suits use hoping it led to the pool, it did.

She walked out and was amazed at the sight of that much water inside of a building. At sixty feet long and thirty feet wide, with the shallow end being four feet deep and the deep end being fifteen feet deep it was way bigger the she expected and indoor pool to be.

She walked up to the edge and crouched dipping her hand into the water and was pleased when it came back warm. "Hey, who are you," a girls voice came from a few feet behind her. Turning Sar-Rah looked at the five foot and six inch tall red haired girl behind her. The girls red hair had a barely noticeable curl at the tips. She had green eyes that flashed in challenge, they weren't as deeply or stunningly green as Liz's but they were close.

Freckles covered her face and her skin was really white and looked soft as silk. Her chest was big enough to fit perfectly into Sar-Rah's small hands, her body was toned and sleek, even missing almost all the curves her body was feminine. The busty short plain girl stood behind her with a girl who looked like a model. Long blonde hair braided into a single tail the reached to a perfect ass and her tits were maybe a few sizes bigger then Sar-Rah's own.

She had blue eyes and she stood about six feet tall. They were all wearing Sar-Rah assumed was a swim team issued blue once piece swim suit with their names on the front on their left breast. "Hi, I'm Sar-Rah." "I'm Cassie, the short one behind me is Nina, and the amazon woman is Sasha." The names were familiar to Sar-Rah but she couldn't place them for a second. Then the memory clicked into place.

"Your Liz's friends she was over at your house at a party this weekend, right?" "Yeah that's us," the red head replied running her eyes over Sar-Rah in an appraising manner. "Are you really marrying Anthony," she asked nonchalantly. Sar-Rah could tell this was the reason they all came over even though Cassie was managing to hide her desire to know and hope that it wasn't true the other two were not so hard to read and she could read the dread in their faces.

"Yep," Sar-Rah replied keeping her face neutral pretending not to notice the despairing look the two in the back shared. If her plan went perfectly then they would be happy about the turn of events.

"How long have you guys known each other? I've never even heard of you before today and I've them my entire life." "I only met Anthony a couple of days ago. It was just love at first sight," Sar-Rah replied. "Your marrying a guy you've only known for a few days? Isn't that to fast shouldn't you get to know him better before you guys make that kind of decision?" "Nope, I know everything about him that I need to know already," Sar-Rah replied keeping her voice steady and calm while it was plain to see that Cassie's calm was cracking.

Cassie just stood there staring at her mouth working silently not able to come up anything to say to stop the marriage. Finally without saying another word, she turn and walked away Nina and Sasha in tow.

As Cassie stalked away Sar-Rah called out to her. "Hey Cassie, I might bring Anthony to your party this weekend. Liz told me you have one every weekend and she invited me she also said Anthony had an open invitation to your parties." Cassie stopped in her tracks and turned to face Sar-Rah he face a little pale.

"There not parties really there just a small get together for some friends. I only throw big parties about once a month. What else did Liz tell you about our weekend get together?" "Nothing much just that it will be fun and that she always invites Anthony but he never goes he always gives her some excuse or says maybe next time but never goes.

Do you know why he always refuses?" "If Liz invited you can come but Anthony won't he never comes. I did something stupid before and he doesn't come near me anymore. He hates me, after I did what I did I can't really blame him. He only comes to my house with Liz maybe twice a year now. I can probably count on my fingers the number of times he has spoken to me in the past three years." Sar-Rah could see the pain in Cassie's expression at that admission.

Realizing she may have said too much Cassie turned and continued to walk back to where the other five girls were gathering and talking while waiting for the coach. Sar-Rah thought about the upcoming weekend and her blood began to heat. Desire flushed her cheeks and she began breath heavily as she imagined everything she and Anthony were going to do to those girls.

The coach entered the pool area and looked around checking to make sure all nine were present then she blew her whistle and told the gorls to begin their stretches. While they stretched and Sar- Rah copied them the coach stood in front of them and watched. "Alright everyone as you can see we have a new member.

This is Sar-Rah she is filling the empty seat so we can compete and she can use the pool. Try to get along if she wants to join in the practices let her if not she'll stay out of your way. Nina here is the whistle and the stop watch check their times and see if there is any way to speed them up." "Yes Coach Shall," Nina replied taking the items the coach handed her. The coach left and all the girls finished their stretching and moved towards the pool.

Sar-Rah stood back and watched as each of the girls got into their own lane they weren't even using half the pool. The girls readied themselves and with the shriek of the whistle they pushed off Sasha in the lead with Cassie a close second while the other girls were all a small distance back most close to the same speed.

Sar-Rah moving three or four lanes down so as not to distract them slid into the water. She loved the feel of it around her and had always loved to swim. The other girls were almost back to their starting position as Sar-Rah began readying herself for her laps. She happened to kicked off with the shriek of the whistle at the same moment as the other girls.

Only Nina saw the precise way she moved her arms and legs with no extra movement and no excessive splashing. Sar-Rah shot ahead of the other girls, reached the other end flipped in the water pushed off and began the return half of the lap before any of the other girls even reached the far side.

After sixty laps Sar-Rah heard the shrill call of the whistle twice in rapid succession and looked over to see the other girls moving towards the edge of the pool preparing to get out and she realized the double blast meant the end of class.

Sar-Rah swam quickly to the side and hoisted herself out of the pool headed for the locker room. She went into the shower which was just a large room maybe 15 feet by 15 feet, walls and floor tiled, with ten shower heads on the wall away from the door. There were one or two girls in there before her already showering all were still wearing their swim suits. Sar-Rah walked up to a shower head and turned on the hot water like Anthony had showed her and gave a little squeal when it came out cold.

She jumped out of the spray and waited a second for it to warm before putting her hand under the water to check the temperature then moved back under the spray finding the water hot and soothing to her muscles. She stripped out of her bathing suit and rinsed it out then hung it off the handles in front of her and began to run her hands through her hair rinsing away the chlorine and chemicals that were in the pool. "What are you doing," Cassie's voice sounded from behind her.

She turned to face Cassie still running her hands through her hair and saw that the other girls were all looking at her also. "Taking a shower what does it look like I'm doing," Sar-Rah replied flippantly. "It looks like you're naked," Cassie shot back her eyes running over Sar-Rah's body, seeing her appraisal Sar-Rah's nipples hardened.

"I've been naked for every shower I have ever taken. I thought this was the excepted fashion for showering." "Aren't you embarrassed about being naked in front of strangers?" Sar-Rah looked around at the other seven girls in the shower all wearing their bathing suits then to Cassie. "No why should I be embarrassed there are only females in here so there is no problem." Cassie looked at her bewildered then she just shook her head and went to one of the other shower head and turned it on to begin her own shower.

With a shrug Sar-Rah turned back to finished her shower. She turned off the water and wrung out her bathing suit and as much water as she could get from her hair and walked back to her locker. She dressed quickly and stuffed her wet bathing suit into a plastic bag she pulled from her backpack gathered her stuff and walked out heading for the front doors of the school where she was supposed to meet Liz. When she got down to the front entrance she saw Liz was already standing there waiting for her.

She quickly walked up her and they left heading for the bus stop. "So how was the swim team's practice," asked Liz. "It was okay it. Why didn't you tell me your… friends were on the team?" "I thought it would be a fun surprise," Liz said with amusement.

As they near the bus stop they saw that someone was waiting for them. "Hey sis you have a good day? Sar-Rah you had me worried when I got home and you weren't there." "Yeah my day was fine," Liz said. "Sorry to worry you, I registered for classes today. It was fun I met Liz's friends, and learn a how bunch of new things. I met some scum sucking loser and got to swim and one of the teachers here is an elf," Sar-Rah ramble her face lit with happiness.

Anthony having seen she was fine let go of the irrational anger caused by his fear of something happening to either of them.

He smile at the child like happiness in her eyes. Then her words sank in and he gaped at her. "An elf," he asked. "Yep I saw her on my way to practice she was painting a picture of a wolf it was awesome.

Apparently whom ever has been recording the elven history wrote down that Djinn were evil so I don't think she likes me." "She knows you're Djinn," he asked alarm beginning to rise in him again. "Don't worry Anthony. She is an elf she can't tell anyone about me without exposing herself and if she does that the other elves if there are any others left after all this time would execute her for revealing herself," she said sensing his unease.

She walked up to him and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck pressing her body tightly to his and pulled his head down so his lips met hers.

Snuggling Up With Her Stepbro

His arms wrapped tightly around her as her tongue explored his mouth. Remembering they were in public and that his sister was watching he restrained himself from running his hands up under her shirt. When she pulled back he noticed what she was wearing for the first time now that his worry for her had abated. He instantly began to get hard and his breath sped up. Noticing the change in him Sar-Rah followed the line of his gaze to her clothes then looked back at him she saw his gaze leave her and run over his sister.

It looked like he was having a hard time breathing. The bus pulled up behind him and he waited for the two girls to embark before he follow his eyes firmly locked on Liz ass as she swayed her hips walking to the back of the bus.

They seated them self in the back row with Anthony squished firmly between them. "Do you like our outfits? I made them both specifically for you since you like the goth loo," Sar-Rah asked. "You are both beautiful," he said. Liz flushed at his comment and picked at her shirt. She smile an evil smile and ran her hand over his thigh and caressed the bulge he'd had since he notice their clothes.

He groan at the feel of her hand on his cock it his erection confined into the tight fit of his jeans as it was, was causing him a great deal of discomfort. "Stop that," he scolded her grabbing her wrist and pulling her hand away. She pouted at him poking out her bottom lip. His attention immediately focused on her lips he wanted to lean down and run his tongue over them.

Seeing his intense focus on her mouth she slowly slowly ran her tongue over lips wetting them and making them shine in light of the waning sun.

"Your evil, an evil succubus that's what you are," he groaned as he released her and covered his face with his hands resting his elbows on his knees hoping that blocking the sight of her would lessen his desire.

"No you're confused. I'm one of the seven wickedly sexy Djinn you're going to marry. But I'll get you a succubus as a wedding gift, okay? You can keep it as a pet they're only about as smart as a really smart dog," she whisper into ear using her tongue to draw the lobe into her mouth and bite down on it gently. Shivering at the lust rose with her actions her dropped his hands from his face and turned his head to look at her face to judge her seriousness.

"Don't succubi suck the life energy from the men they have sex with? I'm rather attached to my life and there is no sex worth dying for." "They only suck the energy when their hungry and it won't kill you. You could spent all night fucking her brains out and a succubus would only be able to drain enough energy that you would need about a day to recover.

Those legends about men being sucked dry where about fools who constantly had sex with a succubus day after day without getting enough rest." As she was talking she had slowly inched her hand back to the bulge in his pants and as she finished her explanation she once again started to stroke his erection.

He realized that this whole time his sister was being really quite he looked at her from the corner of his eye. Her eyes were locked on Sar-Rah's hand on his jean cover bulge as she stroked it Liz rubbed her legs together and her hands were clenched in her lap one gripping the other her knuckles were white. Anthony opened his mouth to apologize when he was saved from having to as the bus stopped at their stop he quickly stood and hurried to get off the bus Liz behind him with Sar-Rah taking up the rear with a mischievous grin splitting her face.

She took deep breathes as she tried to bring her racing heart back to a normal speed. They walked back to the house and Anthony opened the door letting the go ahead of him and closed the door behind him turning he locked it. As he turned again kicking his shoes off, he saw them standing in the door leading to the kitchen their heads close together whispering their eyes watching him.

As Sar-Rah said something to her Liz looked at her and went down the hall and he heard a door close. "What was that about," he asked. "I was telling her that we would need a little alone time in your room," she replied then grabbed his hand and dragged him into his room. She turned and closed his bed room door. She pushed him back till his knees touched the bed. "Stay right there don't you dare move," she commanded him. He stayed there as she went into his bathroom and came back a few seconds later with one of his big thick fluffy towels.

At her will the towel split into five long strips. She place them on the bed and moved back in front of him. Looking lovingly up into his face she reached up and ran her nails along his jaw then rose to her toes and kissed him lightly. Running her hands down his body she gripped the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up but couldn't get it over his head since he was taller and hadn't bent over for her to be able to reach. Leaving it around his neck for him to finish pulling off she reached down and unbuttoned his jeans lowering the zipper just as he finish extricating himself from his shirt.

Looking up into his eyes she pushed her hand into his jean and gripped his swollen cock. At the feeling of her hands on his bare flesh he moaned and his head fell back as he savored the feel of her gently stroking him. Suddenly her hands slammed into his muscled chest with the bed right behind his knees he over balanced and fell back on to the bed.

She bent grabbed his jeans and pulled them off with a quick jerk and hopped up onto him straddling his hips his grinding against her pussy through the leather pants, she moaned at the feel of him pressed firmly against her.

"As beautiful and sexy as you look in that getup you're overdressed my loved," Anthony said. With a grin she looked down at him and then her clothes began to melt into smoke. Within second they were skin to skin his cock trapped between her pussy and his stomach. He hissed in pleasure as he felt the heat and wetness of her as she began to grind against him. They both moaned as pleasure flooded them. Sar-Rah remembering her plan stop moving and Anthony growl in displeasure while he looked questioningly up at her.

"Put your hands up above your head," she said with a wicked grin on her face. Pausing for a second he remembered the strips of towel he paused. Then looking up into her eyes he decide to trust her and he raised his hands up to where they could be tied to the headboard. After she had him firmly tied to the head board she spun tied feet to the foot of the bed grabbing the fifth strip she turn back to face his head.

"Don't worry my love you are going to enjoy this more then you could imagine," she said softly caressing his face and putting the last strip around his head as a blind fold. He stiffened as his sight went dark, he did not protest but she could tell he didn't like being tied down or the blindfold.

She finished tying the blindfold and began running her hands gently over his body. All his muscles were tensed his erection beginning to go soft. She lowered to her hand to it lifted it up and gave the swollen head a lick like an ice-cream cone and he immediately went rock hard.

With a soft loving smile she stroked him a few times then let him go standing she silently walked over to the bath room and motion to a naked Liz to join her.

She had cautioned Liz to remain absolutely silent. She moved back to the bed and ran the finger nails of one hand gently up and then down his cock the feeling causing his whole body to tremble. As Liz approached the bed she let her hand drop to her side and stepped back. Liz ran her hand hesitantly over Anthony's chest feeling the muscles under his skin quiver at her touch.

Joy and fear flooded her at the same time, she was finally able to touch him to have him inside her, but if when the blindfold was removed and rejected her she shuddered with fear at just the thought. Gathering her courage she leaned down her hair dragging across his bhest then face as she brought her mouth to his and kissed him. He pushed back against her kissing her back his arms jerking at his bonds as he tried to embrace her.

She deepened her kiss as she climbed onto the bed and threw her leg over him hips. Her juices that had been running down her leg began to drip onto his cock every time a drop landed on it it twitched and Anthony gave a soft moan. She lift his cock so it was pointed straight up and she lowered her self slowly till he was just barely wedged against her entrance and she froze.

She couldn't continue not without his consent. She thought about him rejecting her and her whole body shook violently and a tear slid down her cheek. Wedged as he was Anthony felt it. "Sar-Rah are you okay," he asked concern filled his voice. Liz placed her hands on Anthony's chest, to steady herself, motioned for Sar-Rah to remove the blindfold.

Sar-Rah silently asked if she was sure when she nodded her consent Sar-Rah moved up and removed the blindfold. Anthony squinted at the light for a second then he was looking at Sar-Rah standing by the head of the bed blindfold in hand. He eyes widened in surprised his head jerked around and his brain went utterly blank. Before his eyes was his dream, his beautiful sister straddled his hips his cock lodged between her pussy lips.

His gaze roamed over the expanse of her bared silken skin. He had not seen her naked since they were children though he had often dreamed and fantasized about her nude. The edges of his vision began to blacken and the world swam before his eyes. At the burning pain in his chest he sucked in a lung full of air finally having remembered how to breath.

"Liz," he whispered. Awe filled his voice, as he watched her she began to lower herself onto him. "Do you want me big brother," she asked pausing again. "If you don't want this now is the time to say so or I'm going to bury you in my body to you fill me completely then keep going to you give your baby." At her words he jerked then quivered biting his lower lip till blood began to pour down his lip just to hold himself in check her words alone almost bring him to cum in her.

Panting with his blood dripping from his chin he looked up into her eyes. He didn't see any hesitation there just a fear of being rejected so he surrendered to his forbidden lust. "Little one I've wanted you since you were twelve years old." Joy flood Liz and tears of happiness began to spill from her eyes as she lowered herself firmly on to Anthony's cock. When he was fully embedded in her she was pressed again his hips Anthony was moaning beneath her his arms jerking at his restrains trying to reach her and white hot flashes of pleasure were making her giddy.

"No blood," Anthony said looking down to were they were joined. "I broken my hymen along time ago I was still a virgin till just now though," she said smiling down at him wiggling a little. "You're so tight," Anthony moaned. At his word his inner muscles squeezed him even tighter and he moaned again his hips lifted from the bed her atop them impaling her even more firmly on his shaft.

She began to rock her hips back and forth slowly at first then gathering more speed with each trust until she was slamming her hips against his as hard and fast as she could.

Sweat coat them both after ten minutes. They were both close he cried out warning her and she slammed don't one more time impaling herself as deeply on him as she could and ground he pelvis against him. He a growl his entire body tensed and lift her from the bed with his hips and released into her. Feeling his warmth flood her womb she threw back her head and shrieked as her own orgasm rocked her and her pussy tighten around him till it was slightly painful.

Hearing another moan he looked over to Sar-Rah who was sitting in his computer chair her heels pulled up to her ass with her legs spread lewdly. She had three fingers buried inside her and her hand was soaked from her juices she shook so violently from her continuing orgasm he could see it from the bed. After he stopped cumming a feeling of exhaustion swept through him and though he fought to keep his eyes open he couldn't. The last thing he remembered before drifting off to sleep was the feeling of his bonds being cut and the warmth of naked bodies on either side of his.

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