College teens pussyfucked after sucking

College teens pussyfucked after sucking
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I put my key in the lock of my girlfriend Arden's house. "Stop by & meet my old college roommate", she'd said.

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All I wanted was a good fuck, not a night of playing nice with some old college nerd. But I was a good sport-and if I played my cards right, I'd get that fuck later tonight. I walked down the hall to the living room but stopped short of entering it, as something caught my fancy. My girlfriend and who I assumed was the college roommate were walking hand in hand down the opposite hall, giggling. Both had on tight white sheer button-up blouses, half-way unbuttoned and their pert breasts jiggled as they walked.

They had on short blue & white plaid pleated school-girl skirts, hair in loose pigtails and knee-high white socks with school-girl shoes. The look made me instantly hard as I hung back in the shadow of the hallway. The girls, still holding hands, sat down close to each other on the couch. My girlfriend reached up & caressed the roommate's cheek. "Just like old times", the roommate said. "It's been too long", Arden said.

Then Arden leaned in close and began eagerly kissing the roommate, a long passionate, fueled with fire kiss. The roommate kissed back with more passion, reaching up behind my girlfriend's head to pull her closer. Moans came from both girls, tongues intertwined, and moved from each other's mouth. I stood speechless, afraid if I moved, the show would grind to a halt. Arden unbuttoned the roommates blouse and exposed a large but gorgeous set of tits with large brown nipples, erect and begging to be touched.

Arden lowered her head to one gorgeous bud and began to roll her tongue around the tip, flicking it and making the roommate lull her head back as a moan escaped her lips. Arden dug in deeper, taking as much of her breast in her mouth, sucking it, moving it in & out of her mouth, and kneading the other breast with her free hand.

By now my cock was erect its full 10 inches and needed to be released from the confines of my now too tight pants. I quietly unzipped my pants and pull out my dick, never taking my eyes off the show before me.

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I knew if I began to stroke it, I would blow my wad right there. I'd never been so turned on in my life. Arden continued to suck her roommate's luscious tits and removed her hand from the other breast and ran it down her roommate's body until it reached under her skirt. The roommates moaned louder and moved her legs apart so Arden had more accessibility to her cunt. She pulled her legs up to rest her feet on the coffee table, legs opening wide, bent at the knee.

Arden flipped her skirt up, revealing no panties on her clean-shaven pussy, and her fingers were slowly moving in & out of the roommate's gorgeous hole. The roommate was rolling her head back and forth, moaning, licking her lips. Arden inserted 2 fingers in the roommates wet love hole and a scream escaped from the horny girl's mouth. Then Arden, with 2 fingers still inserted, began to rub her thumb on the roommate's enlarged nub.

Fingers moved faster as she got the roommate off, Arden took her mouth from the breast to watch the pleasure she was giving.


Faster and faster, in and out, then a scream of pleasure and the roommates love juice flowed onto the fingers of my girlfriend. I could take no more, I took 2 steps back into the hall to maintain my view but stay more out of sight while I began to slowly stroke my cock. My fingers barely touched as I wrapped a hand around my throbbing pecker-10 inches long and thicker than it had ever been.

I slowly began to move my hand back and forth, and the show continued. Arden took her fingers out of the juicy slit and brought them to her mouth, licking the cum off her fingers and down her palm, making MMM sounds. Then she slid off the couch and ducked her head under the roommate's legs and placed herself sitting squarely in front of the roommate's pussy.

"Oh, My God!", I thought. She's going down on another girl. I began to pump harder, trying to remain in control. Arden spread the milky white pussy lips and placed her tongue on her throbbing clit.

I could not see exactly what was happening from where I was, but I could tell she was giving lots of pleasure.

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Arden's head moved up and down, side to side, in a slow and teasing way, and the roommate lost control. Her hands gripped the couch, she threw her head back, and she let out and endless scream of pleasure, punctuated with "YES!", "Right there!", "You always knew what I liked!". Arden continued giving pleasure, and I continued to stroke my throbbing cock.

I must have let out a moan as I was getting close to unloading my wad right there on the carpet. The roommate's head snapped up, her eyes wide with surprise, her face flushed from pleasure. Arden lifted her head from the wet pussy she'd been licking and looked at the roommate. "We have company", the roommate told her. Arden turned her head to face me, my hard dick in hand, with glistening cum juice on her face and dripping from her chin.

"Brandon!" She squealed. "I guess you decided to stop by after all!" I wasn't sure what to do-remove my hand from my dick, pull up my pants, or remain as I was.

As I was it was. She motioned for me to come into the living room, and I figured this could only get better. Both girls stood up, and held hands again.


"Brandon, this is Kate. Kate, Brandon". "Hi", I managed to force out. I was still standing there with my pants to my ankles and my cock standing straight out in front of me. Arden leaned forward and kissed me, letting me taste the sweet juices of Kate still on her face.

Then she reached out and grabbed my cock, but I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt a second hand on my dick.


Arden pulled back and smiled the sexiest smile I'd ever seen at me. "I told you he was huge!" she said to Kate. Kate's eyes danced as she ran her long fingernails lightly down my member, looking straight into my eyes. Both women had their hands on my cock and I thought I would come right there. Kate then turned to Arden. "So, shall we show him what else we did in college?" Arden smiled.

I was standing there with 2 of the sexiest women I had ever know, that loved eating pussy, and had their hands on my dick, both now firmly wrapped around it and milking it slowly.

Kate leaned over & kissed Arden hard, slipping her tongue in her mouth and snaking her hand down her body and under her skirt to Arden's pussy. Arden lolled her head back and began to moan. Kate increased her speed and began to pump my dick, then leaned forward and whispered something in Arden's ear.

Arden giggled, nodded her head, and dropped to all 4's. Kate leaned forward and kissed me long and hard on the mouth, slipping her tongue into mine.

I placed 1 hand roughly on the back of her head and pulled her closer, tasting all of the sweet fruit I was being offered. She had a fabulous mouth-soft and sweet, wanting and giving, and she was being handed to me by my girlfriend for the sampling. She stopped giving me the glorious hand job and pulled away. "It's Arden turn for some fun", she said. She got on all 4's behind Arden and began to tongue her asshole, round and round and pushing the tip into her tight hole I'd always been too large to explore.

Arden began to squirm and moan, and Kate continued on, slowly moving down and placing her tongue in Arden's waiting cunt, probing, making Arden moan and grind back against her face. I'd always fantasized about watching another girl each my girlfriend and it was hotter than I ever envision.

Kate dipped her tongue in and out, filling her hole with pleasure, then sucked her twat. Kate was on all 4's behind Arden and it was all I could do to not fill her hot hole with my throbbing cock. Arden cam hard against Kate's face and when Kate pulled back, I could see Arden's dripping cream pie. Then Kate backed off, stood up, and looked at me. I grabbed Kate's head from behind and kissed her hard, tasting Arden's pussy juice and finished by licking it off.

Kate pulled back. "She's ready", she said. You need to stick that big dick in her hot cunt, and fuck her slowly." I dropped to my knees, as instructed. Kate backed off and I positioned the fat purple tip of my pecker at the entrance of her now dripping hole, and thrust it in. Arden screamed and pushed back onto me, taking every inch in.

Arden always loved my extra large cock and she began to move against it, grinding, pleasuring herself. I hadn't even realized Kate was now laying under Arden in a 69 position, but I felt her tongue start to lick Arden's slit, up and down. I began to pump a bit harder and a bit faster, remaining in control.

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My tight ball sack bounced off Kate's head and it bobbed back and forth as she licked Arden. Arden was writhing uncontrollably now, moans and screams mixed, pleasure was becoming too much for her. If this is what they did in college, I was sorry I'd never gone. I was fucking my girlfriend while she was being eaten by her sexy college roommate.

The tip of Kate's tongue moved it's way into the opening of Arden's hole as I was fucking it, and the feeling was wonderful. She pushed her tongue into Arden as I fucked her, tightening the hole and rubbing against me cock. I'd never been licked while I fucked someone, and I lost control. Arden came again, her cunt was dripping juice and Kate was lapping it up, lapping at the shaft of my cock.

Kate took her tongue out of Arden and pulled her head back further and came up on my ball sack, taking it in her mouth and moving with me as I fucked Arden. I was in heaven-I'd never had my ball sack sucked and it was the best feeling in the world right now. I could feel the cum rising, Arden came again with a rush of hot liquidmy orgasm was building, and I released it with a scream of my own. I sent hot wads of cum into Arden and as I pulled my dick out, onto Kate's face and into her mouth.

Kate popped it in her mouth and sucked all mine and Arden's juices off, then licked Arden clean. Arden was panting from pleasure, Kate was licking my cum off her mouth, and I fell back against the couch, exhausted. Both girls took a moment to regain control and crawled to each of my sides and put their heads on my thighs.

My large limp cock rested between them, ready at a moment's notice. We sat there for an undetermined amount of time before Arden spoke.

"Well, we'd better all go to bed. Kate's going to be here all weekend, and we'll need our sleep." With that, she grabbed my hand and Kate's in the other and led us both off to her only bedroom. To be continued.