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The Youth Counselor Chronicles Part 1 i'm branching off slightly from the fucking and sucking Elizabeth series, but don't worry i'm still writing it, i just wanted to try my hand at different stuff, please tell me below if you would like me to continue this series and if so please leave a rating and a comment thank you. ****************************************************************************************************************** It had been a long day at water park even longer since I had to watch all the girls parade around in bikini thongs and have girls like Claudia come up to me bend over and ask if it showed to much ass, I have been a youth counsellor for about 3 years now I'm in my forties, when I'm not working at brook springs high school as a counsellor, I volunteer at the church during my weekends to help out with the youth group, I normally have to deal with about 20 girls ranging from 15 to 17 years of age, today was a particularly tiring day because I had to supervise a trip to the brook springs water park, all I wanted to do was just get home and spend some time with my wife and relieve some of the pressure from my cock after seeing all those young girls running around in bikinis, don't get me wrong I'm not one of those creepy people who likes to look at little girls but you would have to be gay to not be turned on by someone like Tanya: a fifteen year old rugby player with double-D tits and an ass that was extremely small and tight.

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Rebecca: a 16 year old redhead gymnast with a very nice ass, long legs and 36C tits, from some guys at the other youth group, I heard that she is quite flexible. Tiffany: the 16 yr.


old cheer leader who had blonde hair always in pigtails, double -D tits and an ass that matched Jessica alba's, and I've heard people say that she is quite the slut. Eve: 15 year old volleyball player who had b cup tits and a small tight ass that anyone could kill for.

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Claudia: my best friends daughter, a soccer player, she had long runners legs, a muscled runners ass and big 36C tits that bounced and swayed as she played soccer.

I was carrying some boxes to my car thinking about and getting a semi all the tiny bikinis barely covering their tight bodies and their hard nipples clearly visible through the thin material when I met Father John outside the church saying goodbye to the kids from the youth group.

"Oh hello Chris, thank you for volunteering again this weekend God bless you my child" "Thank you Father I enjoy helping out" "My those boxes look heavy I'll get someone to help you out" Claudia was the 16 year old daughter of my friend Dave she was a nice girl, full of energy and always happy to help other people out she was close by so Father John called her over and asked her to help me out, she was still wearing her school uniform which consisted of an extremely short plaid skirt ,white stockings a white blouse and had her hair in a ponytail I put down the boxes and gave her a hug and asked her how her day had been my hand resting just slightly above her ass, we had flirted a lot over the years she would drop innuendos about my cock and I would mention how stunning she was but it never came to anything and I promised myself it never would, I heard a cough behind me from Father John and I hurriedly detached myself from Claudia.

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"Well I'll be seeing you next weekend Father" "Yes goodbye Chris, have a nice week " Claudia was only too happy to help me carry the boxes over to my car, as we walked I asked her about school and boys and other things, she didn't have any boyfriends and she liked school and said she didn't like any of the boys in her school because they were too immature and that she wanted an older man who knew what he was doing, upon hearing this I turned red and looked away, we got to my car and put the boxes in as she put hers in she slowly bent over to put it in the car, as she bent over I caught sight of the smallest white thong I had ever seen I gulped and pretended not to look as she wiggled her ass trying to get the box insince she lived close by to my house I offered her a lift home, which she accepted happilyas I drove I chatted amiably with Claudia, as we drove I couldn't help noticing her creamy white thighs that were parted and her skirt had ridden up a bit to the point where I could see her thong and her pussy covered by the thong, and I found myself wondering if it was as soft as it looked as I was looking she parted her legs even more.

"&hellip.what do you think Chris?" "Huh what?" "Would you mind helping me with my homework? My Dad will be there so it should be fine and you said before that you studied math in university" "Yeah no problem I'll just call my wife and tell her" She squealed and said thank you and hugged me I stiffened as I felt her surprisingly large breasts press up against me along with her hard nipples, I told her to settle down since I was driving, she did and I took a deep breath trying to force back the bad thoughts that had popped into my head, I pulled into her driveway and got out of the car, I told Claudia to go ahead and get started because I had to call my wife, as she walked away I was able to appreciate her young body she had a nice young tight ass that you could bounce a nickel off long legs 36C tits and long brown hair down to her waist as she walked her ass swayed back k and forth completely mesmerising me I shook my head and called my wife.

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"Hey honey" "Hi Chris honey where are you?" "Sorry honey I have to stay late at the church, I need to organize some things" "Oh ok that's a shame, but it can't be helped I suppose, just finish as soon as you can" "I will it might take a few hours though, bye I love you" "Love you too" I felt guilty about lying to my wife but it was better than telling her I would be alone in a house with a 16 year old girl, she might get the wrong idea, I walked into the house and found Claudia sitting at the dining room table with Dave working on the math homework, she smiled as I walked towards her, it was a smile that made my whole body hum with electricity, I said hey to Dave I sat down opposite her he stood up and said he would leave us alone to concentrate and he wold be down the hall if we needed anything, after he left I began help her with her math, It turned out she did not know any of the answers so we got through it extremely slowly as we worked I felt Claudia's foot rubbing against my leg I looked over at her and she smiled and moved her foot up to my crotch where she rubbed my hard-on her eyes widened in shock as she realized how big I was, I smiled but pushed her foot away "Come on Claudia you have to concentrate to be able to get this" "Fine, you're just a buzz kill" I became so bored after that, that I was fiddling with a pencil when I dropped it on the floor, I groaned and got under the table to get it, while I was down there I caught a glimpse between her perfect legs, I caught sight of her tiny tight white thong that barely covered her pussy and a dark wet patch in the middle of the thong, as I was looking her knees spread apart a bit more giving me a better view of her thong and her wetness letting the musky sent drift towards me I gulped and climbed back up again now with a raging hard on, we finally finished the homework once I told her we were finally finished we started talking and she asked if I had liked her bikini, I immediately said yes saying it looked beautiful on her she smiled and said she knew I had been working hard and she knew it took a long time so she wanted to thank me for helping out, she dropped her pencil and got under the table, next thing I knew I feel a pair of small hands on my jean zipper unzipping my jeans, then on my cock as she pulled it out, I was going to protest until I felt her mouth envelop my cock, then I felt her head move up and down.

"Oh god Chris your cock is massive, I had no idea" "Yeah, Claudia maybe we shouldn't be doing this" I was going to continue protesting until I felt her mouth envelop my cock, then I felt her head move up and down. Just then Dave walked into the room, I managed to say hello, when he asked where was Claudia I said she had gone to the bathroom as I was talking Claudia just kept sucking on my cock, he asked how my wife was and how I had been doing, I managed to maintain a steady conversation with him despite the fact that his 16 year old daughter was on her knees under the table giving me the best blowjob of my life, the little slut was deep-throating my entire nine inches brilliantly she made a slight gagging sound, Dave heard it and I managed to pass it off as a cough, after a while Dave said he had to go to work to get his wallet because he left it in the office I said bye, when he left I pulled Claudia from out under the table and started kissing her, she moaned and grinded her body against me.


"mmmm, I want you to fuck me Chris; I want you to be the first cock inside of me" "You haven't been fucked yet?" "No I've used my dildo before but it's nowhere as big as your cock" I smiled sat Claudia on the table and got on my knees and pulled off her thong to reveal her completely shaved teen cunt, I ripped off her plaid skirt leaving her only in her blouse and I dove into her pussy driving my tongue deep into her wetness making her moan and grind against my face, I massaged her tits through her shirt and pinched her nipple with one hand, while I slid my finger into her pussy with the other.

"mmmmm, Oh FUCK! Chris that feels amazing,ungghhh shitt" I slid two fingers into her tight pussy with great difficulty then started sliding them back and forth as I licked her clit and pinched her nipple, I slid my fingers in and out faster and faster pinching her nipple harder and licking her clit furiously, in no time her pussy clamped around my fingers as she came hard.

"mmmm, Chris in need your cock in me nowww, fuck my brains out!, don't worry about a condom I'm on the pill" I needed no further encouragementI ripped off her blouse revealing her bra free tits picked her up and carried her to her room sucking on her tits as we went, I threw her on her pink heart covered bed on her hands and knees left only in her white stockings and got behind her, I saw her pitiful 4 inch dildo next to her bed it was laughable compared to what she was about to be fucked with, I lined my cock up with her tight slit and slowly and with great effort slid the head of my cock in, Claudia threw back her head and groaned as I slowly slid all the way in, massaging her tits as I slid in, I finally bottomed out inside of her feeling my head touching her womb, I slowly slid in and out of her feeling her extremely tight pussy clamped around my cock.

"mmm, oh god Chris your so bigggg, It's about time you grew a pair and REALLY FUCKED MEEEE!

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Slam your cock in and out of me" Amazed at how this nice girl had turned into a cock hungry slut I picked up speed sawing my cock in and out of her, making her moan and gasp. "SHIT shit shit oh fuck meee Chris" I picked up speed slamming into her as hard and fast as I could her moans of pleasure as she orgasmed again and again were driving me insane, I picked her up and let her straddle my lap as I bounced her up and down on me while I bit down on her nipple making her cum again, I bounced her harder het tits bouncing up and down and the sound of our bodies slapping together filling the room, I stood up and leaned my back against the wall and bounced her harder going deep into her pussy making her moan and groan and scream my name, I felt my balls tightening and I slammed deep into her as I came, letting my hot cum fill her up as she had her last massive orgasm her moans becoming deafeningI held her for what seemed like ten minutes then I slid out of her.

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"we should probably take a shower and clean ourselves up" I said "mmmm, you right, follow me" I followed her to her shower where we got in it togetherwatching her soap up her tits and pussy made me get hard again almost instantly, seeing this Claudia smiled and got on her knees and took my cock in her mouth and started deep-throating taking my whole cock in her mouth, massaging my balls as she sucked me off expertly giving me the most amazing blowjob of all time, I felt my balls spasm and send what felt like a gallon of cum down her throat, not fazed at all she swallowed it all, smiling she got up again and we finished washing up, as I was leaving to go home I kissed Claudia one more e time promising that we would fuck again, needless to say I had a big smile on my face when I got home.