Innocent Teen Drenched In Cum

Innocent Teen Drenched In Cum
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Vengeance 31 I returned about an hour and a half later with subs from in town to find Ellie struggling against her bonds and the asshook. She'd managed to tear the tape around the rope a little bit, but had otherwise gotten nowhere.

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Cum still dripped from her face, and a fair amount had gotten on her tits and shirt by now. I set the food down and stripped once again, walking up to her and sparing no time in grabbing a handful of hair and shoving it down her throat.

Her eyes were watering now, adding to the wetness on her face, but she didn't gag. I let her enjoy my cock for a few moments before sitting in front of her. I grabbed her nipples and pulled forwards, causing her to wince in pain at both that, and the touch of the hook. Only wanting to illustrate my control rather than be too mean, let alone harm her gorgeous tits, I let go pretty quickly. I cut the ropes binding her to the ceiling giving her elbows and ass a reprieve, removed the hook and tossed the condom.

I stood her up and pushed her head against the wall, bending her over and taking her from behind. I smacked her ass as I thrusted, hard enough to make her yelp every once in a while. Fresh off a scintillating blowjob, I wasn't close to cumming when Ellie started to moan and shudder. I clamped a hand down hard on her shoulder and thrusted with all I had deep into her dripping pussy.

Her vaginal walls contorted, and she started to yell. I pounded her through the orgasms until her screams turned to soft moans then heavy breaths. I pulled out and pulled her to her knees, letting her lick her juices off me for a few minutes.

Once I got close I pulled out once more and sprayed her face with cum. Now her tan skin was dripping with white. I took a few pictures of her for posterity and let her clean off my dick.

Then I made her rise to her feet, and cut her tank top off her body, leaving the cum to drip on her tits. If she was really all that attached to it, I'd buy her another.


I walked around her to check her bonds. Her hands were beginning to turn an unfavorable shade of red. Circulation was getting cut off. So much for that idea. I grabbed a knife and cut her loose.

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She moved her wrists and fingers, working the feeling back into them. I gave her a black thong, and button up shirt to wear. She slipped them on, taking care to fasten just enough buttons so that the cum covered part of her tits still showed. I prodded her out the door. She turned a shade of red when one of the neighbors noticed the beads of white running down her face and looked away. I made her get in the driver's seat of my car and pull out of the above ground lot.

Her face turned another shade of red entirely when slowing at the gate so the security guard could let us out. He noticed the cum, and smiled at her. I had her drive into town, through a few of the street lights so that people in other cars could get a good look at her humiliation.

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After a few stops, I had her ditch the shirt entirely so anyone who wanted to could see her tits. "Do you want to switch now?" I asked. She nodded, and pulled over. Unfortunately this meant she had to get out of the car, topless and cum covered. A few drivers honked at her as she walked around to the passenger side and got in. I pulled onto the two lane freeway in our small town and drove towards some of the more rural areas.

It was still light out, and there were a decent amount of cars on the freeway.

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"Press your tits up against the window and let everyone see." She complied, most likely turning even redder, but I couldn't see her face. A few honks told me that people were indeed getting a good show, and I smiled. After about fifteen minutes, the highway turned into a two lane road.

I turned on one of the side streets, one of the country routes. There was a dirt road a ways down that led down to the river that few knew about, and even fewer traveled. The country route leading to the dirt road brought us away from prying eyes. "You can lick the cum off the window and sit down now," I told her. She responded by lapping it up hungrily and sitting down.

Five minutes later and we'd reached the dirt road. I pulled in and slowed to a stop. "Happy to be away from prying eyes?" "Yes Master." "I untied you, you can stop with that for the moment." She smiled. "You can also get out of the car." The smile dropped, but only slightly. I got out with her and walked around behind her, sliding her thong down and over her shoes. I tossed it in the car and walked back to the trunk.

Opening it, I pulled out a belt. "Bend over," I ordered. She complied, and I gave her one good, very hard whack square on the ass, prompting a surprised scream from Ellie, and fastened it around her waist. Grabbing some rope, I bound her wrists together, and then to the belt. Also using the belt, I fastened a nice, very tight crotch rope.

"Tight enough?" She nodded. I pulled it upwards forcing her to her toes and she yelped. Tight enough indeed. I slipped a rope between the crotch-rope and her skin, and fastened a leash about 20 feet long. Grinning evilly, I attached the other end to the bumper of the car.

Her eyes went wide as I left her there and climbed in. At first I let the car creep forward, allowing her to walk briskly, but then I got it up to 5 miles an hour and slipped it into cruise control, forcing her into a medium jog to keep the rope from tugging at her pussy.

It was about a mile down to the river. After about half a mile, I slipped the car in neutral and turned the ignition off, allowing it to coast to a stop. I got out and walked around to the trunk once more. Ellie was sweating a bit and panting hard.

No doubt the fear of disaster had excited her. I cut the crotchrope much to her relief and tossed the left over rope in the trunk. I had a new demonic situation for her. I grabbed a six inch dildo with a suction cup on the end and attached it firmly to the trunk.

"Sit," I ordered. With my help, she was able to get on the hood and impale herself on the dildo.

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As I hoped, it held her weight. Her legs hung about two feet from the ground. I'd keep it slow, so if she fell, she'd land on her feet, albeit possibly uncomfortably. The car got up to 5 miles per hour once again, and I kept my eye on her. We made it all the way to the end of the road without her falling off. I parked and got out, freeing her from her impalement, though not her bonds. I grabbed some gear and guided her down a small hill to the edge of the river.

There was a rock about ten feet wide that jutted about 50 feet into the 100 foot wide river at an angle so that water didn't wash up onto it. I led her out onto the rock and set the pack down. At long last, I cleaned the cum off her face with a towel and let her lick up what she could. I slid my left hand to the back of her neck, and my right down to her pussy, pulling her close and forcing my tongue between her lips.

She let out a low moan as I passionately kissed her and slid a finger in. After several minutes, I pulled myself away and laid her down on a blanket.

I blindfolded her and put a spreader bar on her legs. There was a tree branch that jutted out about ten feet over the rock. I ran ropes from rings near each angle to a single two-roped strand and looped it over the tree.

Before she knew what was happening, I had her hanging upside down with her pussy about five feet in the air. I grabbed her hips to keep her from spinning, and shoved my tongue through a different set of lips.

I think she knew what was coming, but that didn't make her moan any less loud as my tongue weaved its way around her wetness to find her clit.

She started to thrust and shake as I liked my way up and down her lips quickly, always finding my way back to the right spot. I shoved two fingers in and tickled her g-spot while I licked, turning the moans to oh-gods. I felt her kegel muscles start to tighten so I slowed and started blowing cold air on her clit, a horrible tease for her. She laughed and started to writhe. After a few seconds, I covered it once again with my warm tongue and licked away.

I continued this, over and over, bringing her close to cumming, then winding her back down again. After a while, she began begging to cum. "Please, please, please…" She started. "Please what?" "Please make me cum this time. Oh god, oh god, oh god," she moaned as my tongue went into over drive. A short minute later, her vaginal walls tightened, the muscles flexed, trying to break my fingers as I simultaneously worked her clit and g-spot.

She screamed her entire way through what seemed like a several minute orgasm. Finally, when her body hung limply, and all she could do was pant, I slowed to a stop. She let out a soft "oh," and her muscles tensed as I slid my fingers out. I let her down gently and untied her. The sky was beginning to darken now.

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She lay there seemingly out of it while I packed up the stuff. I eventually pulled her to her feet and guided her up to the car.

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She laid down in the front seat, and slid my cock out through my fly, putting it in her mouth, and laying her head down. She didn't move her head back and forth, rather suckled on the head gently, like a pacifier and fell asleep.


By the time I pulled into the garage, I was fully hard and close to orgasm. I parked gently, taking care not to wake her, and let her continue. Several minutes later my cock harden and began dribbling a tired stream into her mouth. I saw her eyes fly open, but to her credit, she continued to draw all the cum out of me.

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When she was finished, she cleaned the tip of my cock off with her tongue and swallowed. I zipped back up and carried her inside, plopping her down on the couch.

I stripped and settled down beside her to watch a movie, nude and completely satisfied.