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Ada's Tattoo part five Ada woke alone in the bed. It was eight o'clock and there was a note. She was pleased to see it just as she was pleased with the evening and night she had spent with Frank. She read the note before she did anything else. Good morning HT, I don't know what your plans are for the day but you may stay as long as you want to.

You may also spend the rest of your time in town at my place. You are welcome either way. The do not disturb tag is on your door handle so sleep in if you like. Call me when you get hungry and I will bring you some breakfast. Love, Frank. Once again she had slept naked. Thinking back she realized she had not worn anything at all since she had stripped in front of Frank the afternoon before.

She thought about that while she called Frank. "Good morning lover." She said when he answered the office phone in a professional way. He was alone and answered, "I stood there for the longest time watching you sleep. You are so beautiful and I was so tempted. Are you hungry?" "A little. I'm going to bathe, use your key." She purred.

It was the beginning of day four. The changes in her were beginning to feel more normal to her. She knew she would have responded easily if he had woken her for sex. That and the feel of the satyr's hands on her was what she was thinking about when she heard a quiet knock. She smiled and waited. In half a minute the door opened and not finding her in the room he peeked his head into the open bathroom door.

"I brought you a cream cheese bagel and coffee." He said, his eyes taking her in. He held the wrapped bagel and coffee as if he had forgotten he was holding them.

She was tall and a little more than slender yet she was shapely in her own way. Her calves and thighs showed muscle tone as did her ass that he had examined at length the night before.

Her hips were feminine and her stomach had a slight round tummy when she stood that didn't crease when she sat. Her ribs didn't show and her breasts were nicely round and appropriately full on her. He remembered the feel of her fine and responsive nipples in his mouth. Her shoulders were square below a long slender neck and her face was framed by dark medium length hair. "Yum. Just put them right here." She said, indicating the wide rim of the tub.

"You look like you are going to stay." She said when he just continued to look at her naked body in the tub. "Oh god I wish I could." "All you have to do is touch me right here and you will have to." She said, indicating the dot tattoo.

He just stood there, anxious to go but wanting to stay. She smiled at him and thought not for the first time that morning how much see wanted him on her. "I'm going to eat right here and when I have finished this coffee I am going to dry off and get onto the bed.

Once there I am going to wake up our little friend and play. That will be in exactly twenty five minutes. You can come back and do whatever you want then or you can work the desk, your call. "God you're sexy!" "I feel sexy. As a matter of fact I've never felt sexier." Frank left quickly after that. Ada didn't know if he was escaping or rushing to get some work done so he could come back in time to watch and join in. Twenty minutes later she was sitting up in bed, ready to experiment.

"Come out here where I can see you." This time there was no delay, the satyr emerged and looked at her expectantly. "I'm going to give you away soon but I want you to know that I'll miss you." At that the satyr grinned and started to move toward her thigh. She watched, feeling him on her. She had no idea what he might do next but she was certain it would lead to him having her in some way.

She remembered the first time she had felt him and how shocking and frightening it had been. Now she liked the feel of his hooves on her. It was sexually exciting, especially knowing that he would soon be fucking her yet again.

It didn't even occur to her that it might be too often and she might want to assert more self-control. She knew it would be over soon and she would miss him.

She half wondered what it would be like without him as he capered about, finally stopping at the place where the felt-tip chair had been. "It's amazing, I never know what you will do…" she was about to say "next" but what he did stopped the word in her mouth.

The satyr, having gone to the place where she had played with him, picked up the little birth mark with his hand. Ada had utterly forgotten about it but seeing him remove it like that she was shocked that she hadn't associated it with him in the first place. It was even the same color as him, how could she not have known?

Now he had it in his fist as he went back toward his hideaway. "What is that? What are you doing with it? Shit! What have I done?" She said to him and herself at the same time. She knew though, she knew now what it was and felt dense not to have known all along. The satyr showed her his mischievous grin but that was all, it remained his only form of communication.

He went directly to the dot and drew the geisha out. Ada might have tried to interrupt him, to ask him again what it meant but she was too appalled at the implications of his actions and the nature of the brown dot that she had so blithely taken for a simple birth mark. He took the time to spread the tattoo, a thing that he didn't usually bother with.

The geisha waited, smiling and removing her garment. Once her backdrop was as it had been before he had awoken her Ada became confused about his intensions. The geisha though wasn't confused at all. She stood near him naked and willing as he finally swept the table clear of the tea set.

He had done all with one hand, the "birthmark" still clutched in the other, then with his free hand he took hers and drew her to lie on the table. It was only large enough to accommodate her from her shoulders to her ass and Ada knew the discomfort of the position even as she rested back on the pillows and headboard.

Seconds after that though she was overwhelmed with sensation because the satyr pressed his face firmly between her legs and showed her what he could do there with his mouth.

"Oh My god! Oh my god!" Ada cried, sliding down and spreading herself involuntarily. She lifted her hips again and again as she quickly built toward orgasm. His mouth seemed to be everywhere at once down there, on her and in her. Her whole existence consisted only of ecstatic pleasure.

Then, just as suddenly he had begun, his mouth was gone. Ada opened her eyes at the unexpected interruption. She heard her own heavy breathing and was about to look at her breast to see what the matter was when she felt his fingers playing at the threshold of her labia.

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She was soaking down there and felt two, then quickly three fingers enter and stretch her. For a little time he played with her like that and Ada fell back into pleasure.

A fourth finger came into play and she took note, her eyes widening. Still though she accommodated even that in fairly short order and found the pleasure again despite the pressure. It was the eventual introduction of his thumb though that made her gasp. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! No you can't, you just can't!" she cried out. The steady pressure continued with no relief after that.

It stretched her and stretched her as the ghostly hand slowly rotated and pushed at her entrance. She panted and groaned.

Somewhere in her mind she knew it wouldn't actually harm her but the pain of the insistent penetration was real and inescapable. Still panting she lifted her head to look wide eyed at the pair of them. She did so just in time to see his hand finally go into the geisha, her stretched vaginal lips wrapped tightly around his wrist. Ada felt the sudden full intrusion of it. There was actually some relief, his wrist being narrower that his hand.

The fullness she felt was incredible. She could feel her pulse, or was it his. Did he have a pulse? Her confused and overwhelmed mind asked. The hand in her became a fist and tried to draw back out which of course it couldn't do. That was when she realized the pulse she felt was that of her engorged clitoris as it was thrust up and pressured from behind.

The finger joints played havoc with her G-spot and her vaginal muscles suddenly clamped down on the fist in a massive orgasm. Frank heard her cry out in excruciating ecstasy and opened the door as quickly as he could.

Once in he found her on the bed on her back, kind of as he had expected. She looked fine but for the fact that she was up on her elbows, covered in sweat, and looking aghast at her tattoo.

He looked at it as well and it took him a moment to make sense of what his eyes saw. The satyr had his entire hand in the geisha and was slowly pumping it in and out.

The geisha looked to be as devastated by this as Ada seemed to be. Ada was clearly rising to another orgasm though as Frank watched. Frank was quite late.

He had rushed through his morning routine and hung the flat plastic clock on the inside of the office window. The hands were turned to indicate the office would reopen at nine forty five. Frank had half an hour to do whatever he wanted with or to Ada.

Her sultry invitation being all he had focused on for most of the last hour. He was naked in seconds and though he wasn't exactly sure what he intended to do he was on the bed anyway. He got onto his knees and scouting forward forced his way like that between her legs, lifting her ass with his hands grasping her cheeks as he went until he was queued up to her soaking pussy to have her like that.


Her ass was on his thighs and she fell back off of her elbows as he began to pull her onto his manhood with his arms while he thrust as well as he may with his hips. Ada wanted to laugh but she was busy panting. She couldn't stop responding to what was happening to the geisha and to herself by proxy. She was so full of the satyr's fist that she really couldn't feel Frank or what he was doing. She had certainly never had a fist in her before and in her dismay she had to assume that it wouldn't be the last time she would experience it.

She knew what the satyr was doing and why he had his hand in the geisha like that. He was putting the "birthmark" into the geisha with the other bits of himself that were already there.

He had done it after she announced that she was thinking of getting rid of him. It all made sense, he was cleaning house and setting up the next cycle. She wondered how many offspring the geisha might bare him.

The satyr could have made himself smaller in order to do it to her but he remained the size that was proportionate for the geisha, meaning that his fist was a lot to encompass for even a well-used female accommodation. Ada reckoned that the satyr would continue to push and pull at her until he was satisfied that she was exhausted.

Developing stamina was not going to make things easier for her if he was going to increase his sexual demands as she did so. To frank she felt as tight as ever as he fucked her aggressively. She was pretty well out of it but she seemed to be about to come again, her third since he had come in. When she did and he felt her muscles tense, both inside and out, he gushed into her.

Being satisfied for the moment Frank pulled away. Ada's eyes were rolling in her head and he thought she might pass out if it went on like that much longer. He felt a little guilty for taking her like that but he knew it had been as much about the satyr's affect as him as his desire for her, maybe more. "That's enough you! She's had enough of that!" he said. It was the first time he had addressed the satyr and he didn't know if the thing would hear him, much less respond.

Ada began to tremble all over as she came yet again. The satyr slowly withdrew his hand after that and began to lick it clean. Ada laughed quietly at some internal joke and Frank went to get a cool wet towel for her. When he returned the satyr was carrying the geisha in his arms. He set her down and went about folding the tattoo.

Frank took no more note of him as he began to wipe Ada's face with the towel.

"You have to set it up Frank. The sooner the better. He has been getting her pregnant this whole time and I don't know how many baby satyrs she is going to give him but more than one is probably more than I can stand. He has to go." she said. Frank was sobered by her unexpected declaration but didn't ask her how she knew or if she was certain.

"I'll begin right away, don't you worry. We'll get rid of as many as you need to." He assured her. "Thank you Frank. I don't know what I would do without you." He chuckled and answered, "You'd seduce someone else and I don't suppose it would take long either." "You're probably right." She laughed.

"I'm glad it was you though." When it looked like she had caught her breath and was merely a little worn out by the experience Frank took the time to wash and dress. He sat on the bed by her but was quiet. Ada knew he had to go soon. "I'm going to gather my laundry and go to that laundromat around the corner. You go back to work, I'll be fine.

It's still early in the day and there's a lot to do. Besides, I need to get out of this room for a bit." "You do that, I have some phone calls to make." "Thank you, now get out of here." He let himself out and locked the door.

Ada rose and washed once more then she dressed in her last clean clothes and went out. Thankfully the laundromat was deserted and she didn't have to contend with arousing or being aroused by some innocent bystander. She was exhausted and sore but she knew that wouldn't necessarily keep anything from happening again so soon. The satyr was suddenly a more serious problem now that she knew what he was up to.

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It wasn't just fun and games anymore. Just the thought of being taken by half a dozen of them at once had her trembling in fear. She tried not to think about it but her mind wouldn't let it go.


She found herself mentally calculating how many times, how many little dark marks he may have left in his tattoo lover. Best case scenario they would all join and produce a single offspring, a single satyr who she would host for a time and then pass along. That wasn't so bad she thought, it could even be a good thing if she continued to learn how to manage him and how to use the power he gave her over others.

Why else would he have joined the one on her thigh with the others bits of himself, surely there would be just one? She thought about the satyr himself and how he responded to her both predictably and capriciously. She should be more careful of what she said to him but if he had left her suddenly and so left the one bit of himself on her thigh what might have happened? Would the next satyr have simply taken it up? That thought reminded her of the fisting and her mind went to all of the other incredibly intense sexual experiences she had with him.

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She remembered the sense of loss and jealousy she experienced when he had gone to Diana and then the momentary panic of his return to her. All of that was nothing now that she realized she would always have him, or one of them at least.

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At least but maybe more, maybe many, and her mind went down that path yet again. Down the path that encompassed the entire journey from being excited about having her magically powerful lover to the worst case scenario of possibly being gang raped by magic satyrs. As she stood by the folding table arranging her finished laundry a young man entered with an over burgeoning basket of rumpled clothes. He looked like a student and he smiled nicely at her. Ada smiled back. He was attractive and she knew she was something more than attractive, more like magnetic.

She thought again how much better it would be if she weren't also affected. He moved to the machine adjacent to her and opened it. He had a tattoo showing at the edge of his partially rolled sleeve. With no preamble at all she said, "Show me your tattoo." "Which one?" he asked. "All of them." Obediently he stripped off his shirt and tee shirt. He was marked with some kind of lettering, runes perhaps. That was what she had seen the end of, the font was somewhat flowing and the tail of the last letter was nearest to his wrist.

There was also what looked like an equation between his shoulders under the back of his neck and a star symbol on his right shoulder. There was nothing of interest to her though.

Ada realized that he stood before her expectantly, she could do whatever she liked and he would probably allow it. She had already looked him over while he simply stood there watching her. Taking a step toward him she took hold of his head and pressed her mouth to his in a firm kiss.

He kissed her back and took her waist in his hands. She reached down and guided his left hand to her right breast while she pushed him up against the bank of washing machines behind him. They kissed and his hand squeezed her breast, the other found her ass and pulled her close. She could feel his erection against her lower abdomen and had to break away while she could. At that point she pushed away, patted his cheek, and said, "Lucky you." Then she took her clothes and left.

That wasn't what she felt like doing but she did it and being able to walk away was the boost her confidence needed at that point. "I love you!" he called out to her retreating back.

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She thought as she left smiling. Once she returned with her laundry she went down to the office to see Frank. He was just getting off of the phone as she entered. "No luck yet. I have to go through a couple of connections so we don't leave a trail." He said. "That's what I wanted to talk to you about. I want you to go ahead and get the pills but I am doing something about this tonight, pills or no pills." Ada looked around, realizing the office wasn't the greatest place for that conversation.

While she did he responded, "Are you sure you want to do that, what's your plan?" "Not here, come to the room when your shift is over and we'll talk. OK? One more thing though, give me a second room in a made up name and bring the key later." "Sure, no problem. I'll see you then." He made an air kiss at her and she smiled at that then left. Ada went out to find lunch, she wanted to go someplace she hadn't been and she wanted to take her car.

She intended to leave town that night but was not certain how late that might be so she would top off the tank during the day while she was out. She found a medium sized place that looked privately owned, not a franchise and not close to the campus.

When she walked in she looked around at the faces, asked about the restroom, and headed off toward it. She made eye contact with whomever she might as she went casually through the room. Having washed her hands she made her way back in the same fashion, then took a seat that allowed her to see the room. As she had hoped several patrons were watching her and not being overly discrete about it either.

Heretofore she had avoided such attention but she was curious about how easily she had been able to manipulate the young man in the laundromat. She had decided to experiment a little over lunch. Ada smiled pleasantly at no one in particular and turned her smile upon the waitress when she came to welcome her with the menu. She accepted the offer of coffee pleasantly and got a smile back for her effort.

The fisting had left her sore, just as the spanking had. It baffled her because it made no sense since there was no actual stretching or contact as the case may be. She reasoned that none of it made any sense or was even possible so she had better just learn the rules of it and not worry about how it worked.

It was, after all, her first experience with real magic. The coffee came and she ordered the steak off of the lunch menu, she wanted red meat. Aside from being sore she was still a little turned on from her encounter at the laundromat.

That, the attention she was getting from the room at large, and the richness of the hot coffee had her feeling sexy and good. When her lunch arrived the waitress leaned in close to set it before her. "Look at me." She said. The woman did so without straightening from her position. She stayed there and looked into Ada's eyes. "Write your phone number on my napkin." She complied with that as well, slipping her pen for her apron with a practiced hand.

"Now stand up and tell me if you have any tattoos." The woman stood and said, "No I don't have any. Do you think I should get one?" "Call me Dear." "Yes Dear." "Don't get any tattoos, they're not as safe as you might think.

Thank you Dear, go back to work now." "Yes Dear, thank you." Ada couldn't believe it. How had this slipped passed her? Mike hadn't used so much control on her or if he had he was much more subtle. The power of suggestion she had put those damned bimbo cheerleaders at school to shame. Using it made her really hot but she was like that so much anyway it hardly made any difference.

She remembered the first time she had gone out for lunch after receiving the satyr. The attention did make her excited and she had been very concerned about being out of control.

Being sexually ready or even actually excited was just how she was now so there was no reason to eschew having influence over others to avoid it. Besides that it gave her a chance to practice keeping her mind separate from the will of the satyr. She believed that Mike's problem with the satyr was that they were both male, he probably didn't want to do anything that would activate the man/beast and she had no doubt that he had been fighting a losing battle there. She certainly had no such problem, unless it got out of hand, as it sometimes did, she enjoyed his attention.

The waitress came and went while she ate and each time they smiled at each other. Each time Ada wanted to reach out and grab her. When her lunch bill arrived she told the waitress, "Thank you Dear for the wonderful lunch.

Please just put this on that gentleman's table." "Yes of course Dear and thank you." She said as she did so. The man adjacent across the aisle had watched her nonstop since she sat at her table.

He had been practically drooling and Ada had kept it going simply by glancing his way occasionally. He looked like the salesman type in his casual suit.

Now she spoke to him. "You'll take care of that for me won't you darling? Tell me darling, what is your name?" "R-R-Richard," he stammered. "Richard. What a nice name. May I call you Dick?" Richard nodded vigorously in the affirmative, he would be Dick for her. "How nice. Thank you Dick darling for lunch." She rose and went to him then bent to kiss him on the temple.

She spoke into his ear, "Be a darling and give her a ten dollar tip won't you Dick?" Out came his credit card, he was beside himself trying to comply. Ada turned then to the waitress and kissed her lips long enough to feel the soft warmth of them then she walked out with her best catlike seductive stride. It had taken every bit of her will power to not take the waitress right in the restaurant and when she achieved the driver's seat of her car it took almost the same force to not masturbate there and then.

Somehow she managed to drive back to the hotel. Once in her room she called the office, stripping with one hand and holding the phone hand set in the other. When Frank answered she simply said, "I'm giving it away for free up here, come and get some if you want to." By then she was on the bed touching herself and laughing about her crazy up and down day. When the satyr emerged to do what he did best she stopped him in his tracks with a firm command. "Hey you! You kiss her this time dammit.

You haven't kissed her once in all this time." Then she surrendered to him. She was going to get laid and nothing was going to stop it. Ada wasn't terribly impressed with the satyr's kisses but Frank showed up with his own key and took over there while the satyr used his mouth much more profitably on her nipples. In short order she was being double fucked and double groped. Frank was lasting longer than the minute or two he had been able to manage at first.

As soon as he was done though he dressed and flew out of there, he was AWOL at work. The satyr of course remained peerless. Ada rested satisfied when it was over. Smelly but satisfied. Even the satyr had obeyed her without hesitating. The power came at a cost but she was willing to pay it. After yet another shower she began to organize her belongings. In the process she found the bottle of bourbon and had a drink. She had so many thoughts turning in her head. There was real and accessible power through the satyr's magic charms.

She had made some good progress understanding that and was now much farther along. Still there were things she was very uncertain about. She would think about how to remedy that as well. At four forty five there was a knock at her door. A peek through the peephole showed Frank standing there waiting to be let in.

She opened the door for him and went for the bottle. "Drink?" she offered. "Yeah thanks. So what's the plan? I made some headway by the way. It's better to go slowly with getting the stuff, if you're too anxious you get routed to the more questionable sort of dealer so I was glad you took the hurry off but I was wondering why. You seemed alarmed this morning.

" "I was but it's been a crazy day. The plan, as it stands, is to go to a bar and tell everyone I am there to take pictures of their tattoos. Then I'll take a bunch of pictures and simply pick out a man or woman with the right sort of tattoo and bring him or her back here to the other room and fuck.

I'll use the restraints and the satyr will do the rest. I will leave my victim tied unless he passes out like I did. Then I'll come back to this room where my things will be ready to go and return immediately to Portland." "You figure to actually fuck him then?" "I know I'll want to by then so yes, I'll use a condom." "Humph, have you tried the ropes and stuff?" "No but we can do that right now if you're still willing." "Course I am, I said I would didn't I?

So this is it? I won't be seeing you anymore? I was wondering how long it would last. I don't care though, it's been a hell of a lot a fun. Here's the other key." "Yes I'll take that and give me your phone." When he obeyed she gave it right back, "Enter your access code and open your contact list." He did so and returned the phone to her.


"I'm giving you my contact info, I expect a visit in Portland and I don't expect you to take a month getting there either. I don't really know how I will feel when our little friend is gone but I'm willing to bet I will still want you around.

You do know that I like you right? Now get on the bed, I'm going to tie you up." Ada tied him and gagged him over and over, as many ways as she could think to do it.

He smiled at her a lot, he got hard yet again, and they laughed when he was able to escape her attempts. It turned them both on but they treated it like serious business and didn't get carried away.

A couple of hours went by and they stopped for supper. They took his car and she grabbed her camera bag. Before they left though she transferred her gear to the other room.

"Now where would a guy like your acquaintance go to have a beer?" she asked while they ate takeout in the car. "That's easy, Mighty Mike's is where guys like that hang out." "I don't know that place is it kind of new?" "It's been there for a while, may not a been years ago when you were in school though." "Thanks for that old timer.

What's it like?" "Mighty Mike is a retired wrestler, says he always wanted to own a bar. The place is popular with the rough crowd, bikers too.

Mike keeps a lid on things personally and he has a couple a friends who help bounce so the place isn't totally out of control. I've been in there from time to time.

I like Mike, he has all kinds of wrestling stuff in the place and signs autographs with a big smile. "So what's this guy's name, the one with all of the tattoos?" "Carl, Carl Johnson.

I hope you find him but he's got buddies that'll do just as good." "You can come in if you want but we can't go in together ok?" she said as they pulled into the parking lot of Mighty Mikes Tavern. "Course I'm coming in. You turn on a bunch of guys like is in there and god only knows what's gonna happen." "I'm going to get fucked and someone is going to get themselves a brand new little friend, one way or another." She answered.

He shook his head and they started for the door. Ada mentally prepared herself to work a roomful of half-drunk men. "You go in and get yourself a beer, I'll be along." She told him. "Well that is my favorite part of your plan." He answered. She watched him go in then she took the camera out of its case and began to take pictures of the building.

When she had ten or so photos and a few minutes had passed she went in as well. Frank was right, the place was awash with wrestling memorabilia. She took a few pictures of the many framed and signed photos on the walls then went to find Mike. She ignored the crowd but they didn't ignore her. The room quieted noticeably. At the bar she saw a very large muscular man who was in a lot of the hung photos and took a chance. "You're Mighty Mike aren't you?" she asked him.

He was already looking at her and smiling broadly. "That I am little lady. And who might you be?" "My friends call me Jinx. I wonder if I might have someone take a picture of me standing with you, for my blog." "I would be happy to do that. Jeff! We need a cameraman here." He called to a man almost as big as he was.

Jeff approached them and held out his hand for the camera. Ada made a few adjustments and handed it to him, in the meantime Mike had come around the bar to stand by Ada.

He dwarfed her. They got a few poses with Mike making suggestions like, "Here, get one of you trying to get both hands around my bicep." Jeff handed the camera back when they had five or six shots. She scrolled through and showed her favorite to Mike. "That's real nice Jinx.

I always do what I can for a fan." "Speaking of that, I have another favor to ask but I just need your permission this time." Not surprisingly she had his attention so she charged ahead.

"My blog is called Tattoos of the Northwest and I am traveling around asking people to let me photograph their tattoos and post them online. I don't need any faces in the photos unless people volunteer to have their faces posted online with their tattoos." Everyone had watched while Ada posed with Mike so most of them heard her request.

That didn't stop Mike from announcing it though. "Did all you tattooed freaks hear that? Jinx is setting up at that table over there to take pictures of your ink!" he said in a booming voice while pointing into the near corner. Ada moved that way but over half the room followed her, crowding in. "Whoa! Not all at once! How about one at a time, oldest first." "Figure it out guys, it ain't rocket science." Mike hollered.

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Ada saw every kind of tattoo and got mostly terrible photos of them which didn't matter since it was all a ruse to select a home for her satyr. Frank hung out and drank a few beers. He had no tattoos and was in no hurry. Mike kept an eye on things, which is why he had selected a nearby table for her. A few guys dropped their jeans but it was all in fun. There were more than a few girlfriends in the crowd and some were having their pictures taken as well.

A joke got started that Jinx was going home with the owner of the best tattoo. No one knew who had started it but everyone was laughing about it and having a good time. Mike sold a lot of beer but not to Ada, she stayed sober.

She didn't even try to use any manipulation, she couldn't control the affect it would have on her for as long as the fake photo sessions were going to take.

She would try to control her intended subject once they were away from Mikes but she wasn't too sure how that might go, she was having doubts. The man she had in mind was half again her weight and probably twice her strength. She figured it would come down to how strong his will was. With all of those men and a few women feeling the effects of the satyr's presence Ada was responding as well.

She found herself biting her lip impatiently and fairly rushed through the last and youngest of her volunteers. "Thanks guys and gals, thank you especially Mike. I got everything I came for and more." Ada declared to the room when the last photos were taken. She had run out of battery a while ago and was faking it in the end. "For those of you who are wondering, my favorite tattoo of the night belongs to Bill over there." There was cheering and booing, Bill looked more than pleased with himself.

He had half a dozen tattoos but the one that caught Ada's eye was charming and rather innocent, unlike most of Bill's ink. She was a young Polynesian woman standing on a beach with palms in the background and blue water in the foreground. She seemed to be looking out to sea, perhaps waiting for her lover. The image was on his left upper arm near the shoulder. "Finally an intelligent woman." Bill said to the room. Hey you gotta take her home now, you're the big winner." Someone shouted.

Everyone laughed but Bill and Ada, He looked at her and she shrugged. "Sure, why not?" she said. "I need a ride home anyway. I took a cab here." She was feeling antsy to get away. Her camera was back in its case and she started for the door. On the way out she hooked Bills arm and took him in tow. He was going to go anyway, there was something about her besides the obvious thing that drew him to women. As soon as she touched him his interest in her sored.

He didn't just want her, he wanted to be with her and it seemed possible and real. There were raucous cat calls as they went out the door together. "Do you love me Willie? Can I call you Willie? We are going to have one fuck of a good time and I am going to make you feel like nobody ever has.

That's a fucking promise." What are you driving Willie? She asked when they were outside in the lamp lit parking lot. She was still holding his arm. "Yeah well this must be love because you are really in my head. First woman in a long time I don't see as just some bitch. I don't know what you got honey but I want it.

Let's go to my place baby." He guided her to a lifted pickup truck and opening the door for her picked her up and placed her on the seat facing him. She wanted to spread her legs and let him have her right there as he began to lean in for a kiss but she fended him off by holding his shoulder back.

"We have to wait and we need to go to my place, not yours. Everything is ready and we can just go nuts. Get in and drive Willie." "OK baby but I hope it ain't far." She told him where they were going and he started off.

He knew the place and drove recklessly all the way there. It was a wild five minute drive and she held on to the dashboard, the door, and her plan the whole way. She jumped out of the truck almost before it came to a halt and ran to her door where she fumbled with the keycard while he caught up and loomed behind her waiting to get inside.

Once in she turned to him and began to undo his shirt buttons while she pushed the door closed with her foot. He was going to grab her but waited while she stripped him to the waist.

The island girl came into view and Ada stroked her with her hand, distracting him while she guided him back toward the bed. "Tell me about her Willie. Does she have a name? Is she a virgin?" "Whoa you are really into tattoos aincha Jinxy baby?

I guess you'd have to call her a virgin since you really can't fuck a tattoo. Unless you know something I don't." He laughed at that and was on his back on the bed by then. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you Willie so I'll just show you. She won't be a virgin for much longer now though." While she talked she had reached under the bed and began to tie the end of a soft half inch diameter cord around his wrist.

"I usually do the tying, I love the wild look that comes into their eyes when it happens." He said that but offered no resistance to being tied himself, they were in love. Ada ran the length of cord across his body and under the bed then she pulled it taught enough to draw Bill's arm across his chest. "I'm usually the one getting tied. It will be my turn next time." She lied. "Do you know why I am so irresistible Willie?

It's magic, real magic not the phony crap you see on stage. I'm going to share the magic with you but first I have to explain some things. I have the sweetest Tattoo and I never thought of her as real or anything. She was just my really nice tattoo that cost a lot to get and it hurt a lot getting her too by the way.

Then one night I met a guy and he had this weird tattoo and it was the strangest thing because I just let him do whatever he wanted and I thought he wanted to fuck me and he did fuck me but really what he wanted was for his tattoo to fuck my tattoo which is impossible like you were saying but it happened and I watched it happen and more than that Willy and this is the crazy ass part of it his tattoo fucked me too at the same time because I felt every bit of it and frankly Willie it was a fucking great fuck I mean fucking world class fucking but you don't have to believe any of that because it's just nuts isn't it but there is one more thing and this is the part that makes me like I am right now because I need it so much that I am fucking like three times a day and then masturbating as well on most days and every damned time that guy's tattoo fucks my tattoo and every damned time I feel it and I'm telling you Willie it is great but there is just the one problem and it is the classic problem too because my tattoo is what they used to call "In Trouble" and I suppose I am going to have two of that guys tattoos trying to fuck me at the same time well I hope it's only two but you know I'm not really sure about that and Honestly Willie this is killing me, I want to fuck so very fucking badly right now.

Look, my hands are shaking." His arms were crossed over his chest and both wrists were caught tight by then. Bill watched her work and listened to her, his head on the pillows.

He watched her remove his shoes and undo his belt and jeans, then he moved his hips for her as she drew his jeans and boxers down his legs.

He had a fair sized erection that was glistening with moisture. She talked even faster once it came into view and tied his ankles as she had tied his wrists but so that his legs were spread, not crossed, then she stood to look at him and held out her shaking hands so he could see them. Ada began to strip off her own clothes as soon as she saw that he was tied according to plan and could watch his island girl when the satyr took her.

She might have felt sorry for him, knowing how he was going to have the satyr's hands on his breasts soon, breasts he didn't have, and how wild it would drive him when it happed but she was out of it with desire by then.

Her only thought was to get her hands on herself. She wanted to give herself to him one more time, she knew Bill would understand. She was wet down the insides of her legs and the room was full of her scent as soon as her panties were out of the way. Ada plunged her fingers into herself and was near her orgasm on her own by the time the satyr was on her geisha.

She stood near the bed, not touching Bill yet and managed to stay on her feet by bracing herself against the wall. "Holy fuck!" was all bill could say. He had not really been able to follow Ada's jumbled and run-on speech so he didn't yet realize that he was next but he watched incredulously as the satyr immerged, drew a woman out of the dot tattoo, and took her from behind. "Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Fuck yeah! Fuck yeah! Oh fuck yeah!" Ada called out, then she reached under the bed.

The satyr was yet in her and having her at his usual pace but she had climaxed beautifully and was ready to ride Bill's cock. All she needed was to put a condom on him and have the ball gag in her hand behind her back. "Oh baby! Oh that's good. Rock and fucking roll." Bill said in pleasure as she slipped onto his hardness, he began to thrust up at her. Ada rested one hand on his chest and enjoyed the ride, she was ready with the ball gag though.

She felt that bizarre double penetration and had her eyes closed to savor it while she rose to her second climax. "I love it! I can't help myself and I don't want to. So good!


So good! Soooooooooooo Gooooood! Oh! Oh! Fuck fuck fuck!" she was suddenly riding madly on Bill's cock and then stopped, leaned back, and exhaled a huge sigh. Bill was coming, she could feel him twitching in her and he was grunting. Then she realized that the satyr was no longer fucking her. She had only come twice and didn't think he had come at all, nevertheless he was arranging the geisha in her place to leave her as he had found her more or less, a few things were different.

Ada watched them, anticipating his departure so she saw the satyr lean in and kiss the geisha. She felt it and was pleased to receive the nice gesture. A moment later he was on the move.

"Wait!" she said, he stopped and looked at her.

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"She is going to make another like you isn't she?" He grinned and nodded, it was something new to see and encouraged her to ask more. How many, do you know?" He held up a single finger and she wanted to kiss him in relief. "Thank you, I love you, now go have your fun." Away he went. Bill had watched their final encounter with mild interest, a mellow look on his face.

When the satyr left her he exited at her groin and alit on Bill's groin where he and Ada were yet joined. Bill saw him and felt him, his skin crawled with the sensation and the things she had said began to play back in his mind rapidly. "What the fuck! What the mmmm-mmmm-mmmmmmmm-mmmmm." The ball gag went home and his eyes got that wild look that he liked so well.