Kine venezolana Daymar en Lima Peru

Kine venezolana Daymar en Lima Peru
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It was just you and me. You were dropping me off at my house and you needed to use the bthroom. I let you come in and use the restroom. No one is home at my house.

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I went downstairs to change my clothes into something more comfortable and told you to just let yourself out when you were done. Then I heard a big crash and I ran upstairs before I had time to put on my pants. I ran into the kitchen to see you standing there with water and soap everywhere. Your pants and shirt were soaking wet. Without thinking i got on my hands and knees and started wiping up the water and soap with a towel I grabbed off the counter.

Yous stood there stammering about how sorry you were. Then I told you to strip down and I'd throw your clothes in the washer nd you could borrow some of my brothers until you're clothes were done in the washer and dryer. So you strip down to just your boxers right there in front of me while I was still on my hands and knees cleaning up.

You asked where to put your wet clothes at and I went to stand up to take them and accidently brushed against your dick, I sheepishly apologized and you said it was fine. as I went down stairs to put your clothes in the washer, I couldn't stop thinking about your dick.

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How I wanted to touch it again, but how? I was deep in thought when you cme into the laundry room and told me my brothers clothes were too small for you. This is my chance I thought. So I told you it was fine, to just stay in your boxers until your clothes were done, tht gave me an hour and a half to get to touch, maybe even taste that wonderful dick.

So after putting your clothes in the washer, we just went into my room to hang out. we both sat on my bed.

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I got up and put my plan into motion. I went over to my desk and grabbed a bottle of water and pretended to have trouble opening it. So when it finally opened, it accidently spilled all over your lap.

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So in a "natural reaction" I was on my knees trying to dry you off. The whole time I was touching your dick, trying to dry off your boxers, all I could think about was seeing it.

touching it, skin to skin. Tasting it. So i tested my boundries a little. I would accidently slip my hand through the hole in the front of you boxers then back off a bit but you put my hand back. I started rubbing softly with just my fingertips but then got fast with my whole hand. As your dick was coming to attention, I started sliding your boxers down first over your butt, then your thighs, then your knees and they were finally around your ankles.

I sat there and just admired your huge dick for a few moments then I couldn't take it anymore. I slid my hand under my panties and started playing with myself as I took your dick into my hot awaiting mouth for the first time ever.

The taste was sensational.

I licked up and down your shaft and twirled my tounge around the head. I couldn't take it anymorei had to have you inside me.


To fuck me like no has ever fucked me before. as I took your dick out of my mouth. I removed my panties, my shirt and bra and started to slowly climb on top of you, I took your dick and rubbed it along my pussy. By this time I was super wet from playing with myself and sucking your dick.

I slowly moved myself down onto you. At first just putting the head of your dick inside me. I slowly sat on you. Having you enter me inch by inch until you were all inside me. God you felt great I moaned in great pleasure as I slowly lifted myself up and slowly back down. Up and down. Up and down. I started getting faster and faster. breathing heaver and heavier, I could feel myself gtting close to coming so I went hard, fast and deep until I started cumming.

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My pussy spasmed, I continues fucking you while moaning so loud, I was almost screaming from the intense wave of pleasure that was pulsating through my body. I fucked you hard and fast then slow and shallow. hardfast slowshallow. until You promplty said you were going to cum. I fucked you harder than I've ever fucked before until I felt your hot strings of hot cum shoot inside me. Just the feeling of tht made me cum again.

After we were both done climaxing, I just collapsed in your arms, while you were stilll inside me. after a minute or two I got up. and you layed down in my bed as I cleaned myself off a little. After that I went over and layed with you and we cuddled naked until we both feel asleep and was woken up by the sound of the dryer going off.

When I was woken up by the sound of the dryer going off, it took me a sec to recall everything that happened. then it all cam eback to me.

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your wonderful dick. How wonderful it tasted. I looked down and youw ere still completly naked and still sleeping. I just looked at your dick for awhile but I had to taste it just one more time.

So I shimmyed down the bed a bit and put your limp, sleeping dick into my watering mouth. As I moved your dick in and out o my mouth, it started to come alive, getting harder and harder. You stirred a little bit but didn't wake up.

When you're dick was completely hard, I went to work. I licked up and down your shaft. Pushing my tounge harder on certain spots, making your leg twitch, I had to work at it a little but I finally got all eight inches in my mouth without gagging.


You felt so good filling up my mouth like you filled up my pussy earlier. Just then you woke up and realized what I was doing. I took your dick out of my mouth and you stood up and told me to get on my knees. I did as I was told. I took your dick into my mouth again. Swirling my tounge around the head. then you grabbed a handful of my hair (I love that -just saying) and started moving your hips to make your dick go deeper and deeper into into my hot mouth. I then let you skull fuck me like there was no tomorrow.

I took all eight inches of you fucking my throat like a champion.


Then I felt it, Your dick started to twitch and you pulled my hair harder and pushed your dick deep inside my throat/mouth and shot your hot load of cum down my throat. I took it all and loved it. After you were done shooting your delicious load down my throat, I took your dick out of my mouth and licked it clean, making sure I didn't miss anything.

I then got up, got your clothes for you and sent you on your way home. (: