Passionate bareback sex with twinks ends with anal creampie

Passionate bareback sex with twinks ends with anal creampie
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Heather! Keith Johnson pushed the two wheeler filled with bins of supplies across the dirt parking lot towards the distant set of barns and stables. He was anxious to get set up before too many arrivals for today's rodeo, and as a stable hand, he needed to be ready when the riders showed up. Behind him, his wife Heather was gathering her own supplies, arranging food in her coolers so that she could wheel them to the opposite side underneath the metal bleachers where her hot dog stand was located.

She and her husband worked every rodeo they could and the extra income helped in raising their two young daughters. Heather was feeling good. The day was hot but the skies were clear and she expected a big crowd. Anticipating the heat, the 37 year old blonde had dressed lightly wearing a tight pink tee shirt with a scooped neck line above short shorts. Since the food booths were located under the far bleachers, she didn't have to worry about baking in the sun, she only had to stay cool as best she could.

Her outfit was new. Heather had finally regained her shape after working hard to lose the excess weight she had put on during her two pregnancies. Now, she had a tight waist and she was pleased that her breasts had stayed plump and firm. She worked out three times a week, focusing mostly on her bottom and her legs and the results were plain to see.

She knew that many of her male customers bought their food from her not because of her cooking, but because they liked to stare and she loved being the center of their attention. There weren't many regulars at the events that hadn't paid more than a little attention to her ample bosom and she chose her bras carefully so that just a little, but not too much, nipple showed through when they perked up.

Closing the back of the mini-van, Heather pushed one cooler ahead of her and awkwardly pulled the other behind. Her path to food station was a long one. Parking was on the opposite side of the bleachers and she would have to walk along their length, cross the back side of the field and cut under the tall metal benches before she arrived at her destination.

The near bleachers had once been open underneath but after frequent fights, teenagers necking, drunks passing out and the relentless wind that blew trash under the steps, management had installed heavy vinyl screens attached to the steel supports with thick cord running through grommets. The screens were attached about 6 inches above the ground and continued up about 8 feet so that the entire section under the bleachers was screened from casual view.

Kevin Dillon and Matt Miller stood together inside the screened in area and peered through slits between the screens and the uprights watching Heather come closer. Earlier, they had cut one of the thick cords in order to slip in and under the structure where they drank a little and smoked some of Kevin's weed. Each of the 24 year old men were there to be rodeo clowns and both had previously met Heather when dressed in their costumes.

Like many customers, they drooled over her alluring breasts and shapely figure and often discussed what they'd do with her if they ever got a chance. Over the past month they conspired to have their way with her and today they intended to follow through with their plan.

"Here she comes", said Kevin as he watched her curvy body tug and pull the heavy coolers along the rough path. "Anyone else around", asked Matt as he walked closer to the edge of the bleachers.

"Nope", replied Kevin. "Looks like we got lucky." Heather had broken into a light sweat as she walked along the path. She hated parking so far away and she really wanted her husband to set her up first so that she could avoid most of the grunt work but today they were running late and she had to go it alone. Her body ached and she knew that she'd be setting up a spa appointment for Monday afternoon with Cheryl, her masseuse and new best friend.

"Get ready", said Kevin as Heather walked towards the men hiding behind the screen. If she had looked down, she'd have noticed the two pairs of cowboy boots just under the edge of the vinyl but she was too concerned about keeping the coolers upright as she navigated the rutted path. Heather passed close to the now unsecured screen and the two men stepped out behind her.

Kevin took the lead. "Hey, I can help with that", he said. Heather spun around surprised by the voice. Kevin grabbed the handle of one cooler and Matt took the other. "Oh no&hellip.I'm fine" she said, her voice quivering slightly. "Yeah well, I don't think so" said Matt as he pulled the cooler handle and grabbed her waist. Her cry was muffled by his big hand and with a tug, he pulled her off her feet and dragged her into the darkened and screened area under the bleacher. Kevin pulled the coolers in behind him and wheeled them out of the way before following Matt.

Heather was struggling, her eyes wide with fear. Matt stood at 6'3" and had a muscular physique. He never took his hands from her mouth even as he pulled her to the ground. Kevin strode over laughing softly as he watched the pretty girl struggle. From his pocket, he pulled the 8 foot length of heavy cord that had once been attached to the screen.


Folding it in half, he quickly wrapped it around the girls neck before running the loose ends into the loop he had made. With a quick jerk, he tightened it and the ligature began to cut off her air supply. "Shut the fuck up" Kevin whispered. Like Matt, he was tall and strong, dressed in a blue plaid shirt and dusty jeans along with leather cowboy chaps. "I really don't care what happens to you so just fuckin' behave". Heather stopped struggling and the two men worked to lay her fully down on her back, the cord still wrapped around her neck.

"Get her stuff off" grunted Kevin, as he kneeled by her head. Matt quickly tugged the woman's sneakers off and reached for her belt. "Nooo&hellip." moaned Heather as she felt her belt being unbuckled. The cord tightened and she stopped, her chest heaving as she began to panic.

The man finished opening the buckle and unsnapped the button of her shorts before unzipping them and pulling them off of her long legs. He smiled as he glanced up at her pink panties that had slid down a few inches when her shorts were pulled off. Slowly, he ran his hands up her inner legs increasing his pleasure as he moved closer to her crotch.

"Nnnnnnnnno&hellip.please…" Heather whispered. Kevin leaned down close to her ear as he watched Matt reach for the edge of her panties. "Stop it baby, this isn't hurting you. He's just going to get a good look at the sweet pussy of yours. That's all. Wanna see?" At that, Kevin reached behind Heathers neck and grabbed a handful of her golden blonde hair. Gripping it tightly he lifted her head up until she was staring down at her splayed legs watching Matt begin to tug at her pink panties.

Heather sobbed and sniffled as tears rolled down her face. Her breasts heaved as she watched the man at her feet slowly pull her underwear down exposing he neatly shaved pussy to the leering men.

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Matt yanked the panties off of her feet and grabbed her ankles tightly with both hands. Spreading her legs, he looked up at Kevin and nodded. Kevin released Heather's hair and quickly reached across her body to grab the bottom of her pink tee shirt. Gruffly, he pulled it up and over her breasts, exposing her sheer, pink bra before tugging it over her shoulders and off her head. "Someone likes pink", Kevin laughed staring at her trembling cleavage as the near naked woman twitched in fear.

"Yeah me!" replied Matt still holding the woman's legs open while eyeing her fleshy slit with eager eyes. "Hehe, me too!" Kevin reached for the bottom of Heather's bra and swiftly tugged it up and over her now nude body. As her arms swung up to allow the bra to be removed, Kevin grabbed them and stretched Heather's body out, pulling her taught while Matt held her feet.

The heaving breasts now fully stretched out were topped by light brown, hard nipples and them two men delighted in looking down at their prey. Matt started first, letting one ankle go and reaching for her exposed pussy.

Touching it, he rubbed his fingers along her labia before pinching the skin around her hooded clit. Heather moaned again and Kevin responded by once more grabbing a knot of hair and pulling her head up so that she could watch the man defile her.

Secure in his grasp, Kevin let go of her arm and grabbed her ample tits in his big hands, rolling them around and pinching her nipples.

He leaned over to look at Matt slide a finger into the woman's pussy and then slid back up to lick her brown tips. "She wet yet?" asked Matt. "Not really but she will be. They all get wet. Can't help it.

They're all sluts and her cunt will be slick real soon" "Just fuck her then, we don't have all day" stated Matt. "Yeah, you're right. Hold her" Matt pulled the girls head up again and Heather watched as Kevin pulled his jeans and shorts down to reveal a thick and hard penis. She moaned a little and cried a lot as the man settled back down between her legs and leaned forward putting the tip of his penis against her pussy lips. With her head held firmly in place, she watched as the rapist began sliding his thick cock into her cunt, his body inching towards her face as he wormed his muscle into her shaking body.

Fully inside her, he tilted his head up and looked into her tear filled eyes. "Now now, don't cry. I'm not just fucking you. I'm loving you too".

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Without warning he kissed her fully on her lips causing the woman to shake her head trying to get him to stop. He pulled his head away and focused his attention to screwing the crying woman under his lurching body.

Kevin began long, hard strokes into the pinned down woman while she watched her own ravishment. From time to time Matt reached down to cup her breasts or pinch her nipples. His tight hold on her hair forced Heather to watch the man buck her and she winced as time and again his thick manhood pounded into her unwilling body.

"HEATHER&hellip." came a distant voice. Heather caught her breath, freezing at the sound of her husbands voice. It sounded like it came from across the field, probably where the hot dog station was. He was looking for her. Neither man knew what had just happened and Heather was torn between calling out for help and keeping silent for her own safety and to avoid the unmentionable embarrassment of being seen during a violent sexual assault.

"HEATHER&hellip." called the voice again. Kevin increased his pace while the poor woman watched her body being raped. His long and thick penis was shiny; slippery with what Heather knew was her own juices, created by her vagina as it betrayed her emotions, producing slick juices that allowed a long cock to penetrate her easily.

Suddenly, Kevin pulled out and Heather looked down at his twitching muscle. She knew he had been close to climax and she held out perverse hope that he would just place his shaft back inside of her and finish. In her own mind, the sooner the men could ejaculate, the sooner she could sort out what had just happened and move on with her life.

Even now, her head held by a grinning man so that she could watch herself be violated, she found it hard to believe that less than five or so minutes ago she was trudging happily along, eager to cook hot dogs for hungry cowboys and fans. "Christ she's good now" said Kevin. "You want some?". "I want her mouth" answered Matt as he fingered her stiffened nipples.

"Flip her over then" muttered Kevin, stroking his erection and watching Matt work the woman's breasts. "Get out the way then bro'" Matt ordered, dropping Heather's head and sliding back a little. Heather heard clothes shuffle and the distinctive clink of a belt buckle and zipper being drawn down.

Matt moved a little and then Heather felt his hands on her shoulders. She looked up to see him kneeling over her. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a bobbing penis, thick but not quite hard on display. He had opened his jeans to remove his manhood and it stuck lewdly out between his leather chaps. Kevin grabbed her ankles again and in loose unison, the men managed to flip Heather over onto her stomach.

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Kevin spread her legs again before running his hardened hands across her exposed ass and back, brushing the dirt and filth off her supple body. Heather lay still, quietly crying and knowing that she would soon be forced to perform oral sex on Matt.

She felt Kevin waddle up between her spread legs and she felt the familiar slap of a hardened prick drop on her ass cheek. The men above her made some motions with their hands and laughed a little over something Heather didn't understand. Then, she felt a warm dribble of fluid land between her ass cheeks and begin to run down, puddling around her asshole.

A moment later another hot puddle hit the top of her butt, following the same path as the first.

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Heather was momentarily relieved. She believed that Kevin had ejaculated and was dropping his sperm on her exposed bottom.

While she knew that Matt would still fuck her mouth, she was confident that Kevin was now just a spectator. Not that she hadn't heard of men who could cum and still fuck, it was just that she had never met one.

Or even had one of her girlfriends talk about their man with fantastic staying power. "OK" she heard Kevin say.

Matt reached into her hair once again, balling a fistful into his large hand and yanked her head up high. When Heather's face was nearly to the height of Matt's own eyes, he locked his gaze onto hers. Her body was pulled upward as if she was striking a perverse yoga move with her heavy breasts swaying just barely off the ground. Her nipples occasionally swept the dust and dirt as she heaved breaths of air wondering what was next to happen.

Matt continued to stare deeply into the blue eyes of the crying woman as Kevin reached under Heather's stomach and lifted her up a little. In the eyes of her rapists, this was as good as it gets.

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A tormented woman, breasts accessible, ass lifted, legs spread and confronted with two eager cocks about to violate her.

With her ass now lifted higher, Kevin spread the woman's ass cheeks and confirmed that his saliva had pooled in her rosebud asshole. Pleased with the puddle, Kevin moved forward and placed the tip of his phallus against and slightly into Heather's small hole. Heather lurched forward, vainly trying to avoid what she knew was about to take place.

"No no no no no no.I can' won't&hellip.I've never&hellip.please don't&hellip.I've never.please, I'll suck it but don't&hellip.". "Sorry ma'am&hellip.I just have to" replied Kevin as he pushed hard against Heather's asshole. Heather started to scream but quickly felt the cord tighten. Instead of making noise she pushed hard to close her open legs only to feel them bump up against Kevin's muscular body.

His continued pressure frightened her and she started to panic. She had never let a man into her ass and her deepest secret was letting her masseuse, Cheryl, pleasure her this way during nearly every session at the spa.

Cheryl was tall, lanky and experienced in what made women happy and after working hard massaging Heather she always ended it with her tongue on Heather's clit working circles on it until Heather had raised her hips far off the table while bordering on sexual relief.

But the real magic was when Cheryl inserted her well lubed middle finger into Heather's anus, triggering the massive climax that each of them enjoyed so much. Never had a man found his way into Heather's backside. That was about to change. As he forced his cock against her lubed hole, the head of his penis began to make progress and Heather quickly understood that she would lose this battle.

Still, she clenched tightly, determined to hold the man off even if it meant that she'd pay for her resistance in other ways. "HEATHER&hellip.". Her name was being called again, this time much close.


Heather panicked. Afraid that her husband would see her being debased, she once again decided that getting it over with was her best option.

Relaxing her spread legs and pushing back a little in her groin, she let Kevin pop into her ass. Surprised, he stopped a moment and looked down to confirm that he was, in fact, inside her bum. "Got her", Kevin exclaimed before pushing the rest of his cock into her rectum. Matt stared into her eyes as Kevin sent the length of his penis up her chute for the first time. Heather's eyes widened and tears popped out of their corners as she felt her gut fill up with thick, hard meat. Her mouth opened to cry out but she held off even as Kevin bumped up against her backside, his penis now fully in the woman's ass.

"God, that's good. Won't last long buddy in case you want some too. Thought you wanted her mouth." Matt blinked and then got to work. He twisted Heather's head to point own at his own swaying cock and then directed her pretty face to meet his erection.

Heather tried to avoid contact with the man's phallus, unwilling to be spit roasted by these two sordid souls but when the cord tightened momentarily, she gave in and opened her mouth with Matt buried his cock in her makeup stained face.

His penis wasn't huge but it was as much as Heather had ever taken. In a split second it bumped against the back of her throat and the familiar gagging feeling overcame her. Spitting and coughing around his muscle she fought the urge to puke before wrapping her lips around him and sucking him into her throat.

Matt sighed, feeling her mouth and throat wrap around his angry shaft and he pulled the woman's hair up, forcing her to fellate him against her will and at his pace. Kevin pulled slowly out of her backside and then, mostly out, he stroked back into her again causing Heather to whimper in pain her head bobbed up and down on Matt's thickening penis. "HEATHER&hellip." came her name again, now on this side of the field and easily within shouting distance if she could have done anything except suck cock.

Kevin had picked up his pace, her anus having adapted to the horrible intrusion and the man was breathing heavily as he fucked her raised bum. Matt was now fully erect and found that he was able to let go of Heather's hair and just let her bob on his cock as if it were her idea. He reached down and under her torso, finding her large breasts and he eagerly fondled her nipples as she deep throated her rapist.

Kevin began to lose control. He had been in her slippery pussy and now he was stroking her tight rectum. His cock couldn't take much more of the blond woman's reluctant treats. Matt noticed his friend tense up and knew that Kevin was ready to pop. He glanced down to see Kevin's long penis pistoning in and out of Heather's rosebud asshole and the sight took him to the edge first. Heather knew what was happening and began to regret hoping for them to finish. Inside her bottom, Kevin's cock felt incredibly large and he was hurting her as he swelled.

Her mouth was sore at the sides and she began to fear how she would handle Matt's load. She was never great at swallowing but her husband Keith loved it so much that she sometimes obliged him by allowing him to drop a satisfying load into her obedient mouth.

But her husband hadn't raped her and the two men above her were strangers and one of them was about to ejaculate into her ass. Kevin moaned deeply and let his first spurt of semen go deep into Heather's bottom. At nearly the same time, Heather felt the familiar final swell of cock as Matt began his transfer of semen into Heather's throat.

His timing was unfortunate as Heather had began to swallow frantically in order to make space for more ejaculate. But she swallowed slightly before he dropped his cum into her mouth and his second spurt backed up onto his first. Heather found her mouth filled with sticky cum and she frantically swished it around to make space for more as her mouth rapist spurted again and again. In spite of her efforts, gobs of sticky semen escaped from her mouth and smeared across her cheek and chin.

Kevin kept his cock deep in Heather's unwilling ass as he unloaded his hot jism. She felt it splatter in her rectum as he jerked and twitched, releasing ropes of hot goo into her backside. She had never felt as filled up as she did at that moment. Two men, cock deep in either side of her, shooting gobs of jizz into her holes.

"HEATHER&hellip.". The voice wasn't more than 30 yards away. Heather could see her husbands boots under the screens that kept her and her rapists from his view. "HEATHER&hellip.". "What the fuck?" said Kevin, pulling out from her ass, creating an audible popping noise as the head of his prick emerged. "Who the fuck is that?" "I don't know" gasped Matt, still pumping into Heather's mouth.

"Just let me finish". He spurted twice more and Heather swallowed promptly having now timed her sucking and swallowing with his spurts. A second later, he pulled her hair back up and his still pulsing cock emerged from her lipstick smeared face. "Let's get out of here", said Matt. "We're late anyway". The men stood and fixed themselves while Heather lay on the ground, nude and crying.

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"What about her" asked Matt. "Should we do what we agreed?" Heather shivered, wondering what that meant. "Yup", replied Kevin. The men grabbed Heather and dragged her up.

A little of Matt's cum had found it's way into her eyes and she felt a familiar sting as her vision got fuzzy. "HEATHER&hellip." called Keith, now barely twenty yards away. Kevin took the cord from around Heather's neck and tied it quickly around her wrists in front of her.

Dragging her nude and dirty, stained body to the nearest steel upright, the men lifted her arms high above her head, hooking the cord over a cross piece and tying a quick but sturdy knot.

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Heather stood nude on her tip toes, swaying slightly and dancing against her will as she struggled to stay upright. Each man slapped her bare ass and crudely grabbed her tits and pussy one last time. "Thank you ma'am" said Kevin as they walked away savoring the view of her nude and abused body, hands high in the air, breasts and pussy on full display.

A thin trickle of semen emerged from her backside and ran down Heather's inner thigh. The men grabbed her discarded underwear, placing her tiny panties into her mouth and wrapping her bra around her neck before tightening it between her teeth to create a lewd gag.

They kicked the rest of clothes further under the stands before stepping back to and taking one last look. "HEATHER&hellip." cried Keith just as two men emerged from under the bleachers. "Who?" said Kevin looking up to see Keith approaching. "Heather. My wife. Blonde.

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Pink top. Seen her?" "Not sure", said Kevin. "But I'm sure she's around here someplace. Probably not far. Good luck!" Keith walked away as his wife, just a few feet away felt her tears stream down her cum splattered face. "HEATHER&hellip.".