Hentai sexy anime girls hentai slideshow

Hentai sexy anime girls hentai slideshow
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I entered the familiar apartment, even though a few years has past everything looked exactly the same. I walked into the same dark living room with muffled sounds of gay porn in the background. This time I was more confident and I knew my way to the bedroom. I walked in and Rick was sitting on the bed wearing a bathrobe rubbing his large bulge threw the thin layer of cotton.

He smiled as I entered. I said hi and walked past him while takeing off my shirt. He got off the bed and stood behind me and rubbed his already hard cock on my jeans and toyed with my nipples while moaning under his breath.

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I bent at the waist keeping my legs straight and started to untie my shoes and was surprised as he forcefully pulled down my jeans and exposed my jock strap wearing ass and buried his face in my shaved and cleaned hole. I gasped and couldn't even think! I was so hard and tried to finished unlacing my shoes in between pleasure filled moans. It's been so long that I had my ass eaten I melted right there into his mouth. He and I both knew that I was his.

He let me finish getting undressed and sat back on the bed.

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Just wearing my jock I crawled to his cock and started licking his balls. I kissed his shaft and handed him my phone and asked him if he could take pictures and film me tonight. I was feeling so kinky I would have let him do anything he wanted to me. I remember how awkward my last blowjob was so I stepped up my game.

I deep throated him, rubbed his balls on my face, look him in the eye and told him how much I wanted him. He moaned as pre-cum started seeping out onto my tongue. I put his cock in my mouth sideways so it pushed my cheek out and he rubbed his smooth head through my skin and gently smacked me.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to lay down on the bed. I quickly got up off the floor and laid down on my stomach.

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Rick stood and started rubbing his 8inch uncut cock all over my freshly shaved ass. "Mmm this feels so good," he hissed out. Rick aggressively flipped me over and fingered my ass as he rubbed my chest and played with my nipples. I was so over the edge, I knew if he so little as blew on my cock I would explode all over myself.


He slowly pushed his fat cock in my tight ass. I don't remember how I took this cock in my last time because this time it felt like my ass was going to rip.


Rick noticed my face and he said, "let's try a different position." I turned around on all fours and he added more lube to his generous member. This time it was a lot better he slowly slid his cock head in and I felt my ass suck in the large cock. I started to get more and more into it. He picked up the pace and really started to use me. I was so turned on, I didn't really feel the pleasure yet but it turned me on knowing that I was getting him off.

I reached in between my legs past my cock and rubbed his balls everytime he fully inserted himself. Rick was moaning and grabbing my jock strap forcing me to slam my ass back on his cock. This was what really caused me pleasure. After a couple minutes Rick pushed me over and laid down. I got up and straddled his cock. I never been on top before!

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I reached back and rubbed his cock on my ass and put him back inside me. I used my legs and bounced on his cock.

I loved this!! Every time I slapped his pelvis with my ass and legs I could feel is rock hard cock push against my prostate.


I finally started jerking my cock as I bounced up and down and grinded him. He saw I was about to cum and told me to cum on his chest.

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The moment those words left his lips I shot 4 strands of cum while his cock as deep in my ass. It was like Rick controlled when I came. We both laughed with pleasure as I got off him to clean him off.

It broke my heart that I came but Rick didnt. I thought there was something wrong with me. I got back on the floor and told him to come to the edge of the bed. Rick walked over and I told him to watch the porn playing as I gave him a blowjob. I felt so dirty that I was letting myself be used on my own command.

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I would glance up a couple times, at first he was concentrating on the guy being fucked on t.v. then I noticed he was looking down at me with his cock in my mouth. I lifted his balls and put my tongue on his asshole while jerking him. I never licked an ass in my life to this day but I am glad my only one was my secret gay lovers!

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I was swirling around his delicious ass while speeding up with my hand until I heard a short grunt and I quickly pulled away and aimed his cock at my face. At first the cum hit hard then it slowed down as the moans went silent.

I was light headed, my face was covered in Ricks cum, and again we both laughed with pleasure. I got up and took a shower. I went back into the room to get dressed as we made small talk. He handed me back my phone and told me, "Next time don't wait so long before seeing me again!" I walked to the car a new man.

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When I got home I looked through my phone and there was about 100 pictures and videos of Ricks cock on my smiling face, his cock in my ass, him pulling my jock strap from behind, and a couple of dick pics he must have taken when I was in the shower. I will keep these pictures forever and have something more than just memories to jerk off too.