Gorgeous ladies Diva and Jenny appreciates lesbo indoor fun

Gorgeous ladies Diva and Jenny appreciates lesbo indoor fun
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When I finally decided who to go as, it was about 9 o'clock. I was a 5'5" Japanese woman with 'C' cup breasts, sexy legs, beautiful oriental face, in a tomboy outfit. I wore baggy jeans, a not so revealing top but was a bit form fitting, my hair was in a pony tail, and I had fingerless gloves on. I was the girl next door that nobody really knew, but was really sexy. At the bar, I see one of my guy friends who was really not that good with the ladies. He was cute, tall, in shape, and to me, a great guy to know.

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However, he was what they call "socially retarded", and with me being a lady tonight, I told myself to help him out. I ordered a beer and walked over to him and asked if he wanted to play darts.

At first he was dumbfounded that a girl asked him to play darts. But he said sure and we went to the board. After a game we went back to a booth and talked with a fresh round. We talked about relationships we both had.

I told him about a guy who wasn't horny enough. He told me that he would always go too fast.


At this point I wanted to go outside for a smoke. So I asked him if he wanted one (I knew he smoked), and he said sure.

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Outside we both had a smoke and we talked a little more, about past relationships. I asked him more about going too fast. He said that it didn't take that long to get second or third, but the girl he was with wanted to go a little slower.

We went back inside and sat down again with a fresh round of brews. I started to hint at going somewhere else by dropping, "Do you live near here? I see you here frequently". But he wasn't picking it up. So we started to talk about what we looked for in the opposite sex.

He said he wasn't really into Asians but liked big tits and eyes. I knew he was lying about the Asian part, he always told me when I was guy that he had yellow fever.

I told him I was looking not for 'that guy', but a 'that nice guy' who keeps getting blown by, which was him to the letter. I told him that whenever I go into a bar, I hated to be hit on by guys who spend more time in the bathroom prepping for the night than me, and doesn't take long for me.

He started to pick up what I was hinting, and he asked if I wanted to go for another smoke. I said sure, but I knew it wasn't just for a smoke.

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Outside, it was a warm night with little wind but I asked him to hold me; I told him I was cold. He grabbed me around the shoulder and brought me in close.

As he pulled me in, I went a little closer to him to feel his bulge in his pants. He was horny, and it felt big through his jeans. He knew I moved against his dick. I moved my head towards his; he looked at me said I had beautiful green eyes. I blushed a little and he went for the kiss.

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I pushed my lips right back against his. Our tongues danced together as they explored new mouths. I swear, if it was a little darker I he probably would've started to grope me since he said he went fast, but I would've done the same back. I told him let's get a more private location. He drove us back to his apartment. I haven't been on the receiving end of a fuck in a while.

We went inside toward the elevator and as soon as the door closed we were at it again. When the elevator reached the floor, we left went towards his apartment locked at the lips. He managed to get the door open while his eyes were focused on mine. As we kissed our way inside, my shirt, bra, and pants disappeared, so did his shirt and pants. As we stood in just our lower underwear, I saw his bulge. It was huge! He was probably thinking the same about my tits.


As I got a little hornier, I increased my boobs to a 'D' and my pussy was soaking wet. As our lips met again, his hands went for my chest, not noticing that they got a little bigger, while mine went for his cock. It was thick. It had to be at least 5" around and 7"-8" long. I wanted to suck his cock, so I pushed his body against the bed and went down on him.


As soon I did this, he picked my little Asian body up and turned me around. We were now in a 69, along with his cock, his tongue was big, probing around my pussy and pushing itself inside. I was having trouble getting his massive dick inside my tiny Asian mouth, but I finally got it in.

I tried to deep throat it, but I gagged every time. After what felt like ten minutes, I was extremely horny and wanted it inside my pussy. Before I was about to put it in, I asked him for a condom. He hesitated for a second, turned to his night stand and pulled one out. I ripped it open and wrapped his dick in the rubber. My soaking pussy was all the lubrication I needed, but my Asian twat was small and his cock was huge.

I wanted to make my pussy bigger but I always wanted to know how it felt to get stretched out. As I got closer to his cock, I got hotter and hotter.

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Eventually the tip of his cock was at my entrance, so I began to push. Fuck did it hurt and he and I moaned so loud that the basement tenants could hear us and we were on the 5th floor. As I slowly slid it inside, if felt like my pussy was being rammed by a semi, but it got there and I started to ride it like a cowboy in a rodeo. As I fucked him he kissed my lips, my tits, and sucked and groped my nipples.

I was going nuts, a few bucks after I first started on his cock, I came, but he was still going. I pulled off him, turned around, and went back on. I moved my hips up and down a couple of time, but it was difficult since he was big and I was small. I couldn't do what I was doing and got off. All of a sudden, I was on my back and he went on top. He started to fuck me hard and his balls were bouncing off me like racquet balls. He had stamina, we must have fucked for at least an hour before he came, I came at least 3 or 4 times.

As I pulled away from his limping cock, he held me around the shoulder as I grabbed him across the chest. The next morning, I left a note saying that it was a fun night and we had to do it again some time. As a P.S., I said that I would contact him, no offense.