Mrs Strahan is a hot wife

Mrs Strahan is a hot wife
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Dave was a 14 year-old honor student who had only two girlfriends before in his life. He was not very social except with his small group of friends and was kind of annoying. HIs mother, Joanie, was a 33 year-old single mother with dark hair and she was kind of large. Her husband Scott had left her for a blonde-hair, fake-tit, slut that slept around.

Her feelings after this lead to a series of events that would change both her and her son's lives. The whole ordeal started one day when Dave had come home from school late due to chess club and found his mother passed out on the couch, naked.

He was surprised to see her like that even though he had spyed on her before while she got dressed and had even touched her breast after pulling down the covers on her bed and seeing her in bed, nude. He leaned down to try and wake her up but she wouldn't wake so he checked her pulse it was slow but still beating and she was breathing so that was good sign, and then a dirty thought crossed his mind.

He had always thought his mom was sexy and had kind of a fetish for big girls. He had even jacked off to his mom many times before. He slowly leaned in to give his mom an intimate kiss and smelled liquor on her breath which was odd because she rarely drank.

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After smelling that he decided to start some where else. He took his hands and put them on his mother's large, natural, big-nippled breasts. He had always liked his mother's breasts the most because he thought they were so beautiful. He begin to caress them genty making her nipples rise quickly stunning twin peaks of throbbing ecstasy.

He kneaded and pulled her breasts slowly and gently making his mother moan in her sleep. He was very good at this since he had done this exact same technique before with his first girlfriend and had delveloped a knack for it. He then took her right breast in his hand and started to suck on and play with the nipple. He moved his tongue all around and massaged her left breast with his other hand. She began to moan even louder in her sleep and Dave noticed that his mother's vagina was starting to get wet and let her breasts go with a slap and went towards her love canal.

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He touched her thighs and almost by reflex, her legs opened revealing her wet pussy. Dave took his hand stroked her vagina gently and it quivered inviting him to explore.

He put his face into her legs and inserted his tongue into her vagina and licked all around inside and a wet juice shot into his mouth and just kept coming.


he swallowed every bit of it enjoying the sweet taste of her sweet love spray. When it was over Dave licked his lips and got towel and cleaned his mother up. He then picked her up(it was hard but he did it)and carried her into her room and put her covers over her. He then left for some "alone time" in his room.

Joanie woke up 2 hours later with a raging hangover. She realized she was in her bed and nude. She went over to her mirror to finger herself like she did everyday and she inserted 2 fingers and moved them in and out caressing her breast as she did so. She then added another finger and then another comin close to a climax but then she noticed something. She saw she had a large hickie around her nipple and began to wonder about her son. The next day she approached her son and thanked him and apologized for yesterday.


But then she kissed him and felt his tongue inside her mouth. A sensation came over her and she stripped her shirt off and undressed her son and took off her other clothes and they made their way to her bed room. Dave laid her down and layed on top of her working his penis into her vagina grinding his pelvis against hers.

She moaned loudly and flipped herself over on top of him moving sensually but hard.

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She leaned down and put her tongue in his mouth and licked the roof of it nastily. He then turned her over and got off of her.

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He picked her up and stood her up against the wall. He opend her buttocks and inserted his large penis into her moving foward continuing for 15 minutes. By then he was close to a climax and she felt this so she pulled him out and sucked him till he ejaculated and she swallowed every bit of it.

They were tired out and layed on her bed together, hand in hand. I'll write more if you like it!

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