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Indian uncle umesh fucks neighbour and records
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Escllave's mansion stood in the side of the heavily forested mountain side. Below a world that seemed distant from hers was available to view. Pathways of cement matter interlinked in patterns killing plant life below.

Ground shuttles followed these patterns to reach desired destination of their operators while clouds of thin exhaust rose to higher altitudes from the machines. Some homosapiens chose to walk for enjoyment of what's left of their natural planet. Reserves of what they called parks held life forms that roamed the lands before human arrival however now prisoners and outcasts to their own native lands.

Many creatures dieing from lack of habitat needed for survival which hung in the hands of merciless humankind, who's only objective is to have the whole population in lap of luxury withholding poverty. View of her land gave her at times stressed soul a much needed feeling of peace. Her castle she called shelter was five floors in rise containing many rooms she yet to know what to do with.

It stood on acres of rich green leveled out terrain from construction. Heavy fifteen feet of earth brown stone fence surrounded everything three-hundred-sixty degrees around. Gates showed winged horses landing on each of the posts which held the gate in place. Vine covered the fencing with mild green leaves and flowers of varying calm colors.

Rest of the mountain was still untouched which was very much to Escllave's liking. Walking outside she in took her surroundings feeling every straw of green grass bellow her feet.

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Her tall thin frame reflected an undertone of green below her porcelain skin. Couplets of muscles ran down her stomach reaching her pelvis pulsating in small increments barely noticeable to the eye. Cascades of ethereal straight raven black hair fell down her back reaching top of her buttocks. Image of her was a sight getting used to, horrifying or breaking a heart at first glance.

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Her eyes landed on her big creek, a gift from the construction workers for the tips they would received in mail. A gift she knew would be compulsory for her living on this earth. Creeks waters held many fishes she adored. Sometimes visiting them to feed her many pets so they could reach their fullest potential in size. Like with anything to make it your home you have to put yourself in it. So it is no surprise that Escllave added animals from her very own planet.

Watching these creatures breed new ones exited her. Many of these pets would be born of alien appearance having inhumanely proportions. However these changes made Escllave's eyes sparkle with anticipation of what is yet to become of these creatures. "I'm hungry,hmmm" sighing usually meant she was tired dreading the dive she was about to make.

Stooping at the creek she looked in to it. "So many of them here now", thinking just a week ago there was only an impregnated piranha with a cluster of goldfish for its food source. Now the creek held quarter of oceans population.

After debating if she should dive or not her decision was finalized as she glided in to the cold water. "Seeing green again", sarcastically smirking Escllave spread apart her hands to gain force for going forward. The creeks acidic levels gave the water a green hue that permanently stained skin if swimming reocured often.

Of course that's not the only reason for the waters color many of the creatures in the creek ate seaweed, aquatic plants, or their favorite meal of all each other. Waste from these creatures stayed in the creek mixing with the water running thrue their gills.

Seeking out her least liked pets her eyes made ellipse like scan of the swimming creatures in the water. "So many choices", she seeked out a Pelican Eel charging forward with paramount force seizing it in her hands as the fish tried to recoil from her grip. Hunger setting in Escllave studied her pet for the last time before sinking in her teeth in to its flesh. Squirming, eels rod like tail glitches as if it was electrocuted while increments of her pets flesh was torn away from its body revealing pinks of tissue and blues of its veins.

Analliating her meal red floated around them dissolving in to the green water as it dispersed to green, Escllave's eyes were now covered with a thick clear layer of skin protecting from the guts and bodily fluids of her pray. As intestines of the eel floated away as other fish came in to finish of the remains. Only leaving the tail she slid it between her teeth skinning it in one pull of her hand. Surfacing her head above surface she looked around to make shore she was still alone.

Eyes darting to the rock where her favorite pet of all might sit. She was not here today, disappointment crossed her face. "POCKETS!, POCKETS!!, Escllave screamed for her to come knowing better. "Of course you like to play hide and seek don't you little girl", now walking from the creek dinoflagellates and sea grasses covered parts of her breasts some landing on her stomach some between the crack of her backside.

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The cool air stiffening her skin made the nipples of her breast stand up, goose bumps spreading all over her body. "Well next time Pockets, next time", Escllave now satisfied began walking home raising a hand to her mouth swiping it across wiping away leftover blood. As she approached the door red lines formed scanning her stature before double doors silently slid open.

Inside the house was more of a laboratory than a home.

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Walls were a metallic silver glistening with shine reflecting everything, It was as if being lost in waterfalls of mirrors. Heading to her room the walls reflected all of her movements with each step her legs made. Yet once more her body underwent a scan before the entrance to her room was allowed.

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Escllave entered her bedroom which contained a mass of hovering matter above the floor in which she slept in. It was spacious allowing room for sleeping chambers incase her pet wanted to sleep with her or a stupid human she liked desired to stay and explore her experiments. Walls were lined with various liquids, gases, and mater the basics for all of her missions. A pea sized microtubual is placed inside her ear for contact with her own kind.

Wanting to sleep she walked over to her matter cloud. Laying down in to it she was covered in blue like gue that penetrates her epidermis taking away the green hue from days eating. Her muscles relaxed and she began to fall into a dream as she felt something slip from her hand. Opening her chocolate eyes she looked down on the floor where the tail was laying there in a small heap of twists.

"I forgot to feed my plant", she spoke to herself as her feet already touched the surface of the floor.


Walking over to her plant she could notice it has grown in size instead of being an hermaphrodite like most plants it developed in to a male its ovule now containing semen instead of being empty. Filament of the plant was quite large three inches in diameter its anther two times greater than size of the filament. Stigma which normally would harvest the pollen to receive in to the ovule was now a tubular male part that would now be the main organ to induce and impregnate female flowers.

She needs to find it a mate soon or it would become agitated and violent. If only she thought of this when she was on her home planet this would not be a problem for these flowers roamed the lands more free females having grand colorful petals while males had thick vines in the shape of petals surrounding their reproductive organs on the inside.


Holding the tail over her plant she realised it was reaching her waist now she should get it bigger meals also. One of its limbs rose as an opening appeared below the dangling tail. Escllave lowered it until most of tails remains were fully inside letting go of the end. Now she can go to sleep with no more bothers. Tomorow she can try to catch Pockets or find a mate for the plant.

She had only so much time to learn about this world untill the return to her home planet was required.