Gấu xinh như người mẫu gặp bạn trai chim nhỏ

Gấu xinh như người mẫu gặp bạn trai chim nhỏ
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As Roger pulled away from the motel later that morning, his mind was already working on his next encounter with Maria. He wondered just how far she really would go with him before balking at one of his ideas. Before she left, she tasted his cum, one more time, as she wanted. He had gotten her phone number and found out she like to go to the city to shop, most of the time alone. So as he hit the main stretch of highway to his next town, he started playing scenarios in his mind.

When he came to the city limit of the next town, he had figured out the next part of the plan. Complete with a time frame in which it had to be completed. The one thing he didn't want to do is let this thing last until real emotions began to play into the plan. He went about his work that day, putting the plan to the back of his mind so he could concentrate on selling his wares, so he could continue to afford the erotic gypsy life he had come so to enjoy.

Roger was not about to give up the wonders he had found existed in the far away places he had encountered in Middle America. As the day came to an end, he had one more call to make. The store he called on was a small boutique.

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The one time he had called before, the owner had been out, and was not to return that day. Time meant money for Roger, so he left his card and told the young woman that was working he would return in a few weeks. As it turned out it was two weeks to the day, when he pulled his mid size Chevrolet up in front of the boutique for his return call. The same young woman was at the front counter; she smiled when he walked in.

"Hello, remember me, I stopped in a couple of weeks ago. Is the owner in?" "Yes sir, she is, just a moment please." She walked to the back of the small store, and through a curtain into what Roger guessed was a combination office and storage area.

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He had been in so many of these little shops, and was always amazed at how nearly all of them were the same. In the back was a small office, generally cluttered with invoices, ledgers, and checkbooks. One the shelves of the storeroom was mostly bad decisions.


Everyone had a line, and most small operators when they first got started fell for the wrong ones. The curtain parted, and a tall slender red haired woman walked through it. She was dressed in a slick light summer dress that came to her knees. As she walked toward him, smiling the only thing that crossed his mind was, "WOW". She was definitely a knockout. "Yes sir, how may I help you?" Her demeanor was pleasant, but not really warm.

Her green eyes flickered with the frustration of a woman that was looking for a way out of a great idea that had turned into a bad dream. "My name is Roger Morlen, and if you have a few minutes, I would like to talk business with you." This line he found, was the most appropriate for people that seemed to be on the last leg of a bad journey.

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"I'm sorry Mr. Morlen, but what ever it is you are selling I don't think I am interested." Correct answer. "Selling is not exactly what I do, Mrs." "Robinson, Mary Robinson, and how do you not exactly sell things." Her look was one of "oh shit" here comes another high pressure I don't sell, but you need to buy this to save the business. "Sometimes I trade." From the expression on her face, Roger knew for sure she was sitting on inventory that wouldn't move.

"Trade what." She seemed a little less anxious to get rid of him. She moved over to the counter, and picked up an envelope, glanced at the return address, then set it back down. "I've been known to trade for almost anything." He paused for a moment, and then continued. "Most of the time it is inventory that won't move, for inventory that will." The last line really got her attention. "Mrs. Robinson, let me go over a little scenario with you, if you have a minute, and see if this doesn't sound at least vaguely familiar.

You open this beautiful little boutique, with borrowed money, knowing that it is the one thing the town needed, and people will flock to your door. The first month or two is great, things seem to be going well, your ordering what people want, you have a good feel for what needs to be on your shelves.

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Then after a few months you start getting the smart guys in. The ones that convince you, in a very professional way, that even though your business is good, you really don't know what the hell you're doing. They sell you some goods that they almost guarantee will be gone by weeks end, and you probably will have to re-order through their handy eight hundred number, before they have time to get out of town.

You believe them, they dump the order on you, and from then on, all you have is inventory that doesn't move, money tied up in inventory that doesn't move, no salesman to bitch at, and a bunch of rude operators on the other end of that handy eight-hundred number." As Roger stopped talking, it looked as if the woman was about to cry. He had pretty much told her business life story. "And you are different!" It wasn't a question, but a skeptical exclamation.

"Then I come along, sometimes to late to be the knight in shining armor, and have to put up with a bunch of shit, because no one will talk to me, because you've heard all the lines before. So I have to spend twice as much time as I should explaining myself, when all you would have to do is take me to the backroom, let me look at the shit they pawned off on you, trade it out with things that will sell, so you can be the one making the decisions again." The tall red haired woman stared at Roger for the longest time, she wanted so much to believe him, but was leery.

There had to be a catch, she just couldn't figure out what it was. "Miss Robinson." She finally said, smiling faintly. Roger smiled back. "So can we take a look at what you've got, so I can see if I can help or not." Rogers's eyes momentarily dropped to her breasts, then up to her eyes again. "This way." She said, turning and walking back toward the curtains. The sway of her hips under the light fabric was nearly mesmerizing as Roger followed her.

The gentle rustle of the fabric against her hose sounded sweet to his ears. The next twenty minutes was spent looking over different items that had been pawned off on her, and getting a better feel for what she thought she would need if she had the opportunity to get rid of the bad stock. Her only option that had been offered to her before was to sell to a jobber, for pennies on the dollar to what she had paid for them.

Roger explained to her what he was willing to do, which was basically to exchange the merchandise for nearly what she had paid for it, and hopefully what he exchanged with her would sell, if not, they could try another line of apparel. By the time he was ready to leave, they were on first name basis, and she was pouring out all of her sorrows on him. The good salesman he was, he listened.

Just as he was ready to leave, the other woman, the one at the front counter, came back into the storeroom. "Mary is it ok, if I leave." Her voice seemed more timid than when he had talked to her before. Mary glanced at Roger, then at the young woman. "Could you wait for just a few minutes Cindy?" It was not so much a plea, as a slightly veiled command. Roger's mind started immediately working overtime. "Yes, mam." She turned and walked back out of the room.

Roger watched Mary watch the woman leave.

Small towns never ceased to amaze him. "Roger, I do appreciate what you are doing, before you came in today, I was thinking very seriously about closing down, I may just give this a try, and see how we do." She glanced again toward the curtains. "You know Mary, I have a few things in the car, that just might interest you, maybe an added little extra." He winked at her, and then walked toward the curtain. "That is of course if you have someone that wouldn't mind modeling some of these things." "Cindy would love to." Roger glanced at his watch it was five till five.

As he walked passed Cindy, he smiled at her. "I think Mary wants to see you for a minute." He walked out to the car, opened the trunk and pulled out a large suitcase. As he came back through the door, he stopped, turned the sign around, and locked the door. This was going to be a great week, he thought to himself as he moved toward the back of the boutique, his second day out, and a second sexual adventure, he was batting a thousand Before walking back through the curtain he listened.

"But Mary, I don't want to model anything, I want to go home." There was silence for a moment, and then he heard a sharp slapping sound of flesh to flesh. "Listen you little tramp, you will do exactly as I command you, without another word, do you understand." The hissing sound in her voice made it clear what she expected.

"Yes, mama." The younger woman whimpered. "Ok, here we go." Roger said, walking through the curtain. The two women were standing by the small cluttered desk; Cindy was lightly rubbing her cheek.

"Perhaps you would like to carry a line similar to this, for special customers." He sat the suitcase down on the floor and opened it. The two women could not see the contents of the suitcase. "Mary, perhaps you would like to take a look, and see what you would like to try." He stood up and stepped back from the suitcase as she walked over and knelt in front of it. The audible gasp from her told Roger she liked what she saw. Glancing back at him, she smiled a wicked smile, her green eyes slightly glazed.

"This is definitely a special collection." Pulling the first item from the suitcase brought a gasp from the young woman across the room. It was a leather halter, with two holes cut out for the nipples. Sitting it aside, she pulled out a matching mini-skirt.

Picking both up, she carried them to Cindy and handed them to her. "Go to the dressing room and put them on." "Without saying a word the young woman took the two pieces of clothing from her boss and walked through the curtain and into the small dressing area at the back of the store. Mary turned to Roger and walked over to him. Her arms snaked around his neck; pulling his lips to hers she kissed him deeply. He could feel the hardness of her nipples pushing against his chest as her tongue pushed its way passed his lips.

Her entire body seemed to melt to his as she kissed him. "I think we are going to have a very special relationship." She purred as she broke the kiss. Hearing the door to the dressing room open and close, she turned, keeping one arm around Rogers's neck, and watched as the curtain opened.

Rogers arm went around her waist, his hand coming to rest on her perfectly shaped hip. Cindy timidly walked in, her head hanging down, her eyes riveted to the floor. The halter fit her snuggly, her small pointed nipples protruding through the two cut out holes.

Mary did not speak, she just watched as the young woman walked to her and awaited her next command. Mary's hand came up and gently pinched her nipple, making it extend even more. Roger dropped his hand from Mary's hip, and watched. "Very nice Cindy, honey, now turn around and bend over and let Roger see that pretty little ass of yours." Without a word Cindy turned, and bent over, exposing her naked ass and cunt to the both of them.

Mary moved beside Cindy, and rubbed her hand over the smooth soft skin of her buttocks. Then without warning raised her hand and brought it down across the area she had just rubbed.

Two harder slaps, and the woman's ass was red.

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"What do you think Roger, isn't this just about the prettiest little ass you have ever seen?" "It certainly is, may I?" He stepped forward. Mary nodded her approval. Roger ran his hand across the just spanked cheek; he could feel the heat from the blows. Then dipping his hand down between her legs, he rubbed the puffy folds of her cunt, until his finger found the little button for her lust. Frigging her slowly at first, and then more vigorously, he stopped only after he heard her moan.

"Can't you keep your little whore quiet?" He said, removing his hand. Stepping back, he again watched as Mary brought her hand down across the young woman's already burning ass.

"See there, now you have embarrassed me, in front of our guest." She yelled as she vigorously pounded on the helpless woman's backside, until her entire ass was red. Cindy whimpered, but did not move from her bent position. As suddenly as she began, she stopped. Grabbing the woman's hair, she pulled her across the room to the desk. With one hand she slid the books and papers to the floor, while pulling Cindy's hair roughly. Sitting on the edge of the desk, with her free hand, she pushed her dress up, until her garter and hose showed, but nothing more, then forcing the woman face between her thighs, she took both hands, and grabbed hair and ears and pushed her face into her pussy.

"Eat me until there isn't any juice left you little slut." She screamed, frigging her cunt into the woman's face.


From the movement, Roger guessed there were no panties to get in the way of Cindy doing a good job. Unzipping his fly, he fished out his hardened cock, and watched as Mary worked herself into a frenzy on the young woman's tongue. Not wanting to be a spectator any longer, he walked up behind the young woman, and in one thrust buried his cock into the creamy folds of her drenched pussy. With each thrust, she moaned, as he pulled back, he swatted her ass. From his new vantage point he could clearly see Cindy licking and sucking Mary.

As she came back for air, he could see her face was slick with Mary's cum. Bucking back against his cock, she suddenly screamed, and Roger could feel her pussy walls melt into orgasm. He continued his assault, until Mary pushed Cindy away, and stared straight at Roger. "I want you cock, now." She demanded, pulling her dress further up until he could see her gaping cunt clearly. Pulling out of Cindy, he pushed her aside, stepped to the edge of the desk and pushed into Mary's waiting cunt.

Her arms locked around his neck as she pumped furiously onto his shaft. Roger reached over and grabbed the panting Cindy by the hair and pulled her face in behind him. He felt her fingers reach up and pull apart his asscheeks, and a moment later he felt her tongue licking and pushing her tongue into his asshole. The sensation was overwhelming as he picked the tempo up and unmercifully plowed into Mary's sopping cunt. Releasing his hold on Cindy, he brought both hands around and dug his fingers roughly into Mary's asscheeks.

Squeezing them, he plowed into her until he felt his cum begin to rise. As he was about to cum, he once again grabbed Cindy by the hair, pulled her away from his ass, pulled from Mary's cunt, and erupted on Cindy's face.

Spurt after spurt splattered her pretty face as he used one hand to milk every last drop from his aching cock. She licked what she could from her lips, with her tongue, and then used her fingers to scoop the rest into her mouth. Roger staggered back, and stared at the sight before him. Mary slid from the desk to the floor with her friend, and licked what Cindy had missed from her face, then kissed the young woman deeply.

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This was definitely going to be a week to Remember. Roger checked into his motel that evening with nothing on his agenda, but to get some rest. It had been a long very productive day. What he needed now was some sleep.

As he drifted off to sleep, he recounted the day's successes. One new account and three new lovers, a good start to the week, he thought as he drifted into a deep slumber. His wake up call the next morning was the only thing that interrupted him. There was a message to call Mary when he awoke. He dialed the number she had given him before they parted company the night before.

The phone rang several times before a groggy voice answered. "Hello." Was all she said? "Mary, did I wake you, this is Roger." "Oh hi," Her voice sounded more awake. "The reason I called, could you stop by my apartment this morning before you leave town." "Sure, what's the address?" He jotted down the address, and then told her he would see her in about forty-five minutes.

True to his word forty-five minutes later he was standing at her door, waiting for her to open the door. She wore only a towel when she opened the door for him. Her arms immediately went around his neck and she kissed him deeply. His hands found their way to her naked ass as he kissed her back. Kneading her soft ass cheeks as they kissed brought an immediate response from her.

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She ground her naked torso into his mid section, and dueled his tongue with her own. As the kiss ended, Roger tugged at the towel, and it fell between them as she stepped back from their embrace.

She pulled him into the room, her hard nipples jutting from her well-developed chest, just asking to be sucked. "Are you always the dominant one?" Roger asked, his hand coming up to the woman's hardened nipple. She bit her lip and stared at him. "Not this morning." She said in a soft voice, looking down as she did.

Roger slid his hand down her body until his fingers slid between her legs. Her pussy was hot and moist. Two fingers slid easily into her. "Been playing with yourself before I got here?" She nodded slowly, once again looking up into his eyes for a moment.

Her red hair was still a little wet from the shower she had obviously taken a little before he arrived. She hunched his fingers until he pulled them from her and put them to her lips. She sucked them into her mouth, licking her juices from them as she did. "Go into the bedroom, get on your hands and knees on the bed and spread yourself wide." He commanded in a low but firm voice. She turned to do as she was told, but Roger grabbed her arms and pulled her back into him. His hands reached around and fondled her breasts; his thumb and forefinger on each hand tweaked her nipples.

"You have a toy in there, don't you." "Yes." She moaned. "Then you need to have it in you when I get in there." His hands once again slid from her breasts down to the juncture between her legs. It didn't take much for him to find her hardened clit as his hands slid across her.

He then released her and slapped her ass as she once again began to walk toward the bedroom.

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Her soft cheeks shook with the blow, her pale skin immediately reddened. When she disappeared into the bedroom, Roger disrobed. He laid his clothes in a neat pile on the edge of the couch, and then walked through the door. She had done exactly as she was told. She was on all fours, her legs spread wide and a large dildo was planted firmly in her cunt. Her ass wiggled involuntarily every few seconds as she worked the big fake cock in and out of her throbbing cunt. Lying next to her was a tube of lubricant.

Roger smiled; they both had the same idea. Moving in behind her next to the bed, he picked up the tube of lubricant. Squeezing a generous amount onto his middle two fingers, he rubbed it onto the head of his cock. Another generous amount he then rubbed through the crack of her ass until his fingers found her tight anal opening. He rubbed the cool cream onto her asshole until his fingers loosened the tight opening and they slipped in. He could feel the hard thick dildo she had jammed into her hot cunt as his fingers slid further into her tight back opening.

"Oh, damn, that feels so good." She moaned, wiggling her hips trying to impale herself further onto his invading fingers. Roger worked his fingers into her all the way, then pulled out and shoved them in again. Mary meanwhile was working the fake cock in and out of her dripping cunt more vigorously the more he fingered her tight ass.

"You like it up the ass?" He asked. "Ummmm huh." Was her only reply. He lightly slapped her quivering buttocks with his free hand as he continued his finger assault on her willing backdoor. "Then you had better beg me to fuck you there." "Oh, please, fuck my ass, put your big dick all the way up my butt, please, please." She moaned, her hand working the dildo in and out of her cunt as she spoke.

Roger pulled his fingers from her, and then lined his hard manhood at the winking back opening. He rubbed the head across the rubbery hole a couple of times, causing her to squirm back trying to impale herself on it.

"Fuck my ass, fuck my ass, fuck my ass." She groaned as she felt the hard head of his cock wiggling over her receptive back hole. "Sure baby." Roger grabbed her hips and pulled her back on him. His cock slid easily into the hot rear entry.

He could feel the large rubber cock in her cunt as he completely filled her. "Oh damn, oh damn, oh damn." She screamed trying to force herself still further onto him. He held her in place skewered completely into her. Reaching up he grabbed her hair yanking her head back as he fucked her ass. His motion was steady his strokes strong.

"Such a nasty little lady." He moaned reaching around her with his free hand roughly grabbing one of her swaying breasts. His fingers immediately pinched her hardened nipple. "Oh yeah, that's it lover, do me hard, make it hurt." Mary groaned through clenched teeth. Roger pinched harder pulled her head back more and slammed his cock hard into her. Releasing her hair, he reached around her and grabbed her other tit.

His fingers immediately assaulted her other nipple. Spreading his legs just a bit he leaned his knees on the edge of the bed, then pulled her to a vertical position slamming his cock hard into as he did. The change of position offered him deeper penetration. Deep enough she screamed as his prick burrowed to new depths in her ass.

Now kneeling the fake cock in her pussy also slid further in. "Oh shit, I'm cumming." She screamed as his prick pounded her tender ass. Her entire body shook as her orgasm washed over her. With one hand he reached down, cupped the dildo and pushed it all the way into her spasming cunt. His fingers were drenched in her cum. Mary's body didn't stop shaking as one orgasm subsided and another washed over her.

She had not been so thoroughly ravaged in her entire life. She could feel Roger's cock throbbing deep in her bowels and knew he would soon fill her ass with his hot white seed. "Such a hot little slut, my fucking slut." He groaned wiping his cum soaked hand across her face. She eagerly licked at her fingers tasting her sweet nectar as he tensed then spilled his seed into her. "Yes, yes, your fucking slut." She shuddered as the last of his cum shot into her.

Rogers weakened knees gave way as he let go of her and she fell forward. He followed her, his cock still lodged deep into her got ass he fell fully on top of her quivering body giving her one last full penetration. They lay panting in that position for a few minutes until Roger's cock popped out of her well fucked ass. He rolled off of her and stared at the ceiling a smile creeping across his face as he stared at the ceiling.

Mary rolled up on her side and grinned at him. "That sir was the best fucking I have ever had." She giggled. "Your welcome, baby, anytime." He smiled back at her. "As a matter of fact, I think I've found someone who can help me with my plan." "Plan, what plan?" "I'll explain later, how about a shower?" Roger got up from the bed and moved to the bathroom, Mary closely behind him.

As they stepped into the shower, Roger's smile was still there. He loved it when a plan came together and this one was going to be incredible. Mary, Maria, Cindy and himself, the possibilities were endless. "You need to be free one day next week, honey, I'll call you later today, ok." He said, pulling her close and kissing her deeply. "Oh yeah, I can do that." She kissed back. "I can definitely do that."