Babe gives a hot blowjob and gets nailed hardcore style

Babe gives a hot blowjob and gets nailed hardcore style
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My Naughty Mother Part 1 By Docker5000 Introductory. Marion is a happy married house-wife living in a small town in 1950's America. She has one 18 year old son. However Marion finds that her sex drive is running out of control and her husband is unable to keep up with her.

So she starts looking for other partners to satisfy her sexual desires. James Cartwright was just stepping out of the shower. He felt very tired and he just wanted to go back to bed. However that was simply out of the question. As James was the bank manager of the town's only bank and he needed to open it up before his staff arrived. And Monday mornings were always very busy for him. James dried himself with a large towel he then wrapped it around his waist and left the bathroom and walked into his bedroom.

Marian Cartwright was making her husband's breakfast; she was also looking out of the kitchen window at her back garden. The back garden was in a complete mess the garden fence needed painting and repairing and the garden itself was over-grown with weeds.

James was now sat on the corner of his bed, it would be so easy for him to go back to sleep. However he made himself get up off the bed and start to get dressed. James was now walking down the stairs. He could smell his breakfast cooking. The smell made him realise how hungry he was.

He also could smell fresh coffee too. Marion turned and smiled at her husband as he walked into the kitchen. She could see that he was still very tired. He had only got back last night from a three day business trip. He should have arrived home Saturday and been able to rest all Sunday. However he did not get home until 9pm Sunday night. And he had not had the chance to rest at all. Marion now poured her husband a cup of strong black coffee.

She had made it a little stronger than usual. She had known that her husband would still be tired. She told him. "To let his assistant manager open up for him this morning." But he had told her. "That he needed to be at work this morning as all the shops deposited their weekend takings on a Monday morning.

And it would be very busy at the bank this morning." But he did promise her that he would try and get away early tonight. Marion now tried one last effort to get her husband to stay off work this morning.

She undid the belt of her dressing gown and pulled it open. So that her ample breasts were now visible to him in her small nightie. She then said to him. "Was he sure that he didn't want to ring in sick and come back to bed." She gave him one of her big seductive smiles, this usually worked on him. James now looked up at his wife and smiled at her. He wished that he could just take her by her hand and lead her back to their bed. He could not remember the last time that they had made love to each other.

James just shook his head at his wife and tried his best to smile at her sincerely. Marion now gave her husband an angry glance. She then did back up her dressing gown and went back to what she was doing. Marion to couldn't remember the last time they were intimate with each other.

Marian did not understand what was happening to her body. In the last couple of months her sex drive had somehow gone into over drive. Her husband also was quite pleased with the new Marion.

And they made love nearly every night. But that was a couple of months ago. James's workload at the bank had trebled when he took on some very big new clients and when he got home from work now he was too tired to satisfy his wife.

He just wanted to go to sleep when they went to bed. Marion at first understood that her husband was under a lot of pressure. However she had her needs and she was desperate to get screwed.

This was quite odd for a housewife in 1950's America. Marion tried her best to act discreetly but she just wanted to make love all the time now. James could tell by the way his wife was banging around the kitchen that she was very upset with him. As James looked at her he suddenly had the fear that he may lose her to another man. If he was not able to keep up with her. Marion was the perfect house-wife and mother to their son Thomas. She was the perfect hostess when he had clients over.

Or when they went out to bank orientated parties. The more James looked at his wife the more he loved her. He felt like the luckiest man in the world. She had long blonde hair a beautiful bright blue eyes and the face of an angel even at 42 she was still very beautiful. Marion also had an hour glass figure with big full breasts and a nice big firm bottom.

Her legs were also long and shapely. James now decided he would try his best to spend more time with his wife and keep up with her needs. James now got up from the breakfast table and was just about to leave the kitchen. He turned in the kitchen doorway and said to her.

"That he loved her very much and he was sorry that he was always a little tired at the moment." Marion now turned to look at her husband she had a single tear leaking out of her left eye now. She wiped it away and tried her best to smile at him. She then said to him. "That she was also sorry for being a little too demanding at the moment.

But she didn't know what was happening to her." She then ran to her husband and they embraced and he kissed her on the forehead and told her once more.

"That he really did love her." Just then they heard the sound of their son starting to move around upstairs and reluctantly they broke off their embrace. James kissed her passionately on her red lips smudging her lipstick. He told her. "That he would be home early tonight and they would go out for dinner and dancing." Marion just looked at her husband and said with a wicked smile on her face. "That she would rather go to the drive in and park in the back row." James just smiled at his wife knowing what she meant by that.

He then said to her. "Maybe we can have a little dinner before we go to the movies." Marion just smiled at him. James picked up his briefcase and his coat and was about to leave. He also said to her. "That he had not forgotten and he would send somebody around today to look at the garden." This also pleased his wife very much.

When Thomas finally had his shower and got dressed to come down for breakfast his mother was in the kitchen. She smiled to her son and ruffled his hair as he walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table. She seemed to be in a very good mood. This was odd to him because she had been a little off with him lately. Marion placed a glass of fresh orange juice and his breakfast down in front of her son. She then went back to washing up her's and her husband's dirty plates.

As she looked out at her garden she had pictures in her mind how she wanted it to look. Marion now became aware that her son was talking to her. She turned around wiped her hands on a towel and asked him. "To repeat it again." Thomas was asking her. "If he could borrow her station wagon as he and a couple of his friends wanted to go fishing and his car was not big enough to carry them and all their equipment." Marion now smiled at her son and told him.

"That he could borrow the car however." She now looked at him sternly and told him. "That her car must come back clean and the most important thing. It must not stink of fish." Thomas smiled at his mother and promised her. "That he would clean the car and it wouldn't smell of fish." Marion now smiled at her son opened the kitchen cupboard draw and tossed him her car keys.

Thomas caught the keys and smiled at her. 15 minutes later he had finished his breakfast. He kissed her on her cheek and rushed off. Marion frowned to herself when she heard the sounds of her wheels spinning as he drove off out of the drive and up to the main road. Marion now busied herself with some housework. After she had finished the housework she went and took a long relaxing bath. Marion was now sat downstairs on the sofa reading one of her favourite romantic novels when the telephone started to ring.

Marion was now pleasantly surprised that it was her husband on the other end of the phone. However James was in a bit of a state with himself. He had left some important papers in his office and he needed them really badly.

However the papers were very confidential and he really didn't want to send anybody for them just encase they looked at them. He was hoping that she could run them over to him as soon as possible. Marion now told him. "Not to worry she would run them over right away." However Marion had forgotten that her son had borrowed her car.

Marion now went into her husband's office and quickly found the papers they were just lying on his desk. Marion with the papers safely in her handbag now went to get into her car. She was now stood on her driveway looking at the empty space where her car once was.

At first she thought her car had been stolen. Then she remembered that her son had borrowed it.


"Oh well." Marion said to herself there was nothing for it. She would have to use her son's car. She now walked around to the back of the house where her son's old beat up Ford convertible was parked. Marion looked at the car and she started to feel horny once more.


This car used to belong to her husband and they had shared many a passionate night parked up under the stars making love to each other. That's why they had not got rid of it. But kept it as a present for their son. So when he was old enough to drive he could enjoy the car too. Marion now wondered if her son had parked up with any of his girlfriends and got up to what her and her husband used to get up to in the car.

Marion had got pregnant in this car. That's why they had got married. They were engaged at the time but when she found out she was expecting both their parents rushed their marriage through. Marion got into the car. She was a little disgusted about the state of the car. Her husband always cleaned the car once a week. But now the car looked like it had never had a clean in years. The car was very messy just like her son's room.

She would have to have a little talk with her son the next time she saw him. Marion noticed that the keys were not in the ignition nor were they under the sun visors. She searched around in the car for the keys and eventually she found them in the glove compartment. She also found a small empty bottle of whisky in the glove compartment.

Now she would definitely have to have a little talk with her son. She also found a small pocket size magazine with no cover in the glove compartment as well. She took the magazine out of the glove compartment and started to flick through it.

The magazine had pictures of naked women stripping out of their clothes in it. A couple of the pictures shocked her. Because they were really explicit. They showed a very pretty blonde woman lying on her bed completely naked and it looked like she was inserting a big hairbrush into her private parts. Marian was even more shocked when she got near the back of the magazine a pretty blonde mature woman with her blouse open and her big tits exposed was kneeling on the ground.

She had her mouth open and two big black men were stood on either side of her. She was sucking on their big black cocks.

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She had a look of pure lust on her face which completely shocked Marion it also excited her causing her panties to get wet. Under the picture of the woman and the two black men was an advertisement. It said if you want to see naughty Linda's further adventures please subscribe to next month's magazine. There was an address where to send your cheques or cash. Marion didn't really know why but she opened her handbag and took out her little notebook which she carried around with her and made a note of the price of the magazine and where to send the money.

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She then put the magazine back in the glove compartment of her son's car. Marion now pulled herself together and set off to deliver the papers to her husband. It was a 15 minute drive into town. Marion and her family lived on the outskirts of town in a big house in its own grounds. As well as her fenced off garden. They had 10 acres of land. Four acres had a wood in it.

Marion loved walking in the wood.

In the middle of the wood was a pond. Marian loved swimming in the pond. Marion now pulled her son's car up outside her husband's bank and took the papers into him. Just as she was coming out of the bank she bumped into a couple of her old friends. She chatted to them for the next 20 minutes. She then told them. "That she really needed to get going home." Her husband had told her when she delivered the papers to him that workmen would be out to see her before noon. That's why Marion needed to get back home.

Marion was roughly about 10 minutes away from her home when it started to rain really heavily. She pulled the car over and tried to get the top up. However the top would not go up. She finally gave up and decided just to head off home. The rain was really coming down now very heavily. It was a typical summer storm.

Just as she pulled up outside of her house the rain stopped as quickly as it had started. She was completely soaked to her skin. Marion quickly jumped out of her son's car and ran into her house forgetting to close the front door behind her. She now raced up the stairs to her bathroom to get out of her wet clothes. However just as Marion was racing up her stairs a pickup truck pulled up in her drive behind her car.

Three doors now opened and three men got out of it.


The driver of the pickup was a real big fat man his name was Tom Wilcox. The other two men were Sam and Frank West. Sam and Frank were twin brothers and they did most of the hard work for Tom. Sam and Frank were both 25 and they were both black as night. Both men were powerfully built with big strong arms from all the digging and swinging sledge hammers they did every day. Nobody in town ever messed with them. Marian was now completely naked and she was drying herself with a large towel.

She then heard someone down stairs. She wrapped the towel around her body and went to the landing and looked down into the hallway. She could see three men two of them were black. At first she was a little startled to see three men in her house.

However she then recognized Mr. Wilcox. She then instantly new the two black men were the two brothers who worked for him. Marion stepped back a little bit so they couldn't see her. She now shouted down to them.

"Hello can I help you?" All three men now looked up to where the voice had come from. However Marion had darted back away so that they could not see her as she was only dressed in her towel. Mr. Wilcox now shouted up to her. "Mrs Cartwright your husband sent us to look at your garden." Marion now quickly darted into her bedroom.

Once in her bedroom she opened her wardrobe and quickly grabbed a dress which she now slipped on over her head. She didn't have time to put on any underwear.

The dress was a rather short one and a rather low cut one too. But it was just the first dress she grabbed. She now slipped on a pair of sandals and went down stairs to see the three men. Marion now started to come downstairs. All three men were watching her as she came downstairs'.

Her dress was a very loose fitting one that kept riding up and flashing the tops of her legs. The neckline was also a little low and her big boobs were bouncing up and down as she didn't have on a bra to stop them as she came down the stairs. Tom and the brothers had always fancied Marion.

She was the prettiest woman in the town. Tom had often fantasised about her and unbe known to him so had the two brothers. Once downstairs' Marion greeted the three men. She then led them out into the garden. She now spent 40 minutes showing them exactly what she wanted doing.

All three men kept having sly glances at her legs and breasts when she wasn't looking. Especially when she bent over to point out some weeds that needed pulling or where she wanted some flowers planting. By the time she had shown the men what she wanted them to do. All of them were as hard as steel in their pants. After Marion had shown them everything that needed doing.

Tom told her. "That his boys would make a start today; first they would take down the old fence. And he would have some timber delivered in the morning. So they could start building the new fence.

It was going to be 6 feet tall to give them some privacy from the road. Tom now excused himself telling Marion. "He had another appointment to go to." Infact Tom was so horny that he was rushing back to his yard where his Secretary was working. He was going to bend her over his desk and take out his frustration on her. His Secretary was the mother of the two brothers who worked for him. She was very pretty with a great figure. Her skin was a lot lighter than her sons who were both very dark.

Tom had been screwing her ever since he took her on and that was just after her husband had ran out on her 20 years ago.

Both brothers did not know that Tom was fucking her. Tom paid her and her sons really well. She never went without anything. However if Tom's wife ever found out the shit would really hit the fan. Marion now watched for a little while as Sam and Frank got to work taking down the old fence. She told them. "They could piled the old fence at the corner of the yard and make a bonfire of it so they won't have to take the old wood away. Marion now went back into her house.

However she went up to her bedroom and continued to watch the two men out of her bedroom window. She kept thinking about the magazine in the glove compartment of her son's car. The two brothers were built nearly identical to the two men in the picture apart from the men in the picture both had long curly black hair. Both the brothers had their heads shaven. Marion now started to wonder if they were built the same in the trouser department as the two men in the magazine and she started to get wet once more.

She could feel her juices running down her legs as she wasn't wearing any panties. Billie Jean west was just doing some filing when she heard a pickup pull up sharply outside of the office. She walked to the window and saw Tom's pickup truck. Tom was just getting out of it and he had a big silly grin on his face. Billie Jean just smiled to herself she knew exactly what was about to happen. As Tom burst into the office.

Billie Jean was already undoing the buttons of her dress and her big black boobs now fell out of it. As she never wore a bra. She found them uncomfortable. Billie Jean was now removing her panties which she tossed into the corner of the office. She now laid down on his desk and opened her legs wide for him. Tom was now trying to get his trousers off as quickly as possible. They were now down round his ankles and so his shorts joined them.

Tom was quite fat, he was also well hung. Tom now wasted no time in plunging his big cock deep into Billie Jean's black wet cunt. She moaned with pleasure as he entered her. Tom grabbed her big boobs and he started to play with them as he pumped away into her wet cunt. Billie Jean was moaning and groaning as Tom really fucked her. Billie Jean and Tom had been secretly screwing each other every chance they got. Tom's wife never fucked him anymore. Billie Jean had always put out for her husband.

So she had no problem putting out for her boss now. Tom looked after her and her sons. He was also her landlord and she paid her rent with her cunt, mouth, tits and her tight asshole. Billie Jean could feel her orgasm building up in her cunt, Tom never ones failed to satisfy her. Tom also could feel himself on the verge of cuming. They both cried out together as Tom filled her black cunt with his white spunk. Billie Jean also came shooting her love juices all over his cock.

They both just looked at each other and started to laugh heartily. Just then they heard the sound of a car outside. Tom quickly pulled up his shorts and pants. Billie Jean did up her dress and went back to her filing. Tom's Office door opened and his son and wife entered the office.

Peter Tom's son smiled at his father and waved at Billie Jean. Billie Jean smiled back at the boy. Julie completely ignored Billie Jean. Billie Jean was now behind Julie and her son and she pulled a funny face. Tom nearly burst out laughing but he managed to control himself. Julie now asked Tom. "What time he would be home for dinner this evening. As she had asked the new minister over for dinner." Billie Jean nearly burst out laughing now.

She could just imagine how Tom would react to having another religious nut in his house. Tom held back his annoyance and said to his wife. "That he had to go and check on Sam and Frank who were working at the Cartwright's house. He then had to take them home. But he would be home just before 7pm." Julie now surprise Billie Jean by addressing her. Julie said to her. "Can't you borrow the pickup and you go and get your own sons tonight. I need Tom home at six not seven?" Billie Jean was so surprised the Julie had talked to her that she simply smiled at Julie and nodded her head.

Julie now quickly turned back to her husband and said to him. "That settles it. I will be here for you dead on six. Make sure you're here and ready to go. And with that before anybody could say anything to her she took her son's hand and led him out of the office.

Tom and Billie Jean just looked at each other as Julie and Peter left the office. Marion was still looking out of her bedroom window at the two black men who were ripping down her old fence and carrying the wood to a big bonfire which they were going to make to burn the waste wood. They had both strip down to just their cut-off jeans and their sweat was pouring off them.

Marion could see that both men were very muscular. She couldn't help it and one of her hands was now caressing her breasts as she continued to look at the two men. She could feel her juices running down her inner thigh as she continued to watch the two men working hard under the now hot sun. Marion now went downstairs and made them some fresh chilled lemonade. She now carried two big glasses of lemonade out to them.

Both men stopped working as they watched her approaching them carrying something in her hands. Marion smiled at both of them and said to them. "You have been working so hard and it is so hot. I thought you might like something cold to drink." She then handed them the glasses of lemonade which they took off her with big grins on their faces. Both men emptied their glasses in one long swallow. Sam had lemonade leaking out of his mouth and running down his neck and onto his chest.

Without knowing why. Marion placed her hand on his chest and started to rub the lemonade into his chest. Sam just looked at her and smiled at her. Frank also noticed what she was doing to his brother.

Frank had a little bit of lemonade left in his glass. He now said to her. "You look like you are thirsty yourself would you like a drink?" Marion stopped rubbing the lemonade into Sam's chest and she just looked at Frank.

Frank now poured the rest of his lemonade over his chest. Marion now as in a dream walked towards him. She was burning up with desire now. She smiled at Frank then she used her tongue to lick up the lemonade which was leaking off his nipple now. Frank moaned softly as her tongue licked the lemonade from his chest. Marion licked up every last drop of lemonade from his chest.

When she had licked it all off him she suddenly came back to her senses and she went bright red. She turned to leave but they took hold of her hand and stopped her. Now holding one of her hands each they walked her back towards her kitchen. Marion did not put up a fight as these two big powerful black men walked her into her own kitchen. Now back inside her own kitchen with one of them standing on each side of her.

Sam saw the big jug of lemonade on the kitchen table. He then said to his brother. "I am still thirsty how about you?" Frank didn't know what his brother had in mind but it was usually something good so he just nodded his head to him.

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Sam now started to undo the buttons to the front of her dress. She asked him. "To stop." But she didn't knock his hands away.

Once her buttons were undone both her big magnificent breasts were on display to the two brothers. Frank now understood what his brother had in mind he picked up the jug of chilled lemonade and he now poured it over her big magnificent breasts. Marion could not help moaning as the chilled lemonade touched her skin making her nipples go rock hard.

Now each brother took one of her magnificent breasts in their hands and each of them now started to suck on her big hard nipples. Marion knew with all her heart that this was wrong. Not only was she being unfaithful to her husband but interracial relationships were strictly forbidden in her strict society. But their tongues and mouths on her breasts just felt two good. She now put a hand on each of their heads to hold their mouths onto her nipples as they continued to suck hard on her breasts.

Each of them was now gently nibbling her nipples which were causing her to have many small mini orgasms. She could feel her juices running freely from her pussy and down her legs now. When they finally released her breasts she just looked at them. She then gave them both a wicked smile and she let her dress fall from her body to the floor. She now turned around and walked out of the kitchen.

She then turned and waved a finger at them in a beckoning motion for them to follow her. Marion now walked up the stairs with the two brothers following her each of them was marvelling at her perfect bottom as she climbed the stairs to her bedroom. As she climbed the stairs to her bedroom a million and one thing's were now racing through her mind. She pictured herself on her wedding day in her white wedding dress. She was so happy that day. She loved James so much.

But even this happy image could not stop her doing what she knew she was going to do with the two brothers. Now all three of them were in her bedroom. Marion just looked at them with dazed eyes her body was on fire.

Sam was the first to take advantage of this he planted his lips on hers and stuck his tongue into her mouth. As he kissed her very forcefully and passionately. At first Marion just froze as he kissed her. But now she willingly wrapped her arms around his neck and she was soon responding to his touch by kissing him passionately. A white woman kissing a black man was not acceptable in her small town.

And Marion knew this, but she really didn't care anymore. As soon as she broke off her kiss with Sam. She was kissing Frank just as passionately. Sam took the opportunity to get undressed why Frank and Marion were kissing each other. When Marion and Frank had stopped kissing.

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Sam picked her up and tossed her down onto the bed. He now climbed onto the bed on top of her. He now starts to kiss her full lips and then her neck. He now starts to work his way down her body from one breast to the other and all the time. She was moaning and groaning with pleasure as he kissed and licked all over her body.

Until he worked his way down to her pussy. Sam now pushes her legs open and she lets him do it. Her husband had never done this and she had often wondered what it would be like.

In some of her more explicit romance novels. It had described a man kissing a woman down there and she had often wondered what the experience would be like. She would not have to wonder for much longer as Sam was now running his tongue up and down her outer pussy lips.

Sam then parted her pussy lips and he started to lick and bite on her hard clit. Marion now screamed out in pure pleasure as he teased her clit with his tongue. Sam now gave her the most wonderful orgasm she had ever had in her entire life. Sam now looked up at her.

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He had a big grin on his face and his face was also covered with her pussy juices. Marion suddenly felt very embarrassed and ashamed that she had betrayed her husband.

However she didn't have long to feel anything but pleasure as Frank was now getting in between her legs. She was just about to protest and tell them that they had gone way too far when Frank thrust his big hard cock into her pussy. Marion let out a long low soft moan as he thrust into her pussy. He let his cock remain in her pussy for a few seconds so that she could get used to the feel of him as he was very big.

Marion couldn't believe that she had taken him in her pussy. He felt absolutely huge inside of her. But he also felt wonderful. Frank now started to slowly go in and out of her. Marion continued to moan and groan as he continued to slowly build up the speed of which he was fucking her. Marion now had her nails digging into his back as he fucked her harder and faster now.

Frank was now really pounding in and out of her they were bouncing about on the bed as he fucked her like one of the white whore's he fucked in the nearby town. Frank and Sam loved fucking white women. But the only white women they could get to fuck were prostitutes that worked in a brothel in a town 35 miles away and they were not that attractive.

Sam was stroking his own cock and watching his brother fuck this sweet white housewife. His own cock was dripping a little pre-cum now and Sam wondered if she would suck him like the prostitutes did. Sam climbed onto the bed now and he turned her face to him as she was moaning and groaning as Frank continued to fuck her. Marion and Sam locked eyes for an instant and she saw his huge cockhead only inches from her lips. Sam didn't wait any longer he thrust forward and put his cockhead into her mouth.

She looked at him with shocked eyes. But her tongue did start to lick round his big cockhead. She then smiled at him and she closed her eyes and let him push more of his cock into her mouth. Marion now had a black cock in her pussy and one in her mouth. She had not ever let her husband do this to her. And this was the first time she had ever had a cock in her mouth and it was a big black one at that.

Seeing his brother getting sucked off by this hot bitch was just too much for Frank and he now started to shoot load after load of his cum deep inside her pussy. Marion moaned out loud as Frank filled her cunt with his black cum.

Marion also came as Franks cum entered her pussy. Frank and Sam quickly swapped places. Now Sam was fucking away at her cunt. And Frank had his cock and cunt juice covered cock deep in her throat as she now willingly sucked him off. Now both brothers took it in turns to fuck her and to get sucked off by her. Now all three of them lay on her bed exhausted their bodies covered with sweat. They had been fucking for over three hours and it was getting near 6pm.

Marion had never felt as satisfied as she did now. Her pussy was also very sore. The bed was a complete mess too and the bedroom smelled like a brothel. However before she let the brothers go there was one thing she wanted to try. Her mind kept going back to that picture in her son's magazine of the woman sucking off two black men at the same time. Marion now got onto her knees on the floor.

She now told them both. "To stand next to her." She now took hold of a cock in each hand and she now started to play with them to get them nice and hard once more.

Now that Marion had them both nice and hard once more. She started to give their cocks little kisses and to lick on their nice big black cocks.

Both brothers smiled down at her as she sucked from one cock to the other. She was better than any prostitute. Now Marion started to deep throat each cock in turn. Both brothers were in ecstasy as this bitch sucked and licked their cocks. She even took their balls into her mouth and sucked on them as well. Not even the prostitutes did this for them. Both brothers warned her at the same time that they were about to come. She opened her mouth wider and took both cockheads into her mouth at the same time.

The brothers moaned and groaned as she teased their pissholes with her tongue to get them to come. Now her efforts were rewarded as they both shot off simultaneously filling her mouth throat and belly with load after load of tasty black cum.

Marion now surprised each of them by forcing her own tongue down their throats and kissing each of them in turn passionately. After they broke off their kissed the brothers got dressed and Marion went to take a long hot shower. The two brothers had only been dressed a couple of minutes when they saw Tom's pickup truck pulling up outside of the house.

They were surprised to see that their mother was driving it. She explained that Tom was busy tonight and that she was taking them both home. The brothers got into the pickup truck. Both of them were exhausted. End of part 1