Busty glam beauty massages les babe

Busty glam beauty massages les babe
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After showering, Paul and I got dressed, and he took me out to a Caf?hat he likes. Once there we sat outside so that we could smoke, we both ordered coffee and a pastry. "What would you like to do while you're here?" Paul asks "You." I answer with a smile. Paul just chuckles, "Well that's a given, what else?" "I don't know we're in your town, you lead the way" By this time our coffee and pastries have arrived. We both drank our coffee and nibbled at our pastries, in veritable silence.

It felt odd, since in the last 2 years we'd talked about everything, and there were never those types of uncomfortable silences. I don't know what Paul was thinking about, but I was beginning to wonder if we'd talked about so much that we had nothing left to say.

Still sitting there we both picked up our cigarettes and lit up. I looked over and smiled at him, lighting up was a little joke we had when we used to cyber, like we were really having an after sex smoke. I started to laugh and Paul did also, that seemed to break the ice, and we wound up sitting at the Caf?alking and laughing together for a few hours.

After about 4 cups of coffee each, we decided to just walk around. I had brought my digital camera and was snapping pictures of his sexiness like it could take them home add water and grow another Paul. At this time it had started getting dark, we were walking hand in hand, Paul telling me about this place and that.


We had stopped walking and sat down on a bench, we start a serious round of making out. I could feel Paul was getting hard and though I didn't know where we were, nothing looked the same as where he lived. I spotted a dark alley across the way from us, and doing something that is not in my nature, I grabbed Paul's hand and pulled him toward the alley.

Pushing him to the back of the alley where we (hopeful) wouldn't be seen, I started unbuttoning and unzipping Paul's jeans. "Joy, what are you doing?" Crouching down I took the head of his cock in my mouth, sucking and licking his cockhead.

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"gggrrraaahhhh" Paul made a growling sound, threading his fingers into my hair, and thrusting is engorged penis further into my mouth. I continued to pump my mouth up and down on his yummy cock. I kept on sucking, getting faster and faster, licking his cockhead on every 3rd or 4th upward stroke. After a few more pumps, Paul grabbed my collar, pulling me up, with a devilish grin he says, "Two can play at this game" He then proceeds to push me to the opposite wall, hiking up the skirt that I wore just for him, pulls my panties down and off tossing them over his shoulder, standing back up, he thrusts his enormous cock into me.

Grabbing me by the ass he lifts me off the ground, pounding into my soaking wet pussy. He continues to thrust into me getting increasingly deeper with every shove of his penis, after a few minutes I start to thrust my hips forward to meet his.

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"Say my name" Paul whispers into my ear. "OH yes…mmmmmm…OOO Paul" I breathlessly whisper back. "Joy…mmmmm&hellip. I'm cummmming…gggrrrrraaahhhh!" Paul says with an animalistic grunt.

Hearing him say my name in that way, and the feeling of his cock growing thicker inside me, sets off my orgasm. "OH GOD FUCK ME!" I squeal, before spraying my pussy juices out over his cock and abdomen.

Then I feel his throbbing member let loose, and as he lays his head against my shoulder, I can feel the combination of our juices dripping out of me to the pavement below. Paul still holding me up against the wall, starts to get his normal breathing back, grabbing me by the hips, lifts me off his still semi-hard penis, kissing me as he sets me down on the ground.

Once we both had regained ourselves, and Paul put himself back together, I hear him start to chuckle. "What?" I ask. He points up, and looking to where he was pointing I see my panties hanging on the eave of the building behind us. Laughing even harder, he says "I couldn't have made that shot if I tried" "Shit well I guess that pair is gone." I manage to get out before doubling over with laughter.

"Teach me to get big ideas about having sex in public." We make our way back to Paul's place, both of us on shaky legs, laughing the whole way, about the surprise someone's going to have when they clean that gutter. Once we get there, completely exhausted we both strip down and crawl into Paul's bed, snuggling close together, Paul whispers in my ear "You call me a bad boy, but I think I've turned you into a bad girl." I smile, and whisper back "You told me you were going to bring it out in me." Both of us fall fast asleep with perm-a-grin.

The next morning: Once again waking up next to Paul, wrapped in his arms, was such a wonderful feeling.

I roll a little to look at him and see his eyes are already open; he was just looking at me. "What do I have something on my face?" I ask "No just watching you sleep, did you know that you were calling my name?" "I I I d-didn't…wh-what was I saying?" I stammer.

"Oh you just kept saying Paul…Paul.


I thought you were trying to wake me up." He said smiling "Then when I realized you were still asleep, I was just watching you, you seemed so happy." "I am," I say with a big cheesy grin. He grabs me pulling me closer to him, as he does I notice something very hard pressed against my leg.

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"He's just saying good morning." Paul jokes. I giggle in response, "How long have you been hard?" "Since I heard you calling my name." "And you didn't wake me up to have your way with me?" I asked "No it wasn't that urgent…no okay yes it was…but you were just so peaceful. Plus it's only been a few minutes." He leans over trying to kiss me, as his lips get near mine I cover them with my hand.

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He gives out a HUH sound and I tell him I have to brush my teeth first. He laughs, trying again to pull me into a kiss, I turn my head before he can, laughing. "Grrr" Is what I hear from behind me as I get out of the bed and pad over to the bathroom.

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Before I brush I go pee, then I turn on the tap and start to brush. Paul walks into the bathroom, "Aren't you done yet? You need to get back into that bed…NOW!" I just wink at him in response. "Grrr" I hear again, as puts the toilet lid down and sits. While I am standing there brushing he starts to run his hands over my ass cheeks.

I shoot him a look and he gives me a shit-eating grin. Flicking his tongue at me, the way he knows drives me wild. Trying not to seem effected by his blatant try to drive me crazy, I keep brushing. He stands up behind me, and while resting his hard on between my cheeks, starts kissing and licking my neck. I try really hard to finish the task at hand, and he's making it more and more difficult for me. He slowly trails his hand down my abdomen in between my legs, and starts to brush his fingers lightly over my pussy lips.

Not being able to take it anymore I toss the toothbrush into the sink turn around quickly, and grabbing his face with both hand start kissing him fiercely. "Mmmm…minty" He says and saunters away towards his bedroom, wiggling his cute ass at me. I follow, because now he's got me all hot and bothered.

When I walk into the room, he's sitting on the bed wearing that shit-eating grin again. "Okay you've won this round Paul," I think to myself. I walk over to him and he pulls me down to the bed, laying me across the bed, he rolls onto the floor on his knees and spreads my legs open wide with his hands.

Once again he starts to caress my pussy lightly with his fingers. Then I feel his tongue slowly running up my slit, almost touching my clit. My hips involuntarily rise up trying to reach his probing tongue. Using both hands he pushes my legs further apart, holding me down, he starts to lick my clit quicker.


Sliding his tongue up and down my now soaking wet pussy, he thrusts his tongue deep inside me, making me shriek with pleasure. After tongue fucking me for a bit longer he goes back to my clit, by now, my legs are starting to shake, and I can feel the wave of an orgasm coming over me. Being in the throws of passion, and I can't even speak, I just continually moan. I can feel through the vibration on Paul's tongue that he is also moaning. Then arching my back, head thrown back, I feel my cum squirt out of me hard.

I feel Paul's lips suction over my opening lapping at my juices. When I come down off the high of the orgasm, I look down and see Paul's face, covered in my wetness, grinning like the Cheshire cat. I smile back at him, closing my eyes, and letting all the sensations flood over me. I look back down and he's still lying there with that same smile on his face. I give him a questioning look.

"What about you?" I ask. "I'm all set…I wanked while you were cuming and came with you…all over the floor." He says laughing. "Be careful where you step when you get up…there's a bit of a mess down here."