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Twink films himself jerking off and jizzing in bathroom
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Benaiah Atsuko Zhen Judge _________________________________________________________ I don't know if I am CURSED or BLESSED one like me has never been, I am immortal in every sense of the word.


I have been gifted with being born a Natural LYCAN & VAMP yet I break every rule of the tales you hear about the creatures. I am the Original Omega Alpha KING of both sides because I was the first. My gifts and abilities allow me to REGENERATE or {regen as I call it), Shapechange into any animal bird or mammal, give someone the curse I have been born with yet I can choose whether they are vamps or lycans and whether they can pass on the curse, then I can create smaller versions of me not with all my abilities but a vamper-lycan, I can change into a vaporous gas or smoke, I can call animals from the wild to come and assist me for any length of time they can resist but they usually don't, from one taste of anything I can get its history sadly I can't do that to myself up until the moment I tasted its essence, I can sense when others of elevated abilities is in my realm of existence before they are anywhere near me and not know who that individual is till I see them, in my grove I can see into ones future the paths that they can take the decisions that can be made to change those paths yet is only happens at my grove it is not strong at first but as u travel closer to me the clearer it becomes, I can dominate creatures with a gaze or a look deep into their eyes and they will do my bidding for as long as I desire or until the lose their usefulness and I let them go or kill them, my shadow is not my shadow any longer yet it is- it has a name Kensutu and he tells me he is the creator of martial arts and he is an ever seeking knowledge spirit that is like my conscience in a way- me personally I cannot physically hold my own in a hand to hand situation I depend on my speed strength and cunning-Kensutu when he chooses can jump into my body and it's a whole different scenario.

My regen is something special it is what makes me immortal, normal wounds stand no chance the just heal right up within seconds.

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If I am killed that's where things get a little more fucked up for the next individual who finds me, you see let's say I'm missing a head when that creature gets close enough it will lose its head and for the briefest of moments his head will be on my body before it changes back to me but don't blink u could miss it, it does happen pretty fast so if there are others they won't even notice especially when their focus is on their comrade who has just lost his head.

My regen just takes what it needs, the only thing it leaves behind is a burnt smell next to the victim. My Sacred Grove the place where I am at peace, where I am most humble, and where my abilities strength increases. This place is called Angkor Wat located in Cambodia, cordinance 13 degrees 24' 45"N 103 degrees 52' 0"E, built in the twelth century created by Suryavarman II and Jayavarman VII.

Angkor Wat was first a Hindu, later a Buddhist Temple complex in Cambodia and the larger religious monument in the world (until I bought it and made it private).

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Its design is based on a Dravidian architecture, with key features such as Jagati, it is designed to represent Mount MERU, home of the Devas in Hindu Mythology: within a moat and an outer wall 3.6 kilometers (2.2miles) long are 3 rectangular galleries, each raised above the next. At the center stands a quincunx of towers. Unlike most Andkorian Temples, Angkor Wat is originated to the west meaning it is modernized without taking away from its beauty.

I have 33 platoons of lycans who turn into bigger than normal silverback gorillas who have a vamp as a platoon guide. Each platoon consists of 60 men and women who have been trained as ninja assassins and the art of guerilla warfare plus 1 for the platoon guide. A single squad consists of 15 men and women, these men and women keep the grounds and the upkeep of the structures.

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They live their lives here with their family and children. They are all loyal to the grounds and will protect it and me to the death of them. They are all masters of the field of combat that has been showed to them and they practice every day so that their reflexes stay sharp, of course there is a line of command that I am not mentioning you know cause they have to report to someone before it gets to me it's very similar to the American military structure.

You know navy marines air force they have their area. I am very well protected in my grove and its outer linings up to a thousand mile radius.

I have been blessed with great fortune when I came back from the death I don't remember, I was chosen to have by my side by a group of unknowns the one and only ultimate transformer, meaning she has no limit to what she can change into as long as it's mechanical.

Her name is Roamie. Any form she chooses is ten times better than the original, usually she takes the form of one of those life-size Japanese fuck dolls or one of those terminator machines like in that movie with that one guy, so as to blend in better and pretends to be my second.

She also can phase or teleport short distances as far as she can see.

The size of things she can turn into is limited though yet very interesting indeed, for example she could turn into one of those herculean air craft carriers but would only be able to carry one vehicle whether that be a tank a bus a van 4 motorcycles etc. etc. if you get my drift. She is amazing one of my priceless companions. she does have a weakness won't kill her but will incapacitate her where she won't be able to move but still speak kinda like being temporarily paralyzed from the neck down, is an E.M.P.

blast and depending on how strong the blast will determine how long she is paralyzed. the most passengers she is able to carry depends on the form she takes for instance a small school bus holds what 30 seated passengers which could probably triple if there were no seats.

I'm just saying. Oh yeah I might add that she is a copycat too, if she sees it she can do it. Like watch a sniper shoot a target at a mile away shed be able to do it at 3 she is a machine of course, and since I don't like guns I make an exception for this one on occasion when it's necessary. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Well now, life does have its misfortunes mine of course is having amnesia from my earlier life I mean I remember some things but its more directed towards myself than what I have done or what I was going to do what my goals were, life throws some very interesting curve balls.

So from this point that I find myself i will always keep a journal and some of my blood to remember from now on so this isn't to happen again. Bahlyial Argent first journal entry, first blood stain The year is, damn I don't know, and I am not sure of who I am entirely, I awoke on a vessel and was told I was pulled aboard and as I was transferred one of their crew fell overboard the closest to me and when he was recovered he was missing an arm, a foot, and his head was caved in like someone had beat a hole through his face, a very odd thing.

The first thing I noticed were that these creature were not normal they couldn't even be from the planet. They called me an interesting specimen, how I understood what they were saying is beyond me, even with my doubts of what was happening and the big gaping hole in my memories about myself I knew I had no clue of their language, yet I understood everything they were saying.

Out of nowhere something spoke to me CONTROL YOURSELF I knew what he was saying but I was hungry very hungry I killed everything living on that vessel.

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Then their posed a problem I didn't know where I was and I couldn't ask anyone cause there was no one left to ask. At that moment I vowed when I was able I would never kill like that again.

I searched the whole ship for something that could help me to no avail I was drifting and I knew eventually I would die again if I didn't figure out how to alleviate myself from my current predicament. There was a large crate in the cargo are, well it looked like a crate, but on closer examination it was very clear that it wasn't.

Then I got this strange vibe like I was being watched.

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Yet I knew there was no living creature on this vessel not even a spider. My keen senses tell me a lot of things. Yet pinpointing this was posing as a problem. So I forgot about it and continued my examination of this rectangular object there doesn't seem to be any physical way to get it open looks to be sealed really tight. fucking aliens I say to myself, and I spoke back yet it wasn't me( no need to be rude after you just mutilated, eaten, and got us stuck in boonfucked Egypt, I mean enlighten me, they did pull your dead ass out of the water and this is how you repaid them.

I mean if you want u can always ask for more help, oh wait u can't, dead creatures don't talk back.) Who said that, I speak aloud? I know I'm not crazy. Yet there was no answer, and no one anywhere around and I knew this cause I killed them all. They were no match for my speed and strength, the raw power of me, yet why do I feel so bad I never did before. I turn into a vapor how I instinctively did this, I don't know and went around this box about twenty times until I noticed a place where I could seep in, when I got inside I was amazed, it looked like a cockpit of a very sophisticated intelligents, I mean there aero dynamics is real fucked up but what do I know I solidified myself and sit in the only seat in the thing and look for some type of communication device or something that could increase my chances of finding out where I am or figuring out how to leave and survive cause dying is not fun at all u miss all kinds of things how did I know that.

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These things are all strange to me there was no such thing as under water travel but I am under water cause I can smell it. Anyway I couldn't figure out how to turn anything on and so I drifted, I hungered, for how long I don't know and all I could think about was food, pussy, and death.

The fucking ocean is a vast body of water and this vessel is far from the surface I can feel the weight of it, to just abandon this craft or whatever it is without a plan is not an option, I'm not suicidal. I kept visiting that strange box and pressing all the buttons, switches, panels or whatever I could see or think that would give me something anything, and repeating the process to no avail. one day or night or month, whatever I couldn't tell here we were under water and I never learned cause I didn't know these things existed ( isn't that something, you speak the truth with no childish thoughts behind it, genuine frustrationHA!) as I heard this I was beginning to feel weird, this voice and I had been having these one sided convos and I had been doing most of the talking but this weird is different this is that I'm about to pass out from starvation dehydration, I think oh shit as I fall forward hitting my head on that damned box I kept visiting.

When I awoke I was lying on a bed with an IV in my arm and gizmos going off beep this and beep that. Now how did I get here, and I'm lost all over again.


I can tell I'm still on the vessel but this is an area I had never been to and didn't know it had. There is still no sense of life but I had to get here somehow. In walks this Asian woman but I know she's not real she looks real to the eyes but she is not real. Who or what are you, I ask. I am Roamie, I will save you so u can save us. What year is it I ask her, she says its 1342. As time passes Kensutu speaks to me (you need to think you have the answer to this problem we are currently in and only you can figure it out all the information is in your brain you need to tap into that vast store of information you collected from those beings and get the answers we seek…&hellip.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Present day 2092.

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I awake from the dream of when I and Roamie first met. Things are so different now, im not sure who my enemies are from my past or who all I have pissed off things should be really interesting.

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