Dude assists with hymen check up and plowing of virgin teen

Dude assists with hymen check up and plowing of virgin teen
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Chapter One As I tried to shower out the sand from my hair I thought about his possible reactions if I attempted to make a seductive move on him.

We'd spent the afternoon at the beach, talking, swimming and enjoying a drink at the beach front bar afterwards.

It wasn't a date he made that pretty clear. It was supposed to be just 'two friends hanging out'. Being a staff member at my university he didn't feel comfortable dating me, but I was pretty sure he enjoyed entertaining the idea in his imagination. We'd ended up back at his place so I could shower and freshen up before I made the long drive home.

I picked up the detachable showerhead to rinse the conditioner out of my long blonde hair. The hot water ran down the curve of my back, between the round cheeks of my butt, and down the back of my smooth shapely thighs. I moved the showerhead down to my breasts and let the stream of water hit my hard nipples.

My breasts are large and were tender after a day in the rough surf, bouncing around in a tiny bikini. I used one hand to massage them while I directed the water between my cleavage. As I flicked my index finger over one nipple I felt that familiar tingling sensation, like a soft electric buzz between my legs.

My hand slid down the curve of my waist to my mound, where I had a neat landing strip leading my fingers between my lips. I was wet and my clit was begging to be stimulated. I put pressure on it with my middle finger, lightly tapping it while I used the two fingers on either side to spread my outer lips. As I shifted the showerhead down so the stream hit my most sensitive area, I imagined his tongue lapping me.

I could almost feel it, teasing me at my entrance, gently poking inside, then moving up to my clit and lightly flicking it a few times before repeating the action again.

I came like that, dripping in the steamy shower. My legs were quivering and my body was craving physical attention. I dried off with a soft towel that smelled like him, tousled my wavy hair back with my fingers, and took a deep breath. I stepped out of the bathroom, padded down the hall and found him relaxed on his lounge.

He took in the sight of my naked body, hair still dripping beads of water down my breasts. I moved towards him and straddled his legs, sitting on his thighs. My hands touched the sides of his head and I traced my nails through his hair. He finally broke eye contact and began to protest, muttering words about this being 'inappropriate', but I muted them with a kiss.

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As my lips brushed his he began to respond, opening his mouth so I could ever so slightly slip my tongue in. His hands moved to my waist, gripping me firmly as our mouths became more fervent.

I didn't realize I was moving my hips and pressing into him until I felt one of his warm hands cupping my mound, the other cupping my right breast and ever so lightly squeezing it. I began grinding myself into his hand as I gently kissed my way along his jaw line, to his ear, biting down on his earlobe.

Swiftly, he wrapped his arms around me and stood up, carrying me the short distance down the hall to his bed. He laid me gently the covers, his eyes roaming up and down my body as he undid his belt and jeans. My surprised expression must have been obvious when I saw his cock, because he laughed in amusement.

It was big. BIG. The kind that I wanted to play with all day, by stroking it and sucking it and being completely mesmerized by it. Suddenly he had his hands around my ankles pushing my legs back towards my head. "You're so wet," he said, and gave me a soft slap between my legs directly hitting my swollen clit. This wasn't going to me a romantic love making session his game was a little kinky, and I could play that game pretty well.

His hot mouth covered my clit, flicking it with his wet tongue, and when he slipped a finger inside me, massaging my g-spot, I was brought to orgasm. Now it was my turn.

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My feelings towards him were purely sexual, and I decided I wanted to test the boundaries. I stood up so we were facing each other and ran my hands up his well-defined abs to his broad shoulders. I flashed him a seductive smile and turned him around so he was facing away from me.

I pushed him forward so he had to brace himself with his arms against the wall, leaning into it. I dragged my fingernails down his back, over the hard muscles of his sexy butt and down the backs of his thighs. Then I dropped to my knees, planting soft kisses up his legs and then running my tongue along the underside of his butt cheeks where they meet the tops of his thighs.

I prompted him to move his legs further apart and bend forward more. "What are you doing?" he asked.


"Something I know you'll enjoy. Just relax and go with it," I replied. Gripping his firm butt cheeks in my hands I kissed the top of his crack and then very slowly traced my tongue downwards. Before I reached his hole I stopped and let my tongue roam wildly around the area between his balls and his anus.

After a bit of teasing I traced the tip of my tongue upwards and met his hole. He clenched, and after a few seconds relaxed and I began moving my tongue around in a circular motion. A soft moan slipped out of his mouth and I knew he was enjoying this taboo experience. My own juices were still flowing from the intense orgasm he'd given me, so I used them to wet my hand and place it around his rock hard member. I gripped it gently at first, moving back and forth along his stiff shaft.

Then as I put more pressure on his butt with my tongue I strengthened my grip around his cock and moved my wet hand over the head and then back down to the base. I repeated this again and again, getting faster and faster as my tongue gently pushed in and out of him at the same rhythm. I loved the feeling of being in control like this, dominating him and making him come. And it didn't take him long to do just that I continued my hand job but replaced my tongue with the small wet finger of my free hand.


It slipped it easily and it only took a few seconds of me massaging his prostate for him to have a violent orgasm. His cock pulsed in my hand as his load shot out and hit the wall. Chapter Two We had fallen asleep together, sprawled out across the soft covers on his king size bed.

I woke to the feeling of his hand between my legs massaging my clit. We were on our sides in the spooning position and I could feel his erect cock pressing into my lower back.

"Mmmmmm…you're hard again," I uttered as he rolled me onto my stomach and began kissing the back of my neck, which drove me crazy with desire. I slowly began grinding my hips into the mattress in an effort to stimulate myself, but had a sudden urge to have him inside me. I didn't have to wait long to be satisfied.

I felt the head of his large cock rub up and down my slit, getting wetter each time. Then he pressed into my entrance, stretching my lips apart and sliding into me. He was only half way in when he stopped, already quite deep inside me. I felt unbelievably full.

He withdrew and swiftly entered me again, completely, moving at a fast pace.

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I could feel him deep inside me and the underside of his cock was rubbing against my g-spot. I was so turned on I could have come straight away, but I held off to enjoy the feeling of him thrusting into me for a bit longer.


He was going hard, and I let out elated moans to let him know that I enjoyed his roughness. I slipped my hand between my legs and rubbed my clit until I came, my pussy clenching and pulsating around his cock. I expected him to collapse down on top of me to rest, so I was surprised to feel him moving his cock up and down my slit again. Suddenly he stopped with the head of his cock resting against my tight anus.

"What are you doing? I've never done anal before," I declared. "Well neither had I till just before," he said. The large head of his cock pushed against my virginal hole and eventually opened it up. I winced in pain and bit down on the pillow below me.

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He let out deep moan as he slid inside my ass, which clamped down like a vice around him. It was uncomfortable for me, but I loved the fact that it turned him on. Gradually the pain faded away, and the sensation of him moving in and out of me felt extremely erotic and exciting.

He pulled me back a little so that I was now up on my hands and knees in the doggy style position as he rode me. I began rocking back to meet his thrusts, enjoying the new sensation. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my hair back. It wasn't painful, it was rough and sexy and got me even more excited.

I lost myself in this new tantalizing experience until he pulled me up towards him and broke my trance. We were both on our knees, my back against his chest, and he was cumming deep inside me.

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I turned my head to the side and he met my mouth with his, kissing me as he began to soften. Chapter Three …to be continued if the response to this is good.