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Tschechisch Guss sandra 0690)
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Sunday night Kyle was getting all of his things together for his first day back to school. It was his third year of high school and he was excited ready to graduate. Little did he know that once he meets his teacher his desire to graduate will plummet slightly.

He's going to be focusing on something other than graduating. He made sure to get everything he needed like paper pencils scissors stuff like that. When he had everything together he got on his PS4 and played video games for an hour or two.

He spent about 2 hours playing fortnight with his homies named Chris and Tom. When 12 came his mother ordered him to get off the game and go to bed. She didn't want him up any longer because he has a big day tomorrow. So he needs to get up early so he can be ready for the bus. Hours flew by and Kyle was waiting at the bus stop. He waited for at least 30 minutes or so until the bus arrived. 30 minutes later the bus arrives at school and the students went inside the school.

They were putting their backpacks away and going to the cafeteria for breakfast. Kyle wasn't hungry so he waited patiently in the classroom for the students to come in and get ready for class. Kyle was a little bit sleepy from last night so he accidentally dozed off.

He suddenly woke up when the students came in the room because they were talking and being loud. Each of the students took a seat chit-chatting about what they did this summer. It felt like they were rambling forever and I was getting a little frustrated when I Heard a sexy voice. "okay, class settle down. It's time for you all to take out your textbook. Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Katie Williams and I will be your homeroom teacher from now on. Until you become seniors." I saw a sexy woman with big tits black hair and also wearing all black on.

She also has a dress on and her legs are exposed. So I can see how beautiful her skin is. She had the classic black clothing for a hot teacher. Subconsciously I got a boner when I saw the teacher for the first time. I looked down a few minutes later to see how hard I was.

Thankfully the disc covered my boner so that's good. I don't want anybody noticing I have a hard-on. The teacher's personality seems very nice and friendly easy to get along with. If that's the case I'm going to enjoy this class not to mention she's wearing these sexy clothing.

At that moment I was trying to figure out how to seduce her. Shouldn't be too hard, should it? The only problem is I'm 16 I don't know how to seduce. I guess I'll have to learn whatever it takes to get in her pants. After class was over I was at home doing homework when I remembered what I was supposed to be doing. "okay seducing my teacher first homework second. She's a teacher seducing her shouldn't be too difficult. Besides a lot of students in high school have sex with their teachers so why can't I?

I'm going to do it that's going to be my priority." He pulls out his laptop and he starts searching up how to seduce any woman. He found loads of websites about making women horny and stuff. He started reading so many articles his knowledge of the opposite sex increased. Learning so many things about them and how to make them feel good. The next day in class we had to do a test something we weren't prepared for. The teacher told us about this at the last minute and a lot of us failed.

"Okay, class I'm grading your test. Some of you did really well but others I feel can do much better." She walks over to my desk and she bends over slightly. I was able to get a good look at her huge tits. "Kyle, can you tell me what u see here? Umm 2DS and an F. No, Kyle, you got to focus if you want to pass this class. Lately, you haven't been able to focus. Why have you been distracted lately?" Now here is where I decide to get Brave. This is a type of Bravery that will get you put in detention.

So let's just hope for the best. I moved to her ear as I whispered. "it's because of your beautiful body. Your huge tits and your nice big round ass." She blushes almost jumping back slightly trying to come up with a response.

She almost jumped back because she was shocked wasn't expecting me to say something like that. "Umm well, even so, you have potential.

You can do better you just need to apply yourself more.

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Anyway, class your assignment for the rest of the class is to do Pages 129 and 200 also 300 and 400 for extra-credit. Once you are done you can do whatever you wish. By the way, I need to see you after class Kyle.

Okay, Miss Katie. My email and phone number are right on the chalkboard in case any of you need to message me or send me an email if you need help with something." She walks over to her desk and sits down doing paperwork while we got to work.

I was a little nervous wondering if I was in trouble. Shit, I knew I shouldn't have said that to her now I'm in trouble! Anxiety was kicking in because I didn't know what was going to happen. Maybe she is going to send me to ISS or something I have no idea. After class was over the rest of the kids were heading home and I was waiting.

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The teacher looks at me as she gave me a very serious look. "Kyle what did you mean by what you said earlier?" I'm already in trouble I might as well continue my bravery. "yes miss Katie I think you got a Rockin Body. Thank you but you know you can't be saying that kind of stuff to your teacher.

Yes, I am well aware of that but I'm the type of student who is going to compliment someone regardless of what others think. It's not about others it's just forbidden to compliment your teacher in that manner. You can get a lot of trouble for that Kyle." Now it's time to get a little braver with her.

I knew what I was getting myself into but I need to seduce her if only a little bit.


You know the old saying you got to start from somewhere. "Tell me Miss Katie are you in a relationship? Well, that's none of your business but I guess I can tell you.

Yes, I'm currently in a relationship with my boyfriend. Tell me is he pleasing you? If not I can do a better job than them him." She looked shocked blushing slightly. She wasn't mad or anything she just couldn't believe I said something like that. "Kyle please stay out of my love life. I'm not trying to be mean or anything but that's not your concern. Your job is to come to school and get an education not to lecture someone on their personal life.

Yes, Miss Katie but just be honest. It's not like you're going to die if you talk about it. Nobody's in this classroom but you and me. Yes, I understand that Kyle but it's not good for you to be getting out of people's relationships.

Teach why are you getting so defensive? Are we just having a friendly conversation, aren't we?


Yes but this conversation is not suitable for school. Not to mention you just met me this school year. You shouldn't be trying to get in my personal life. And I doubt your parents will be happy knowing you're saying is stuff to me. What are you going to do teach tell them? No, I'm not going to do that Kyle. You're an adult now and you're not a little kid anymore.

But you need to start thinking about college and what you're going to do with your life." She keeps avoiding my questions why is that? I already knew seducing her wouldn't be easy but I'm not giving up.

I got nothing to lose. If there's a chance I can get pussy I'm going for it. She's avoiding my questions for a reason.

So either she's scared or she doesn't want to admit the fact that her boyfriend isn't pleasing her. I bet I can please her most likely my dick is bigger than his. I looked at her for a second or so trying to come up with another response to seduce her. For all, I knew I could be doing a good job at it. A woman won't let you know what she's thinking but I know one thing's for sure I will get her.

"Miss Katy stop avoiding my questions and be honest with yourself. Your boyfriend is in pleasing you is he?" Now I got two completely different response from her so I'm getting somewhere.

"why do you want to know so badly Kyle? Because if that's the case I can please you. If you really want to know so badly I'll tell you and then you have to drop it okay? Just tell me what I want to know, please. Well, I and my boyfriend haven't got physical in a long time.

Honestly, I think he might be cheating on me but I'm not sure. I have no proof and also don't be repeating what I said please. These lips are sealed teach. I don't need people getting in my personal life like you are. Teach the reason I asked you all of those questions is because I'm attracted to you!" The teacher started blushing a little more taken back by what I said. Women love when you say stuff like that it makes them so horny forever reason.

Soon her pussy was starting to become moist slightly and I had no idea. She looks at me almost as if she was trying to hide something. Walking to the front door about to go to the bathroom.

"Kyle get out of here before you get yourself in trouble! Now I have to go to the bathroom and when I come back I better not see you here. Okay, Miss Katie, I'll see you tomorrow. I quickly ran out of there going home before it got late. I think I successfully made her want me a little more. Night time came and I was in my room masturbating to my teacher. I was thinking about right or not if I should text her or if I should just beat my meat. At my teacher's house, she was doing this exact same thing I was.

Rubbing her pussy thinking about me fucking her. Soon enough I made up my mind I was going to contact her through the message. I typed down her number which was 122- 332-1237.

I typed down saying who I was and her body looks sexy. I even told her that I would like to see her without anything on. She didn't respond for a while obviously trying to come up with a response. My mission is to make my teacher crave my cock so that's what I'm doing. So far everything is going according to plan. After 30 minutes or so she responds with "Kyle please stop. You're putting things in my head that is not good. We shouldn't be texting each other right now.

I only gave out my number for students who want help with assignments or something not to randomly chat. Teach I can't help if you look so sexy and I want you.

Kyle, you don't know what you want sweetie now please stop texting me. As I stated before I have a boyfriend. Yes, a boyfriend who is most likely cheating on you.

If you call that a boyfriend I feel sorry for you to teacher If I was your boyfriend I would be treating you better than that. Kyle, you're sweet but you shouldn't be talking to me like this." And still, she continues resisting what a shame. I guess I'll have to move to my trap card. I just continue texting her while stroking my cock.

Imagining her sucking me off or taking my huge meat inside of her. "fuck it I have to do this. It might get me in a lot of trouble but it's worth it in the end. To achieve what I'm trying to get" Kyle takes a picture of his huge fat cock and sends the picture to his teacher. She responds immediately this time. "oh my! That's a nice cock! I mean you shouldn't be sending these type of pictures Kyle! Good gosh it's huge! I wonder what it would be like if I were to suck on it.

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I mean this is so wrong Kyle! Says the one who is craving my cock right now. Like the good slut that she is. I don't know what you're talking about sweetie. Sure you don't like you weren't just complimenting my cock. N- no I mean it. I mean it's a nice cock sweetie but you should have showed me!

I'll tell you what teach if you let me come over to your house I'll let you suck it. No, I could get in a lot of trouble for that.

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Stop making excuses teach just say you want me. I know you're masturbating to me right now. No, I'm not sweetie you have no proof. I don't need proof to know what you're doing teacher. Thanks a lot, Kyle I can't get that cock of yours out of my head. Hehe, this cock will stretch your insides teach. I'm guessing your boyfriend isn't even half my size.

No, he's not.

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I can't believe I just said somebody is bigger than my boyfriend. And to make matters worse he's a teenager!

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Yeah, at least you're being honest with yourself teach. S- shut up boy. It's your fault for getting me so turned on! Leaving me here to suffer while you're making fun me for being wet." Excellent now that my teacher is turned on.

We can get to it. Yep, everything is going according to plan alright. I can't believe my seduction is actually working. Most women who see penises wouldn't get turned on but for her, it's working easily. She probably was feeling this way since earlier. "Teach all you have to do is give me your address and I can come over and take care of you.

Mm, Kyle you naughty boy getting your teacher so sexually excited. Let me come over and fuck that pussy teach no one will know. You know you want me so you might as well stop resisting. Damn my pussy is so wet right now! It's your fault because you shouldn't have done that Kyle. This is why I said stop talking about this conversation.

Because I was afraid of that. I can't believe I'm turned on by my student. Like I said teacher let me come over and fuck that naughty pussy of yours. Okay okay here's the address. Just hurry please!" She gave me her address and I got ready. I was so excited. I walked out of my house getting in my parent's car and driving off headed to her house. On the way to her house, I was texting her. I was turned on because I knew she was craving my cock.

When I got to her house I knocked on the door as she came and she gives me a dick craving look. "Good I'm glad you're here Kyle. Look at how wet you got me". She pulls down her panties exposing her beautiful cunt. The liquid was coming out of her vagina and I was already getting hard. I walked into the house going over to the couch.

"teach I'm going to fuck you so hard you leave your boyfriend for me. Hehe, naughty little boy. Tee-hee I must admit I've been attracted to you as well Kyle. I went up to her moving my head down to her crotch and begins rubbing. She starts moaning while looking at me. "Ohh that feels so good Kyle baby. More just like that." I can't believe it's seducing her was actually pretty simple.

I thought it was going to be hard or it challenge I guess for her it's easy. I continued rubbing her pussy but Faster. Her moaning sounds really erotic as she looks at me with lust in the eyes. Soon enough she smiles and unzipping my pants pulling out my fat cock. She puts it in her mouth and starts sucking me off and I was moaning. Her mouth feels so good the way she sucks my cock and swirls her tongue around it. That didn't stop me from rubbing her pussy though. She pulls my cock out of her mouth and speaks to me.

"Kyle baby you're cock Is so good. I want you to plunge me with this fat cock of yours.


Hehe okay, teach that's what I came here to do. But first I want to know how a tit job feels. Alright, sit down on the couch for me sweetie." I went over to the couch as I sat down and then she got right next to me. She takes out her huge tits and puts my cock between them. She squeezes her tits and starts moving them up and down and it felt so good I started making erotic sounds. "Mmm does it feel good baby?

Yes, it feels so good. Good, I'm happy you are feeling good". She sucks his cock and moves her tits up and down gradually building speed. I felt like I wanted to bust a nut already but I need to hold it in. After all, I still haven't plunged her yet. I got a little excited and I release the little precum and she swallows some of it. She gives off a very lewd expression to me.

"Okay, Kyle time to claim your reward. Follow me into the bedroom." We went into the bedroom and teacher begin stripping. Soon enough revealing her naked body to me and I was so ready for this. It felt like a dream come true.

I've been pursuing this pussy for a long time now it's finally mines I slowly pushed her on the bed spreading her legs. Everything about her was beautiful from her hips to her feet. Everything was fucking lovely. I took a good look at her pussy as I started to eat her out and eventually pushing myself inside.

She started making a louder noise when I slowly started penetrating her. Once I was inside I started moving my hips. If I told my friends I fucked my teacher then they would want a piece of her as well. I felt like I wanted to climax already because of the tightness. I take it a little easy at first moving slowly and trying not to orgasm. She giggles at me and watches me thrust inside of her. "hehe you're having a hard time with my pussy sweetie. Can't blame you my pussy is amazing after all.

If you want to orgasm inside you can I already took a pill so I'm good? Yeah, your pussy is really tight. I'm trying not to climax already because I just entered you. Hehe well boy you're going to have to go harder because you stated before you can do better than my boyfriend proves it." Of course, I said that I just didn't know how tight her pussy was.

Either way, it goes I can and I will. I started pumping harder and a little faster causing her to moan a little louder. I slowly but surely started getting used to it. I was moving a little faster and faster as time progressed. I could tell I was doing a better job because her Expressions told me she was enjoying it. I knew I was going to pull out when the urge to shoot came into my mind.

I pushed my cock deeper into her pussy cause her to scream in Delight as I was going really fast like a dog in heat. She giggles while moaning loving the sensation so much. After about 10 minutes she has an orgasm and so did I. "mmm that's so good baby! To be brutally honest you're the first one to make me climax.

My boyfriend couldn't even make me reach one. But then again his cock is so pathetic. It's so pathetic compared to yours! I love your big fat cock." I turned her over and I started fucking her doggy style.

Her moaning was so loud the neighbors probably heard. If they did her died out my teacher cares. To my surprise, she started bouncing against me without me telling her or asking.

"Oh yeah, that feels so good teaching! Glad it does baby! I'm all yours! Oh, fuck! This fat cock is so deep inside me!" She squirts again for the second time.

"Oh yeah, baby! I think all students need to fuck their teachers. Because having sex with your teacher is amazing! Can I suck your fat cock, Kyle? Sure go ahead teach it's all yours." She moved away and stands up. She bends over sucking my fat meat. I felt like orgasming in her mouth but trying to hold it in. God, she sucks cock so good!

She pulls away for a moment looking at me. "tell me Kyle would you like to be my private student? It means you would take care of my needs from now on.

Of course, teach. This is so good to pass up on". She smiles and continues sucking my cock and after 5 minutes I shot a huge amount in her mouth. I filled her mouth up with my sperm. It's a good thing I didn't shoot it all over her face and her glasses. Even after that, I was still feeling so hard so I pushed her back on the bed roughly spreading her legs. Once I sprayed her legs I started pounding her pussy once more.

Katie slowly closes her eyes because of the pleasure. She just laid there taking my pumping. I was moving so fast to her it probably was like she was being drilled.

If I had extra toys I would have stuck it in her asshole but sadly I don't. She screams out releasing another orgasm. It was her third orgasm dust far and her pussy was probably getting sore. I couldn't help it so I climaxed inside of her and my sperm reached her womb. I may have impregnated my teacher. If that's the case I'll have to take responsibility and she might have to quit her job to raise the baby. "oh! Fuck! So deep! You're feeling my pussy up baby! Even if she is on a pill I still feel like there's a good chance she could become pregnant.

A couple of weeks later she messages me saying that she was pregnant and she needs help with the baby. Crap now I'm going to be a father. Oh well, I guess it was worth you get what you asked for. Before she finds out she was pregnant we were having a lot of sex so of course, it was going to happen eventually. She ended up quitting her job as a teacher because she had no choice. She didn't want people to realize it was my baby so. We're just going to pretend like it's my father's baby and just say I'm the child but secretly I'm the dad.

I have to help my teacher take care of our baby and as for her boyfriend when he found out he left her. It's whatever. He even wanted to pick a fight with me but hey my dick is bigger than his.

It's not my fault I can please his woman and he can't. Here's the best part a couple of weeks after we had our baby we still continued to have sex even after what happened. My teacher is addicted to me isn't that right teach? "Yess! I love your fat cock, Kyle! I'm your cumslut teacher who gave birth to your child. Hehe, I'm even pregnant with another one. Yep, we are one big happy family. We're going to make plenty babies together!