Sexy girls dancing and fucking

Sexy girls dancing and fucking
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Melanie Thompson was your average 19-year-old American girl. She worked a boring retail job at the local Best Buy, was a cheerleader at her school, and was worrying about where she would go to college in the fall since she was graduating this year.

Life was pretty good for her; in fact, it had almost ALWAYS been pretty good. She'd always been told she was pretty, beautiful, even. Everybody said so; it's why she was co-captain of the cheerleading team with her best friend Jennifer. She'd been blessed to develop a little earlier, and a lot faster than other girls, so she always got the boys. She'd been in a C cup by her 11th birthday!

Unlike most girls, she loved her body, and even though she'd never had sex with a boy, one of the reasons she so loved her body was how sensitive it was. Especially her small D-cup breasts, which in her opinion, were perfect. The alarm on her alarm clock went off, and in annoyance she slapped the stupid thing so it would shut up.

She didn't really notice that when she touched the alarm clock, all the lights in her room, and the heads-up display on the clock, dimmed.

She climbed out of bed and stood up, stretching like a cat as the sun streamed in her windows on this beautiful Saturday morning. As she stretched, she eyed her reflection in her mirror out of the corner of her eye. Everything looked normal, at least as normal as anybody who was lucky enough to be supernaturally beautiful, could look.

She yawned and put her hands on the windowsill, looking up into the sky and admiring the big, cottonball clouds drifting overhead. It was shaping up to be a beautiful summer day. Maybe she would get Jennifer over here to do some tanning outback? She walked across her room, stripping her nightgown as she went so she was now nude save for the baby-pink lace panties she always wore to bed.

She eyed herself in the mirror before she bent down to open her dresser drawers and find something to wear; nothing looked unusual, but for some reason today just felt…different. As she bent over, her eye caught the calendar on top of her dresser, and she noticed the red lipstick print over today's date.

Oh. Oh yeah, she thought to herself with a grin. Instead of pulling clothes out of her dresser, she instead opened another drawer and pulled out an odd-looking machine. It had two hoses attached to large suction cups on either end; the opposite ends of the hoses were attached to a machine, and on either side of the machine were empty, half-gallon bottles.

It was strange to look at, and ungainly to carry and use, but it was Melanie's favorite "toy". It was her breast pump. Sitting the machine on her bed, she lay back and placed one suction cup over each of her tight, neat nipples.

She whimpered in delighted pleasure when the cool cups touched her already-hard nipples. Once her breasts were mounted, she tentatively reached one hand down and turned the machine on. It was on low at first, but almost as soon as the suction started her body went rigid and she bit her lip to keep from yelping in pleasure.

Why was a 19 year old girl pumping her breasts? Well, according to their family doctor, she had no choice. Bizarrely enough, her breasts had grown so quickly and so early when she was younger due to something he had called a "hormonal imbalance".

What it meant for her though, was that her breasts grew quickly, because they were growing to accommodate the breast milk her body was producing, even though at that age she'd never had sex with a boy, and had never been pregnant.

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One day, she just woke up with her nightshirt soaked and sticking to her budding chest, and the next day, they bought her first breast pump.

The feeling had been indescribable for her, like the best kind of candy. Apparently her breasts had become incredibly sensitive while producing their milk as well.

It was during her first breast-pumping session that she'd had her first orgasm, at only 11 years old. Now, 8 years later, she was lying in bed, slowly turning the dial higher and higher, causing the machine to pump harder and harder on her milk-filled breasts. She hated starting slow, but the doctor said she had to start slow, or else she could hurt her precious breasts.

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She only hated it 'cause it took her longer to get to her first orgasm- nearly 5 minutes! If she started on full-speed, the force of the suction and the demand on her very tender breasts got her to cum in less than 2 minutes. Today, she lay on the bed, arching against the pumps, almost but not quite dislodging the cups, gasping for air as her precious milk squirted steadily from her breasts into the waiting tanks on the machine. Pump, pause, moan, pump, pause, gasp, pump, whimper, pump, cum, repeat.

Even though she'd only been pumping herself for a few minutes, she'd already cum twice, and her thick brunette hair was sticking to her forehead, neck, and shoulders from the sweat, and she wasn't even close to finished. Neither Melanie nor her doctor's (and she had dozens of them trying to help her!) knew how much milk her girls could produce; but it was a lot!

The most she'd ever done was filled her pump (which could hold a gallon at its max), 8 times in the course of a day. Melanie let out a high, loud groan and bucked against her bed, cumming hard.

The force of her orgasm reached her breasts, and they also squirted hard, gushing into the waiting hoses. The tanks on the machine were almost a third of the way full. Melanie's hand twisted on the pump's dial, cranking it all the way to maximum, and the sucking on her breasts became excruciating and wondrous.

It felt like the thing was sucking her down to her toes! Her body heaved and bucked against the force, her eyes rolling behind her closed eyelids, her breath coming in thin, reedy gasps and whimpers as orgasm after orgasm shook her. She pressed her legs together and wailed through her nose as she came hard; once, twice, three, then four times in quick succession.

Her bed beneath her panties was soaked with her cum. She didn't know how much more of this session she could take, but her body demanded more. It CRAVED more, and her will had strength only to answer.

Her hand clutched the dial of the pump tightly, and the machine started sputtering and smoking beneath her hand.


Lost in the embrace of her orgasm-fest, she didn't notice that sparks were jumping from the machine into her hand, vanishing into her skin. Her other hand reached out from where it had been clutching her sheets, her fingers flexing in vain; the lights in her room flickered as her body arched and she let out a low wail as she came again, squirting this time and spraying cum all over her dresser, a few feet from the foot of her bed.

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Her head rolled and she groaned, panting; her second hand not holding the machine flexed, and the lights dimmed even further, this time sparks leapt from an exposed power outlet across the room, almost as if they had a life of their own. They leapt into her fingers, glowing, glittering bits of electrical power leaping into her body almost as if she'd drawn them in.

Her fingers dug into the pump at her side and she didn't notice her hand glowing briefly, and the sputtering machine started pumping with renewed force. She groaned "Ahn God!" and shivered, arching against the cups and cumming hard again before collapsing to the bed.

The bottles on the machine were almost full. Melanie continued writhing and squirming on her bed, her body exhausted of cum, but still wracking itself again and again with orgasms. The more she squirmed and heaved the dimmer the lights got.

Had anybody been around to see her, they would've noticed the her skin was glowing, almost as if from within. The pump's tanks were full, but it still sucked vainly away on her breasts, and her thick milk filled the suction cups quickly before they both popped off her breasts with a sloppy, wet sound, and milk drained out over her breasts.

Her body arched, and her legs pressed hard together. Her mouth opened in a soundless scream; and anybody looking closely could see small bolts of lightning arching around inside her mouth and throat. She bucked hard. Once, twice, then went rigid, and the room went dark save for the sunlight streaming in the window.

Smoke rose from the top of the machine, and almost as if on cue the battery pack on the back of the machine let off a miniature explosion, and the scent of burned batteries filled the air. Smoke also drifted upwards from the now-burned out power socket that had been exposed. Melanie passed out, and her hand flopped against the machine, carelessly knocking it off her bed.

It hit the floor and one of the tanks popped loose, spilling her thick, creamy white, warm milk onto her carpet as Melanie lay insensate on the bed. Her breasts still trickled milk slowly from her hard, bright-red nipples, and her pussy shuddered sporadically as she lay on her now-milk-and-cum-soaked bed.

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Her skin was glowing brighter than ever…… About an hour later, Melanie awoke to a quiet knocking at her door. "Mel? Are you awake yet? Come on, open the door." It was her young sister Kayla. Melanie sat up and let out an involuntary moan as vertigo washed over her. She pressed a hand to her forehead and held it there as she walked, mostly nude save for her semi-dried panties, over to open the door. Kayla took one look at her then blushed and quickly stepped inside and shut the door again.

Her eyes flicked down to the blackened, broken breast pump on the floor and the semi-dry puddles of milk from the spilled tanks and she frowned, disappointed. She eyed her sister oddly, then looked around the room "Why is all the power out in here?" Melanie ran a hand tiredly through her hair and stared down at her younger sister.

"What? What are you talking about hun?" Kayla walked over to Melanie's alarm clock, which was flashing "12:00" repeatedly. She pulled her cell phone out of her pants pocket and checked the time, then began resetting the clock.

When she was done she turned back to Melanie, who was bent over, picking up the pieces of her ruined breast pump.


Melanie's full breasts hung down heavily from her chest, and milk visibly dripped from her hard nipples. Kayla eyed Melanie's breasts and licked her lips slightly before eyeing herself in Melanie's mirror across the room.

She was 18, but her own boobs had barely grown at all; she was still in freaking A cups for pete's sake! She pursed her lips and frowned before forcing herself to look away. Melanie dropped the breast pump in the trash and sighed before turning to her sister. "I guess you're hungry? Is mom gone?" Kayla flushed and nodded shyly. "Yeah, uh, they left a few hours ago. Right before you woke up and had your um…episode." She folded her arms self-consciously over her small breasts and eyed her sister's breasts again.

Her stomach rumbled hungrily and she frowned before forcing herself to look away. When Melanie had first started lactating, she and Kayla had been sharing a room at the time. Melanie hadn't known what to do about it, but she'd known she had to get rid of the milk somehow otherwise it became painful. Using her sister had been the obvious solution.

The first time, Melanie had forced Kayla to nurse&hellip.she hadn't needed to force her after that. Kayla had loved it, and her demand for her sister's milk was prodigious.

At first she'd been nursing as often and as much as she could from Melanie (which is probably part of why Melanie's boobs grew so fast compared to Kayla's own!) But eventually they'd settled into a habit, a comfortable pattern.

Now Melanie willingly nursed Kayla every morning before school, every afternoon as soon as they were both home, and every night before going to bed, as well as occasional other treats. Kayla had first tasted her sister's wonderful warm, sweet, thick milk when she'd only been a toddler. The first time they'd had sex she'd been much younger than she was now, and it had been the most intense experience of her young life. Melanie had been nursing Kayla like they'd done for years, but Melanie had started touching herself between her legs while Kayla nursed.

Not knowing what her big sister was doing, Kayla had started doing it to herself as well. She had her first orgasm in a matter of minutes, stunning both girls. It had been awkward at first, but she'd stopped nursing long enough to sit up on her sister while Melanie lay back on the bed. They'd not known what to do at first, but when Kayla's pussy, tender and inflamed from her first orgasm, had touched Melanie's&hellip.well their bodies had taken over. Feeling her sister's cum inside her when Melanie had squirted into her pussy was the 3rd most wonderful thing Kayla had ever felt.

Nursing from her sister while they made love was by far the 1st. Her first shared orgasm was the 2nd; Melanie hadn't squirted until their 7th or 8th shared orgasm&hellip.Kayla didn't squirt until the 12th, after almost 3 hours of non-stop fucking. Now though, Melanie was sitting on her bed, staring up at her sister with a smirk on her face. "Did you just want the girls today? Or&hellip.?" Her eyes dropped between Kayla's legs, and Kayla flushed as she began stripping. "I…I don't know.

Does it matter, really?" Melanie grinned as Kayla crossed the room and climbed, nude, into her older sister's lap and cuddled up to Melanie's breasts, "Not really, I'm just wondering." Kayla whimpered quietly in reply and started sucking hungrily on Melanie's left breast.

Melanie felt a small gasp escape her lips as her little sister's hungry lips latched down around her nipple and her sister's suckling started. It felt like Kayla was trying to suck all the way down to Melanie's toes, and Melanie heaved slightly as her milk spurted hard from her nipple in response to the insistent sucking, leaving Melanie panting and shuddering as she shook off the thrill and tried to relax into the nursing.

Her sister had other ideas though, and Melanie felt 3 of her baby sister's slender fingers plunge under her panties into her spasming pussy. Melanie yelped in surprise, quickly followed by a moan as she pressed her legs together, pulling her sister's fingers deeper into her body. Kayla twisted her fingers inside her sister's pussy and flexed them, feeling her fingernails scratch Melanie's tender pussy canals as her mouth filled again and again with her sister's sweet milk, and she greedily gulped it down each time.

She squirmed in Melanie's arms, noticing they were getting tighter as Melanie gripped her more firmly as she came. Kayla whimpered quietly, wondering absently what was going on, why she smelled static on her sister's skin. Melanie for her part was completely lost in pleasure and she shook once, twice, cumming in quick succession as her milk spurted thickly from both breasts and cum squirted out of her pussy around Kayla's hand.

Kayla felt herself getting faint, like Melanie's milk was putting her to sleep, but that didn't make any sense…she'd only been awake for 5 hours! But she felt her eyes getting heavier and heavier, like something was draining her energy. Her sucking slowed, and eventually stopped entirely, and the last thought through her head before blackness took her was "mmm…what the hell's happening&hellip." Melanie felt her sister stop sucking and looked down in confusion before she realized Kayla had fallen asleep.

She frowned and gently nudged her sister in her arms, but it was hopeless. Then she noticed something else; her breasts were throbbing almost painfully and her skin was glowing faintly. "What the hell&hellip.?" Melanie gently disengaged herself from her nude sister and stood up, staring down at her skin.

Beneath her skin she could almost see this weird glowing light crawling along, like…electricity or something. She frowned and flexed her left hand experimentally, extending her fingers cautiously. The glow spread from her breasts up her shoulders and down her arm to her fingers until her hand was glowing brightly. Her mouth dropped open in surprise and she raised her hand curiously. Looking over at her sister, she raised an eyebrow slowly "I wonder if…" Melanie extended her hand, flexing her fingers very slowly.

Kayla whimpered in her sleep and arched her back like she was straining against something, and before Melanie's shocked eyes, Kayla's tiny A-cup breasts swelled almost to a C cup, stretching outwards from her tight young body almost as if they were being pulled invisibly.

Melanie dropped her hand in surprise and Kayla settled back to the bed, oblivious. Melanie stared at her sister's new breasts in confusion before looking down at her hand, which was still glowing. She caught a glimpse of her arm; her bicep was larger, standing out more from the skin, definitely more chiseled, as were her other muscles in her arm. Looking over the rest of her body, she saw the same was true elsewhere. Grinning, Melanie walked over to her sister and took Kayla's breasts gently in her hands.

Shutting her eyes, Melanie reached into herself and imagined her sister's breasts larger, at least a CC cup, and lactating just as much as her own were.

Melanie felt nothing at first, so she concentrated harder, and harder. A few minutes later, she felt something inside herself, deep in her gut, tug and tighten, and almost at the same time Kayla let out a loud moan in her sleep, and Melanie felt her sister's breasts pushing against her hands, and felt her hands dampen. Melanie opened her eyes to find Kayla staring up at her with a confused, half-awake expression.

"Mel&hellip.wha-?" She looked down at her breasts, and Melanie released her hands in surprised. Kayla's formerly flat chest now sported a pair of full, perfect CC cup breasts.

Her hard, tight nipples were leaking milk steadily down her chest, without the slightest sign of stretch marks.

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Kayla looked up at her sister in wordless confusion, but Melanie only had one thing on her mind. With a smirk, she bent down and forced herself on top of her sister, mounting Kayla's pussy with her own, and taking Kayla's breast in her mouth.

Kayla tensed, but then relaxed and grabbed Melanie by her hair, forcing her head harder down on her breast. Melanie didn't need to be told twice. She started sucking HARD on her sister's new breast, greedily gulping down the thick, warm, so sweet milk that flowed easily from the beautiful tit. Kayla didn't know what was happening. It felt like& heaven! Human beings shouldn't be able to experience this kind of nirvana. Was this how Melanie felt every time Kayla nursed?

It felt like Melanie was sucking Kayla's soul from her body! Her milk felt like, like, nothing she could even hope to describe as it flowed from her breast; which she discovered were VERY sensitive! She squirmed and was unable to keep herself from wailing with pleasure as she came, squirting hard into her sister's pussy, but Melanie only started going harder. Kayla didn't know how much more of this she could take! Melanie gulped down Kayla's thick milk greedily, amazed at how good it tasted. It was heavenly!

She dimly felt Kayla cum into her, and felt her sister's warm fluid filling her womb. She reveled in the feeling briefly before she started sucking even harder, quickly draining Kayla's left breast before moving to the right. Kayla didn't last much longer, and with a final pleading wail, she passed out, twitching beneath her sister, milk leaking slowly from both breasts even as Melanie's own cum leaked from her sister's abused pussy.

Melanie sat up and dismounted her sister gingerly; amazed. She wasn't tired in the least! In fact, she felt more energized and alive than ever! She looked down at her breasts and grinned; they were leaking, as usual, but they'd grown a little.

Almost to a DD cup, and her muscles were DEFINITELY more pronounced, like she'd been working out for MONTHS! Her eyes caught her stomach, very slightly rounded out from the rest of her body, and she smiled.

She lowered her hands and placed them very tenderly on the small, rounded bump that was her stomach, feeling her sister's cum filling her womb was such a wonderful feeling.

She stood, staring down at her stomach for a few minutes, enjoying the feeling of her body being warmed head-to-toe with her sister's fluid. It was then she realized with a start, she was in love with her baby sister.


She looked up, startled, but as soon as her eyes set upon her sister, curled up on Melanie's bed, unconscious and exhausted, Melanie felt her arousal vanish and be replaced with something much different. Her eyes and smile softened, and she raised a hand, gesturing almost absently, and wasn't surprised when the blankets on her bed levitated on their own to settle over her sister, tucking her in.

Melanie's smile quirked and she lowered her hand, staring at her beautiful baby sister, whom she was now quite certain she was firmly in love with. What a weird day this had turned out to be!