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White babe sucks chocolate dong and gets it in juicy snatch
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CHAPTER 12 It took about an hour to get back to Alamosa, Cody woke up as they pulled into the garage. They all got out and went in and went to the showers to completely clean themselves up. When they were all spic n span again, they went to the kitchen and Alisha fixed grilled cheese sandwiches.

They all talked about the experience. Cody asked, "should I tell Justin&hellip.or not." Alisha told her that she would keep it between the three of them for the time being, till they could figure out what Justin would think about it. It had to be a secret for now. Cody agreed and said she wouldn't mention it to him. When dinner was finished, Justin arrived and the four of them sat in the living room talking about their engagement.

Justin told Alisha that he had been out at the ranch checking on the hands and seeing that everything was ok. He had seen Anne leaving as he drove in. He told her that it was odd that she was leaving the ranch that late.

Alisha knew it was out of character for Anne, she was going to have check this out a little closer and see if she was meeting another man…&hellip. Cody and Justin went off to the guest bedroom. Alisha looked troubled and Colin was concerned about her. "What's up Alisha, you look like you have a problem." Colin said to her. Alisha told Colin what her dad had suspected and then she told him about the little things that had been going on. "I just need to get to the bottom of this, just to know." Colin told her he supported her and asked her what she was going to do.

"Colin, I'm going out and see if I can find her vehicle. I just have to know what's going on." Colin told her he would go with her to give her moral support, if nothing else. They got in Alisha's truck and went to the ranch to see if her vehicle was there. She found that it was not at the ranch and it was after 10 pm.

Alisha went back to town and began cruising the bars and motels. After about an hour, she found Anne's car at the Inn of the Rio Grande. "This can't be what I think it is. Colin, can I get one of your demo's from the dealership.

I need a vehicle that Mom won't notice&hellip.I'm going to park here and see what happens." Colin told her to drive out to his office and he would get her the key to one of the demos. Within 15 minutes they were back in the Inn's parking lot in a new Ford Edge, sitting a short distance from Anne's car. They sat there for over two hours, it was approaching 2 am and Alisha was tiring of sitting. Colin had dozed off and was quietly snoring. Then Alisha saw it. Anne came out of the hotel with someone else.

Alisha had parked in a dark area of the lot and couldn't be seen. Anne got to her car and unlocked the door. Alisha watched as her Mom put her arms around this guy and kissed him……it lasted for a minute or longer. She got in her car and left. Alisha watched as the guy walked across the lot and got in a truck and drove away. She followed.

"Colin, that vehicle has a Town and Country sticker on the tail gate, can you find out who it belongs to?" He strained to see the license number on it, "Get me closer so I can get the license number and I'll figure it out for you." Alisha punched the edge and got up very close behind the truck at a stop light.

Colin got the license number and told her, "now I can get the name for you." Alisha backed off some and followed the truck till it pulled in a driveway and the driver went inside.

She cruised on by and they went to Colin's office. Colin sat down and booted his computer, entered some data and sat back and waited for it to compute.

The truck was owned by David Lee. Alisha recognized the name as a professor from Adams State&hellip.a PhD. Well now that she had the information she needed, what does she do with it? She and Colin went home and went to bed. Alisha was much too troubled to make love tonight, and Colin understood. She laid there till almost 5 am, not sleeping, running it all over and over in her head. She woke up at about 8 and went to the kitchen to make coffee. In Alisha's practical mind she could justify her Mom's affair.

Anne had been married to her Dad at a young age, attended a lot of school and the pursuit of her career had filled her life for a long time. She had never taken the time to just have fun or have a wild sex weekend or anything like that, it was always business first and family.

Alisha decided to just let it go for now and only observe&hellip.but most important thingshe would keep it to herself. In a short while Cody and Justin emerged.

They were both all smiles, presumably they had wild sex all night long. "Good morning, Sis. We came looking for you guys last night to swap for a while, but couldn't find you anywhere…&hellip.where did you guys go?" "Colin needed to do something at the office, so she decided to go with him and keep him company………sorry, maybe we swap some other time." Alisha replied, "I need to go out to the office for about an hour today and do a couple of things, what are you guys going to do today?" "Not much," Cody said, "I have to go up to Creede and meet a couple of friends for lunch, just visit and catch up on each other……then come back down and go over to Justin's." Justin told Alisha that he was going out to the ranch and check on the guys and make sure they weren't having any problems.

There were only two guys working today as the calving had slowed considerably. "I have several pages of data input for you, too&hellip.I'll drop them by your office before I leave." he told her.

Alisha also wanted to just drop in on her Mom and visit a little. She hadn't just sat and talked with her for a while. When she got to the ranch, Alisha stopped at her parent's house, to have a cup of coffee and visit with her Mom.

Anne appeared to be in an extraordinarily good mood this morning. She was having breakfast and asked if Alisha wanted any. She told her she would have some toast and jam with her coffee.

They talked for almost an hour. Alisha asked her if she had heard from Bob. Anne told her that she had a message on the phone when she got home last night.

Alisha played dumb, "You were out last night?" she asked. "Oh yes, I had dinner with an old friend last night and got home about 10." Alisha knew this was a lie, but played along. "Who was the friend?" she asked. "It was an old girlfriend from college that was passing through town." "Oh," said Alisha, "that's nice&hellip.did you have a good visit?" "Oh my yes, we talked and talked and talked, it was so nice to see her." Alisha decided to just play it cool.

"Well, Mom, what do you think about Cody's news?" "I just think it's wonderful, he is such a nice young man. I can't believe both of my babies are getting married, how fast you two have grown up, it seems like yesterday you two were both playing around on the floor&hellip.I just don't know where time goes. One day you're young and have your whole life in front of you……then all of a sudden you're old and ugly with not a lot to look forward to&hellip.I guess I'm just being cynical." she said.

"Oh, Mom, you're not old and you're definitely not ugly and there is a lot to look forward to, why, you and Dad are at a place you can go anywhere and enjoy yourselves, heck, you should have went to Vegas with him and had some fun&hellip.in and out of the room&hellip.he he he." She laughingly said.

Her Mom blushed and said, "Oh&hellip. Alisha………I'm too old for that." Alisha grinned at her and said, "Mom, you're never too old for that, I think I'll be very active till I die……if not&hellip.I'm going to be sadly disappointed ." "I used to feel that way, Alisha my dear, but I just never had time, there were so many things to be done and not enough time." Alisha laughed and said, "Mom, I always make time……&hellip.sex is the most wonderful feeling a woman can have, especially when you have a good man to share it with.

I can just never get enough." Alisha could tell her Mom was somewhere else all of a sudden. "Well, I have to go to the office and do some work, so I'd better get going…&hellip.so I can get finished and go home and have some fun," she laughingly said. Anne grinned, blushed and said, "Oooooooh Alisha……&hellip." Alisha left laughing and went to the office. Anne filled her coffee cup and sat down.

Her mind wandered back to last night. She thought, "If Alisha knew what I was doing last night she'd never speak to me again." Her breathing became deep as she remembered the feeling of David's huge cock buried deep within her wet pussy. He was such a good lover and made her feel young again. She remembered back to last fall when she had gone over to Adams as a guest lecturer in his class. He recognized her high stature in her profession and wanted to give his students some practical insight to the career they were pursuing.

After the class, he had some time and asked her if she would like to go over to the Campus Café and have a cup of coffee and talk, he'd like to get to know her better. The conversation was so stimulating and he was such an interesting man……smart, worldly and very handsome. When he talked of his travels and experiences, she hung on his every word, beginning to fantasize touching his chest and broad shoulders.

She watched his lips move and imagined them pressed to hers as his hands felt her body all over. He had seen her detached look and asked her if she was alright. She snapped back to the present and told him she was fine and to please continue. He had a class soon and she had a patient appointment, so they politely said good bye and went their separate ways. About a week later, he called her and asked her if she would like to go to lunch with him, which she eagerly accepted.

She had fantasized being with him in a motel, ravaging her naked body. Anne had a great body, just like her two daughters. She was in her mid 50's and really a striking beautiful woman, however she felt her age made her not attractive any longer. She worked out two days a week at Curves and kept herself in really good shape.

Now, she thought, a man finds me attractive. It made her wet and hot between her legs again, something she hadn't felt for some time. She and David went to lunch at a little restaurant on 6th Street. It was quaint and usually not very busy. They talked and laughed over their lunch.

When they finished, they both had a refill of iced tea and sat talking. Anne was fantasizing again and she could tell that David had a look in his eyes that she recognized…&hellip.lust. He was a little serious and asked her, "Would you consider going out with me some evening, maybe go have a dinner and drinks?" She took a deep breath and looked down at the table, a little embarrassed. She thought for a moment, and nervously looked back at him.

"I would love to," she said. A smile came over David's face as he asked her, "When would you be free?" She knew that Bob would be out of town the following Friday and that would be a perfect time. "How about next Friday?" she said. "That would be perfect, my wife is out of town for the next two weeks and I'm totally free." he said with anticipation in his voice.

Anne was feeling a definite wetness between her legs as she sat there. She was happy that another man found her attractive enough to want to go out with her……and she felt he wanted her body also.

She definitely would not stop him from taking her if he tried, she knew that. They left the restaurant and went back to their daily routines. Her phone rang about two hours later, it was David and he asked her what time she would like to go out on Friday. She told him she would meet him in the parking lot out at the airport, she felt she could leave her car there and no one would notice it.

He told her he would be there at 7 and he was looking forward to it. He told her that they could go up to South Fork for dinner and go from there. She was eager for the rest of the week to pass……she had this wanting feeling deep inside her and she felt she wanted it satisfied. That was the first of many times they would meet.

She snapped back to reality and continued remembering the night before. David was laying on top of her, sliding in and out of her slowly. His huge cock, it was at least 10inches long and 3 inches across, was in full contact and rubbing her engorged clit on every stroke, and his big mushroom head was contacting her G spot every stroke also…… She had orgasmed three times so far and was working on another one.

Anne, like her daughters, was always capable of multiple orgasms and she took good advantage of it whenever she could. Anne had beautiful breasts, 36 D's with large nipples and a dark areolas an inch in diameter. David had been nibbling on them and flicking them with his tongue.

He pulled out of her, got off the bed and took her hands, leading her to the couch. He sat down and had her sit on his hard cock with her back to him. His legs were close together, hers were spread across his. As she moved up and down his hands wandered from her tight waist up to cupping her beautiful breasts. Anne was remembering his tender touch, her eyes were closed as she put her hand down between her legs and rubbed her crotch slowly up and down.

Her mind went back to the night before…………she felt his cock begin to enlarge and felt it throb and pulse as he spewed his hot semen deep into her. She was right at the edge and immediately began to cum herself, her hot juices running out of her and down on his balls. She remembered how he hadn't gotten soft and lifted her off his cock and bent her over the table in the room and slid back inside her and began the cycle all over again. She came many times and felt so good.

Back in the present, she felt that her jeans had become completely soaked. She got up and went to her bedroom and took them off, her panties were also soaked………she pulled then down and let them fall, lying back on the bed rubbing her clit with one hand and inserting three fingers into her hot wet cunt. In a few minutes she had reached that place of bliss and pleasure as she rode the waves of her orgasm.

Meanwhile, Alisha had gotten to the office and began to enter more data into the computer. She was very close to having all the records complete. She saw Justin's truck pull up in front of the office.

As he got out she looked at his great body, she was feeling a little horny and hoped he would give her a good fucking while he was here. It's not every woman that gets to share her man with her sister and get her sister's man too…&hellip.pretty kinky, but great. Justin came in with more records he had picked up from the guys on today's shift. He laid them on her desk and sat down across from her. "Well, what's up Alisha&hellip.you haven't been yourself since last night?" he asked her.

She looked at him, asking herself if she wanted to share her suspicions with him. "Well, Justin, I think mom is fucking someone besides dad&hellip.and I think it's been going on for a while. That's where we went last night, to see if we could find her. I saw her with a professor from the university, they were coming out of the Inn of the Rio Grande at 2 am." "So what," he said, "she deserves a life too doesn't she. Geez, what do you think she would think about our swapping partners?" he told her.

"Well, when you put it like that, it is her life, just like our lives are ours to do what we please with." Alisha reasoned. "Will you promise not to get pissed if I tell you something, Alisha?" he said to her. "Justin, we're the best of friends and I feel like we can talk frankly to each other about anything, without anyone getting pissed&hellip.sure you can tell me." she said to him. "Well, Alisha, I fucked your Mom when I first went to work here&hellip.before I knew you and Cody.

She was out riding one day, up by the lake where I first met you. I stopped and talked to her and before we knew it, we were naked in the grass fucking like a couple of high school kids.

I know where you and Cody get your bodies and looks from, she is beautiful from head to toe and one of the hottest women I've ever been with." Alisha grinned from ear to ear, "Why, you dog you," she giggled, "you've fucked all the Moore women, you cad you." she teased him. "Well, I know Dad goes out to Vegas a couple of times a year. There's this twenty something escort out there he bangs the whole time he is there.

I guess as long as they are happy, what the fuck. Speaking of fuck, would you like to give me a quickie while you're here, I'm kinda horny." Justin smiled wide, stood up and unbuckled his jeans, "Why don't you must bend over the desk and lets get it on, I'm ready!" he said as his hard cock jumped out of his underwear." Alisha got up and locked the door and closed the curtains.

She pulled her jeans and panties down around her ankles and laid forward over her desk. That was all of the invitation Justin needed, he walked up behind her and slid his throbbing cock deep inside her, then gave her a fantastic fucking.

It was only about 5 minutes till they both dropped their rocks and felt total satisfaction. They pulled up their underwear and jeans, unlocked the door and opened the curtains, then sat down and talked some more. "WOW," Alisha said, "that was great……you're fantastic Justin, thank you. I wish I had a little more time and we'd get it on for an hour or two." We're going to have to all get together soon and have a fuck night…I really like having sex with you.

Justin smiled, "You ain't so damn bad yourself, Alisha. I love the way you take my cock and the way your pussy milks it when I'm cumming…&hellip.I've never been with any woman that can do that&hellip.it feels fantastic." "Have you guys thought about when you're getting married yet?" she asked him.

"Not yet, we haven't thought about it." he told her "Heck, maybe we should have a double wedding……hell, we could have a double honeymoon too…&hellip.now that would be kinky." she told him. Justin smiled and scratched his chin, "You know, that would be really fun……get one room with two king sized beds……&hellip.musical beds." He laughed Alisha was smiling, thinking that might just be one hell of a honeymoon&hellip.all of them in one room.

She was kidding at first, but the more she thought about it…&hellip.she is going to bring this up to Colin and Cody and see what they think. Alisha and Justin both feel really good after the little office break.

Justin has to go meet Cody and Alisha needs to finish her computer work. When she finishes, she gets in her truck and starts home. About two miles down the county road she passes the truck she saw last night headed toward the ranch.

Alisha sees the driver and it is David Lee. She decided to go by and see how construction is going on the new house. She decides to waste about a half hour, then go back to her parents house. When she gets to the building site, she is really surprised, the outside looks finished. She parks and goes in. As she walks through the house, she is very impressed and surprised how far along it is.

Every room she goes through she falls in love with. If Melvin continues at this rate, it will be finished within the month. She will have to come out and talk with Melvin next week and see what his thinking is.

She looks at her watch, about 40 minutes have passed, it's time to go back and see what she can see. In her mind she hopes that her Mom is having a good time, she deserves it. When she drives up to the house, she sees the truck parked out front. She gets out and goes into the house, like she always does.

When she is inside the house is quiet, no one in sight. She nonchalantly walked into the kitchen and got a glass of tea from the refrigerator. She quietly calls for her Mom&hellip.hearing nothing she wanders back to the entry hall and calls for her Mom again……still nothing. She hears something faintly in the living room, so she walks that way. The closer she gets the louder it gets, it's her mom and she sounds out of breath.

As Alisha walks into the living room she sees her Mom bent over the back of the couch, with David behind her fucking her like there was no tomorrow.

Alisha looks at Anne's body, she is beautiful, she thinks to herself&hellip.for a fifty year old woman she isn't bad. Anne's eyes are rolled back in her head and she is breathing like she just ran from the barn to the house. David has hold of her hips and is pulling her on and off of his big cock. Anne opens her eyes momentarily and sees Alisha standing there.

She had a look of terror on her face when she saw her. David was still pounding his cock into her and hadn't seen Alisha yet.

He noticed that Anne was moving differently and opened his eyes…&hellip.he then saw Alisha. Surprised, he pulled out of Anne. Alisha couldn't take her eyes off of his 11 inch cock, glistening with Anne's juices coating it. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't…………&hellip." she said as her Mom stood up, trying to cover herself. "Oh Alisha, I'm the one who's sorry, I know what this must look like, but, I didn't expect you to come back………" Anne was pleading, still trying to cover herself up.

Alisha's gaze drifted back to David's shinning cock. She took a drink of her tea and sat down. "Professor," she said, "cover up your tool and Mom, compose yourself. I have to say I was somewhat shocked when I just came in, but you know, you two are adults and I presume you know what you're doing, so who am I to judge, hell I've screwed a married man before too, Mom. So, please, go back to what you were doing, and I'm going to go home and screw my fiance.

Mom, I'll talk to you tomorrow." She turned and started for the door. She felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned it was Anne, standing there naked. "Alisha, I am so sorry&hellip." she started. Alisha cut her off, "Mom, I want you to be happy, if this makes you happy, more power to you……hell, looking at his cock, I might just join you," she laughed.

Anne, sensing that Alisha approved, thanked her for being open minded and not condemning her. "Are you going to say anything to Bob?" she asked. "No, Mom, this is your business, if you want to get laid, go for it.

If Professor Lee floats your boat, do it. Mom, you'd die if you knew all the men I've fucked, you know about a lot of them. Like I've always said, if it feels good, do it." Anne hugged Alisha and thanked her for understanding.

Alisha stood back and looked at Anne's naked body. "Mom, I must tell you, you are one hot woman, I don't care what you think. I look at you and I see me…&hellip.I love you Mom, you and David go have some fun, I'm going home, talk to you tomorrow." As she drove away, a thin smile came across her lips. "I hope she enjoys fucking as much as I do, she deserves it.

She pulled into her driveway and went inside……and there was Colin, sitting on the couch with a hard on.

"Come in Alisha, I've been waiting for you, you beautiful piece of ass, I love you and I'm in dire need of you." he said as she came toward him. "Well my o my, you long dicked man of mine, I think I've got just what the doctor ordered for you." She walked toward him taking her clothes off, dropping them to the floor and smiling wide.

"Would you like the pleasure of my face lips or would you like the pleasure of my pussy lips? The choice is yours," she said as she presented her naked body to him. He was enjoying the eye candy and said……&hellip."BOTH, PLEASE !" Alisha went to her knees in front of him and took his hard cock down her throat. Colin loved it when she deep throated him. She held it there for a minute, enjoying feeling it jerk and swell.

She slid her mouth off his hard cock and began to lick it like a lollipop, watching drops of pre-cum pop from the dick slit, and removing them with her tongue. Colin had laid back enjoying the pleasure that Alisha was bestowing on him.

He thought, "I'll let her get the cum she wants, then I'll go down on her and get her cum in my mouth, she is so tasty." She worked his cock over with here succulent lips till he gave her his gift. As he released his flood of sweet cum, she put her index finger up his ass and massaged his prostate.

This is a feeling like no other, he thought, my Alisha is so talented on so many fronts. She took all the cum he released and swallowed it like candy. She caressed his cock and balls for a few minutes, licking the remaining beads of cum that emerged from the end.

Once she had him hard again, she straddled his erect cock and sat slowly down on it till she felt his balls against her perfect ass.

She did a slow grind on Colin, him holding her waist and caressing her nipples. Her hands and arms were resting on his chest supporting her as she pumped long, slow strokes on his manhood. After a full hour of grinding, kissing, feeling and caressing, they both had extraordinary orgasms that were so powerful the earth shook under them.

They both were suspended in a flurry of orgasmic eruptions that they felt for what seemed like hours. They collapsed in each others arms, exhausted and fell into a deep sleep, not to awake until early the next morning. When they awoke the next morning, Alisha kissed Colin and told him she loved him. She got off of him and they went to the shower and prepared for the day. At breakfast, Alisha asked Colin what he thought about having a double wedding with Justin and Cody. He smiled wide and told her he was all for it.

The four of them could have a really good time together, he thought. Alisha said she thought they could really have a good time if they took a double honeymoon. Colin liked that idea. Alisha told him that she had discussed it with Justin when he dropped off the cow data yesterday. "I was going to see what you thought about it when I got home last night, but, you distracted me, rather pleasurably I might say. He smiled and told her that if Cody was willing, they should get together and discuss it.

They both had a lot to do this week, so when they finished breakfast, they went to their work. When Alisha got to the office the next morning, Anne's car was parked out front.

She and Alisha hugged when Alisha went into the office. "I just had to come talk to you before I went into town. I think I owe you an explanation." Anne timidly told her. It's not that I don't love Bob, because I do……I do very much. It's just that our sex desires have gone different directions.

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I don't love David&hellip. he is just a fuck buddy. He still loves his wife, but she doesn't put out either. We met when I did a guest lecture for his class. We had coffee together after the class and one thing led to another and we were in bed together. Alisha, I need intimate sex, someone who takes his time with me and is conscious of my needs. Your Dad doesn't give it to me that way…&hellip.he is always in a hurry or tired……I hope you understand, nothing will change as far as our family is concerned, I promise you." Alisha listened, understanding the whole thing.

"Mom, you know I'm a really sexual woman, I crave it, I crave the intimacy from the man I'm with. I know what you are talking about, just don't worry, I will not mention this to a living soul, it's our secret and if you continue with it, it's fine, you can even use me for an excuse.

I just want you to be happy Mom, whatever it takes." "I know how close you and your Dad are, Alisha, and I didn't know what you were thinking when you left yesterday, so I had to talk to you before Bob returns. By the way dear, I know what he does in Vegas, I've known for a long time. It's what he needs and I won't deny him his fun, I know he won't leave me either because, he does love me, I know that." Alisha and Anne hugged and Anne went on to work.

Alisha smiled and continued her data input. She finished her computer work and decided to go out and ride through the cattle, it is such a beautiful day. She rode through all the cows and watched the calves running and playing. She loved the animals and she loved this ranch, it means more to her than anything on this earth. The ranch simply is her life. Jack is enjoying the ride too. When his owner is with him, it makes his day.

No one else on this ranch means anything to Jack, he is truly Alisha's horse. Alisha spurs him into a full gallop. She is laying down close to his neck as they fly across the meadows, moving as one&hellip.one might say, poetry in motion. Justin is in one of the pastures checking the cows and see's Alisha and Jack flying across the meadow. He smiles and shakes his head. He can't help but notice how smoothly they move together. He goes back to his work. As they approach a fence Alisha keeps Jack running full out.

When he gets to it Jack jumps the fence, clearing it by at least three feet. He lands safely on the other side and continues running toward the barn. It's a great afternoon. When they get back to the barn, one of the hands takes Jack to cool him out, unsaddle him and groom him.

As she walks back to the office she sees Cody standing out front. She is happy and tells Alisha that Justin had mentioned to her about a double wedding. "I'm so happy that you want to do this&hellip.Can we all go on a double honeymoon too? That would be fucking great as far as I'm concerned." Alisha smiled and told her that she and Justin should come over and they could make plans.

The girls decided they would get together about six and go out to eat. They decide they will talk it out over dinner. They go into the office and continue their conversation. Cody asks her if she knows if there is anything wrong with their Mom. Of course Alisha promised Anne she wouldn't tell anyone and she thoroughly intends to keep that promise.

"No, I don't know of anything, maybe she's just tired, I know she has been working a lot lately." Cody replies that is probably what it is and drops the subject. Alisha is done for the day and tells Cody that she is going home to get ready to go out.

They decide to just meet at the golf course at six. When she gets home, Colin is driving in also. "Hi Colin, how was your day?" "It was great, I got so much done today, not many interruptions." he told her. "I told Cody we'd have dinner with them at the golf course at six, is that all right with you?" she asked.

"Sure, that's fine, I'll go in and shower and change and we can go." he said to her raising his eyebrows and smiling. "Later, buster," she said, "if I have sex with you, we won't get there till 9.……I really need you tonight……I've thought about you all day." she told him. He smiled and went to get ready, Alisha right behind him.

They got to the golf course a little after six. Cody and Justin were already there. The four of them had drinks, ordered diner and talked about the double wedding idea.

It was unanimous………there will be a double wedding&hellip.AND&hellip.a double honeymoon. Colin told them that they would take his Gulfstream and go to Hawaii. He knew a guy that would find them a furnished house to rent and they could all stay together&hellip.which everyone was 100 percent in favor of. Everyone input their ideas about the amenities they would like in the house&hellip.Colin took notes. Cody was smiling, "Just think, we can switch partners all we want and get all the fucking we can handle." They all liked that idea.

Alisha quietly told them, "We are just a big bunch of perverts aren't we………and I love it." They all laughed. The wedding date was set for May 20th. Now, they just to have a family meeting out at Bob and Anne's and inform them of the double wedding.

The rest, well, they don't think they should inform Bob and Anne about these plans…these plans are best kept between the four of them. After dinner the four of them all go to their homes. Everyone is too tired to get into a big swap tonight.

When Alisha and Colin get home, they decide to go to bed, they're both worn out after last night. Alisha has a meeting with Ben Williams from BioGen tomorrow at lunch. She needs some restthe sex has been hot and heavy for the last week and she has really been used up. Colin says to Alisha, "My dear, I love you so much, I realize you need the rest, and the truth be known, so do I. Let's just sleep, we have a lot of time to have sex." Alisha smiled and kissed him as she stripped and got into bed.

Within minutes, they were both sound asleep……and it wasn't even 10 yet. ***************** Not knowing it, Alisha and Colin have committed to each other deeper than either of them have ever done with anyone in their lives.

Unknown to her at this point her obsession with sex has subsided. Now, she only has sex because she loves it, including the sex with animals. She feels that the intimacy of sex and the pleasures it gives her make her whole.

She does, however, enjoy being dominated, somewhat, by Colin&hellip.especially when he wants her to fuck strangers while he watches. She thoroughly enjoys the sex, but does it mainly because she is deeply in love with Colin and she feels that it's her duty to make him happy, thus her repeated comment, "I'll do anything for you Colin, anything." Colin is truly, deeply in love with Alisha also………and he will do anything for her.

He knows she is beautiful with an absolutely perfect body. Watching someone else take her beautiful body, gives him a sexual rush that he can only satisfy with Alisha. They both have perverted desires in sex and their perversions haven't started to reached their apex yet. ********************* Alisha is up and gone early. She has a lot of preparation to do before the BioGen representative arrives at noon.

She will need to have her breeding schedule finalized and ready to send with him so they can schedule their personnel to be at the ranch on the right days. The breeding dates are very important to the success of their breeding program so that they can plan their marketing strategies.

She has a lot to get done. As she goes to the ranch, she passes by the house that Justin lives in, it is owned by the ranch and sets back away from the rest of the buildings at the headquarters. She notices that Cody's car is parked there and that Justin hasn't left for work yet, but, she thinks laughing, it's only 6:30 am, Justin probably still has his cock in my sister.

As she passes her parents house, David is kissing Anne on the front porch…&hellip.she thinks, "Cutting it a little close time wise aren't you Mom." Alisha drives up to the office and goes in. She knows that she has at least two to three hours of work to finish up her breeding schedules and Justin still hasn't brought the last data for her yet…&hellip."Damn," she says out loud.

She has quite a bit of data to start with, but will need what Justin has in the next hour or so. Justin shows up at about 8 and comes in the office with the remaining data sheets. "Say, Justin, how many cows haven't calved yet?" Justin pulls his notebook out of his hip pocket and flips through the pages. "It looks like…………45 as of last night, Alisha." "Well Justin, today I want you guys to separate out all the cows that haven't calved and pen them in the corals.

If they don't calve today, we'll send them to the livestock auction and replace them with young pairs." Justin made notes in his note book and told Alisha that he will get it done. Alisha also told him to go through the separate groups of cattle and group them by the dates the calves were born so that all the calves in the new groups were born within 5 days of each other.

Things were starting to come together at last. Alisha has completed her breeding schedules and still has time before Ben from BioGen arrives. She and Justin sit and talk about the breeding program and the next step of the feed program she wants instituted this week. "Justin, I'll have the recipe for the new ration for you later today so you can get things set at the mill and start it tomorrow." Alisha told him.

It was getting close to noon and Justin told her that he had to get out with the hands and get things started. Alisha walked out with him to his truck telling him some details. She looked up the driveway and saw a white pickup coming toward the office. She could see the BioGen logo on the door. Justin told her, "Later Boss," and left for the corals. In a few minutes, the BioGen rep drove up to the office. Alisha watched as a tall, good looking guy in a cowboy hat, boots, jeans and a light weight jacket, approached her.

He reached out to shake her hand and introduced himself as Ben Williams, the area rep for BioGen. Alisha introduced herself and asked him to come in the office. They discussed the program at length and she showed him her breeding schedule. He looked it over and told her that it was easily doable.

This made her a happy camper. Ben asked her if he could take her to lunch and they could talk more about the program, which she accepted. They got into his truck and went to town, Alisha suggested Cattails Restaurant at the golf course as it would be quieter and the rush should be over by now.

After they were seated at Cattails, Ben told her what a stunning woman she is and that he had not expected to meet such a vivacious woman running such a large cattle ranch.

Alisha played the role and pretended to be somewhat embarrassed and lightly blushed. She told him thank you and that he was too kind. Ben asked her if she was married or otherwise attached and Alisha told him she was engaged and would be married in May. Ben volunteered that he was single and didn't have a regular girlfriend. He told her he was on the road so much that it wasn't conducive to a long term relationship.

Alisha, with her vast experience with men, was reading between the lines. He was coming on to her, following the textbook approach, so, she played along thinking, "I'd love to fuck this beautiful hunk of cowboy." She had noticed a huge bulge in his jeans as they drove to the restaurant and wondered how many inches of sweet meat he had confined in that small area.

The conversation changed from business to that of a personal nature. "Well Alisha, I'm going to be down here a lot in the next couple of months, do you think that even though you're engaged, we might get together sometime?" Alisha, at this point, knew exactly what he was hinting at…&hellip.he wanted in her pants.

As she looked into his eyes she knew that she would like to be in his pants also. She thought to herself, "this guy is a perfect victim for Colin and I and our little game of 'watch the guy fuck Alisha." They continued their conversation and Alisha said to him, "If I'm hearing you right, Ben, you want to go to bed with me, am I right?" Ben looked long and hard at her, "Yes, Alisha, I'd love to make love to you&hellip.you are so beautiful and desirable, I've been lusting for you since I first laid eyes on you." "Well Ben, I think you and I should go somewhere and get better acquainted, what do you think?" Ben's eyes lit up as he looked from her face to her breasts.

"Where would you like to go?" There's no one at my house and I'm not expecting anyone, want to go over there?" she asked him, smiling. Alisha excused herself, telling him she had to go to the restroom. When inside, she called Colin and told him she had a new cock wanting to screw her.

Colin was excited and told her that he could be to the house and get everything running in 15 minutes and could she not get there before then. Alisha told him to get moving, she would have another glass of tea… that should give him time.

Colin said, "Go for it honey, see all of you in a little while." She went back to the table and found that the waitress had filled her tea glass again, so, she sat down and began to sip at it and continue the sexy conversation with Ben.

After 10 minutes of her teasing, Ben's cock was hard and it was very uncomfortable in his tight jeans. Alisha finished off her tea and asked him if he'd like to go……he smiled and as he got up she saw the bulge in his jeans had grown by huge proportions. They got into Ben's pickup and drove to Alisha's house. Alisha teased him on the way there, she leaned over the console and rubbed her hand across his bulging jeans. She got a couple of moans from him&hellip.she just smiled and continued.

They parked in the drive way, Alisha led him to the front door. She unlocked the door and turned around just in time to get a wet kiss laid upon her parted lips. Ben pushed her against the wall while he kissed her and cupped her breasts. His hands went to the buttons on her blouse and began to open them, followed by his lips kissing around the edge of her bra. His hands went to her ass and pulled her to him as he pushed his tongue into her mouth and attacked her tongue. Alisha put both hands to the outside of his jeans and squeezed his cock aggressively.

He began to open her jeans………that's when she stopped him and said, "Not here, let's go inside and get naked, I want to swallow your cock and the cum it is going to deliver into my mouth." With that, he backed off and Alisha opened the door, took him by the hand and led him into the guest bedroom.

She had no sooner closed the door and Ben was half undressed. Alisha began to peel her clothes off, keeping her bra and panties on. Ben was removing his shirt, his boxers were still on. Alisha went to her knees and pulled the boxers to his ankles, then took his huge cock in her mouth and began to noisily suck it, drooling her saliva onto the floor. Ben was moaning and fumbling with her bra.

Alisha could feel her hot cunt dripping her cum out and soaking her panties. She kept aggressively sucking his cock, deep throating him as much as she could. His cock was only about 7 inches long, but was as big around as her wrist. When she took him down her throat, she could feel the front of her neck enlarge as she took his thick cock down deep inside. She had grasped his ass cheeks and was holding him in her mouth, she wanted to drink his cum, she wanted to taste that sweet semen and swish it inside her mouth before she swallowed it all down into her stomach.

As she continued her oral assault on his plump penis, she felt small squirts of cum hit the back of her throat…&hellip.then came the tidal wave of his thick, white cum, gushing into her mouth. She swallowed the first torrents as rapidly as she could, she didn't want to waste a drop.

There were small threads of his cum, oozing from the corners of her mouth as she continued to squeeze his balls and tongue the underside of his engorged throbbing meat, feeling each pulse of cum push the length of his cock and dump into her oral cavity. Ben thought he had died and went to heaven. He was finished shooting his load when he grasped Alisha under the arms and lifted her to the bed in one fell swoop.

He tossed her into the middle of the mattress, grasped her feet and spread her legs wide and looked at the wet folds of skin inside her sweet pink pussy lips. Alisha noticed that he had not lost any of his erection as he crawled onto the bed and hovered above her waiting body. He took a moment and looked at every inch of her naked body lying under him……&hellip.how beautiful she is, he thinks.

He lowers his ass down and rubs the head of his cock up and down her wet slit, separating the rose petals that surround her pleasure channel. His big piston begins to push inside her very slowly. He is enjoying watching it penetrate her and seeing her face as it goes deeper and deeper till his balls bounce on her ass cheeks. Ben lowered himself down onto his elbows, he licks her erect nipples and watches them spring back as his tongue loses contact with them.

Alisha is going out of her mind with pleasure, his thick cock has filled her pussy and is rubbing spots inside that are driving her to an explosive orgasm……&hellip.a big, big one…&hellip.and there it is, a runaway freight train of an orgasm.

She arches her back and bucks her hips to meet his thrust. His balls bang onto her ass. Ben has raised his torso up onto his hands and Alisha has spread and pulled her knees up toward her tits, pushing her pussy up to Ben, giving him the deepest access to her wanting cunt.

She feels Ben shove his cock as deep into her as he possibly can and then she feels the hot sensation of him filling her love channel with his sticky seed.

Alisha wraps her legs around his tight ass and pulls him into her. They are both having super hot orgasms, cumming with each other, moaning, groaning and writhing on the bed.

When their orgasms tail off, Ben is lying down on top of Alisha, his cock still buried inside her, her legs are spread out wide as are her arms. They are both breathing like they just ran a mile at full speed, sweat is dripping off of them both and his cum is seeping out around his dick and down onto the bed.

Alisha can hear Ben quietly saying, "OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK……ALISHA, THAT WAS FUCKING FANTASTIC, YOU ARE THE BEST PIECE OF ASS I'VE EVER HAD…&hellip.IN MY WHOLE LIFE…&hellip.DAMN!" He rolled off of her and lay on his back. Alisha sat up on one elbow and looked up and down at his body, stretched out. He is wet with sweat all over and his semi-hard cock is laying on his abdomen, wet with their cum, glistening in the light.

She goes to it and begins to lick it clean. She gets up on her knees between his legs and continues to lick his cock and balls, removing the remnants of cum from his cock and balls. She takes both his balls into her mouth and sucks on them as she puts her finger up his ass. His cock immediately returns to its hard and erect state.

She sucks it violently and makes it stand. Alisha pulls herself up onto the head of his throbbing rod and slides down on it till she feels his balls touch her perfect ass……then she begins to fuck him steady and fast, reaching around and grasping his balls in her left hand.

He right hand is busy quickly rubbing small circles on her clit………she goes into another, earth shaking climax. She can hear the squishy sounds her sopping wet pussy is making as his cock plunges into her time after time……then he blows his load into her trembling cunt, enhancing the waves of pleasure she is feeling.

When the seas have calmed, Alisha stands up and wipes a handful of his cum from her dripping cunt and licks it all off. She looks down at Ben and says, "Well Ben, we've both got our rocks off good, we need to get back to the office and finalize our deal………that sound good to you?" Ben just nods, unable to speak clearly, he has never seen a woman like Alisha Moore……&hellip.one minute passionately fucking his brains out, yelling and screaming for him to fuck the shit out of her, then the next minute, she is all business.

She is one hell of a woman, he thinks to himself. Alisha goes into the bathroom and cleans the cum out of her pussy as Ben gets dressed. Alisha comes out, still naked. Ben gets another look at her perfect body before she gets dressed. That is a sight he won't soon forget. Once dressed, they drive back out to the office and conclude their work.

Ben asks her is she wants to go out tonight for dinner and another fuck. She smiles and tells him, "Sorry, lover, I can't ……my fiance will be home tonight and I know he will want to have me in his bed…&hellip.thanks for the invite though&hellip.it's been fun. Maybe the next time you're down we can do this again," she smiles her wicked little smile at him and winks. "Damn," he says, I'm getting hard again, shit!" Alisha excuses herself telling him she has to go.

She kisses him on the cheek and they go to the door. "Hey Ben, if there is any more paperwork you need, just let me know, bye," she says as she gets into her truck and leaves. Ben just stands by his truck watches as she drives away, "What a woman," he says out loud. He gets into his truck and points it toward Monte Vista, he has an appointment there tomorrow morning……he might as well get a room over there.

His cock is still hard and he knows he should pull over and jack off and get rid of that load that is building, that will make him more comfortable……&hellip. Alisha gets home and knows that Colin probably has blue balls by now, after watching the fuck fest that went on in the guest bedroom. She goes inside and hollers his name.

She hears him answer from their bedroom. She is stripping as she walks down the hall leaving her clothes where they fall. She enters the bedroom and Colin is on the bed, naked, his cock beckoning her to climb on…&hellip.which she does.

In a matter of minutes, Colin is spurting his rich sperm into her hot pussy and Alisha is feeling her earthquake orgasm one more time. Colin knows that no other woman in the world could do the things Alisha does……&hellip.she is so fucking good………shit, he wants her again, so he rolls her over on her back and mounts her, slamming his cock deep into her hot pussy again.

This time they fuck for over two hours before going to sleep in each other's arms again. Alisha has again given Colin his ultimate desire…&hellip.he again watched a good looking man ride his bride to be and fill her beautiful, perfect pussy with his hot sperm.

He is happy and life is good. The week passes pretty quickly. Bob has returned from Vegas and seems to be happy and in a good mood. Alisha hasn't said anything to him about anything she saw while he was gone.

"Well Dad, how was the trip." she asks. "It was great, made $25,000 on the craps table, saw several shows, partied a lot, even went out and went fishing on the Colorado below Hoover Dam.…&hellip.it was great, as usual." he replied to her. Alisha knew that he had not mentioned one thing…&hellip.that he'd got his brain fucked out by that twenty something chick he always had while he was out there. To Alisha it really didn't make any difference if her parents were fucking around, they had level heads and would not put any of their assets at risk………basically they were both really greedy and couldn't face losing anything to anyone outside the family.

Alisha filled Bob in on everything that had happened on the ranch. "You just keep reaffirming everything I know about you, Pumpkin. You damn sure know what you're doing around here. I went out this morning and looked at the calf crop.

it's great……and then I think about what next year will bring when you have the whole year to get it done. I looked at the cows that haven't calved yet, pretty small group. Justin told me that you had told him to get them to the sale ring and buy pairs to replace them. You will have all the cows evened out and ready to start the new breeding program with all the cows coming in heat at the same time.

Brilliant, Alisha, absolutely brilliant&hellip.Hell, I can start going to Vegas more. The way you run this place, I can retire !" Alisha felt good that Bob knew that she could run the place. She asked him if Anne or Cody had told him the good news. He looked at Alisha with a puzzled look, "No, what news?" Alisha grinned, "Cody and Justin are going to get married." "Well, I'll be damned………I couldn't have picked a better guy for her myself.

That makes me happy as hell. When are they getting hitched?" he asked. "We are going to have a double wedding, Dad. You get to walk both of us down the aisle at the same time." she anxiously told him. "That's great. What is he going to do about his job?" he asked with a concerned look on his face.

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"He wants to continue doing what he is doing and he wants Cody to pursue her career. He said he had no designs on being an owner of the ranch, he just wants to play an important role here. I think that there are several ways to approach this, Dad. After a while, maybe he can buy some land and we can set up a limited partnership with him, that way, our ranch stays in tact, and his ranch could be separate, yet merged with us on a year to year basis…&hellip.what do you think about that?" "As usual, Pumpkin, you are thinking in the right direction.

We'll just sit back and see what happens." Bob told her as he got his hat and headed for the office door. "Guess I'll go up to the house and see how Anne's pulse is………I never know what to expect anymore. Alisha grinned at him and said, "Good luck". He smiled and went on his way. Alisha knew that Anne had been screwing David almost every day since he had been gone……but again, she really didn't care one way or the other, she just wanted her parents to be happy, whatever it took.

In the weeks that followed, things were very busy on the ranch, preparing for the breeding season. Alisha continued her pursuit of making Colin happy, she got laid a lot by many different guys&hellip.while Colin watched their cocks ravage her body.

Of course, Alisha got a lot of pleasure out of it herself every time but once…&hellip.she got slapped around by one of her lovers who liked to give out very rough sex. He had started out by just spanking her bare ass, which Alisha really didn't mind, but it escalated into him slapping her face, then he hit her in the stomach with a closed fist…&hellip.that's when Colin stepped in and cleaned his clock……&hellip.that's when Alisha learned that Colin is a third degree black belt in Twi Kon Do and was more than able to defend himself or her, should the occasion ever arise.

Clearly this guy was a full 6 inches taller than Colin and outweighed him by a good 50 pounds. Colin beat him to a pulp……he didn't just beat him, he really hurt the guy telling him, "You can fuck my woman and make her feel good, but, you don't hit my woman, you don't mistreat my woman unless you want your ass kicked and your balls removed.

It shook up Alisha when he brought out a knife, "You might kill the son of a bitch, Colin, I have found you and I don't want to lose you, please don't castrate him, you will be in a lot of trouble." Colin looked at Alisha and nodded his agreement with her and put the knife away. While the guy laid there on the floor, Alisha walked up to him and kicked him in the balls………twice. That was all the get even she needed. Alisha is lucky that she hasn't come across a guy like this before.

She knows now, that Colin can and will take care of her should she get into trouble again. Colin got the guy to his feet and took him to the front door. He told him he never wanted to see him again or something bad was sure to happen to him. He pushed him out the front door onto the lawn and threw his clothes out as well. After a little while, they heard his truck start and drive away&hellip.never to be seen again.

Colin took Alisha into the bathroom and cleaned her face where it was bleeding and put a small band aid on it. Alisha grabbed Colin and said, "thank you for saving me, I wasn't sure where that was going to end." He pulled her close and kissed her and told her, "Alisha, when I saw him hit you in the stomach, I knew I had to stop it all right then, I thought he was going to continue beating on you till he grew tired of you.

I'll take care of you Alisha, don't ever worry." They went into their bedroom and Alisha disrobed Colin and pushed him down on the bed.

She went to his cock and began to give him a blow job like none he had ever had. When he came, Alisha took his 8 inches down her throat and he shot his load of hot cum directly into her stomach.

Then she got on top of him and pleasured him for the next two hours. He'd get close to cumming, she would stop and delay it then begin again. When she finally did let him cum, it was a gusher that resembled an oil well blowing. He filled her to the brim&hellip.soon it was running down his balls onto the bed. Alisha smiled, kissed him and went down and licked his genitals clean.

She had found that Colin was her protector and she would continue to do whatever he wanted her to do. CHAPTER 13 For Alisha and Colin the world was theirs.

For them, life was good. Each had found the 'soul mate' they had searched their whole lives for. Their businesses were prospering and expanding. They were more than compatible, one's desires mirrored the other. To them sex was a huge game and the biggest turn on either could ever want. Now, with Cody and Justin getting married and their sexual desires and habits being ever as strong as Colin and Alisha's, the sex games would continue and grow. Justin's views were almost as perverted as the others, but no one knew what his thoughts were on fucking animals.

Cody was into dogs, horses and pigs as was Alisha, but her desires there were much greater than Alisha's. Several times she had Alisha take her to San Acacio on those clandestine Saturday afternoons so she could fuck the boar again. She had gotten where she didn't want to clean out, she wanted to be filled with pig cum and keep it for the two or three days it took to go away.

She has not said anything to Justin about her kinky desire to fuck animals and he has never given her a hint about whether he would go for it or not&hellip.so Cody is waiting and listening for any hint of his feelings on the subject.

But……in the mean time Saturday has come again and Cody and Justin are going over to Colin and Alisha's for dinner and a sex marathon. As Cody and Justin arrive, Colin is grilling the steaks and sipping on a drink. Alisha is finishing up dinner in the kitchen. Cody goes to help Alisha while Justin goes outside on the patio to visit with Colin. They all had drinks and talked and flirted. When dinner and the dishes were done, they all stripped and paired off.

Justin and Alisha went into the living room and began kissing and feeling the other's body. They stood face to face, they would kiss then back off and let their hands explore the other's body. Justin put his hands on either side of her head and began to run his fingers through her hair and massaged the back of her neck. Alisha had both hands on his cock and balls, stroking and fondling. Justin's hands went down her neck and out to her shoulders and down her arms then to her breasts.

He cuped both her breasts and pinched the nipples between his thumbs and index fingers. He watched the nipples as they grew harder and harder. Alisha's hands had made his cock hard. Her fingers found the drops of pre-cum it expelled and rubbed it all around its head, her other hand gently squeezed his balls. His cock jerked and pushed more pre-cum out. His hands had found her swollen pink outer lips and were caressing them, spreading them exposing the folds of skin of her wet inner lips.

Colin grasped Alisha's hips and lowered himself to the floor. His kissed her mound and touched his tongue to her engorged clit……his tongue rubbed small circles on her clitoris and she gasped as his tongue slid further down her slit and found the entrance to her dripping pussy. He clamped his lips around her clit, licking it while he slid two fingers up into her hot cunt. He sucked, licked and probed her intimate parts with his fingers and tongue till Alisha let out a moan and began to cum.

She squirted all over his face and chest and he eagerly drank up all her cum he could, continuing to stimulate her and furthering her orgasm. They were quite a sight to see, him on his knees eating her like a steak dinner…her legs spread wide apart, his hands on her hips and her hands on his head, pulling him to her. He wanted her badly as she writhed through another orgasm, he turned her and pushed her up on the cushions of the couch on her knees.

She lay forward on to the back of the couch as Justin walked up behind her and slid his hard dick back and forth through her slit, the head massaging her clit as it moved. Alisha went into another orgasm and was yelling, "JUSTIN, PUT YOUR FUCKING COCK IN MY PUSSY AND FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME RIGHT NOW, DAMN IT JUSTIN, FUCK ME RIGHT NOW…&hellip.I NEED YOUR FUCKING COCK IN MY PUSSY……&hellip.RIGHT NOW !!!!" With that tongue lashing, he rammed his cock all the way into her drenched pussy and felt the head hit her cervix.

He pulled it out and pushed it in again, wedging the head of his cock partially into the cervix. On the third try, he entered her uterus and began to fill it with his hot juice of passion. Stream after hot stream of his jizz erupted into her most inner self. She had felt pain as his cock pushed through her orifice, but soon the pain subsided and intense pleasure flowed through her body from head to toe. Justin pulled back and pushed his hard manhood into her again, squirting sperm all over her insides.

The volume of semen was so great that it was freely running out of her pussy and down the insides of both her thighs. She was having an exquisite orgasm, her abdomen was having severe contractions and her body shook. All these vibrations Justin felt in his cock and it pushed him directly into a second consecutive orgasm.

Alisha spun around when she felt him dropping another load and took his cock into her mouth and began sucking it like a vacuum cleaner, before she got it into her mouth, Justin shot several shots of cum on her face and tits. His thick cum dripped off her chin and off her nipples as she sucked him dry and swallowed it all.

On the floor, Colin had fucked Cody in all her holes and shot wads of his cum into two of them. Cody was hungrily sucking him trying to get his load into her mouth. Like Alisha, she loved the taste of cum and wanted this load down her throat and into her belly……&hellip.then all of a sudden, she got it…&hellip.Colin filled her mouth till his cum ran out the corners of her mouth and dripped down on her beautiful breasts.

She moaned as she slurped it all up and sent it down her throat into her stomach. Everyone was spent, they all had had multiple orgasms and had used up all their strength.

Colin lifted Cody up to her feet and took her to the couch where Justin and Alisha were sitting. Alisha was stroking Justin's cock and it was beginning to harden again. Colin had Cody sit on Justin's cock, taking it up her ass. He moved into position between her legs and put his cock into her open pussy……&hellip.the double penetration began.

At first, Cody felt like she was going to be split up the middle, but as they pumped in and out of her, the discomfort disappeared and pleasure overcame her. She started cumming, her body convulsing with pleasure. She was in the middle of an extreme orgasm when she felt Colin and Justin coating her insides with their hot cum.

She had so much cum running out of her that a large puddle appeared on the floor. The two of them withdrew their cocks from Cody. Justin motioned to Alisha to take Cody's place.

She slid her tight ass down on his big cock, then Colin inserted his meat into her pussy. They fucked her hard for several minutes, pushing her into orgasm as they blew their loads deep inside her. Cody and Alisha were full of sperm from the two men and now when they stood, gobs of thick cum ran from their gaping pussies and asses, down the insides of their legs and onto the floor…&hellip.they definitely are two beautiful cum buckets.

The two women looked at each other and laughed. They laid down on the floor in a 69 position and sucked the cum from each other's pussies, swallowing all of the juices they could get. Colin and Justin sat on the couch, watching and jacking off their hard, throbbing rods. After the two beauties emptied the cum from each other.

they crawled up in front of their two men, took their cocks in their mouths and sucked the hot cum from them. They had been so turned on by the two ladies, they had pleasured themselves to a point they needed release&hellip.so Alisha and Cody sucked their cocks till their hot, thick cum filled their mouths…&hellip.then they eagerly swallowed it all.

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After all this hard action, they all showered and went to sleep. In the weeks that followed, the only sex that Alisha had was with Colin. She was going through a period of uneasiness with her open sexual attitude. Her lustful feelings for strange men and animals had subsided considerably, much to her surprise.

In her mind she had realized just how perverted she had become and that she should just settle to be with Colin. Alisha had been very busy at the ranch so her mind had really been occupied by work and not pleasure.

Colin had made several suggestions that she hook up with someone so he could watch or even go next door and get Spartacus and let him enjoy watching her getting fucked.

Alisha told him that she was busy with things at the ranch and just didn't have the time for these activities right now and in addition to that she was tired and needed her rest. Colin understood and didn't try to browbeat her about it. On the other hand, Alisha made herself available to him whenever he wanted it and the sex they had was always excellent for both of them.

Alisha was elected as President of the Valley Cattleman's Association at their annual meeting. There were several meetings she had to make throughout the year as part of her job as president.

The first meeting was in a couple of days and Alisha was going. Colin told her he couldn't go because of some business meetings he had to go to in Dallas. He told her he would have Jeff take her to Denver in the jet then he could come back and pick him up and get him down to Dallas for his meetings.

When his meetings were finished he would fly to Denver and pick up Alisha then they could go home. Alisha thought it was a good plan. On her way home, she decided to stop at the new house and see how things were coming along. She hoped that they could move in soon and get out of town.

Alisha preferred to live out in the country, she liked to be able to go out and run on the ranch, she liked to be able to go out and target shoot, without having to drive several miles to get out of town. Plus, she just didn't like her neighbors to be able to watch whatever she was doing As she drove up she noticed that Melvin was still there.

She was glad he was still here, she had a few things she wanted changed and she needed to talk to him about them. Once inside, she found Melvin working on some trim work. He was noticeably glad to see hervit had been a while since he had been able to be alone with her and he really wanted to get into her pants again. "Hi Alisha, it's good to see you.

What do you think about the house?" he asked her as she came in/ "Melvin, I think it's beautiful, you're doing a great job. I've just got a few things I want you to change, but it's nothing major." She took Melvin through the house and showed him the things she was talking about.

"This will not be very hard to do, Alisha, we'll try to get them done early next week. So, how have you been………you look great, as usual." he said to her, looking at her from head to toe. Alisha could see what was on his mind by the way he looked at her. It had been quite some time since she had fucked anyone but Colin and she was thinking she was wanting a little strange again.

She looked at his jeans and could see he had a hard on. It made her hot to think she had this effect on men. She had the time and it would feel really good to have a different cock inside her. She smiled her sexiest smile at Melvin, put her hand on his shoulder and said, "What do you have in mind Melvin?" she asked him,visibly looking at the bulge in his jeans. "Well beautiful, it's been a while since we've had sex, how about it&hellip.all the carpet has been delivered and is piled in the other room." he told her as he cupped both her breasts.

The feeling of him squeezing and rubbing her tits made her begin to get wet. She moved close to him and gave him a wet kiss. He slid his tongue into her mouth and teased her tongue. She took his hand and led him into the other room. Melvin unrolled one of the rolls of carpet. The house was warm so Alisha began to seductively take her clothes off, never breaking eye contact with Melvin. He fumbled with his clothes trying to get them off quickly. Alisha laid down on her back and spread her legs wide, giving Melvin an unobstructed view of her inner lips and the entrance to her wet pussy.

He finished getting his clothes off and got down on his hands and knees between her legs. He stopped and licked her wet slit and flicked his tongue on her clit. Alisha moaned and moved her hips up to him, pushing her pussy to his lips. He kissed her mound and continued kissing her up to her navel, to her stomach, then to her tits.

He gently nibbled on her nipples, they were very hard and standing erect. He looked at her full breasts and large areolas, his tongue worked them over as Alisha felt the sensations emanating from his touch…&hellip.she moaned and pushed her pussy up to touch his cock, wanting it inside her.

Melvin felt her wetness touch the head of his cock, he lowered his hips and slid inside her in one stroke. She was so wet there was no resistance till the head of his dick bumped her cervix. He supported himself on his elbows and pumped her steadily. Alisha wrapped her legs and arms around him and pulled him close to her. The thrill of having another man after all this time was bringing her to her first orgasm. As she came, she bucked and yelled, her muscles contracting with all the pleasure she was feeling.

Melvin was enjoying the ride and never broke his stride.

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Alisha almost immediately went into another orgasm. "FUCK ME MELVIN, FUCK ME…FUCK ME.FUCK&hellip.ME. STICK THAT BIG COCK ALL THE WAY IN ME YOU STUD. I WANT TO FEEL ALL OF IT…&hellip.FUCK MEEEEEEEEE." Alisha yelled She was having an extraordinary orgasm and lost all control.

Melvin continued to slam his meat deep into her as she yelled. He could feel the cum building deep inside his balls and moving up through his cock.

His molten cum erupted inside Alisha, spewing against the walls of her vagina and coating her insides with the thick fluid. Alisha could feel his cock pulsing as he moved it in and out of her. His hot sperm was flowing out of Alisha, past his cock and running down her crack. Melvin had not had a woman in over a month and he had a surplus of cum built up and was dumping it all in Alisha.

As their orgasms came to an end, Melvin raised up on his hands and knees, his cock making a slurping sound as he pulled it out of Alisha. His cum was running out of Alisha in torrents. A large puddle of their juices was standing on the new carpet. Alisha just laid there spread eagle, more cum running out of her. She smiled at Melvin and said, "That was a great fuck, where the hell did you get all that cum from, I feel full of it." Melvin grinned as he got to his feet and helped her up.

His cum was still running out of her and down her legs. "Alisha, the plumbing all works so you can clean yourself up if you want." She went into the bathroom and found some paper towels. She wet them and wiped herself clean. She sat on the toilet and pushed gobs of cum out of her pussy. She wiped herself dry and went to find her clothes. She got dressed and helped Melvin roll the carpet back up after which he kissed him and thanked him for the fuck, then went home. She thought to herself, "I'm back and ready to get some strange&hellip.it's been too long." She pulled up in her driveway and went into her house…………very satisfied.

When she went in, Colin was at home fixing dinner. She went to the shower to freshen herself up after her little romp with Melvin. Cum was still running out of her and her panties were soaked. After about 15 minutes she had cleaned herself out and was nice and fresh for Colin…&hellip.she knew he would probably want to fuck her later. When she went to the kitchen, dinner was ready.

She sat down and Colin served her dinner and poured the wine. He sat down, first kissing Alisha. "And how was your day dear?" he asked. She replied, "Things are starting to quiet down a little, but we are fast approaching the breeding season and it will be balls to the wall for three weeks when that happens&hellip.oh, I went by the house on the way home.

I think it should be done in a couple of weeks. I showed Melvin what we want changed and he said he would get it done early next week. I think it's going to be beautiful when it's finished…&hellip.I can't wait.

When do you want to go buy furniture?" "If you want, when I come to Denver to pick you up, we can get a car and go do it then." He told her. "I think it would be fun, let's do it, maybe get a room over at the Brown Palace and come back the next day……what do you think?" she anxiously asked him. "Nothing I'd rather do than spend the time with you, away from everyone we know.

I'll plan on it and arrange my schedule." That being said they finished dinner and cleaned up the kitchen. Alisha had put on shorts and a tshirt after her shower.


She had went into the living room and sat down, flipping through the tv channels. Colin came in and sat down by her.

"Honey, do you feel like having company tonight?" he asked. Alisha looked at him with a questioning look on her face. "Who is coming over?" Colin smiled at her, "Well, I invited Beverly and her husband over. Beverly had such a good time with us, she has talked her husband, Bobby, into swapping with us and she asked me about it today……&hellip.so what do you think.

I know you really haven't been into the kinky sex for a while, so I told her I'd check with you when you got home and see what you have to say about it." Alisha smiled at Colin, "I have been a little off the outside sex for a while, I know.

I need to get back in the swing of things……go ahead and call her and have them come over, I need a good fucking. I don't know her husband, or what he is like." Colin told her, "I saw a picture of him on her desk, he is a good looking guy, trim and muscular. She said he has a 6 inch cock and it is very thick. From her description, I think he must be a good fuck……I guess you'll find out." Alisha laughed, "Yes, I guess I will.

Do me one favor though, let's all fuck in the same room, I don't want to be alone with a guy I haven't ever been with before&hellip.you know, just in case he turns out to be a weirdo." "Ok, Alisha, I know what you mean, especially after that one guy. I'll be close for you." He called Beverly and told her to come on over.

Alisha wanted to have a drink and visit some before she fully committed to screwing his secretary's husband. He looked at her and whistled, "I think you're dressed great for this…&hellip.you'll give him a hard on the minute he lays eyes on you." Alisha pinched her nipples so they would be aroused and hard when Beverly and Bobby arrived. In a few minutes they arrived and Colin answered the door.

Alisha was sitting at the bar. Her body was noticeably aroused. She had been thinking about a man she didn't know and it was making her wetter than she has been for quite some time. As Beverly and Bobby entered the room, Bobby got a good look at Alisha. He couldn't believe his eyes, she was the portrait of the perfect woman&hellip.those tits peeking out under the tshirt and those legs………wow what a woman and he has the chance to fuck her tonight…………he thinks how glad he is that he let his wife talk him into this.

Alisha stands and greets Beverly and Bobby. Bobby is visibly taken by Alisha's beauty and is becoming very aroused. "Would you guys like a drink before we get started?" Alisha asked. She knew that her short shorts let a little of her cheeks hang out, so she turned and walked to make the drinks. "What would you like?" she asked. Bobby's eyes were checking her out as he said, "I'd like you, Alisha, and I'd like you soon." She smiled and poured him a Patron, then walked up to him, took a sip of the tequila then pressed her lips to his and pushed the tequila into his mouth, followed by her tongue.

She had took a good look at him and wanted his naked body next to hers. "I'd love another sip, if you please." he said. Alisha repeated her previous action, only taking a little more Patron and taking a little longer with her tongue down his throat. Colin and Beverly had hooked up and were swapping spit. Alisha took Bobby by the hand and led him into the guest bedroom, followed by Colin and Beverly.

Once inside the bedroom, Alisha wrapped her arms around Bobby and kissed him deeply again, pressing her excited nipples into his chest. Slowly, she removed his shirt then opened his pants. As she slipped his zipper down, she slid her other hand inside his underwear and took hold of his cock.

It wasn't as big as some she had had, but it felt nice. She went down onto her knees as she pulled his pants and underwear to the floor………he stepped out of them and kicked them aside. There he stood, completely naked, his thick cock standing vertical. She looked across the room and Colin had Beverly stripped and was on his knees licking her pussy as he finger fucked her.

Alisha looked up at Bobby and stood. She stepped back a couple of steps and stood looking at Bobby's naked body…&hellip.it was nice. She pulled her tshirt over her head and pulled her shorts down. Bobby thought he had died and gone to heaven. Alisha came back to him, went to her knees and took his cock in her mouth and began to suck him off. Bobby moaned loudly as she grasped his balls and took his cock down her throat.

She had plunged his cock deep in her mouth twice and she felt him letting his load of hot cum go…&hellip.she was in heaven now, she loved a man's cum so much and she didn't even have to work hard to get his. His cock swelled and pulsed his hot sperm into her mouth. She was swallowing as much of it as she could.

It was more than she could handle so a lot of cum ran down onto her excited breasts. She felt his cock begin to soften, this had to be stopped, she was excited and wanted him inside her, fucking her into an orgasm. Alisha lubed her index finger with Bobby's cum, then slid it into Bobby's ass.

He jumped, surprised at this move but he couldn't move, she had him by the balls and was not turning loose. Alisha fucked his ass with her finger………his cock immediately began to harden&hellip.it even surprised Bobby. She licked his balls and the underside of his cock up to the bulbous head.

She knew right where to lick him to bring the desire back into him. That little spot on the underside of the head at the Y is so sensitive. When her tongue tantalized it, she felt his cock grow to its maximum and tasted a drop of cum that appeared.

She took his hand and led him to the bed. She laid down on the bed and pulled him down on top of her. He immediately was inside her fucking her hard.

Alisha looked and saw that Colin had Beverly bent over the dresser and was taking her from the back. Her big tits were squashed out from under her and she was telling Colin to "Fuck her good"……&hellip.and that's exactly what he was doing.

Colin looked at Alisha and winked at her and smiled. She saw his lips move, "I love you Alisha." She smiled at him and lipped, "I love you Colin, I want you Colin…………" At this point he filled Beverly's cunt with his hot love juice. Alisha grinned at him…………she felt Bobby spewing cum inside her as she began to cum. His thick cock was touching places inside her that felt damn good.

Bobby collapsed on top of her, breathing hard. She pushed him over on his back and went down on him again. Immediately, he was hard. Alisha had gobs of cum running out of her. She took her finger and lubed her ass with his cum. She rubbed some on his cock and sat on him, reverse cowgirl style. Colin saw this and took the hint……&hellip.Alisha wanted to be double penetrated, so, he slid up between her legs and pushed his dick deep inside her.

Colin was fucking her hard as was Bobby. Their dicks were sliding together, with only a thin membrane between them inside Alisha.

The erotic feeling of this pushed all three of them to orgasm very quickly. They were all moaning and Beverly was between all their legs letting her tongue stimulate all three of them. As they all started cumming, Beverly was licking up any cum that leaked out that she could get her tongue to. The movement of her talented tongue on them, enhanced all their orgasms.

The moans and groans sounded like someone was dying. Alisha could hear Spartacus howling in the yard next door. He was hearing what was happening and knew he'd like to be involved……&hellip.too bad Spartacus, it's not the right time or place, she thought to herself. Then a naughty thought came across her mind, she wasn't that fond of Beverly and thought she might just bring Spartacus in and let him have her…&hellip.this would make her feel good.

When they all got unwrapped from each other, Alisha winked at Colin as she went out the bedroom door. Beverly and Bobby were lying on the bed with their eyes closed, thoroughly exhausted. Colin walked over to Alisha, "Looks like Bobby was doing you good, did it feel ok to you?" "Yeah," she said, "just wait, I'll be right back." Colin saw the devilish look on her face as she went out into the back yard.

There was a gate between the yards, out at the back. She opened the gate and Spartacus was more than ready to get some human pussy. She took him by his collar and walked him into the house. He wanted so bad to lick her pussy, but she wouldn't let him&hellip.he was confused, she never had refused him before. Colin got a smile on his face when he saw her coming with Spartacus…&hellip.he knew what Beverly was in for now.

Alisha took Spartacus over to the sleeping couple. She took some of the juice from Beverly's pussy on her hand and let Spartacus lick it off. All of a sudden he wasn't interested in Alisha any more, there was some new human pussy here he needed to claim. Alisha made him lay down, which he obediently did. She woke Beverly and led her off the bed.

She must have been a little drunk from the tequila still and didn't resist when Alisha asked her to get down on her hands and knees. When Alisha had her in position, she told Beverly to be very still and just enjoy. She looked at Alisha with a puzzled look on her face. At that point, Spartacus mounted her and on the first try, buried his cock deep into her pussy. Her eyes got really big and she let out a little painful "Uhhhhh". Spartacus knew exactly what he was doing and was humping her hard, slowly building his knot.

Beverly was saying, "No&hellip.no……I can't fuck a doooooooog…&hellip.ahhhhhh, damn this feels good. Bobby had been awakened by his wife's voice and was staring at this huge dog fucking his wife like a bitch.

"What the fuck," he said, then he started to get hard watching his wife getting 10 inches of dog dick. Spartacus was at the point of putting his knot inside Beverly. She was pushing back onto his cock when Spartacus pushed the knot inside her and held it there while it swelled up the size of a grapefruit. Beverly was moaning and pushing back against that big knot, taking all the cock inside her she could.

It was then that Spartacus began to squirt his super hot cum into her uterus. Beverly felt it and pulled forward, unable to get away from the knot. Alisha knelt down and told her not to try to move, she wouldn't be able to till he was finished with her and the swelled knot began to deflate. In the mean time, she stayed still, feeling Spartacus filling her insides with doggie sperm.

When the knot and dog cock came out, there was a huge rush of dog cum squirting out of Beverly's stretched out cunt. Bobby was hard as a rock and very aroused. Alisha told him to get behind her and fuck her good……which he rapidly did. He was slamming his cock in and out of her sloppy wet cunt, fucking her like Spartacus had. He had her by the hips, her head was down on the floor. When they both came, they collapsed onto the floor, Bobby's cock staying inside Beverly while they both moaned and groaned.

Colin told Alisha, "That was a dirty trick, I doubt she has ever fucked a dog before and it was happening to her before she even knew what was going on………I loved it, I loved every bit of it." Alisha laughed under her breath, "Did you have the recorder on?" "Damn straight, Alisha, this should be a good movie for us to watch the next time we want to fuck, don't you think?" Alisha nodded yes as she wrapped her arms around Colin and kissed him, wrapping one leg around him.

Colin took the hint and put his hard cock in Alisha's slit. His cock found the entrance to her love canal and pushed in. In a few minutes they were both cumming hard. When they finished, Bobby and Beverly were fucking again so Colin and Alisha went to the shower and fucked as the water ran over them.

It had been a good night and they were all satisfied. Bobby had fucked the most beautiful woman in the world tonight and was more than happy. Beverly had an experience she had never even dreamed of……………she was very happy and considering a Great Dane of her own. What a night.

Beverly and Bob left and Colin and Alisha went to their bed, fucked again and went to sleep, connected. The next morning Alisha packed and got herself ready to go to the Cattleman's meeting in Denver. Colin wanted her one more time before she left, so they fucked three times, just to make sure they were both satisfied When they got to the airport, Jeff had the plane ready to go.

Alisha kissed Colin and got on board. Within 10 minutes Alisha is on her way to Denver. She reads the material for the meeting as they fly over the Rockies. In 20 minutes Jeff is on final for Arapahoe County Airport. When they land, Colin has a limo waiting to take her to the hotel. After Jeff and the driver put her luggage in the car, Jeff is off again to go pick up Colin and head to Dallas. The driver takes her out to The Castle, a luxury hotel on the North side of Denver. Alisha gets checked in and unpacked.

The meetings don't start for another 4 hours so she decides to take a nap, she is still a little tired from last night. Alisha strips and crawls in the bed and in a few minutes she is asleep. The sleep is great, she is more tired than she knew. When she woke up, it was an hour till the meetings start.

She gets up and showers and dresses then goes downstairs to the restaurant and gets something to eat. She feels a lot better now. Alisha stops at the desk and asks where the meetings are being held and is directed to a meeting room at the back of the hotel.

As she walks in there are several people in there, a few that she recognizes. A tall older man greets her as she comes in and asks her name.

He searches through the files on his table and finds her meeting packet and her name tag. She finds a seat and sits and starts to look through her packet.

A guy about her age takes a seat next to her and introduces himself as Jerry Johnston from Meeker, Colorado. He and his family are the third generation to operate a ranch there. He asks her where she is from.

Alisha tells him about her ranch and family and that she is from Alamosa. "I've heard about that ranch and its beautiful owner…&hellip.and now that I meet the owner, I see you are a very beautiful woman. Not very often you find that combination." Alisha smiled and told him, "Why, thank you Jerry, you're very kind." The meeting is called to order and they turn their attention to it. After 3 hours the first session ended.

Jerry asked Alisha if he could buy her a drink, so they went to the bar and found a table. They ordered drinks and began a conversation about ranching, their common ground. The drinks arrived and the conversation continued. More drinks, more conversation. After a while, they were both getting a little high and the conversation moved on to things of a more personal nature.

Jerry is married with 3 kids. Alisha told Jerry about her upcoming wedding and her husband to be. They both had a few more drinks then, Jerry put the moves on Alisha. Jerry leaned over close to Alisha. She felt his hand on her knee and saw a wide smile on his face. He told Alisha, "You know that we both want the same thing, don't you?

We need to go up to my room and get better acquainted." Alisha smiled at him as his hand moved up her leg, "I know what I want&hellip.what is it that you want Jerry, tell me." t Jerry's hand moved a little further, Alisha decided that she really wasn't happy with the way things were going, something was wrong, she thought. "Well Alisha, I think you want me to fuck you……and …&hellip.I'm ready to do what you need." Jerry said with confidence.

Alisha laughed, "You think I want you to fuck me…&hellip.is that what you said?" She shook her head. "It ain't gonna happen cowboy……and that's a fact. I'm going to go to my room and go to bed………&hellip.by myself !" With that, she got up from the table and left the bar. Alisha was thinking to herself, "This guy thinks he's God's gift to women, he's a little too much for me." Alisha entered the elevator and leaned against the back wall, feeling a little light headed.

Before the door close completely, a hand stopped the door and it opened. Jerry stepped in as the door closed. Alisha was feeling more dizzy now and starting to realize that something was not right. Jerry asked her if she was feeling ok as she started to fall. Jerry caught her and held her up. He asked her what her room number was, he would help her get there.

She was barely able to tell him. He took her key from her pocket as the elevator stopped at her floor. Alisha felt terrible, she was numb, her legs felt like jelly and her head was spinning.

Jerry got her to her room and helped her to the bed. She saw him go to the door, close it and lock it. Everything seemed to not be real, where was she……these things were going through her mind. She felt her clothes being taken off.

"What's happening?" she slurred. She heard a voice from somewhere far away, "You're fixin' to get fucked, that's what's happening." Alisha then knew what was happening, she had been drugged……&hellip.she can't move her arms or legs, there's nothing she can do………&hellip.then she felt a cock slip inside her pussy and a man laying on top of her, fucking her.

"NO, NO, I DON'T WANT THIS, YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME !" she screamed. Alisha heard a distant voice saying, "Just lay back and enjoy the ride, it's gonna be a long night and there's not a lot you can do about it." Then she heard laughter………and felt hot cum being spewed into her pussy. She could barely see Jerry getting off of her, she tried to move but couldn't.

She could hear a knock on the door and more voices…&hellip.then she felt another cock go inside her and a voice saying, "Damn, she's good looking and a fine piece of ass too, this is going to be a great night." She felt more cum shooting into her pussy…&hellip.then another dick and more cum, another dick and more cum…&hellip.her body was betraying her, she had had many orgasms……&hellip.and was being raped and could do nothing about it. She could hear voices and feel cocks pumping her over and over again……sometime later she passed out.

Alisha woke up the next morning, laying on the bed spread eagle and naked. She had a terrible headache, she sat up wondering what had happened to her. She felt wetness under her ass and wondered, "Did I piss in my bed? Then she saw that there was a wet spot on the bed at least 2 ft. across and she had gobs and gobs of cum running out of her.

Then it all started coming back to her, how she felt in the elevator and Jerry getting on, then how she started feeling really out of control of her body and men's faces looking down on her and the feel of cocks inside her.

"DAMN, THOSE MOTHER FUCKERS DRUGED AND RAPED ME, THOSE SONS OF BITCHES, THEY DON'T KNOW WHO THEY JUST FUCKED WITH !" she screamed out loudly. Alisha had no idea how many guys had fucked her, she vaguely remembered their faces. "Fuck it, I'm going to make them all sorry. She got up and went to the shower and cleaned all the cum off of her body and out of her body. She got dressed and went down to the meeting, which she was late for. She walked into the room like nothing had happened and sat down next to Jerry.

A speaker was talking about something, she really wasn't listening. She leaned over to Jerry and kissed him a long hard kiss on the lips. He was pleasantly surprised and smiled. She said, "Did you guys have fun last night? She looked around the room and noticed 6 guys looking at her with smirks on their faces.

She smiled at all of them. She leaned over and whispered to Jerry, "I had so much fun last night, I want it again tonight……&hellip.all of you again tonight." Jerry was immediately happy and she could see a large lump in his jeans. "Are you serious, " he asked, "you really want to do it again?" he asked her. "Damn straight, you didn't have to drug me last night, I'd have done it anyway and let me tell you, it would have been a hell of a lot more fun with me moving." she told him.

"Tell you what, at break bring all the guys over and we'll all go have a private conversation, ok?" Jerry grinned ear to ear and told her, "Go out to the little sitting area outside and I'll bring them all out there and we can talk." Alisha knew the trap was baited and she would soon know all the participants from last night. She was still pissed and knew that her revenge would be sweet. At the break she went out to the sitting area and took a seat on the couch and waited.

Then the guys started coming out of the meeting room. Now she knows who they all are. There are six of them. They all sit down and they start talking.

"She smiles her best smile, "You guys want to do it again tonight, with me wide awake?" They all smiled and nodded yes. "Well, it's going to happen, all of you can fuck me and I'll suck you off too, I want your cum……can you guys handle a woman that isn't drugged?" she taunted. One of them said it wasn't their idea to drug her, he wanted her wide awake and moving. "Well, that's what you're going to get tonight boys, we're gonna have a good gang bang and you guys are going to try to satisfy me." she said.

It was all set up. Alisha had the plan. She wasn't going to the meetings for the rest of today. She was going to go buy some hidden video equipment and tape the whole thing. She was going to fuck them alright, but good. She got a cab and asked him to take her to a good electronics store…&hellip.which he does. After about an hour inside, she has all the equipment she needs.

When she gets back to the hotel she gets it all set up. It's all wireless and the cameras are all well hidden from sight. The scene is set&hellip.now down to the restaurant and get something to eat, then something to drink&hellip.this is going to be fun and she will have the last laugh. The meeting breaks for the day and all her guys come to the bar and find her there.

They all sit down and order drinks. Alisha smiles and guards her drink. After about an hour, she tells them, "Well boys, got your dicks loosened up, I'm hot and ready to have your cocks…&hellip.all night." They all finished their drinks and went up to Alisha's room.

She went into the bathroom and used the remote to start the system she had installed. She put the remote back in her pocket, flushed the toilet and went back out in the room. Everyone was naked, so, she proceeded to remove all her clothing and pull all the covers off her bed.

She sat on the edge and told them to come to her. As they crowded around jacking their cocks, she started sucking them off to get them all real hard. When everyone was fully erect, she scooted her ass back onto the middle of the bed and spread her legs, "Come on guys, it's time to fuck and I want a lot of cock tonight.

Jerry crawled on her and started fucking her while she sucked another guy off. Alisha had many orgasms and was really having a good time. The guys were shooting their loads in her pussy, in her mouth and onto her beautiful toned body.

It was a gang bang like you'd see in a porn movie and Alisha was really enjoying it. At about 4 am the guys all gave out and left. Alisha laughed to herself as she shut the system down and pulled the recorder out from under the bed. She hooked it up to the TV and turned it on.

The movie is great, all of the guys faces are plain as day. She packed up all of the electronics in the suitcase she bought and smiled.

The meetings will be over by noon tomorrow and Colin will be in tomorrow afternoon at about 2. "Let the fun begin," she laughs, "there will be hell to pay……and I'm the devil !" Alisha got herself cleaned up and went to sleep. She is up early, with a smile on her face and her plan in her mind. She gets to the meeting and sits at a table with all her lovers and gets their addresses and phone numbers. "I can't wait to come to the next meeting and see you guys again," she tells them while she thinks how she will probably never see any of them again.

The meeting breaks, Alisha gets her bags and the limo shows up for her. As they drive out to Arapahoe County Airport to meet Colin, Alisha decides she is going to tell Colin the whole story……then tell him what she is going to do. The jet is parked at the airport and Colin and Jeff get into the limo with her.

They drive to the Brown Palace. The bellman takes their bags up to their room. Colin has reserved a room for Jeff and tells him to just put everything on the room and he will take care of it. Colin and Alisha go to the restaurant for dinner. After they are seated, Alisha tells Colin, "I've got to tell you something Colin." He lookes at her a little puzzled and says, "Well, dear, I have to tell you something too……I'll go first." "Alisha, I fucked a woman while I was in Dallas, can you forgive me?" he says.

"Well Colin…&hellip.you know that's not a problem with me, of course I forgive you&hellip.was it good?" she replied and laughed. "Colin, I fucked 6 guys at once." He looked at her and smiled, "Did you have fun?" "As a matter of fact, I did," she said………then she told him about getting drugged and raped and how she set them up the next night and filmed it all.

Colin asked her why she didn't call the police&hellip.she told him she really didn't want any publicity about the incident and she planned to send a CD to all of their wives. Colin laughed and told her that was really getting even……and one hell of a dirty trick.

She told him that she wanted to ruin their marriages, she didn't appreciate being raped. Colin was serious all of a sudden, "Alisha, I may take care of that little son of a bitch myself…&hellip.like he might not have any balls left when I'm done with him, him raping my wife to be pisses me off big time." Alisha just shrugged her shoulders……their meals arrived.

CHAPTER 14 Colin made love to his bride to be that night and showed her so much tenderness and love. The sex was great for them. After the events of the last couple of days, they were even closer than before. They have breakfast then go to Akia.

After 7 hours there they have all of their furnishings bought for the new house and go to the airport to fly home. In an hour they're in Alamosa and headed home. They're ready to stretch out and relax, it's been a long and eventful weekend.

On Monday morning Alisha is off to the office to catch up on data entry. She is the only one in the office, so she makes 7 copies of her "Denver Sex CD" and addresses 7 envelopes to the wives of the guys that took advantage of her.

She puts them in padded envelopes and puts the postage on them. Jake, one of the hired men is taking a trailer load of open cows to La Junta to sell at the auction. She goes to the corals and asks him to mail all of the envelopes for her from La Junta, which he tells her he will do.

As Jake drives out, Alisha grins and thinks to herself, "Now, you guys are going to get yours, explain that movie to your wives you sons of bitches." Alisha laughed to herself all the way back to the office. The day moved along. Alisha finished her data entry and decided to take Jack and go look at the cattle. She just wanted to get out on the ranch, it was such a beautiful day.

It was about 45 degrees, full sun and the sky was a beautiful deep blue. The snow up on the high mountains glistened in the bright light.

This was what it was all about&hellip.the natural beauty that is the ranch she loves so much. As she rode through the different pastures, she assessed the quality of the cattle that she had bought.

Even if she said so herself, they were some of the best in the state…&hellip.and they would get better. As she rode toward the building site, a herd of elk wandered along slowly eating the dry grass. She thought to herself what majestic animals elk are, so proud, beautiful and graceful. As she goes around a point of aspens, a flock of wild turkeys sees her and takes to the air. Alisha smiles as they fly toward the trees. There are so many types of wildlife on the ranch.

Watching all of them is one of her favorite pastimes. ack is feeling good and wanting to run, so, she puts a spur in his flanks and away they go, gliding through the meadow…&hellip.she thinks she sees Jack smiling as he runs full out, his eyes are bright and he breathes in time with his stride. The only sounds she hears are the beat of his hooves and his steady breathing…&hellip.right now, all the world in sync for Alisha.

Somewhere down deep she feels that her life is changing and that her old ways are being left behind as she races on, toward her goals and happiness. Happiness……&hellip.that's something she hasn't thought about for a while, something she will begin to pursue with all her being. Alisha rides up to the new house. It looks terrific. Melvin and his crew have done a fantastic job on it. She dismounts and goes inside…no one is here so she has a good chance to look everything over really good.

It looks as though Melvin has corrected the things she wanted done. He has done such a nice job on the finish work. Also, it looks like they are laying the carpet, most everything is done. Hopefully, they can move in sometime next week or maybe even later this week. All of the furniture they bought in Denver will arrive here a week from today. She thinks it's time to start packing things up at the house. Alisha is thinking she won't start any landscaping till it warms up in the spring…&hellip.she has some real good ideas for that.

She wants a pool, a hot tub and a grotto in the back, she can picture it in her mind. She has looked everything over and it's all to her liking, she will have to tell Colin to come look at it. Jack is getting impatient, he looks like he wants to run so Alisha gets on, sets the spurs and away they go in a flash. Jack likes to run, especially in the winter. As fast as he is, it doesn't take long and they are back at the headquarters. Jake is back from La Junta and tells her that he mailed her letters for her at the post office.

He takes Jack and tells Alisha he will take care of him for her. When Alisha gets back to the office, Bob is there with Justin and they are going over the count on the calf crop. Alisha walks in and tells them both hi. "You look like you're in a good mood today, everything going smoothly?" Bob asks her. "Just went out and looked at the cattle, then rode over to the new house to see how things were coming along…&hellip.I think I can move in next week…&hellip.I can't wait.

What are you guys up to today." she says to them. "We're just looking over the numbers on the calves so we can give a projection on income this year." Bob told her.

"Dad, it's looking real good, I think." she replied. "Yes it is, if on this first year we do this well…&hellip.hell, next year will be something else. Alisha you're a genius, I don't know if I would have ever figured it all out if you hadn't been here…&hellip.Justin, she is a brain, better always listen to her." Bob complimented.

"I know Bob, she knows a lot about ranching and how to make it work, I'm learning a lot from her." Justin told him. Alisha grinned and nodded at them, thanking them.

"Well guys, I'm outta here for today, see ya tomorrow." she said as she went out the door. She wanted to talk to Colin about the house and maybe bring him out to look at it.

Her next stop, the dealership and Colin's office. When she got to Colin's office, she stopped and talked to Beverly. Beverly told her what a good time she and Bobby had had the other night and hoped they could do it again sometime……"Heck Alisha, you and I should get together and let them watch sometime&hellip.I like to watch Bobby jack off and catch the cum in my mouth when he unloads……" Beverly said.

Alisha smiled and nodded at her as she went on into Colin's office. "Hi darling, I've been out to the new house and I think we can move in next week, want to go out and look at it?" she asked him.

"Sure, why not…&hellip.let me finish up what I'm working on and we can go." he said as he took a few more notes from the file in front of him. "I'll be done here in about 5 minutes, I'll hurry." he said.

When Colin finished they went out to the new house. Driving up to it, it looked great. Colin hadn't been out there in a while and was really impressed at the way it looked now. "Alisha, you've done a great job directing this project, it looks fantastic, I love it." he said.

They went inside and looked it over room by room. It was 99% finished. Every room looked really great. "I'm sure glad you came up with Melvin for the contractor, he is really good at what he does." Colin told her. While they were standing there, Bob and Anne drove up and came to the door. Alisha let them in and they wandered around the house looking at the finished product.

Anne and Alisha went off into the kitchen area while Colin and Bob went to the garage and shop area. After some talk about the house, Alisha asked her if everything was alright when Bob got home. "Oh yes," she said, "he is fine, he made around 45,000 gambling and I suppose he got his brains fucked out……but that's alright, I did too, heee heee heee." Alisha told her, "As long as it's what you want, you should do it.

I'm not one to give advice though&hellip.I love cocks! I love the feeling of the hot flesh in my hands as I slowly suck on one and love the feeling of one when it is between my big tits, not to mention the feeling one gives me as it slides in and out of my pussy.

I love to suck on a good sized cock and taste the hot cum as it spurts its love juices in my mouth. I also love to have my pussy licked and sucked on. I am a total sex addict&hellip.and I love it! Anne looked at her and said, "Well, Alisha, you come by it naturally, when you first told me about your problem, I knew that I had had the same desires for years and had satisfied those desires many times. There's nothing the matter with wanting to get fucked, it feels good and relieves stress.

David and I found each other and have satisfied each other's sexual needs for a long time……we're just fuck buddies, nothing more. I know you understand Alisha, that's why I feel I can talk to you about it." "Thanks Mom, I appreciate you telling me, it makes me not feel like a total slut&hellip.but, I've been doing a lot better lately…&hellip.hell, Colin gives me a lot of cock, but I still need a little more once in a while.

Colin doesn't care if I fuck other guys, as long as he gets to watch……then he fucks me after the other guy has finished with me………it's really kind of hot…&hellip. you know, the other guy's cum running out of me and Colin using it for lube……we have really great sex that way." Alisha confessed to her.

"Damn, Alisha…………that's making me wet just hearing about it…&hellip.I can't believe we're having this conversation…&hellip.we're both a couple of perverts." she laughed. "Maybe the four of us should get together sometime…&hellip.I really like to fuck and I'll bet David would just love to have a beauty like you and I know I'd like to do Colin, he's a hell of a hunk." "Mooooooomm", Alisha screeched, "You really want to do something like that.?" "Why, hell yeah&hellip.Alisha, you'd like David, he really knows how to fuck a woman, he will go down on you and make you cum 4 or 5 times before he goes in……then you'll cum many more times before he blows his wad.

The end of his cock turns up about an inch and he's about 7 inches long. That turned up end rubs your g spot perfectly and it'll drive you nuts……what do you think, want to give it a try sometime?…&hellip.is Colin good, he looks delicious." "Yes Mom, he is a great fuck……I just don't know what he will think about doing my Mother……&hellip.better let me feel him out." "Ok dear, just let me know and I'll set it up with David." Colin and Bob walked into the kitchen, so the girls had to end their conversation.

Anne quietly told Alisha that she'd be in touch. Bob and Anne decided it was time to go so they said their goodbye's and left. Alisha and Colin headed home ready to move in to their new home. The furniture should all arrive next week and they should be able to get moved in by the end of next week. "I guess I need to start packing up the things we want to move." Alisha told Colin. "Yes, I'll plan on taking some time next week and help you." he told her.

So, the plan was set. Most of their time next week will be devoted to getting moved and settled in. Alisha has contacted a realtor about selling the house that she had bought and furnished in anticipation of her divorce. She will have to add Colin's house now and try to divest themselves of these real estate holdings and apply the proceeds to the new house. Alisha and Colin happily discuss the new house and how they can't wait to get moved in and out of town.

When they arrive home, Alisha has a message on the phone from Jerry Johnston, the guy from Meeker that had drugged her at the Cattleman's Association meeting in Denver. The message said, "Hi Bitch, I hope you're happy with yourself, all of our wives received a video of us fucking your slut pussy. Most of the wives took the kids and moved out, thanks to you. Just thought I'd let you know that I'm gonna fuck you up somehow bitch." Then he slammed the phone down.

Alisha smiled&hellip.she realized that her plan worked and she was getting some sweet revenge on these guys that took her without her consent. "Revenge is a good thing." she said. Colin was pissed when he heard the message. "Alisha, I'm gonna fuck him up, you just leave it to me. I have friends that take care of shit like this." "Now Colin," she said, "they're getting theirs, this is exactly what I wanted to happen.

There's no need to take this any further." Colin went to the bar and poured them a drink and said, "Alisha, this guy is not going to stop, there's no telling what he might have on his mind……I'm a little worried about what he might try to do to you……something in his voice………I'm going to discourage him from trying anything." Alisha laughed it off saying, "Ok, Colin, do whatever you think you need to." She thought it would all pass in a few days.

She wasn't worried, Jerry was just mouthing off because she had gotten the last laugh on them. She and Colin sat at the bar drinking their drinks and talking about the incident. Colin walked around the bar to her and sat his drink down. He embraced her and kissed her deeply. She felt him begin to undress her. As he was unbuttoning her shirt he said to her, "Alisha, I'm so in love with you and I'll do anything I can to protect you. He removed her shirt and bra then her jeans.

He picked her up and carried her into the bedroom and lay her on the bed. He stood by the bed as he took his clothes off and then removed her thong. He stood and looked at her naked body lying on the bed. Alisha loved Colin and it really turned her on to have him stand and look at her this way…&hellip.so much desire in his eyes. His cock had reached a full erection and her pussy was running with her hot juices.

He reached down and spread her legs, looking at her puffy lips, glistening with moisture. He crawled between her legs and slid inside her and began to fuck her slowly and sensuously…&hellip.long slow strokes.

He was supporting his upper body on his arms and looking deeply into her beautiful eyes. Alisha was feeling so much pleasure, his cock was so hard and filled her vagina completely. Suddenly a warm rush came over her as she felt herself slip into wave after wave of orgasmic bliss. Colin leaned down and took a nipple between his lips and teased it with his tongue……her orgasm intensified as she felt him release a huge rush of hot cum inside her…&hellip.he lowered his body down on top of hers as she wrapped her legs around his ass and her arms around his torso, pulling him further into her.

She felt his big dick pulsing and spewing his hot seed, coating her insides and oozing out of her pussy around his hot cock. In her orgasmic stupor, she uttered into his ear, "Colin, I love you, I want you to take care of me for the rest of my life, I feel so safe in your arms, so secure, so satisfied.

Colin started pumping her again, having not lost his hard on. He pumped her pussy hard with his engorged cock, she could hear the slurping sounds of it as it went in and out of her.

She could feel Colin's muscles tensing as he fucked her intensely, faster and faster……&hellip.she was cumming again, thrusting her pelvis up to meet him, wrapping her legs around him tighter, taking him inside her as deeply as she could. Again, he exploded inside her, shooting his hot cum deep within her womb. He was laying on top of her, cumming, saying, "Alisha, ooooh Alisha, Alisha, Alisha I love you, I love you so much, oh Alisha fuck me hard, Ahhhhhhhh damn I love you!" He had completely collapsed on top of her and they lay there, breathing hard, out of their minds with the intense pleasure they are feeling.

His cum is slowly oozing out of her and down the crack of her ass. They both drifted off to sleep, exhausted from the great sex they had experienced together. Alisha awakened sometime later and found that Colin wasn't in the room. She got up and went into the bathroom to pee and clean Colin's cum off of her ass and legs. She could barely hear him talking to someone and, when she finished wiping herself off, went to see what he was doing.

As she went into their office, he was just hanging up the phone. "Who were you talking to dear ?" she asked. "Oh, it was nothing, just some business I had to take care of …&hellip.I'd almost forgotten to take care of it today." he told her. As she had walked to the room, she thought she had heard him say something about a visit, but couldn't hear it clear enough to know what he was talking about. She was curious but really didn't want to push the issue……after all, it was probably just nothing.

They went into the kitchen and had a snack and then went to watch the news on tv. When the news was over, Colin asked her, "Alisha, do you have a copy of that cd you sent up to those guys wives?" "Yes I do, would you like to see it dear?" she said.

"Yeah, I think I would." she replied. Alisha went into the bedroom and retrieved the cd and took it to Colin in the living room. He put it into the cd player and they sat back and watched it. Colin got extremely excited watching those guys gang bang Alisha.

In a little while she could see his cock bulging under his robe. With a smile on her face, she opened his robe and took his stiff cock in her hand, then, she took his cock into her mouth. She began to suck him, teasing the head of his cock with the tip of her tongue. As the movie played, he took hold of her head and held it as she continued to take him deep in and out of her mouth.

It didn't take long till she felt him shooting his hot load of semen. She was taking it all, savoring the sweet-salty taste of it as she swallowed it. When he had finished cumming, she licked the shaft clean and sucked any remaining cum from his softening member.

She lifted his cock and licked any remaining cum residue from his balls. All the time, she could hear him moaning with pleasure. The movie was still playing with three of the guys taking her at the same time. Colin's cock began to stiffen again.

"I want to fuck you Alisha, get up on your hands and knees." he told her Alisha willingly complied and felt him slide his 9 inches of thick cock into her again. He held her hips tightly and fucked her as he continued to watch the guys on the cd take his wife to be over and over.

He drooled a big gob of saliva onto her ass and lubricated her ass hole, sliding one, then two, then three fingers into her tight sphincter, spreading it open and lubing it. He then slid his cock into her ass and began to fuck her hard. The guys on the cd were cumming all over Alisha's beautiful body as he shot his wad of hot jizz deep into her bowels. Alisha had cum three more times herself and was exhausted. They lay over on their sides on the couch in the spoon position.

Colin fucked her three more times that evening while they watched the carnage on the cd. They both awoke the next morning still on the couch. Alisha rolled over and kissed Colin, then looked deep into his eyes. "I do love you Colin," she kissed him again, "and I always will.

You make me feel like a woman, a complete woman in every way. I want to be with you always." He looked at her and said, "I feel the same way Alisha, I love you more than life itself." She got off the couch and went to take a shower and get ready for the day.

Colin went into the bathroom also. They would have a good day together, starting to pack things in preparation for moving. As Alisha was packing a box of her things, she came across a box filled with old pictures. She sat down and started looking through them.

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Colin saw her looking at them and sat down beside her and looked with her. Alisha told him about each picture they looked at. She found one picture of an old friend of hers. She stopped and held the picture and told Colin that her name was Melissa and they had been friends since childhood and that she had moved from here several years ago. Alisha told him, "We had a lot of fun together back then. I remember several great weekends we spent together. My ex-husbandLyn, and I were having some problems right then, so I was over at her house telling her about the latest turn of events.

She asked me if I would like to spend the weekend with her. It turns out that she was a member of a hunt club that owned quite a bit of property up in the mountains near Creede and the club held hunts every weekend during the summer.

They were called hunts, but they were really sex hunts. Everyone would go up to the property, strip, and run through the woods. The guys would find the girls and fuck them like animals then move on. I was a little shocked because I didn't think Melissa was into that sort of thing to begin with and I had never heard about a club like that. She told me one of her friends had told her about it when she was in high school and she had joined when she turned 18.

She had gone to hunts several times a year since then. As I sat there listening to her talk about it I was getting more than a little wet thinking about what it would be like. Then she offered to have me come as her guest and participate in the next hunt. I probably had a goofy look on my face as I sat there looking at her not knowing what to say because she started laughing and told me to just let her know if I was ever interested as she didn't need an answer right then.

I thought hard about it for quite a while and eventually decided I wanted to try it so I called her and we set a date to go up the following weekend. I told Lyn that she and I were going to have a girls weekend out and that he should get together with his old friends and have a good time. I packed a small overnight bag that night and did nothing, but think about what would happen almost every second till the day we left for the mountains.

Melissa picked me up and as we were driving there she explained the hunt rules to me which were: no clothing allowed other than shoes, no talking between the hunters and the prey, once caught the prey does whatever the hunters want, when the hunters are done with the prey they will release them so other hunters can catch and use them, hunters are not allowed to hurt or abuse the prey, prey cant clean themselves off till the hunt ends, no one can stay in the meeting/supply clearing.

When we got to the mountains she drove down what seemed like an old logging road and through a gate leading a small parking area where we stopped and got out. All that was there were a couple other cars, an old wooden fence and a small bench surrounded by a lot of trees. She shut the car off and asked me if I was ready. I gave a really quick look around the lot and nodded yes. She smiled and told me not to worry it would be fun and then got out of the car. I got out and we went to the trunk of the car and when she opened it she started to take off her clothes so I did the same thing.

Before long we were standing behind the car with only our shoes on. She smiled and closed the trunk and told me to follow her into the woods as she headed down a small path. Just after we got out of sight of the car I heard the sound of car tires crunching the gravel in the parking lot behind us. We kept going for quite a while until we entered a small clearing next to a pond. Almost immediately a large hand grabbed my hair from behind and pushed me down to my knees.

My friend looked back and smiled as she ran off. Within seconds a large muscular naked man was in front of me pushing his cock into my face and then he shoved it into my mouth. So I sucked on his cock till it was quite hard and he pulled me up by my hair and moved behind me. He bent me over as he pushed his cock into my extremely wet pussy lips.

He pushed it hard making it slide all the way inside me. He pulled back out, pushed it into me again and then started fucking me hard. I came almost at once and within a few minutes I felt him finish as his cum squirted deep inside of me. He held me in place for a minute before he pulled out and ran off down the trail my friend went down. I stood there for a second as cum dribbled out of my pussy and down my legs before starting across the clearing for the trail my friend used.

I only got to the edge before another man appeared and grabbed me. This man pushed me down to my knees and grabbed his cock and started slapping me in the face with it before sliding it across my lips. I opened my mouth and he slid the tip of his cock in before grabbing my hair with both hands and pushing his cock into me as he pulled my head making me gag. He pulled back and pushed it into me again as he started fucking my mouth and within minutes he came shooting his cum down the back of my throat.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and rubbed it on my face leaving a trail of cum as he smiled down at me. He let me go and ran into the woods.

I jumped up and ran down the trail my friend had used within seconds I felt another hand grab me. I swung around and It was my friend who was pulling me off the trail.

We went a little ways off of it and she stopped and whispered to me "having fun?" To which I nodded yes and I pointed at her and mouthed "are you?" She smiled and pointed down to her legs which were already glistening with cum and nodded yes.

I giggled and she turned and we headed back up to the trail. For the rest of the day we ran through the woods getting caught and fucked by a bunch of different men. I only saw one other girl besides my friend, but I was fucked over 10 times that day and I think she was fucked at least that many times herself. We stopped by the meeting/supply area (a place for food and blankets) that night and ate some food and grabbed some blankets and headed back out into the woods where we pulled together some leaves and put our blankets down to sleep.

It was very dark out as there wasn't a moon up that night. I fell asleep almost as soon as I put my head down and woke up in the middle of the night shivering so I decided to move next to my friend and got up and grabbed my blanket and started fumbling around to find her.

Instead I ran into some guy who grabbed me and bent me over. His cock was already hard as he pushed it into my crotch. He missed my pussy so I reached down and guided it into me. He just kept pumping it into me till he was all the way in and then started fucking me hard. I braced myself against a tree as he fucked me. I felt him shooting his hot cum inside me then I felt a hand slide up my leg which totally freaked me out. It was my girlfriend's hand&hellip. we were having sex right next to her and didn't know it.

I just stood there as the guy ran off, dribbling cum onto my girlfriend. I found my blanket and put it over my girlfriend and I. We cuddled up next to each other and drifted off to sleep. I woke again later that night as I felt someone's hand rubbing my pussy and spreading my legs. I let them play with it before realizing it was my friend's hand. I laid there letting her finger me as I smelled the strong odor of sex we both had on us.

I leaned forward guessing where her mouth was and kissed her. She stopped rubbing my pussy for a second and found my lips kissing me as I slid my hands over her body softly caressing it as I did. She started rubbing me again and I quickly found her pussy and slid my fingers between her lips slowly caressing her clit as my fingers moved back and forth.

I was so horny I wanted to lick her pussy. I slid down kissing her body until I got to her pussy sliding my tongue across her lips before I found her clit. Her pussy was wet and smelled of old sex as I flicked her clit with my tongue.

I slid down sliding my tongue into her pussy and was immediately rewarded with a globs of old cum which I eagerly sucked out of her. I know it sounds gross, but I at the time I loved it.

Before long I could feel her body quivering and hear her moan lightly as she came. I moved back up and kissed her with my juice covered lips before she pushed me back and moved down to my swollen pussy and she licked me until I came. We kissed for a while and cuddled before falling asleep in each other's arms.

We woke the next morning just as it was turning light out. We picked up our blankets and headed back to the meeting/supply area to get some food and put back our blankets. We quickly ate and headed back out to the woods, but I had to go pee so we ducked behind some trees off the trail and started to relieve ourselves when a couple guys grabbed us both in the middle of it and shoved their cocks in our faces.

You would think they could have wait till we were done, but they didn't. I opened my mouth and was sucking my guy's cock while I watched my friend suck the others guys cock and within minutes we were both getting fucked, standing right next to each other. Once they shot their loads in us, they traded and made us suck their cocks, to get them hard again, then they fucked us. The rest of the day we stayed together getting fucked over and over.

A lot of guys caught us and we were fucked at least another 12 times before a siren sounded signaling the end of the hunt. We hiked back out to the car pulling the grass and leaves out of our hair as we went and stood in the parking lot getting dressed as other women came out to their cars and did the same. We headed for home covered with cum and the smell of sex on our bodies.

We stopped at her house so I could wash off before going home. Lyn would have came unhinged if he had seen me this way. I ended up staying another night at her house, reliving the fun we had together the night before.

Melissa was a wonderful lover and this was the beginning of a new relationship for us. I also became a member of the hunt club and Melissa and I spent many weekends up there together till she moved away. I haven't been up there since Melissa left.

I still get correspondence from the club from time to time and pay my dues……&hellip.you should join too&hellip. we could go up there together and get all the fucking we would want." Colin had listened to the story with great interest.

"I think that would be a great idea Alisha, when do they start?" "They wait till about the first of June, so the snow is gone and the weather has warmed up. The best time to go up there is in July, August and September……it's warmer then. I should be getting my dues notice soon and I'll propose you for membership." she told him. Colin smiled, "Great……I'd love to do that, it sounds like a lot of fun." "It is a lot of fun, there are over a hundred members. The place consists of over 700 acres of land.

Now, it is all fenced and you have to have a key card to get through the gate. I guarantee, a person can get all the fucking they want." she told him.

They both laughed and decided that they would get involved in it this year and maybe even mention it to Cody and Justin. "One other thing I want to mention to you, Colin.

I had a long conversation with Mom before they left the new house yesterday. She wondered if she and David could swap with us sometime&hellip.she really likes you and wants to get to know you intimately. I told her that I'd talk it over with you…&hellip.just tell me what you think." Alisha said.

Colin thought at length about what Alisha had just said to him.


"Alisha, you know what, you're mom is one hot woman for her age. She has a body that's every bit as hot as yours and Codys. If you don't have any problems with it, I sure don't. I'd love to fuck her…&hellip.and…&hellip.who is David?" "I forgot to tell you about him.

He's a guy mom is having an affair with&hellip.great looking guy, a little older, but built well. I'll talk to her on Monday and tell her we'll get together soon……is that ok with you?" she said. "Sounds great, I'm ready." he said Alisha and Colin continued looking at her pictures, talking about them and laughing a lot. They finished looking at the pictures and packed a lot of things. Colin suggested that they go over to St.

Ives, have a few drinks and have something to eat. Alisha was all for that so they took off for St. Ives. When they arrived they sat at the bar and ordered drinks. Alisha decided to have Patron on the rocks with a twist……her favorite drink…&hellip.Colin was having a gin and tonic. They talked and laughed for quite a while and had a few more drinks.

They both felt they needed something to eat so they ordered burgers, which came out quickly. Alisha had noticed a couple of guys eyeing her as they ate. She told Colin about it, he smiled and told her to just let happen whatever happens.

Alisha smiled and played along. They finished their burgers and ordered more drinks. When the bartender delivered the drinks, he told Alisha that the two guys sitting at the table by the wall had paid for them.

She turned and toasted them, and mouthed thank you. They responded with their glasses in the air. In a few minutes one of the guys got up and came over to Alisha and invited her to join them at their table…&hellip.which was exactly what Colin wanted to happen. Alisha told him that Colin was with her so the guy told him to come over also.

They picked up their drinks and moved over to the table. After some conversation, Colin and Alisha found out that the two guys worked for the State Education Department and were here to do a study at the college.

We all sat and talked for quite some time. They introduced themselves as Troy Walton and Thomas Raines. Troy asked if they were married, to which Alisha replied, "No, not yet, but we're going to one of these days. For now, we just like having fun." Alisha felt a hand on her thigh and a finger drawing small circles on the inside of it.

It felt good and with the combination of the Patron, she was feeling a little horny. The conversation slowly changed over to sex, which Alisha and Colin had no trouble talking about. The whole thing was developing just as they wanted.

The two guys were from out of town and were definitely interested in fucking Alisha. This was perfect. Troy continued playing with Alisha's leg and slowly moving up toward her pussy.

Her jeans were skin tight and she felt every movement. Colin winked, unnoticed, at Alisha and excused himself to go to the restroom. Thomas got up and moved to a chair on the other side of Alisha so he had access to her other thigh&hellip.which he started massaging and slowly moving up her leg. Alisha moaned a quiet little moan as Troy slid his fingers across her crotch. She was so wet from the stimulation. She looked at them and asked if they would like to go over to her place.

They grinned at each other and accepted. She told them that Colin would be coming also, but that was no problem as he usually just liked to watch her take other men. They told her that that didn't bother them at all. By this time they both were rubbing their fingers across her crotch area, making her juices run in torrents. When Colin got back to the table, Alisha told him that they all wanted to go back to her place and did he want to come too. Colin smiled at her as they got up and went out the door to the parking lot.

Troy was walking next to Alisha and when they got to her vehicle, he pushed her up against the side of it and kissed her and pushed his hard cock up against her.

She slipped her tongue into his mouth and entwined his tongue with hers. Thomas was cupping her breasts and squeezing them lightly. Alisha looked at them, smiled and told them to follow her, then the fun could begin.

They all got into their respective vehicles and left for her house. When Alisha and Colin were inside Alisha's truck, they laughed about what was about to happen. Colin told Alisha, "I love you dear, have a lot of fun with these guys, I'll take my turn later, after they've gone." Alisha smiled at him saying, "Colin, I'm so in love with you too……I love it when you watch me getting fucked, it turns me on so much to know your eyes are seeing another cock using me and to know you are watching closely when they shoot their wads into me.

I'll be waiting to have you once these guys finish with me." They arrived at her house and all went inside. Colin excused himself for a few minutes to go turn on the video equipment while Alisha took Troy and Thomas to the guest bedroom.

When they went in the bedroom, the two guys immediately began kiss her and remove her clothes. Troy told her what a beautiful woman she is while Thomas was on his knees pulling her jeans down and pulling them off her legs.

Troy had removed her shirt and bra, leaving her standing there totally naked. The two guys quickly disrobed as she pulled the covers on the bed back and crawled up in the middle of the bed. Colin came into the room and took a seat in a chair facing the bed. Troy and Thomas were on each side of Alisha kissing her and running their hands all over her naked body.

Colin enjoyed the sight of her perfect naked body being ravaged by the two strangers. His cock was beginning to get hard as he watched. Troy's fingers were parting the swelled outer lips of her pussy and probing the wet opening of her pussy.

Thomas was kissing her and squeezing her tits and rolling her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Alisha was getting so hot and excited, her hips were bucking up against Troy's fingers as he finger fucked her with three fingers. Alisha was moaning and groaning in total ecstasy wanting one of them to put their cock inside her……her pussy was running wet and wanting to be fucked. She had the desire to suck a big cock and taste the warm cum in her mouth while having her pussy full of cock.

The two guys got Alisha up on her hands and knees, Troy penetrated her cunt with his huge cock while Thomas kneeled at her head. He had a handful of her hair pulling her mouth to his hard cock. She took it all the way down her throat and was caressing the underside of his cock with her tongue as Troy was fucking her pussy with long hard strokes, his hands on her hips. Thomas had her head in both hands pulling and pushing it on and off his cock. She could taste the salty taste of his pre-cum oozing into her mouth………she was in heaven.

She was feeling nothing but total pleasure from head to toe as the two guys cocks continued probing her body. She glanced over at Colin, who had taken his clothes off and was stroking his cock as he watched Troy and Thomas fuck his wife to be.

Alisha was having a super fantastic orgasm that was causing her abdominal muscles to contract and giving Troy a tighter pussy to fuck. She was moaning and her juices were flowing freely as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure flowed all over her body. She could feel Thomas's cock begin to swell……she knew that his load of hot cum was about to erupt into her mouth…&hellip.she was ready and began swallowing his sweet cum as he pumped it into her oral cavity.

He unloaded stream after stream of his thick white cum into her mouth. What she couldn't get swallowed ran out the corners of her mouth and down her chin. She was also feeling Troy blowing his load deep into her hot vagina. His hot cum was fillling her womb to capacity, running down the inside of her thigh. She was beginning another orgasm as she noticed cum spraying out the end of Colin's cock. She had continued sucking Thomas's cock getting it hard again.

Troy pulled his cock out of her and it was replaced with Thomas's. He immediately began to pump her, going deep inside her.

She could hear the squishy sound of his cock plunging into her sopping wet cunt. Troy had taken a position at her head and was rubbing his cock against her lips. She took his flaccid cock into her mouth and began to caress it with her tongue…&hellip.it was just a matter of seconds till it was hard again and going down her throat. Alisha was beginning her third orgasm and was shuddering all over. The vibrations of her orgasm were traveling through her body and sending the two guys over the edge again.

They were both spewing semen into her again at both ends…&hellip.her pussy running cum down her thigh and her mouth overflowing and running down her chin. When Troy and Thomas stopped cumming they both pulled out of Alisha and collapsed on the bed, Alisha collapsing in between them. Troy was lying on his back so Alisha took his cock in her hand and began jacking him off.

In a few minutes, he had rolled her over on her stomach and was lubing her ass with the excess cum that was running out of her pussy.

She felt him start pushing his cock into her ass till it was completely inside her. He was supporting his torso on his arms and began pumping his big cock in and out of her. He fucked her in the ass for over 15 minutes, moaning and groaning, then she felt him shoot his wad deep into her bowels and collapse on top of her. Thomas had gotten his cock hard again and told Troy to get off of her as it was his turn now.

He fucked her good then finished filling her ass with cum and pulled out, exhausted. Troy and Thomas each fucked Alisha three more times, continuing to fill her holes with their sticky hot cum. They both had fucked her big tits once, shooting streams of their thick white sperm onto her beautiful face. Alisha had hungrily took all the cum she could into her mouth and then wiped up gobs of the thick juice and licked if off her fingers.

Alisha had truly become their cum receptacle…&hellip.she had their cum running out of her in streams. Colin had jacked off several times watching the two take Alisha over and over. Now, the two guys had grown tired of fucking her and left the house, proud of their conquest. Alisha was lying crumpled on the bed, completely exhausted, their cum all over her and oozing from her holes.

Colin was still excited, he had not seen her be taken like this since they were down in New Mexico. He rolled Alisha over onto her back, spread her legs and inserted his hard throbbing cock into her sloppy wet pussy. Alisha could barely move after being fucked so many times, but was still able to wrap her arms and legs around Colin and give him the fuck he wanted. Colin was plunging deep into her, his cock dislodging the large quantity of cum that Troy and Thomas had deposited in her.

Colin took her two times, emptying his balls inside her pussy also. After he shot his last load, he collapsed on top of Alisha and they slept till the next morning. When Alisha awoke, Colin's flaccid cock was still in her wet pussy. She rolled him off of her and got up and went to her shower. She stopped and looked at herself in the mirror as the water warmed up.

She had dried cum caked all over her body, in her hair and running out of her holes. She was a real mess and wanted to be clean. She stepped into the shower and let the hot water run over body, soothing her and loosening the hardened cum. In her mind she felt like a worthless slut and not real proud of herself or her actions……but she remembered back to the night before and all the enjoyment and pleasure she had experienced with the two fuckers that had taken her over and over.

Of course, she was a willing participant. She had also pleased Colin, the love of her life. She would do anything for him, all he had to do is ask and it was her command. She finished cleaning herself inside and out, dried herself off and crawled into her bed, pulled up the covers and went back to sleep. She was still so tired and sore……she needed some rest to recuperate. Sometime later, Colin awoke and found Alisha gone.

He went to their bedroom and saw that she was asleep in their bed. She was so beautiful, an absolute beauty queen. He was so lucky to have found a woman like her, one that would fulfill all his fantasies and needs without question. He knew that the love he felt for her was never ending and would last.

He went into the bathroom, showered, dried off and got into bed with Alisha and fell asleep. They didn't wake again till well after noon. They knew that even though they had very perverted minds, they still loved each other very much and would stay together doing these same things over and over.

Visions of the two men fucking Alisha over and over, taking her beautiful body for their pleasure time after time, shot through their minds as they lay there. Yes, they were meant for each other and this crazy lifestyle they were living.