Ma femme eine baiser dans sa Küche überraschen Teil2

Ma femme eine baiser dans sa Küche überraschen  Teil2
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My friend's story Rick's WIFE 5 (5 of 6) The scene: Blindfolded, I was kneeling on the living room floor, knees spread, groin tight against the backside of Linda, my wife, who was also kneeling and sitting on her heels.

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Linda, in turn, was kneeling between the outstretched legs of William, who sat on our loveseat. Now, picture this: Me, Mr.

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Heterosexual, was leaning forward with my arms around my wife. My left hand was placed over Linda's left hand which squeezed and massaged William's balls. My right hand, in turn, was placed over her right hand as she stroked up and down the length of his cock. Meanwhile, I was the only one fully clothed (I had NO idea what Breigha was wearing). Such are the things my wife's fantasies are made of.

I would have been more concerned about the situation, had my cock been less in need of attention. As it was, I don't think I ever remember having an erection so purely HARD and urgent. At times, my fingers would slip between Linda's fingers (accidentally!), which were slick with William's pre-cum, and I could feel the strange sensation of touching another man's erect penis.

"Linda, kneel up now. I want you to take the tip in your mouth and fellate me. Peter, gently place your hands on both sides of her head." We did as told. I could feel the motion of my wife's head as her mouth engulfed William's cock. "That's a pretty sight, Peter. Ruby lips in a big "O," eyes closed, concentrating on taking as much as she can, her husband lovingly holding her bobbing head.

I wonder if she uses her tongue on the crown like this when she sucks your cock, or if this is just for me? My god, it's heavenly." Nearby, the everpresent sound of the camera shutter. "Linda, keep your lips locked on the head. Now, Peter, this will be an important watershed, but I have confidence in you.

I want you to reach around with your right hand and masturbate me. I want you to jack me off into your wife's mouth. Don't stop until I've come and Linda has taken all of it and swallowed. I also want you to place your left hand very lightly and gently around the underside of her throat so you can feel her swallow, but in any case be careful not to squeeze or press too hard.

Linda, look me in the eyes. Look nowhere else until I tell you otherwise." Dear Distiller of Fine Brandy: I would like to express my DEEP appreciation for your excellent product.

Thank-you, thank- you, thank-you. Okay, here we go. I reached around, grasped his erection, and began the eternal ritual. He was quite large, indeed. It was coated with pre-ejaculate and my wife's saliva. My left hand softly held the underside of Linda's warm throat. Each time my fingers rose to the top, they would touch my wife's clenched lips: a soft ring of flesh capping the pole I stroked as I would want mine stroked.

"Ah, this is exquisite. And we are so proud of Peter, aren't we, Linda? He must love you very much. Think about this, pretty lady. Think about the two men, one in front and one behind you, one whose cock is firmly in your mouth, for all purposes a total stranger, and the other your husband, carefully milking that man's sex, the tip of which you hold between your lips.

Isn't sexuality wonderful? There are so many possibilities in life." As motormouth went on, I could feel his hips begin to buck up into Linda's mouth in rhythm with my hand. Linda had begun to moan softly through her nose, and I increased the speed and pressure of my hand. "Don't take your eyes off mine, Linda.


I want to see into your soul as I come. You and your husband's submission and trust is very beautiful, very erotic. As you swallow this, remember that your trust is not misplaced." With that, William began to cum in Linda's mouth. I stroked violently up and down his cock and at the same time gently stroked Linda's throat.

I could feel her swallowing motions as his semen went down into my wife's belly. A few warm strands escaped onto my pumping fist.

His orgasm subsided quickly.

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Linda's tongue swirled around the still engorged head and around my slippery fingers. After licking William clean, she took my fingers and cleaned them also. I wanted, I NEEDED to fuck her, to fuck someone. Hell, I'd have fucked the carpet on the floor at this point. "Thank-you, Peter.

Thank-you, Linda. Peter, please forgive the poor humor in this, but you may now kiss the bride." Linda turned her head, and I reached around for her mouth with mine. I tongued deeply and passionately. She tasted sweet and salty; she tasted female; she tasted of cum and of lust. "I'm going to nurse my scotch for a little bit, folks, and enjoy the show.

Breigha, I can see, is no longer able to operate a camera effectively, anyway, what with one hand in her pants. Linda is not in the least bit satisfied yet. And Peter. well, what can I say about Peter?

You look a little peaked, there, Peter. A little horny, perhaps?" "I've been less horny." He chuckled. "Yes, I'm sure you have. Alright.

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Breigha and Linda, would you please help Peter up and stand him in front of the fire?" I stood and was guided to just in front of the fireplace.

Soft hands turned me so I faced the living room away from the heat of the flaming embers. "Remove his pants and shorts. You can leave his sweater on." One pair of hands unbuckled my belt while another lowered my zipper. My pants were shed to my ankles and I stepped out of them. A set of nails ever so lightly ran up and down the length and underside of my cock through my shorts. A cool hand slipped into my shorts from behind and through the opening for my left leg, gently caressed me, and retreated.

Suddenly, I felt lips pressing against the tip of my cock. They blew wet, hot breath which soaked into the fabric of my shorts. "Now the shorts, ladies. That's good. Say, Peter, it looks like you've got a bit of an erection there. Would you turn to the side so we can get a profile with the fire behind you?

Nice. The ladies seem to appreciate it. I think they would appreciate it even more if you did a little showing off for them. Am I right, ladies? I thought so. Go ahead, Peter, masturbate for them. Stroke it like your wife stroked yours the night she came home and told you about being fucked by another man. Spread your legs further apart and stroke it slowly for your wife and for my wife." I reached with my right hand and began to pump my cock. Images of Linda's "fling," of her raunchy dancing with a strange man, of sucking him in her car, of her being fucked from behind in his apartment, and of everything that had happened tonight sprang to mind.

All my self-consciousness was gone. There was an unbelievable feeling of release and freedom, masturbating in the dark, to the dark, in front of strangers, in front of my wife. "You have a sexy, masculine, well kept and well proportioned body, Peter.

I'm not saying that because I desire you, but only in admiration. We've all tasted Linda, Peter. Now I want you to taste yourself. Squeeze the tip onto your finger and taste it." I complied. It tasted musky, not unpleasant, and the taste immediately went to the back of my throat.

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"Good. Now spread your feet a little bit wider, just past shoulder length, and put your hands on your hips.

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Leave them there until I tell you otherwise. Ladies, I want one of you to kneel in front of Peter and take his cock in your mouth. I want the other to kneel behind him and to put your tongue and lips between the cheeks of his ass. You are not to touch him with your hands. I want you to make him cum with only your mouths.

The way he looks, it doesn't appear it will take much effort." A brief silence, and then, like a dispensation from heaven itself, a wet mouth closed suddenly over the tip of my cock. Warm breath between my ass cheeks, then the almost unbearable sensation of an insistent, probing tongue at my ass-hole. Who was who, here? Which was Linda and which Breigha? Did it really matter? Not a damn bit. The feel of two mouths at the same time, one suckling on my erection, the other gently probing my anus, was unlike anything I had ever felt.

A sudden thrust of the tongue from behind, penetrating me, would send my hips involuntarily jerking forward into the depths of the waiting mouth and throat. I concentrated on the pure pleasure of the sensation, exquisite as it was, and blocked all else out. My only problem was my need to occasionally pay attention to my leg muscles and to my balance. Although I worked out regularly, my legs seemed rubbery just now. An orgasm began to gather deep in my gut, somewhere in my core, between the root of my cock and my ass.

It coalesced on a cliff or precipice in my soul and I teetered at the edge, that edge of indescribable ecstacy when the pleasure seems to be nowhere and everywhere, that brief eternity just before we finally tip and fall into the depths of an unstoppable orgasm. And then I came in a great tsunami of pent-up animal lust.

I came in the sucking mouth, ejaculating wave after wave of semen from deep in my testicles. It seemed like it would never stop. I wondered briefly whether Linda or Breigha, whoever was receiving it, was beginning to get concerned about that possibility themselves.


My knees were starting to buckle, and a hand reached out from the woman kneeling in front of me, took my hand, and steadied me. As the reflexive jerking of my hips and body began to subside, the lips retreated from my still erect penis, the mouth at my ass gently kissed one last time, and both women rose slowly.


I could tell it was not my wife in front of me. She was a bit taller than Linda and, as she pressed up against me, I could feel her breasts were fuller and more rounded.

Linda pressed against me from behind and both women reached around me with their arms, holding themselves and me between them. We gently rocked from side to side, and Breigha began to kiss me lightly on my face, on my forehead, gently on my closed eyelids, on the tip of my nose.

I could feel Linda's soft, warm breath behind my ear. "I'm speechless," William said. Right. And frogs aren't waterproof, I thought. "Okay, I know what you're all thinking. So I'm not exactly speechless. But I am deeply impressed. If you ladies would escort Peter to the couch before he slips down between you like a wet rag, I believe he would be grateful." They helped me to the couch and sat down beside me, cuddling like little girls. There was silence for several minutes.

"I think it's time to put Linda in the spotlight again," William said suddenly. "While I can only speak for myself, it looks like I've sprouted another insistent stiffy just from watching that magnificent performance. How about it, Peter, are you up to a little more play?" My cock was still erect and calling for attention, had never softened a bit, in fact.

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"I believe I am, William. And I don't suppose you have anything particular in mind, do you?" He chuckled. "As a matter of fact." To be continued.