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Danielle, feeling giddy, took another sip of champagne. The entire day had been such a whirlwind that she'd felt light-headed even before she started on the alcohol. Finally it was drawing to a close, and she was looking forward to the night. The reason for her anticipation looked at her over the top of his own flute and toasted her silently.

Robert was probably the most attractive man she'd ever met, and Dani was dying to run her hands through his dark hair and pull him against her body. Thoughts of what else she wanted him to do had left her dripping in her panties for hours. The willowy blonde didn't want to wait much longer. "I think it's time for the garter toss," announced John.

Robert's best man was easy on the eyes too, especially wearing the smile he fought to keep from spilling over into outright laughter. Giggles from beside Dani revealed not everybody was so successful.

She tried to aim a quelling look at Valerie, her maid of honor. It was wasted effort. "Make sure I get the bouquet!" Val whispered. Her eyes sparkled with anticipation as she turned her attention back to John.

The dark-skinned beauty was a little shorter than Dani, and a little curvier, but her tone of voice suggested she was equally aroused. It was a farce, but Dani couldn't help smiling as she took a last sip before pushing her chair back from the table. She and Robert had eloped, so the six people seated around the table in the private room constituted the entire wedding party and guest list. Besides herself and Robert, and Val and John, there were only Miranda and Victor.

The well-endowed redhead appeared to be as taken with Robert's other friend as he was with her, so there really was no reason to pretend everybody hadn't already paired up.

Except, Dani supposed, tradition. Robert slipped out of his chair to kneel before Dani, and she felt the eyes of the others upon her. Her dress was the traditional white, but it came only to her knees and the stretchy fabric hugged her figure.

The feel of Robert's hands running up her white hose sent chills through Dani's body, and her leaking pussy squeezed more cream into her underwear. When he passed the obligatory garter and kept going higher, Dani blushed under the knowing eyes of the others but got even wetter. Fingers lightly caressed her satin panties, and Dani thought she was going to explode. It was all she could do not to squeeze her legs together and trap Robert's fingers against her needy slit.

She gasped when he suddenly hooked his fingers in them and started pulling them down. "Having trouble finding it?" John teased. "NO!" shrieked Dani, wriggling momentarily so Robert could draw her wet panties down past her hips.

The air on her molten sex felt shockingly cold, distracting her from the laughter of the others. At that point, Dani just wanted to feel Robert inside her. Valerie giggled. "Naughty boy!" she admonished Robert, when she caught sight of the ivory satin in his hand instead of the baby blue garter she'd expected. Unchastened, Robert grinned and stood before quickly bending forward to give the surprised Dani a kiss. He cast a quick look at Victor, who had his face buried between Miranda's breasts, before tossing the purloined bikinis to John.

"Mine!" Val proclaimed, snatching the bouquet from the table. It wasn't, Dani decided, like Mira was going to be fighting her for it. The brunette planted herself on the table in front of John, who grinned and stooped to pull the panties over her feet. Val's eyes widened as she caught sight of the sodden fabric stretched between her legs. "Dani, you little slut!" she gleefully exclaimed.

"These are soaked!" Beyond embarrassment, Dani just leaned back into Robert's embrace and wriggled against the erection that was trapped inside his pants. "And you call me a slut?" John had just paused after working his way high enough to reveal to all of them that Val wasn't wearing panties at all. John and Robert traded amused looks, and then John pressed a pair of fingers into Val's glistening slit.

"Oh, fuck me now!" the brunette screamed, humping herself on the intruding digits. "Me, too!" Dani whispered urgently to Robert, grinding herself more firmly into his hard body. Robert didn't hesitate before murmuring his agreement. The other couples ignored them completely as the bride and groom slipped out of the room.

Luckily for Dani's sanity, the bridal suite wasn't far away. Robert barely had time to secure the door before she was sliding out of her dress and leaving it discarded on the floor. It had been too skimpy for a bra, and Dani hardly needed one anyway, so all she was wearing were the white hose and pale blue garter. The heat in Robert's eyes as he looked at her would have been enough to warm her, even if she hadn't already been on fire.

"Help me," Robert suggested, and Dani was only too happy to fall to her knees and unfasten his slacks. Robert pulled the suspenders over his shoulders and his pants fell. A moment later, Dani was rewarded with the sight of the cock she'd been craving all day. She devoured him, tasting the scent of his body and the saltiness of his desire. Robert was rock-hard in her mouth, but he pulled away before orgasming. He lifted her to her feet and then helped her onto the bed. The pair never broke eye contact as Dani spread herself wide, offering her more-than-willing body to him.

She grunted beneath the sudden weight as he plunged into her molten channel, and then locked him inside her with her long legs as he began to pump her vigorously. Bride and groom both came quickly, and were united in their desire for more. Dani's tongue cleaned Robert's organ and teased him back to renewed hardness; soon he was pounding into her again.

"Take it, you slut!" Robert grunted between thrusts. Far from being offended, Dani moaned, the words fanning her desire.

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The wand of rigid flesh plowing her liquid cunt was everything she'd dreamed it would be; she wanted more. It was many hours, and orgasms, later before a sated Dani finally fell asleep, with her husband's spend trickling from her well-used body.

Danielle glared at Robert, but her sunglasses ruined the effect. She was nursing a headache, probably from the sun, so she picked up another pina colada. The destination wedding had seemed so romantic -- a ceremony on the beach, close friends without disapproving relatives, and the ceremony saved for another service back home. It just hadn't worked out exactly as she'd hoped. She knew she had a hot body, and the bikini fit like a glove, but bridal white just wasn't Dani's color; her complexion wasn't quite dark enough to pull it off.

If she'd had Val's dark mahogany skin, or a little color like the cheerful scrap of yellow her sister wore, it would have been a different story. Val, at least, seemed to remember that the bride was supposed to be the center of attention. Miranda's gold lame bikini demonstrated no such consideration, and the battle her top fought to restrain Mira's generous breasts kept attracting the guys' eyes. Including Robert's, damnit! His briefs didn't do anything to obscure his growing erection, either.

It was supposed to be her erection, now! Dani unfastened her top and handed it to Val, who looked uncharacteristically at a loss for words. It wasn't as hard as she'd thought it would be, even though the beach wasn't really private.

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Dani also realized she was more turned-on than she'd thought -- her nipples stood stiffly erect on her tight breasts. They were good breasts, she told herself, without a hint of sag or tan lines -- even if they weren't as big as Mira's. She swayed across the sand toward Robert, and the movement caught his eye, as she'd hoped.

The look on his face was worth any possible embarrassment, and the sudden surge of his penis made Dani feel a little unsteady on her feet. Robert pushed his sunglasses up on his shaved skull so he could admire her. "That's what I'm talking about," he told John with a broad smile.

"Little slut!" he greeted Dani. "Can't wait for tonight?" Dani opened her mouth to correct him, but Robert scooped her into a crushing embrace and covered her parted lips with his. The feel of his skin rubbing against her nipples was almost as intoxicating as the throbbing hardness against her thigh. She found herself breathless, and dripping, almost immediately. "Neither can I," Robert continued as if the kiss were her answer.

Dani yelped in surprise as he suddenly lofted her onto the white lace tablecloth spread across the sturdy picnic bench where the cake waited. "Let's have some cake!" The beautiful blonde's objections died unspoken when Robert pulled her bikini aside and ran his tongue over her clit. She wasn't sure she was up for public sex, but her self-control was fraying quickly beneath every stroke of her husband's tongue. Dani looked for Val. Her sister was right there, still clutching Dani's top, with her mouth hanging open and a stunned expression on her face.

Dani's face flamed, but then she noticed Val's bikini was askew and John was standing right behind her. Val went up on her toes, and then her eyes rolled up as John forced her down. That slut! Robert stood up, blocking her view, and his cock was hard against his groin.

Suddenly, Dani didn't care about anything else. The two of them hurriedly skimmed their suits down their legs, in complete and unspoken agreement with each other. The sight of Robert's awesome black weapon sliding into her pale slit brought Dani off immediately, but she urged him on, wanting more. His eyes slid sideways, and Dani turned her head to see Victor pumping his meat back and forth in the tempting channel formed by Miranda's jutting tits.

"No!" she shrieked, twisting them sideways in the opposite direction. Taken by surprise, they lurched off the end of the table and fell to the sand, with Dani on top. "You look right here, mister!" Robert appeared temporarily taken aback, but smiled when she used a hand to insert him inside herself again.

In their new position, Dani's breasts showed to their best advantage, jiggling pertly as she worked herself on his rod. It didn't take long to coax him into cumming inside her, and the sensation pushed Dani over the edge too. Just in case, Dani scooted around and smothered Robert's face with her dripping sex before leaning forward to lick and suck her juices from his still-hard organ.

It took her the rest of the afternoon and most of the evening to be absolutely sure she had his complete and undivided attention. Dani found she didn't mind the work in the slightest. Danielle couldn't wait to get out of her dress. It wasn't just that she was dying to get fucked, which she was, but that she couldn't stand Valerie's taste in bridesmaid dresses.

The bustier felt restrictive, and actually laced -- it had been time-consuming to get into, and would probably be just as difficult to get out of -- for all that it looked feminine and was forgiving of last-minute weight changes.

But mostly it was the cups, heavy with brocade but nearly bereft of any padding. The more elaborate version Val wore, all ivory, cream and lace, made her look like a fairy tale princess -- if possibly not of the Disney variety.

Miranda, damn her, was on the edge of a wardrobe malfunction every time she twisted her body or raised an arm -- something she seemed to be doing frequently. Dani's figure was less cooperative. John's best man, Robert, had told her she looked fantastic, and Dani thought he probably was telling her the truth. But every time she looked down at herself, all she saw was the airspace between her skin and the garment.

Val had suggested she could pad it, but Dani would have died if any of the men had discovered it. Her nipples, still hard from the last slow dance, filled much of the gap, but Dani was almost sure Robert hadn't seen them. Why couldn't she have been born with a set of jugs like Mira? Dani shook herself mentally, and looked for Robert. He was still arguing with the bartender about something. What kind of drink was an "anal" anyway? She'd probably just misheard.

Men! Couldn't he just get some champagne or something and stop making her wait? She checked to make sure the bride didn't need anything. Val and John made such a cute couple, even if he was several years older than her father. It was a pity her parents had refused to come. One thing she had to say about older men was that they knew how to treat a lady.

Dani shivered, watching Val in John's arms, and wished she were back in Robert's. Robert's hands didn't have the smooth tone of youth, either, but the way they touched her made Dani drip and want to throw herself on him. If he were half as good with his cock. The blonde cast another furtive look at Mira and blinked. She hadn't known what to think of John's friend, Victoria, but the older woman wore a tuxedo well.

Probably better than Dani did her stupid dress, truth be told. In other circumstances, Dani might have called her "hot" but she didn't swing that way. She hadn't thought Mira did, either, but the redhead had her tongue down Victoria's throat. As Dani watched with disbelief, Victoria plucked a nipple from Mira's bustier and stretched it, making the bridesmaid shudder.

The sight wasn't as off-putting as Dani had imagined it might be. "Get a room," Dani muttered, trying to ignore the growing heat within her. When Robert returned with their drinks, he barely had time to deposit them at the table before Dani dragged him onto the dance floor. Her lace panties were soaked and Dani made every attempt to flaunt her modest B cups, but Robert remained a perfect gentleman. Her every attempt to guide his hands to her more sensitive spots somehow met with subtle failure, while his touch on seemingly innocuous areas kept her trembling with desire.

"God, just fuck me!" Dani finally burst out, on the ragged edge of orgasm. She didn't care if anybody else heard, or if Val needed anything -- she just wanted Robert inside her. He flashed a quick smile and led her from the room, leaving Dani weak-kneed with relief and anticipation. Once in his room, Dani started fumbling with the hated laces, but Robert stilled her with a touch.


"Just the skirt, please," he said in the soft Oriental accent she found so entrancing. Once Dani's trembling fingers found and started the zipper, it went quickly and soon the long pastel fabric was puddled about her feet. She stepped carefully out of it, displaying her long, toned legs in their matching sky-blue hose.

Her pumps made them look even better, she knew. The unfamiliar garter belt holding the tops at her thighs was of a piece with the bustier, but the scarlet thong didn't match at all. It was dark with the moisture that had been leaking out of her for hours, and displaying herself that way made Dani feel like a complete slut -- but the thought just made her hotter.

"Now me," Robert ordered. Dani did all the touching, directed by his eyes and silent gestures, but it was still her body that felt on edge while Robert stood, collected and calm, before her. When the task was completed, she couldn't take her eyes off the uncircumcised penis jutting from his hairless groin. A bead of precum glistened at its tip, making her mouth water.

"I think you are more of a slut than your big-titted friends," Robert pronounced after a moment of silence. "Let down your hair. and then let me see you touch yourself." She would have done anything for him. Dani fumbled with the clips that held her hair in place, and it tumbled down past her shoulders. She knew what Robert wanted. The blonde licked suddenly-dry lips and slid a glossy fingernail beneath the edge of her panty, sucking in a breath at the sensation. Dani looked up at him, trying to read his expression.

Robert studied her dispassionately, only the faint bobbing of his erection showing he was animate. "You want me, yes? To fuck you like the American whore you are?" "Robert!" Dani almost wailed, bewildered and wild with need. "I love you! You know I want you and I'd do anything for you!

I'm no whore!" She rubbed herself furtively, unable to wait much longer. "Ah, yes," he replied enigmatically. "Turn around, then. my love." Finally! Dani whirled away from him, glad he was past this craziness and knowing the sight of her tight buns had to be driving him wild. She jumped at the sudden hint of sensation between her legs. "Gently!" Robert barked, stilling her. "Don't move." The head of his penis pushed past the thong and into her pussy.

Dani bit her lip, forcing herself to remain in place. The intruder inside her moved slowly deeper, sliding easily into her molten depths, and then reversed course, exiting as easily as it had entered. She waited with rising anticipation for the thrust she knew would follow.

When it returned, the pressure was higher, against the rosebud of her anus. "Robert!" Dani protested; she was painfully tight there and it wasn't really what she wanted. Although. She wanted him, didn't she? A finger ghosted along her body and did something that triggered an immediate, and intense, climax. When it ended, she was impaled on him and feeling uncomfortably full. Robert's voice murmured in her ear. "You love doing this for me, don't you, Dani?

My little blonde ass-whore?" His touch began playing her body again, rousing and teasing her while his manhood reamed out her back door. The night went on forever, and Dani was in no mood for it to end. Lifted on an orgasmic high, Dani showed Robert there wasn't anything she wouldn't do for him.

If he didn't ask her to marry him soon, she sleepily decided, she'd ask him! What?! Danielle fought to keep the friendly smile on her face and wondered if she should have had that last drink. It felt like the groom was undressing her with his eyes, not for the first time.

It was a little disconcerting because she wasn't the bride, and he might have been shocked if he'd realized how little she actually was wearing. Victor looked totally earnest as he softly repeated his request to her and Valerie.

"I said I'm a little concerned about Miranda.


You know she doesn't have much experience and I think she's a little nervous about -- you know. I'd feel better if you could give her a little pep talk." He dangled a room key on one finger. "Absolutely," Val assured him, palming the key. "Rest easy -- the maid of honor is on the job! Just give us half an hour or so to clear out, okay?" She winked at him and received a quick nod in reply.

Dani watched him return to mingle with the other guests and make some more good-byes, and then turned to stare at her sister's best friend. "Not much experience? What in the world was he talking about?" Detailed recollection didn't come easily in her present inebriated state, but Dani knew her "big" sister wasn't lacking in experience.

She couldn't think of anything she had done herself that Mira hadn't done first -- and Dani knew damn well that Victor himself had figured in a number of those stories! Val just grinned. "I think he's probably mistaken, myself. But then it'll be an easy job, right?" Her expression fell slightly. "Besides, nothing's happening here.

Bastards." Dani felt the same surge of unrequited desire. Mira and Victor were getting married, it was so romantic, and the love of her life was away on some stupid business trip.

It was no consolation that John had stood up Val the same way Robert had her. The two women made their way to the bridal suite and let themselves in. Dani glanced briefly around, thinking the generic room looked like she'd seen it dozens of times before, and focused on the bed, where her sister was lying.

"You aren't going to sleep in that, I hope," Val commented, looking at the gown. Mira laughed and sat up. "God, no! I knew Victor would be a dear and send you around, and I didn't want to deal with the buttons myself." Dani eyed her older sister.

The dress made Mira look like a dream; it was a simple floor-length gown with a minimal train, and a cowl neckline that just made her want to scoop out the goodies within. It fastened down the back with about a billion small buttons. Why couldn't she have tits like that?

She narrowed her eyes and moved closer. "Mira, that's gross! You'll ruin your dress!" On closer inspection, the redhead's cleavage was drizzled with semen.

"Then I guess you'd better start getting me out of it," Mira laughed, standing. "It wasn't like I could just send Victor away without some relief, right?" Shaking her head, Dani knelt and began unfastening the buttons on the bottom half of the dress, while Val started at the top.

The blonde could smell the musk of her sister's arousal; the thought of the fucking Mira'd be getting soon was enough to make Dani excited, too. Dani's fingers weren't quite worn to the bone by the time Miranda was able to step out of her gown.

When she stood up, the other women started laughing and pointed. "Mira!" Dani complained, looking down. "You are such a slob! Couldn't you have swallowed or something?" There'd been more cum on the carpeting, and now it was very visibly all over the front of Dani's dress where she'd been kneeling. "I guess you'd better get out of that, too," Val suggested, trying to fight back more laughter.

Dani wasn't sure when Victor would be back, but the door was locked and it wasn't like the three of them hadn't seen each other naked lots of times before. A single quick zip was sufficient to allow the blonde to remove her dress; the only thing beneath it was a lace G-string. "Oh, cute," Mira remarked, studying the undergarment -- or her sister's lithe frame; it wasn't entirely clear which. "Don't be a party pooper, Val." Her dark-skinned friend didn't mistake the bride's meaning, and quickly shed her own dress, revealing a feminine panty and demi bra set.

Val's curves didn't approach Mira's, but the way she filled out the bra made Dani's mouth water. "Come here, little sister," Mira spoke softly, seeing where Dani was looking. The blonde didn't want sympathy, but she realized she'd misunderstood the request when Mira unfastened her bra and let it fall free of her curvaceous breasts. Victor's jizz shone on them and the nipples facing her were as hard as her own. "Oh, sis, I love you!" Dani meant to kiss her, but Mira guided her head lower, onto one of her scrumptious mammaries.

She suckled for a moment, feeling her own breasts tighten, and then began licking the scum from her sister's warm skin while fondling and caressing her.

Mira moaned unexpectedly, and Dani saw that Val had pulled down her panties and was fingering the bare slit that now lay exposed to view. Maybe, Dani thought, she hadn't heard about all of Mira's exploits. The thought of her sister making love with another woman was unexpectedly exciting. The thought of herself being that other woman made Dani's insides clench the same way she did each time she saw Robert's cock.

"Am I interrupting anything?" Victor asked, making Dani jump. "Not at all," Mira purred. "Why don't you join us?" As he stepped towards them, unfastening his shirt, Dani belatedly realized that she was the only person who seemed to be surprised by any of what was happening. She watched Victor push down his trousers and underwear, and the sight of his cock got her hot. Well, hotter. She forced herself to remember that he -- and it -- belonged to Mira now.

The new couple moved towards the bed, and Mira lay back and pulled Victor into her. It was so incredibly hot, watching his reddened manhood disappear inside her hairless cunny, and Dani felt a trickle of moisture break free and run down the inside of her thigh. She started to finger herself, needing to do something to relieve the rising tension inside her, but Val pulled her closer.

"Look! Closer!" the mahogany-skinned beauty urged, "Aren't they sexy?" "Yes," husked Dani, mesmerized.

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Her forgotten fingers kept stroking her swollen clit, but her world had narrowed to the lovers in front of her. Dani leaned closer. Inches away, the scent of Mira's nectar clouded her senses and Victor's salty essence was equally apparent. His gleaming flesh pistoned in and out of her glistening pink folds.

Dani's breathing came as rapidly as her sister's. If only Robert had been there! Unfortunately, he wasn't.

But Mira was, and she'd loved her sister for all her life. And Mira loved Victor, who was now her husband and Dani's brother-in-law. It was perverse, and wrong, and unbelievably exciting. Dani gave in to temptation and extended her tongue, needing to taste them. The first taste, of Victor's sweat and Mira's lube, was everything she'd anticipated and more.

Inhibitions forgotten, Dani lapped and probed like a starving woman, tasting every nook and crevice she could reach before drawing Victor's balls, one at a time, into her mouth. When his cheeks clenched and she could see his cock swelling inside Mira, Dani felt like she would burst. Dani fell back on the carpeting, breathless but unsatisfied, and wished -- again -- Robert was there. He knew how to give her the toe-curling, orgasm-inducing fuck she craved with every fiber of her being.

"I told you I had bridal gifts," Mira -- now sitting up -- told her. The dazed blonde struggled to collect her thoughts, but seemed to recall vaguely that Mira had gotten a ring for Val, but just teased her when she'd asked about herself or Victor. "Victor," Mira continued, "my gift to you is my little sister." His drooping cock flexed, regaining some of its rigidity.

"You can't tell me you haven't thought about a three-way, or tapping that sweet body." He grinned appreciatively, but Dani wasn't sure about being a present -- she'd already given herself to Robert. "And Danielle, my little Dani." Mira gave her a loving smile. "My gift to you is my marital bed.

You'll never have to give me up, or be alone when Robert can't be with you." "What about me?" Val asked. "Enjoy the ring," laughed Mira. "You can visit, but Val -- there's nothing like family." She slid off the bed to crouch before Dani and lifted her gently to her feet. "I--" Dani started, but was silenced by Mira's kiss. Her heart swelled, but the rest of her body was so tight it was hard to breath.

Mira brought two fingers, coated with the contents of her pussy, to Dani's mouth and smiled when the blonde licked them clean. Dani didn't seem totally committed, however. Looking into her sister's heart, the redhead dipped her fingers again, and this time coated a turgid nipple with her husband's spend.

It was really too sweet the way Dani's gaze dropped unwillingly to the erect nipple, and then the two women were locked together in mutual desire. They fell back onto the bed, heedless of the others. Dani started again when she felt Victor tear away her lace G-string. "No! I want Robert!" she objected. There was a brief pause before Victor answered her. "Okay, Dani. You can save your pussy for Robert. But your ass is for me, got it?" He plunged inside her before she could object.

It hurt, a sort of dull muted throb, but to her surprise, Dani accepted him almost as easily as if he'd been plumbing her pussy. She gasped when his groin slapped against her buns, and then Mira pulled her down for another kiss. As if that weren't enough, Dani felt something brush against her gushing pussy. "Val," she guessed to herself, only to have it confirmed a moment later when the tongue stud scraped against her needy clit. She orgasmed so beautifully the others kept it up just to watch her do it again.

By the time they'd had their fill, Dani had been fucked literally senseless. The happiest day of Danielle's life was proceeding exactly as planned. Not only would she be marrying Robert, the love of her life, but her sister Valerie would wed John in the same ceremony! Of course, they weren't planning to share everything with their parents and guests.

That was why the two brides-to-be were alone, with only their maid of honor, Miranda, to help them finish dressing. Dani tried to draw a deep breath, and failed, after Mira finished securing the leather corset that bound her breasts tightly against her body. Incredibly, the sensitive hooters that normally rivaled Mira's had been compressed to give Dani the appearance of having only a B cup!

Dani felt a surge of affection and desire for her sister as she looked at the pair of them in the full-length mirror on the wall. To her critical eye, Mira hadn't done quite as good a job constraining Val's breasts, but otherwise the pair of them looked as alike as peas in a pod.

She touched her elegantly simple updo, its blonde locks nearly identical to Val's jet-black mane. Their newly-shaved mounds glistened with desire, and if Val's mahogany skin was a tiny bit darker than Dani's pale cream, well, Dani was just a little more conscientious with the sunblock.

Her green eyes were a perfect match for Val's dark brown. The women shared a smile before Mira helped them into their chastity belts. Just the thought of being Robert's had Dani leaking, and she wouldn't have cheated on him for the world, but the symbolism was important. As if in karmic payback for getting off easy upstairs, Dani noticed Val had a much harder time accommodating the butt plug than she did.

Finally, they donned tight-fitting chokers stamped with "R" (for Dani) and "J" (for Val). The coming ceremony was for public consumption, but the click of the locks represented their husbands' ownership. Matching designer gowns obscured everything except their beauty. Dani's body burned with physical need the rest of the day. Every time she met Robert's eyes, his expression promised carnal pleasures beyond her imagination. A glance at Val showed a vivacious young woman who, like herself, appeared outwardly normal but burned with sexual arousal.

Any time things got too tame, a grinning Mira thumbed the remote that brought the vibrators inside her to life. The sisters had left the reception as early as they decently could and waited impatiently on the large bed in Dani and Robert's suite. Each held a short black leash clipped to the other's collar.

Finally Robert and John appeared, giving each other high fives as they saw their wives waiting for them. Dani wanted to jump up and run to her husband, but Val's tug on her leash kept her in place. Dani behaved herself until Robert stood in front of her, but then she threw herself at him, kissing him urgently and pressing her body, still encased in its restraints, against him. "Fuck me, oh fuck me, fuck me hard," she whispered to him. "I'm dying to have you inside me!" John produced a key, and both ladies wasted no time in hitching up their gowns so the burden of their chastity belts could be removed.

Dani felt empty and needy, and remained spread for a moment longer, hoping Robert would take her right then, but apparently the men had other plans in mind. Instead of unfastening his fly, Robert withdrew a pair of black blindfolds from the inside pocket of his jacket.

It was a game they'd played many times before, although Dani had never heard Val mention doing it with John. Giving him an eager smile, the blonde accepted one of the blindfolds and fastened it over her eyes. Robert surprised her again a minute later. Instead of the earbuds she'd expected to have fitted into her ears, he removed the blindfold, covering Dani's lips with a kiss and gesturing for her to remain quiet.

Next to her, John was just cueing up a playlist on Val's iPod. "Be a good girl and do this for me," Robert told Dani. "I know you'll get off on it." Slightly mystified, but afire with desire and curiosity, Dani nodded. She let herself be moved to a prone position along one side of the bed, gown still about her waist, and watched the men move Val until her face was just above Dani's steaming crotch and her dress was thrown up over her back.

Robert handed her sister's leash to Dani while John started undressing. Dani sucked in her breath as Val immediately bent closer and began eating her out. It wasn't a cock, but it was stimulation and it was her sister. Val plunged her tongue deep inside her, making use of the stud to full effect without quite coming into contact with Dani's clit.

Without further preliminaries, John thrust himself into Val's creaming pussy and began pounding into her.

Val's face began bouncing rhythmically against Dani's mound, increasing her pleasure. "Remember, Dani, you're my slut now," Robert reiterated as he removed his own clothing. "Don't let me down." Dani gave him a dirty look. As if a blowjob was going to squick her out after all this time! John pulled out of Val and took two quick steps forward. Dani was beyond surprised, but opened her mouth without thinking when he grabbed her dangling leash.

Her brother-in-law inserted himself in her mouth, filling it with the taste of her sister. Out of the corner of her eye, Dani saw Robert take John's place behind the unsuspecting Val and begin fucking her.

The implications began to unfold in Dani's mind, and she orgasmed just before John blew his wad in her mouth.

Had John used her too, the other times she'd been blindfolded? It got even crazier when John pulled out and walked to the door of the suite to let in the other men. Victor was first in line, grinning devilishly at her as he took Robert's place in Val's well-oiled vagina. "You little cocksucker," Robert complemented her, thrusting well back into Dani's throat. "You're going to swallow every drop, aren't you?" She nodded, mouth stretched tight around him.

"And every one of these men, you're gonna blow because you're my slut, right? Does it make you hot?" "Yes," choked Dani, between swallows. She felt Val orgasm between her legs. Part of it was being Robert's slut, but part of it was watching Val be used in ways she didn't even realize. Feeling high, the blonde opened her mouth and extended her tongue, providing a tempting target for Victor.

Ten loads later, Robert was back with the blindfold. "It's time for your reward, Dani," he told her, grinning appreciatively at the semen coating her face. His eyes widened with surprise when she raised a hand, blocking his attempt to slip the blindfold over her head.

"Are you going to tell her?" Dani asked, nodding at her sister. Val was wriggling her ass enticingly. "Oh John, come on -- don't stop now!" Robert and John smiled at each other, sharing an expression that made Dani so instantly wet it felt like her insides were liquefying. "I think we'll keep it a secret, for now," Robert decided.

"After all, part of the fun is not really knowing, isn't it?" She didn't stop him when he moved again to cover her eyes. Val's tongue had been good -- no, to be fair, she'd been great -- but Dani needed Robert's cock inside her, and soon.

The blonde let her husband position her between Val's thighs, and welcomed the headphones that masked the sounds in the room around her. Dani was surrounded, not by the music she'd expected, but by the rich tones of Robert's voice. She remembered the conversation from years ago as if it were yesterday. "You love me, don't you Dani?" his masculine voice asked.

It was only a recording, but it made her drip. "Yes," her recorded voice quavered, and Dani also heard the liquid sounds of his masterful cock stirring her pussy. She arched her back, and the physical Robert entered her from behind, filling her in a single swift thrust.

Dani gasped and dropped her head to Val's slit, finding it flavored with the cum she'd tasted before as well as the feminine perfume of her sister's discharge.

"You'd do anything for my cock, Dani," the recording played on. "You're such a little slut; you need to be fucked hard and often, don't you?" Dani sighed into Val's heated flesh in unison with her electronic echo. "I'm lucky you love me so much and you're so faithful, Dani." Robert ejaculated inside her and withdrew, before plunging deep inside her again.

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"You're so hot you're always ready to jump on my cock, you need it so bad, but you'd never cheat on me." Dani knew he wanted her to think one of the other men was fucking her now, but she wasn't fooled.

The size and shape of his erection, the way he used it inside her, couldn't be duplicated and she knew his magnificent organ as well as she knew her own body.

"You want me inside you, whenever I wish. Just the thought of me makes you wet, like the shameless slut you really are. You're my slut, Dani." He dumped another load in her sloppy cunt, and immediately transferred his attentions to her tender back door. She trembled and orgasmed explosively under Robert's deft touch, moaning his name so forcefully that Val convulsed from the vibrations on her clit.

At some point, Dani realized the recording had changed, but it was immaterial beside the immediacy of the pounding her indefatigable Robert was giving her. His voice just flowed into her brain the same way his bottomless balls filled her cunny to overflowing and still continued to pump more into her. Dani knew she'd do anything for her loving husband as long as she could have his cock inside her.

Danielle wriggled in her seat, trying in vain to find a more comfortable position. Beside her, Valerie sprawled spinelessly and listened to her iPod.

"Why do we do this, again?" the blonde asked her roommate rhetorically. "A week of summer vacation gone, I'm sore all over, and I feel like we just got here!" Val snorted. "Yeah, and we'll spend a week or more at home just recovering from our 'vacation'.

The same thing happens every time." Dani nodded her head slowly in amused agreement. "Who knew lying around the beach all day and playing video poker could be so tiring?" She was pretty sure that was all they'd done, anyway; her memories were a little fuzzy thanks to the plentiful drinks. They'd been coming a few times a year since spring break their freshman year and neither of them had shown up in "Girls Gone Wild" or compromising online photos.

They were responsible young women, not drunken bimbos. The soon-to-be senior wasn't really a party girl anyway, despite her good looks. They'd found a hotel a bit off the beaten path that was affordable, quiet enough to keep their parents from having heart attacks, and with a dozen old video poker machines in the bar.

They were the most fucked-up machines in the universe, and the pair expected to find them gone every time they'd returned, but the hotel was still holding onto them. Why, Dani couldn't figure out. Reserved for the use of guests, they smelled like cheap cigars, had buttons with labels worn well past the point of legibility, and sported blurry screens that spent more time displaying bursts of static than crude cards.

But mostly, whatever circuitry was supposed to calculate odds seemed to be completely broken. Once again, each of them was ending the trip with nearly $10,000 more in unreported cash winnings, even after accounting for the rooms and meals. The worst week they'd ever had, had still been over $3,000.

It was the scam of the century, and they kept quiet about it for fear of ruining a good thing. Miranda, a senior Val had met their first year, had turned them onto the secret. An older man wearing a tasteless Tommy Bahama knockoff shirt walked past them along the concourse, and Dani blinked as she flashed on an incredibly vivid image of him fucking a naked and completely uninhibited Val. It was so hilariously weird she almost made a joke about it, but she didn't want to be overheard.

Besides, neither of them were that kind of girl. Well. Dani looked over at Val again. "I still can't believe you stopped and did that," she repeated. The new nipple piercings Val had gotten on an impulse stop on the way to the airport were easy to see for somebody who knew what they were looking for. Dani had looked a lot in the last few hours. There was just something about them that made her feel, well, unsettled. The blonde changed positions again.

"Your tongue wasn't enough? What are you going to do next time?" She realized she was looking at Val's nipples again. What was it with her, today? Val pulled off her earbuds and sat up. "I dunno, Dani. Maybe I dozed off and hit my head on one of those damn poker machines!" She laughed, and then turned reflective.

"I just saw the sign and had to stop. They make me feel sexy!" The beautiful coed quickly ran her hands down her sides, shivering as she did so, and looked over at her friend. "Maybe I should ask how you're doing?" Dani realized she had crossed her arms under her breasts, forcing them up, and was idly stroking her nipples.

Her hands flew into her lap like startled birds, and she discovered there was a hint of dampness between her legs. "Do you think I'd look better with bigger boobs?" the blonde hesitantly asked. Val just laughed. "Shit, girl, you know you're gorgeous just the way you are!" The thought, once uttered, couldn't be dismissed. The trim young woman laughed weakly. The vision of her shirt stretched tight over luscious titflesh large enough to overflow her hands wouldn't leave her mind's eye.

The thought was outlandish, unexpected, and a little arousing. Surely $10,000 would buy a boob job. Absolutely not! She so was not going to get cosmetic surgery before even graduating! She didn't even have a tattoo! Dani gasped and forced her mind onto another track. "You know," she mused, "when we come back for the holidays, we could bring Kristin." Val raised an expressive eyebrow.

"What, your annoying little sister?" It had been a totally spurious suggestion, but Dani realized it felt right. "Sure! She's mellowed over the last few years, and she starts classes in the fall." With increasing enthusiasm, she continued, "Somebody's got to show her the ropes; why not us?" Her roommate grunted, displaying a distinct lack of enthusiasm. Dani already knew she'd wear Val down, even if it took the rest of the year to do it.

Just the thought of returning without Kris felt vaguely wrong.

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"It'll be great, I know it!" She knew it would be better than great. Dani sat up and crossed her legs tightly. She was no more going to sit in the ladies room and jill off than she was going to spend a semester's tuition on implants so she could look like some slut. Was she?