Expliziten und wilde bawdy Spalte Tauchen

Expliziten und wilde bawdy Spalte Tauchen
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Jan needed something from the store but couldn't remember what.


Just a moment before it was on the tip of her tongue. Her master, Dan, joined her in the car. They went to the drug store and walked around the back wall, looking at lubricants and condoms, trying to remember. They saw four teens at the pharmacy window getting fertility test kits. Master whispered instructions into her ear.They were too young to be trying to conceive she thought.they must be planning some no condom play while taking measures against babies.

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What hot kids they were she thought. Those nice hard teen cocks were going to get some nice wet contact. but she could take them any time, her tubes were tied.she could take both boys and show the girls some of her tricks.

They were always hard and full at that age she thought, those girls can't know what to do like an experienced woman. Naughty Jan caught one of the youths eyes with her beast jutting out through her partly open blouse.

It was almost an automatic move and she smiled when one of the teen girls noticed her brazen exhibition. The boys watched her leave for the door. She waited and then approached them as they left the building.

"Could you boys help me with unloading somethings at my house near here?" she asked.

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The girls glared at her forward move on their boyfriends but her smooth smile and clever remarks disarmed their intentions of protest. You can all come over for some soft drinks and it will only take a minute. The teens were planing an evening later when their parents went away for the weekend.

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With nothing else on their agenda it was hard to protest a social offer and their helpful instincts quickly answered, "Sure, we can help you right now!" The girls went along protesting mildly but had no other plan of their own to kill time until the evening.

They went to the Jan's hillside house and she quickly prepared some drinks and let them get comfortable. She flashed her breasts to the boys from a doorway out of the girls view and they understood her intentions.

The boys played along by bringing up their plans for the evening. They had the test kits to make sure they wouldn't need condoms and they were going to make a home porn movie to sell online for some extra money.

Their parent's camera was in their car because they just got some mini dv tapes and were ready for their mission. The naughty woman knew the boys were hot and full of adolescent hormones and the girls were just young and crazy enough to do anything. The last one had just turned 18 so they knew they could sell their tape for some cash ~ even if they couldn't find summer jobs.

Their plans were corrupt and her intentions were equally wicked.

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She had her blouse off completely but still stood out side the room while she talked to them. Dan went out to their car and returned with the HD camerea The girls were totally red faced with their plans exposed by the boy's confessions but, could say nothing. Dan pointed the camera at their embarrassed faces while, Jan got undressed and walked in the room and started giving the girls a lesson.

Explaining each step of undressing the boys and arousing an angry erection. Next she had one of the girls giving some oral attention to the first teen's cock.


Giving pointers and coaching on technique was fun and she loved giving the girls a little schooling. "We want a top performance for your production, don't we?", she asked not needing any answer but now the girls were getting into it and one cheered cheered on the other as they were all getting very turned on.

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The master had instructed her to offer milk and she did as the first boy released his seeds into his girls mouth. She replenished him with her sweet milk Next the boy gave his girl a detailed licking until she shook uncontrollably. "I think you are ready for a film festival award!" she said.

They were clearly talented newcomers. Her master asked the girls for permission to borrow their boyfriends and they consented. He directed the boys to take his slave and use her as much as they could, to come fast and then take turns.

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Each youth could come at least 5 times in an hour and taking turns there was no way she would get a minutes break. The fucked her again and again while master Dan sucked her milk. The girls watched in distracted fascination while their boyfriends furiously impaled the wanton slut.

They whispered about her dripping breasts and touched their own. One told the other about how she had heard about inducing the milk, with herbs. They watched the suckling master and wanted that same attention.

They knew that, after her satisfaction, she would share her lactation secrets willingly with the girls who had shared such nice hard cock with her.The knowledge would be passed on to the next generation to new mouths that hunger for the nourishment and giving of milk. Her breasts throbbed with pleasurable warmth as the youths continued to give her a deep penetration with the smoothest deliberation.

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Her lesson was well received and a good time was had by all.