Curvaceous Elianna who loves to play with her pussy til she cums

Curvaceous Elianna who loves to play with her pussy til she cums
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Surprises A funny thing happened just last weekend that still has me shaking my head about. It all happened at the annual boat races held in the main harbor of our city. My wife and I attend the races every year and enjoy the competition. This year it was unusually hot and most of the people in the crowd were dressed for it or, maybe should I say, undressed for it.

I noticed a woman about our age walking towards us. She was very attractive and had long flowing hair that the wind was blowing in her face. She came right up to us and sat down beside my wife. As she did, her legs opened and revealed that she was not wearing panties.

Her cunt was open to the world and she knew it as she looked directly at me, a slight smile on her face. She moved closer to my wife almost touching her. She leaned back and raised her knees up in the air to rest on them, all the time exposing her bare cunt to all to see. I noticed it was shaved and her opening was wet, her lips open a little so I could see the pink of her insides as she moved.

My wife finally acknowledged her with a smile but it wasn't long after that that the two of them were chatting like they were old friends. Now, my wife is a bit of a prude when it comes to sex and has said many times, that women just didn't interest her. Anyway, here she was talking up a storm with a half naked woman on the beach on a very hot day.

After watching a few races that my mind wasn't really on, I looked over and noticed that the woman's skirt had ridden up her thighs, exposing more of her bare cunt.

I also noticed my wife, being very relaxed, had moved a little closer to the woman and their thighs and legs were touching. My wife's hand was resting on the woman's knee as they continued talking while I watched the two of them.

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I wasn't listening to them but I was enjoying what I was seeing and the more they talked, the closer they got to each other. Now I saw my wife's hand slide down the woman's thigh a little until it rested at her hemline.

The woman had opened her legs a little more and was resting on her hands as she leaned back. The gentle breeze was blowing her skirt up every now and then, exposing her whole cunt, which I was sure my wife has noticed.

They continued until after the fourth race, my wife turned to me and said that she was going to the restroom. She asked the woman if she would come with her and the woman agreed, nodding her head.

As the woman got up, she spread her legs wide apart and I could see her whole cunt and ass, making my cock twitch once or twice. I watched the two women as they walked away, their shoulders rubbing each other, as they held hands so they wouldn't get separated in the big crowd.

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I waited until they were just about out of sight, then got up to follow them. I stayed behind just enough that if they looked back, they wouldn't see me in the crowd. I watched, as they seemed completely immersed in each other still holding hands and laughing as they walked into the restroom.

I stopped and watched the restroom door, waiting to see when they would come out so I could move to where they wouldn't see me. As I stood there, a couple of women came out of the restroom and I could hear them talking as they walked past me. "Did you see that?" one woman asked the other. "No, I didn't," replied the other.

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"You didn't see those two women feeling each other in there?" "No." "Well, you sure missed a show. They were kissing and rubbing each other breasts. One woman had her skirt up around her waist while the other one had her finger buried inside her cunt.

You didn't hear her moaning as she was getting finger fucked?" "No, I didn't hear anything but you know what, I'm going back in there and I hope I see what you did." "I'm coming with you," replied the other woman. I watched the two of them disappear back into the restroom. Others were coming and going but my wife and her now friend, had not yet come out. The flow of women slowed and finally the two women I had over heard before emerged once again. This time they were quite red faced and seemed a little bedazzled.

"Wow," one of them said.


"I see what you mean. They might as well have taken their clothes right off. I really liked the one's big tits." "I like the other's cunt, it was so juicy and wet, I could hear it squish as she was getting finger fucked." Wow, I thought to myself.

Whom were they talking about? Surely it wouldn't have been my wife and the woman, or was it. There was nothing I could do about it but wait until they came back out of the restroom to see what was going on.

Finally, after about twenty minutes, the two of them emerged. Their clothes were a mess and they faces were red and a little puffy. Their lips were red and swollen a little as they walked away from the restroom.

I watched them until they got to close then hurried back to where we had been sitting before. The two of them finally reached me and they both smiled.

"Honey, this is Jan," my wife said. "Jan has invited me over to her place just around the corner to see her garden. She will drive me home later. You don't mind do you?" "No, I don't mind," I replied. "Have a good time." I watched them disappear into the crowd and followed them.

They walked across the street and around the corner with me close behind but careful to not let them see me. I walked past the house and noticed the back of the house had a large fence around it with bushes growing all over it, making the back yard a place where no one could see into it. I continued around the block and came up the alley.

I found the back yard and looked around for something to stand on when I heard a loud moan come from inside the yard. As I stood there, I heard over and over again, moan after moan. I knew now what was going on and that the two women the women had been talking about were my wife and her friend.

I finally found a small opening in the bushes where I could see into the back year. I was amazed at what I saw when I finally found the two figures on the lawn. Both my wife and Jan were completely naked, lying on a towel in the middle of the yard. Their mouths were glued to each other as their tongues explored the insides of each other. Their hands were roaming all over each other's body, fingers pinching nipples and dipping between spread thighs. Their moans were getting louder and louder the longer they kissed and caressed each other.

Suddenly, Jan spun around on top of my wife and offered her soaking cunt to my wife who didn't hesitate in thrusting her tongue deep into Jan's cunt.

Jan moaned and moved her head down between my wife's open thighs. I heard a muffled moan from my wife as the two women licked and sucked and fucked each other with their tongues.

I watched them until they separated after each had a giant orgasm. Jan then stood up and put on a huge dildo. My wife watched her put the apparatus on and then held her arms open, inviting Jan to come down to her again. When Jan did, I saw the dildo slide into my wife's wide open cunt easily. They stayed still for a minute then Jan started to fuck my wife.

Their lips were locked together again as Jan pounded away at my wife's cunt.

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My wife at first just spread her legs but she soon moved so they were over Jan's shoulders, giving Jan more access to her open cunt. That's when Jan really started to thrust up into my wife. With each thrust, I could hear their stomachs and thighs slap against one another while they moaned and groaned. My cock was harder than it had ever been I'm sure as I continued to watch these two women fuck in the back yard of Jan's house. After my wife has another huge orgasm, the two women switched positions and now it was my wife who was fucking Jan with hard long thrusts.

God, what a sight.

Here was my prudish wife fucking and getting fucked by another woman and enjoying it. I couldn't help but think back to a time when we discussed woman to woman sex and how my wife has reacted. Now, here she was, going completely against what she had said, fucking a woman with a huge dildo tied around her waist and sticking her tongue deep down the woman's throat at the same time. Little did I know that I was in for another complete surprise.

After each of them had another orgasm, they lay beside each other, caressing each other softly while they talked and lightly kissed. Jan stood up and walked towards the house, leaving my naked wife on her back, her legs spread, her finger circling her engorged clit. Jan returned a minute later with a beautiful large dog. I'm not sure what breed it was but it was big. As I watched, Jan got down beside my wife again, leading the dog over to the two of them.


Without hesitating, Jan ran her hand over my wife's breasts and squeezed her nipple, making it protrude. She then pulled the dog closer and it leaned down and licked at my wife's hardened nipple. Its long tongue wrapped around my wife breast and the dog licked and licked while Jan kissed my wife. Jan's hand has slipped down between my wife's open thighs and she sank a finger then two inside my wife's soaking cunt. The dog had moved down a little and now was licking my wife's stomach and upper thigh as Jan continued to finger fuck my wife.

She them removed her hand and let the dog move down so he was licking my wife's cunt with his raspy tongue. This was driving my wife wild as she wreathed under the pleasure the dog was giving her with his long tongue.

She raised her hips a little and I could see the dog's tongue running the entire length of her crack from behind her ass hole right up and over her swollen clit. Jan had found the dog's cock in the meantime and was pumping it. It was amazing the length of the dog's cock and it seemed to be getting longer and thicker the more Jan rubbed it.

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After a few more minutes, Jan got up and went over to the house again, coming back with a large towel, rolled up.

She leaned down and stuck the towel under my wife's hips, raising them up off the ground.

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She then pulled the dog so he was standing over my wife, his long cock pointed right at her open cunt. Jan moved him a few paces forward and his cock made contact with my wife's cunt. His long hard cock slid into her easily and he started to thrust in and out of her while Jan held my wife legs apart and up in the air, giving the dog, complete access to her cunt.

After a few more thrusts, the dog's long cock slipped out of her.

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In his wild thrusts to get back into her, he found her other hole. His cock disappeared into my wife's ass hole and he started his wild thrusting again only this time in her back end which she had never had fucked before, at least, to my knowledge.

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My wife groaned every time the dog thrust his long cock into her and she was thrashing around on the ground. Jan was having a hard time controlling her as the dog fucked her. God, what a sight. My wife on her back, her hips raised off the ground, Jan holding her legs up in the air and a large dog, fucking the hell out of her. I heard my wife ask Jan to stop the dog as she couldn't take any more of his fucking.

Jan stopped the dog and pulled him away from my wife who turned her head and watched Jan get on her hands and knees with the dog behind her. The dog took one step forward and his cock was buried deep inside Jan's cunt. He fucked her harder than he did my wife and she was being moved around on the grass every time he thrust up into her.

Her moans and groans were loud and getting louder as the dog continued fucking her with wild thrusts. Finally, he finished and before he could knot her, Jan pulled away from him. She rolled over and no sooner had she come to rest on her back, when my wife was between her legs, lapping at her soaked cunt. I watched until my wife had finished cleaning Jan's cunt and I stood up, my hard cock making it hard to walk and I left to go back to the races.

When my wife came home, she seemed different. She was more open and whenever we went anywhere, she never wore panties and made sure her cunt was bare and shaved. She would sit with her legs apart and flash others, mostly though, she would flash women who seemed more than interested in her. Several times when we were together, another woman would come over and strike up a conversation with my wife. All the time watching her open her legs more and more, exposing her bare cunt to them.

I was amazed at the number of women who seemed to be interested in my wife's bare cunt. Her weekends were full of women sucking her cunt and fucking her with one the many dildos she had purchased. The women came in all sizes and shapes but one thing they had in common was my wife's cunt and they loved it. I can't remember how many tongues and fingers have been inside her since the races last year. I've even seen her with two or three women working on her body at the same time, one between her legs, another sucking her breasts while another has her cunt over my wife's face getting tongue fucked.

We also have two large dogs of our own. My wife went down to the pound and after some testing came home with a pair of dogs with big cocks.

The two dogs follow her around all the time, their noses buried between her legs and in her crack, their long tongues wetting her cunt before they fuck her.

She loves to have one of them fuck her cunt while she sucks the other's cock. The most amazing thing she has ever done though was one day when she had Jan over. She had Jan get down on her back with a large dildo strapped to her waist. She then sat down on the dildo and let Jan fuck her for a few minutes. She then called one of the dogs over and had him stand behind her. She guided his long hard cock towards her ass hole and soon, she was getting fucked in two holes at the same time by Jan and our dog.

Yes, my prudish wife has changed. For the better?


I don't know but it sure has made life around here more interesting. Me, oh yeah, I get to fuck her and Jan once in a while and I even have had a go with one of the dog's. When he was fucking me, I found out what my wife enjoyed so much.