Wet oriental love tunnel sucking

Wet oriental love tunnel sucking
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My story - Part One. Come to me my darling little girl I whispered to my sweet little 12 year old daughter; Aesha. We have been lovers now for the 2 1/2 years. My names Johnny and I love little girls. More civil or straightlaced people would call me a Paedophile.


Who cares; I just adore and love to suck and fuck sweet little innocent little girls just like my lovely Aesha. Who cares what they think anyway. I will please my appettite and I have had no complains as the sweet little girls just keeping cumming back to me for more.

How did this happen - This all started when I was about 8 years old. There was this lovely 7 year old girl called Valerie who visited and stayed with relatives who lived next door to my home.

Oh how convenient and fortunate fo us both as you will soon find out. We became good friends and I dont know how it happened; but we started experimenting with sex of every kind imaginable. I think we were playfighting and tickling each other when it first started.

Im glad that it did start because it gave me a whole new outlook on life. My cock is forever hard now especially when young girls are around and Im always looking for the opportunity to be alone with beautiful little girls or at last be in their presence. Im always trying to sneak quick glances and admire their extremely stimulating faces, form, lips and all over aura.

Im totally infatuated. I love parks and swimming pools and especially fun parks and the beach. These are the best places to get good veiws of young pussy and ass.

Anyway me and Valerie were rubbing each others privates through our clothes. We looked at each other and our eyes burned with extreme sexual desire. We kissed deeply. Our lips and tongues searching for each other in our passionate embrace as we hurriedly stripped our clothes from our bodies.

We were in the back of a Canopied Lorry Truck that was conveniently fulled with new mattresses parked at the back of my section. As naked as we were; we both knew that we had to keep quiet and somehow make some sort of cover should anyone peep into the back of the truck and discover our activities and halt our fall from grace. We stacked the mattresses and made a hutt that hid us away from prying eyes and gave us enough room to experiment freely.

We then got down to some serious fucking business. This was all new to me and at that time I thought it was all new to Valerie also. I was later to learn during this session that her father had been fucking her since she was aged 5 years old and she was very well taught as she was to be my teacher in all matters sexual. She told me to lay down so that she could look and play with my now hard 5 inch cock.

Not bad for a wee lad of 8 years old. Now that Im 32 my cock is now 11 inches long and all the young girls just love and adore my cock.

Especially my daughter Aesha. "Come here and lie down and let me play with your cock" Valerie whispered.

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I lay down and she crawled around and place her lges over my body and head until she was lying with he pussy just inches from my face and my cock just inches from her cherry red lips and mouth. Valerie turned and looked back at me with a smirk and whispered "I am going to lick and swallow your cock and I want you to lick and tongue fuck my nice young sweet daddy loving, cock hungy pussy" "I will try my best I whispered back cause this is all new to me but for some reason this all seems right" He small hand gently held the base of my now super hard cock.

She slowly pulled back my foreskin exposing the helmet of my cockhead in all its magnificent glory. Valerie extended her tongue and casually licked and flicked the head and eye of my cock. "Mmm more. than was oh so nice. Pleas keep doing that. I love it I. Please keep licking my cock. Oh pleas suck it" I moaned with ecstacy.

"Oh yeah baby. Im going to suck this boy cock until you cum right in my mouth" as she dived down deeply on my cock swallowing half of it with one gulp. I stared at the hairless, puffy lips of Valeries sweet cunt as it wiggled just above my nose. I reached my hands up to each side of her bum cheeks and slowly spread the lips of her pussy until I was staring bright eyed deep smack into this lovely eatable young pussy.

Oh it was yawning at me and I could see her both her piss and fuck hole as they yearned to be licked and sucked and gently eaten. My tongue searched out and rubbed her clit. "More, I want more of that. Lick my clit again. Thats it pull the hood back and you will see my clit all nice and hard too for your long sweet tongue and soothing mouth" I spread her pussy lips further and flicked her clit like a vibrator at fully throttle.


"I love this" I whispered. "So do I" said Valerie as she ran her mouth up and down the undeside of my throbbing cock and teased me to Iron Bar Hardness. I jabbed my tongue now at the hole that gapped and expanded before me.

I made my tongue into a small arrowhead and tongee fucked Valerie with all my might. My neck started getting sore but I didnt care. I was lost in this pleasure dome of young sexaully awareness. Valeries head rocked from side to side now as she spun her sweet mouth around the head of my cock.

Surely this couldnt last forever as I feel my cock start to twitch and precum dripped from the eye of my cockhead. I raised my hips up and tried to fuck her mouth and face.

"Immm yum. Give me more cum" Valerie demanded and she held onto more torso and her mouth rode my cock and coaxed me to even higher heights of pleasure. "I can feel your cock in my mouth and on my tongue. Oh yummy. You are gonna cum soon arent you.

Face fuck me lover" "I dont know what you mean" I replied. "Oh my poor little man has never played with his doodle or cum or had an orgasm before. Honey, You are just about to find out the ultimate ecstacy that all men are looking for. Thats getting your cock sucked first until you come in the mouth of the sweet little girl thats sucking and blowing on you hard dick.

Cmon give it to me, ram that cock up into my face. Heres my mouth - fuck it fast." she moaned and whispered as her mouth worked more ferociously on my cock now standing tall like the Eiffel Tower. I was busy too.

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My tongue and mouth were slowly drawing sweet pre-teen cream from that adorable cunt. I lapped at the lap of luxury and dived into the pool of tranquility as I ate Valeries cunt out. My hips rocked in and upward and downward motion as I also facefucked Valeries welcome mouth and throat.

Valerie moaned again "Im gonna cum soon to as she ground her hips and lowered his pussy even more demandingly upon my dancing tongue.

"Your tongue is devine.

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Eat me out. Eat and lick all my cream. Oh Johnny be mine forever!! Dont stop baby fuck me with all your might.

eat me, eat me, oh god tongue fuck and eat me until I cum" Those words of pleasure drove me on. My whole face; nose, mouth, lips and tongue were buried within the folds of Valaries sweet pussy. She started to shudder and informed me that she was about to come. "Im gonna flip around okay. Dont get cross. Its just that I wanna cum on your cock but thats later because I just realised that I wanna ride your dick shortly until Im ready to cum and then Im going to it and come all over your face just like how youre about to cum very shortly.

Right now I want to swallow you cum juice.

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Please Johnny cum feed me all your man cream" I watched as she got into the right position as I spread my legs to allow her access to my cock and ball sacks. She could now look directly at me and our eyes met as I poked out my tongue in heat and pleasure. She gazed into me glassy eyes and said "Nice isnt it. Do you like what Im doing". "Oh yeah more" I replied "suck me, swallow my cock. suck out the cum your sweet little slut" "Im going to drink you down whole" Valerie jibbed as she stroked my cock in rapid succession with her tender hand; up and down, up and down as her mouth and tongue and lips worked there magic in unison.

"Do you like this" she whispered as she stared into my eyes. Her tongue extended and tongue fucked the eye of my cock. She then flicked in slow and then rapid movements at the underside of my cockhead until my cock started to twitch and expand to even greater proportion. "You are cumming" Valerie moaned "I can feel it. Cum for me. Cum deep in my mouth lover boy. Cum all over my face. Fill me up. Let me drink your essense. Cum on give it to me.

Oh I love this cock. Mmm. Hmmm. Mmm" moaned my dear sweet Valerie. "Oh yeah. Oh my god oh yeah. Thats it. Thats it" I groaned as my stomach muscles rippled and my ballbags filled with cum released in a torrent through the eye of my cock into the awaiting mouth of my adoring Valerie.

She licked and sucked and watched as the cream bubbled from my cock. A couple of small bullet like shots hit her nose and cheek and she just giggled with contentment. My cockhead was starting to feel sensitive as she fished for more come with her hands and mouth. Gently rubbing and licking and sucking my cock until she had gotten all the last tasty bits of cum deep from my cock and balls.

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Cradually she coaxed the last remnants of cum from my slowly softening cock. "That was da bomb thanks Valerie. Can we do that again soon". " Anytime you want loverboy" Valerie smiled at me as she gathered the cum from her nose and cheeks with her fingers and licked them clean with her tongue.

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She flashed her tongue at me and I could see my cum glistening within her mouth. "Watch me clean and then swallow your cum now Oh Johnny boy. Yummy now all gone" Valerie stated with a wee giggle. "Now its time to make me cum there dear Johnny me lad.

I now want you to finger fuck my pussy until your cock is hard again to fuck me" I was over the moon as there was still more to cum and I could feel my cock starting to get hard all over again. Soon Ill be ready again for action. I am going to fuck Valeries cunt until she screams in extreme ultimate sexual pain and pleasure. Valerie lay back on the mattress and spread her legs wide.

I climber between her outstretched thighs and stared with hesitation and the gaping yearning cunt hole before me. I dove down and my tongue once again reached the shores of blissfuly joy and harmony. "Im going tongue and finger fuck you my sweet Valerie" I groabed between licks and jabbs of my tongue at her fuck hole. I spread her tight pussy once agin with my fingers. Taking one last gleeful look as I slowly inserted my index finger into her awaiting cunt.

"Oh my gawd, thats it. Finger fuck me. Oh yeah do it more. Like my clit. Oh yeah faster lover. Faster!" she moaned with an animalistic groan of sheer delight. I inserted another finger and slowly and deeply penetrated her pussy until my fingers were buried to the knuckles. My tongue was swiping and flicking her clit as I would suck on the nub every now and then with my mouth. "Im coming, oh Im gonna cum big time that I feel that Im gonna piss myself too" wailed Valerie.

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By now my Cock was hard again and I now was the best time to insert my cock between those sensitive pussy lips and fuck Valeries cunt until the sun is shining from her arsehole. The time ws upon us as my cock twitched with anticipation at the open flaps of Valeries yearning cunthole. More to cum. To finish of Valerie and then start on lil sweet Aesha.