Young girls copulate on poker night

Young girls copulate on poker night
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A fantasy story of domination and first time experiences. It was the summer holiday break from school. I had managed to get a weeks work at a neighbours, down the street. Mr Gerrard was a strange man, from his mannerisms he was a military man but I don't think he was in any of the forces. He gave me a full list of jobs and insisted they were completed, to his satisfaction, by the weekend, as he was going away, he informed me.

The list included clearing his garage, gardening, fixing some slates on the roof, the patio door lock etc. etc. I set to my tasks, starting early in the morning and working to late in the evening, I didn't see Mr. Gerrard until he returned from work when he would inspect my toils, mutter "Good", and I would go home. Now there was a Mrs. Gerrard, she was a petite woman, obviously much younger than Mr.

Gerrard but she never spoke. On the rare occasion I did go in the house she always looked away and never made eye contact. He was obviously very strict with her. She was a strange woman to age as she was very slim but was well stacked "up top". Her face was quite angelic and if dressed in a school girl outfit she could easily have passed for 16 although she must have been older. Mrs. Gerrard kept house, cooking and cleaning.

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I did glimpse her through the windows occasionally and saw her polishing Mr. Gerrrard's fine collection of antique pistols which hung on his living room wall, quite a collection and obviously worth a few bob.

Early Friday afternoon Mr. Gerrard returned from work, he had a good look around the place, packed his cases into his car and then came to me. "Your work is good but not excellent" he informed me. " I only pay for excellence so you are dismissed". I couldn't believe my ears, I had grafted like a dog all week to be paid nothing! I argued with Mr. Gerrard but to no avail and he insisted I leave his premises immediately. Tail between my legs I left. I went home raging mad. How the hell was I going to get him back?

I pondered for a while and then remembered I hadn't fixed his patio door lock. Now I am not by any means a thief but I planned to get into his house, steal a couple of his pistols, just enough to make up for the money he owed me. I hatched my plan. I waited until it was dark, put on my black jeans, black socks, found my black balaclava, which I wore in the winter and my red jacket, which had a black lining. I would walk down the street wearing red on the outside, not wanting to look suspicious and then reverse it.

I tucked my balaclava inside my jacket and set off. As I approached Mr. Gerrard's house I noticed that the car was gone and no lights on. I turned my jacket around, crept around to the patio door, as I had assumed, it was not locked. I slowly and quietly opened the patio door and went inside. I made my way to the living room, looked at the wall of pistols. I didn't know which of them were the expensive ones and which weren't so I put a couple into my jacket pockets.

I then saw down the hallway a light shining from under one of the doors. "Shit!" I thought to myself, that wasn't on a moment ago. I knew Mr. Gerrard had gone out so who was here? I quickly put on my balaclava and with a pistol in my hand went down the hallway. Why wasn't my instinct to flee?

I don't know. As I said if I had been a burglar I probably would have but being naive I didn't. I slowly and quietly opened the door, crept inside and looked across the room. There sat in bed with the covers pulled up to her chin was Mrs. Gerrard. The bedside light was on and as I looked at her pale blue eyes she seemed, for all the world, like a startled animal caught in the headlights.

What was I to do? I pulled a pistol out and pointed it at her and told her to get out of bed. Without hesitation she followed my command. Stood in front of the bedside light and I could see through the oversize "T" shirt she was wearing. Her hair was in pigtails and she looked like a frightened 16 year old, for that matter she looked like a frightened 14 year old! Should I tie her up and make my escape? I looked at her, she looked so cute stood there with her teddy bear "T" shirt on, quiet as a mouse.

Should I exact real revenge? My mind was racing, why the hell not. I was going to try something. "Raise your hands high in the air" I commanded her, waiving the pistol in her general direction.

Immediately she stuck her arms bolt upright. Her "T" shirt rose up her thighs exposing her pussy. It was shaved, bare of any hairs and looked as smooth as a babies. Her eyes were wide and her mouth open. I walked towards her, stuck the pistol in my jeans and in one swift movement grabbed the hem of her shirt and literally ripped it up over her head and arms.


She still stood there, arms bolt upright naked as the day she was born. She was skinny but her pert full ripe boobs, too big for her body frame size, jutted out and upwards, her nipples had already sprouted out and upwards. I stood back to admire my prey. Was I going to have some fun with this woman child? Was I! "KNEEL" was my one word command. She dropped to her knees in an instant, her arms still raised high. "You are going to suck my cock!" I told her. She didn't bat an eyelid just knelt there looking wide eyed at me.

I pulled my zipper down, reached into my pants and pulled my cock out. It wasn't fully erect but had started to grow. It must have been the adrenalin rush and the thrill of this female, who seemed willing to obey my every command. I pointed my cock towards her and grabbed the top of her head, pulling her open mouth onto my cock. She lowered her arms to grasp my now fully erect member. "I didn't tell you to drop your arms!" I sternly told her and she raised them back quick as a flash.

"Now you can lower them" I informed her. I was enjoying this. She once again curled her hands around my thick cock, her dainty little hands couldn't even reach around it, and she proceeded to suck on the bell end of my cock. I forced more of me into her mouth and started to rock back and forth, her baby blue eyes looked up to mine as if asking if she was pleasing me. "Good girl" I said as I rammed my cock down her throat. She nearly gagged but continued to give me one hell of a blow job.

I could just manage to reach down and take one of her boobs in my hand. It was lovely and firm, her nipple was as hard as rock, as I stroked and fondled it I almost came. I pulled my cock from her mouth. She looked up at me disappointingly. I put my hands under her armpits and literally threw her onto the bed. She landed on her back, with the momentum, her legs threw themselves into the air and over her head, her knees almost banging into her eyes.

It was then that I saw, for the first time that sweet bare pussy in all its' glory. The dampness of her lips glinting in the light. It was the first time I had seen a pussy so close and so available, sure I had had a couple of fumbled fucks before now but always in haste and confinement. This time I was in no rush and had plenty of room. "Hold your legs in that position" I told her and she held her legs over her head by holding onto the back of her thighs. This was one obedient woman/child.

I lowered my head to smell her pussy. It was the first time I had ever had the chance to smell a pussy. As I have previously mentioned, my earlier experiences consisted of confined fumble fucks and the best I had managed was to sniff my fingers to smell pussy.

There in all its' glory was a naked exposed available pussy. It was to be my naked exposed pussy to do with as I wanted. I ran my nose between her pussy lips and savoured the sweet aroma.

My nose touched her clit and she let out a deep sigh. Now for some tongue, oh how I had dreamed of licking a pussy, I was going to remember this for the rest of my life. After stroking my nose between her lips a couple of times it was time for some tongue. I wickedly licked her pussy all along her slit, a quick couple of flicks at her clit and back down the length of those juicy hairless lips before repeating my "Lap" of honour.

In no more than a dozen "Laps of honour" her body shook, wildly. Her legs wanted to be released and shake but she held on firm and bucked her hips, her juices flushed from her and I did my best to lap them all up. My she did taste good. "You can let go now" I told her and she let go of her legs, letting them fall on the bed. A huge sigh escaped her mouth and she wriggled on the bed. I let her lay there for a moment, catching her breath and then commanded "Again!".

Without hesitation she once again lifted her legs back into their previous position and once again I WAS GOING TO LICK PUSSY! Again I lapped at her, up and down her slit, flicking her clit.

I noticed, as I lapped her slit, the muscles of her anus contracting and releasing, as I licked her pussy.


"I wonder?" I thought to myself. I had never licked ass, well up until now I hadn't licked pussy for that matter. During my lapping between her pussy lips I let my tongue slide down lower until it touched her anus. It didn't taste horrible, as expected, and as my tongue touched her anus she gave out a short sharp "hoooow".

She liked it. I continued to lick her from ass to clit and then stuck two fingers into her juicy pussy. I forced them in, not that they took much forcing, and wiggled then about inside her. She was now going ape, moaning and moving her hips from side to side.

I continued to finger fuck her, licking her clit only.

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She wriggled and writhed. It was then that I removed my dripping wet fingers and rammed first one and then both up her ass. She couldn't hold onto her legs anymore, they came crashing down at the side of me as I ass finger fucked her and licked her clit. She raised her hips to my face as I continued my finger thrusting, as she did her anus got tighter and I had difficulty ramming my fingers up her ass.

She dropped her hips again and her sphincter muscles relaxed enough for me to once again jam to finger up her anus. With one long load groan she came again, shivering, shaking uncontrollably, moaning in pleasure.

I knelt back up, admiring what I had achieved.

My first pussy lick, my first ass lick and the very first time I had stuck my fingers up a girls' ass, and boy had she enjoyed it. "Now it's your turn" I said to her. "Yes master anything" she replied.

I liked that "Master" bit she had said. This woman child was mine to command. "Come lick my cock again wench" I commanded her, getting the hang of this dominance lark. She crawled down the bed on all fours, took my manhood into her mouth and sucked. She licked along my shaft and her pointed tongue licked my balls as well as she alternated between licking and sucking. This was great. I let her pleasure me until I was almost ready to blow my load.

"Stop" I commanded, I wanted to try something. I turned around, bent on all fours and with her behind me in the same position I commanded her to "Lick my ass!" Her pointed tongue licked me up the entire crease of my ass cheeks before pointedly probing my anus. Wow this was fantastic, it tickled and made my cock swell like it had never swelled before, throbbing. One of her hands reached between my legs and wrapped itself around my throbbing cock.

She wanked me as she drove her tongue up my ass. In and out her tongue went as she probed my anus, back and forth her hand went as she wanked me from behind. I had never felt anything this good before. Yes I had been on the receiving end of a couple of "Blow-jobs" but nothing ever, ever like this. She darted her tongue in and out and stroked my balls and wanked my cock, I was ready to explode. I quickly turned around, grabbed her by her two pony tails and forced my cock down her throat.

She gagged and gargled my cum, not spilling one drop as I seemed to cum forever. I collapsed in a heap on the bed and she lay down beside me. It didn't take me long to get my breath back or remember the reason I had come here. I quickly got off the bed, noticed a dressing gown on a chair next to the bed and removed the cord. "Put your arms up to the bed head" I commanded her. She was laid on her back and promptly did as she was told.

I wrapped the cord around her wrists and tied her to the bed. "You are not going to leave me like this are you" she murmured as I tied her, "Aren't you going to fuck me?" she asked. To be honest I hadn't thought of it, I'd just had the best blow-job ever and considered that to be enough but who was I to complain.

"Oh I haven't finished with you yet" I said as I removed my balaclava. I took off my shirt as well and lay naked beside her. She smiled at me and I fondled, stroked and licked those fabulous orbs on her chest.

Her nipples were incredible and I fully enjoyed, probably as much as she did sucking them between my lips. This continued for an age until the old "John Thomas" reminded me of his presence.

I untied her and told her to kneel facing the bed head against the wall. I tied her hands back to the bed. Behind her I probed her pussy and ass with both tongue and fingers, slowly sliding them in turn up both orifices. Her breathing got faster and my cock got harder, reminding me it wanted some action. I got up onto my knees, placed the head of my cock at her pussy entrance and slowly but surely slid into her.

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It felt like words cannot describe, here was this woman/child receiving the entire length of my cock inside her and loving every moment. "Your liking this too much" I said to her, I'm supposed to be punishing you for your husbands bad behaviour! "Oh yesss" she muttered "Punish me!". I spanked her ass hard.

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"Ooooh" she moaned. I spanked her ass again, harder this time "Oooooh" she moaned again.

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She had the perfect ass and I continued to spank her as I thrust in and out of her pussy. "Harder" she asked.

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With my cock or my hand I thought. (I had never done this before so wasn't sure&hellip. so). I took my cock out of her pussy and pushed it against her anal hole, wet from her pussy juices it reluctantly but surely slipped inside her, I had to push with all my might to penetrate her ass BUT SHE WAS GOING TO HAVE MY DICK UP HER ASS! I buried my cock deep into her, her sphincter muscle tight around my cock shaft, milking me as I pushed and pulled my cock in and out of her.

I again started to spank her. She went crazy! Her head shaking from side to side, her hips ramming themselves back into me and she moaned and moaned. My balls tightened and another great wad of cum shot up her ass. She must have felt me cum inside her and whereas I thought she had been acting like a crazy before, she went absolutely wild.

Her whole body shook, she cried out and gasped for breath. Her sphincter muscle clamped around my cock shaft and no amount of me pulling was going to let it come out. I gave one final thrust in and she collapsed onto her stomach, her arms splaying out still tied to the bed head. Her sphincter muscle relaxed, a little, and my cock came out of her ass with a "Plop". She lay, face down on the bed getting her breath as I, still knelt in position, got mine back.

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It seemed an age as we both remained fixed in this position. Mrs. Gerrard then curled around, took my cock in her mouth and licked and sucked my rapidly shrinking member. She then lay back on the bed. I hadn't moved. "It was terrible, my husband not paying you for all the work you did" she said.

"He doesn't give me much money but I can give you a pound every time you come and fuck me" she informed me as those baby blues eyes twinkled at me. "And at my reckoning he owes you about £100&hellip.what do you think?" she asked. Hold on, I thought, £1 a fuck and he owes me £100?

"Shit that means I've got to fuck you 100 times to get my money" I said to her. "Will that be a problem?" she asked. "No bloody problem at all" I told her. I put the pistols back on the wall, went back to the bedroom and said "Well I suppose I'd better start earning my £1 for today then" as I leapt back onto her.

For the rest of the summer as soon as Mr. Gerrard had gone to work, I fucked her every day, even though I sometimes fucked her three times a day but she still only gave me one pound!