Two kinky sluts share a massive schlong

Two kinky sluts share a massive schlong
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My friend Tori doesn't get it. She says, "What do you mean 'being watched?' Who's watching?" I told her you know, like a peeping Tom, or somebody I don't know who's sneaking a look at me while I'm touching myself. "And you get off on that?" still sounding confused. "Well, yeah.

You have things that turn you on. Right?" "Yeah.

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Okay." Still unconvinced. Where do sexual fantasies come from? A lot of places I'm sure, and as far as I'm concerned I don't care where the fuck they come from. They're just my fantasies.

Tori thinks too much. But that's just my opinion. I have no idea why I get wet when I imagine some man or woman watching me do myself. All I know is that it feels GOOD when I think about it. And it feels better---waaaaay better---when someone watches me for real.

Way better. Like last Thursday afternoon when I laid this cute cop I know and his female partner was sitting in the same room with us the whole time, just watching.

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They were on duty so she was wearing her uniform with her gun and everything and her radio kept crackling. It was so fucking hot for her to be there just sitting in a chair watching me ride him. Her eyes would be on my tits for a while, then I'd see her staring at my pussy and his shiny wet cock fucking, fucking, fucking.

I was watching her watching us and her face looked really intense.

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A little later we were doing an awesome 69 and the way we were laying my head was pointing straight at her. So I'm getting my pussy eaten like by a wild animal---that was already driving me insane, I'm sucking the shit out of this guy's flagpole cock, and every so often my eyes would hook up with hers.

When our eyes would meet it was almost too much. She was staring lasers at me and I swear to god she made me cum three different times, spilling out on his face.


I got pretty loud with my moaning and yelling 'shit' and 'fuck' and all that---I couldn't help it 'cause it was so fucking hot, her staring at me like that. He loved it because I couldn't grind myself into his mouth hard enough! She leaned around once or twice so she could see his head jammed between my thighs right under my gyrating ass. We got a really good rhythm going with me pushing back against his mouth and sliding down so he could lick me the whole length of my pussy.

Then I circled my ass forward, up, around, and back down again. When his tongue went over my clit it hit me like an electric shock, then immediately he would be plunging into me, then out again, then sliding over my asshole. She was watching so carefully it wouldn't have surprised me if she'd started taking notes.

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I bet her police woman panties got good and wet that day. When they were leaving I whispered to my friend, the guy cop, to talk to her about maybe doing a three-way with us. She's pretty good-looking and I'd love to eat her out and make her squirm a little.

Look up from between her legs and see those eyes watching me.


So that was Thursday afternoon. Then there's the guy that lives next door. He's been watching me from his bedroom window since forever. In my room, with the door locked, I tease him a lot, walking around in a push-up bra and a thong, bending over and sticking my ass up in the air, sometimes swaying it from side to side like a real slow wiggle. I go about my business with a sexy flair, feeling a little light-headed and getting very, very wet.

If I have an itch that really needs to be scratched I walk over by my window and pull off my bra. It sends waves of heat through my chest knowing I just stripped for a man I've never even talked to. I press my hands on my tits and roll them around in slow circles and god it feels good.

Or maybe I'll cup my hands under my tits and push them up toward my face so I can reach my nipples with my tongue. I've watched myself in the mirror doing that and it makes me crazy horny, so I can't imagine what it must do to the poor guy next door when he sees it. Then I almost always start pinching and twisting my nipples, biting my lower lip or just closing my eyes and letting my mouth kind of fall open, trying to look really nympho for him.

When I know someone is watching, it's like every move I make becomes a sex act. By then the neighbor guy has his pants off and I get a good look at his wagging hard-on. He has a pretty big dick (that I'll probably end up sucking one of these days) and when he starts to stroke it I can usually see his balls swinging, even from this far. If I want to go all the way I strip off my thong and spread my swollen pussy lips with my fingers and show him some pink.

That's when I start getting super wet. MAJOR wet. Like running-down-my-leg wet. While he's jerking away I sit on the bed facing him and pull my knees way up, spreading my legs wide so he can see everything all swollen and smooth and pretty.

Then comes the best part: I play with myself while he watches me. (I'm getting wet right now just telling you about it!) My fingers are slippery, pushing in deep and then sliding back out of my pussy.

Sometimes if I look up and see his long hard cock while I'm plunging my hand in, I just let my head fall to the side and whisper, "Fuck me, fuck me." I don't care about him at all really, but watching that hard cock of his gets to me sometimes.

Pretty soon I'm ready and my thumb goes to my clit, then my fingers take it over. I can't explain what it does to me having someone watch me bring myself off, it's just incredibly HOT and it always makes me cum HARD.

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My ass just about jumps off the bed and my wet wet pussy pulses and tightens over and over and over again. Groaning and groaning and groaning, I get a tingling sensation all over my ass, and toward the end my thigh muscles start to twitch and jerk and god I love it.

It's always a killer orgasm---never fails when I know I'm being watched. When I get off like that the poor neighbor guy is always about to bust through his window he wants to fuck me so bad. Usually he shoots his load right into the window pane, which is pretty cool to watch. I love cum, and I swallow, and Tori and I cum-swap and all that kind of shit, so every time I'm watching his stuff running down the window I think, "All that delicious cum going to waste."