Hot girl masturbates on webcam pussy and ass

Hot girl masturbates on webcam pussy and ass
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THE ULTIMATE "Now watch all of this darling, it's what you wanted to see, and if that's the case, then I will give it too you." Lisa Coborn stood before her husband, Harold, dressed only in a long blue housecoat. Harold knew this because he had been in the bedroom only a few minutes before, as she had gotten out of the tub. He watched her, not saying a word, as she had patted herself dry, with a soft towel.

She too had been silent. The only words she had spoken to him that day, was over the telephone, when she had called him at the office. "A real surprise." Was all she had said then.


Harold had no idea what that meant. Now he sat on the couch in the living room, watching her lay out several blankets, one on top of the other, until she had a four or five inch pile in the center of the room. He still wondered what exactly was going on. "Relax honey, take your tie off, here let me help you with you jacket, I want you comfortable." Her voice was almost mocking as she walked to him.

Loosening his tie, taking it off, and then slipping his jacket off.

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She unbuttoned the first three buttons of his shirt, then stood up. "Lisa, what is going on here, you sure are acting strange?" He asked, as she walked back to the pile of blankets. "Come on Harold, think for a minute, you know whats going on, remember a few weeks ago, what you said." She untied the belt of her robe, and let the front fall open. Her heavy breasts peeked out at Harold, as she moved slowly to the guest bedroom.

A sudden tightness knotted Harolds stomach. He had remembered what he had said to her, but she was far too conservative to go through with anything like that. Wasn't she? He felt a small bead of sweat pop up on his forehead. "Lisa, you don't mean about." Harold stopped speaking when the bedroom door opened, and out stepped a tall lithe blonde, wearing only a black teddy. Her pale skin contrasted with that of his wifes.

As did her long slender legs.

Lisa was just over five feet tall, this woman had to be nearly six feet. "This is Sarah, honey, she has agreed to help me get started." Lisa lead the woman to the blankets, and laid her down flat on her back. Sarahs small breasts stood straight up, even with her flat on her back.

By the way she was laying, Harold could see her moist, puffy cunt. She dropped one hand down to the soft folds between her legs, and moved the thin piece of cloth to one side, and inserted a finger.

She then traced over her blood engorged clit, making her involuntarily jump as she touched it. Lisa dropped her robe, and straddled the womans face. As Harold watched, his wife slowly lowered herself, until her own pussy was only inches away from the womans darting tongue.

He felt his cock begin to harden in his pants as Lisa finally made contact with the womans tongue. She shivered as she felt the first lick, then moved herself back and forth slightly while the woman moved her tongue from the front to the back of her dripping gash.

Lisa stared at her husband while Sarah began lapping her juices.

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"Harold, this feels so wonderful, her tongue is so soft, and gentle, shes making me cum, Harold." With that she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations of having a woman lick her to orgasm. Sarah in the meantime kept working her finger over her own juicy pussy. Moaning as she frigged herself.

Then with no warning, Lisa suddenly bent, grabbed the womans legs and pulled them up and spread them until she was wide open, and buried her face into her. She kissed and licked with a passion Harold had never seen from her. His cock strained to be freed from its confines. He tried to push it to a comfortable position, to no avail, so he unzipped his slacks, and freed his throbbing member.

The two women before him were thrashing on the blankets now, lost in their own erotic world. Harold began slowly pumping his cock, with his hand while he watched the live sex show before him.

He felt his cum begin to rise from his balls, as the women feasted on one anothers sex. Lisa sat back up on the womans face and ground her pussy hard down onto her. Shaking violently, she came.

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Watching Harold play with himself. "No, Harold, not yet, theres more." She said, quickly jumping up and walking to the bedroom door. Harold stopped what he was doing, and felt the tightness return to his stomach when she opened the door, and three young men, naked walked out. Each was built well, weight lifters maybe, and all were supporting raging hard ons. "Now for the real show, baby." She said, with a wicked smile. "Lisa, I." "You what Harold? You said you wanted me to loosen up, not be so damn conservative when it came to sex.

To have some fun, to experience new sensations. To act a little slutty sometimes.

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Well Harold I'm going to act a lot slutty for you tonight." With that she grabbed two of the mens hardened cocks, and lead them to the blankets. The third man was close behind. She dropped to her knees, and the three men circled around her. She moved from one to the other, sucking each, slobbering over their cocks, taking them as far as she could into her mouth.

She then licked each of their balls, moaning as she tasted them. She would quickly lick each as pre-cum drops appeared. Slovenly she forced each to the back of her throat. Then forced two into her mouth at once. Sarah, in the meantime, crawled to her and once again began licking her cunt, trying hard to get all of her tongue into Lisa glistening twat.

The three men leered at Harold as his wife sucked each of them. At one point her tongue found each of their assholes, and licked it, forcing her tongue as far into each as she could. Harold sat, stunned. Jealousy raged within him, but at the same time a strange perverse feeling dueled it out with the jealousy.

His cock had not softened.


He was turned on. His fantasy, that he let slip out a few weeks before, was now happening before his very eyes.


What would happen tomorrow, he didn't know, for now, he sat, and watched. The largest of the three men, took charge. He pushed Lisa onto her back, roughly pulled her legs apart, and buried his hard ten inches deep into her in one stroke.

"Is this what our little whore wanted." He growled as he plowed into her.

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"Yes, Yes, fuck me hard, give me all of it. I'll do whatever you want, please fuck me harder." Lisa was thrashing on the blankets, trying to impale herself on him even more than he was giving her. Harold wathched. "Come here slut." The man motioned Sarah to the action.

"Sit on her face, let her lick you to climax now." As ordered, she moved to Lisas face and sat down.

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Lisas hands immediately moved to the womans thighs, and forced her down onto her eager mouth. The lower half of her body continued moving with the mans assault, while she licked at the womans drenched pussy. Harold stood, only to be pushed back down by one of the other two men.

"Sit asshole, you only watch." Harold obeyed. Sarah let out a scream, and Harold could see her juices cover his wifes face.

A moment later, she fell in a heap next to the action. A moment later, the man fucking his wife, pulled his cock from her, and stream after stream of hot cum shot across her belly, and tits, one shot hit her on the mouth, which she quickly disposed of with her tongue. The man then began scooping the white jism from her body, and feeding it to her. She licked the cum from his fingers, as if it were the last liquid on earth. "More, I want more." She moaned, as the first man backed away. Harold furiously pumped his cock, until he himself exploded in orgasm, sending spurt after spurt of cum into the air.

It landed on his slacks, on the carpet in front of him, and some on the couch. He slumped into the couch, as the third round unfolded before him. The second man laid down beside Lisa, and pulled her on top of him.

She wasted no time impaling herself on his hard cock. She screamed as the steel hard piece of meat jammmed in balls deep. Sweat dripped from her face, her hair was wet and matted, but she rode his cock like there was no tomorrow. As she rode him, he pulled her sweat and cum soaked body to his.

The first man grabbed Sarah and pulled her around behind them. "Lick her asshole, get her ready." Lisa felt the womans tongue probe her asshole, at first tentively, then with more urgency. Lisa moaned, still not realizing what was about to happen to her.

The sensations of Sarahs tongue on her tight sphincter made her increase the tempo on the young mans cock, that was stabbing in and out of her ravaged pussy. Only when Sarah was pulled away did she understand what was about to happen to her. For the first time since this little episode began did she realize she was not in control.

The young man she was riding held tightly too her as she panicked and tried to get away. "No." Was all she could get out, before she felt the greasy lubrication spread on her asshole, and the rough probing finger pushing its way past the tight outer ring. "Please don't, please. She cried, as the finger pushed further into her unexplored backside. Harold watched in horror, as the third man got behind her, and placed his cock, where his finger had moments before been.

Tears streamed down Lisas face, and she looked over to Harold for help, as the man put steady pressure on her asshole, until the head of his cock popped inside. Lisa screamed at the intrusion. It was as if someone had stuck a match into her. The man holding Lisa, jammed his cock deeper into her cunt, as his friend slowly and steadily forced more of his tool into her burning ass. Lisa could do nothing but whimper, and cry as inch by inch the mans cock pushed deeper. She tried to squirm, and get free but that only made it hurt worse.

Then, the man was all the way in. Everything seemed to stop. The only sound was Lisas whimpering. "Oh God please, stop, don't do this to me." She held as still as possible. It seemed like an eternity before the man on top, slowly pulled his cock from her ravaged ass.

When it was nearly out, he pushed slowly back in. The man on the bottom held still, he could feel the other mans cock pushing into her, through the membrane that seperated the two.

Then something happened, the pain wasn't as intense as it was before. As the man slowly worked his way in and out of Lisas backside, she started moving back, slowly at first, then with more conviction. "Oh, I feel so full, so damn full, yes, yes, fuck me, both of you fuck me, fuck my ass, yes, fuck it." Now Lisa moved once again like she did before.

The man underneath released his grip on her and once again started a rhythm of his own. As one cock was out of her, the other pushed in. Lisa was delirious, she fucked back, against both cocks. Her passion once again was built to a frenzy, until she felt the cock in her ass expand, and then wash her walls with his hot jism.

Moments later, the man in her cunt erupted, sending his hot cum deep within her. Her own massive orgasm nearly made her pass out. A few moments later, the man in her ass, pulled his limp cock from her, she didn't move.

Cum ran slowly from her ass, and down across the other mans cock. He pulled his own softened tool from her, and she crumpled to the side. Looking up at her stunned husband, she smiled weakly.

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"Honey, I have had the ultimate fuck, what did you think?" Harold sat quietly on the sofa as the four gathered their clothes and left, then got down on the blankets with his slumbering wife. Pulling her to him, he cradled her as his stiffening cock pushed into her tender asshole. "It was just as I imagined." He said, as his cock slowly pushed where only one other had been.

The End